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  • Antiviral Med Fuels Rapid Decline in New HIV Infections in Gay Men: Study

  • New Therapy May Control HIV Without Daily Pills

  • Newer HIV Therapies Yield Big Gains But Racial Gaps Persist

  • New Drug of Last Resort Tackles Resistant HIV

  • Global Aid Programs Shortchange Teen Health Needs: Study

  • HIV Doubles Heart Disease Risk

  • Experimental HIV Vaccine Shows Promise in Early Trial

  • 850 Million People Worldwide Have Kidney Disease

  • Sex, Drugs Hold Less Allure for Today's High Schoolers

  • Antiviral Treatments Reduce Cancer Risk for HIV Patients

  • Human Trials Set for Experimental HIV Vaccine

  • AHA: The Link Between HIV and High Blood Pressure

  • Hit Hard by Opioid Crisis, Appalachian States Expand Clean-Needle Programs

  • HIV Drug Appears Safe During Pregnancy

  • Many Parents Unsure of Talking About Sex With LGBT Kids

  • U.S. Deaths From Infectious Diseases Decline, But Not Everywhere

  • Scientists Zero in on Better Saliva-Based HIV Test

  • U.S. Efforts to Help Fight Global HIV Are Paying Off

  • Coming Soon: A Once-Weekly Pill to Fight HIV?

  • Risky Teen Behavior May Up Odds for HIV in Adulthood

  • Could Gene Therapy Someday Eliminate HIV?

  • HIV Is Gaining Resistance to Lifesaving Drugs

  • Lung Cancer Drug Targets 'Hidden' HIV in French Patient

  • U.S.-Funded HIV Prevention Effort Reaps Rewards in Uganda

  • Pot May Alter Brain Function of Some With HIV

  • HIV Diagnoses Occurring More Quickly, CDC Says

  • Almost 21 Million Worldwide Now Have Access to HIV Meds

  • Are HIV and AIDS Poised for a Comeback?
    Growing resistance to powerful medications cause for concern, review authors say

  • Fighting HIV on Multiple Fronts Might Lead to Vaccine
    Combination strategy fully protects lab monkeys, studies find

  • HIV and Smoking a Lethal Combo for the Lungs

  • 8 Ways College Women Can Protect Their Health
    Awareness and follow-up are keys to avoiding gynecologic problems, expert advises

  • Drug Helped Protect Gay Teen Males From HIV
    Small study found Truvada worked when taken daily, but some strayed from regimen

  • Only About One-Third of Americans Use Condoms: CDC
    They aren't the best method of birth control, but they do help prevent STDs, health experts say

  • HIV Treatment Protects Uninfected Partner From the Virus
    Study of gay couples duplicates findings of earlier research

  • Bacteria May Explain Why Uncircumcised Face Higher HIV Risk
    Learning to reduce these germs might help prevent transmission of disease, researcher says

  • Meds by Monthly Injection Might Revolutionize HIV Care
    If findings replicated, a shot every month or two could replace daily pills, scientists say

  • Cows May Offer Clues to an AIDS Vaccine
    Their rapid reaction to immunization makes them potential guinea pigs, study suggests

  • Wider Access to Meds Cuts Global AIDS Deaths in Half
    But eastern Europe and Middle East are falling behind, U.N. report says

  • Most U.S. Teens Aren't 'Doing It'
    By 18, more than half of adolescents were still virgins, new CDC survey reveals

  • Could a Monetary Perk Help Keep HIV Patients on Their Meds?
    Study involving $70 gift cards suggests the approach might help, but only for some

  • Americans With HIV Staying on Lifesaving Meds Longer
    But too many still quit taking drugs a few years after diagnosis

  • Charlie Sheen's 2015 HIV Disclosure Spiked Use of Home Test Kits
    New study finds a near doubling of sales of OraQuick test, showing power of celebrity announcements

  • Is the AIDS Epidemic Winding Down in the U.S.?
    Infection rate could be as low as 12,000 people a year by 2025, researchers report

  • Life Expectancy With HIV Nears Normal With Treatment
    Still small, but persistent gaps for some groups with HIV, global health expert says

  • 'Cancer Profile' Is Changing for Americans With HIV
    AIDS-linked tumors predicted to decline by 2030

  • Infections More Common in People With Schizophrenia
    Ills include HIV, hepatitis and the serious blood infection sepsis, study suggests

  • Far Fewer Kids Are Dying Worldwide, but Gains Are Uneven
    While study found great progress, problems persist in South Asia and parts of Africa

  • Health Risks Grow as Young People Born With HIV Age
    About 10,000 Americans were infected at birth, and many are now young adults with medical issues, study finds

  • U.S. Sees Big Drop in Number of Babies Born With HIV
    Case numbers fell steeply between 2002 and 2013, but even more could be done, experts say

  • 'Immunotherapy' in Monkeys Shows Promise as Long-Term HIV Treatment
    Lab experiments utilize the body's natural defenses, researchers say

  • Gay Men Less Likely to Have Safe Sex Now: Survey
    Better treatments may translate into complacency, HIV experts say

  • U.S. Vaccine Guidelines for Flu, HPV Updated
    CDC panel revises immunization advisory for vaccines affecting adults

  • Black Americans Still Undertreated for HIV
    Nearly 1 in 4 had progressed to AIDS at time of diagnosis: CDC

  • Gay Man Infected With HIV Despite Using Preventive Drugs
    But cases of drug-resistant strains of AIDS virus are still rare, doctors say

  • Diabetes Risk May Be Higher for HIV-Positive Adults
    Longer survival with the virus might make people more vulnerable to chronic conditions, researchers suggest

  • Many With Mental Illness Miss Out on HIV Tests
    Rates of infection up to 15 times higher, yet testing rates similar to those without psychiatric woes, study finds

  • Can HIV Drugs Boost Syphilis Risk?
    Meds may raise susceptibility to bacterium that causes the sexually transmitted disease, study suggests

  • HIV May Double Odds of Heart Attack
    Study suggests that tools used to predict risk need tweaking for those with AIDS-causing virus

  • Mouthwash Helps Kill Gonorrhea Germs in Mouth, Throat: Study
    Listerine's maker has long made the claim, and new Australian research seems to confirm it

  • Pubic Grooming Tied to Higher STD Rates
    Study finds unexpected risk comes from baring all

  • Doctors Seeing More HIV Patients With Multidrug Resistance
    People resistant to older medication also have problems with newer drug, study finds

  • Use of Needle Exchange Programs Up Dramatically in 10 Years: CDC
    Yet, many drug users still share needles sometimes, report finds

  • U.S. Death Toll From Infectious Diseases Unchanged: Study
    Although new threats have emerged, the number of people dying from infections has stayed relatively stable

  • Drug Combo Shows Early Promise for Remission of HIV
    Monkey study produces 'one-two punch' that combines an HIV vaccine and an immune-stimulating drug

  • Antibodies May Hold Key to HIV Suppression
    Two early trials suggest approach might make it possible for patients to go off antiretroviral meds

  • Experimental Medicine Might Rescue People With Drug-Resistant HIV
    'This is potentially a lifesaving therapy,' researcher says

  • HIV May Hide in Tissues, Even After Treatment
    Study suggests this hidden virus might spur other conditions in patients

  • Study Discounts Myth of 'Patient Zero' in U.S. AIDS Crisis
    Genetic analysis of 40-year-old blood samples shows many North Americans already infected by late 1970s

  • Sexually Transmitted Diseases Hit All-Time High: CDC
    More prevention efforts needed, agency STD specialists say

  • Monkey Study Hints at Drug-Free Suppression of HIV
    Initial safety studies are under way, though it's not yet clear if the treatment will be effective in people

  • Doctors May Not Be Telling High-Risk Patients About HIV Prevention Drug
    Less than half of gay and bisexual men are aware of once-a-day pill PrEP, study shows

  • Serious Infections Tied to Suicide Risk
    Danish study finds greater association in those hospitalized with HIV or hepatitis

  • Task Force: Routine Genital Herpes Screening Not Recommended
    Unless someone has symptoms, testing offers little benefit because the sexually transmitted disease has no cure

  • Study Dashes Millennials' Reputation as Hookup Generation
    Only people born in the 1920s reported having less sex between the ages of 20 and 24

  • Opioids by Injection May Drive HIV Outbreaks
    Indiana case offers a lesson for other rural communities

  • Mixed Progress in Worldwide Fight Against HIV/AIDS
    Deaths continue 10-year decline, but new infections on the rise in many countries, especially in Africa

  • Monthly Vaginal Ring May Help Protect Against HIV
    African study showed women who used it consistently could cut their risk of infection

  • Cash Rewards Won't Change Outcomes for HIV-Infected Drug Addicts: Study
    Trial offered 'financial incentives' for healthy behavior change, with little effect, researchers say

  • Do More to Fight HIV in Africa: Study
    Male circumcision, broader use of preventive drugs could help control epidemic, researchers say

  • How Safe Is Condomless Sex When Partner With HIV Takes Meds?
    Study suggests transmission risk is low if infected person adheres to treatment

  • Stigma Prolongs Global HIV Epidemic Among Gays
    High-risk men still deprived of services around the world, study says

  • Stem Cell Transplant Can Help HIV Patients Battling Lymphoma: Study
    Outcomes after the therapy similar to those for patients who don't carry the virus

  • HIV Infection Seems to Affect Nervous System
    But symptoms tend to subside once antiretroviral drugs are given

  • High HIV Rates for Gay Men in Some Southern Cities
    In Jackson, Miss., Columbia, S.C., and El Paso, Texas, rates now exceed or approach 30 percent, report finds

  • HIV Patients Less Likely to Get Treatment for Cancer: Study
    But it's not clear what's driving the difference in care, researcher says

  • HIV Decline Falls Short of U.S. 5-Year Goal
    But some progress seen in reducing new infections, transmission

  • Antibody Shot Protects Monkeys From HIV-Like Infection
    New approach might one day give doctors another treatment option or a way to develop an AIDS vaccine

  • People With HIV May Age Faster, Study Suggests
    Genetic marker showed the virus was linked to roughly five years of premature aging

  • HIV Patients Now Living Long Enough to Develop Alzheimer's
    Findings upend previous beliefs about brain changes related to the AIDS-causing virus

  • Doctors Report Groundbreaking HIV-to-HIV Organ Transplants
    One donor supplied a kidney to one patient and a liver to another patient

  • Work With Monkeys May Benefit HIV Babies
    Early treatment cleared the virus in infants, researchers say

  • Young Transgender Women May Face Mental Health Woes
    But study looked at a specific, high-risk group, so findings may not apply to all, researchers say

  • In Monkeys, Therapy Flushes HIV-Like Virus From Its Hiding Places
    Immune-based treatment shows promise, but whether it would work in people is still unclear

  • Prenatal Use of HIV Drug May Slow Child's Development Slightly
    Small language delays seen in babies after mothers took atazanavir to prevent transmission of virus

  • Half of Gay Black Men May Become Infected With HIV, CDC Says
    New national report highlights groups most at risk for the AIDS-causing virus

  • Charlie Sheen's HIV Announcement Sparked Interest in Disease: Study
    Internet searches surged after celebrity's disclosure that he has virus that causes AIDS

  • Vaginal Ring Offers Some Protection Against HIV, Study Says
    Use of the new device cut infection rates between 27 percent and 56 percent in African women

  • Alcohol More Harmful for People With HIV, Study Suggests
    Even moderate drinking linked to higher risk for death and alcohol-related health issues

  • CDC: Black Americans With HIV Still Less Likely to Get Ongoing Medical Care
    Number of new diagnoses going down, but racial disparities exist regarding consistent treatment

  • Scientists Piggyback Experimental HIV Vaccine on Cold Viruses
    Vaccine was well-tolerated, elicited 'moderate' response in volunteers, researchers report

  • Resistance to HIV Drug Growing, Study Finds
    Problem affects almost two-thirds of those taking tenofovir in sub-Sahara Africa

  • HIV Can Persist in Body Despite Drug Therapy
    Scientists find virus replicates in lymphoid tissue and see a possible target for a cure

  • HIV Testing Rates Still Low Among Teens, Young Adults: CDC
    Half of infected young people don't know it, even though guidelines suggest screening all who are ages 13 to 64

  • FDA Lifts 30-Year Ban on Blood Donations by Gay Men
    Studies from other countries show policy won't compromise blood supply, health officials say

  • Not Enough Needle Exchange Programs Outside Cities: Study
    Half of all injection drug users live in rural, suburban areas

  • Screen All Kids for Cholesterol, Depression and HIV, Pediatricians' Group Says
    American Academy of Pediatrics guidelines reflect concerns about obesity, suicide

  • HIV Rates Fall, But Not All Groups Benefit, U.S. Study Finds
    Diagnoses among black and Hispanic gay, bisexual men rose in past decade

  • Risky Sexual Behaviors Put Many Young Gay Men at Risk of HIV: Study
    Experts say more must be done to curb unsafe sex and get virus-supressing meds to these men

  • HIV Prevention Pill May Not Need to Be Taken Daily
    Research suggests Truvada still works when taken before and after sex

