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  • New Nerve Stimulation Technique Might Relieve Back Pain

  • Health Tip: Know the Risk Factors for Lower Back Pain

  • Three New Genes Linked to Chronic Back Pain

  • Health Tip: Change Poor Posture

  • Could a Placebo Pill Help Ease Your Back Pain?

  • Health Tip: Prevent Back Pain at Work

  • Low Back Pain? These Exercises May Help

  • Health Tip: Buy the Right Backpack for Your Child

  • Anti-seizure Meds Won't Ease Low Back Pain

  • Low-Impact Yoga, Pilates Brings Big Health Benefits at All Ages

  • Chiropractic Has Role to Play in Easing Lower Back Pain: Study

  • Exercises for Chronic Health Conditions

  • Non-Opioids Often Underused After Back Surgery

  • Health Tip: When To Call Your Doctor If You Have Lower Back Pain

  • Overcoming Fear of Back Pain May Spur Recovery

  • Millions Get Wrong Treatment for Back Pain: Study

  • Opioids Not Best Option for Back Pain, Arthritis, Study Finds

  • Health Tip: Shovel Snow Safely

  • Study Gets to the Core of Back Pain in Runners

  • Electrical Pulses May Ease Pain From 'Slipped' Disc

  • Electrical Pulses May Ease Pain From 'Slipped' Disc

  • Divers May Be Plunging Into Trouble

  • Your Robot Masseuse Will See You Now
    Device developers say it offers professional quality and cost savings

  • Take the Back Pain Out of Backpacks
    Make sure your child isn't carrying too heavy a load

  • Hospitals Not to Blame for Most Opioid Addiction: Study
    Outpatient prescriptions for spinal and orthopedic disorders identified as common triggers

  • 'Smart' Underwear May Help Prevent Back Pain
    With just a tap, wearable device eases stress, fatigue on lower back muscles, researchers say

  • Lower Back Injuries Plague Many Athletes
    Surgery should be a last resort for 3 common conditions, orthopedic expert says

  • JFK's Long, Silent Struggle With Back Pain
    Kennedy's private journey to fix his spine illustrates 'unfortunate pattern of treatment and outcomes'

  • Health Tip: Are You at Risk for a Herniated Disk?
    Here's what increases your chances

  • Nerve Zap Unlikely to Ease Low Back Pain
    Exercise alone may be best approach, researchers say

  • Don't Let Summer Strain Your Back
    All that yard work and traveling can lead to injury, so spine experts offer safety tips

  • Depressed Back Pain Patients Often Get Opioids
    Study finds they are also more apt to get higher doses of the highly addictive painkillers

  • Yoga Soothes Back Pain in Study
    Age-old practice did as good a job as physical therapy, but neither was a cure for all patients

  • Seniors Get Good Results From Herniated Disc Surgery
    Age is no reason to avoid the operation, Norwegian researchers report

  • Is One Round of Radiation Enough for Spine Pain in Cancer Patients?
    Study suggests it works as well as a full week of treatments

  • Don't Let Your Garden Get You Down
    Yard work relieves stress but can wreak havoc on muscles and joints unless you protect yourself

  • 'Mindfulness' Probably Won't Cure Your Back Pain: Study
    But one specialist still isn't ruling out this complementary therapy

  • Healing Hands: Massage May Ease Chronic Back Pain
    People over 50 tended to respond best, study finds

  • Chiropractors Not Magicians When It Comes to Chronic Back Pain
    Review suggests there's no quick fix for this common ailment, with only modest relief seen in most cases

  • Music May Soothe the 'Savage Beast' of Post-Op Pain
    Live tunes, singing and rhythmic drumming appeared to help ease discomfort after back surgery

  • Drug No Better Than Placebo for Lower Back, Leg Pain
    Pregabalin, commonly known as Lyrica, didn't help patients with acute sciatica in study

  • Suicide Often Leaves Mental, Physical Woes in Surviving Spouse
    Rates of PTSD and depression are higher, but so too are liver problems and back pain, study finds

  • Drug No Better Than Placebo for Lower Back, Leg Pain
    Pregabalin, commonly known as Lyrica, didn't help patients with acute sciatica in study

  • Tattoo Artists Risk Serious Pain in the Neck
    Backaches, headaches and eye strain also go with the job but can be prevented, researchers say

  • Steroid Shots Offer No Long-Term Relief for Low-Back Pain
    Pain reduction aimed at reducing disc inflammation doesn't last, study finds

  • Valium May Be Useless for Acute Lower Back Pain
    Another study casts doubt on notion that potent painkillers can really help

  • Lower Back Disk Surgeries May Benefit All Ages
    But older people have a higher risk of minor complications, study finds

  • Try Drug-Free Options First for Low Back Pain, New Guidelines Say
    Recommendations state opioid painkillers should be last resort for long-lasting pain

  • Low Back Pain? Relax, Breathe and Try Yoga
    Review of 12 studies found small improvements in pain levels, function after 3 to 6 months

  • Common Painkillers Don't Ease Back Pain, Study Finds
    Patients who took NSAIDs were also 2.5 times more likely to suffer gastrointestinal side effects

  • Low Back Pain Common Among Kids
    Sports injuries are just one frequent cause, study finds

  • Forward-Thinking Tips for Back Pain
    Certain behaviors can reduce your risk, doctor says

  • Joints Achy? Don't Blame Mother Nature
    Study disputes weather's role in knee and back pain

