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  • Internal Body Clocks May Affect Timing of Epileptic Seizures

  • Health Tip: Keep Your Epileptic Child Safer

  • Brain Implant Puts the Brakes on Epileptic Seizures in Mice

  • Folic Acid Supplements in Pregnancy Help Kids of Women With Epilepsy

  • Brain's 'Plasticity' Amazes as Boy Recovers From Drastic Surgery

  • FDA OKs First Drug Containing Marijuana-Derived Ingredient

  • Low Dose of CBD Liquid Eases Epilepsy Seizures: Study

  • CBD Oil: All the Rage, But Is It Really Safe and Effective?

  • Study Debunks Idea That Epilepsy Can Hamper Fertility

  • Fetal Exposure to Epilepsy Drug Tied to Lower School Grades Later

  • For Kids, Chronic Illness May Trigger Mental Health Issues

  • Epilepsy Drug Could Raise Birth Defect Risks

  • Diet May Help Fight Epilepsy When Meds Fail

  • People With Epilepsy May Gain From Common Sleep Apnea Treatment

  • Here's Why You 'Space Out' After Too Little Sleep

  • Medical Marijuana Won't Help Most Sick Kids
    Helped with chemo-linked nausea, epilepsy, but no evidence for other conditions

  • Health Tip: Managing Epilepsy in Children
    Create a plan to keep your child safe at school

  • Pot Compound Alters Levels of Seizure Drug in Epilepsy Patients
    Experimental therapy shows interaction between cannabidiol and clobazam

  • Number of Americans With Epilepsy at Record Level
    3.4 million people live with the disorder, government researchers say

  • Doctors May Be Over-Prescribing Seizure Drugs to Treat Pain
    Designed to treat epilepsy, these 'opioid alternatives' dampen some types of pain, but not all

  • Genetic Testing Can Help Pinpoint Epilepsy Earlier
    Faster diagnosis leads to faster treatment, researcher says

  • Compound in Pot Eases Severe Form of Epilepsy
    Cannabidiol not associated with the 'high' of marijuana, researchers report

  • Black, Hispanic Americans Less Likely to See a Neurologist
    They more often wind up in the ER and face higher medical costs than white patients, study shows

  • 'Silent' Seizures Tied to Alzheimer's Symptoms
    Researchers suggest they're a potential target for treating the disease

  • Seizure Control Eases Life for Young Adults With Epilepsy
    Those with uncomplicated cases do as well as their siblings without the disorder, study finds

  • Seizure Control Key to Avoiding Sudden Death With Epilepsy
    Tonic-clonic seizures are a major risk factor for this rare event, new guideline says

  • Pot Ingredient Might Ease Severe Epilepsy
    Cannabidiol appears to lessen 'drop seizures' for some Lennox-Gastaut syndrome patients, study finds

  • Epilepsy: Another Potential Zika Threat to Babies
    CDC team says up to half of infants exposed to the virus develop seizures

  • Obesity in Early Pregnancy May Raise Child's Risk of Epilepsy
    The heavier the mom, the greater the odds of the seizure disorder, study suggests

  • Can Brain Scans Help Doctors Navigate Epilepsy Surgery?
    Imaging offers less invasive way to protect regions involved in language and memory, researchers say

  • 'Epilepsy Gene Network' Identified in Brain
    Preliminary discovery suggests new avenues for treatment, researcher says

  • Rare Infant Seizure Disorder Often Missed
    Parents, doctors may not recognize infantile spasms early enough to prevent brain damage, study finds

  • Marijuana Derivative May Curb Tough-to-Treat Epilepsy
    Cannabidiol lowered frequency, severity of seizures in trials, but without a 'high'

  • Study Sheds Light on Safety of Driving With Epilepsy
    Those who had longer seizures during driving tests were more likely to have accidents

  • When Sibling Has Epilepsy, Kids Worry
    Protective feelings a very common response, study finds

  • 11 Percent of Stroke Survivors Struggle With Epilepsy
    Study found those who suffered more brain damage were more likely to have seizures afterwards

  • Moms' Rheumatoid Arthritis May Be Linked to Epilepsy Risk in Kids
    Researcher stressed that most children born to women with the autoimmune condition not at risk for seizures

  • Chronic Disease in Mom May Be Linked to Newborns' Heart Disease
    Risk highest among women born with heart defects or who developed type 2 diabetes, study suggests