  • More Could Benefit from HIV Prevention Pill Truvada
    Medication can prevent infection with the virus in people at high risk

  • Charlie Sheen: I'm HIV-Positive
    Actor says he doesn't know how he became infected, and insists he hasn't infected others

  • Preventive HIV Treatment Shown Effective at Health Clinics
    New research finds just two people out of more than 400 became infected in a year

  • Reports Say Charlie Sheen HIV-Positive
    Actor will reportedly discuss his health Tuesday on Today show

  • Churches a Good Place for HIV Testing, Treatment in Africa
    Study found pregnant women in sub-Saharan nations were 11 times more likely to get help in faith-based centers

  • HIV Therapy May Also Lower Risk for Hepatitis B, Study Says
    But researchers add that it's critical to expand vaccination base

  • Low-Income HIV Patients May Be Doing Better on Obamacare
    Virginia data show rates of viral suppression rose on federally funded insurance

  • As HIV Patients Live Longer, Certain Cancer Risks Rise: Study
    Anal, colon and liver cancers more common now, researchers find

  • Almost Half of American Adults With HIV Don't Take Meds: Report
    Finding highlights challenges of 'unequal epidemic,' researcher says

  • More Evidence Daily Pill Can Prevent HIV Transmission
    This preventative treatment should be routinely offered to gay men at high risk, researchers say

  • Needle-Exchange Program Curbed HIV Spread, Study Finds
    Washington, D.C.-based effort also saved $44 million in potential disease treatment costs over 2 years

  • Only 1 in 5 Gay Teen Boys Get HIV Test
    Rates much higher in those over 18, researchers say

  • Experimental Gel Could Prevent Genital Herpes Infection
    But follow-up study of the gel for HIV prevention yields disappointing results

  • Test to Differentiate HIV Viruses Approved
    Among people two years and older

  • U.S. Teens Waiting Longer to Have Sex: CDC
    Report finds less than half of those aged 15 to 19 have had intercourse

  • Genes May Be Key to a Better HIV Vaccine, Study Says
    Findings challenge one-shot-fits-all approach, could guide development of future vaccines, experts say

  • Many U.S. AIDS Patients Still Die When 'Opportunistic' Infections Strike
    Study of San Francisco data for 1997-2012 shows 35 percent death rate over 5 years for these patients

  • Evidence Supports Medical Pot for Some Conditions, Not Others
    Review of 79 studies suggests states may have put cart before the horse, experts say

  • 1 in 5 Younger Americans Tested for HIV
    22 percent for females and 16 percent for males, CDC says

  • Global Trial Finds HIV Drugs Should Be Taken Right After Diagnosis
    Those who started medications early fared better than those who waited until immune systems weakened

  • Hundreds With HIV Could Donate Organs to Others With HIV: Study
    Although ban was lifted on such surgeries in 2013, none has taken place, researchers say

  • FDA Ready to Lift Ban on Blood Donations by Gay Men
    Studies from other countries show such donations wouldn't compromise blood supply, health officials say

  • Experimental AIDS Vaccine Targets Hidden Virus
    HIV-infected patients appear to get an immune system boost, study found

  • Drug-Related HIV Outbreak Spurs Nationwide Alert
    More than 140 cases of the AIDS-causing virus reported in rural Indiana

  • U.S. Agrees to Help Launch 'African CDC'
    Goal is to assist Africans to prevent, identify and respond to disease outbreaks

  • HIV-Infected People Often Do Well After Kidney Transplant
    Refuting common wisdom, research shows that these patients fared better than those with hepatitis C

  • HIV Can Damage Brain Early On, Study Says
    Findings appear to underscore need for early diagnosis, treatment

  • HIV Patients May Fare as Well as Others With Kidney Transplants
    But study also found that survival rates were lower if organ recipient also had hepatitis C

  • Half of Known Strains of HIV Originated in Gorillas
    Two of four classes of the AIDS-causing virus arose in these large primates, international study finds

  • Taking Pill Before, After Sex Cuts HIV Infection for Gay Men: Study
    Research suggests that Truvada doesn't need to be taken daily, but more study still needed

  • Most HIV Infections Come From Undiagnosed or Untreated People: Study
    Findings suggest there's a long way to go in containing spread of the disease

  • Some HIV Strains Cause Early Damage to Immune System, Study Finds
    These fast-replicating strains appear to result in quicker progression

  • Doctors Pinpoint Why Child Who Appeared Free of HIV Suffered Relapse
    Virus hid deep within 'memory cells' of immune system, where it couldn't be detected

  • Kidneys From HIV Donors May Be OK for HIV Patients, Study Finds
    South African researchers report 'impressive' results in 27 cases

  • HPV Vaccination Does Not Appear to Boost Risky Teen Sex, Study Shows
    After its introduction, increase in STD rates was same in vaccinated, unvaccinated girls

  • Smartphone Device Detects HIV, Syphilis
    Low-cost accessory replicates laboratory-based blood test, researchers report

  • Depo-Provera Linked to Higher HIV Risk, Researchers Find
    Whether 'birth control shot' increases risk or if risk is from less condom use isn't clear, expert says

  • HIV Tied to Worse Hearing in Older Adults
    Study suggests virus might have effect on the inner ear, one expert said

  • FDA to Lift Ban on Blood Donations by Gay Men
    Agency cites data from other countries showing such donations wouldn't compromise blood supply

  • Global Life Expectancy Continues to Climb
    Women have slightly greater gains than men, study finds

  • Syphilis on the Rise Among Gay, Bisexual Men: CDC
    Rates of chlamydia dip for the first time in 30 years

  • FDA Advisors Not Sold on Lifting Ban on Gay Men Giving Blood
    But American Red Cross, other groups urge easing restrictions due to better blood screening

  • CDC Endorses Circumcision for Health Reasons
    Says benefits, including reduced chances of sexually transmitted diseases, outweigh risks

  • Is HIV Becoming Less Contagious?
    Study from Africa suggests virus is evolving

  • Most Americans With HIV Don't Have Virus Under Control, CDC Says
    U.S. experts cite indifference, lack of access to care

  • Peers Best at Convincing High-Risk Individuals to Get HIV Test: Study
    Study found people referred this way were 2.5 times more likely to be infected

  • Less Than Half of HIV-Positive U.S. Hispanics Are Getting Proper Care
    CDC report also finds just 37 percent have the virus under control

  • 2nd Baby 'Cured' of HIV Suffers Relapse
    Doctors report levels of AIDS-causing virus rose just two weeks after drug treatment was stopped

  • HIV May Have Emerged in Congo in 1920s: Study
    Railways, prostitution could have helped spread the AIDS-causing virus decades ago, researchers say

  • Half of HIV-Positive Gay Men in U.S. Aren't Getting Proper Treatment
    CDC report recommends greater effort to boost HIV testing and retain patients in care

  • Behavioral Counseling Urged for Teens, Young Adults at Risk for STDs
    'Intensive' instruction most effective for curbing dangerous practices, U.S. health experts say

  • California Trees Harbor Fungus Deadly to People With HIV
    A 13-year-old's science fair project helped the discovery along, researchers say

  • Lift U.S. Ban on Blood Donations by Gay Men, Experts Say
    American Red Cross, other groups also urge easing restrictions due to better blood screening

  • Bacteria in Semen May Affect HIV Transmission, Levels: Study
    As natural bacterial 'diversity' lessened, HIV viral load increased in infected men, researchers say

  • HIV Meds May Also Help Control Hepatitis C, Study Finds
    For people infected with both viruses, early treatment is critical, researchers report

  • HIV Diagnoses Down in U.S., Except for Young Gay Males: CDC
    Messages about safe sex may be falling on deaf ears, researcher notes

  • Animal Experiments Shed Light on HIV's Ability to Hide
    Viral 'reservoir' in body develops earlier than thought, thwarting attempts at cure, scientists say

  • Scientists Snipped HIV Out of Human DNA
    Molecular tool might lead to more definitive treatment, but current research didn't treat patients, just cells

  • Those With HIV Living Longer, International Study Finds
    Deaths from AIDS-related causes, heart disease and liver disease have all dropped

  • Many Sexually Active U.S. Teens Not Tested for HIV: CDC
    Only 22 percent of those at risk get screened, and researchers think complacency may be why

  • AIDS Epidemic May Be Subsiding: Report
    Number of new infections, deaths declining, while more with HIV getting lifesaving medications

  • Mississippi Girl Thought Cured of HIV Shows Signs of Infection
    After more than two years of no drug therapy, she's back on medication; development disappoints doctors, researchers

  • HIV Patients Less Likely to Get Cancer Treatment: Study
    Challenges in managing side effects may prompt some doctors to treat tumors less aggressively, researchers suggest

  • Study: Common HIV Drug May Boost Suicide Risk
    Patients taking efavirenz should be assessed for depression, researchers say

  • HIV Prevention Drug Truvada Might Lower Genital Herpes Risk, Too
    But effect isn't strong enough to make it a stand-alone preventive treatment for herpes, expert says

  • Many Unaware of Their HIV Status Until It's Advanced
    ER study also finds high proportion without health insurance

  • Kids More Likely Than Adults To Be Resistant to HIV Meds: Study
    Fortunately, most infected youngsters with respond to newer medicines, researchers say

  • CDC Urges Anti-HIV Pill for People at High Risk of Infection
    Targeted groups include people with an infected partner or those who don't practice safe sex

  • Slightly Higher Risk of Birth Defects Seen in Pregnant Women on HIV Drugs
    Large study of French children found either small or no increase depending on specific med

  • Scientists Map DNA of Deadly Fungus
    Cryptococcus neoformans can be especially threatening to people with weak immune systems

  • Driving Ability May Falter With Age in HIV-Positive Adults
    Small study looked at mental skills, simulator testing

  • Study Adds to Signs Linking HIV to Heart Trouble
    Coronary artery disease seen in men who were taking meds for advanced HIV infection

  • HIV-Positive Inmates Benefit From Drug Treatment, Study Says
    Suppressing virus during jail time might reduce its spread after release, researchers suggest

  • Hepatitis C Patients With HIV May Face Higher Risk of Liver Disease
    Study's finding held true even for those doing well on treatment for AIDS-causing virus

  • HIV Transmission Between Women Rare, But Possible: CDC
    Case report shows uninfected woman was infected with the virus by her female partner

  • Vaginal Gel Might Prevent HIV Hours After Exposure
    Lab tests with monkeys look promising, study says

  • Doctors Cautiously Optimistic About 'Cure' for HIV-Infected Babies
    Report on second child raises hope that early, aggressive treatment may be game changer for these infants

  • Gene Therapy for Controlling HIV Shows Early Promise
    Small study hints treatment could someday help patients fight AIDS virus without drugs

  • Long-Acting HIV Drug May Offer Better Protection Against Infection
    In monkey studies, shots guarded against disease for human equivalent of up to three months

  • Kids Born With HIV May Face Heart Risks Later, Study Suggests
    Doctors should watch for signs of cardiovascular disease, researcher says

  • Kids' Checkups Should Include Cholesterol, Depression Tests, Doctors Say
    HIV screening also recommended under revised American Academy of Pediatrics guidelines

  • Higher HIV Infection Rates Seen in Mental Health Patients: Study
    People seeking psych help had 16 times the rate of AIDS virus infection than general U.S. population

  • Only 1 in 3 HIV-Infected Black Americans Gets Effective Treatment: Study
    CDC says just 35 percent have the virus under control; young black males have lowest treatment rates

  • Many Young Americans With HIV Delay Treatment: Study
    By waiting, they risk further harm to their health, researchers say

  • Abused Women Vulnerable to Unsafe Sex Practices
    Request for condom can often be met with violent reaction, study says

  • Big Strides in Battle Against Pediatric AIDS
    Advances help lower transmission rate in U.S., but it's a different story in developing nations

  • Mother-Daughter Team Preaches the Gospel of HIV Prevention
    'I want other women to know that you can have a good ending,' says Fortunata Kasege

  • Taking Drug to Prevent HIV Doesn't Seem to Encourage Risk-Taking
    Study found those given Truvada did not practice riskier sex because of extra protection

  • New HIV Strain May Move to AIDS More Quickly: Study
    Researchers say period from infection to disease takes about 5 years

  • Unprotected Sex On the Rise Among U.S. Gay Men, CDC Says
    Regular, frequent HIV testing can greatly cut down on risky behaviors, experts say

  • Talking Openly With Partner Linked to HIV Testing in Teens
    Education about how AIDS virus is transmitted may not be enough to spur testing, study suggests

  • New Clues to How Long-Term Drug Therapy Keeps HIV at Bay
    Small study finds little or no replication of the virus in its hiding places; early treatment may be best

  • Multivitamins May Help Fight HIV Progression, Study Suggests
    But supplements tested only on those who hadn't started medications

  • Bisexual Men Aren't at Greater HIV Risk: Review
    Analysis of 3,000 studies found they were 40 percent as likely as homosexual men to have AIDS virus

  • HIV Resistance Mapped by Gene Researchers
    Some people have natural defenses that weaken power of virus, study authors say