  • Diabetes Takes Biggest Bite Out of U.S. Health Care Spending
    Top 5 diseases, conditions accounted for $437 billion in 2013

  • A Benefit of Back Pain Surgery: Better Sex
    Operation often leads to more comfortable lovemaking, study finds

  • New Spine Stimulation Device Provides Pain Relief
    High-frequency therapy helps block pain signals better than low-frequency treatments, study finds

  • Surgery Not the Answer for Most Back Pain, Sports Doctor Says
    Physical therapy, heat and ice packs, injections may help

  • Long Spaceflight Seems to Weaken Spinal Muscles
    Astronauts-in-training may benefit from core-strengthening exercises, researcher says

  • Many Take Opioids Reluctantly for Back Pain: Survey
    Patients worried about the potentially addictive painkillers; say they only provide limited relief

  • 'Fake Pills' May Help Ease Back Pain
    Patients knew they were taking a placebo and still obtained relief, study finds

  • Think Safety When Picking, Packing School Backpacks
    Heavy, unbalanced loads can cause injury that is easy to avoid, experts say

  • How to Get Your Child Ready for a Successful School Year
    Good sleep, ample exercise and sound nutrition are keys, doctor says

  • Get Outside, Get Moving to Prevent 'Gamer's Thumb'
    Playing video games hour after hour can trigger repetitive stress injuries, doctors warn

  • Health Tip: Keep Bedtime Back Pain at Bay
    Lessen pain for better zzz's

  • Shouting? The 'Silent Treatment'? How Spouses Argue Linked to Physical Ills
    Study suggests couples' disagreements may spur problems like back pain, heart trouble

  • Health Tip: When a Child Complains of Back Pain
    It may signal a more serious issue

  • Spinal Fusion Not Always Necessary for Back Pain, Studies Say
    Some patients may benefit from a simpler procedure called decompression

  • Meditation May Help Ease Chronic Low Back Pain
    Study found it bested cognitive behavioral therapy and usual care

  • Health Tip: Use Proper Lifting Technique
    To prevent straining your back

  • Health Tip: Help Prevent Back Pain During Sleep
    Sleep position and the mattress matter

  • Nerve Block Technique Might Help Ease Chronic Back Pain
    Small study found half of patients still getting pain relief a year out from treatment

  • 'Mindfulness' Might Help Older Adults With Back Pain
    Mind-body program was also linked with short-term mobility gains, study finds

  • Health Tip: Are You at Risk for Low Back Pain?
    These factors may contribute

  • Exercise Eases Low Back Pain
    Review of studies shows exercise, with or without education, dramatically cuts the risk

  • Exercise to Boost Spine Muscles Can Ease Back Pain, Study Suggests
    Clinical trial review shows motor control exercise helpful for lower back

  • Holiday Luggage Can Be Hazardous to Your Back
    Pack lightly and take extra care when lifting, orthopedist group says

  • Electrical Stimulation May Ease Low Back Pain for Some
    Treatment is effective with no side effects, researcher says

  • Health Tip: Avoid Back Pain While Feeding Baby
    Put less pressure on your spine

  • Prescription Naproxen as Good as Narcotic Painkillers for Low Back Pain: Study
    Plus, this medication isn't addictive, expert says

  • Health Tip: Dealing With Back Pain at Work
    For starters, sit properly in your chair

  • Early Physical Therapy Not a Cure-All for Low Back Pain: Study
    Discomfort usually subsides just by staying active, experts say

  • Good Posture: A Stance for Better Health
    Straighten up with these expert tips

  • Health Tip: Prevent Back Injury When Lifting
    Stretch back muscles first

  • Back Pain Patients Seek Pain Relief First, Mobility Second
    Nearly 80 percent of patients chose easing discomfort over greater movement, research shows

  • New Moms Can Avoid Back Injury When Caring for Their Babies
    Proper lifting techniques are essential for both parents

  • Steroid Injections Probably Won't Help Your Lower Back Pain
    Any relief is likely temporary, review of 38 studies says

  • Focus on Healthy Backs for Back-to-School
    Spending hours hunched over electronic devices is a no-no, expert says

  • Don't Let Backpacks Lead to Back Injury
    Experts offers tips for avoiding problems

  • In Rare Cases, Infection May Be at Root of Back Pain
    New guidelines alert doctors to this possibility

  • Rugby Takes Toll on Spine, Scans Show
    Retired pro athletes have more degenerative symptoms, lesions

  • Back Pain and Depression Combo Lessens Pain Relief from Narcotic Painkillers
    People with mental health illness are also more at risk of drug misuse, study says

  • Health Tip: Risk Factors for Back Pain
    The older you are, the more likely you'll have a sore back

  • Steroids No Better for Sciatica Pain Than Placebo, Study Finds
    But taking prednisone was tied to small improvements in ability to perform daily activities

  • Spinal Stimulation System Relieves Pain Without Tingling
    Implanted device treats chronic back pain

  • Physical Therapy Equals Surgery for Certain Lower Back Pain, Study Says
    Less risky treatment viable for older patients with lumbar spinal stenosis

  • Study Casts Doubt on Acetaminophen for Low Back Pain, Arthritis
    Review of 13 trials finds little effect for drug best recognized as Tylenol

  • Obesity, Smoking, Drinking, Depression: All Linked to Low Back Pain
    Researchers say that modifying these factors might help ease condition

  • Early Scans for Back Pain May Do Little to Help Seniors
    Researchers saw no difference in outcomes, even though more money was spent on treatments

