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  • Is Evolution of the Human Brain to Blame for Some Mental Disorders?

  • Massive Study Finds Same Genes Drive Many Psychiatric Conditions

  • Autism, Bipolar and Schizophrenia Share Genetic Similarities

  • FDA OKs First 'Digital Pill' That Lets Doctors Know It's Been Taken

  • Genes May Explain Why Some Don't Respond to Bipolar Drug

  • Schizophrenia Affects Brain's Communication Network
    Finding may help spur new research

  • Americans More Open About Mental Health Issues, But Stigma Lingers
    Poll found many thought 'personal failings' were part of the cause of some conditions

  • Magnetic Brain Stimulation May Quiet 'Voices' in Schizophrenia
    Noninvasive treatment worked for a third of patients in study, though effects were temporary

  • Do Older Dads Produce Brainy Boys?
    Study finds their sons score high in intelligence and focus

  • 'Recovery-Oriented' Talk Therapy May Help Curb Schizophrenia
    Even very ill patients progressed over time, researchers report

  • Just 1 in 5 Mentally Ill Women Gets Cervical Cancer Screenings
    Rates of the disease tend to be higher in this group, researcher says

  • Infections More Common in People With Schizophrenia
    Ills include HIV, hepatitis and the serious blood infection sepsis, study suggests

  • Blood Test Might Someday Distinguish Early Depression, Schizophrenia
    A screen is still in development stages but could be important, especially for adolescents, experts say

  • Little Weight Gain in Pregnancy Tied to Schizophrenia Risk in Kids: Study
    Malnutrition may cut levels of essential nutrients that prevent some mental disorders

  • Many With Mental Illness Miss Out on HIV Tests
    Rates of infection up to 15 times higher, yet testing rates similar to those without psychiatric woes, study finds

  • Study Finds Genetic Link Between Sleep Problems and Obesity
    Restless legs syndrome, schizophrenia also have biological ties to sleep disorders, research suggests

  • Can Teens' Heart Rate, Blood Pressure Show Ties to Mental Ills?
    Indicators of schizophrenia, obsessive-compulsive disorder, anxiety might be spotted in physical at 18

  • U.S. Psychiatric Patients Face Long Waits in ERs
    1 in 5 emergency doctors reports waiting at least 2 days for a bed for someone who's mentally ill

  • Study Links Pot Use to Relapse in Psychosis Patients
    But experts note effect is small, and the research isn't definitive

  • Siblings of Schizophrenia Patients at Greater Risk for Same Diagnosis: Study
    Brothers, sisters of those with bipolar disorder also face higher odds of similar diagnosis, Israeli research suggests

  • Could Slight Brain Zap During Sleep Boost Memory?
    Small study says yes, for a certain type of recognition

  • Study of Teen Brains Offers Clues to Timing of Mental Illness
    Regions that undergo greatest change also where schizophrenia, depression genes are most strongly expressed

  • Mentally Ill Still Gain Illegal Possession of Guns, Study Shows
    Review of Florida patients finds 2 of 3 violent crime arrests, 1 in 3 suicides shouldn't have included firearms

  • Is Smoking During Pregnancy Tied to Offspring's Schizophrenia Risk?
    Scientists measured evidence of exposure in the womb and found an association, but not proof

  • MS Patients May Be Prone to Other Chronic Illnesses, Study Finds
    High blood pressure, diabetes, heart disease and depression among common co-existing conditions

  • Schizophrenia Tied to Much Higher Risk of Suicide Attempts
    Surge seen among women and people with history of drug or alcohol abuse, researchers find

  • Scientists Uncover Clues to Origins of Schizophrenia
    Analysis found gene variant prompts too much 'pruning' in brain during teen years

  • Mouse Study May Offer Clues to Mysteries of Schizophrenia
    Loss of certain brain cells might help explain onset of symptoms, scientists say

  • Drug Helps Those With Tough-to-Treat Schizophrenia: Study
    Clozapine already approved for use after other antipsychotics don't work

