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  • Zapping Airway Nerves May Help COPD Patients Breathe

  • Protecting Your Health From Wildfire Smoke

  • Rheumatoid Arthritis Linked to Risk of COPD

  • CDC Reveals Top 5 Causes of Death
    Good news is that many can be prevented

  • COPD Deaths Down for Most Americans: CDC
    But rates up for black women and middle-aged people

  • Many Smokers Have COPD Symptoms, Without Diagnosis
    It's not clear how many will go on to have the full-blown respiratory ailment, researchers said

  • Many COPD Patients Have Trouble Finding Care
    They can face high out-of-pocket costs, lack access to treatment

  • Exercise May Extend Lives of People With COPD
    Study seems to show a big benefit, and experts say activity can help lungs stay healthy

  • Study Casts Doubt on Effectiveness of COPD Drug
    Research finds acetazolamide may not help patients breathe on their own, but one expert disagrees

  • Coils in Lungs Might Boost Ability to Exercise With Emphysema
    Study finds greater improvement in those treated compared to a placebo

  • Implanted Lung Valves Show Promise in Some Emphysema Patients
    Study finds more success when stricter criteria used in selecting who gets the treatment

  • VW Emissions Scandal May Cost 60 U.S. Lives, Study Claims
    Added air pollution could take a toll, researchers say, but car company refutes the notion

  • Tai Chi Might Help People With Long-Term Health Conditions
    Study shows ancient exercise improves physical ability in those with arthritis, heart failure, emphysema and breast cancer

  • No Evidence to Support Widespread Screening for COPD: Experts
    U.S. panel says efforts should focus on cutting smoking to prevent the deadly respiratory disease

  • COPD Patients Less Active, Which Can Worsen Outcomes
    Study finds a 'vicious circle' where decline in exercise exacerbates the disease

  • COPD Raises Cardiac Death Risk for Those With Irregular Heartbeat
    But the lung condition not tied to raised stroke risk in these patients

  • Smoking Makes a Comeback in Georgia Bars, Restaurants
    State's laws permit designated smoking areas, and more establishments are allowing them, study says

  • COPD Tied to Raised Risk for Sudden Cardiac Death
    Experts weren't surprised, since smoking often contributes to the respiratory disease and heart trouble

  • More Evidence of Long-Term Illness in 9/11 Responders
    EMS workers join police, fire personnel still struggling with health problems, study finds

  • COPD Takes Big Toll on Employment, Mobility in U.S.
    CDC report finds a quarter of people with the illness are unable to work

  • Healthy Diet May Be Linked to Lower Risk of Lung Disease
    Consuming less red meat, soda and alcohol tied to lower COPD threat in study

  • Nearly Half of Older Adults With Asthma, COPD Still Smoke: CDC
    Quitting is 'challenging' and depression often plays a role, one expert says

  • EPA Issues Tougher Rules on Ozone Emissions
    Health experts praised the new limits, but industry advocates said they aren't needed

  • Cigars Loaded With Harmful Toxins, Study Shows
    Even though they may not be inhaled, 'cloud' of smoke could be as dangerous as that from cigarettes

  • Some Lung Patients Buy Cigarettes Along With Meds at Pharmacies: Study
    To end this paradoxical practice, certain drug stores no longer sell tobacco products

  • Common Respiratory Diseases Tied to Lung Cancer Risk
    Chronic bronchitis, emphysema and pneumonia linked to risk in study, but not asthma, tuberculosis

  • FDA Approves New Treatment for People With COPD
    Striverdi Respimat is an inhaled spray that works by keeping airways relaxed, agency says

  • Once-Daily Inhaler Approved for COPD
    Striverdi Respimat relaxes lung airways to improve breathing

  • Annual COPD Costs To Hit $49 Billion by 2020: CDC
    Each year, almost 135,000 die from smoking-related chronic lung disease, experts say

  • Obesity May Raise Risk of COPD
    Study found those with largest waist sizes more likely to develop lung disease

  • Smog Controls Tied to Fewer Lung Disease Deaths in N.C.
    Study of 20 years of data suggests federal mandates on cleaner air had positive impact on health