  • Belief in Acupuncture Key to Effect on Back Pain, Study Suggests
    Doctor says finding illustrates power of placebo effect

  • Some Jobs Are a Pain in the Back
    A big culprit: manual labor that involves awkward positions, study says

  • Smokers May Get Less Benefit From Drugs for Arthritic Back Pain
    Swiss study authors say inflammation or a lack of oxygen among possible reasons

  • Health Tip: Why Your Child's Back Hurts
    It may be a simple muscle sprain

  • Don't Become a Blizzard Casualty
    Doctor shares tips for staying warm, avoiding falls

  • Brain Scans Give New Clues to Chronic Pain
    In patients with back pain, certain cells produced a protein that might someday be treatment target

  • Health Tip: Prevent Back Strain
    Lose any extra pounds

  • Stand-Up Advice for Preventing Back Pain
    Healthy habits include good posture

  • FDA Advisory Panel Says Steroid Shots for Back Pain Can Continue
    Experts decided against backing any new warning label for controversial injections

  • Spinal Surgery Varies by Region in U.S.: Study
    Floridians are likely to undergo fusion, while Iowans get decompression

  • Positions Are Key When Sex Causes Back Pain
    New study says 'spooning' isn't ideal for all men with aching backs

  • Health Tip: Risk Factors for a Herniated Disk
    Including improper lifting

  • Acetaminophen May Not Help Against Back Pain, Study Contends
    The common pain reliever, best known as Tylenol, showed no effect in Australian trial

  • Don't Blame Bad Weather for Your Aching Back
    New study discounts notion that wind, rain influence lower back pain

  • Steroid Shots May Not Help Back Pain
    Exercise or surgery might be better options for narrowing of the spinal canal, researchers report

  • Health Tip: Worried About a Child's Back Pain?
    Signs the child should see a doctor

  • Health Tip: Help Keep Back Pain at Bay
    Work out to strengthen back muscles

  • Getting in Front of Back Pain
    Strong core muscles, good posture can help, expert says

  • Health Tip: Keep Your Back Healthy
    Staying active is a great start

  • Low Back Pain Leading Cause of Disability Worldwide: Study
    Nearly 10 percent of people are affected, researchers find

  • Health Tip: New Mom, Protect Your Back
    Resume exercise while newborn sleeps

  • Luggage-Lifting Tips for Safe Travels
    Pack like a pro to help avoid injury

  • Health Tip: You May Need Surgery for Low Back Pain
    If other solutions haven't worked and pain interferes with daily activities

  • Doctors' Tips for Backpack Safety
    Good padding, weight distribution and correct lifting will help prevent injuries

  • Severe Low Back Pain May Foretell Future Woes
    It's important to provide relief to patients early on, study says

  • Backpack Safety Tips for Back to School
    It's not only how much weight a kid totes, but also how it's packed and distributed

  • Ultrasound Device Might Be a Mood Booster
    Experimental brain treatment seemed to help chronic pain patients in small study

  • Docs Order Too Many Narcotics, Pricey Scans for Back Pain: Study
    Physical therapy and over-the-counter painkillers usually more appropriate, guidelines say

  • Fungus From Tainted Steroid Shots Migrated to Base of Brain, Study Shows
    Once there, it could help spur the meningitis that killed 58 in last year's outbreak

  • MRIs Spot 'Hidden' Fungal Infections From Tainted Steroid Shots
    More cases will continue to surface, study author predicts

  • Steroid Injections for Back Pain Linked to Spinal Fracture Risk
    Study of older adults doesn't prove that steroids are to blame, but experts advise caution

  • Migraine, Chronic Back Pain Tied to Higher Suicide Risk
    Hopelessness, disability may play a role in feelings of despair, study finds

  • Health Tip: Before You Lift Something Heavy
    Get help if it's too big to lift by yourself

  • Erectile Dysfunction Tied to Long-Term Narcotic Use in Men
    In study, more men on impotence meds were taking opioids for chronic back pain

  • Health Tip: Support Your Back While Sitting
    Use a pillow or rolled towel

  • Stem Cells to Relieve Low Back Pain?
    Early study says maybe, but experts say much more research on treatment is needed

  • Hands-On Therapy May Spell Relief for Low Back Pain
    Study found osteopath worked better for patients than ultrasound therapy

  • Spine MRIs Often Show Harmless 'Defects,' Study Finds
    After treatment, many people have visible evidence of a herniated disc without any symptoms

  • Spine MRIs Often Show Harmless 'Defects,' Study Finds
    After treatment, many people have visible evidence of a herniated disc without any symptoms

  • Health Tip: Dealing With Low Back Pain
    Ask your doctor if medication may help

  • When It Comes to Spine Surgery, There Is No 'July Effect': Study
    Arrival of new residents and fellows at hospitals was found to have minimal impact

  • Obese Patients May Have Less Success With Back Surgery
    Study looked at treatments for slipped or ruptured disks

  • FDA, States Weigh Pharmacy Regulation in Wake of Meningitis Outbreak
    States ask agency to play a greater role in policing specialty pharmacies, protecting patients

  • Pricier, Intensive Whiplash Treatment May Not Pay Off: Study
    British research found no improvement in recovery when 'active management' was used

  • Back Pain May Ease for Smokers Who Quit: Study
    Spinal disorder patients who didn't smoke reported much less discomfort

  • Steroid Injections for Back Pain May Lower Bone Mass
    Study found older women who got shots showed greater bone loss in hips six months later