  • Brain Differences May Explain Why Some With Schizophrenia Hallucinate
    Researchers focus on area near the front of the brain

  • People With Schizophrenia Face Much Higher Risk of Early Death
    Lifestyle habits such as smoking greatly up the odds for heart disease, cancer and COPD, study finds

  • Brain Inflammation May Be Linked to Schizophrenia
    Findings raise possibility of testing, early treatment, researchers say

  • Aristada Approved for Schizophrenia
    Long-acting drug injected every four-to-six weeks

  • ERs Often 'Safety Net' Care for People With Schizophrenia: CDC
    Report finds more than 380,000 ER visits over 2 years for adults under 65

  • Vraylar Approved for Schizophrenia, Bipolar Disorder
    Label warns against use by certain elderly

  • FDA Approves New Drug for Schizophrenia, Bipolar Disorder
    Vraylar is an atypical antipsychotic taken once a day

  • Brain Scans May Take Guesswork Out of Schizophrenia Treatment
    Goal is to help physicians make better drug choices for psychotic patients

  • Mixed Findings on Pot's Effect on the Developing Brain
    One of two new studies suggests marijuana use in teen years might be more harmful for males

  • Scientists May Have Found 'Marker' for Schizophrenia
    Brain changes exist before mental illness is diagnosed, researchers say

  • Rexulti Approved for Schizophrenia, Depression
    But shouldn't be prescribed to some older people

  • U.S. FDA Approves New Drug for Schizophrenia, Major Depression
    Medication can be used as an add-on therapy to antidepressants

  • Early Intervention Shows Promise in Treating Schizophrenia
    Programs that emphasize resiliency, education and job support are helpful, study finds

  • First Generic Abilify Approved
    For treatment of bipolar disorder or schizophrenia

  • Exercise Might Boost Mental Function in People With Schizophrenia
    Aerobic activity offers many benefits, but study needs to be duplicated, researcher says

  • Mental Health Disorders May Shorten Life Span: Study
    Researchers find people with psychiatric conditions live an average of 10 fewer years

  • Breast Cancer Screening Less Likely Among Mentally Ill: Study
    Conditions such as depression or schizophrenia linked to lower mammogram rates

  • Study Finds Need for Improved Schizophrenia Care
    As many as 4 in 10 seeking help after first episode are medicated inappropriately, researchers say

  • Researchers Evaluate Blood Test for Psychosis
    Study provides insight into schizophrenia

  • Stem Cell Research Offers Clues About Schizophrenia
    Findings could point to new drugs for the brain disorder, researchers say

  • People With OCD May Have Higher Odds for Schizophrenia: Study
    But the absolute risk to any one person with obsessive-compulsive disorder remains very small, experts say

  • Many With Schizophrenia Say They're Happy: Study
    Finding is valuable, researchers say, because coping mechanisms can be taught to others

  • Gene Discoveries Could Shed New Light on Schizophrenia
    Suspect DNA often tied to neurological 'pathways' centered on brain cell communication, experts say

  • Antipsychotics Linked to Lower Brain Volume in Schizophrenia Patients
    But mental function, symptoms of illness were not worsened, researchers say

  • Premature Death, Suicides Up Among People With Schizophrenia, Study Says
    Researchers find link between greater harms, reduced hospitalizations in Sweden

  • Schizophrenia May Raise Dementia Risk in Older Adults
    Researchers find chances double for those with the mental illness, but their rates of cancer are lower

  • Mental Illness Linked to Shortened Life Spans
    Poor mental health can affect longevity as much or more than heavy smoking, study finds

  • Antipsychotics Help Cut Crime Rate: Study
    New research suggests medications curb violence in patients with psychiatric disorders

  • Science Probes Secrets of 'Contagious Yawning'
    People don't do it because they are empathizing with a yawner, study suggests

