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  • Vaccines Are Critical If You Have Diabetes

  • Many Young Drug Abusers Not Tested for Hepatitis C, Study Finds

  • Most Parents Say Tsk, Tsk to Tattoos for Their Teens

  • Hepatitis-Infected Kidneys a Safe Option for Transplant: Study

  • Hepatitis-Infected Kidneys May Be Safe New Option for Transplant

  • Liver Cancer a Big Threat to U.S., Other Developed Nations

  • Hit Hard by Opioid Crisis, Appalachian States Expand Clean-Needle Programs

  • Opioid Crisis Means More Newborns With Hepatitis C, But Few Get Tested

  • U.S. Deaths From Infectious Diseases Decline, But Not Everywhere

  • Surgeons Safely Transplant Kidneys From Donors With Hep C

  • Boy Who Died 450 Years Ago Gives Clues to Hepatitis Research

  • Lack of Awareness May Spur Spread of Hep C

  • Tiny Opioid Victims: Addicted Moms-to-Be Transmit Hepatitis C

  • Hepatitis C Screening May Boost Opioid Treatment Success
    When people find out they have the infection, they're more likely to stay off drugs

  • Can Aspirin Stop Liver Cancer in Hepatitis B Patients?
    Study from Taiwan finds link between aspirin use and reduced cancer risk

  • Hundreds Hospitalized in San Diego as Hepatitis A Outbreak Spreads
    Drug users, the homeless most affected; county has launched vaccination effort

  • Vaccine Campaign in Poor Countries to Save 20 Million Lives
    Program will also save $350 billion in health care costs by 2020, study says

  • Hep B Vaccine Should Be Given Sooner: Pediatricians Group
    Shot should come within 24 hours of delivery, and not at first checkup

  • Mavyret Approved for Hepatitis C
    A chronic viral infection of the liver

  • Researchers Grow Functioning Liver Tissue in Mice
    If successful in people, it could ease shortage of transplant organs, MIT scientist says

  • Cancer Deaths Higher in Rural America, CDC Reports
    Agency head calls persistent geographic gap a 'significant public health problem'

  • U.S. Liver Cancer Deaths Have Doubled Since 1980s: Study
    It's now fifth-leading cause of cancer death in men and No. 8 among women

  • New Combo Pill Offers Hope to Hepatitis C Patients Who Fail Other Treatment
    3-drug mixture was nearly 100 percent effective in drug company trials

  • New Hepatitis C Infections Hit 15-Year High: CDC
    Many stemmed from rising use of injected drugs linked to the current opioid epidemic, officials say

  • New Hepatitis C Treatments More Effective, Tolerable: FDA
    Screening for the often-silent disease remains key, especially in baby boomers

  • A 2nd Life for Risky Kidney Transplants?
    Doctors say they cleared hepatitis C in organ recipients, perhaps shortening transplant waits

  • High Rates of Hepatitis C in Pregnancy Mirror Opioid Epidemic: CDC
    Rural counties seem hardest hit, researcher says

  • FDA Approves Hep C Drugs for Kids 12 and Older
    Previously allowed only for adults

  • Infections More Common in People With Schizophrenia
    Ills include HIV, hepatitis and the serious blood infection sepsis, study suggests

  • Hepatitis Infection May Raise Risk for Parkinson's Disease
    New study adds to evidence that these conditions might be linked somehow

  • Better Efforts Could Help Rid the U.S. of Hepatitis B, C: Report
    Plus, 90,000 fewer deaths would occur by 2030, study authors estimate

  • New Hepatitis C Drugs Might Eliminate the Disease
    But not everyone responds completely to the medicines and cost remains a big obstacle, researchers say

  • Baby Boomers Get an 'F' for Hep C Testing
    Screening rates for the dangerous virus remain low despite recommendations, study finds

  • U.S. Vaccine Guidelines for Flu, HPV Updated
    CDC panel revises immunization advisory for vaccines affecting adults

  • Use of Needle Exchange Programs Up Dramatically in 10 Years: CDC
    Yet, many drug users still share needles sometimes, report finds

  • Serious Infections Tied to Suicide Risk
    Danish study finds greater association in those hospitalized with HIV or hepatitis