  • Heat Waves Could Worsen COPD Symptoms, Study Suggests
    Finding is troubling given predictions of rising temperatures due to climate change

  • Climate Change Will Make Breathing in Summer Harder: Study
    As weather warms, some areas in U.S. will have many high ozone days

  • Smoke-Free Laws May Help Prevent COPD Hospitalizations
    Kentucky patients 22 percent less likely to need to be admitted in counties with stricter laws, study finds

  • Coordinated Care Helps Elderly With Chronic Diseases
    Odds of complications, hospital admissions lower when patients see fewer doctors, says study

  • 2-Mile Daily Walk Might Help Fight COPD
    Study found patients who were more active had fewer hospitalizations from lung condition

  • Anoro Ellipta Approved for COPD
    Drug relaxes lung airways

  • Blood Tests May Predict COPD Flare-Ups
    Signs of chronic inflammation in the blood linked to faster deterioration of lung function

  • Long-Term Use of Antibiotic May Help Those With COPD
    Taking azithromycin for a year cut down on re-hospitalizations for disease flare-ups, study found

  • Certain COPD Meds Might Raise Heart Risks, Study Says
    But benefits of 'bronchodilators' tend to outweigh risks, specialist adds

  • Breo Ellipta Approved for COPD
    Respiratory disease is the third-leading cause of death in U.S.

  • Women's Smoking Deaths at All-Time High in U.S.
    Starting earlier, smoking more account for increase, expert says

  • Winter Holds Many Hazards for Seniors, Expert Warns
    Preparation, caution can help keep elderly safe from injuries and illness related to season

  • 15 Million in U.S. Have COPD, a Lung Disease
    Prevalence of the chronic condition is highest in Kentucky, CDC says

  • For People With Lung Disease, Colds Are Worse With School Kids Around
    Study found sore throat, runny nose, cough were all more likely

  • Health Tip: Help Keep COPD in Check
    Visit your doctor often

  • Human Airways' 'Brush' Mechanism Gives Clues to Lung Diseases
    Researchers say proper mucus clearance may depend on how tiny hair-like cilia operate

  • Tudorza Pressair Approved for COPD
    Inhaler treats narrowed lung airways

  • Fatigue in COPD Patients Often Precedes Hospitalization: Study
    Low energy is common in people with the respiratory condition

  • COPD Can Put a Damper on Sex Life
    Breathlessness also affects mood and well-being, small study says

  • 'Self-Managing' COPD Might Pose Risks, Study Suggests
    People getting comprehensive education had higher death risk, researchers found

  • Cured Meat Products Linked to Lung Disease Flare-Ups
    Nitrates in bacon, sausage, lunch meats might worsen airway disease symptoms, researchers say

  • Home Oxygen Could Raise Burn Risk: Experts
    Banning smoking and taking other safety precautions can prevent mishaps

  • Study Maps Path From Smoking to Emphysema in Mice
    Immune response to smoke causes the disease, researchers say

  • Vitamin D Won't Help Most COPD Patients: Study
    However, those with severe vitamin deficiency may see a benefit, researchers say

  • Patches, Counseling, Persistence Can Help Smokers Quit
    'Keep working at it' could be key to success, studies suggest

  • Risk for COPD Higher Than Thought: Study
    People have a 1-in-4 four chance of developing the debilitating lung disease during their lifetime, researchers find

  • Health Tip: Manage COPD Symptoms
    Suggestions for living with the lung disease

  • Arcapta Inhaler Approved for COPD
    Helps prevent wheezing and shortness of breath

  • No Headway Against COPD, Which Now Affects Women More
    Smoking-linked respiratory ailment has become third biggest killer in the U.S., researchers say

  • COPD Drug Via Mist Inhaler Could Raise Death Risk: Study
    Spiriva isn't yet available in this form to U.S. patients, although a powdered formulation is

  • Certain COPD Meds Linked to Urinary Troubles in Men
    Inhaled drugs such as Spiriva, Atrovent may raise odds for urinary retention, study finds

  • Discovery of Lung Stem Cells May Herald New Treatments
    But the research is preliminary, so human benefits won't come any time soon

  • Menthol Cigarettes Pose No Added Lung Cancer Risk: Study
    But experts stress that choosing the minty smokes won't help you avoid deadly respiratory disease