  • Teen Pregnancy Rates Much Higher for Girls With Serious Mental Illness: Study
    But it's not clear from Canadian study if there's a direct connection

  • Schizophrenia Linked to Pregnancy Complications, Study Suggests
    Rates of preterm births, C-sections and ICU treatment higher for mothers with the mental illness

  • Psychotherapy May Be Effective Alternate Treatment for Schizophrenia, Study Finds
    Cognitive behavioral therapy appears to help ease symptoms in patients who decline medication

  • Children Who Lose Close Relative at Risk of Mental Problems: Study
    Youngest kids, those exposed to suicide most likely to develop illnesses such as schizophrenia, researchers found

  • Chantix Helped People With Mental Illness Quit Smoking Longer in Study
    Extended treatment combined with talk therapy might be most effective, researcher says

  • Brain Scan Study Suggests 'Pothead' Stereotype Might Be Real
    Teens who smoked or had smoked in the past had shrunken structures in areas linked to memory

  • J&J to Pay $2 Billion for Improperly Marketing Antipsychotic Drug
    Settlement will cover criminal, civil charges with U.S. government, 45 states

  • Imaging Provides New Insights Into Schizophrenia
    Findings suggest white matter abnormalities are complex, researcher says

  • Quit-Smoking Programs Work for Psychiatric Patients
    Study found improved chances of quitting, lower rehospitalization rates

  • Genetic Overlap Seen in Five Mental Disorders
    Strongest link between schizophrenia and bipolar disorder, researchers say

  • Mental Illness Can Shorten Lives, Studies Show
    Research into bipolar illness, psychotic symptoms point to higher risk for early death

  • Google Search Trends Suggest Mental Woes Vary by Seasons
    Study in U.S. and Australia found more online inquiries in winter than summer

  • Scans May Reveal Pre-Schizophrenia Brain Changes
    By identifying vulnerable children, doctors might be able to prevent the illness, study says

  • Mental Illness May Not Impede Healthy Weight Loss, Study Says
    Overweight patients on a 'lifestyle changes' program improved exercise, nutrition, shed more pounds

  • Human Brain Cells Used to Make Mice Smarter
    Findings could advance research on conditions such as Parkinson's and Alzheimer's, experts say

  • Mental Illness May Raise Risk of Being Murdered
    Swedish study found 5 times higher chance of becoming a victim

  • Shared Genes May Link ADHD, Autism and Depression
    Largest study of its kind also found ties to schizophrenia, bipolar disorders

  • Brains of Fetuses 'Build a Bridge' Between Regions, Images Show
    Research might one day lead to better treatments for disorders such as ADHD, autism, scientists say

  • Genes Changes Seen in Alzheimer's Can Be Found in Infancy: Study
    Prenatal brain development may influence psychiatric risk later in life, researchers say

  • For Psychiatric Patients, Cancer Is Often Spotted Too Late
    An Australian study found they're more likely to be diagnosed when disease has already spread

  • Long-Term Use of Some Antipsychotics Not Warranted in Older Adults: Study
    It found the drugs had serious side effects, didn't help patients after several months

  • Pot Psychosis May Be Gene-Related
    Scientists identify genetic variant that could explain mental impairment in marijuana users

  • Schizophrenia Patients Who Take Antipsychotics Live Longer, Study Says
    Exception was patients on high doses of first-generation drugs

  • More Evidence Linking Creativity, Mental Illness
    Are new approaches needed to safeguard benefits of psychiatric disorders?