  • Sharing Drug 'Snorting Straws' Spreads Hepatitis C
    Study highlights more fallout from opioid epidemic

  • Epclusa Approved for Chronic Hepatitis C
    Combination drug treats six major forms of HCV

  • Hepatitis C Patients More Likely to Drink, Study Finds
    And researchers say alcohol can worsen the chronic liver condition

  • Hepatitis C Now Leading Infectious Disease Killer in U.S.
    CDC notes that nearly 20,000 Americans died in 2014 from the widespread, but treatable, illness

  • Generic Hepatitis C Drugs as Effective as Pricey Brand Names: Study
    Inexpensive antivirals could be a game-changer in many countries, researchers say

  • Hepatitis C Therapy May Reduce Need for Liver Transplants
    If findings are confirmed, treatment could cut number of patients on waiting lists, researchers say

  • Hepatitis C-Infected Liver Transplants May Work Well for Those With the Virus
    Findings might help reduce organ waiting list, researchers say

  • Head and Neck Cancers May Be Linked to Hepatitis C
    Researcher sees need for improved screening, treatment

  • Ridding U.S. of Hepatitis B, C as 'Public Health Problem' Possible: Experts
    Vaccine for hepatitis B and drugs that cure hepatitis C infection are giving health officials new hope

  • U.S. Cancer Death Rate Continues to Fall
    But there's been a concerning increase in liver cancer, experts say

  • Zepatier Approved for Chronic Hepatitis C
    Liver disease affects some 3 million Americans

  • Hepatitis C Reported at 19 Dialysis Clinics: CDC
    Health officials blame lapses in infection control practices

  • Hepatitis C May Be Tied to Greater Risk for Parkinson's Disease
    People with the virus also nearly 30 percent more likely to develop the nervous system disorder, researchers say

  • Not Enough Needle Exchange Programs Outside Cities: Study
    Half of all injection drug users live in rural, suburban areas

  • Pricey Hepatitis C Drugs Denied to Almost Half of Medicaid Patients: Study
    But another study shows treating all infections would save more than $3 billion in long run

  • Screening Inmates for Hepatitis C Benefits General Community: Study
    Routine testing could prevent transmission, reduce health care costs, researcher says

  • In Rare Cases, Hepatitis C Drug Tied to Slowed Heart Rate: Study
    But experts say these types of medications have good safety profile

  • Illnesses, Deaths Spur FDA Warning on Hepatitis C Drugs
    Cautionary label will be added to Viekira Pak and Technivie, agency says

  • HIV Therapy May Also Lower Risk for Hepatitis B, Study Says
    But researchers add that it's critical to expand vaccination base

  • Many Americans Traveling Abroad Lack Key Vaccinations: Study
    Outbreaks of measles, hepatitis A could be prevented if people were fully immunized, researchers say

  • Liver Damage From Hepatitis C More Widespread Than Thought
    If left undetected, it can lead to liver failure and even death, study authors note

  • More Hepatitis C Cases Being Seen in Urban ERs
    Researchers note emergency room doctors could play a role in slowing spread of potentially deadly virus

  • Technivie Approved for Hepatitis C
    For people with a genetic subtype of the liver infection

  • Most U.S. Hepatitis C Infections May Be Missed: Study
    In one state, only one from 183 diagnosed cases met reporting criteria for CDC

  • Experimental Drug Combo Shows Promise Against Hepatitis C
    Drug trio could join newer, highly effective meds such as Sovaldi, Harvoni

  • Drug-Related HIV Outbreak Spurs Nationwide Alert
    More than 140 cases of the AIDS-causing virus reported in rural Indiana

  • Cheap Allergy Drug May Hold Potential as Hepatitis C Treatment
    Lab tests suggest over-the-counter antihistamine could offer alternative to pricey new drugs

  • HIV-Infected People Often Do Well After Kidney Transplant
    Refuting common wisdom, research shows that these patients fared better than those with hepatitis C

  • FDA Warns of Cardiac Effect When Heart Drug Mixed With Hepatitis C Meds
    Adding Harvoni or Sovaldi to amiodarone could cause dangerous slowing of heart rate, agency says