  • Early HIV Treatment a Win-Win, Researchers Report
    A cost-effective way to help patients stay healthy and prevent virus transmission, study finds

  • Some 'High-Risk' Kidneys May Be Safe for Organ Transplant: Study
    Researchers followed-up on recipients of kidneys from deceased donors

  • Researchers Describe 1st 'Functional Cure' of HIV in Baby
    More studies needed to see if it's really a breakthrough in fight against AIDS

  • Child 'Cured' of HIV Remains Free of Virus, Doctors Report
    Treatment started shortly after birth seems to have kept virus from getting a foothold in her immune system

  • Counseling With HIV Testing May Not Help Prevent Future STDs
    Study saw no decrease in infection rate among at-risk recipients given behavior-change advice

  • Scientists Uncover Breast Milk's Potential Secret Weapon Against HIV
    A compound not previously thought to be a germ-killer may help shield babies from the virus

  • Meds That Prevent HIV Infection Don't Spur Risky Behavior: Study
    HIV-negative people who know they're protected do not increase their sexual risk-taking, research shows

  • Immune Protein Found to Block HIV Spread in Some People
    Cells' second-line defense, found in a rare few, could cut need for long-term drug therapy, researchers say

  • AIDS Virus in Cats Might Help Human Vaccine Effort, Study Hints
    Protein in feline virus triggered immune reaction in blood from people with HIV

  • Nail Fungus Drug Might Help Against HIV, Study Suggests
    Lab research shows the anti-fungal aided cells in elimination of AIDS-causing virus

  • 'Intensifed' Global Effort Needed to Further Cut Child Deaths: Report
    While mortality rates are dropping among children under 5, researchers says more could be done

  • For Uninfected Partner, Antiretroviral Drugs May Shield Against HIV
    Study of heterosexual couples in Uganda suggests strict adherence to meds is key

  • Early Course of HIV Therapy May Give Infants a Break From Drugs
    Immediate short-term treatment seems to delay start of lifelong antiretroviral regimen

  • U.S. Circumcision Rates Drop by 10 Percent: CDC
    Whether male babies undergo procedure has become a personal decision between families and their doctors, experts say

  • HIV Patients Get a Mental Lift From Exercise, Study Finds
    Brain deficits half as likely in those who engaged in regular activity

  • New Drug Approved to Treat HIV-1
    The virus that causes AIDS

  • Rapid Test Detects HIV-1 and HIV-2 Antibodies and HIV-1 Antigen
    May help doctors diagnose AIDS-causing virus earlier

  • Survival Picture No Better for Patients With HIV-Related Lymphoma: Study
    Researchers found higher risk of death for those who had antiretroviral therapy

  • Women With HIV May Suffer More From Hot Flashes
    Small study suggests these patients may need more help dealing with the menopausal symptom

  • Scientists Use HIV to 'Cure' 2 Rare Genetic Diseases
    'Viral vector' from the AIDS-causing virus was key to stem cell therapy that helped several children, study says

  • No Trace of HIV After Stem-Cell Transplants, Researchers Say
    Two more patients undergo 'sterilizing cure,' advancing understanding of the process

  • Many Young Americans Unaware They're Infected With HIV
    Study found age was key to whether patients knew HIV status and were getting treatment

  • Medicine Might Help Shield Injection Drug Abusers From HIV
    Study found 70 percent drop in new infections among addicts who adhered closely to tenofovir treatment

  • Pace of New Drug Advances May Be Slowing, Study Finds
    Research discovers decrease in dramatic breakthroughs from clinical trials

  • HIV No Barrier to Getting Liver Transplant, Study Finds
    Procedure recommended to treat aggressive liver cancer

  • New Guidelines Suggest HIV Screening for All Adults
    U.S. Preventive Services Task Force says effectiveness of newer treatments, especially if given early, prompted change

  • HIV 'Cure' Looks 'Promising,' Danish Scientists Contend
    They're working on human trials designed to make it easier to attack AIDS-causing virus, according to published reports

  • HIV Drugs May Help Protect Young Patients' Hearts: Study
    Far from harming the cardiovascular health of infected children, drug cocktails may give benefit

  • Study May Explain How Circumcision Reduces HIV Risk
    The procedure reduces bacteria, affecting how body fights AIDS virus, researcher says

  • 'Sharps' Injuries Pose Serious Hazard for Surgeons, O.R. Staff
    Needlesticks, other wounds put clinicians at risk for infectious diseases, emotional stress

  • Could Self-Testing Help Overcome HIV/AIDS Epidemic?
    Worldwide research shows testing done in privacy of home reduces fear, stigma

  • CDC: 1 in 50 Poor, Straight Urban Americans Infected With HIV
    Drug abuse, prostitution tied to heightened risk, latest survey finds

  • Gay Men Who Marry Now Living Longer, Study Says
    Better HIV/AIDS treatment accounts for improved longevity, researchers note

  • Petroleum Jelly Tied to Vaginal Infection Risk in Study
    Use of such products doubled odds of bacterial vaginosis, researchers find

  • HIV May Raise Risk of Heart Attack
    Study found 48 percent higher chance of heart trouble

  • U.S. AIDS-Relief Plan a Success, Report Finds
    Now it's time to involve partner countries in maintaining gains, Institute of Medicine says

  • Millions of Americans Have an STD: Report
    And half of new infections each year are among young people, CDC says

  • Certain Skin Cancers More Common in HIV-Positive People
    Large study found higher rates of squamous cell, basal cell carcinomas

  • HIV-Like Virus Arose in Primates Millions of Years Ago, Scientists Say
    Lentiviruses evolved to current form found in monkeys

  • Docs' 'Cultural Competence' May Boost HIV Care
    Study finds that a physician's awareness of needs of diverse patient population is key

  • Study Pinpoints Optimal Treatment Window for HIV
    Cell counts recover better when therapy starts within 4 months of infection, research finds

  • Keeping Sexuality Secret Takes Mental Toll on Bisexual Men
    Those who concealed their same-sex relationships had higher rates of depression and anxiety, study found

  • Stem Cell Technology May Help Rejuvenate Immune Cells
    Manipulation of aging T-cells might help them defend against diseases such as HIV and cancer, researchers say

  • Fulyzaq Approved for Diarrhea in People With HIV/AIDS
    Antiretroviral drugs can lead to diarrhea

  • Survival of 'Obamacare' Tops List of Biggest Health News in 2012
    Other headlines included steroid/meningitis outbreak, demise of the routine PSA test

  • Smoking Deadlier For HIV Patients Than Virus Itself: Study
    Nonsmokers getting good care had life expectancy of 78, compared with 63 for smokers

  • Rate of New HIV Infections Drops for First Time Among Black Women: CDC
    But gay and bisexual men, and minorities, still make up bulk of new cases

  • Kids With HIV at Risk of Heart Disease, Study Says
    Hardened arteries more than twice as common among this group

  • Anti-HIV Drugs May Curb Transmission to Uninfected Partner: Study
    But protective effect faded after a year in large study of 'serodiscordant' partners

  • Surprise HIV Diagnosis Becomes Life-Changing Moment
    After denial, N.Y. woman finds way to keep the condition from controlling her life

  • Among Black Americans, HIV Takes a Greater Toll
    With climbing infection and death rates, experts stress need to stem the growing disparity

  • New HIV Infections Highest Among Urban Gay, Bisexual Men: CDC
    Prevention efforts vital in high-risk areas, researchers say

  • HIV Drug Combo May Help Prevent Malaria Reinfection
    HIV-positive kids taking anti-malarials plus protease inhibitors had lower rates of recurrence

  • HIV Infections Continue to Hit Young Americans Hard
    Children and young adults 13 to 24 now represent more than one in four new infections, CDC says

  • U.S. Task Force Backs HIV Screening for All 15 to 65
    Goal is to help those already infected stay healthy, delay onset of AIDS and avoid spreading disease

  • AIDS Deaths, New HIV Infections Continue to Drop Worldwide
    Wider availability of treatment, better funding may be the reason why, U.N. report says

  • Black Women With Both HIV, Hep C Less Likely to Die From Liver Disease
    Study compared black, white and Hispanic women with both viruses

  • New Vaccine Strategy May Fight Genital Herpes, Mouse Study Suggests
    Approach may also protect against other sexually transmitted infections, researchers say

  • Multivitamins Won't Boost Standard HIV Care, Study Finds
    Tanzanian trial found no better disease outcomes, and even hints at harm

  • Vaginal Ring Delivers HIV Drug in Animal Study
    If it works in women, it could be used for other medicines, researchers say

  • HIV Diagnoses Among U.S. Hispanics Vary By Region: CDC
    Rate of diagnoses highest in Northeast, but largest percentage occurred in the South

  • HIV Deaths Declining for Most, But Not All, Americans
    Study found greatest improvement in whites, better-educated groups over 14-year period

  • More Stomach, Esophageal Cancers Seen in AIDS Patients Than Others
    Study looked at nearly 600,000 people with condition

  • One-Third of Men With Anal Cancer Have HIV, Study Finds
    Gay males among those at higher risk of the rare cancer, U.S. government researchers say

  • Scientists Probe How Some HIV Patients Resist AIDS
    Understanding immune response in these 'elite controllers' might help pave way to vaccine

  • Improved HIV Care Boosts Life Expectancy at Clinic, Study Found
    Analysis showed how multifaceted treatment can improve health and extend survival

  • More Evidence That Truvada Can Help Prevent HIV
    Findings suggest the drug still blocks the virus even when patients miss a dose

  • More Americans Get Effective HIV Treatment, Study Says
    And they appear to be less infectious

  • Treated Vaginal Ring Prevents HIV in Monkeys
    Experts hope the technique might one day curb transmission in humans

  • FDA Approves New Once-a-Day HIV Pill
    Stribild combines four AIDS-fighting medicines, agency says

  • Once-Daily Pill Approved to Treat HIV
    Stribild, combination therapy, interferes with AIDS virus' ability to multiply

  • Circumcision Benefits Are Significant, Pediatricians Say
    But decision should stay with parents, they add

  • New Immune-Deficiency Illness Emerging in East Asia
    Researchers say the syndrome mimics the weakened state of HIV infection, but cause remains unclear

  • Curbing Circumcision Boosts STDs, Study Contends
    Resulting infections, including HIV, could add billions to U.S. health spending, researchers say

  • Breast-Milk Compound May Shield Babies From HIV
    Only 10% to 15% of breast-fed infants get virus from infected mothers, researchers say

  • Two-Thirds of U.S. Youth Have Had Oral Sex, CDC Reports
    Many may believe it's safer than it actually is, expert says

  • High-Risk Heterosexuals Should Take HIV Prevention Pill, Too
    More than 1 in 4 new HIV infections in U.S. in 2009 involved heterosexuals, research shows

  • New Clues to How HIV Infects Body's Cells
    Study of mice found the virus 'hitches a ride' on immune system's T cells to reach remote locations

  • Only 1 in 4 Americans With HIV Has Virus Under Control: CDC
    Blacks, younger patients least likely to have ongoing care

  • HIV Undetectable in 2 Men After Bone Marrow Transplants: Study
    But whether procedure or continued medication is responsible remains unclear

  • Cancer Drug May Flush Out 'Hidden' HIV: Study
    Strategy could help battle 'reservoir' of germs, but research is in early stages

  • Survey Finds Big Drop in Sexual Activity Among Black Teens
    But overall, U.S. teens of all racial, ethnic groups as sexually active as a decade ago

  • Decisions About Condom Use Among Gay Couples Vary by Race
    Black gay couples more likely to practice safe sex, study shows

  • Mom's HIV Drugs May Pass to Baby in Womb, Breast-Feeding
    Hair, blood samples revealed HIV-negative infants were exposed to antiretrovirals, researchers say

  • Not All HIV Patients in U.S. Show Same Characteristics: Study
    Those born elsewhere more likely to have been infected through heterosexual sex

  • Women With HIV May Not Have Higher Cervical Cancer Risk: Study
    They had similar Pap, biopsy results to women not infected with virus

  • Black American Men Have High Rates of HIV Infection: Study
    Instances of new infections rival rates in sub-Saharan Africa, researchers say

  • All HIV Patients Should Take Meds Early On, Experts Now Say
    New guidelines reflect the improvements in antiretroviral therapy over last 25 years

  • Biology Leaves Gay Men Highly Vulnerable to HIV: Study
    Virus transmits much more easily via anal intercourse, research shows

  • Ahead of AIDS Conference, New Reasons for Hope
    Experts say headway has been made in prevention and treatment, but challenges remain

  • Mouse With Human-Like Immune System Could Advance AIDS Research
    Lack of a good animal model has long been an impediment to studying HIV, researchers note

  • Infection With 2 HIV Strains Slows Disease Progression
    For people infected with HIV-2 and then HIV-1, it takes longer for AIDS to develop, study finds

  • First Drug Approved to Lower Risk of Acquiring HIV
    Truvada sanctioned for uninfected adults at higher risk

  • FDA Approves 1st Pill to Help Prevent HIV Infection
    Once-daily Truvada intended for at-risk individuals, and agency says side effects must be monitored

  • Hepatitis C Virus Levels Higher in Certain Injection Drug Users
    Blacks, men, people with HIV had more virus, which affects treatment response: CDC

  • HIV Drug May Prevent Bone Marrow Transplant Complication
    The drug, maraviroc, protects against graft-versus-host disease in the liver and gut

  • Studies Show Value of AIDS Drugs as Prevention
    Some heterosexual African people avoided infection with HIV

  • FDA Approves First At-Home HIV Test
    Experts say it could reduce the number of Americans who are unaware of their HIV status

  • First Over-the-Counter HIV Test Approved
    Results can be obtained within 40 minutes

  • Wednesday Is National HIV Testing Day
    CDC urges all people between the ages of 13 and 64 to get tested at least once

  • Surgeons Seek Repeal of Transplant Ban Between HIV-Positive People
    As many as 1,000 lives might be saved each year in U.S., experts say

  • Bacterial Vaginosis Increases Female-to-Male HIV Transmission Risk
    HIV-positive women with the condition are three times more likely to pass virus to partners

  • Young Men Taking HIV Meds May Be at Risk for Bone Loss
    Exercising, quitting smoking and taking vitamin D can help, researchers say

  • HIV Exposure Before Birth May Raise Kids' Risk of Hearing Loss
    HIV-positive children most likely to have problems with sound transmission, study found

  • Human Breast Milk May Block HIV, Mouse Study Finds
    Results may point to new ways to prevent transmission, researchers say

  • Study Digs Into Secrets of Keeping HIV in Check
    Patients known as 'elite controllers' fend off AIDS for years

  • Lifespan Gap Shrinks Between Whites, Blacks
    Still, report shows about a 4 to 5.5 year difference in U.S.

