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  • Medical Marijuana Might Help MS Patients, But Uncertainty Remains

  • For Many With MS, Well-Being Increases With Age

  • New Drug Could Help Kids With MS

  • Drug Slows Brain Shrinkage in Progressive MS

  • Doctors Discover New Type of Multiple Sclerosis

  • Pain, Sleeplessness Often Precede MS: Study

  • New MRI Test May Predict Severity of MS

  • Vitamin D No Panacea for Brain Diseases

  • Paints, Solvents Tied to Big Rise in MS Risk for Some Smokers

  • Use of MS Drug Expanded to Include Children

  • Don't Wait to Take MS Drugs

  • Can 'Mono' Virus Up Odds for 7 Other Diseases?

  • Sunnier Days in Youth May Mean Less Odds of MS Later

  • Eating Fish Might Guard Against MS

  • MS Drug Poses Hard Choices for Women Wanting Children

  • MS Patients May Gain From Balance-Focused Workouts

  • Healthy Living May Ease Some MS Symptoms

  • Controversial MS Treatment Found to Be Ineffective

  • High-Fat Diets Could Pose Danger to Young MS Patients
    These regimens raised the risk for disease relapse, study found

  • Clues to MS May Lurk in Gut Bacteria
    Work with mice suggests microbiome might play a role in development of multiple sclerosis

  • More Evidence Links the 'Mono' Virus to MS Risk
    Latest study shows blacks and Hispanics also vulnerable

  • Resistance Training May Slow MS, Study Says
    Scans revealed less brain shrinkage in exercise group

  • Breast-Feeding May Lower Risk of MS, Study Says
    Benefits reported for women who nursed 15 months or more

  • MS-Related Brain Changes May Affect Social Skills
    Study might explain why some multiple sclerosis patients stop understanding what others are feeling

  • Immune-Based Therapy Shows Early Promise Against MS
    First step was to test its safety in small trial of 6 people

  • Ocrevus Approved to Treat Severe Form of Multiple Sclerosis
    First drug sanctioned in U.S. for primary progressive MS

  • FDA-OK'd Drug Offers Hope to Sickest MS Patients
    It's also effective against the most common form of the disease, researchers say

  • Controversial MS Treatment Seems Ineffective
    No benefit detected after 'liberation therapy,' study authors say

  • Scientists Spot Signs That Predict Worsening Multiple Sclerosis
    Fatigue, limited leg function tied to progressive disease in study

  • Stem Cell Transplants May Help Some With Multiple Sclerosis
    Review found younger patients fared better over 5 years, though some deaths reported

  • U.S. Report Cites the Good and Bad on Marijuana
    Pot shown to help chronic pain, chemo-related nausea and muscle spasms in multiple sclerosis, but researchers cite risks, too

  • New MS Drug Shows 'Breakthrough' Promise for Advanced Disease
    Specialist hopes ocrelizumab will be available by spring

  • Could Low Vitamin D Levels at Birth Mean Higher MS Risk?
    Perhaps, but researchers aren't ready to recommend routine supplementation during pregnancy

  • MS Symptoms May Develop Earlier in Darker, Cooler Climes
    Study results suggest latitude affects timing of disease onset

  • Powerful MS Drug Used Early May Reverse Some Disability
    But significant side effects remain an issue for Lemtrada, researcher says

  • Exercise May Not Lower Women's Risk of Multiple Sclerosis
    Study shows no benefit, but staying active can help ease disease symptoms, experts say

  • Drug Shows Promise Against MS in Mouse Study
    Laquinimod seemed to slow progression of the neurological disorder, but human trials needed

  • Treating Early Symptoms of MS May Extend Time to Diagnosis
    Industry-funded study also found therapy doubled time until a relapse occurred

  • Poor Sleep May Worsen Thinking Problems in MS Patients
    Study found link between severity of sleep apnea and performance on attention, memory tests

  • MS Stem Cell Therapy Succeeds But Poses Risks
    Toxic side effects of heavy chemo could limit use, researcher says

  • Allergy Med Might Also Fight MS-Linked Eye Damage
    Vision improvement with clemastine fumarate appears modest but results are promising, researcher says

  • MS Patients May Be Prone to Other Chronic Illnesses, Study Finds
    High blood pressure, diabetes, heart disease and depression among common co-existing conditions

  • Low Prenatal Vitamin D Linked to Later MS in Offspring
    Study compared Finnish adults with and without multiple sclerosis, but more research is needed

  • Heavy Coffee Drinkers Show Lower Risk of Multiple Sclerosis
    But the finding isn't reason enough to up your java intake, experts say

  • MS Drug Tied to Higher Risk for Potentially Deadly Brain Virus
    Patients taking Tysabri were more prone to show signs of exposure to JCV, which can cause a brain disease

  • Could High-Dose Vitamin D Help Fight Multiple Sclerosis?
    Supplementation appears safe but experts say it's too soon for general recommendation