  • Meningitis/Steroid Toll Now 34 Dead
    490 people have been sickened, CDC says

  • Meningitis Outbreak Toll Now 33 Dead, 480 Sickened, CDC Says
    Lawmakers, pharmacy representatives wrangled this week in Congressional hearings

  • Compounding Pharmacists Oppose Greater U.S. Oversight
    Existing rules, basically on state level, are enough, lobbyist says; death toll tied to tainted steroids still at 32

  • Congress to Open Hearings Into Steroid/Meningitis Outbreak
    32 deaths, 438 illnesses linked to contaminated drug, CDC says

  • Owner of Meningitis-Linked Pharmacy Declines to Testify Before Congress
    FDA commissioner asks for more authority over specialty pharmacies like one linked to tainted injections

  • Steroid Shots for Sciatica: Benefits Only Brief, Analysis Finds
    Patients should discuss risks with their doctor, researcher says

  • Steroid Shots for Sciatica: Benefits Only Brief, Analysis Finds
    Patients should discuss risks with their doctor, researcher says

  • Steroid-Meningitis Toll Now 32 Dead, 438 Sickened, CDC Says
    Infections still limited to 19 states, with Michigan and Tennessee hit hardest

  • Steroid-Meningitis Toll Now 31 Dead, 424 Sickened, CDC Says
    Infections reported in 19 states; Michigan and Tennessee hit hardest

  • Report Details Start of Steroid Meningitis Outbreak
    More federal oversight needed to prevent repeat occurrences, expert says

  • Steroid-Meningitis Toll Now 30 Dead, 419 Sickened, CDC Says
    Infections reported in 19 states; Michigan and Tennessee hit hardest

  • Bacteria Found in Other Products From Firm Tied to Meningitis Outbreak: FDA
    Massachusetts also tightens regulation of specialty pharmacies like New England Compounding Center

  • FDA: More Tainted Products at Firm Tied to Meningitis Outbreak
    Toll on Friday stood at 29 people dead, 404 sickened, officials report

  • Company With Links to Meningitis-Linked Pharmacy Recalls All Products
    FDA finds worrisome conditions at Ameridose plant, which has same owners as New England Compounding Center

  • Fungal Meningitis Outbreak Toll Now 28 Dead, 363 Sickened
    Cases rise as investigation into compounding pharmacies implicated in the outbreak continues

  • Second Compounding Pharmacy Shut Down in Massachusetts
    As meningitis outbreak reaches 354 cases, state inspectors cite 'significant' problems at Infusion Resource facility

  • 'Greenish-Black' Contaminant in Vials of Steroid Behind Meningitis Outbreak: FDA
    Officials say 25 are now dead, 338 sickened from tainted injections

  • 'Greenish-Black' Contaminant in Vials of Steroid Behind Meningitis Outbreak: FDA
    Officials say 25 are now dead, 338 sickened from tainted injections

  • Cases Linked to Fungal Meningitis Now Number 328
    People in 18 states sickened; death toll remains at 24, CDC says

  • Mass. Launches Criminal Probe of Firm Linked to Meningitis Outbreak: Report
    Count now stands at 23 dead, 308 sickened in 17 states, CDC says

  • Mass. Launches Criminal Probe of Firm Linked to Meningitis Outbreak: Report
    Toll now stands at 24 dead, 317 sickened in 17 states, CDC says

  • Records Show Problems at Steroid Pharmacy as Far Back as '06
    Meningitis outbreak count now stands at 23 dead, 308 sickened: CDC

  • Meningitis Outbreak Toll Now 23 Dead, 297 Sickened: CDC
    Fungus found in steroid produced by Massachusetts pharmacy, officials reveal

  • Meningitis Outbreak Toll Now 23 Dead, 284 Sickened: CDC
    Fungus found in steroid produced by Massachusetts pharmacy, officials reveal

  • Meningitis Outbreak Toll Now 21 Dead, 271 Sickened: CDC
    Fungus found in steroid produced by Massachusetts pharmacy, officials reveal

  • Latest Meningitis Outbreak Toll: 20 Deaths and 257 Infections, CDC Says
    Fungus found in steroid produced by Massachusetts pharmacy, officials reveal

  • FDA Agents Visit Mass. Company Linked to Meningitis Outbreak
    Deaths rise to 19, infections climb to 247, CDC says

  • Tainted Steroid Injections May Affect Those Treated for Joint Pain
    Knees, shoulders and hips are common targets, and infections can be dangerous, doctors say

  • More Drugs Linked to Meningitis Outbreak: FDA
    Investigating reports of fungal infections in 2 heart transplant patients

  • More Drugs Linked to Meningitis Outbreak: FDA
    Fungal meningitis cases jumped to 231 on Tuesday, along with 2 cases of joint infection

  • Meningitis Outbreak Tied to 15 Deaths, 205 Cases: CDC
    Illnesses linked to tainted steroid injections have spread to 14 states, agency reports

  • CDC: Meningitis Infections Now Total 185 in 12 States
    Death toll linked to contaminated steroid injections remains at 14

  • Meningitis Toll Now 14 Dead, 170 Sick: CDC
    Company at center of the outbreak had encountered problems with tainted shots before, reports say

  • Meningitis Toll Now 12 Dead, 137 Sick: CDC
    Outbreak has spurred federal legislators to push for more oversight of 'compounding pharmacies'