  • Taking Anti-HIV Meds Prior to Exposure May Help Prevent Infection
    Research review backs giving antiretrovirals to people at high risk of contracting AIDS-causing virus

  • U.S. Assistance to Africa Cut AIDS-Related Deaths: Study
    Evaluation attributes more than 740,000 lives saved to the program launched in 2003

  • People With HIV at Higher Odds of Sudden Cardiac Death
    Study finds an increased risk even among patients with well-controlled disease

  • FDA Seems to Back Pill to Help Prevent HIV
    Truvada's been shown to stop infection with AIDS virus, but critics see drawbacks

  • HIV Drug Tenofovir Safe During Pregnancy, Study Suggests
    Baby's birth size not affected, but more research needed for long-term risks, experts say

  • Study: Gene Therapy for HIV Safe, But Effectiveness Still Unclear
    Patients doing well a decade later but virus itself not eradicated

  • HIV Prevention Pill Cost-Effective for High-Risk Men: Study
    Limiting it to gay men at high risk of contracting virus would cost $85 billion over 20 years

  • HIV Raises Anal Cancer Risk in Women, Study Says
    Findings indicate gay men aren't only ones who need screening

  • From a Failed Vaccine, New Insights Into Fighting HIV
    Scientists are sifting the data to see what elements of RV144 inoculation worked

  • Sex Education Efforts Lagging in Schools, CDC Says
    Many states' schools fail to teach students how to avoid unwanted pregnancy, HIV and other STDs, study finds

  • 'Superinfected' Patients Give Clues to Fighting HIV
    Women infected more than once from different partners can have stronger immune response

  • Early, Temporary HIV Treatment Can Postpone Long-Term Therapy
    Study found giving antiretroviral drugs earlier in disease course can stabilize patients sooner

  • U.S. Tuberculosis Cases Hit Record Low, CDC Says
    But minorities, those not born in the U.S. and HIV-positive patients still most likely affected

  • One in Four HIV Patients Has Long Gaps Between Doctor's Visits: Study
    Findings indicate some patients are 'falling through the cracks'

  • College Women's Condom Use Falls in Freshman Year
    Binge drinking, bad grades were among the factors that affected condom use

  • Hepatitis C Now Kills More Americans Than HIV
    Middle-aged most often affected, and many are unaware they have been infected, CDC says

  • Findings on HIV-Resistant Sex Workers May Help Vaccine Efforts
    Study suggests blocking virus from entering the body is better

  • Wider Waistlines Linked to Memory Problems in HIV Patients
    Certain anti-HIV drugs can cause central weight gain, researchers say

  • Many Gay Men Would Support 'Home HIV Test': Study
    Not yet approved for public use, it picks up AIDS virus in later stages of infection

  • HIV Severity, Treatment Unrelated to Kids' Mental Woes: Study
    No evidence found to link antiretroviral therapy with severity of psychiatric symptoms

  • Experts Warn of Antibiotic-Resistant Gonorrhea
    Arsenal of drugs effective against the sexually transmitted disease running dry, researchers say

  • Pets Help Women Cope With HIV/AIDS
    Small study also found being a mother, worker, advocate made a difference, as did faith

  • Study Looks at Possible HIV Drugs-Birth Defect Link
    More research needed into unconfirmed association between antiretrovirals and cleft lip/palate

  • Many U.S. Adults Not Vaccinated for Hepatitis B
    Missed opportunities lead to many new infections each year, study found

  • More Americans Practicing Safe Sex, CDC Reports
    Finding could signal changes in behaviors linked to HIV, researchers say

  • CDC Warns Against Sharing Insulin Pens
    Doing so exposes people with diabetes to blood-borne infection risk

  • Children Exposed to HIV Before Birth at Risk for Language Delay
    Researchers recommend routine screening for communication problems

  • Partner's 'Viral Load' a Major Factor in HIV Transmission: Study
    Condom use, circumcision lowered risk of sexually infecting partners in study of African couples

  • New Guidelines Issued for Combining HIV, Seizure Meds
    Doctors urged to use caution in treating HIV/AIDS patients who experience seizures

  • Isentress Approval Expanded to Include Children and Teens
    To combat AIDS-causing virus

  • Drug Users With HIV at Much Higher Overdose Risk
    Opioids, illegal drugs can threaten recent lifespan gains

  • Legalized Same-Sex Marriage May Boost Gay Men's Health
    Gay, bisexual men in Massachusetts had fewer doctor visits after law changed, study says

  • Headaches May Plague Many With HIV/AIDS
    Migraines worse in patients with more advanced disease, study finds

  • Too Much Alcohol Linked to Unsafe Sex, Study Confirms
    Each drink worsens decision-making, possibly upping HIV risk

  • AIDS Research Holds Promise for Reducing HIV Transmission Rates
    'Extraordinary advances' prompt some to dare to dream of a cure

  • Despite Advances, HIV/AIDS Still Takes Heavy Emotional Toll
    Care coordinator describes alienation, financial woes and health struggles that people face

  • Toddlers Taking HIV Drugs Have Higher Cholesterol
    Children on protease inhibitors should have cholesterol monitored, researchers recommend

  • Advocates Push for Greater Awareness of HIV/AIDS
    White House, numerous organizations say too many Americans are still becoming infected

  • Many With HIV Not Getting Meds: CDC
    Yet, antiretroviral drugs work well, help prevent spread of disease, experts say

  • HIV Patients at Heightened Risk for Certain Cancers
    Starting drug therapy earlier might reduce that risk, study says

  • HIV Medication Patch Shows Promise in Early Trial
    Could help patients adhere to treatment regimens, researchers say

  • U.S. Man Diagnosed With HIV Develops Leprosy
    Dormant infection likely caused by armadillo exposure decades earlier, doctors report

  • Start HIV Drug Treatment Early in Patients With TB: Studies
    Just a few weeks' difference affects survival for the very sick, researchers say

  • Scientists Spot New Clues to HIV-Linked Dementia
    Distinct types of the virus hide out in cerebrospinal fluid, research shows

  • CDC Moves to Make Organ Transplantation Safer
    Proposed guideline would screen more aggressively for hepatitis B and C

  • Many Med Schools Score Poorly in Teaching Gay/Lesbian Health
    These patients have concerns that often differ from those of heterosexuals, study authors say

  • Circumcision Rate Down Slightly in U.S. Hospitals
    CDC notes this reverses trend toward more of the procedures throughout the 1990s

  • Experts Concerned About Rising HIV Rates Among Poor, Minorities
    New statistics released at conference also show many practicing unsafe behaviors

  • Poor, Urban Heterosexuals at High Risk of HIV: CDC
    Risk up to 20 times greater in metropolitan areas with high rates of AIDS

  • Children's HIV Drugs May Cause High Cholesterol
    Strategies are needed to protect infected kids from long-term cardiovascular harm, researchers say

  • Surge in New HIV Infections Among Young Black Gay Men Troubling: CDC
    And rate of new cases among all Americans is stuck at about 50,000 per year

  • 'Meth' Abuse Ups Risk of HIV Infection in Young Gay Men
    Study found high rates of drug use among this group, and much more risky sexual behaviors

  • Informed-Consent Forms for HIV Research Too Long: Study
    The median is 22 pages, but most give short shrift to info

  • More Evidence That Early Treatment Can Stop HIV's Spread to Partners
    When infected partner got meds soon after diagnosis, spread to uninfected partner fell by 96%, study found

  • Drugs Can Bring HIV-Infected Africans Normal Life Spans
    Ugandan study finds adherence to the regimens raises life expectancy to that of uninfected citizens

  • Antibody Finding Might Help in Search for HIV Vaccine
    Researchers find 'soldiers' of immune system keep AIDS virus from getting inside cells

  • Ultrasound May Determine Heart Attack Risk in HIV Patients
    Risk 10 times higher in HIV patients with abnormal results compared with general population: study

  • Drugs May Prevent HIV Spread Among Heterosexuals
    Preventive treatment might keep uninfected partners from getting the AIDS-causing virus, studies show

  • Gonorrhea's Growing Resistance to Antibiotics Concerns CDC
    New treatments, greater surveillance needed, agency says

  • New Combo Therapy May Prevent TB, Save Lives in People With HIV
    Simpler, shorter drug regimen has potential to transform treatment of tuberculosis worldwide, researchers say

  • Research Sheds Light on Cause of Brain Deficits in HIV Patients
    Virus can weaken blood-brain barrier and infect cells that normally support brain, study finds

  • HIV Drugs May Be Tied to Early Aging
    Older class of antiretroviral meds appears to damage DNA, study finds

  • CDC Cites Benefits of Expanded HIV Testing Program
    Three-year initiative identified 18,432 people infected with AIDS-causing virus

  • For Gay Men, Serious Relationships Still Harbor Risks for HIV
    Odds of transmitting the virus are 6 times that of men engaging in more casual sex, study finds

  • More Risky Behaviors Among Gay, Bisexual High School Students: CDC
    U.S. data shows higher rates of substance abuse, suicide attempts compared to straight peers

  • 30 Years Into the Epidemic, a Generation With HIV Comes of Age
    Most U.S. teens, young adults who contracted virus as newborns are healthy, hopeful

  • More Than 1 Million Americans Now Living With HIV: CDC
    While advances in care are leading to healthier lives, preventing new infections is key

  • Edurant Approved To Treat AIDS Virus
    In combination with other antiretroviral drugs

  • Early HIV Drug Therapy Protects Sex Partners From Virus
    Infection rate fell by 96% if infected individual took antiretroviral meds sooner rather than later, study found

  • U.S. Officials Take Aim at Questionable STD Products
    Makers of preparations claiming to prevent, treat sexually transmitted infections warned by FDA, FTC

  • Pushing Healthy Lifestyle Cuts Risk of Chronic Disease for Blacks: Study
    Healthy behaviors reduced diabetes, heart disease in couples with one HIV-infected partner

  • HIV Kids Growing Up Well, Study Finds
    With survival improved, researchers now look at long-term complications

  • Children With HIV at Higher Risk of Drug Resistance
    Poorer adherence to multi-drug regimens could be to blame, experts say

  • Starting HIV Drugs Earlier May Delay AIDS But Not Death
    Findings suggest that debate on when to begin treatment is still ongoing

  • U.S. Reports Drop in AIDS-Related Cancers
    Improvement linked to advent of antiretroviral drugs, researchers say

  • Amount of HIV in Genital Fluid Linked to Transmission
    Findings shed light on virus' spread and may advance prevention efforts, researchers say

  • Allowing Organ Donation by People With HIV Could Save Lives, Experts Say
    Current U.S. law bans practice of allowing donations to others with AIDS-causing virus

  • Report Highlights Shortage of HIV Care Providers in U.S.
    Gap widening between number infected and those trained to treat these patients, experts say

  • HIV Infection Passed Via Donated Kidney: U.S. Report
    Donor screening didn't use most sensitive test, leading to infection of recipient, researchers say

  • Adults With HIV at Increased Risk of Bone Fractures, Study Finds
    Annual fracture rates up to 3.69 times higher in HIV-infected patients, researchers say

  • More Young People Delay Sex, Try Oral Sex First, CDC Says
    U.S. report also finds same-sex encounters more common for women than men

  • Gene Therapy Against HIV Not a Proven Cure, Experts Say
    While promising, more research is needed to see if technique really works

  • Rectal Gel Could Help Ward Off HIV: Study
    But more research needed before treatment can be released to the public, experts say