  • New MS Drug Yields Mixed Results in Study
    Relapse rates with daclizumab were lower than with a standard therapy, but side effects were greater

  • Sun Exposure in Teen Years May Delay Onset of MS: Study
    But researchers only found a connection, not cause-and-effect link

  • Seasonal Melatonin Levels May Affect MS Flare-Ups, Study Says
    But it's too soon to recommend self-dosing with supplements

  • Quitting Smoking After MS Diagnosis May Delay Disease Progression
    Accelerates about 5 percent for each additional year of smoking, study finds

  • Women Who Breast-Feed Less Likely to Have MS Relapse: Study
    But protective effect seems to last only about as long as exclusive nursing does

  • Exercise May Help Kids With Multiple Sclerosis
    But researchers can't say if exercisers have less severe disease or if activity eases symptoms

  • Evidence Supports Medical Pot for Some Conditions, Not Others
    Review of 79 studies suggests states may have put cart before the horse, experts say

  • MS May Raise Odds for Earlier Death, Study Finds
    Younger people with the disease appear to face an even greater risk of dying prematurely

  • Immune System Genes May Change With the Seasons: Study
    Altered activity could explain why some diseases are worse in some months than others, researchers say

  • Prices of MS Drugs Soaring, Study Finds
    No medications available for disabling disease for less than $50,000 a year in United States, researchers say

  • Generic Copaxone Approved for Multiple Sclerosis
    Autoimmune disease affects central nervous system

  • New Drug Shows Promise for MS
    Early results indicate treatment can repair nerve damage

  • Ingredient in MS, Psoriasis Drugs Linked to Two Deadly Brain Infections
    But experts say complication is rare, and no reason to stop medication

  • Clues to 'Brain Fog' in Chronic Fatigue Patients Found in Spinal Fluid
    Study reveals evidence that it's 'not made up,' researcher says

  • Could Coffee Lower Risk of Multiple Sclerosis?
    Studies link several cups daily with reduced odds for the disease

  • Multiple Sclerosis Linked to Lower Levels of Key Nutrients in Women
    But researchers aren't sure whether differences are cause or effect of inflammatory disease

  • Ulcer Bacteria Tied to Lower Multiple Sclerosis Risk in Women
    Study suggests infection with H. pylori bug may be somewhat protective

  • Early Study Says Stem Cells May Reverse Multiple Sclerosis Disability
    Small initial trial showed improvement for people with relapsing-remitting MS

  • Study: HPV Vaccine Doesn't Increase Risk for Multiple Sclerosis
    Researchers say findings provide more evidence supporting safety of the cervical cancer inoculation

  • Stem Cell Therapy for MS Shows Promise
    Experimental treatment kills off, then 'resets' the immune system

  • Neurologists Say Jury Still Out on Medical Marijuana's Use for Brain Disorders
    Easing federal restrictions on pot research might help get answers, doctors say

  • Research Shows No Link Between Vaccinations, Risk for Multiple Sclerosis
    Large study finds no association, although certain shots might speed onset of existing illness

  • New Myelin Loss Linked to MS Severity: Study
    Brain scans show gray matter damage associated with advanced form of disease

  • Study: Undiagnosed Sleep Disorders Common With Multiple Sclerosis
    Lack of shuteye could affect disease progression, researchers caution

  • Could Too Much Salt Harm MS Patients?
    Researchers find a link but say it's too soon to recommend reducing sodium intake

  • Playing Video Game May Boost MS Patients' Balance: Study
    Research suggests regular use of Wii accessory might rewire the brain

  • People With HIV May Be at Lower Risk for Multiple Sclerosis
    Constant immune system suppression may be the reason why, researchers say

  • Stem Cells Reverse MS-Like Illness in Mice
    Crippled rodents walked again, but it's uncertain if same approach will help people

  • Medical Marijuana May Ease Some MS Symptoms, Study Concludes
    Finding applies only to pot in pill or spray form, neurologists say

  • Cell-Targeted Therapy Shows Early Promise Against MS
    Patients with relapsing-remitting form of the disease showed fewer brain lesions with ofatumumab

  • Rare, But Serious, Side Effect Reported With One MS Drug
    Unusual clotting disorder developed in several people taking Rebif

  • New Clues to Link Between MS Drug Tysabri and Rare Brain Disease
    Researchers report drug mobilizes a kind of cell easily infected by a virus that can attack the brain

  • Medical Marijuana Pills May Ease Some MS Symptoms: Review
    Researchers also found some evidence to support use of other alternative therapies

  • Cholesterol Drug Might Help Slow MS Progression
    Early study showed reduced brain shrinkage among multiple sclerosis patients given generic statin

  • Obesity, 'The Pill' May Raise MS Risk, Research Suggests
    Early studies hint that certain hormones might be tied to inflammation, increased odds for multiple sclerosis

  • Blood Sample Might Predict MS Long Before Symptoms Start
    Preliminary research suggests potential for earlier diagnosis