  • HIV Patients May Fare as Well as Others With Kidney Transplants
    But study also found that survival rates were lower if organ recipient also had hepatitis C

  • Hepatitis C Drugs Will 'Strain Budgets' at Current Prices: Study
    The new therapies have remarkably high cure rates

  • Chinese Researchers Report Successful Hepatitis E Vaccine
    New immunization offers nearly 5 years of protection, experts say

  • Hepatitis C Infections in Hospitals Show Need for Tight Infection Control Practices
    In both cases, there were breaches in safety rules, CDC reports

  • Many With Hepatitis C Missing Out on Treatment, Study Finds
    Without proper care, infection can lead to liver failure

  • Hepatitis C Infection Isn't Related to HIV Brain Woes: Study
    Mood swings, memory problems may be triggered by inflammation, researchers say

  • Antiviral Combination Approved for Hepatitis C
    Some 3.2 million Americans thought infected

  • Drug Regimen Cures Hepatitis C in Most Liver Transplant Patients in Study
    Researchers say treatment has fewer side effects and less risk of rejection, too

  • Report: Fewer U.S. Hospitalizations for Hepatitis A
    Viral infection comes from contaminated food, water or contact with infected person

  • Vaccine for Hepatitis C Inches Closer to Reality
    First human tests looked at safety

  • Pricey Hepatitis Drug a Good Bet in U.S. Prisons, Study Says
    Researchers conclude Sovaldi is cost-effective

  • FDA OKs Once-a-Day Drug for Chronic Hepatitis C
    Harvoni, a combination pill, blocks enzymes that virus needs to multiply

  • Hepatitis C Could Become Rare Disease in 20 Years: Study
    Newer medications, better screening would fuel the trend, researcher says

  • HIV Meds May Also Help Control Hepatitis C, Study Finds
    For people infected with both viruses, early treatment is critical, researchers report

  • Hepatitis C Infection May Have 'Silver Lining' for Transplant Patients
    Infected people who need new organ might have less need for immune-suppressing drugs, study finds

  • Task Force Recommends Hep B Screening for High-Risk People
    Vaccine, antiviral treatments make it worthwhile to spot chronic condition early, researcher says

  • Cure Rate for Experimental Hepatitis C Drug Tops 95 Percent
    But high costs of newer medications is a concern, experts say

  • Could Coffee Lower Death Risk From Liver Cirrhosis?
    Large study from China suggests 2 daily cups might offer protection in cases of non-viral hepatitis

  • Hepatitis C Patients With HIV May Face Higher Risk of Liver Disease
    Study's finding held true even for those doing well on treatment for AIDS-causing virus

  • Nearly 3 Million Americans Living With Hepatitis C
    Many aren't aware they carry the liver-destroying virus, experts say

  • Hepatitis B Screening Proposed for All High-Risk Adults
    Nearly 1 million in U.S. are infected, says Preventive Services Task Force

  • Hepatitis C Rates Vary Among U.S. Hispanic Groups
    Rates in men range from 0.4 percent among South Americans to 11.6 percent among Puerto Ricans, study finds

  • Most With Hepatitis C May Soon Find Hope in New Treatments
    Two studies suggest pill cocktails may one day replace injections altogether

  • New Hepatitis C Drug Approved by FDA
    Taken as a pill once a day, it could make treatment for millions easier, more effective

  • Sovaldi Approved for Chronic Hepatitis C
    Breakthrough drug doesn't need combined interferon

  • FDA Approves New Treatment for Hepatitis C Infection
    Olysio may cut down on side effects while achieving good responses in patients, experts say

  • Olysio Approved as Hepatitis C Treatment
    Drug blocks protein that helps virus replicate

  • Study Finds Too Few With Hepatitis C Start or Stick With Treatment
    Interferon injections don't always work, but new therapies on the way, experts say

  • Experimental Hepatitis C Drug May Treat the Untreatable
    Combination medication cured nearly all study participants, without serious side effects

  • Some 'High-Risk' Kidneys May Be Safe for Organ Transplant: Study
    Researchers followed-up on recipients of kidneys from deceased donors