  • Many HIV Patients Carry Strain With Drug-Resistant Mutation
    Study found they were three times more likely to fail treatment, so testing needed

  • Statins Might Help HIV Patients, Study Suggests
    Cholesterol drugs may calm immune system, reduce damaging inflammation, researchers say

  • Mom's HIV May Lower Baby's Immunity to Other Diseases
    Lower levels of antibodies to whooping cough, tetanus seen in newborns exposed but not infected

  • Burden of HIV Highest for Blacks, CDC Reports
    Increases in infection are due to complex social factors, researchers say

  • HIV Linked to Higher Pregnancy Rate in Young Women
    Study also finds more complications among those with the infection

  • Infectious Disease Experts Call for More Focus on Hepatitis C
    Rates among drug users have not plummeted like HIV, study finds

  • CDC Issues Guidance on Daily Pill to Prevent Infection With HIV
    Truvada should not been seen as a replacement for condom use, agency stresses

  • HIV+ Liver Cancer Patients Less Likely to Get Transplant
    But overall survival in those who received donor organ same as for other patients, study finds

  • Stroke Risk May Be Higher in HIV Patients
    AIDS drugs may boost susceptibility, study suggests

  • Scientists Map Key Structure HIV Uses to Infect Cells
    Details on gene-delivering 'capsid' could point the way to new drugs

  • U.S. Health Care Reform Tops Health News for 2010
    Food safety reform and the flu epidemic that fizzled also made headlines this year

  • New Drug Strategy Shows Promise Against HIV
    Experimental agent disrupts mechanism virus uses to enter cells, scientists say

  • Primate Immune System Differences Identified
    Research may also help explain why chimpanzees don't routinely develop AIDS after HIV exposure

  • Docs Claim Transplant Cured Man of HIV, But Experts Urge Caution
    Treatment has beat back virus for 3 years but may be too risky, impractical for widespread use

  • Once-Daily Dose Approved for Prezista
    Anti-HIV drug sanctioned in combination with ritonavir

  • Dramatic Decline Seen in AIDS News Coverage
    Since 1990, number of newspaper articles about HIV/AIDS has dropped in richer nations

  • Research Finds Not All HIV Affects Immune System Same Way
    In some cases, virus has mutations that keep it from killing immune cells, study finds

  • Worldwide HIV-Prevention Services Lacking, Survey Finds
    For most gay men, access to free condoms and lubricant, testing, counseling still limited or unavailable

  • 'Don't Ask, Don't Tell' May Put Soldiers' Health at Risk, Doctor Says
    Gay service members with STDs often avoid military doctors or go undiagnosed

  • Aging With HIV a New Reality for Many Over 50
    The number of older infected people keeps growing, bringing unique challenges

  • Hair Stylists Mobilize to Snip Away Ignorance of HIV/AIDS
    Hairdressers Against AIDS campaign launched to promote stylist-client chats across U.S.

  • Record Number of Americans Tested for HIV
    Still, more than 200,000 don't know they're infected, CDC says

  • Scientists May Have Solved an HIV Mystery
    Mechanism for death of critical immune cells identified in study

  • Daily Pill Lowers Odds for Infection With HIV
    Study found Truvada could cut risk by 73 percent in people who took it faithfully

  • Past Abuse Puts Homeless Youth at Risk for Early Sex: Study
    They may view sex as a way to get people to like them, researchers suggest

  • HIV Patients Do Well After Kidney Transplants: Study
    But their bodies are more likely to reject organs in long run, researchers say

  • Egrifta Approved for HIV-Related Fat Deposits
    Lipodystrophy can lead to excess fat near internal organs

  • Few Young Women Getting Cervical Cancer Vaccine
    Study finds less than a third start the three-dose series, many fail to complete it

  • HPV Vaccinations Lead to Fewer Genital Warts: Study
    Decline only found in immunized population, researchers say

  • Protein Differences May Explain Long-Term HIV Control
    Scientists say small variation keeps some infected patients healthy without medicine

  • More Older Americans Living With HIV
    Many have multiple conditions, posing new challenges for U.S. health care system

  • U.S. Hispanics Have 1 in 52 Estimated Lifetime Risk of HIV
    Rate is lower than among black Americans, but higher than among whites, research shows

  • Studies Tout Alternative HIV Regimens for Women, Babies
    Current treatment may cause drug resistance later

  • 1 in 4 HIV Patients Have Neurological Diseases: Study
    Problems such as seizures, dementia are major causes of patients' disability, researchers say

  • Variety Spices Up Americans' Sex Lives, Survey Says
    Responses also suggest teens more careful about sex than many adults believe

  • Mixed Report on Women's Health Research
    Fewer deaths from major killers like breast cancer, but little progress on debilitating diseases like dementia

  • No Gender-Based Difference Seen in Anti-HIV Drug Response
    But strategies needed to keep women enrolled in research studies, study authors stressed

  • Fast-Freeze May Help Sperm Survive Storage, Study Finds
    Method might pave way for HIV-positive men to donate sperm safely, researchers say

  • Kids on HIV Drug Cocktail May Need Revaccination
    Immunity to childhood diseases can wane more quickly than in children without the virus, researchers say

  • Many HIV-Infected Kids Could Use Cheaper Treatment Safely
    Study found that returning to nevirapine still kept viral load down for most

  • HIV Virus May Hide in Brain
    In 10% of patients, virus was eradicated in blood but living in spinal fluid

  • HIV in Blood Different Than in Semen, Scientists Say
    More study needed to determine if finding plays a role in transmission

  • Monitoring of Kidney Health Urged for Injection Drug Users
    Excess protein in urine noted in about 25% who shoot up; rates higher in HIV-positive, study found

  • Some Monkeys Naturally Resist AIDS, Research Shows
    Even a high viral load doesn't cause the disease to develop in sooty mangabeys, scientists found

  • HIV-Positive Women Who Want to Conceive Feel Stigma: Survey
    Many felt health-care providers judged them negatively, results showed

  • Risky Behavior, Drug Use Among Some Gay Men Linked to Childhood Abuse
    Gay, bisexual men shamed or assaulted as kids more likely to exhibit high-risk behavior, study says

  • Many HIV-Exposed Infants in Africa Don't Get Protective Drug, Study Shows
    Only half got minimal dose at clinics studied; expanded global programs urged

  • Aggressive Drug Therapy May Help Slow Spread of AIDS
    Infections in British Columbia cut in half since regimen introduced in 1996, study finds

  • New Guidelines Urge Earlier Therapy for HIV Patients
    Treatment advances may help prevent progression to AIDS, expert panel says

  • Many False-Positive HIV Test Results for Those in AIDS Vaccine Trials
    Almost half get the erroneous result, causing stigma and hampering trial enrollment, experts say

  • Poverty Driving HIV's Spread Among Urban Heterosexuals: Report
    Infection rates climb as income falls, regardless of race/ethnicity, CDC says

  • Vaginal Gel Cuts Risk of HIV Infection, Study Shows
    When used consistently before and after sex, antiretroviral halved chances of transmission

  • More Study Urged on Risks, Benefits of Earlier HIV Therapy
    Increased death risk noted in patients currently not recommended to start antiretrovirals: study

  • New Methods May Help Predict Survival of African HIV Patients
    Two estimation tools could forecast outcome during first year of drug therapy, study says

  • Gay Couples Vulnerable to HIV When Monogamy Is Unsure
    Survey finds that for 8 percent of couples, one partner believes bond is monogamous, but other does not

  • Black Couples Benefit From Program to Curb Spread of HIV
    Counseling ups odds for protected sex when 1 partner carries the virus, study finds

  • New Anti-HIV Weapons Found in Immune System
    Powerful antibodies could someday be key to developing an AIDS vaccine, researchers say

  • Drugs Like Viagra Linked to Higher Rates of STDs
    But it's the behavior, not the medication, that's to blame, researchers say

  • Scientists Make Immune Cells in Mice That Fight Off HIV
    But it will be years until this gene therapy is tested in humans, researchers say

  • Aging Swingers at High STD Risk
    Middle-aged partner swappers more likely to be infected than prostitutes, Dutch study found

  • Newly Approved HIV Test Can Spot Infection Earlier
    Detects both HIV antigen and antibodies

  • Antiretrovirals During Breast-Feeding Shield Babies From HIV, Study Shows
    In sub-Saharan Africa, many avoid formula due to unsanitary water, expense, experts note

  • Gene Therapy for HIV Inches Forward
    Viable treatment is still a long way off, researchers say

  • Gene-Based Detection Method Might Spot HIV Earlier
    Nucleic acid testing found cases missed by routine screening, researchers say

  • U.S. Panel Upholds Ban on Gay Men as Blood Donors
    Experts cite small but potential danger to the blood supply, but urge more research

  • Most People With HIV Begin Care Too Late
    Average T-cell count at first treatment is below recommended level for starting therapy, study shows

  • Anti-HIV Drugs May Help Prevent Spread of Virus
    Nearly all partners in study remained uninfected, but 'safe sex' still urged, experts say

  • Mother-to-Child HIV Transmission Linked to Gene Change
    Certain variants make it more likely babies will acquire the AIDS-causing virus, researchers say

  • Lubricant Use May Raise HIV Infection Risk During Anal Sex
    Lab study found some products have a toxic effect on cells, tissue

  • Female-to-Male HIV Transmission Risk Doubles During Pregnancy
    More research is needed to explore reasons why, study authors say

  • Smallpox Vaccine May Protect Against HIV
    But scientists stress the results are preliminary

  • Primary Care Docs Handling More HIV Cases
    Over half of those surveyed have patients who have tested positive for the disease

  • Needle-Sharing by Sex Workers Tied to Spread of Syphilis
    Study near U.S.-Mexico border also cites risk of HIV

  • Scientists Unravel Secret of HIV Resistance
    Gene that strengthens immune system may someday lead to vaccine, researchers say

  • Men With HPV at Higher Risk for HIV, Study Finds
    Vaccinating against human papillomavirus could be an effective preventive measure, researchers say

  • MRSA More Likely to Lurk in Certain Patients
    One in five long-term elder care patients carried the dangerous germ in their nose, study finds

  • Potentially Lethal Airborne Fungus May Spread to California
    Unlike typical strains, new pathogen can attack healthy people, researchers say

  • Morphine May Protect Brains of People With HIV
    Painkiller produces protein that inhibits disease-related dementia, study finds

  • More Clues Emerge on How HIV Infects Women
    Virus can invade after breaking down the protective barrier in women's reproductive tract, study finds

  • Casual Sex Increasing in U.S.
    Behavior may increase need for protection from sexually transmitted diseases

  • Scientists Find Clues to How the Body Fights Off HIV
    Research on antibodies may aid vaccine development

  • HIV Drugs Might Combat Two Other Diseases
    Prostate cancer, chronic fatique are new research targets

  • Acne Drug May Help in the Fight Against AIDS
    Antibiotic plus standard therapy appears to halt HIV progression in cells, study finds

  • Chemical in Bananas Might Combat HIV Infection
    Study found it was as potent as two current HIV drugs, could be added to vaginal microbicides

  • Herpes Infects One in Six in U.S.
    Most don't know they have the disease, CDC says, upping risks for transmitting it to others

  • HIV Hides Out in Bone Marrow Cells
    Another secret stash of the virus makes it that much harder to eliminate, scientists say

  • Gene Therapy Shows Promise Against HIV
    Early findings suggest it could work, but application remains years away

  • In San Diego, Hispanics Now Dominate HIV/TB Cases
    Shift in disease profile suggests need for U.S., Mexico cooperation, expert says

  • Herpes Drug Might Also Slow HIV Progression
    But acyclovir is not a replacement for HIV-specific drugs, researchers say

  • Cyndi Lauper, Lady Gaga Put Spotlight on Women and HIV
    New poll finds most women don't believe infection can happen to them

  • Scientists Discover How HIV Is Transmitted Between Men
    Finding could lead to new vaccines, treatments, researchers say

  • Vaccine May Prevent TB in People With HIV
    Clinical trial results mark 'significant milestone,' expert says

  • Black and Hispanic Infants Much More Likely to Have HIV
    Preventive efforts needed to reduce transmission from mother to child, experts say

  • Study Suggests High HIV Rate Among African Teens
    Kids infected at birth may be outliving mothers, expert says

  • Premature Aging of the Brain Seen in HIV Patients
    With AIDS growing among seniors, decline in brain function a serious concern, researchers say

  • Drug Combo Blocks HIV Infection in Mice
    Truvada might someday prevent virus in people, researchers say

  • Evolving Strains of HIV May Cause Wave of Drug Resistance
    Ease of transmission is cause for concern, researchers say

  • Taking Viagra Won't Spur Risky Sexual Behavior
    Men in the general population use the drug responsibly, study finds

  • To Circumcise or Not?
    Reviews offer differing views on value and risks of procedure

  • Molecule Could Help Block Sexual Transmission of HIV
    Surfen inhibits process the virus uses to infect cells, researchers say

  • Scientists Spot Source of Hurdle to AIDS Vaccine
    Immune system turns off antibodies that could block HIV, study finds

  • Rabies Vaccine Protects Against Monkey Version of HIV
    Finding holds promise for HIV vaccine development

