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  • Impotent? Maybe You Should See a Heart Doctor

  • Snorers, Could CPAP Help Your Sex Life, Too?

  • Impotence Among Heart Patients Not the Fault of Meds, Study Finds

  • Cycling Won't Sabotage a Man's Sex Life: Study

  • Good News, Guys: Viagra Prices Start to Tumble Today

  • What Men Need to Know About ED Drugs and Anesthesia
    Having surgery? Be forthright about use of erectile dysfunction drugs to prevent dangerous complications

  • Study Refutes Viagra-Melanoma Link
    Data shows no connection between impotence drug and deadly skin cancer, after all

  • Study Sees Link Between Porn and Sexual Dysfunction
    It could be creating unrealistic expectations for young, inexperienced men, researcher says

  • It's Yoga to the Rescue for Prostate Cancer Patients
    Study suggests the ancient practice might ease side effects of therapy

  • Impotence Meds Might Give Men's Hearts a Boost, Too
    But evidence isn't strong enough to routinely recommend Viagra or Cialis after heart attack, experts say

  • Testosterone Therapy May Boost Older Men's Sex Lives
    Gel hormone treatment led to improved libido and sexual function, study finds

  • Impotence Drugs Won't Raise Melanoma Risk, Study Suggests
    Researchers say skin cancer in these patients is likely due to more sun exposure

  • Men, Avoid Impotence Drugs Before Surgery
    Let an anesthesia professional know if you take these medications, expert cautions

  • Impotence Not an Inevitable Part of Aging
    Experts advise men to check with a doctor to rule out diseases or medications that may cause the problem

  • Can Berries, Citrus Fruits Boost Male Sexual Health?
    New study suggests a connection, but some doubt 'flavonoids' are an impotence remedy

  • Male Sexual Enhancement Supplements Often Ineffective, Possibly Harmful: Study
    Many contain potentially risky ingredient found in drugs like Viagra, researchers add

  • Could Viagra Help Prevent Type 2 Diabetes in Those at Risk?
    Small trial suggests the drug might help, but much more study is needed

  • Vitamin D Deficiency Might Be Tied to Erectile Dysfunction
    Men with low levels of 'sunshine vitamin' more likely to be impotent, study suggests

  • Impotence Drug May Help Fight Rare Lung Disease: Study
    Combining active ingredient in Cialis and blood pressure med helped with pulmonary arterial hypertension

  • Study Debunks Notion That Condoms Always Hamper Erections
    Most young men who had such problems had erectile difficulties generally, researchers say

  • Impotence Linked to Risk of Type 2 Diabetes
    Middle-aged men with erectile dysfunction may be at even greater risk, study suggests

  • Viagra, Other ED Meds Won't Raise Melanoma Risk
    Study did find slightly higher odds for the skin cancer in men on ED drugs, but lifestyles are probable culprit

  • Coffee May Help Men Keep Impotence at Bay
    Study suggests caffeine may help maintain healthy blood flow and sexual function

  • Impotence Drugs Don't Fix All Sexual Concerns: Study
    Even with the meds, many men worry about erections, orgasms and desire

  • Exercise Might Help His Sex Life
    Men who get the most physical activity report more erections, orgasms, study says

  • Early Heart Disease May Lead to Impotence, Study Says
    Researchers find higher levels of artery plaque can affect a man's sexual health

  • For Many Men, Impotence Is Treatable Without Drugs
    And there's a bonus: heart-healthy changes will boost overall well-being, too, experts say

  • Cialis May Not Prevent Impotence in Men Treated for Prostate Cancer
    Study sees little value in taking the drug during radiation treatment

  • Cholesterol-Lowering Drugs May Boost a Man's Sex Life: Study
    But men shouldn't take statins for that effect alone, researcher says

  • Testosterone Not the Whole Story in 'Male Menopause'
    Estrogen also involved, researchers say, and 'low-T' diagnosis isn't clear-cut

  • Newer, Pricier Prostate Cancer Radiation No Better Than Old: Study
    Researchers looked at men who had the therapy after surgery

  • Erectile Dysfunction Tied to Long-Term Narcotic Use in Men
    In study, more men on impotence meds were taking opioids for chronic back pain

  • Buying Testosterone Supplements Online Can Be Risky
    Most sellers extol benefits with little mention of potential health hazards, study finds

  • Most Men With Erectile Dysfunction Don't Seem to Get Treatment
    In study of 6 million ED patients, 75 percent either didn't receive or fill prescriptions

  • New Procedure May Shrink Enlarged Prostate Without Surgery
    'Prostatic artery embolization' didn't cause troublesome side effects in study

  • If Wife Earns More, Husband's Sexual Performance May Suffer: Study
    Men in this situation were slightly more likely to be prescribed impotence drugs, researchers found