  • Health Tip: Stay Safe at the Nail Salon
    Suggestions to protect yourself

  • Study Questions Discovery of 'New' Hepatitis Virus
    Contaminated lab glassware caused confusion, researchers say

  • Hepatitis B Vaccination Cuts Deaths From Liver Disease, Cancer: Study
    Taiwan study highlights need for vaccination for all, U.S. expert says

  • New Drug Combo Helps Hard-to-Treat Hepatitis C
    NIH study focused largely on black patients, who haven't fared as well with current treatments

  • Baby Boomers Need Hepatitis C Test, CDC Study Confirms
    Routine testing urged to prevent liver damage

  • More Drugs Show Promise in Fighting Hepatitis C
    Faldaprevir and deleobuvir are part of effort to develop treatments that avoid harsh side effects

  • FDA Proposes New Safety Rules for Imported Food
    Announcement comes in wake of recent outbreaks of foodborne illnesses

  • Screen All Baby Boomers for Hepatitis C, Expert Panel Says
    This generation has highest rate of infection, likely contracted decades ago

  • New Test IDs Genotype of Hepatitis C
    Helps doctors plan treatment

  • Scientists ID Gene Linked to Aggressive Liver Cancer
    Finding, though preliminary, might lead to better treatments

  • CDC: 87 Now Sickened in Hepatitis A Outbreak Tied to Frozen Berry Mix
    All infections traced to product sold at Costco stores, agency says

  • 61 Now Sickened in Hepatitis A Outbreak Tied to Frozen Berry Mix
    CDC says recalled product was sold at Costco, Harris Teeter stores

  • 49 Now Sickened in Hepatitis A Outbreak Tied to Frozen Berry Mix
    CDC says recalled product was sold at Costco, Harris Teeter stores

  • Half of People With Hepatitis C Don't Complete Needed Tests: CDC
    Without treatment, virus can lead to liver cancer

  • Experimental Drug for Hepatitis C Promising, Studies Show
    High cure rates, few side effects may make this the standard treatment, experts say

  • Treatment for New, Deadly Coronavirus Shows Promise
    Researchers report two drugs currently used to treat hepatitis C stopped virus from replicating in lab tests

  • 'Sharps' Injuries Pose Serious Hazard for Surgeons, O.R. Staff
    Needlesticks, other wounds put clinicians at risk for infectious diseases, emotional stress

  • Experimental Drug May Work Against Hepatitis C
    Miravirsen greatly reduced virus in patients in small study

  • Tattoos Can Pose Health Hazards, Doctor Warns
    Industrial inks, poor skin placement may lead to variety of problems

  • Drug Users Are 'Super-Spreaders' of Hepatitis C, Study Finds
    Diagnosing, treating them early might slow rate of infection

  • New Pills Show Promise for Hepatitis C
    If approved, they'll provide fewer side effects, shorter treatment time, studies suggest

  • Keep Kitchen Utensils Clean While Preparing Holiday Meal
    Cross-contamination can occur easily during cooking process, study says

  • Patient Survival Rises When Drugs Suppress Hepatitis C in Blood: Study
    Risk of death was 4 times lower if the virus stayed at undetectable levels for 6 months, researchers found

  • Hepatitis: The Hidden Hazard
    Though cure rates are good, many Baby Boomers don't even suspect they have the liver disease

  • One Man's Harrowing Battle With Hepatitis C
    Ted Adamson of Riverside, Calif., nearly lost his liver and life to the disease

  • 'Boomers' With Hepatitis C Boosting Demand for Liver Transplants
    Study finds many in need of new organs have liver cancer

  • Aspirin May Reduce Risk of Liver Cancer, Death From Liver Disease
    Large, decade-long study also found some benefit from other NSAIDs

  • U.S. Task Force: Baby Boomers Should Be Tested for Hepatitis C
    Generation has highest rate of infection, likely contracted decades ago

  • Antiviral Therapy May Cut Recurrence of Hepatitis B-Linked Liver Cancer
    Patients who received the drugs after surgery seemed to do better, study found

  • Black Women With Both HIV, Hep C Less Likely to Die From Liver Disease
    Study compared black, white and Hispanic women with both viruses