  • Newer Epilepsy Drugs May Be Safer During Pregnancy
    Small British study says two drugs don't harm a child's mental development, but popular older one does

  • Young People With Epilepsy Struggle on Many Fronts
    New review finds children, young adults citing discrimination, lack of privacy, exclusion

  • 4 Out of 5 Kids With Epilepsy Have Other Health Problems: Study
    Digestive disorders, headaches, attention-deficit disorder among the common issues

  • Epilepsy May Triple ADHD Risk, Danish Study Finds
    It also found possible link between fever-related seizures and the behavioral disorder in kids

  • One-a-Day Anti-Seizure Drug Shows Promise for People With Epilepsy
    Eslicarbazepine may make management easier, safer for people with the disorder, researchers say

  • Study Sees No Link Between Common Epilepsy Drug, Certain Birth Defects
    Large review found no greater risk of clubfoot, cleft palate, in babies of moms-to-be who used lamotrigine

  • Type 1 Diabetes Linked to Epilepsy Risk, Study Suggests
    But the research did not prove a cause-and-effect connection

  • Even Controlled, Epilepsy May Still Cause Problems for Kids
    Study finds social and educational issues may be a concern as children get older

  • MS Patients May Be Prone to Other Chronic Illnesses, Study Finds
    High blood pressure, diabetes, heart disease and depression among common co-existing conditions

  • Briviact Approved for Epileptic Seizures
    Among people 16 and older

  • Marijuana Chemical May Help Prevent Epileptic Seizures in Kids, Young Adults
    Trial showed a benefit, but more study is needed, experts said

  • Wearable Devices Aim to Monitor Epileptic Seizures
    Three different approaches in development

  • Marijuana Chemical Shows Promise for Hard-to-Treat Epilepsy in Kids
    Preliminary studies link cannabidiol to seizure reduction, but drug interactions remain a concern

  • Childhood Whooping Cough Tied to Small Rise in Epilepsy Risk
    But chances of any one child getting the seizure illness remain low, one expert says

  • Gene May Boost Death Risk for People With Mild Epilepsy
    Discovery might allow doctors to screen patients and advise them of risk, researchers say

  • Could Marijuana Chemical Help Ease Epilepsy?
    Early research suggests yes, but laws limit access to the drug and its compounds

  • Music Therapy Might Help People With Epilepsy
    By studying brain wave activity, researchers noticed differences in how patients reacted to tunes

  • FDA Approves First Pill Made by 3D Printing
    Epilepsy drug Spritam may be one of many custom-made medicines to come that will use the technology

  • Epilepsy Linked to Risks During Childbirth, Study Finds
    But complications or maternal death during delivery are still rare, experts say

  • Online Community Helps People Manage Epilepsy
    Computer support aided most for tracking seizures, medication side effects, study says

  • Medical Groups Issue Guidelines for Treating First Seizure
    Epilepsy medication recommended to help stave off second attack

  • Liquid Medical Marijuana Shows Promise Against Severe Epilepsy
    Child and adult patients who took cannabidiol had big drop in seizure rates, study found

  • Too Few Kids With Epilepsy, Cerebral Palsy Get Flu Shot: Study
    But they are more likely to develop flu-rated complications

  • Epilepsy Surgery Gets High Marks From Patients in Survey
    92 percent said it was worthwhile, with fewer seizures and higher quality-of-life

  • Sleep Position Linked to Death Risk for Those With Epilepsy
    Researchers see similarities with sudden infant death syndrome

  • 1 in 5 Adults With Epilepsy Also Has ADHD Symptoms: Study
    Experts say that controlling seizures may help alleviate other psychiatric symptoms

  • Neurologists Say Jury Still Out on Medical Marijuana's Use for Brain Disorders
    Easing federal restrictions on pot research might help get answers, doctors say

  • Kids With Epilepsy Face Higher Early Death Risk, Study Reports
    Coordinated care is essential for reducing death rates, experts say

  • High-Fat, Low-Carb Diet May Help With Tough-to-Treat Epilepsy
    Regimens seem to cut down on seizures but are hard to stick to long-term, study shows

  • Small Study Hints Fish Oil Might Ease Tough-to-Treat Epilepsy
    People taking the low-dose omega-3 supplements had fewer monthly seizures, but more research is needed

  • Mom's Epilepsy Drugs Appear Safe in Breast Milk
    Babies' brains and IQs don't seem to be affected by mother's medication, study finds

