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  • Health Tip: Choosing a Baby Carrier
    Make sure it includes these features

  • Health Tip: Prevent Food-Safety Mistakes
    Popular habits to avoid

  • 'Heads Up' Football Program Tackles Concussion Danger in Kids
    Players learn safer moves, reducing head injury rate and recovery time, study suggests

  • Helping Cancer Caregivers Help Themselves
    Loved ones must find time to address their own needs in order help others, social workers advise

  • House to Vote Thursday on Amended Obamacare Repeal Bill
    Latest version aimed at appeasing Republican critics

  • FDA OKs Parkinson's Add-On Drug
    Xadago is taken during 'off' periods when symptoms escalate

  • Smoking Rates Drop After Global Tobacco Treaty
    Countries agreed to implement measures such as tobacco taxes and smoke-free public areas

  • Heart Drug Digoxin May Raise Death Risk for Some Patients: Study
    Those with irregular heartbeat are especially vulnerable right after starting the medicine, researcher says

  • 'Eraser Challenge' Latest Harmful Social Media Trend for Kids
    Burns, abrasions the result as youngsters 'erase' their skin away

  • Suicide Often Leaves Mental, Physical Woes in Surviving Spouse
    Rates of PTSD and depression are higher, but so too are liver problems and back pain, study finds

  • Brain 'Rewires' to Work Around Early-Life Blindness
    These differences appear to boost hearing, smell and touch, researchers say

  • Keep Colon Cancer at Bay
    Colonoscopy best way to detect disease while still curable, gastroenterologist says

  • New Parkinson's Drug Xadago Approved
    To help prevent 'off' episodes among users of levodopa/carbidopa

  • Smartphone Device Sizes Up Sperm Health
    It analyzes samples in seconds, with 98 percent accuracy, in the privacy of a man's home, researchers say

  • Could Fading Sense of Smell Mean Death Is Closer?
    Study found association -- but don't panic if your sniffer is no longer up to snuff

  • Foods Labeled 'Healthy' May Hide Unhealthy Secrets
    Low-fat foods may be filled with sugar, study finds

  • Health Highlights: March 22, 2017
    • AMA Urges Congress to Defeat Trump Health Bill
    • 'Gong Show' Creator Chuck Barris Dies at Age 87
    • Compounding Center Co-Founder Not Guilty of Murder in Deadly Meningitis Outbreak
    • 9 Deaths From Breast Implant-Linked Cancer: FDA
    • Surgeons Remove Parasitic Twin From Baby

  • Drug No Better Than Placebo for Lower Back, Leg Pain
    Pregabalin, commonly known as Lyrica, didn't help patients with acute sciatica in study

  • ACL Surgery Usually Puts Athletes Back in Play: Study
    Patient satisfaction is high after knee ligament reconstruction, researchers say