  • New Gene Mutations Tied to Schizophrenia
    Researchers say the variations occur in fetal development and are not passed down by parents

  • Older Dads May Raise Risk for Autism, Schizophrenia in Kids
    New mutations in male DNA increase with age, study finds

  • Older Antipsychotics May Work as Well as Newer Ones: Review
    First-generation medications are also much cheaper, researchers note

  • More Kids Taking Antipsychotics for ADHD: Study
    Unapproved uses of these powerful drugs need further investigation, experts say

  • Genes Influence Whether Psych Drugs Lead to Weight Gain
    Finding might help steer at-risk patients to other treatments, researchers say

  • Serious Mental Illness Tied to Higher Cancer, Injury Risk: Studies
    Causes may include gaps in screening, preventive care and lifestyle differences, researcher says

  • Schizophrenia in Movies: Don't Believe Everything You See
    Hollywood portrayals are often inaccurate, misleading, study shows

  • Family History of Schizophrenia, Bipolar Disorder May Up Kids' Risk for Autism
    The three conditions might share similar underlying risk factors, study authors say

  • Antipsychotic Drugs Linked to Higher Odds for Diabetes in Pregnancy
    Many women may rely on meds to function properly, so decisions must be weighed carefully

  • New Clues to the Evolution of the Human Brain
    Gene event 2.5 million years ago may explain why humans are smarter than great apes, researchers say

  • Antipsychotics Do Help Many With Schizophrenia, Study Finds
    More than 50 years of data shows the drugs cut relapse rates, although side effects common

  • Children Usually Excluded From Clinical Drug Trials: Study
    Kids with chronic illnesses might react differently to new medicines than adults, researchers say

  • Genes Associated With Autism Also Related to Schizophrenia
    Researchers also identified 22 new genes connected to autism

  • Researchers ID Genes That May Determine Mental Illness
    Genetic links to brain size, intelligence also examined in study

  • Prenatal Antipsychotic Drugs Linked to Motor Delays: Study
    Movement, posture, reflexes below normal for many exposed infants

  • Study Explains How Shock Therapy Might Ease Severe Depression
    Treatment appears to reduce connections in a part of the brain involved in thought and socializing

  • MRI Scans Show Brain Changes in Kids With Schizophrenia
    Progressive loss of gray matter linked to worse prognosis for young patients, researchers say

  • Even Today, the Stigma of Mental Illness Won't Fade
    And that can cause people to feel isolated, afraid -- and even forgo treatments

  • Virginia Man Won't Let His Mental Illness Define Him
    He overcomes decades-long struggle with paranoid schizophrenia, and is now helping others

  • Meditation Can 'Turn Off' Regions of the Brain
    Brain imaging shows experienced meditators can prevent their minds from wandering

  • Heavy Meth Use Linked to Schizophrenia
    Researchers say the drug may trigger the mental disorder in susceptible people

  • Links to Mental Illness Seen in Fetal Brains: Study
    Genes involved in autism, schizophrenia may be activated in womb

  • Pot Can Mimic Brain Changes Seen in Schizophrenia
    Rats given a marijuana-like drug showed disrupted communications between brain regions, or 'cognitive chaos'

  • First Versions of Generic Zyprexa Approved
    To treat schizophrenia or bipolar disorder

  • Care for Mentally Ill Vets at VA Centers May Differ Across U.S.
    More research urged to explore why discrepancies exist and how they should be addressed

  • MRI Study Unfolds Clues to Memory
    Those lacking structural fold in front of the brain were more likely to have faulty recollections

  • Mental Health Disabilities in U.S. on the Rise: Study
    Findings reflect need for improved psychological services, researcher says

  • Genetic Links Seen Between Bipolar Illness and Schizophrenia
    Certain genetic variants are associated with both conditions, study shows

  • Researchers Find Link Between Epilepsy, Schizophrenia Risk
    Connection may stem from genetic or environmental factors, experts say

  • Patients Taking Antipsychotics Urged to Get Routine Physicals
    These meds linked to risk factors for heart disease, diabetes and stroke, researchers say

  • Gene Study Identifies Non-Hereditary Links to Schizophrenia
    These 'new' gene mutations are found in patients, but not their parents, researchers say

  • Preemies at Risk for Psychiatric Disorders as Teens, Study Contends
    Injuries suffered before or after birth linked to problems such as ADHD, say researchers, calling for more studies