  • Two Drugs Work Equally Well for Epileptic Seizures in Kids: Study
    Ativan, Valium both good options for emergency treatment, experts say

  • Young People With Epilepsy Face Higher Injury Risk: Study
    British researchers found increased odds of fractures, burns, medication poisoning

  • Human-Type Epilepsy Discovered in Sea Lions
    Eating fish exposed to toxin-laden algae harms the animals' brains, study suggests

  • Fever-Related Seizures in Kids Eased by Epilepsy Drug: Study
    Standard emergency guidelines needed for long-lasting seizures, researchers say

  • Study Weighs Safety of Epilepsy Drugs in Pregnancy
    Levetiracetam appears to pose low risk for baby, but there's more evidence of risk with valproate

  • Epilepsy Surgery Improves Patients' Lives, Research Finds
    It allowed many to be able to work and drive more, and was safe for those over 60

  • Could Electrical Brain Stimulation Boost Perseverance?
    In tiny study, 2 patients experienced a desire to conquer challenge

  • Scans Show Brain-Connection Differences in Those With Epilepsy
    Small study used MRI to examine patients with temporal lobe epilepsy

  • How to Handle a Child's Seizure
    First incident requires emergency medical care, expert says

  • Implanted Device Approved to Decrease Seizures
    Among people with epilepsy

  • FDA Approves Implanted Brain Stimulator for Epilepsy
    The device helps reduce frequency of seizures, studies show

  • Aptiom Approved to Treat Seizures
    For adults with epilepsy

  • Inside the Autistic Brain: New Research Challenges Current Beliefs
    More neural connections, not fewer, seen in studies

  • Epilepsy Often Hand-in-Hand With Other Health Problems: CDC
    Doctors, patients share responsibility for preventing and treating co-occurring conditions, experts say

  • Epilepsy Drugs in Pregnancy May Affect Infants' Fine Motor Skills
    Study did not find similar link when babies were exposed through breast-feeding

  • Child's Chronic Illness Can Affect the Whole Family
    Care demands can create more stress than severity of illness, researchers say

  • Vigorous Exercise May Lessen Young Men's Risk of Epilepsy
    Those with high fitness level 79 percent less likely to be diagnosed with disorder later in life, study suggests

  • Epilepsy Drug Warnings May Slip Through Cracks
    1 in 5 neurologists unaware of updated safety risks identified by FDA, survey finds

  • New Genetic Clues to Severe Childhood Epilepsy
    Exome sequencing technique may lead to discoveries about many diseases, researchers say

  • Epilepsy Plus Mental Ills Linked to Premature Death, Study Says
    Findings suggest need to monitor psychiatric disorders in seizure patients

  • Epilepsy Drugs in Pregnancy Tied to Developmental Delays in Children
    Large Norwegian study followed offspring for up to 3 years

  • Mental Decline Seen Earlier When Epilepsy Present, Study Suggests
    Seizures may hasten Alzheimer's and mild memory problems, researchers say

  • Mental Ills in Kids With Epilepsy May Depend on Seizure Location
    Psychiatric symptoms more common when brain's temporal lobe is involved, researchers find

  • FDA Warns Pregnant Women About Migraine Drugs
    Medicines containing valproate linked to lower IQs in children, agency says

  • Implanted Device May Predict Epilepsy Seizures, Study Suggests
    Patients who don't respond to drugs might benefit, but larger trials needed

  • Prenatal Use of Common Epilepsy Drug Tied to Higher Autism Risk
    Large Danish study looked at children of women who took valproate in pregnancy

  • FDA Panel Backs Brain Stimulator for Epilepsy
    Implantable device pre-empts seizures, device maker says

  • FDA Panel to Consider Brain Stimulator for Epilepsy
    Implantable device pre-empts seizures, device maker says

  • Stroke During Childhood May Raise Risk for Epilepsy, Study Says
    Practitioners have 'concrete numbers' to give to families

  • Epilepsy Drug in Pregnancy Linked to Autism Risk in Study
    New research adds to dangers of valproate use for women of childbearing age

  • Epilepsy Drug in Pregnancy Linked to Autism Risk in Study
    New research adds to dangers of valproate use for women of childbearing age

  • Study Links Epilepsy Drug in Pregnancy to Lower IQ
    Children's scores at age 6 were lower if moms took valproate