  • Sleep Apnea May Worsen Fatigue in MS Patients
    Small study suggests sleep disorder could be missed in people with multiple sclerosis

  • Risk for MS Among Patients' Relatives Not As High As Thought
    Swedish study found siblings, kids had greater odds of getting disease, but other relatives faced no extra risk

  • Vitamin D May Slow Multiple Sclerosis, Study Suggests
    But whether MS patients should take supplements is subject of debate

  • TB Vaccine May Work Against Multiple Sclerosis: Study
    More brain lesions seen in people who got dummy injection

  • Walking Speed a Good Gauge of MS Disability, Study Says
    This measurement may reflect ability to perform everyday household activities

  • Controversial Treatment May Not Help MS Patients
    Study appears to refute theory of blocked neck veins as cause of multiple sclerosis

  • New DNA Discoveries Advance MS Research
    110 gene variants now linked to neurological disease, scientists say

  • Controversial Theory Behind Possible MS Cause Refuted
    Canadian researchers report that blocked veins in head, neck don't prompt autoimmune disease

  • Ingredient in New MS Drug Linked to Serious Brain Disease
    Reports found four psoriasis patients who took similar drug developed rare but sometimes deadly condition

  • New Kind of Therapy Shows Early Promise in MS Patients
    Approach may shield patients' immune systems to allow safer treatment, study suggests

  • Blacks May Face Higher Risk of MS Than Whites
    Study finding contradicts common belief that the opposite is true

  • Shrinkage of Brain Region May Signal Onset of Multiple Sclerosis
    Study tied changes in thalamus to tell-tale MS sign

  • Your Autoantibody 'Profile' Might Someday Help Spot Illness
    Differences showed up in study of people with conditions including Alzheimer's, breast cancer

  • Alzheimer's Patients May Face Looming Shortage of Neurologists
    Medicare payment system undervalues one-on-one evaluations by these specialists, experts say

  • Babies' Birth Month May Affect MS Risk: Study
    Lower levels of vitamin D seen among those born in May

  • Tecfidera Approved for Multiple Sclerosis
    Helps prevent relapses

  • FDA Approves New Multiple Sclerosis Drug
    Tecfidera a 'welcome addition' for patients battling the neurological disease, one expert said

  • Human Brain Cells Used to Make Mice Smarter
    Findings could advance research on conditions such as Parkinson's and Alzheimer's, experts say

  • Brain Scans May Explain Thinking, Memory Problems in Some MS Patients
    Study found more damaged white matter in brains of those with mental decline

  • Salty Diet Might Help Trigger MS, Rheumatoid Arthritis
    Studies found it activated cells in the immune system, resulting in form of MS in rodents

  • Obesity May Be Linked to MS Risk in Children
    However, study is preliminary and MS still rare in kids, experts say

  • Eye Scan Could Help Track Progress of Multiple Sclerosis
    Study found that faster thinning of retina was tied to more lesions

  • Marijuana Extract May Not Relieve MS Spasms: Review
    Sativex mouth spray that contains the extract does not seem effective, research shows

  • Vitamin D in Pregnancy May Be Key to Women's Risk for MS, Study Says
    Taking supplements might be good preventive measure, expert says

  • Month of Birth Might Help Determine MS Risk, Study Suggests
    Mothers who get too little sunlight produce less vitamin D, which could impact baby's lifetime risk

  • Cancer Drug Reduced Relapses in MS Patients: Studies
    Was better than standard treatment for treating symptoms of autoimmune disease

  • Marijuana Extract May Help Ease Muscle Stiffness in MS: Study
    Pain, spasms and sleep quality also improved in those given drug vs. placebo

  • Study Links Low Vitamin D Levels to Worse MS Symptoms
    But it's too soon to recommend supplements for multiple sclerosis patients, researcher says

  • Retina's Thickness May Be Tied to Severity of MS, Study Suggests
    If true, it might be a useful tool to measure the effectiveness of treatments

  • Screening Tool Reveals Two Multiple Sclerosis Types
    Test might someday help doctors determine who has aggressive disease earlier

  • New Pill Shows Promise Against Relapsing Multiple Sclerosis
    The relapse rate was nearly halved after 2 years, researchers find

  • Aubagio Approved for Multiple Sclerosis
    But label warns of possible liver problems, birth defects

  • Study Casts Doubt on Link Between MS and Vein Trouble
    Researchers say compromised blood flow is not a cause of the disease

  • In Mice, Alzheimer's-Linked Protein Shows Promise Against MS
    Amyloid beta has long been tied to dementia, but injections slowed MS progression

  • Sodium Buildup in Brain Linked to Disability in MS Patients
    Those with advanced-stage multiple sclerosis have high levels of the mineral, study says

  • Drug Widely Used to Treat MS May Not Slow Progression
    But study didn't look at interferon beta's effect on quality of life, disease flares

  • Scientists Pinpoint Antibody That May Be Specific to MS Patients
    If confirmed, finding may someday help diagnose, guide treatment for multiple sclerosis