  • Mothers Play Important Role in Recovery From Mental Illness
    Negative family attitudes can harm a patient's self-esteem and quality of life, study finds

  • Study Ranks Mental Health as Young People's Top Health Problem
    More focus needed during developmental years, researchers say

  • Mental Illness Linked to Greater Risk of Death After Heart Attack
    Study found patients are also less likely to receive lifesaving treatments

  • Mental Disorders Linked to Drug, Alcohol Abuse in U.S. Vets
    Highest rates of substance abuse found among those with bipolar disorder or schizophrenia

  • Schizophrenia Drugs May Spur Subtle Brain Tissue Loss
    Doctors should prescribe lowest effective dose of antipsychotic med, experts say

  • Pot Use Might Speed Onset of Psychosis: Study
    Analysis found those with illness who had smoked showed symptoms about 3 years sooner

  • Genetic Deletion Linked to Raised Risk of Autism, Schizophrenia
    Those missing chromosome 17 sequence about 14 times more likely to develop disorders

  • Latuda Approved for Adult Schizophrenia
    Symptoms include hallucinations and delusions

  • Health Tip: Taking Medications for Schizophrenia
    Suggestions for using them correctly

  • Mental Illness Stigma Hard to Shake, Survey Finds
    Awareness campaigns have helped educate public, but discrimination continues, experts say

  • In Cities, Weak Social Ties May Boost Mental Illness
    Swedish study finds urban dwellers more prone to disorders such as schizophrenia

  • Schizophrenia Linked to Raised Risk of Injury While Hospitalized
    Expert says docs may not take physical complaints seriously because of patient's mental illness

  • Some Brain Cells Seem to Multitask
    Is it a car or a cat? Certain neurons can tell, researchers say

  • Creativity, Schizophrenia Share Similarities in the Brain
    Finding may explain why both groups tend toward unusual thoughts and concepts, researchers say

  • Many Americans Say Stigma of Mental Illness Is Fading
    New survey links this to an openness among friends, family members and celebrities about their own struggles

  • Working-Memory Gene Linked to Schizophrenia
    Communication breakdown within brain disrupts executive functioning, researchers note

  • Marijuana Use Can Up Psychosis Risk
    Study found the longer teens smoked, the more their mental health suffered

  • New Diagnostic Guidelines for Mental Illnesses Proposed
    Suggested changes include not formally recognizing sex addiction, spotting those at risk for dementia

  • Fish Oil Helped Stave Off Psychosis in Study Patients
    Supplements may benefit those at high risk of schizophrenia

  • Blacks Often Misdiagnosed With Schizophrenia, Author Says
    Trend dates to Civil Rights era and continues today, new book claims

  • Long-Acting Zyprexa Approved
    To treat adult schizophrenia

  • Early Treatment of Hearing, Vision Helps in Schizophrenia
    Identifying sensory problems before onset of complex disease symptoms benefits patients, study finds

  • Antipsychotic Drugs Spur Dramatic Weight Gain in Kids
    Researchers urge other alternatives, close monitoring of patients

  • Psychiatric Meds for Infants Linked to Later Behavior Problems
    Researchers found drugs used to treat mood disorders, pain and epilepsy raised risk

  • Brain Scans Could Help Spot Schizophrenia Earlier
    Imaging technology might advance treatment of psychotic disorders, researchers say

  • Saphris Approved for Schizophrenia and Bipolar Disorder
    Two severe psychiatric illnesses

  • Sustained-Release Antipsychotic Approved for Schizophrenia
    Invega Sustenna injected once monthly

  • Schizophrenia Drug Got Bad Rap
    Less expensive clozapine might have saved thousands of lives, researchers say

  • Possible Gene Regions for Schizophrenia Located
    Immune function genes also in the same area, researchers say

  • Hormones May Affect Neurological Disease Risk
    Women are more vulnerable during certain stages of life, study finds

  • Schizophrenia Linked to Higher Risk of Dying From Cancer
    Study finds lung and breast cancer rates especially elevated