  • Up to 13,000 Got Steroid Shots at Center of Meningitis Outbreak: CDC
    It's unclear how many are at risk for infection; death toll rises to 8, with 105 cases reported in nine states

  • Meningitis Toll Now 11 Dead, 119 Sick: CDC
    Up to 13,000 got steroid shots linked to the outbreak, agency says

  • Death Toll From Meningitis Outbreak Now Stands at 7, CDC Says
    Officials continue to search for patients who received injection of steroid believed contaminated with fungus

  • Number of Meningitis Cases Now Stands at 91, CDC Says
    Search continues for patients who received injection of steroid believed contaminated with fungus

  • Officials Seeking Patients Who May Have Received Contaminated Steroid
    The drug has been linked to rare form of meningitis tied to 5 deaths and at least 47 illnesses in 7 states

  • Meningitis Outbreak Not Over Yet: Experts
    5 dead, at least 30 sickened across U.S. by suspected contamination in steroid used for back pain

  • New Guidelines for Doctors Treating Low Back Pain
    Evidence-based approach should improve care, experts say

  • Study Ties Common Back Ailment to Faulty Gene
    But it's too soon to expect treatment for lumbar disc deterioration

  • Soaring U.S. Spinal Care Spending Due to Specialists: Study
    Out-of-hospital medical costs nearly doubled in about a decade

  • More Evidence Acupuncture Can Ease Chronic Pain
    Ancient technique outperformed 'sham' acupuncture in large review

  • Health Tip: Packing a Backpack
    Make it as light as possible

  • Overloaded Backpacks Can Injure Kids: Experts
    Some tips to lighten the load as the school year approaches

  • Workers Counseled on Back Pain Return to Job Sooner
    Study found reassurance, advice to stay active aided recovery

  • Health Tip: When Lugging Luggage
    Here's how to help prevent back pain

  • Large Breasts Can Take Mental, Physical Toll on Teens
    Research shows some girls with the condition have physical pain, lower self-esteem

  • Health Tip: Signs of a Herniated Disk
    They include pain or weakness on one side of the body

  • Chronic Pain May Depend on Emotional Reaction to Injury
    More activity between certain brain regions seems to be linked to lingering problems, research says

  • Health Tip: Reduce Your Risk of a Herniated Disk
    Use proper lifting technique

  • Severely Obese Have More Complications With Spinal Surgery
    Study found almost doubled risk after spinal fusion

  • Back Pain Therapy Often Yields Early Benefits: Study
    Improvements seen at 6 weeks, but then taper off over year, researchers find

  • Health Tip: When Gardening Triggers Back Pain
    Try warming up first

  • Health Tip: Work on Good Posture
    Your feet should rest flat on the floor

  • Health Tip: Help Prevent Back Pain
    Exercise to strengthen lower back muscles

  • Steroids May Help Some With Sciatica
    But study found they were not significantly better in the long run than Enbrel or anesthetic

  • Steroids May Help Some With Sciatica
    But study found they were not significantly better in the long run than Enbrel or anesthetic

  • Heavy Backpacks Give Kids Back Trouble
    Extra weight puts them at risk of scoliosis and low back pain, researchers say

  • Health Tip: Preventing Back Pain Among New Moms
    Suggestions to protect yourself

  • Back Problems May Cut Into Retirement Savings
    Those who retire early because of discomfort save considerably less, researchers find

  • Those Extra Pounds Could Harm Your Back
    Researchers say more severe spinal disc degeneration seen in obese patients

  • Experts Offer Tips on Avoiding iPad-Linked Shoulder, Neck Strain
    Users should not keep tablet computers such as iPad or Xoom on their laps, small study suggests

  • Adversity, Trauma May Boost Mental Toughness
    Living through difficulty -- up to a point -- can build resiliency, study shows

  • Study Questions Use of MRI Before Back-Pain Injections
    Routine imaging has little clinical value for certain patients, study says

  • Timing May Be Key to Successful Back Surgery
    Waiting longer than six months to repair herniated disc may hinder recovery, study says

  • Yoga Gets Women With Back Pain Moving: Study
    But the British research did not show any more easing of discomfort with the technique

  • Yoga, Stretching Classes Outdo Self-Care for Back Pain: Study
    Weekly sessions led to less discomfort, medication

  • Back-to-School Shouldn't Mean a Too-Heavy Backpack
    An expert advises parents to check how much is loaded inside, to avoid injury

  • Bio-Engineered Spinal Discs Appear Successful in Rats
    Made of cells and collagen, these implants might someday help humans with tough to treat back pain

  • Massage Beats Meds for Lower Back Pain, Study Says
    Both relaxation and structural massage worked in the short term, researchers report

  • Health Tip: Prevent Back Pain in the Car
    Here are some suggestions

  • Treating Back Pain May Reverse Its Impact on Brain
    Abnormalities caused by chronic pain improve when patients get relief, study finds

  • Stretch Before You Pick Up That Rake: Expert
    A few precautions before summer sports and gardening will help prevent back pain

  • Health Tip: Signs That You May Have a Herniated Disc
    Although symptoms vary

  • When Docs Own MRIs, Back Pain Scans Increase: Study
    Expert says patients should ask referring physicians if they have a stake in imaging equipment

  • Health Tip: Help Prevent Back Injury
    Start with good posture

  • 'Surgeon Enthusiasm' May Spur Higher Rates of Back Pain Procedures: Study
    The number of these operations varies widely across the U.S, researchers point out

  • Health Tip: Evaluate Back Pain in Children
    Often it can signal a more serious condition

