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  • Acne Advice for Returning Students

  • A Vaccine to Prevent Acne? It May Be Possible One Day

  • Health Tip: Things to Remember About Acne

  • Health Tip: Recognize a Bad Reaction to Acne Medication

  • Pain of Acne More Than Skin Deep

  • How to Take Action Against Acne

  • Health Tip: Four Common Types Of Acne
    Distinguishing between different forms

  • Health Tip: Can't Clear Your Acne?
    Here's what you can do

  • Skin's Bacterial 'Balance' May Help Trigger Acne
    Germ community, rather than just one species, may be key, new research suggests

  • Why Acne Can Strike Women After the Teen Years
    Study suggests diet, stress and family history may play a role

  • Acne Yields Up Secret That Points to New Treatments
    Bacteria on skin sometimes release fatty acids that trigger inflammation, researchers report

  • Acne's Silver Lining: Slower Aging of the Skin?
    Twins study finds white blood cells of sibling with acne seem to age less rapidly

  • Health Tip: Don't Ignore Acne
    Potential negatives of withholding treatment

  • Acne Treatment Differin Gel Approved for OTC Use
    Among people 12 and older

  • FDA OKs Non-Prescription Use of Acne Drug
    Differin Gel 0.1% is first retinoid medication approved for over-the-counter use

  • Health Tip: Discuss Acne Products With a Dermatologist
    To help protect against an allergic reaction

  • Contraception Safety Program for Acne Drug Failing in Canada
    Accutane raises risk of birth defects, but many women taking it don't follow guidelines to avoid pregnancy, study finds

  • Misconceptions About Acne Still Common
    Skin condition isn't caused by poor hygiene or diet, dermatologist says

  • Safe Treatments Available for Expectant Moms' Skin Conditions
    But dermatologist recommends using only the mildest effective ones

  • Double Up on Acne Treatments, New Guidelines Say
    Skin doctors say combining two or more medications is often the best option

  • Health Tip: Acne Has Lasting Effects
    Including poor self-esteem

  • Many Patients With Acne Take Antibiotics Too Long: Study
    Prescription Accutane can often help and should be tried sooner, experts say

  • Psoriasis, Cold Sores Most Stigmatized Skin Disorders: Survey
    Results show how misunderstood the conditions are, researchers say

  • Experimental Treatment Uses Nitric Oxide for Acne
    Researchers test slow-release nanoparticles on frustrating skin condition

  • Could a Vitamin Play a Role in Acne Outbreaks?
    Study finds excess B12 tied to common skin condition

  • Many Acne Patients Don't Take Their Meds, Survey Shows
    Cost, forgetfulness, skin improvement were reasons cited for lapses

  • Better Contraceptive Knowledge Can Aid in Safe Use of Acne Drug: Study
    Effective birth control key in using the medication, which is linked to birth defects

  • Acne Gel Linked to Rare Side Effect, Doctors Warn
    Teen developed blood disorder after using Aczone for a week

  • Health Tip: Minimize Acne
    Treat skin well

  • Laser Used to Remove Tattoos May Help Reduce Acne Scars
    Small study found it improved skin with shorter recovery time than seen with another type of laser

  • Health Tip: Help Prevent Acne Scars
    Wash skin twice daily

  • Some Acne Products Can Trigger Severe Allergic Reactions: FDA
    In rare instances, reactions are potentially life-threatening, agency says

  • New Approaches to Acne Treatment
    Topical applications plus antibiotics often succeed, experts say

  • Health Tip: Caring for Acne-Prone Skin
    Suggestions to help keep it clear

  • Health Tip: Avoiding Acne Triggers
    These things may cause skin problems

  • Health Tip: Taming Acne
    Don't expect medication to work immediately

  • Earlier Acne Outbreaks May Be Caused by Earlier Puberty: Experts
    New guidelines released to help doctors treat younger patients age-appropriately

  • Pediatricians Endorse New Acne Treatment Guidelines
    Experts note many medications now available for range of cases

  • With Acne, Bacteria Strain on Your Skin May Be Culprit
    Study suggests two types of microbe may lead to acne, while third helps keep skin clear

  • Study Finds No Tie Between Acne Drug Accutane and Crohn's, Colitis
    New data involving 45,000 women may settle the question, experts say

  • Simple Tips for Smoother Shaving
    How to avoid skin irritation, acne aggravation

  • Health Tip: Caring for Acne
    Gently clean the skin

  • A Virus That Zaps Zits?
    Early research finds common strain on skin seeks out, destroys bacteria behind acne