  • Antiviral Therapy for Hepatitis C May Thwart Liver Cancer
    Incidence halved by treatment, study finds

  • Follow-Up Lacking for Babies After Hepatitis B Vaccination: CDC
    Testing needs to ensure vaccine blocked mother-to-child transmission of virus

  • Kindergarten Vaccines Close to Target Levels: CDC
    But measles, chickenpox protection remains a concern

  • Test All Baby Boomers for Hepatitis C: CDC
    Most people who are infected don't know it, agency noted

  • Hepatitis A Vaccine for Children Lasts for 10 Years: Study
    Cases of the virus in the U.S. have decreased by 90 percent over the past 20 years, research shows

  • Hepatitis C Treatment May Hamper Kids' Growth
    Study found weight returned to normal after peginterferon, but not always height

  • Smoking Tied to Risk for Hepatitis Return After Liver Transplant
    Study findings indicate even ex-smokers were more likely to be re-infected within 1 year

  • Adding Vitamin B12 to Standard Drugs Might Help Fight Hepatitis C
    Small study suggests a benefit, but experts are more cautious about the results

  • Milk Thistle of Little Help Against Hepatitis C: Study
    Herbal extract discounted as treatment for chronic liver disease

  • Hepatitis C Virus Levels Higher in Certain Injection Drug Users
    Blacks, men, people with HIV had more virus, which affects treatment response: CDC

  • Many Homeless May Harbor Hepatitis C
    Los Angeles study finds nearly half don't know it

  • Infant Vaccination 'Delays' Triple in Oregon: Study
    Experts fear parents are jeopardizing their babies' health

  • Hepatitis B Infection Rates in U.S. Higher Than Thought
    Study finds majority of cases are foreign-born residents

  • Hepatitis C Causing Liver Damage in Greater Numbers: Study
    An additional 300,000 Americans could develop advanced liver disease from the virus by 2015

  • Test Baby Boomers for Hepatitis C, Says CDC
    Undetected disease can lead to cirrhosis, liver cancer, agency notes

  • Hepatitis C Now Kills More Americans Than HIV
    Middle-aged most often affected, and many are unaware they have been infected, CDC says

  • Stem Cells May Further Hepatitis C Research
    Using liver-like cells, scientists hope to learn how some people resist infection

  • Statins May Stave Off Liver Cancer in People With Hepatitis B
    Study found lower risk of developing disease for people taking these cholesterol-cutting drugs

  • Many U.S. Adults Not Vaccinated for Hepatitis B
    Missed opportunities lead to many new infections each year, study found

  • New Drug Combo for Hepatitis C Shows Promise
    Called 'watershed' research, study reports success with oral meds

  • CDC Warns Against Sharing Insulin Pens
    Doing so exposes people with diabetes to blood-borne infection risk

  • Researchers Identify Liver Cancer Risk Factors
    Hepatitis C, obesity contribute to rising rates, new studies find

  • Hepatitis B Vaccine Recommended for Adults With Diabetes
    Shared blood glucose monitors, finger-stick devices pose infection risk, experts warn

  • Drug Users With HIV at Much Higher Overdose Risk
    Opioids, illegal drugs can threaten recent lifespan gains

  • Change in Hepatitis Screening May Save Lives, Money
    Researchers favor testing those born from 1945 to 1965

  • Hepatitis May Lurk at Barbershops, Nail Salons
    Better training, tighter controls needed to reduce infection risk, researcher says

  • CDC Moves to Make Organ Transplantation Safer
    Proposed guideline would screen more aggressively for hepatitis B and C

  • Tailored Hepatitis C Therapy May Cut Treatment Time in Half
    Patients taking new three-drug regimen were cured at 24 weeks instead of 48, study says

  • Hepatitis Rates Soar Among IV Drug Users, Study Finds
    In U.S., 73% of injection drug users are infected with hepatitis C, 12% with hepatitis B

  • New Drug Effectively Treats Hepatitis C
    Adding Incivek to standard therapy also cut treatment time in half, researchers say

  • Researchers Find Cousin of Hepatitis C Virus in Dogs
    Might lead to better understanding and treatment of human version of the disease