  • HIV Therapy Linked to Fewer Suicides
    Better mental health care still needed for those with the virus, expert says

  • Stem Cells Turned Into AIDS Killers in Lab Tests
    Technique might work with many other viruses, researchers say

  • AIDS Drugs Don't Need Routine Lab Monitoring
    Finding is good news for first-line treatment in Africa, researchers say

  • AIDS May Date Back to Ancient Tiger
    Researchers find signs of feline DNA in virus

  • A Good Year in the Fight Against AIDS
    Promising vaccine trial, better access to treatment worldwide provide reasons for hope

  • Med Students Often Fail to Report Needlestick Injuries
    Omission leaves them without treatment for blood-borne diseases, researchers say

  • Genetic Variant Slows AIDS Progression
    HIV patients who have it take longer to get sick, study finds

  • Sperm May Play Role in Transmission of HIV
    Semen isn't the only way men spread virus during sex, new research shows

  • CDC Panel Says No to Routine Use of Gardasil for Boys
    Doctors are free to offer HPV shot to males but widespread vaccination not advised

  • Full Results of AIDS Vaccine Trial Confirm Modest Benefit
    But the Thai trial also suggests shot's effects may wane with time

  • Truckers Trailed By Risky Behaviors: Study
    Long haulers at risk of sexually transmitted diseases and hepatitis C, researchers say

  • Giving Gardasil to Boys Not Worth the Cost
    But other experts dispute finding, and say young men need protection from STDs

  • HIV Patients More Prone to 7 Kinds of Cancer
    Study found early treatment of infection could slow start of malignancies

  • Non-AIDS-Related Cancers Growing Among HIV Patients
    Possible reasons for increased rates explored by researchers

  • Experimental AIDS Vaccine Delivers Good News
    Thai trial is first test in humans to show vaccine can work against HIV

  • Swine Flu Shots Safe for People With Weak Immune Systems: Experts
    Another study outlines risks of catching H1N1 from various routes

  • Young People at High Risk of Death Worldwide
    Teens in low- and middle-income countries fare the worst, statistics show

  • Discoveries Brighten Search for AIDS Vaccine
    Two antibodies appear effective against HIV subtypes worldwide, team says

  • Dementia More Likely With One Subtype of HIV
    Most untreated Ugandans infected with type D were affected, study found

  • Synthetic Protein Thwarts HIV Infection in Lab
    By blocking cellular interaction, researchers prevent disease production

  • Scientists Decode HIV Genome
    Breakthrough finding shows virus carries huge RNA genetic code

  • Scientists ID First Human With Gorilla Strain of HIV
    West African woman's infection suggests the virus continues to change

  • Immune Systems of AIDS Patients More Prone to HPV Cancers
    Link was known, but new study helps explain why

  • HIV Plus Alcohol Hampers Short-Term Memory
    Problems with learning new information can disrupt treatment, expert says

  • HIV Drugs Provide Breast-Fed Babies With Some Protection
    Treating infected mothers, giving meds to infant both beneficial in African study

  • AIDS-like Illness Found in African Chimps
    Finding could shed light on how the disease affects humans

  • Earlier HIV Treatment Could Save Lives Worldwide
    Study looks at costs and benefits of revising treatment guidelines

  • Circumcision Doesn't Lessen HIV Transmission
    Condom still essential for protecting female partner, researchers say

  • Pregnancy, STDs on the Rise Again Among U.S. Teens
    Trend threatens to reverse years of positive change, CDC researchers say

  • Immune Response May Speed AIDS Progression in Women
    More research needed to determine how gender affects body's reaction to HIV

  • HIV Patients May Have Stiffer Arteries
    But not significant enough to halt drug therapy, researchers say

  • HIV Testing Day Set for Saturday in U.S.
    Assessment helps people protect themselves and their partners, organizers say

  • Too Few Americans Get HIV Test Early Enough
    Late diagnosis costs lives that could be saved with powerful treatments, CDC says

  • New Strategy Eyed for AIDS Treatment
    Discovery of HIV hiding places may pave way for novel therapies

  • HIV 'Atlas' Shows Virus Targeting Minorities
    80% of U.S. cases occur in just 20% of counties, report finds

  • Vaccine Shields Monkeys From Simian Form of HIV
    Scientists inject antibody-coding genes directly into muscles

  • New Compound May Fight HIV
    Study in mice finds added benefit from cholesterol-reducing agent

  • Circumcision Can Reduce AIDS Risk, Study Shows
    Research also finds no impairment in sexual function from procedure

  • Another Study Supports Early HIV Therapy
    New British findings echo those of an American team

  • Gum Disease May Reactivate AIDS Virus
    Japanese study points to good oral health as a means to prevent spread of HIV

  • Starting HIV Therapy Earlier Saves Lives
    Study casts doubt on notion that antiretrovirals can be postponed till later in infection

  • New HIV Drug May Help Those Resistant to Therapy
    Study in monkeys finds that it reduces replication of the virus

  • Scientists Capture HIV Transfer Among T-Cells on Video
    Team suggests there are many targets now for interfering with the process

  • AIDS Drug Slows Spread of Deadly Childhood Brain Cancer
    Study finds it suppresses enzyme vital to tumor growth

  • Circumcision Guards Against STDs
    Study finds procedure dramatically reduces transmission of herpes, human papillomavirus

  • Germicide Might Guard Against HIV Infection
    Treatment prevented infection in monkeys, study shows

  • Most HIV-Infected Prisoners Go Untreated After Release
    And that can pose a big public health threat, researchers warn

  • Gene Therapy Holds Promise for HIV
    But research is preliminary and more trials are needed, study says

  • In Time, Cream Might Prevent Herpes Transmission
    Harvard researchers say treatment involving genes works in mice

  • HIV Drug a Double-Edged Sword for Infants
    Nevirapine protects during breast-feeding, but resistant disease can develop in first year, study shows

  • Circumcision Rates Too Low
    Study points to 16 states where Medicaid doesn't fund procedure

  • HIV Can Penetrate a Woman's Healthy Genital Skin
    Study finds virus can reach immune cells in just 4 hours

  • Possible AIDS Treatment Shows Promise in Monkeys
    It stops virus from fooling immune cells, researchers say

  • Fewer HIV-Infected Americans Passing the Virus On
    Transmission rates have fallen 88% since 1984, study finds

  • Special Immune Cells May Be Key to HIV Resistance
    Some people infected with the AIDS-causing virus don't get sick

  • Mom's Cells Prime Fetal Immune System
    Process prevents growing baby from rejecting the mother, researchers find

  • Experimental Vaginal Gel Doesn't Ward Off HIV
    South African women using Carraguard had no decrease in infections, trial found

  • Guideline Urges HIV Tests for All Patients 13 and Older
    Physicians' group, citing World AIDS Day, says colleagues can prevent spread of infection

  • Hopes for AIDS Vaccine Still Alive Despite Setbacks
    The lesson from 2 failed trials: The science must be more vigorous, experts say

  • Universal Testing, Prompt Treatment Could Slash HIV
    Computer model suggests the strategy would lower infections by 95% within a decade

  • U.S. Lags on HIV Testing Goals
    Despite call for routine exams, 60,000 Americans were infected last year

  • Early HIV Treatment Best for Babies
    It saves lives and slows the progression of AIDS, study confirms

  • Non-AIDS Cancer Risk Higher for Those With HIV
    As life span has increased, they now face greater threat from other disease, study says

  • HIV Vaccine Failure Still Brings Insights
    Researchers say lessons learned might one day lead to vaccine that works

  • Way to Rescue Tired Immune Cells Fighting HIV Found
    Discovery of pathway could lead to new treatments, researchers say

  • Most Single Adults Not Using Condoms
    British study finds less than half of people in 30s, 40s use them when with a new partner

  • Inflammation, Coagulation Tied to Non-AIDS Deaths in HIV Cases
    Some antiretroviral therapies boosted mortality from other diseases, study finds

  • Sex Partners Get STD Alerts by E-mail
    Report shows 30,000 have used Internet service to handle delivery of delicate news

  • HIV Can Re-Emerge From a Single Cell
    Findings show patients should take their medications as prescribed

  • Role of Circumcision in Reducing HIV Risk Still Unclear
    Review doesn't find a protective effect in post-HAART era

  • HIV Outbreak Began Decades Earlier Than Thought
    Rise of cities, risky behavior in west central Africa between 1884 and 1924 at root, study says

  • Latest Research Supports New AIDS Drug
    Maraviroc is designed for patients who become resistant to standard therapies

  • Anti-Obesity Drugs Could Fight Viral Infections
    Targeting increases in fatty acid metabolism inhibits replication, researchers find

  • 3M Injected Drug Users Worldwide Could Be HIV-Positive
    In some countries, prevalence of infection may be as high as 40%, study suggests

  • Girls From Poorer Areas More Likely to Have Sex Earlier
    Partners are usually older boys with conduct problems, study says

  • FDA Bars Generic Drugs From Indian Company
    Poor manufacturing conditions at 2 plants to blame, agency says

  • HIV Infection Rate for Young Black Men 'Alarming:' CDC
    Prevention efforts must be targeted to racial and ethnic groups, agency says

  • Music Therapy Improves Well-Being of Very Ill Patients
    Study finds even family members appear to benefit

  • Scientists Spot New Twist in HIV Infection
    Discovery brings better treatments, even a cure, a bit closer

  • Abstinence-Only Programs Fall Short of Teens' Needs
    It means different things to youngsters, so sex ed should be added to lineup, study says

  • Medicinal Marijuana Eases Neuropathic Pain in HIV
    Cannabis was well-tolerated, effective when added to existing meds, study finds

  • Commonly Used HIV Infectivity Rate Misses Risks
    Wide variety of co-factors affects heterosexual transmission, study finds

  • HIV Drug Might Spur Resistant Strains of Virus
    Used during breast-feeding to prevent mom-to-baby transmission, nevirapine could have downside, study finds

  • Once-Daily Combo Works for New HIV Patients
    Atazanavir/ritonavir as good as twice-daily dose of lopinavir/ritonavir, study says

  • New HIV/AIDS Guidelines Suggest Earlier Treatment
    Goal is to reduce number of pills and dosage content, researchers say

  • Number of New U.S. HIV Infections Gets Revised Upwards
    More precise calculation means total rises 40%, to 56,000 new cases annually, CDC researchers say

  • Ob/Gyn Group Urges Routine HIV Tests for All Women
    Minorities are at higher risk; doctors urged to expand education efforts

  • Risky Sexual Behaviors Decreasing Among U.S. Teens
    Condom use increasing, but many blacks, Hispanics, and males not getting message, CDC says

  • Deportation Tied to Higher HIV Risk for Men Injecting Drugs
    Study in Tijuana points to need for cross-border prevention, treatment programs

  • Study Disproves Belief That Hepatitis C Blunts HIV Drugs
    Impaired immune response after antiretroviral therapy may be due to genetic factors

  • HIV Patients Living Longer
    Antiretroviral therapy has increased life expectancy by 13 years, researchers say

  • Drug Holds Promise Against AIDS
    Medication helps those with HIV who become treatment-resistant, study shows

  • U.S. Immigrants Bearing More of the TB Burden
    But targeted interventions could cut incidence of the respiratory disease

  • Genetic Trait Boosts AIDS Risks in Blacks
    Might be responsible for 11% of HIV cases in Africa, researchers say

  • Freeze-Dried Formula May Block HIV Virus in Breast Milk
    Could help prevent spread of disease in developing countries, study suggests

  • Vaginal Microbicides Might Help More Men Than Women
    Researchers say clinical trials' design may also mask risk of HIV drug resistance

  • Death Rates for HIV Patients Decrease Dramatically
    Study found 5-year survival rate for those on HAART now equals general population

  • 'Troubling' Rise in HIV Among Young Gay Men: CDC
    New numbers show sharpest increase is among young black males

  • A Healthy Mind Can Help Fight HIV
    Depression, stress could speed AIDS progression, reviews of the data suggest

  • Heart Risks Emerging in People With HIV
    The virus, medications, or both might be the culprit, experts say

  • Herpes Suppression May Not Prevent HIV Infection
    Study with antiviral aciclovir shows no added benefit

  • False Positives in Oral HIV Test Halt Use in NYC
    CDC report traces roots of the problem

  • HIV Tests Cost-Effective for Some Seniors
    Doing so could extend lives of those infected with AIDS virus, study says

  • Alzheimer's Protein Tied to HIV Progression
    ApoE4 molecule appears to push a faster course of disease, researchers say

  • Repeat Teen Self-Cutters Likely to Engage in Risky Sex
    Only 39% said they used condoms consistently in previous 90 days, study finds

  • Drug Regimen Prevents AIDS Transmission Via Breast Milk
    But limiting the time a mother nurses doesn't protect the baby, study finds

  • Fewer U.S. High School Students Engage in Risky Behaviors
    But survey finds a discouraging lack of progress among Hispanic children

  • Scientists Break Into HIV 'Hideout'
    Vault for antibodies provides shelter for virus out of reach of drugs