  • Study Suggests Genetic Link Between Epilepsy, Migraine
    Prevalence of migraine increases when several relatives have seizure disorders, researchers say

  • People May Skip Generic Pills if Color Differs From Brand-Name Drug
    Study found patients on anti-seizure meds were less likely to refill such prescriptions

  • Study Supports Link Between Stress, Epileptic Seizures
    Stress activated brain response for some patients in preliminary research

  • Antidepressants May Lead to Fewer Seizures in People With Epilepsy
    Research is preliminary, but could encourage more people with depression and epilepsy to try meds

  • What Doctors Don't Know About Treating Kids With Epilepsy
    Survey finds significant gaps in knowledge

  • Children's Seizures Not Always Damaging, Study Finds
    Those caused by fever don't appear to harm brain function

  • Fycompa Approved for Epileptic Seizures
    Among people aged 12 and older

  • Epilepsy Drug Shows Promise as Weight-Loss Aid, Study Says
    Zonisamide plus nutritional counseling worked for certain obese adults, but not without side effects

  • Health Tip: What's Behind Epilepsy?
    Here are some common causes

  • 'Fragile X Syndrome' Researchers Boost Social Skills in Mice
    New treatment method helped brain process chemicals similar to marijuana in animal study

  • Kids With Neurological Conditions at Higher Risk of Flu Death: CDC
    Medical, parenting groups working to increase flu vaccination, awareness

  • Chronic Cough Responds to Epilepsy Drug, Study Finds
    But expert contends few patients really need it

  • Electrical Brain Stimulation Curbs Epileptic Seizures in Rats
    Implantable device short-circuits attacks, researcher says

  • Mouse Study Sheds Light on How Diet May Affect Epilepsy
    Strict diet seems to protect against seizures by altering brain metabolism, research shows

  • Parents Often Lose Sleep Over Child's Epilepsy, Study Finds
    Many sleep in the same room or bed as their child because of worries about nighttime seizures

  • Response to First Treatment May Predict Epilepsy's Course
    About half of patients are seizure-free after first medication, study finds

  • New Clues to the Evolution of the Human Brain
    Gene event 2.5 million years ago may explain why humans are smarter than great apes, researchers say

  • Health Tip: Watch for Symptoms of Seizure
    They can vary, depending on affected part of brain

  • Epilepsy Leads to More Brain Abnormalities Over Time
    Scans show increasing anatomical changes in the brains of people with epilepsy as they age

  • Hormonal Changes May Trigger Migraines in Some Women
    Evidence supports link between fluctuations in female hormones and painful headaches

  • When Drugs Fail, Surgery May Get Epilepsy Under Control
    Small study finds those with temporal lobe disorder can be seizure-free afterward

  • Twitter Adding to Stigma of Epilepsy, Study Says
    'Tweets' mentioning seizures often include jokes about serious neurological disorder

  • Study: No Significant Rise in Seizure Risk From Common Kids' Vaccine
    Immunizations protect children from life-threatening diseases, experts say

  • 'Autoinjector' Offers Safe, Speedy Care for Life-Threatening Seizures: Study
    Status epilepticus claims 55,000 lives a year but new drug delivery system could help

  • Electrical Brain Stimulation May Strengthen Memory, Study Says
    Preliminary results suggest method might hold promise for dementia patients

  • Surgery Effective for Tough-to-Treat Epilepsy
    In 26-year study, procedure cut seizures and boosted quality of life long-term

  • New Guidelines Issued for Combining HIV, Seizure Meds
    Doctors urged to use caution in treating HIV/AIDS patients who experience seizures

  • Autistic Teens With Epilepsy Often Light-Sensitive
    Incidence is roughly 30 percent among teens with both conditions, study finds

  • Kids With Epilepsy Should Get Screened for Autism, Developmental Delays
    The conditions often occur in the same child, experts say

  • Epileptic Seizures May Worsen During Menstrual Cycle
    'Catamenial' epilepsy also associated with more seizures during pregnancy, study shows

  • 3-D TV Doesn't Raise Seizure Risk for Kids With Epilepsy: Study
    Researchers note that certain patterns, colors, flickering images a greater threat

  • Fetal Exposure to Epilepsy Drug Might Raise Autism Risk: Study
    Danish researchers found it almost tripled chances of autism spectrum disorder, although risk remains small