  • Does Stress Management Slow MS?
    Therapy seems to stop new brain lesions but only for duration of treatment, study finds

  • Botox May Ease Tremors in Multiple Sclerosis Patients
    Anti-wrinkle drug led to 'significant' improvement in small study

  • Fertility Treatment Tied to Higher Relapse Rate in Women With MS
    Risk is still higher if in vitro fertilization attempt is unsuccessful, small study found

  • Study Shows MS Patients at Most Risk for Drug-Linked Brain Illness
    Small number of Tysabri users develop rare but potentially fatal infection

  • Pot Might Help Ease Multiple Sclerosis Symptoms
    Researchers found smoked cannabis relieved muscle stiffness, pain

  • FDA Issues Multiple Sclerosis Drug Alert
    Heart risks spur warning about Gilenya

  • FDA Issues Warning on Controversial MS Treatment
    No reliable evidence supports use of 'liberation therapy,' agency says

  • Early Use of MS Drug May Cut Likelihood of Progression
    Study found fewer people given 'interferon beta-1a' early moved on to definitive diagnosis

  • Fish Oil Supplements Won't Help in Multiple Sclerosis: Study
    But, supplements aren't harmful and can benefit heart health, one expert says

  • Experimental Pill for Multiple Sclerosis Shows Promise
    But side effects involved heart, liver, and more long-term study is needed, experts said

  • Diet, Smoking May Affect MS Progression
    Caffeine, alcohol could slow multiple sclerosis, while cigarettes accelerate it, study suggests

  • Experimental Pill May Ease Multiple Sclerosis Disability
    Latest trial shows laquinimod can also help prevent relapse

  • Pregnancy May Protect Against MS, Study Says
    Researchers found being pregnant just once might decrease risk by half

  • Autoinjector Version of MS Drug Approved
    Avonex pen helps reduce pain, anxiety

  • First Test Approved to Help Detect Risk of Rare Brain Infection
    Among users of the drug Tysabri

  • Multiple Sclerosis May Cause Changes in Thalamus: Study
    Small study finds that MS might reduce volume in area of brain affecting thought process

  • MS May Take a Different Pathway Than Previously Thought
    'Outside-in' disease progression could change approach to diagnosis, treatment, researchers say

  • New Multiple Sclerosis Therapy Promising in Early Trial
    Experimental drug, ocrelizumab, reduced active brain lesions in study patients

  • Shift Work May Put Teens at Risk for Multiple Sclerosis
    Disruption of normal sleep cycle at young age could be partly to blame, Swedish researchers say

  • Experimental MS Drug Shows Promise
    Oral med reduces attacks, slows progression, researchers say

  • Many Black Men in Cold Climates Lack Vitamin D
    Too little of it raises risk of prostate cancer, diabetes, rheumatoid arthritis, and other diseases, study says

  • Botox Approved to Treat Urinary Incontinence
    Among people with certain neurologic conditions

  • Honing in on the Genetics of MS
    Largest study to date spots more than 50 possible culprits in autoimmune disease

  • Are Newer MS Drugs Worth Their High Price Tag?
    Effectiveness of biologics varies, and costs can run to $30,000 per year, study authors say

  • Breast-Feeding May Not Protect Moms Against MS Relapse
    Research conflicts with previous findings suggesting fewer flare-ups while nursing

  • Pregnancy Safe for Most Women With MS: Study
    But researchers advise losing any excess weight before conceiving

  • Stress Doesn't Boost Risk for Multiple Sclerosis
    Finding can help guide research into causes of the disease, researchers say

  • MS in Blacks Linked to Low Vitamin D
    Climate and geography may play a role in low levels, study suggests

  • Health Tip: Understanding Autoimmune Diseases
    What they are, and who's more likely to get them

  • Can Common Virus, Lack of Sunlight Boost MS Risk?
    Preliminary study suggests link to virus behind mononucleosis

  • New Pill for MS Shows Promise in Clinical Trial
    Experimental medication slowed the rate of brain atrophy and disease progression and relapse, study found

  • Medical Marijuana Might Slow Thinking Among MS Patients
    Study suggests side effects could sometimes outweigh benefits of pain relief

  • Stem Cell Transplant May Help Aggressive MS: Study
    But procedure is too risky, one expert counters

  • Higher Vitamin D Intake Could Cut Cancer Risk
    Adults need at least 4,000 IU a day, study suggests

  • Warm Weather May Cloud Thinking in MS Patients
    Cognitive functioning better in cooler months, study suggests

  • Study Links MS to Brain Chemical Deficiency
    Low levels of noradrenaline may stem from damage to specific area of brain

  • Low Sun Exposure, Vitamin D Levels May Be Tied to MS Risk
    But experts caution against going overboard with sun and vitamin supplements

  • New Oral Drugs Hailed for Treating MS
    Next step, experts say, is to find ways to repair damage done by the disease