  • Skin Doctor Offers Tips to Reduce Acne
    Use gentle facial cleansers and don't scrub, expert advises

  • Health Tip: Factors That Can Worsen Acne
    Including fluctuating hormones

  • Acne Medication May Raise Risk of Eye Infections
    Large study found teens taking Accutane were more likely to get pink eye, styes

  • Planning Pregnancy May Cut Birth Defects
    Timing allows changes or adjustments in risky medications, experts say

  • Health Tip: Wash Skin Properly
    To keep it clean and help prevent acne

  • Overweight Teen Girls May Have Higher Acne Risk
    However, no similar connection found for boys in Norwegian study

  • More Sore Throats Seen in Acne Patients Taking Antibiotics
    But drug resistance is probably not the culprit, researchers say

  • Health Tip: Give Acne the Boot
    How to keep skin clear and smooth

  • Acne Antibiotics Not Linked to Drug Resistance
    Staph bacteria actually decreased with long-term use, study says

  • Acne May Blemish Teens' Emotional Lives, Too
    Review of data shows links between the skin disorder and raised odds for depression

  • Health Tip: Does Acne Need a Doctor's Care?
    Signs your acne shouldn't be self-treated

  • Severe Acne May Up Suicide Risk: Study
    Patients remain at risk even after treatment ends, researchers say.

  • Health Tip: Factors That May Aggravate Acne in Women
    Some are avoidable, others aren't

  • Acne, Psoriasis Meds Don't Raise Fracture Risk
    Dutch researchers found retinoids not linked to more broken bones

  • Acne Patients Happy With Online Follow-Up Care
    Outcomes similar for in-office visit or 'e-visit' using images sent via Internet, study finds

  • Acne Drug May Help in the Fight Against AIDS
    Antibiotic plus standard therapy appears to halt HIV progression in cells, study finds

  • Health Tip: Caring for Acne-Prone Skin
    Suggestions that may help prevent outbreaks

  • With Microdermabrasion, Rough Seems to Work Better
    Acne scars and wrinkles benefit from more aggressive treatment, study finds

  • Health Tip: What's Triggering My Acne?
    Common causes in women

  • New Laser Combo Therapy Zaps Acne
    Small study finds pulsed-dye beam with topical meds improved lesions in 1 to 2 weeks

  • Health Tip: Caring for Your Skin With Acne
    Suggestions on washing your face

  • Study Lets Teens Sound Off on Acne Therapies
    Most would pay hundreds of dollars to get rid of the problem

  • Acne Drug Prevents Tissue Damage From Emphysema
    Doxycycline in mice boosts protective protein, too early to see benefit in humans

  • Health Tip: What Could Be Causing Your Acne?
    Common triggers in women

  • Health Tip: Triggers of Acne
    Factors that could increase your risk

  • Health Tip: Treating Acne Scars
    Several options to consider

  • Health Tip: Taking Care of Problem Skin
    Ways to help prevent acne

  • Accutane Shows Strong Link to Higher Cholesterol
    Four in 10 users of the acne drug had a rise in blood fats, study found

  • Health Tip: Addressing Acne
    Hormonal changes and heredity are prime contributors

  • Health Tip: Baby Acne Probably Won't Need Treatment
    It usually clears up on its own

  • Topical Gels Alone May Control Severe Acne
    Antibiotics might only be needed over short-term, new studies find

  • Laser Might Zap Away Zits for Good
    Treatment spares skin while targeting acne-linked glands

  • Laser Therapy Treats Acne Scars
    Already approved for sun-damaged skin

  • Pregnant Women Not Using Acne Drug Properly: Study
    Patients, doctors aren't taking precautions to prevent birth defects, researchers say

  • FDA Approves Accutane Registration Program
    Distributors, doctors and patients must sign up to get the acne drug

  • Health Tip: Facing Acne
    It doesn't only affect teens

  • Over-the-Counter Treatments Effective Against Acne
    They work as well as antibiotics and cost less, study finds

  • FDA Tightens Restrictions on Accutane
    Approves registry to protect women of childbearing age

  • Health Tip: Acne Scars Can Be Minimized
    Many methods prove to be helpful

  • Health Tip: Smooth Your Skin
    Options after an accident or surgery

  • Health Tip: Myths About Acne
    Some common old-wives' tales

  • Acne Bacteria Genome Decoded
    May lead to development of new treatments for skin disorder