  • New Compound Slows HIV Replication
    It could mean development of new class of drugs, researchers say

  • New Latent TB Drug Saves Lives, Money
    Rifampin improved compliance, reduced side effects, saved $10,000 per patient

  • Smallpox Drug May Protect Against Common Cold
    It reduced ability of adenovirus to replicate in key organs

  • Study Supports Popular HIV Drug Regimen
    But other treatments work well, too, giving patients options

  • Researchers Tackle HIV From a New Angle
    Protein on human immune cell may be key to stopping infection

  • Clinical Symptoms Enough to Switch Drug Regimens for HIV Patients
    Study showed little difference in survival when compared to expensive lab tests

  • Boston Trial to Test New HIV/AIDS Vaccine
    Its ability to trigger an immune response where none existed is key to research

  • Few Countries on Track to Curb Maternal, Child Mortality Rates
    Global initiative stymied by shortage of money, human resources, analysis concludes

  • HIV Drugs Linked to Increased Risk of Heart Attack
    FDA reviewing safety profile of abacavir, didanosine

  • Scientists Uncover How HIV Hides Inside Cells
    Study says protein helps virus conceal itself from body's defenses

  • Biomarker May Signal HIV Progression
    Increase in specific white blood cells could warn doctors early to change treatments

  • U.S. Syphilis Rate Grows for 7th Year in Row
    Increase largely driven by new cases among gay, bisexual men, CDC reports

  • Outcomes Improve for Non-Hodgkin Lymphoma Patients
    Survival rates have increased, likely because of advancements in therapy

  • Monkey Gene That Blocks AIDS Viruses Evolved More Than Once
    Findings hint epidemic is not unique to present, afflicted humans' primate ancestors

  • HIV Drug in Microbicide Gel Safe for Daily Use
    None of the 200 women volunteers got HIV during 6-month study

  • Stimulating Thymus Reactivates T-Cell Production
    Finding may provide benefit for HIV, bone marrow transplantation patients

  • Drug Helps Prevent Breast-Feeding Moms From Passing on HIV
    6 weeks of nevirapine greatly reduced infant infections in Africa, India, study found

  • Test Detects Sensitivity to HIV Drug
    Could be first step toward personalized medicine, experts say

  • New HIV Drug Sanctioned When Others Fail
    Blocks enzyme that virus needs to multiply

  • Antiretroviral Drugs May Prevent Vaginal Transmission of HIV
    Mouse study shows they could protect against spread of disease

  • New Proteins That Help HIV Grow Identified
    Finding could lead to treatments for when antiviral drugs fail

  • Antidepressants Help HIV-Infected Patients Stick to Treatment
    Depression can cause many to skip their medicines, experts note

  • Sex Ed Does Delay Teen Sex: CDC
    Classes impact boys more than girls, national survey finds

  • Fibers in Semen Help HIV Penetrate Cells
    The chances of infection are boosted 50-fold to 100,000-fold, study finds

  • Newly HIV-Infected Gay Men Select Other Infected Partners
    Study finds men engaging in unprotected sex, but with those already carrying the virus

  • Drug Helps Ease Fat Disorder in HIV Patients
    Tesamorelin shrinks the visceral fat around organs that boosts heart risks

  • One-Third of HIV-Infected Gay Men Have Unsafe Sex: CDC
    Two new U.S. government studies show strong link to recreational drugs as well.

  • More Young Americans Are Contracting HIV
    On eve of World AIDS Day, U.S. experts wonder what has gone wrong

  • Overlooked Mutation Can Spur HIV Drug Resistance
    It should be added to standard genetic tests used to guide treatment, experts say

  • AIDS Stopped in Haiti Before U.S.
    New research tracks the spread of HIV from Africa to America

  • Certain Seizure Patients Need Emergency CT Scan
    ER staff should focus on those with first-ever attack, babies, and people with AIDS, guideline says

  • Many at Risk for HIV Not Being Tested
    Screening should be part of routine medical care, researchers suggest

  • Saving Millions of Children's Lives Is Possible
    Better food, water, sanitation would make all the difference, report finds

  • AIDS Drugs May Protect Brain
    Study found levels of protein indicating damage returned to normal in many HIV patients

  • Stressful Jobs Hard on the Heart
    High anxiety, low control double recurrent heart attack risk, study finds

  • Doctors See Return of Kaposi's Sarcoma in Handful of AIDS Patients
    The skin cancer, which causes lesions, can be controlled with newer treatments

  • Falling Platelet Counts May Signal HIV-Linked Dementia
    Study finds a strong correlation, with risk doubling as blood cells decline

  • Number of Partners Doesn't Explain Gay HIV Rate
    Gay, straight men equally prone to unprotected sex, research shows

  • HIV Drug Might Fight Cancer
    Repositioning approved drugs could speed development of new therapies, researchers say

  • HIV Delivers 'Double Whammy' to Brain
    Virus doesn't just destroy neurons, it prevents new ones from forming, study finds

  • Genetic Analysis Offers Insights Into AIDS Resistance
    Finding could lead to new treatments, possibly vaccines, researchers say

  • Combo HIV Drug Therapy May Restore Healthy Immune System
    But these good results might not apply to all patients, experts say

  • New Combo Drug Therapies Prove Effective Against HIV
    Etravirine, darunavir prove their mettle in phase 3 trials

  • Needlestick Injuries Common Among Surgery Students
    Incidents that could pass on HIV, hepatitis often go unreported, study finds

  • Fighting Ancient Virus May Have Left Humans Vulnerable to HIV
    New study helps explain why other primates aren't sickened by AIDS

  • Expanded HIV Testing Pays Off: Studies
    Screenings at emergency rooms, gay pride events cited by researchers

  • Hepatitis B Drug a Threat to Those With HIV
    Use of Baraclude alone leads AIDS virus to become drug-resistant, study finds

  • Anti-Malaria Drugs Help Africa's Women, Babies
    Giving these meds in pregnancy improves birth outcomes, study finds

  • Friends Are Key to Teens' Views on Sex
    Young Americans also seek out like-minded companions, study finds

  • Emergency Room HIV Tests Cost-Effective: Study
    60% of patients agreed to screening; program suggests model for future use

  • Scientists Find New Clues to Fighting HIV
    Immune system, genetic discoveries suggest vaccine, treatment strategies

  • Scientists Find Clues to AIDS-Linked Cancer
    Kaposi's sarcoma relies on key bits of genetic material, experts say

  • HIV Drugs May Raise Heart Attack Risk
    But the danger from protease inhibitors remains small, experts say

  • HIV Infection Seems to Raise Heart Attack Risk
    Doctors suspect that inflammation may be to blame

  • FDA Panel Recommends Approval of New AIDS Drug
    Maraviroc is first of a novel class of HIV medications

  • Natural Blood Molecule Blocks HIV
    Discovery could lead to a whole new class of AIDS drugs

  • Chlamydia Screening Programs Don't Work: Expert
    There's no evidence these efforts reduce infection rates, Swiss scientist says

  • New AIDS Drug Helps Patients Immune to Other Medications
    Nearly half of trial participants had essentially undetectable levels of virus in their blood

  • Multivitamins Improve Birth Outcomes in Developing World
    Supplements reduced babies' odds for low birth weight, study found

  • Emotions Play Major Role in Teen Condom Use
    Managing stress associated with birth control key to promoting safe sex, study finds

  • Breast-Feeding Helps Shield Babies From HIV
    South African study found much higher risks for bottle-fed infants

  • Gap in Black-White Life Expectancy Narrows
    It's a good sign, but not a victory, one expert says

  • New Tuberculosis Blood Test Spots Hidden Infection
    It's an improvement on traditional skin screen, study finds

  • HIV's Houdini Powers Examined
    Scientists study how the AIDS virus escapes the immune system

  • Dropping Written-Consent Law May Boost HIV Testing
    Screening rates rose after the rule was eliminated, U.S. team finds

  • FDA Tightens Warnings on Anemia Drugs
    Higher-than-recommended doses can be fatal to kidney, cancer patients

  • Scientists Discover 'Natural Barrier' to HIV
    A protein in mucosal cells helps keep infection rates down

  • Few Primary Care Docs Offer HIV Test to L.A.'s Hispanics
    Less than half gave safe sex advice to this group hard-hit by AIDS, study found

  • Hepatitis B Drug Triggers HIV Drug Resistance
    Finding calls for change in labeling and use, researchers say

  • Circumcision May Help Protect Against HIV
    Study in African men shows a 53% reduction in infection

  • Outside Forces 'Medicalizing' Everyday Problems, Experts Say
    Drug ads and other factors are having an impact on clinical practice

  • Herpes Treatment Could Help Keep HIV at Bay
    Valtrex lowered both viruses in female genital tract, study found

  • Scientists Determine How HIV Infects Vagina
    Finding could lead to new ways of shielding women from the virus

  • Protein Finding Bolsters AIDS Vaccine Hopes
    It's a viral 'site of vulnerability' that doesn't mutate, scientists say

  • Marijuana May Ease AIDS Patients' Foot Pain
    The smoked drug lessens a burning numbness that accompanies the illness, study finds

  • Natural Immune-System Molecule Helps Shield Against HIV
    IL-7 could be useful complement to standard therapy, study suggests

  • Selenium Supplements May Slow Progression of HIV
    But the mineral should only be used as an adjunct to proven drug therapy, experts say

  • Prison Release a Dangerous Health Time for Many
    Former inmates have higher immediate risk of death from drug overdose, homicide and suicide, study finds

  • Scientists Decipher Genome for 'Nasty' STD
    Trichomonas vaginalis associated with pelvic disease, risk of HIV infection in women

  • Delaying AIDS Treatment After Birth May Help Infected Moms
    Six-month wait for nevirapine use could lessen resistance to antiretroviral therapy

  • New Test Spots Drug Resistance in HIV Patients
    Could help doctors decide which medications are best in each case

  • Hopes for an AIDS Cure Remain Alive
    Current drugs are toxic and don't rid body of latent HIV, experts note

  • Health Tip: Symptoms of HIV in Women
    They include chronic yeast infections and extreme weight loss

  • Surgery a Bigger Risk for HIV-Infected Patients
    Odds for post-op pneumonia are much higher in this group, study finds

  • Multidrug-Resistant TB Growing at Faster Pace
    Measures needed to prevent emergence of fatal variant in HIV-infected populations, study says

  • Earlier HIV Therapy Helps Beat Back Hepatitis C
    More and more people now carry both of these dangerous viruses, experts say

  • Circumcision Reduces HIV Rates, U.S. Studies Confirm
    African trials halted; participants offered circumcision by researchers

  • HIV-Infected Intestinal Immune Cells Never Rebound
    Levels remain low despite years of treatment, study finds

  • U.S. Blacks Seek Answers to AIDS Epidemic
    25 years into crisis, research still lags as infection rates rise

  • AIDS Deaths Rising Among Hispanic Americans
    The epidemic is also worsening in South Africa, new study finds

  • Stop-and-Start HIV Treatment Too Risky
    Continuous drug therapy is the only safe option, major study finds

  • Gene Therapy Shows Promise Against HIV
    Early clinical trial suggests it can help infected patients

  • Most Americans Favor Comprehensive Sex Education
    80 percent believe instruction should include abstinence plus other methods

  • Heavy Drinking May Speed Progression to AIDS
    Alcohol abuse accelerated time to end-stage disease by a factor of 2.5

  • Viral Blood Levels Don't Indicate Course of HIV Infection
    Study challenges commonly held belief that the higher the viral load, the faster the progression to AIDS

  • Smokers May Be More Likely to Contract HIV
    Tobacco changes lung structure, immune response to infection, researchers say

  • CDC Recommends Routine HIV Testing
    Screening should be part of medical care for those 13 to 64 years old, agency says.