  • Vein-Opening Treatment for MS Stirs Controversy
    Preliminary research shows it may reduce fatigue, but intense doubt remains

  • Some Severe MS Flares Helped by Blood Filtering Treatment
    But 'plasma exchange' not recommended for more advanced, progressive forms of the disease, new guidelines say

  • Study Sheds Light on Genetic Risk of MS
    Women more likely than men to have a gene variation linked to the disease, researchers say

  • How MS Affects Kids May Differ by Race
    Problems with language, complex attention occur more often in blacks than whites, study finds

  • Meditation Soothes MS Patients
    Study finds mindfulness training is helpful in easing depression, anxiety

  • Health Tip: Living With Multiple Sclerosis
    Take steps to stay as healthy as possible

  • Animal Studies Offer Insights Into MS
    Scientists eye alternative, 'potentially reversible' source of neural damage

  • FDA Approves 1st Oral Drug to Reduce MS Relapses
    Using pill instead of injections could boost treatment, experts say

  • Gilenya Approved for Relapsing MS
    Oral drug designed to slow progressive disability

  • Common Asthma Drug Could Speed MS Treatment
    Adding albuterol to standard medicine seems to help patients faster, study finds

  • Immune System Research Sees Many Similarities Among People
    Findings may lead to better diagnosis, treatment of cancers, autoimmune diseases, study says

  • Multiple Sclerosis Changes With the Seasons
    MRI-detected brain lesions more common in spring, summer, study finds

  • Vitamin D May Influence Genes for Cancer, Autoimmune Disease
    Findings could underscore why deficiency plays role in host of serious ills

  • Brain Changes in MS May Spur Depression
    Scans showed shrinkage in areas related to mood, memory, researchers say

  • New Clues to Preventing Memory Loss From MS
    Mentally active lifestyle can help preserve brain function, researchers say

  • FDA Panel Endorses 1st Oral Drug for Multiple Sclerosis
    But concerns about side effects led experts to vote for post-market study of lower-dose pill

  • Eye Exam May Someday Spot Multiple Sclerosis
    Thinning retina can signal onset, but routine test is a long way off, researchers say

  • Genetic Variants Tied to MS, Study Finds
    Study of Sardinians confirms previous research done in mice

  • Sunlight May Play Role in Multiple Sclerosis Risk
    Adequate vitamin D in months before birth could be key, Australian study suggests

  • Twins Study Points to Environmental Cause for MS
    With near-identical DNA, why does one twin get the illness while the other does not?

  • Cholesterol Drugs May Slow MS
    Fewer brain lesions developed in patients taking Lipitor than placebo, researchers say

  • Treatment Eases Involuntary Laughing, Crying Tied to Alzheimer's, MS
    Calming the condition can greatly improve patients' quality of life, experts note

  • Vaccine Reverses Type 1 Diabetes in Mice
    More studies needed to see if it can benefit people with the disease

  • Smoking May Boost MS Risk in Some
    Those with high levels of Epstein-Barr antibodies double their chances if they smoke, study found

  • Discovery May Lead to Better Multiple Sclerosis Treatments
    Lab study sheds light on why the most common drug may not work for all patients

  • Reading Remediation Seems to Rewire the Brain
    Study findings could have implications for autism, stroke and other conditions

  • Fitness Boosts Brain Power in Multiple Sclerosis Patients
    MRI scans show less structural damage in those who exercise

  • Migraine Tied to Raised Multiple Sclerosis Risk
    But overall odds are still low and headache sufferers shouldn't worry, researcher says

  • Added Drug Aids MS Treatment
    Multi-center study shows daclizumab reduces disease activity when added to interferon beta

  • Drinking Milk While Pregnant May Lower Kids' MS Risk
    Finding suggests that the effect of vitamin D begins in the womb, expert says

  • More Doses of MS Drug Raise Risk of Brain Infection
    FDA adds new warning on Tysabri label, but says benefits still outweigh dangers

  • Ampyra Approved for Adults With MS
    Helps those who have trouble walking

  • First Oral Medications For MS Show Promise
    Using pills instead of injections could boost treatment, experts say, but safety concerns linger

  • Mouse Study May Advance Multiple Sclerosis Research
    Gene mutation in mice causes problems similar to MS in humans, findings show

  • Review Finds Marijuana May Help MS Patients
    However, benefits are not clear enough to recommend its use, experts say

  • Childbirth May Slow Progression of Multiple Sclerosis
    Patients who had at least one child were less likely to become disabled, study finds

  • MS Need Not Preclude Pregnancy
    Study finds complications no greater overall than for other women

  • Teen Obesity Ups MS Risk in Women
    Researchers suspect lower vitamin D levels may be to blame

  • Early Relapse of MS May Mean Fewer Issues Later
    Short-term limitations seem to wane as years go by, researcher says

  • Light Touch Helps Grip of MS Patients
    Study shows ways to optimize hand movements

  • Early Drug Treatment May Cut Multiple Sclerosis Risk
    Improved rates of prevention or delay of full-blown disease seen in treated study patients