  • Health Tip: Help Prevent Epilepsy
    Some cases are avoidable

  • Onfi Approved to Treat Severe Seizures
    When combined with other anti-seizure medication

  • For Many, Epilepsy Surgery Effective Long-Term
    Almost half of patients are seizure-free 10 years later, study finds

  • Preemies May Be at Higher Risk of Epilepsy Later in Life
    Swedish infants born very preterm were at 5 times the risk of full-term infants, study finds

  • Researchers Find Link Between Epilepsy, Schizophrenia Risk
    Connection may stem from genetic or environmental factors, experts say

  • Seizure Disorder Diagnosed Later in Veterans Than Civilians: Study
    Vets with psychogenic non-epileptic seizures may go 5 years without diagnosis, researchers say

  • New Dog Gene May Shed Light on Childhood Epilepsy
    Researchers hope the discovery will aid understanding of human brain development

  • Fetal Exposure to Common Epilepsy Drugs May Harm Kids' IQ: FDA
    Women of childbearing age need to know of risk from meds such as Depakote, agency says

  • Potiga Approved for Adult Epileptic Seizures
    But drug may cause 'neuro-psychiatric' side effects, FDA says

  • Epilepsy Drugs' Risk of Birth Defects May Be Dose-Dependent
    The higher the dosage, the greater the risk from four common medications, study finds

  • Newer Epilepsy Meds Less Likely to Cause Birth Defects: Study
    Low overall risk of major birth defects with first-trimester exposure, researchers find

  • Many Kids With Epilepsy Don't Take Meds as Prescribed: Study
    Lower socioeconomic status raises chances of noncompliance, researchers report

  • Many With Autism Also Have Treatment-Resistant Epilepsy: Study
    Their seizures also tend to start earlier in childhood, research suggests

  • Having Both Autism and Epilepsy Linked to Raised Death Rates
    Study found nearly 40% of brain tissue donors with autism also had epilepsy

  • People With Epilepsy More Prone to Brain Tumors: Study
    Seizures may signal presence of early tumor that hasn't been detected, researchers say

  • Gender May Play Role in Psych Symptoms in Kids With Epilepsy
    Girls had more emotional problems while boys had more inattention/hyperactivity, study found

  • Surviving Serious Childhood Illness Takes Toll Later: Study
    Not achieving educational, work goals can plague young adult survivors, researchers say

  • Poor People With Epilepsy More Prone to Uncontrolled Seizures
    Drug side effects, ER visits also more frequent than in more affluent people with the disorder, study finds

  • Chopin's Hallucinations Likely Caused by Epilepsy
    Composer also had depression, but other symptoms overlooked, researchers say

  • Animal Study Finds Nerve Stimulation May Thwart Tinnitus
    Treatment in rats stops, rather than masks, the problem, researchers say

  • Epilepsy Drugs May Raise Fracture Risk in Older Adults
    Chance of bone breaks varies by specific medication taken, study finds

  • Healthy Brain Development May Be a Matter of Timing
    Study in worms finds far-reaching effects for early connections between cells

  • Epilepsy Found to Be More Common in U.S. Than Thought
    Experts urge more research and funding to meet growing needs

  • Death Rates Higher for Those With Lasting Epilepsy: Study
    But children who outgrow seizures don't face same increased risk

  • Common Epilepsy Drug Taken During Pregnancy Might Raise Spina Bifida Risk
    But absolute risk is small with Tegretol, researchers note

  • Women Taking Certain Epilepsy Drugs Can Safely Breast-Feed, Study Suggests
    Findings could bring valuable guidance to new mothers, experts say

  • Teens of Epileptic Mothers May Lag Academically: Study
    Taking more than one anti-seizure drug in pregnancy should be avoided if possible, researchers say

  • Study Sees Link Between Epilepsy, Infertility
    Drugs used to control the disorder may play a role, experts say

  • Epilepsy Drugs Don't Raise Suicide Risk, Study Shows
    Experts say findings should prompt FDA to remove warning label on medications

  • Not All Epilepsy Drugs Raise Suicide Risk: Study
    Only newer meds tied to depression appear linked to self-harm, researchers say

  • Brain Injury May Raise Soldier's Epilepsy Risk
    Seizure condition can take years to develop, researchers say

  • Prognosis Good for Most Children With Epilepsy: Study
    Kids whose seizures are unrelated to underlying disease or brain damage likely to go into remission, researchers find