  • New Test for Emphysema on the Horizon
    Simple blood test could enable detection before symptoms, experts say

  • Lesser Known Lung Diseases Can Strike Smokers, Ex-Smokers
    Study found these reduced lung capacity, but also reduced chances of emphysema, COPD

  • Early Trial Suggests COPD Drug Might Help Some Asthmatics
    Adding Spiriva to steroid seems to work, but more study is needed, experts say

  • Health Tip: Recognizing COPD
    Possible symptoms of chronic obstructive pulmonary disease

  • Study Finds Even a Little Cigarette Smoke Harms Airway
    Just a few puffs trigger genetic changes in cells that could spur disease, experts say

  • Ancestry May Affect Lung Function Tests
    Adjusting for genetic history would improve results for asthma, COPD, study suggests

  • More Cancer-Causing Chemicals in U.S. Cigarettes
    They contain about 3 times as much of a potent carcinogen as foreign brands, CDC finds

  • Women Smokers Targeted on 'World No Tobacco Day'
    Smoking-related illnesses kill more females than males, organizers say

  • Quick Use of Antibiotics Best for COPD Flare-Ups
    Not waiting to confirm an infection improves patient outcomes, researchers say

  • Lung Disease Can Be Genetic Even Without Family History
    Finding could pave way for tests that predict the illness, researchers say

  • Cigars, Pipes No 'Healthy' Alternative to Cigarettes
    Users still inhale fumes, and lungs suffer, study finds

  • Steroids May Be Overrated in Treatment of COPD
    But experts disagree over whether to continue using them or not

  • Even Mild Lung Disease Affects the Heart
    Reduced blood supply is probable cause, expert says

  • Living With a Smoker Puts Kids at Risk for Emphysema
    Lung damage seen in otherwise healthy nonsmoking adults, study finds

  • Gene Therapy Holds Promise for Emphysema
    In mice, single treatment offered lifetime protection against inherited form of disease

  • Americans Gaining Awareness of COPD: Survey
    Yet half of those with lung disease symptoms remain undiagnosed, experts say

  • Repairing Injured Lungs May Boost Organ Donations
    Researchers also identify immune cells involved in tissue damage caused by smoking

  • Soy in the Diet May Protect Lung Function
    Chronic lung disease rates lower in those who consume soy, researchers say

  • Lung Enzyme Both Friend and Foe
    MMP-12 contributes to emphysema, but also guards against infection, study shows

  • Double-Lung Transplant Better for Long-Term Survival
    But finding is controversial, since bilateral procedure could halve number of recipients

  • Swallowing-Breathing Dysfunction Worsens Lung Disorder
    Timing of each altered in people with chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, study finds

  • Researchers Suspect Genetic Link to COPD
    Inherited susceptibility to cigarette smoke may be the key

  • Genes May Decide Which Smokers Get Lung Disease
    Certain DNA could encourage chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, research shows

  • Drug Shields Mice From Emphysema
    Experimental approach seemed to protect the animals from smoke's harmful effects, researchers say

  • Steroid Inhalers Raise Pneumonia Risk for Lung Disease Patients
    People with chronic obstructive pulmonary disorder must weigh risks, benefits, experts say

  • Leading COPD Drugs Tied to Stroke, Heart Attack
    Doctors must weigh benefits, risks for meds like Spiriva, Atrovent, experts say

  • Broccoli Compound May Help COPD Patients
    Sulphoraphane boosts lungs' antioxidant activity, researchers explain

  • Cadmium Exposure Tied to Lung Disease
    Found in cigarette smoke, fertilizers, even low levels of the metal can double risk

  • Young Pop Star's Emphysema Startles Experts
    But Amy Winehouse's reported diagnosis is a reminder of the damage drugs or cigarettes can do to lungs, they say

  • Acne Drug Prevents Tissue Damage From Emphysema
    Doxycycline in mice boosts protective protein, too early to see benefit in humans

  • Genetic Factors for Smoking Boost Chronic Bronchitis Risk
    Swedish study says it's first to quantify heritability of the disease