  • FDA Panel OKs Newer Antipsychotics for Children
    Seroquel, Zyprexa and Geodon have been linked to certain health risks, experts note

  • Substance Abuse Raises Crime Risk in Schizophrenics
    Those who don't use alcohol, drugs much less likely to be violent, study finds

  • Fanapt Sanctioned for Schizophrenia
    But FDA warns against off-label use

  • Gene Variant Tied to Schizophrenia
    Discovery advances search for better treatments, experts say

  • FDA Panel Snubs Seroquel as 1st Choice Depression Treatment
    Safety concerns mean the drug should only be used when other medications don't work, advisers say

  • Men Must Contend With a Biological Clock, Too
    Older males face higher risk of fathering children with medical problems, research finds

  • Genome Study Points to New Culprit for Schizophrenia
    Findings show most previous work missed key DNA variant, researchers say

  • People With Schizophrenia Say Bias Is Part of Their Lives
    Study documents expected and actual discrimination

  • Common Genes Link Bipolar Disorder, Schizophrenia
    Large Swedish study suggests reappraisal of conditions as distinct entities needed

  • Serotonin Transporter Gene Tied to Social Anxiety
    Finding in monkeys could yield model for studying autism, schizophrenia, team says

  • Newer Antipsychotics Pose Cardiac Risk: Study
    Patients advised to avoid the drugs in some cases

  • Antipsychotics Up Death Risk in Alzheimer's Patients
    Long-term study says the drugs should only be used short-term, as last resort

  • Most Newer Antipsychotics No Better Than Older Ones, Just Different
    People need to find the one that works best for them, experts say

  • Compound Tied to Cognitive Deficits in Schizophrenia
    High kynurenic acid levels like 'gasoline on the fire' of affected neurotransmitters

  • Asleep or Awake, Brain Functions the Same
    Finding may help evaluate infants, as well as psychiatric, movement disorders

  • Scientists ID 3 New Candidate Genes for Schizophrenia
    Finding may offer insight into biology of disease and why some are susceptible

  • Newer Drugs No Better Than Older Ones for Childhood Schizophrenia
    Side effects differ, but most patients find little relief in long run, experts say

  • Estrogen May Have Preventive Role in Women's Schizophrenia
    Symptoms, including delusions, hallucinatory behavior, improved with estradiol, study says

  • Schizophrenia Yields Some Genetic Secrets
    Scientists report findings that could someday lead to better treatments

  • Medication Reduces Violence in Some Schizophrenics
    Treating psychosis alone may not end risk; older drugs as good as newer ones, study finds

  • FDA Approves Generic Risperdal
    Antipsychotic drug prescribed for schizophrenia

  • Brain Activity May Predict Schizophrenia Behavior
    Personalized diagnosis, treatment may be possible, U.K. study suggests

  • Autistic Kids More Likely to Have Parents With Mental Illness
    Parents with schizophrenia twice as likely to have children with the developmental disorder, study finds

  • Restrictive Prescription Drug Policies Hurt Schizophrenics
    Harvard study found program made patients 29% more likely to stop, disrupt their meds

  • New Drugs No Better Than Older Ones for Schizophrenia
    However, patients stay on the new medications longer, study finds

  • Schizophrenia Tied to Multiple Genetic Errors
    Finding could lead to specific treatments for individual patients, study says

  • Infection With Common Parasite Raises Schizophrenia Risk
    Findings show toxoplasma, carried by cats and farm animals, precedes mental illness

  • 5 Factors Help Predict Psychosis in Children
    Family history of schizophrenia, social withdrawal among symptoms, study finds

  • Diabetes Drug May Cut Med-Related Weight Gain
    Metformin plus lifestyle intervention counteracts pounds added by antipsychotics

  • Ketamine Impairs Brain by Releasing Superoxide
    Researchers claim finding could lead to new treatments for schizophrenia