  • FDA Approves Another New Drug to Fight Hepatitis C
    Incivek cleared body of the liver-damaging virus faster than older meds in trials

  • Incivek Approved for Hepatitis C
    Among people who haven't received or responded to standard interferon

  • Victrelis Approved for Chronic Hepatitis C
    In combination with two other drugs

  • FDA Approves New Drug to Fight Hepatitis C
    Victrelis appears to clear the body of the liver-damaging virus quicker than standard medicines

  • New Hepatitis C Drugs Close to Gaining FDA Approval
    Agency panel gives unanimous support to telaprevir, boceprevir as treatments for liver-damaging disease

  • Novel Hepatitis C Drug Holds Promise: FDA
    Could be boon for patients with the liver-damaging disease

  • New Drug May Boost Hepatitis C Treatment
    When added to current treatment, boceprevir significantly improves response rates, researchers say

  • Infectious Disease Experts Call for More Focus on Hepatitis C
    Rates among drug users have not plummeted like HIV, study finds

  • Treating Latent TB After 65 Raises Serious Side-Effect Risk
    Likelihood of hospitalization increases with age, researchers say

  • Health Tip: How Did I Contract Hepatitis?
    Here's a list of common triggers

  • Better Hepatitis C Surveillance Helps Public, CDC Finds
    Health departments' program seems to provide more accurate, timely reporting

  • Race Affects Hepatitis C Recurrence After Liver Transplant
    Patients who receive organ from a white donor at higher risk, researchers find

  • Baraclude Sanctioned for Severe Liver Disease
    Among people with chronic hepatitis B

  • Hepatitis E Vaccine Appears Safe, Effective
    Ongoing research suggests it's a potent form of protection against infection

  • Adding Third Drug May Improve Hepatitis C Treatment
    Study shows promise, but experts say questions remain, including issues of viral resistance

  • Patients With Hepatitis B May Face Greater Risk of Blood Cancer
    Study finds twice the risk of non-Hodgkin lymphoma

  • Hepatitis A Vaccine Pays Off for Kids: Study
    U.S. urges vaccination for children 12-23 months

  • Rapid Test to Detect Hepatitis C Approved
    OraQuick HCV can detect viral antibodies in about 20 minutes

  • Success of Hepatitis C Drugs May Depend on Gene Variant
    Researchers hope to identify patients for whom treatment will be ineffective

  • Hepatitis Infections Behind U.S. Rise in Liver Cancer
    More people need to be vaccinated, diagnosed and treated, CDC report says

  • Many Kids With Hepatitis C Are Missed
    Untreated, the infection can lead to liver damage, liver cancer, researcher says

  • Chewing Khat Linked to Severe Liver Damage
    Herb appears to lead to liver failure in some, British researchers say

  • In Early Test, New Hepatitis C Drug Shows Promise
    Medication offers hope for treatment with fewer side effects, experts say

  • Hepatitis C Tied to Higher Kidney Cancer Risk
    The virus' influence may extend beyond the liver, researchers say

  • New Drug Shows Promise for Curing Hepatitis C
    Antiviral telaprevir works when previous treatments failed, trial results show

  • Hundreds of Donor Kidneys Tossed Away Each Year
    But organs infected with hepatitis C are fine for patients with the disease, study finds

  • Vaccination, Prevention Is Beating Back Hepatitis
    Programs seem to be making progress against these viruses, research suggests

  • 1 in 5 At-Risk U.S. Babies Doesn't Get Hepatitis B Vaccine
    Researchers urge hospitals to vaccinate all children

  • New Treatment Eyed for Hepatitis C
    Class of compounds identified that inhibits viral growth in lab tests

  • Key to Hepatitis C May Be Two Cellular Proteins
    Finding could lead to treatment with the natural compound Quercetin

  • Coffee Cuts Liver Scarring in Hepatitis C
    Other sources of caffeine don't have same effect, study shows

  • New Hepatitis C Treatment Shows Promise
    Drug prevented virus from replicating in the livers of primates

  • Med Students Often Fail to Report Needlestick Injuries
    Omission leaves them without treatment for blood-borne diseases, researchers say