  • Spinal Fusion Surgery May Leave Some Back Pain Patients Worse Off: Study
    Those who got operation were less likely to return to work than those treated in other ways

  • Most X-Rays, Scans Unnecessary for Acute Low Back Pain
    Expensive tests don't improve outcomes, have potential for harm, says physician group

  • If NFL Linemen Can Bounce Back from Back Surgery, So Can You
    Study found most were able to resume their playing careers

  • Health Tip: Have Pain in the Back and Leg?
    It may be an inflamed piriformis muscle

  • Workers With Low Back Pain Benefit From Integrated Care
    The approach costs less, more productive than usual care, researchers found

  • Painful Knees Often Tied to Pain in Other Joints
    Arthritic discomfort elsewhere may raise intensity of knee woes, researchers say

  • Cymbalta Approved for Chronic Joint and Muscle Pain
    First approved as anti-depressant in 2004

  • Nursing Home Workers At Risk for Assault: Study
    Musculoskeletal pain among staff may often be related to violence in the workplace

  • Veterans With PTSD Suffer More Physical Ailments Than Their Peers
    Female vets with disorder plagued by more medical illnesses than male counterparts, study shows

  • Health Tip: Dealing With Lower Back Pain
    Suggestions to help ease the discomfort

  • Health Tip: Wear a Backpack Properly
    And avoid a back injury

  • Students Warned to Beware of 'Laptop-itis'
    Computer design can lead to injuries in heavy users, but simple steps can minimize risk, expert advises

  • Study Offers Support for Surgery After Compression Fracture
    But most patients gained pain relief without the need for vertebroplasty, experts note

  • Back-to-School Tips on Backpack Safety
    Four factors keep students from shouldering a too-heavy load

  • Sciatica Relief May Depend on How Steroid Shots Are Delivered
    Study found injection straight into spinal nerve might be an alternative to surgery

  • Study Explores Links Between Obesity and Chronic Pain
    Finding suggests connection to family history and frame of mind

  • Docs May Be Slow to Diagnose Arthritis of Back, Study Suggests
    As first step, radiofrequency denervation would slash costs, researchers say

  • Understanding Back Pain May Improve Management, Study Suggests
    Attitudes, beliefs and knowledge appear to influence pain control, study finds

  • Glucosamine Ineffective for Lower Back Pain Linked to Arthritis
    Study finds it's no better than placebo in relieving discomfort or boosting quality of life

  • New Clues to Herniated Disc Pain
    An immune cell that causes inflammation in autoimmune disorders may play a role in back pain, researchers find

  • Health Tip: Recovering From Back Surgery
    Here's what you can do at home

  • Health Tip: Manage Pregnancy Back Pain
    Take the strain off your back

  • Health Tip: Coping With Sciatica Pain
    Suggestions to help get relief

  • Health Tip: Coping With Sciatica Pain
    Suggestions to help get relief

  • Complex Spinal Operations Soar Despite Drawbacks
    Greater hazard, no more benefit, experts say

  • Health Tip: Signs That You Have Sciatica
    Including pain that radiates from your back to lower leg

  • Rehab Program Gets Back Pain Patients Back to Work Sooner
    Disability cut short with integrated care, research shows

  • Chronic Back Pain Soothed by Cognitive Behavioral Therapy
    Setting your mind straight can help you deal with physical pain, researchers say

  • Fitness a Factor in Snow Shoveling Injuries
    Some people just aren't in good enough shape to do it themselves, expert warns

  • Smokers More Prone to Long-Term Prescription Painkiller Use
    Opioid abuse is a risk for patients with back pain, researchers say

  • Nerve Stimulation Device Doesn't Ease Most Back Pain
    Review finds little evidence of relief with technology called TENS

  • Health Tip: Take Care When Lugging Luggage
    Suggestions to help prevent injury

  • Health Tip: Managing Herniated Disk Pain
    Non-surgical treatment helps 90 percent of patients

  • Pack Right for the Holidays to Avoid the ER
    Luggage that's too big or too heavy can lead to strains or worse

  • Takes a Pro to Make Offices Pain-Free
    Ergonomist's adjustments to desks, chairs reduce eyestrain, poor posture, study finds

  • Health Tip: Help Prevent Low Back Pain
    Things you can do to ward off a backache

  • More MRI Machines May Mean More Back Surgeries
    But many of these procedures will not help patients, researchers warn

  • Autumn Chores Often Hazardous
    Take precautions to avoid falls, strains and sprains, experts say

  • Bad Economy Really Hurts Some Folks
    Many Americans blame acute aches and pains on the recession, survey finds

  • Yoga Can Ease Lower Back Pain
    Those who did it reported less discomfort, depression after six months

  • Take the Load Off Your Child's Back
    To avoid injuries, watch backpack weight and fit, expert suggests

  • Surgery, 'Sham' Equal in Treating Compression Fracture Pain
    Injecting cement into spine no better than placebo procedure, study finds

  • Health Tip: Understanding Low Back Pain
    Some common causes

  • Spinal Cord Stimulation Need Not Keep Soldiers From Action
    Back pain treatment shouldn't interfere with service, study finds

  • Minimally Invasive Surgery Not Better for Sciatica
    Faster recovery, less pain with conventional operation

  • Minimally Invasive Surgery Not Better for Sciatica
    Faster recovery, less pain with conventional operation

  • Too Much Texting Can Spell Neck, Arm Pain
    Hunching over, using one thumb increases the risk, study shows