  • Genes Yield More Clues to Schizophrenia
    9 genetic markers play a role, and the condition can be inherited from both parents, scientists say

  • Abilify Approved for Adolescents With Schizophrenia
    Sanctioned for adults in 2002

  • Schizophrenia Gene May Have On/Off Switch
    Mouse study suggests new target for treatment, reseachers say

  • FDA Approves First Anti-Psychotic for Kids
    Risperdal had been used off-label to treat children with schizophrenia, bipolar disorder

  • Researchers ID Genes for Some Common Diseases
    They include arthritis, diabetes, heart disease; finding could revolutionize medicine, expert says

  • White Matter Defects May Lead to Schizophrenia
    Study suggests a genetic connection that could lead to new therapies

  • Studies Compare New Antipsychotic Drugs
    Patients may need to try out more than one med for best results, experts say

  • Brain Gene Mutation Linked to Schizophrenia
    Findings point to targets for new treatments for the disease

  • Research Reveals How Antipsychotic Drugs Cause Weight Gain
    A histamine in many of these meds may be to blame, researchers say

  • Invega Approved for Schizophrenia
    But drug shouldn't be given to some elderly patients

  • Diabetes Drug Halts Weight Gain in Kids Taking Antipsychotics
    Metformin may allow children to stay healthy mentally and physically, study finds

  • Dopamine Plays Critical Role in Sleep
    Findings offer important insights into Parkinson's disease, researchers say

  • Newer Schizophrenia Drugs May Be No Better
    British trial finds little difference in quality of life, compared to older medications

  • Mom-to-Daughter Gene May Help Spur Schizophrenia
    It's not clear whether the same dynamic works in boys, researchers say

  • Health Tip: Understanding Schizophrenia
    Usually can be controlled with medication

  • Stigma Still Shadows Psychiatric Care
    Americans reluctant to use drugs proven to ease mental woes, study finds

  • Mouse Model of Schizophrenia Should Spur Research
    It's a valuable tool that could shed light on the disease's origins, researchers say

  • Combo Drug Therapy Won't Improve Schizophrenia Care
    Widespread practice of using two drugs provides no added benefit, researchers say

  • Gene Could Hold Key to Schizophrenia
    Mice without it developed a schizophrenic-like illness, researchers say

  • Heavy Pot Smoking Might Raise Schizophrenia Risk
    It's linked to abnormalities in the adolescent brain, researchers say

  • Schizophrenia Linked to Genetic Mutation
    Researchers found a third of children with mutation developed the disorder

  • Early Treatment of Schizophrenia Makes Difference
    Study found intervention right after first episode can improve outcome

  • Schizophrenia Drugs Still Fall Short
    Newer ones not much more effective than older medicines, study finds

  • Mental Illness Hampers Diabetes Care
    But schizophrenic or bipolar diabetics can take control of their disease, experts say

  • Mood Disorders Often Misdiagnosed in Blacks
    Study will focus on why many are labeled with schizophrenia instead

  • New Rat Model Spurs Schizophrenia Research
    It replicates brain cell changes seen in affected humans

  • Epilepsy, Schizophrenia May Share Genetic Link
    Individuals with one disorder are at increased risk for the other, study finds

  • Mental Illness Affects Many
    Report finds psychological trouble will hit most Americans, often beginning in youth

  • FDA Warns Against Antipsychotic Drugs for Elderly With Dementia
    Can be potentially fatal, agency says

  • Single Gene Defect Could Drive Some Mental Illness
    Study suggests one mutation can give rise to conditions like schizophrenia

  • Study: Nearly One in Six Mentally Ill Homeless
    Outreach and treatment could lower that number, researchers say

  • Brain Wave Activity Seems Slower in Schizophrenics
    But some suggest the finding may be due to medication

  • Antipsychotics Tied to Insulin Problems in Kids
    echo link already found for adults

  • Summer Births Linked to Form of Schizophrenia
    Study finds those with deficit schizophrenia often born in June, July