  • Chinese Scientists Develop Database on the Liver
    Information on proteins could help guide treatments for hepatitis and more

  • Coffee May Slow Liver Disease
    Finding could be good news for those with hepatitis C, researchers say

  • Tylenol May Weaken Effectiveness of Kids' Vaccines
    Giving analgesic to prevent fever at shot time could be counterproductive, researchers say

  • Hepatitis B Vaccination Protects Against Liver Cancer
    Immunization program for newborns has lasting effects beyond childhood, researchers say

  • U.S. Childhood Vaccine Rates Good But Could Be Better: CDC
    Compliance still high and stable, but more coverage needed among poor, report finds

  • Genetic Discovery May Improve Hepatitis C Treatment
    Finding will help predict patient response to therapy, researchers say

  • Top Hepatitis C Treatments Equally Effective
    Landmark assessment also finds treating early helps prevent liver failure

  • New Treatment Combo Better Against Hepatitis C
    Adding antiviral telaprevir increases cure rate, studies show

  • Progress Reported Against Gene Involved in Hepatitis C
    Finding could lead to new treatments for the disease, researchers say

  • Liver Cirrhosis May Also Harm Brain, Heart
    Inflammation may be the common link, study shows

  • Hispanics Respond Poorly to Standard Hepatitis C Therapy
    They and blacks still share outcome disparities in treatment of liver disease, study says

  • More Than 60,000 Patients Risked Hepatitis Infections
    Poor infection-control practices to blame, U.S. study finds

  • Drug Helps Asians Battling Liver Cancer
    Sorafenib boosts survival, even when tumor is linked to hepatitis B, researchers say

  • Hepatitis C Therapy Useless for Some
    Those who don't respond at first not helped by maintenance treatment, study shows

  • Antibiotics Largest Cause of Drug-Induced Liver Damage
    Prescription meds, supplements can also trigger acute organ failure, study says

  • Standard Hepatitis C Treatment Cost-Effective for Prisoners
    Study finds therapy reduces new infections, cuts outlays

  • Link Between Vaccine and MS Unproven
    Majority of children vaccinated against hepatitis B not at risk for the condition, study says

  • Anti-Obesity Drugs Could Fight Viral Infections
    Targeting increases in fatty acid metabolism inhibits replication, researchers find

  • FDA to List Drugs Under Review for Safety Issues
    But officials say patients taking meds on Web site shouldn't overreact or stop taking them

  • Viread Approved for Hepatitis B
    Already sanctioned to treat HIV

  • Donor's Age Not Linked to Poor Outcomes in Liver Transplants
    Even recipients with hepatitis C had good five-year survival rates, study finds

  • New Model Allows Testing of Hepatitis C Treatments
    Culture lets scientists infect cells with virus from the blood of infected patients

  • Diabetes Boosts Liver Cancer Risk in Hepatitis, Cirrhosis Cases
    Chances doubled, especially for older males, Dutch study finds

  • New Hope for Liver Diseases
    Scientists generate liver cells from embryonic stem cells, find clues to predict response to therapy

  • Grapefruit Compound Inhibits Hepatitis C Virus
    Flavonoid called naringenin silences infection pathway, hints of new disease treatments

  • Sharp Rise in U.S. Hepatitis C-Related Deaths
    Middle-aged hardest hit; better testing likely contributed to increase

  • Standard Hepatitis B Treatment Bested by Newcomer
    More people respond to telbivudine compared to lamivudine, study finds

  • Cancer Killed Almost 8 Million Worldwide in 2007
    12 million new cases -- many preventable -- were diagnosed this year, American Cancer Society reports

  • Drug May Help Reverse Clotting Deficiency
    Eltrombopag might also aid patients with hepatitis liver disease, study finds

  • Hepatitis A Vaccine Best Bet to Treat Virus
    CDC now recommends it instead of traditional immune globulin injection

  • Blood Marker Might Help Spot Early Liver Cancer
    Widespread hepatitis infection means millions are at risk, researchers note

  • Cirrhosis Can Impact Heart Surgery Success
    Two-thirds of those with severe disease died after cardiac surgery, study found

  • Key Factors Spur Hepatitis C Treatment Success
    They include interferon drug type, viral strain, and even race, study finds