  • Epilepsy Drug Linked to Serious Birth Defects
    Taking valproic acid ups risk of brain, heart, limb defects in babies, review shows

  • Children With Epilepsy Feel on Par With Healthy Siblings
    Parents disagree, may underestimate their quality of life, researchers say

  • Health Tip: Understanding Epilepsy
    Here's what may cause it

  • Parent Error Common When Medicating Chronically Ill Kids
    Even well-educated parents need more help with lifesaving drug regimens, study finds

  • New Migraine Drug Might Be Safer for Some
    And an old standby might help prevent headache from starting up, report finds

  • Missing DNA Linked to Wide Range of Epilepsy Disorders
    Finding may help reveal what predisposes someone to the disorder, researcher says

  • Gene Mutation Ups Risk of Sudden Death in People with Epilepsy
    Patients who have gene variant are 10 times more likely to die without warning, study finds

  • Study Shows Some Anti-Seizure Meds Raise Suicide Risk
    But experts note that many taking them already face higher risk for suicide

  • New Sensors Stick to Organs to Monitor Health
    Pliable electronic devices already tracking heart function in pigs, scientists say

  • Implant Shows Promise for Hard-to-Treat Epilepsy
    Pacemaker-like device cut frequency of seizures in study participants

  • Oldest Epilepsy Drug Best for Children
    In landmark trial, it beat two newer meds for treating seizures, with fewer side effects

  • Using Light to Silence Harmful Brain Activity
    Novel tool might lead to treatments for epilepsy, Parkinson's, researchers say

  • Health Tip: Making Home Safer for People With Epilepsy
    Protect against injury during a seizure

  • Health Tip: What's Prompting My Seizures?
    A list of common triggers

  • Psychiatric Meds for Infants Linked to Later Behavior Problems
    Researchers found drugs used to treat mood disorders, pain and epilepsy raised risk

  • Gene Mutation Linked to Fever-Induced Seizures
    Finding could lead to better treatment options, study suggests

  • Study Links Epilepsy to Brain Protein
    Research on mice points to possible cause of seizures

  • Very Small Head Size Could Signal Problems in Newborns
    Early screening urged for detection of epilepsy and other health issues, experts say

  • Experts Urge Cognitive Testing of Kids With Epilepsy
    Underlying brain abnormalities may cause learning problems, study finds

  • Seizures, Not Epilepsy Itself, May Raise Birth Risks
    It's the attacks during pregnancy that cause problems, study contends

  • Scientists Find Way to Stop Epilepsy in Mice
    Blocking bad gene kept disease from being passed to offspring

  • Catastrophic Epilepsy Caused by Defect in One Gene
    Mouse study led to discovery of mutation and could advance treatments

  • Drug Shows Promise Against Childhood Epilepsy
    Rapamycin helped suppress seizures in mouse study

  • Pregnant Women With Epilepsy Should Avoid Valproate
    New guidelines stress that, with good planning, most moms-to-be will do fine

  • Epilepsy Drug Impairs Baby's Intelligence
    When taken during pregnancy, valproate lowers IQ, study finds

  • Head Injury While Young Ups Epilepsy Risk
    But treatment can prevent the illness from emerging, Danish researchers say

  • Gene Discovered for Most Common Form of Epilepsy
    The hope is the finding could lead to new treatments for the neurological disorder

  • FDA Adds Suicide Warning to Epilepsy Drugs
    Says patients on antiepileptics need to be monitored for indications of mood changes

  • Seizure Meds Can Be Safely Withdrawn From Kids With Epilepsy
    Study finds relatively low risk of developing intractable disease

  • Epilepsy Drug May Raise Autism Risk in Offspring
    Yet another reason pregnant women should avoid this medication, experts say

  • Surgery a Boon for Most Common Form of Epilepsy
    But too few patients are having the procedure, study says

  • Clue to Cause of Epileptic Seizures Discovered
    Finding could lead to new treatments, researchers say

  • Banzel Approved for Lennox-Gastaut Syndrome
    A severe form of epilepsy

  • FDA Approves New Drug for Severe Epilepsy
    Trials showed Banzel proved effective against Lennox-Gastaut syndrome

  • Sedative Could Be Deadly in People With Seizures
    At high doses, propofol tied to cardiac arrest in patients with a form of epilepsy

  • Health Tip: Coping With Epilepsy
    Help protect yourself in the event of a seizure