  • Two Genes May Determine How Well MS Patients Do
    Study in mice provides clues to variations in disease progression

  • Scientists Find Clue to Dangerous Side Effect of MS Drug
    Tysabri appears to awaken dormant, common virus that crosses over into brain

  • Blood Pressure Drug Might Work Against MS
    Research shows inflammation link between two disorders

  • Smoking Worsens Multiple Sclerosis
    Raised risk of brain lesions and shrinkage, researchers found

  • Extavia Approved for Multiple Sclerosis
    A type of interferon

  • Scientists Reverse Multiple Sclerosis in Mice
    Experimental treatment suppresses immune cells, forcing remission, study says

  • Smoking May Speed Multiple Sclerosis Symptoms
    Patients who smoke appear to progress to severe disease more rapidly, study finds

  • Smoking May Trigger Brain Damage
    Compound in tobacco causes attack on healthy cells, study finds

  • Breast-feeding OK for Most Moms with MS
    But each woman's circumstances are different, expert cautions

  • Herb May Offer Hope for Autoimmune Diseases
    In lab and mice studies, compound halts disease without crimping immune system

  • Synthetic Vitamin A-Like Molecule Blocks Early MS
    Tests in mice show AM80 prevents early symptoms but not chronic ones, study finds

  • Researcher IDs Narcolepsy as Autoimmune Disease
    Discovery of 2 gene variants that kill off protective hormone could lead to new treatments

  • Leukemia Risk From MS Drug May Be Up
    But few options require balancing dangers and benefits, experts say

  • Drug Combo May Relieve MS Symptoms
    Adding steroid to multiple sclerosis treatment shows promise in study

  • Tysabri May Treat Myelin Sheath Damage From MS
    Drug makers' study finds therapy has capacity to repair nerve fiber damage

  • Fat-Derived Stem Cells Might Treat MS
    Small study suggests they inhibit runaway immune system response

  • Stem Cell Breakthrough May Lead to MS Treatments
    Efforts produce human cells that might someday help repair damaged nerves

  • Cat Food-Linked Illness Yields Clues to MS
    Affected felines recovered from a similar neurological disorder, researchers say

  • People With MS May Have Lower Cancer Risk
    Overall odds are reduced, study finds, but risk rises for certain malignancies

  • Drug Improves Mobility in Some MS Patients
    Fampridine may boost walking ability, but some risks tied to dose strength, study says

  • Vitamin D Deficit May Trigger MS Risk Gene
    Supplements during pregnancy and early years could cut child's susceptibility, study says

  • Leprosy Drug Holds Promise for Autoimmune Diseases
    Study says 1890s antibiotic could prove effective in treating MS

  • Stem Cell Transplants Help MS Victims
    'Resetting' overactive immune system in early stages of disease worked, study finds

  • Pediatric MS Tied to Higher Relapse Rates
    They face three times as many episodes as those who develop disease in adulthood, study says

  • MRI Can Spot Presymptomatic MS
    A third of patients with suspect scans develop the disease within 5 years, study finds

  • Only Half of MS Patients Respond to Interferon Therapy
    Finding may support idea that multiple sclerosis isn't a single disease, one expert says

  • Other Health Problems Can Delay MS Diagnosis
    Obesity, diabetes, cardiovascular disease can all cloud symptoms, study says

  • New MS Therapies Show Promise
    But the side effects of one drug require much more research, researchers say

  • Protein in Spinal Fluid May Contribute to MS: Study
    Higher levels of immune molecule might inhibit cells' ability to fight inflammation

  • Link Between Vaccine and MS Unproven
    Majority of children vaccinated against hepatitis B not at risk for the condition, study says

  • Red Wine Molecule Might Battle MS
    Other promising therapies reported at meeting in Montreal

  • Vitamin D Levels Might Predict Risk for MS
    Study finds kids with lower levels more likely to develop autoimmune disease

  • FDA to List Drugs Under Review for Safety Issues
    But officials say patients taking meds on Web site shouldn't overreact or stop taking them

  • Neurons Can Re-Grow in Some MS Lesions
    Discovery could yield new treatments for neurodegenerative diseases, study says

  • Breakthroughs Offer Hope to MS Patients
    Genetic advances, better drugs some highlights of fight against the disease

  • Caffeine Could Stave Off Multiple Sclerosis
    Finding may help scientists develop drug to treat autoimmune disease, researcher says

  • MS Patients at Higher Risk for Restless Legs Syndrome
    But more study is needed to confirm the link, one expert said

  • Experimental Drug Fights Multiple Sclerosis Activity
    It led to a reduction of lesions seen on MRIs with limited side effects, study found

  • Cancer Drug Appears to Help With Aggressive MS
    Use of cyclophosphamide sees 87% improvement in physical, mental function, study says

  • Human Stem Cell Transplant Helps Brain-Impaired Mice
    Restored damaged electrical pathway seen in MS patients who lose nerve signals