  • Needlestick Injuries Common Among Surgery Students
    Incidents that could pass on HIV, hepatitis often go unreported, study finds

  • Hepatitis B Drug a Threat to Those With HIV
    Use of Baraclude alone leads AIDS virus to become drug-resistant, study finds

  • Study Suggests Cure for Hepatitis C
    Drug treatment eliminated presence of the virus in the blood

  • Hepatitis C Infection Hampers Liver Transplant Success
    But uninfected organ recipients are doing better than ever, study finds

  • Hepatitis C Infection Ups Lymphoma Risk
    Odds of the cancer are 20 to 30 percent higher, study says

  • Biologic Drug Approved to Prevent Hepatitis B in Liver Recipients
    Transplant patients have weakened immune systems

  • Raising a Glass for the World's Poor
    On Thursday, NYC diners join global push for U.N. World Water Day

  • U.S. Hepatitis Rates Fall to New Lows
    Widespread vaccination is helping reduce hepatitis A, B, experts say

  • Hepatitis B Drug Triggers HIV Drug Resistance
    Finding calls for change in labeling and use, researchers say

  • Blood Test Index May Help Liver Patients Avoid Biopsy
    It's far more accurate at spotting fibrosis than current screens, researchers say

  • Heavy Drinking Exacts Toll on Women With Hepatitis C
    Imbibing eliminates survival advantage over men, study finds

  • Incidence of Steatosis in Hepatitis Patients Traced to Race
    Whites more likely to have the complication than blacks, study finds

  • Earlier HIV Therapy Helps Beat Back Hepatitis C
    More and more people now carry both of these dangerous viruses, experts say

  • Health Tip: Living With Hepatitis C
    Eat a healthy diet and exercise regularly

  • New Drug May Expand Treatment for Hepatitic C
    Eltrombopag allows patients greater tolerance for common medications, researchers say

  • Drug Combo Fights Tough-to-Treat Hepatitis C
    Ribavirin plus Infergen held back liver damage, study found

  • College Students Unaware of Hepatitis C Risks
    Behaviors such as sharing jewelry, getting tattoos not even discussed by doctors

  • Tyzeka Approved to Treat Chronic Hepatitis B
    But it isn't a cure for the dangerous liver infection

  • Heart From Donor With Hepatitis C Reduces Survival
    Study dashes hopes that these organs might be of wider use

  • New Hepatitis B Test Streamlines Detection
    Virus can cause death from chronic liver disease

  • Health Tip: Preventing Hepatitis A
    Washing hands can help stop its spread

  • Newer Hepatitis B Drug Bests Standard Treatment
    Entecavir more effective with less chance of resistance than lamivudine, studies find

  • Hepatitis C Patients Taxing Medical System
    Study found their use of health-care resources increasing up to 30% a year

  • Vaccination Tames Hepatitis A Infection
    U.S., Israeli studies find inoculating children lowers incidence in entire population

  • Health Tip: Nail Salon Safety
    Protect yourself from disease

  • New Drug for Hepatitis B
    Slows virus that causes deadly liver disease

  • Health Tip: Preventing Hepatitis C
    Take these precautions

  • Hepatitis C Regimen Approved for HIV Patients
    300,000 Americans infected with both

  • Genetically Modified Potato Carries Hep B Vaccine
    Discovery an alternative to inconvenient injections in developing world, study says

  • Interferon Therapy Effective Against Hepatitis B
    It worked as well as combination of drugs used to treat the disease

  • Keeping Organ, Tissue Transplants Safe
    RNA screening could guard against HIV, hepatitis C

  • Hepatitis C Ups Risk of Non-Hodgkin's Lymphoma
    Those exposed to virus six times more likely to develop cancer

  • Hepatitis Shot Tied to MS, Study Suggests
    Vaccine's association could be statistical fluke, expert says

  • Health Tip: Three Types of Hepatitis
    Distinct viral liver diseases

  • Drug Combo May Halt Liver Disease in Those With HIV/Hepatitis C
    40% of study subjects showed significant improvement

  • Vitamin K Might Prevent Liver Cancer
    se off in women with cirrhosis