  • Assessment of Bone Growth Stimulator Is Mixed
    It's used more often in spinal fusions, but experts worry about costs and complications

  • Health Tip: New Moms, Protect Your Back
    Be careful when bending or lifting

  • When It Comes to Lifting, the Pros Have Your Back
    Techniques used by professional movers can help reduce risk of serious injury

  • Acupuncture, Real or Fake, Eases Back Pain
    Study found it worked even when treatment didn't break the skin

  • Health Tip: Easing Back Pain During Pregnancy
    Suggestions to help reduce the strain

  • Too Few Screened for Abdominal Aneurysm, Study Says
    Potentially life-threatening condition often goes undetected until rupture

  • Post-Op Painkillers Tied to Deaths After Spinal Fusion
    Middle-aged men appear most at risk from overdosing following the surgery, study found

  • Ozone/Oxygen Shot Helps Heal Herniated Disk
    New technique eases pressure on local nerves, researchers say

  • Using a Balloon to Repair a Broken Back
    Technique called kyphoplasty may benefit those with vertebral fractures, study finds

  • Anti-Cholesterol Drug May Ease Back Pain
    Lab results suggest that Lovastatin could help with degenerative disc disease

  • Health Tip: The Importance of Good Posture
    It can help you feel better

  • Chronic Low Back Pain Is on the Rise
    Doubling of rate in North Carolina may mimic rest of nation

  • Imaging of Low Back Pain Fails to Change Outcomes
    Study finds no real difference whether people were scanned or not

  • Therapy, Meds Best for Lumbar Low Back Pain
    Barring complications, surgery can be avoided since most symptoms fade within 6 weeks, experts say

  • Are We Exercising Pain Away? Not So Much.
    Few people with neck, back pain are prescribed physical activity, survey finds

  • Health Tip: Save Your Back at Work
    Suggestions to minimize back pain

  • Health Tip: Help Manage Back Pain
    What to do when it starts to hurt

  • Tips to Ease an Aching Back
    Holidays or any day, bad mechanics can lead to pain and stiffness

  • Health Tip: Sciatica Pain During Pregnancy
    Suggestions that may help

  • Health Tip: Exercising With Back Pain
    Proper activity can help prevent a relapse

  • Form IDs Spinal Patients Likely to Stick With Therapy
    13-item questionnaire predicts who will be more active in post-surgery rehab

  • Health Tip: Pregnancy and Back Pain
    Help prevent it

  • Majority of College Students Report Backpack-Related Pain
    Shoulders, neck and back most affected, but group says smart loading could cut stress

  • Pack Safety Should Be on Back-to-School Lists
    Orthopedic doctor offers tips on how to choose and use the proper backpack

  • Health Tip: Prevent Back Injury
    Suggestions on how to lift things properly

  • Health Tip: Back Pain in Children
    Don't ignore symptoms

  • Quick Decompression Aids Spinal Injury Recovery
    Done within 24 hours, the procedure improved neurological outcomes a year later

  • Gastric Bypass May Also Relieve Low Back Pain
    Discomfort appears to decline along with weight, study finds

  • Artificial Cervical Disc Surgery Cheaper Than Fusion
    Savings of almost $6,000 primarily due to earlier return to work, analysis finds

  • Yoga Program May Help Prevent Falls in Elderly
    9-week course for women over 65 showed increased flexibility, balance and stance

  • Pain Relief for Osteoporosis Patients With Fractures
    Vertebroplasty shows benefit in study of those with spinal afflictions

  • Surgery Best for Narrowing of Spine
    Study says it beat nonsurgical care for painful condition that often accompanies aging

  • Back Pain Spending Up, Relief Down
    Extra dollars aren't buying results, study says

  • Health Tip: Preventing Back Injury
    Lifting techniques to help protect the back

  • NSAIDs No Better for Low Back Pain
    Acetaminophen provides comparable relief, researchers say

  • Strength Training Eases Chronic Neck Pain
    Danish study of women showed effect lasted long after program ended

  • Evolution Tips the Balance in Mom's Favor
    Female spine has evolved to better accommodate pregnancy, study says

  • NSAID Drug Therapy Fails to Ease Back Pain
    Trial also found no benefit from spinal manipulation

  • Spinal Stem Cells Offer Hope Against Back Pain
    Discovery of the cells might lead to treatments, researchers say

  • Shoe Insoles No Rx for Back Pain: Study
    Researcher says they may help some people, but not all

  • Health Tip: Got Low Back Pain?
    Suggestions that may help

  • Experts Issue Guidelines on Treating Low Back Pain
    One recommendation: MRIs, other scans aren't always helpful

  • Even Sham Acupuncture Eases Low Back Pain
    Study finds real improvements compared to standard therapy

  • Back to School Means Backpack Safety
    Help protect kids from stress and strain, experts say

  • Back Surgery Can Quickly Relieve Pain
    But waiting won't hurt your chances of recovery, new research suggests

  • Added Treatment Won't Speed Whiplash Recovery
    Aggressive approach may even slow healing, study suggests

  • Spinal Disc Transplant Shows Promise Against Back Pain
    Chinese team reports good results from small 5-year trial

  • Steroid Shots Provide Little Relief for Low Back Pain
    Panel finds epidurals don't provide long-term benefit beyond 3 months

  • Smoking, Obesity Risk Factors for Spinal Procedures
    Both problems boosted risks linked to back pain