  • Transplant Drug Shrinks Tumors in Women With Rare Lung Disease
    Sirolimus reduced growths by 50% for sufferers of LAM

  • Diesel Exhaust Increases Clot Formation
    2 hours after exposure to fumes, volunteers' blood platelets thickened, study found

  • Lung Bypass Could Fight Emphysema
    Technique allows trapped air a way out, experts say

  • Drink or Two a Day May Help Lungs
    And another study supports vitamins for respiratory health

  • Spirometry Testing for COPD Underused
    Only a third of patients given the analysis, report says

  • COPD Strikes Men, Women Differently
    Finding is significant, because more women than men now have the lung condition

  • Lung Trouble May Raise Heart Risk
    Inflammation may be factor linking the two problems, study suggests

  • Lung Illness Linked to Heart, Bone Problems
    Chronic obstructive pulmonary disease speeds arterial stiffening and osteoporosis, research suggests

  • New Treatment Could Help Emphysema Sufferers
    Airway bypass eases breathing, offers option for those awaiting lung transplant

  • Inhaled Steroids Cut COPD Patients' Lung Cancer Risk
    The drugs may lower airway inflammation, reduce genetic errors, researchers say

  • New Imaging Techniques Provide Closer Look Inside Lungs
    Sharper pictures may improve early detection of diseases, such as emphysema, researchers say

  • Health Tip: Understanding Emphysema
    When the lungs' air sacs break down

  • Advair Won't Lower COPD Death Risk: Study
    The steroid-plus-bronchodilator does improve patients' quality of life, however

  • Many COPD Patients Going Without Tests
    Only a third got the respiratory screen needed for proper diagnosis, study found

  • Artificial Lung Valve Could Aid Emphysema Paitients
    Device could help some avoid surgery, experts say

  • One in Four Smokers Will Get Lung Disease
    Study finds COPD incidence much higher than previously believed

  • Acid Reflux Adds to COPD Complications
    Patients twice as likely to experience exacerbated symptoms, study finds

  • Corticosteroids Fight Chronic Lung Disease
    The drugs cut patients' death risk by 25 percent, study found

  • COPD More Deadly for Women
    They typically don't survive as long as male patients, study finds

  • Surgery Continues to Help Severe Emphysema Cases
    U.S. trial finds patients often get symptom relief, with benefits lasting for years

  • Most Lung Disease Patients Don't Get 'Ideal' Care
    Study shows only 33% with COPD got 'ideal' treatment

  • Doctors Must Help COPD Patients Quit Smoking
    Patients need to understand the risks, and know how to quit, researchers say

  • New MRI Can Spot Emphysema Early
    It beats standard CT scanning, without the radiation risk, researchers say

  • Health Tip: COPD Needs to be Tightly Controlled
    Patients need to stop smoking

  • Obstructive Lung Disease Costs America Billions
    New study estimates nearly $833 billion spent over 20 years

  • Women More Vulnerable to Obstructive Lung Disease
    A new study suggests why this might be so

  • Lung Cancer May Differ by Gender
    Women often get the disease in the absence of other lung trouble

  • Rapid Early Decline Bodes Ill for COPD Patients
    Individuals who quickly lose lung function die much sooner, research shows

  • Helium-Oxygen Mix Helps COPD Patients Breathe Easier
    It may be a better treatment for very ill patients, researchers say

  • Lung-Reduction Surgery May Help Some Emphysema Patients
    Major study finds it can boost survival, quality of life

  • Tomato Juice Might Protect Lungs
    50% mixture prevented emphysema in mouse study, Japanese researchers say

  • Steroid Drugs Improve COPD Survival
    Inhaled corticosteroids fight the deadly obstructive lung disease, studies find

  • New Drug Looks Promising For Lung Disease
    Patients who got roflumilast breathed easier, study finds

  • New Test Predicts Lung Disease Death Risk
    Screen that measures lung inflation will help in COPD treatment

  • Internal Clock Governs Lungs, Too
    Findings could help doctors schedule procedures

  • Extreme Heat Can Degrade Mail-Order Drugs
    Researchers advise against leaving them in hot cars, mailboxes

  • Asthmatics Have Higher COPD Risk
    Study finds chances are 12 times higher