  • Multiple Sclerosis Affects Children's Cognitive Skills
    Low IQ more likely the younger a child is at diagnosis, study finds

  • Prozac Reduces Disease Activity in MS Patients
    Small study finds antidepressant cut inflammation in relapsing remitting illness

  • Mature Mouse Cells Reprogrammed to Stem Cell-Like State
    Work could lead to better understanding of autoimmune diseases, researchers say

  • Pill Reduces Relapses in MS Patients
    First oral drug could benefit many with the autoimmune disease, researchers say

  • Most Early-Onset Dementia Not Alzheimer's
    Other neurodegenerative, autoimmune diseases are more often cause, study finds

  • Health Tip: Understanding Autoimmune Diseases
    When the body begins to attack itself

  • Tysabri May Cause Liver Damage, Health Officials Say
    MS drug also used to treat Crohn's disease can show injury in as little as 6 days

  • New MS Drug Target Shows Promise
    In mice, targeting blood coagulation pathway eased disease-linked paralysis, researchers say

  • Cancer Drug Works Against MS in Early Trial
    Promising results need to be replicated in larger study, experts caution

  • Marijuana Use Among MS Patients Raises Risk for Cognitive, Mood Problems
    Study found slowed information-processing, increase in depression, anxiety

  • Multiple Sclerosis Drug May Be Linked to Melanoma
    Doctors report 2 cases of the deadly skin cancer developing in patients taking Tysabri

  • DNA Analysis Could Help Customize Treatments for MS
    Study suggests it could show who will respond best to interferon beta treatments

  • MS Drug Tysabri Approved for Crohn's Disease
    But the drug comes with serious risks, FDA notes

  • Drug Combo With Antibiotic May Slow MS Progression
    Interferon therapy plus doxycycline reduced number of brain lesions, study finds

  • No Link Between Hepatitis B Shot, MS: Study
    New research may help resolve ongoing debate

  • Scientists Find Way to Track Stem Cells in Brain
    It could be a breakthrough for neurological research, experts say

  • Health Tip: Living With MS
    Ways to help control the disease

  • Eye Scan May Help Diagnose, Treat MS
    The inexpensive test could lead to new drugs, researchers add

  • Familial MS May Be More Destructive
    Brain scans reveal more damage compared to sporadic cases

  • Antibody Helps Repair MS Nerve Damage
    Promising results in mice need to be repeated in humans, experts say

  • Stopping Tysabri May Worsen MS
    Small study finds increase in disease-linked brain lesions

  • Brain Lesions Predict MS Progression
    Finding could lead to better diagnoses and therapies, researchers say

  • Fish Oil Might Help Relieve MS
    Omega-3 fatty acids ease immune dysfunction, study suggests

  • Social Stress Could Worsen MS
    Mouse study suggests it spurs inflammatory processes

  • Experimental MS Vaccine Proves Safe in Early Test
    It could lead to individualized treatments for other autoimmune diseases, researchers say

  • Second Gene That Increases MS Risk Found
    Discovery called most significant in three decades

  • Study Probes Blacks' Increased Vulnerability to MS
    The disease usually strikes them harder than whites, experts note

  • Moms, Dads With MS Equal Transmitters of Disease
    Finding contradicts earlier report that men twice as likely to pass on genetic risk

  • Health Tip: Symptoms of Multiple Sclerosis
    A disease of the central nervous system

  • Testosterone May Benefit Men With Multiple Sclerosis
    But this preliminary study was tiny and needs confirmation

  • Rituximab Reduced Disease Activity in MS Patients
    2 trials show drug may be effective new therapy

  • MS Now Striking Women Much More Often Than Men
    Growing disparity may give clues to underlying causes, research suggests

  • Many MS Patients Miss Out on Effective Drugs
    They're not taking or being prescribed meds that ease side effects, study finds

  • Multiple Sclerosis Drug Combats Vision Loss
    But doctors must weigh the potential risks of Tysabri, experts say

  • MRI May Predict Multiple Sclerosis' Effect on Brain
    The scan could become a useful treatment tool, researchers say

  • Familial Factors May Not Impact MS Severity: Study
    Findings have major implications for counseling of patients, researchers say

  • Parasite Infection Might Ease Multiple Sclerosis
    The bugs may alter immune response in a beneficial way, researchers say

  • Vitamin D May Lower Risk of Multiple Sclerosis in Whites
    Those with highest levels of sunshine vitamin have lower rates of MS, finds study

  • Soy-Based Inhibitor Holds Promise as MS Treatment
    Natural substance reduced nervous system inflammation in animal study

  • Science Could Point to MS Treatments
    A protein is key to the growth of nerve coverings damaged by the disease

  • Vitamin Shows Promise for MS Patients
    Mouse model finds a form of B3 prevents ongoing damage to nerve fibers

  • New Drug Reduces MS Symptoms
    But experts caution the findings are preliminary