  • Experts Offer Free Back Pain Advice Feb. 15
    Hotline focuses on preventing, easing pain in middle age

  • Narcotics Offer Only Short-Term Relief of Back Pain
    Researchers also found abuse occurred in 24 percent of cases

  • Psychological Interventions Ease Chronic Low Back Pain
    Hypnosis, biofeedback and relaxation improve quality of life, study finds

  • Health Tip: Snow Shoveling Safety
    Here's how to help prevent injury

  • Health Tip: Symptoms of a Herniated Disc
    Back pain that may radiate down the legs

  • Surgery Only Slightly Better for Herniated Disc
    Many patients with sciatic pain improve with other methods, studies find

  • Surgery Only Slightly Better for Herniated Disc
    Many patients with sciatic pain improve with other methods, studies find

  • Health Tip: High Heels May Hurt Your Back
    Properly fitted low heels are preferred

  • Obesity Boosts Back Surgery Complication Rate
    Doctors advise the very overweight to shed pounds beforehand

  • Health Tip: Potbellies Can Trigger Back Pain
    Puts a strain on the muscles

  • Health Tip: Backpack Safety
    Here's how to prevent injury

  • Think 'Light' Going Back to School
    Spine society urges parents, kids to avoid backpack-related injuries

  • Health Tip: Back Pain?
    Stay active, but don't overdo it

  • Combining Mainstream, Alternative Therapies Brings Back Pain Relief
    The combination appears synergistic, researchers say

  • Study Supports Small-Incision Herniated Disc Surgery
    But another expert says it may not be for everyone

  • This Spring, Don't Fall
    Cleaning can bring tumbles, sprains, but simple precautions can help

  • Whiplash Doesn't Throw Rodeo Cowboys
    Their recovery time is half that of non-riders, study finds

  • Acupressure Eases Low Back Pain
    Touch-based treatment outperformed physical therapy in study

  • Spine-Repair Technique Comes With Risks
    Cementing vertebrae raises odds for fracture in adjacent areas, study finds

  • Cognitive Therapy Helps Ease Back Pain
    The technique is as effective as physical therapy, study finds

  • Give Shoveling Injuries the Heave-Ho
    Experts offer safety tips for clearing away the white stuff

  • Health Tip: Shopping Can Strain Your Back
    Here are suggestions to prevent injury

  • Study Compares Tools to Diagnose Back Trouble
    Older test called the electromyogram may be better than standard MRI

  • Yoga Eases Low-Grade Back Pain
    It proved more effective than exercise or self-help book, study finds

  • Watch Out for Winter Injury
    Perhaps the biggest hazard: shovelling snow

  • Give Back Strain a Holiday
    Tips on staying injury-free from now till New Year's

  • Health Tip: Stretch Your Back
    It's a great way to avoid injury

  • Expert Tips Make Raking Up Safer
    It's a prime cause of back injury

  • Health Tip: Prevent Sciatica
    Exercise your back muscles, lift heavy items with care

  • Back-To-School Backpack Basics
    Experts tell parents to teach children proper backpack use

  • School Backpacks Can Be a Real Pain
    Expert offers tips on sparing kids' spines

  • Health Tip: Keep Good Posture
    It can help prevent back problems

  • For Many, Work is a Real Pain
    Three out of 10 employees suffer on-the-job discomfort, survey finds

  • Health Tip: A Pain in the Back
    Some suggestions to help it heal

  • Obesity's Strain Causing More Back Pain
    Cases of weight-linked spinal trouble are soaring, survey finds

  • Rehab Equals Surgery for Low Back Pain
    Spinal fusion's small benefit not worth expense, risks, study finds

  • A Card That Can Ease Mom's Pain
    Physical therapists add something extra to Mother's Day greetings

  • Deep Brain Technique Eases Chronic Pain
    Long-term success of 80 percent against tough-to-treat back trouble, study finds

  • Weight, Smoking Affect Back Pain Surgery Success
    Patients in injury-linked litigation also had poorer outcomes, study finds

  • 'Slow' Physical Therapy Fights Tough Back Pain
    Long-known method proves effective in new trial

  • Health Tip: Backpack Injuries
    Is your child at risk?

  • Health Tip: Protect Your Back
    Start with good posture

  • Health Tip: Back and Leg Pain?
    It may be muscular

  • Many Overrate Pre-Surgery Back Pain
    Poor recall means spinal surgeries might not be as effective as thought

  • New Clues for Sciatica Pain Relief
    Pinched nerve, not damaged disc, underlies some sciatica

  • Shovel Snow Safely
    Experts list precautions you can take before you tackle this winter chore

  • Black Workers Compensated Less for Back Injuries
    Total settlements about half of what whites receive

  • Shopping-Related Injuries a Real Pain
    Check out these safety tips before checking out holiday purchases

  • Chronic Back Pain Shrinks Brain
    It can reduce gray matter by 11 percent in one year, researchers say

  • Artificial Spinal Disc Approved
    To help ease lower back pain

  • To Beat Back Pain, Get Moving
    Physical therapy no more effective than staying active, study finds

  • Beating Backpack Back Pain
    Experts offer safety tips for kids returning to school

  • Back Pain Shows Gender Gap
    Men and women report different causes of muscle spasms along spine

  • Health Tip: Suffering Sciatica
    Pain radiates from your lower back down your leg

  • Balancing That Backpack
    Show kids how to use them properly before they head off to school

  • Women More Prone to Back Pain
    Study also finds susceptibility to carpal tunnel syndronme