  • Keppra XR Approved for Partial-Onset Seizures
    For people 16 and older

  • Epilepsy Raises Drowning Risk
    Seizures could boost the danger in tubs, pools, experts say

  • Epilepsy Receiving Inadequate Attention
    CDC says patients, doctors at fault for treatment gaps affecting 1 in every 100 Americans

  • First Generic Versions of Depakote Approved
    To treat seizures, migraines, and bipolar disorder

  • Epilepsy Drug May Boost Birth Defect Risk
    Women who take topiramate should discuss preconception planning with their doctor

  • FDA Advisers Don't Back 'Black Box' Warning for Epilepsy Drugs
    Experts do find 11 anti-seizure drugs heighten suicide risk, and they recommend medication guide for doctors

  • Failure to Take Seizure Drugs Boosts Death Risk
    Car accidents, bone breaks also common among those who don't take meds regularly, study says

  • Seizures Likely Sign of Brain Injury After Stroke
    Patients face 30% risk of dying within month, study finds

  • Special Diet Can Ease Epileptic Seizures in Kids
    Strong support for ketogenic regimen from major randomized trial

  • Epilepsy Drug Linked to Bone Loss
    Women on Dilantin may want to consider other seizure medications, experts say

  • Researchers ID Gene Behind Rare Form of Epilepsy
    Findings 'crack open the cell biology' of lethal inherited syndrome

  • Epilepsy Drug Doesn't Prevent Migraines
    Unlike other epilepsy meds, Trileptal was no better than placebo, study finds

  • FDA Warns Epilepsy Drugs May Raise Suicide Risk
    Agency will ask drug makers to put warning labels on entire class of medicines

  • Atkins-Like Diet Cuts Epileptic Seizures
    High-fat, low-carb plan may work when other treatments fail, study says

  • Tracking Drug Levels Helps Pregnant Women With Epilepsy
    Blood testing cuts down on seizures linked to lamotrigine use, research shows

  • Certain Seizure Patients Need Emergency CT Scan
    ER staff should focus on those with first-ever attack, babies, and people with AIDS, guideline says

  • Lamotrigine May Reduce Epilepsy Seizures
    Adding it to existing regimen may help, researchers say

  • Epilepsy Drug Holds Promise as Treatment for Alcoholism
    Topiramate reduced heavy drinking and helped to boost abstinence, study finds

  • Caffeine Plus Acetaminophen Toxic for Some
    Rat study suggests liver danger, but doses must be very high

  • Some Epilepsy Patients Are Good Candidates for Surgery
    Study found those with multiple auras had seizures arising from one part of brain

  • Experts Split on Whether Chief Justice Roberts Has Epilepsy
    Seizures may be caused by epilepsy, which can be controlled with medication

  • Epilepsy May Raise Suicide Risk
    Danish study finds it triples the odds, with women most strongly affected

  • Seizures
    The discovery gives insight into these fever-related attacks

  • Researchers Develop Animal Model of Infant Seizures
    It could speed discovery of new treatments

  • New Epilepsy Drug Helps Reduce Seizure Frequency
    Retigabine safe, effective for those who don't respond well to current meds, study finds

  • New Study Weighs Benefits of Epilepsy Drugs
    In some cases, newer may not be better, researchers say

  • Toothbrushing Can Trigger Epileptic Seizures
    Rhythmic nature of brushing could stimulate brain, researchers say

  • Neurological Disorders Strike Millions
    New government report gives latest estimates, which show increases in Alzheimer's, MS cases

  • Trained Dogs Not Always Detecting Epileptic Seizures
    Sometimes they're picking up on psychological seizures, study claims

  • Epilepsy Drug May Help Parkinson's Patients
    Subjects taking zonisamide showed up to 40% improvement in tests, study finds

  • Migraine Drug Boosts Kidney Stone Risk
    Long-term topiramate use triggers acid buildup in blood, study finds

  • Many Seizure-Prone People Continue to Drive
    Epilepsy can put drivers at high risk for crashes, study warns

  • Lamictal Sanctioned for 'Grand Mal' Seizures
    Epilepsy drug gets broader approval

  • New Device Tested to Predict Epileptic Seizures
    Technology combines nerve stimulator with electrical detector to halt onset of attacks

  • Health Tip: Understanding Epilepsy
    Seizures can be controlled with medication