  • 'Invisible' Brain Changes May Be Key to MS Progression
    These alterations don't appear on standard brain scans, researchers say

  • Dads More Likely Than Moms to Pass on MS
    Men may carry a higher 'genetic load' linked to the disease, researchers say

  • FDA Allows Return of MS Drug
    Restrictions apply after Tysabri was pulled from the market last year

  • Long-Term Copaxone Use Benefits MS Patients
    It may help them reduce disability, study finds

  • Mouse Study Finding May Help Battle MS
    Blocking a chemical signal helped protect vulnerable nerve cells

  • Health Tip: Living With MS
    Diet, therapy and medication can help alleviate symptoms

  • Epstein-Barr Virus Could Boost Multiple Sclerosis Risk
    A vaccine against the virus might also help prevent MS, experts say

  • Testosterone Might Help Men With MS
    Early study suggests it lessens disease's impact on the brain

  • A Statin Improves Performance of Multiple Sclerosis Drug
    Dual therapy reduced inflammation, eliminated paralysis in mice, study finds

  • Protein Test Could Spot Multiple Sclerosis Early
    Discovery could also be a boon to treatment for neurological disorder

  • FDA Advisers Endorse Return of Multiple Sclerosis Drug
    Panelists agree benefits outweigh rare risk of brain infection

  • Controversial MS Drug Trial Flawed, Experts Say
    Woman who died from rare infection shouldn't have been part of Tysabri study in first place, they note

  • Studies Suggest Controversial Multiple Sclerosis Drug Is Safe
    But some risk exists so more evaluation is needed, experts say

  • U.S. Allows Withdrawn MS Drug to Return in Clinical Trial
    FDA to consider Tysabri's full return to market next month

  • FDA Approved Controversial MS Drug Too Quickly: Expert
    But others say Tysabri, now withdrawn from market, met standard data requirements

  • Blocking Fat Hormone Might Slow MS
    But results in mice may not translate to humans, experts add

  • Prompting Neurons to Protect Themselves
    Researchers found way to induce cells to release natural antioxidants

  • Brain's Cannabis Compound Fights Inflammation
    Finding could lead to new treatments for diseases like multiple sclerosis, study says

  • Drug Reduces MS-Linked Brain Lesions
    Imuran also cuts relapse rates for patients with the neurological disorder

  • MRI Deemed Vital to Diagnosing MS
    New expert guidelines highlight the high-tech tool

  • Molecule May Drive Multiple Sclerosis-Linked Disorder
    Discovery could lead to treatments for transverse myelitis and MS

  • Inflammatory Bowel Disease Linked to Other Illnesses
    Patients had higher rates of MS, asthma, arthritis and psoriasis, studies found

  • Oral Contraceptives May Cut Multiple Sclerosis Risk
    Pregnancy also does, suggesting a protective effect from estrogen, study finds

  • Phone-Based Psychotherapy Helps Ease Depression
    Study in depressed MS patients shows it may prove valuable

  • Scientists Discover Key to Myelin Production
    Finding could lead to new treatments for nervous system diseases

  • Study: Older Siblings at No Higher MS Risk
    Finding challenges long-held theory that birth order plays role

  • Lesions May Explain MS Treatment Response
    Some patients do well with blood-based therapy, while others do not, study finds

  • Reports Shed Light on Dangers of New MS Drug
    Susceptibility to brain infection might be caught in patients in future

  • Key Player in Inflammation Found
    Protein stops autoimmune response before damage is done

  • Drug Fights MS-Linked Emotion Disorder
    Individuals affected by 'pseudobulbar effect' cannot control laughing, crying

  • Blood Test for MS a Possibility
    Findings suggest detection of certain peptides could diagnose disease

  • New MS Drug Therapies Show Promise
    Yet unanswered questions remain about multiple sclerosis

  • MS Drug's Suspension Called Setback for Patients
    Yet other medicines remain on market to treat the disease, experts say

  • Genetics May Drive MS Gender Gap
    Gene variant could explain why women more prone to multiple sclerosis

  • Siblings May Protect Against MS
    Exposure to little brothers, sisters might cut chances of developing the disease, study finds

  • Drug Reduces Frequency of MS Relapses
    Tysabri, given once a month, cut rate by two-thirds, researchers say

  • Month of Birth Influences MS Risk
    Those born in May face highest risk, while those born in November face lowest, study says

  • Alzheimer's Drug Helps MS Patients
    Memory improves for some patients, study finds

  • Drug Treatment Keeps Multiple Sclerosis at Bay
    Interferon beta given in early stages may delay onset of full-blown disease

  • Therapy Slows Down Multiple Sclerosis
    Immune treatment kept disease from progressing, researchers say

  • Hepatitis Shot Tied to MS, Study Suggests
    Vaccine's association could be statistical fluke, expert says

  • Marijuana Extract Eases Pain From MS
    Dronabinol lowers intensity, increases quality of life

  • Old Drug Learns New Tricks
    Anemia medication altered to treat many other disorders