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  • Mid-Life Exercise Could Jog Your Memory
    Combination of aerobic, resistance training best for boosting brain health, study finds

  • Health Tip: Eat for the Right Reasons
    Here's how

  • Health Tip: Prepare for a Tornado
    Suggestions to stay safer

  • Are You Raising an 'Emotional Eater'?
    Calming kids with food can start a vicious, fattening cycle, study says

  • Some Surprising Sources of Germs
    You probably use these items every day

  • Artificial Intelligence May Help Combat TB in Remote Regions
    Machine diagnoses of deadly lung disease prove highly accurate in tests, study finds

  • Health Highlights: April 25, 2017
    • No Answers Yet in Child Paralysis Disease Outbreak: CDC
    • University Vending Machine Offers Morning-After Pill
  • Yesterday's News

  • Could Breast Milk Tests Replace Mammograms?
    Scientists hope to improve breast cancer screening of younger women

  • Love Chocolate? Potato Chips? Your Genes Might Be to Blame
    Study findings may someday lead to more individualized diet advice, researcher says

  • Timing of Lunch, Recess May Determine What Kids Eat
    Study found children who ate first consumed more vegetables, while those who played first wasted less food

  • Should Prostate Cancer Screening Start Earlier for Black Men?
    New study suggests the disease progresses faster for them

  • In America's Poorest Communities, a Greater Risk of Child Abuse Deaths
    Study authors hope new national data will spur further research and targeted prevention efforts

  • Health Tip: Don't Let Boredom Thwart Your Workout
    Keep exercise fun and fresh

  • Health Tip: Caring for Pets
    Are you ready for an emergency?

  • The Top 5 Conditions That Shorten Americans' Lives -- And Are Preventable
    Obesity steals the most years of all, researchers say

  • Travelers Bring Malaria Back to U.S., With High Costs
    Study finds it leads to more hospitalizations than other travel-related illnesses

  • Counting Your Way to Weight Loss
    Standard calorie caps aren't for everyone

  • PSA Testing Rates for Prostate Cancer Have Leveled Off
    1 in 3 older men still getting the screen; doctors divided over its value

  • Most Patients Not Shy About Revealing Sexual Orientation
    This information is important and people feel it's relevant to their health, researchers report

  • Kids Face Their Own Death Risks When a Sibling Dies
    Chance of death is greatest in year after the loss of a brother or sister, researchers report

  • Health Highlights: April 24, 2017
    • Campbell's Chicken Soup Recalled in Florida
    • Surgeon General Dismissed by Trump Administration
    • Jalapeno Flavored Lay's and Miss Vickie's Potato Chips Recalled
    • Roundy and Harris Tweeter Frozen Hash Browns Recalled Due to Possible Presence of Golf Balls
    • First Malaria Vaccine to be Tested in Africa Next Year: WHO

  • Walk Your Way to Better Brain Health?
    Impact of the foot provides a boost to blood flow, study says

  • Exercise Benefits Aging Hearts, Even Those of the Obese
    Physical activity helps ward off heart damage in middle age and beyond, study finds

  • Common Food Nutrient Tied to Risky Blood Clotting
    Gut bacteria reacts to compound in eggs and meat to produce chemical that ups heart disease risk, study says

  • Waist Size, Not Weight, May be Key to Life Span
    Even those who aren't overweight are at risk of death if they've got a paunch, researchers report