  • Inherited Metabolic Disorder More Common Than Thought
    But it's not clear whether newborns need routine screening for SCADD

  • Epilepsy Drug Linked to Birth Defects
    Use of valproate should be limited, researchers say

  • Epilepsy Can Be Subtle for Seniors
    Brief 'spaced-out' episodes may be minor seizures, experts say

  • Epilepsy Drug May Help Control Hot Flashes
    Gabapentin is as effective as estrogen in easing menopausal symptom, study finds

  • Epilepsy Drug Aids Muscle Disorder
    Valproate helped people with spinal muscular atrophy get stronger

  • Seizures Don't Always Signal Epilepsy
    Hard-to-diagnose psychogenic seizures can be triggered by emotional trauma, studies find

  • Health Tip: Know What Triggers Your Seizures
    You can take steps to avoid these activities

  • Menstrual Cycle May Impact Epilepsy
    Fewer ovulations linked to more seizures, study found

  • Teens With Epilepsy Prone to Depression
    But problems are underdiagnosed and undertreated, study says

  • Health Tip: If a Child Has a Seizure
    Here's what to do

  • Olympic Hockey Goalie Triumphs Over Epilepsy
    A healthy lifestyle and effective medicines have led Chanda Gunn to the top of her sport

  • Epilepsy Surgery Eases Depression, Anxiety: Study
    It's typically performed on patients whose disorder can't be controlled by drugs

  • Epilepsy Drug Could Fight Lupus
    Valproic acid shows promise in mouse study

  • Uncanny Canines Sense Oncoming Seizures
    For people with epilepsy, seizure-alerting dogs are truly man's best friend

  • Brain Dysfunction May Link Suicide, Epilepsy
    Epileptics four times more likely to attempt to take their own lives, study finds

  • Blood Test Helps Spot Epileptic Seizure
    It relies on prolactin, a seizure-linked hormone

  • Implanted Nerve Stimulator Eases Epilepsy in Kids
    The device is already FDA-approved for use in adults

  • Epilepsy, Bipolar Drugs Carry Birth Defect Risks
    Women should talk to their doctor about anticonvulsant use, experts say

  • Epilepsy, Schizophrenia May Share Genetic Link
    Individuals with one disorder are at increased risk for the other, study finds

  • Epilepsy Surgery Brings Long-Term Seizure Relief
    Most patients remain attack-free decades later, study finds

  • Pfizer's Lyrica Approved for Epilepsy
    New use for drug originally designed to treat diabetic pain

  • Infrequent Seizures May Not Need Swift Drug Treatment
    Study finds no long-term benefit for those with epilepsy

  • Gene Clue May Lead to Epilepsy Treatments
    One mutation connects the condition to another movement disorder

  • Gene Could Cause Rare, Fatal Epilepsy
    Lafora disease may have its roots in a specific mutation

  • Health Tip: Driving With Epilepsy
    Ways to keep yourself and others safe

  • Pregnancy and Epilepsy Cause Tough Choices
    Women must decide whether to continue medications

  • Surgery Benefits Children With Epilepsy
    It can reduce seizures and boost IQ, study finds

  • Newer Epilepsy Drug Cuts Risk of Birth Defects
    But long-standing drug increases the chances, study finds

  • Scientists Find Clue to Brain Development
    Overlooked glial cells help form synapses, study finds

  • Seizures After Epilepsy Surgery Indicate Continuing Risk
    Patients do better after surgery, but seizures may still occur

  • First Dog Epilepsy Gene Identified
    Finding may one day help eradicate rare form of epilepsy in canines, study finds

  • Pacemakers Can Avert Fatal Attack in Some Epilepsy Patients
    Study found slowed or stopped heartbeats during seizures

  • Epilepsy Patients Say Seizures Under Control
    Survey finds many want more help with drugs' side effects

  • Epileptic Seizures Not as Dangerous as Thought
    Daily activities needn't be restricted, researchers say

  • Epilepsy Drug Linked to Developmental Delays in Offspring
    Study finds kids showed low IQs when mothers took sodium valproate

  • New Pathway to Epilepsy Discovered
    Rat study helps find previously unknown change in neurons

  • Epilepsy Predisposed Kids to Pokémon Seizures
    Follow-up on bizarre TV phenomenon in Japan

  • Gene Shutoff Prevents Epilepsy in Mice
    Could be useful target for drugs, study says