  • Studies Reveal Slow Progress on Global Child Deaths
    Lack of funds means vulnerable countries are falling behind, experts say

  • Drug Combo Protects Arteries of HIV Patients
    Adding an NRTI drug to protease inhibitors reduced unhealthy side effect

  • Potent Anthrax Inhibitor Tested in Animals
    Multiple-site bonding concept could fight influenza, AIDS and SARS

  • Teens Neglect Condom Use in 'Serious' Relationships
    Young people underestimate STD risk from steady partners, researchers say

  • Global AIDS Panel Updates Treatment Strategies
    New guidelines led by refinements in choice of initial antiretroviral regimen

  • 4-Drug HIV 'Cocktail' No More Effective Than 3-Drug Combo
    Researchers recommend the 3-drug regimen remain the standard in most cases

  • Older HIV Patients Take Medication More Regularly
    Cholesterol, blood sugar, kidney problems and depression need special attention in those over 50

  • Many Teens Don't Use Condoms Correctly
    U.K. study suggests more education is needed to protect kids

  • Over 3 Percent of U.S. Teens Have Traded Sex for Money, Drugs
    Researchers say this statistic may underestimate real prevalence

  • Fewer Teens Engage in Risky Sexual Behavior
    Researchers say safe-sex AIDS messages may be working for some, but not all, children

  • Successful Anti-HIV Program Targets Hispanic Teens
    Pilot project focused on abstinence, condom use

  • HIV/AIDS Therapy Still Effective 10 Years On
    HAART treatment lowers risk of AIDS and death, but increase in tuberculosis a concern, studies find

  • For Lessons on Fighting AIDS, Look South
    Latin American and Caribbean programs offer hope, but one expert says the global picture is still grim

  • Combo Drug Therapy Protects HIV-Positive Children
    Incidence of opportunistic infections reduced up to 14-fold, report says

  • FDA Approves Once-Daily Combo Drug for HIV
    Three-agent Atripla should ease treatment in U.S. and abroad, experts say

  • Stem Cells Transformed Into Immune Cells
    But researchers stress that lab results may take years to duplicate in humans

  • Many Young Rape Victims Fail to Take HIV-Preventing Drugs
    Just 15% took the full regimen as recommended by doctors

  • Depressed Teens at Higher Risk for Pregnancy, STDs
    They're more likely to forego condoms or contraceptives, study finds

  • Scientists Turn Stem Cells Into Disease-Fighting T-Cells
    Achievement could be a milestone for AIDS research, they say

  • Tuesday Is HIV Testing Day Across U.S.
    It's a chance to get free, confidential testing and counseling

  • HIV Drugs Have Given Americans 3 Million Years of Life
    They've also prevented 2,900 infant infections since 1989, new study finds

  • Scientists ID Genetic Cause of HIV Virulence
    Loss of one function of one gene makes the difference, study says

  • Scientists Find Way to Speed Up HIV Vaccine Research
    Early immune-cell response should predict shot's effectiveness, researchers say

  • Advances, Failures Mark AIDS' First 25 Years
    The epidemic, like HIV, is changing, experts say

  • People Shun Help for Illnesses They View as 'Untreatable'
    Study finds they're less likely to get tested for cancer, AIDS

  • Some HIV-Positive People Choose Sexual Abstinence
    Study found up to 18 percent remain celibate

  • Journal Backs Condoms for HIV/AIDS Fight
    Limitations on their use will cost lives, a Lancet editorial says

  • DNA Finding Could Boost AIDS Research
    Knocking out HIV genes could be a new weapon against the disease

  • Combo Therapy Fights AIDS-Linked Lymphoma
    HIV-positive cancer patients fared as well as those without the virus, study found

  • Anti-AIDS Gel Shows Promise in Early Trials
    Vaginal treatment produced few side effects, but much additional testing remains

  • AIDS Survival Varies With HIV Subtype
    Infection with subtype D brings grimmer prognosis, study finds

  • Safety Program Cuts HIV-Tainted Blood Donations in S. Africa
    Project included education efforts, closing clinics in high-risk areas

  • New HIV Drug Regimen More Effective Than Existing Therapy
    But it may be best for patients receiving first-time treatment, study finds

  • Gene Protects Against HIV, But Ups Risk for West Nile Virus
    Finding could have implications for HIV-positive patients, experts say

  • Oral HIV Tests Not the Last Word
    A high number of false positive results means these tests are only preliminary screen, experts say

  • World AIDS Day Marked By Hardship, Hope
    While infection rates climb, breakthroughs -- like a vaccine -- inch nearer

  • Zinc Supplements Safe, Effective for HIV-infected Kids
    They reduce deadly diarrhea and pneumonia, new study finds

  • Placental Leak Drives Mom-to-Baby HIV Transmission
    Infection appears to occur during labor contractions, new study finds

  • Many Distrust AIDS Vaccine Trials
    Minorities, especially, say they wouldn't volunteer for these studies

  • HIV Rates Dropping Among Blacks in U.S.
    But CDC reports rate still much higher than that among whites, Hispanics

  • HIV Kills Poorer Americans Sooner
    They're at an 89 percent higher risk of death than wealthier infected individuals

  • Anti-HIV Vaginal Gel Shows Promise
    In monkeys, microbicide prevented infection despite viral exposure

  • St. John's Wort Protein Suppresses HIV
    But preliminary research shows drugstore version doesn't seem to work

  • FDA to Consider Rapid, At-Home HIV Test
    The device can spot antibodies in oral fluids

  • Circumcision May Protect Against HIV
    African study found the procedure reduced infection rates by 60 percent

  • Quarter of HIV Patients Report Discrimination
    Many say health-care providers uncomfortable with them

  • Interferon-Linked Protein Key to HIV Vaccine
    Research yields new targets for preventing infection, researchers say

  • HIV Thins Regions of the Brain
    Even seemingly healthy patients show signs of damage, study finds

  • Study Supports Routine HIV Tests for Fever Patients
    Identifying infection could prevent its spread to others

  • A Memory Jogger for HIV Patients
    Electronic device prompts them to take medication, researchers say

  • Immune Cells Key to HIV-linked Dementia
    These 'scavenger cells' crowd brain's memory centers as virus invades, study finds

  • Boosting Immune Response Could Fight Cancer
    An HIV therapy might also improve vaccination effectiveness, experts say

  • CDC Survey: Oral Sex Substitutes for Intercourse With Many Teenagers
    Experts warn more teens at risk for sexually transmitted diseases

  • Health Tip: Are You at Risk for AIDS?
    Factors that increase your chances

  • New HIV Therapy Clears Out Hidden Virus
    Approach might one day lead to a cure, researchers say

  • Today's HIV Patients: Just as Heavy as the General Population
    Study finds higher levels of obesity among infected individuals

  • Teen Dating Violence Takes a Double Toll
    Female victims more likely to contract sexually transmitted diseases, study finds

  • Study Confirms Power of Anti-HIV Drugs
    Combination therapy is keeping patients alive over long term

  • Good Germs Could Keep HIV at Bay
    Antiviral agents are attached to bacteria at key points of infection

  • Experts: Test All Pregnant Women for HIV
    Federal panel issues updated guidelines on screening for the virus

  • Condom Label Flap Stirs Controversy
    Health experts counter conservatives over effectiveness against STDs

  • Viagra May Raise STD Risks in Gay Men
    But there's debate over whether the drug is to blame

  • AIDS Drugs Lower Infection Risk for Couples
    Transmission less likely among heterosexuals when one partner takes medications, study shows

  • Early HIV Treatment Extending Kids' Lives
    The key is to give triple-drug therapy soon after birth, study finds

  • Genetic Testing Picks Up More HIV Infections
    It may detect 4 percent of missed cases, study suggests

  • Design of HIV Vaccines May Have Been Faulty
    Immune systems attacked antibodies, study claims

  • Teens Don't Get Health Counseling They Need
    Study finds little discussion of topics such as HIV, skin cancer

  • HIV-Infected Parent's Final Illness Toughest on Teens
    Death may ease emotional burden, study suggests

  • Less May Be More in Treating Early HIV
    Fewer people discontinue treatment with milder regimen

  • Abuse, HIV Raise Women's Suicide Risk
    Women troubled by both are 12 times more likely to attempt suicide, study finds

  • World's Children Dying From Common, Treatable Infections
    Prevention and care could slash child deaths by two-thirds, expert says

  • Healthy Women With HIV May Need Fewer Pap Tests
    But researchers caution the findings need to be confirmed in additional studies

  • More Clues Come in Possible HIV 'Superbug' Case
    Researchers concerned about the speed with which the virus strain replicated

  • Drug Therapy Combats Some Cancers in HIV Patients
    HAART cuts risk of Kaposi sarcoma, non-Hodgkin lymphoma, study finds

  • Licorice Derivative May Slow Kaposi's Sarcoma
    Compound makes cancerous cells commit suicide, study finds

  • Teens With HIV Taking More Chances
    Advent of powerful drugs coincides with trend of riskier behavior, study finds

  • Hepatitis C Regimen Approved for HIV Patients
    300,000 Americans infected with both

  • Genetic Test Can Detect HIV In Newly Infected
    The procedure has been used in blood bank donation screening, researchers say

  • Shape-Shifting HIV Yields New Drug Targets
    A protein on the virus' outer coat changes shape to infect cells

  • Saliva Testing Moves Into the Mainstream
    Lowly spit might be a lifesaver in disease, infection detection

  • Researchers Pursue Seemingly Rare HIV Strain
    Tests should shed light on mysterious infection of New York City man

  • Reprogrammed HIV Can Hunt Down Cancer Cells
    Harmless form of the virus attacked malignancies in mice, says study

  • Leukemia Drug Eyed for Kaposi's Sarcoma
    Gleevec can shrink skin tumors linked to HIV/AIDS

  • AIDS 'Superbug' Feared in New York City
    Drug-resistant HIV strain diagnosed in local man

  • Wider HIV Testing Would Save Lives, Dollars
    Two studies find testing cost-effective but underused

  • Scientists Get Handle on Kaposi's Sarcoma
    Herpes virus infects body before cancer takes hold

  • HIV Risk High in Poor Neighborhoods
    Stress experienced by males leads to drug use, needle sharing

  • Syphilis Rates Not Result of Unsafe Sex
    British researchers says natural cycle of disease might explain recent U.S. spike

  • U.S. Leads in Sexually Transmitted Disease Rate
    Deaths, disabilities three times higher than other developed nations, study finds

  • AIDS Conspiracy Theory Belief Linked to Less Condom Use
    Survey of black Americans raises a challenge

  • New Hope for HIV Treatment
    Artificial HIV gene may help in development of protective vaccine

  • U.S. Urges Wider Use of Preventive HIV Drug Therapy
    Potential recipients include victims of sexual assault

  • Drug Resistance a Growing Problem for HIV-Infected Individuals
    Missed doses contribute to the troubling trend, research finds

  • Genes a Key Factor in Avoiding HIV
    Study finds great variation between, within racial groups

  • Simple Cough Test Spots Tuberculosis
    Worked as well as invasive procedure, South African study says

  • Bringing HIV Out of Hiding
    Scientists say it could make virus vulnerable to powerful drugs

  • A Pill to Prevent AIDS?
    Studies will test whether an HIV drug can protect healthy people

  • Certain Immune Genes Key in Fighting HIV
    Scientists discover one that evolves quickly to battle virus

  • Gay Men Using Viagra Recreationally
    Study: Practice may raise risk of STDs, fatal drug interactions

  • Study to Pit Herpes Drug Against HIV
    If it works, Acyclovir would be inexpensive weapon in fight against AIDS

  • Gleevec Shows Promise Against Kaposi's Sarcoma
    Drug slowed cancer growth in small number of AIDS patients

  • Study Finds Safe Pain Relief for Most Veterans
    For cancer patients, modest, stable use of morphine-like drugs

  • Ready-Made Drugs May Halt AIDS-Related Infection
    Generic antipsychotics block virus, finds study

  • Extending Immune Cell Life Fights HIV
    It's a whole new way of targeting the virus, scientists say

  • Unsafe Sex Common Among Those With HIV
    Study finds 23% of patients still engage in the practice

  • Drug Therapy Delayed for Blacks With HIV
    Disparity pronounced, although researchers can't fault racism

  • Keeping Organ, Tissue Transplants Safe
    RNA screening could guard against HIV, hepatitis C

  • Planned Changes to AIDS Prevention Funds Draw Fire
    But supporters say current system is flawed

  • Cream May Prevent Vaginal HIV Infection
    Microbicide protects monkeys, but human tests may be far off

  • One-on-One Counseling Stems Spread of AIDS
    Unprotected sex declined among HIV-positive young adults who got it

  • AIDS Drugs May Damage Skin
    Dideoxynucleosides may deaden nerves, cause pain or numbness

  • HIV-Positive Moms' Meds Protect Babies
    Antiretroviral therapy is passed along during breast-feeding

  • New Clue to HIV Dementia Found
    Study finds decreased levels of dopamine in brains of people with disease

  • AIDS Prevention Programs Can Go the Distance
    Technology enables developing countries to access approaches

  • HIV Therapy Should Start Sooner
    New study says current guidelines call for HAART therapy too late

  • Low Self-Esteem Linked to Unsafe Sex
    Study finds self-confidence may help black teenage girls refuse unprotected sex

  • Testing STD Kits
    Study to examine effectiveness of free home tests for sexually transmitted diseases

  • Drug Plumps Faces Drawn by HIV
    Sculptra reverses gaunt appearance

  • New Anti-AIDS Combinations Approved
    Patients take fewer pills

  • Program Helps Teenage Kids of HIV Patients
    Study: Counseling helps them do better as young adults

  • Suicide, Drug Use Claim Lives of Many Homeless Kids
    They have death rate 11 times higher than that of other kids

  • Drug Combo May Halt Liver Disease in Those With HIV/Hepatitis C
    40% of study subjects showed significant improvement

  • Fatalistic Doctors Deter HIV-Thwarting Efforts
    Many think their patients won't change risky behavior

  • Silver Lining to HIV Treatment Found
    Antiretroviral drugs also cut risk of cervical abnormality

  • HIV Prevention Programs Help Black Teen Girls
    Study finds efforts tailored to them reduce risk of sexually transmitted diseases

  • HIV Regimen Has Fewer Side Effects
    Study finds tenofovir effective but better in long run

  • Preventing HIV in Babies Could Harm Moms
    Stopping mother-to-child transmission may come at a price