  • Impotence Drug Cialis Might Have Other Sexual Benefits: Study
    Industry-funded research suggests it could help men who've had troubling achieving orgasm

  • Erectile Dysfunction May Signal Hidden Heart Disease
    Large study found even mild impotence was tied to greater odds of future hospitalization, death

  • Severe Gum Disease May Be Linked to Impotence
    Small study found men with periodontitis were about 3 times as likely to experience erectile problems

  • Testosterone Gel Fails to Boost Viagra's Effects
    Study found no added benefit to men being treated for erectile dysfunction

  • Viagra Can Help Prostate Cancer Patients Maintain Sex Lives: Study
    Use of the drug before and after radiation treatments may help men avoid erectile dysfunction

  • Genes May Influence Impotence After Prostate Radiation
    Preliminary research suggests genetic analysis might help men assess their risk

  • Taking Breaks From Prostate Cancer Hormone Therapy Seems Safe: Study
    Trial found no difference in overall survival

  • Abandoning PSA Screening Could Cost Lives: Study
    Testing could save 17,000 men from advanced prostate cancer, researcher says

  • Sleep Apnea Treatment Might Boost Men's Sex Lives
    Mask-and-hose device increases energy, erections, study finds

  • Severe Gum Disease, Impotence May Be Linked
    Men younger than 30, over 70 at particular risk, study shows

  • FDA Approves New Impotence Drug Stendra
    It may be faster acting than some other medicines on the market, expert says

  • Baldness Drug May Cause Sexual Side Effects: FDA
    A related compound is prescribed to treat enlarged prostate glands

  • FDA OKs Impotence Drug Cialis to Treat Enlarged Prostate
    Pill may be especially beneficial for men battling both conditions, agency says

  • Cialis Approved to Treat Enlarged Prostate
    Also approved for treatment of BPH and erectile dysfunction occurring simultaneously

  • New Test Predicts Risk for Impotence After Prostate Cancer Therapy
    Series of questions given prior to treatment could help men decide on type of care, researchers say

  • Erectile Dysfunction May Be Linked With Cardiovascular Trouble
    Independent risk factor for heart disease, stroke and death, researchers say

  • Protecting Heart May Improve Erectile Dysfunction
    Cardiac drugs, lifestyle changes improve sexual function in men with ED, study shows

  • Many Men Underestimate Prostate Surgery Side Effects
    Incontinence, impotence often worse than anticipated, study finds

  • An Older Man's Sex Life May Suffer When She's Close to His Friends
    Study suggests scenario might undermine his sense of masculinity, spur impotence

  • Weight Loss May Boost Sex Life of Obese, Diabetic Men
    Cutting calories can also have positive effects on urinary tract function, researchers say

  • Impotence Linked to Restless Legs Syndrome
    The more frequent the symptoms, the stronger the connection, study finds

  • Poor Sleep Tied to Incontinence, Impotence
    Two studies find links between sleep apnea and ED, and restless nights and urinary problems

  • Weight-Loss Surgery May Ease Incontinence in Women
    Study finds no improvement in men's urological, sexual functioning

  • Many Men Over 75 Still Sexually Active: Study
    Almost a third in Australian report had been active in prior year

  • Study Backs 'Active Surveillance' for Low-Risk Prostate Cancer
    But the alternative to immediate treatment isn't for all men, researchers say

  • Older Diabetes Patients Still Sexually Active, Study Finds
    But many have unaddressed sexual problems that may impair their quality of life, expert says

  • Drugs Like Viagra Linked to Higher Rates of STDs
    But it's the behavior, not the medication, that's to blame, researchers say

  • Low Testosterone in Older Men Less Common Than Thought
    Study does find some association between nine symptoms and 'male menopause'

  • Dangers Lurk in Impotence Drugs Sold on Web
    Study finds many contain toxins, or too much/too little of the active ingredient

  • Confiding Eases Older Men's Stress Over Sexual Problems
    Unlike women, men found solace in talks with partners and friends, researchers found

  • Impotence Drugs May Aid Brain Tumor Treatment
    Levitra, Viagra allowed anti-cancer medication to more easily penetrate brain barrier, study found

  • Low Testosterone Raises Heart Death Rates in Impotent Men
    Obese patients with erectile dysfunction also at higher risk for cardiac events, research shows

  • Do Statins Lower Male Sex Drive?
    Italian study says yes, but earlier U.S. study had different conclusion

  • Gays, Lesbians Excluded From Some Medical Studies
    Research into sexual health tends to omit them, report finds

  • Relief Sought for Secondary Parkinson's Symptoms
    New guidelines target erectile dysfunction, constipation and more

  • Erectile Dysfunction Plus Heart Disease Raises Death Risk
    Study confirms that impotence is a risk factor for heart trouble

  • Fake Drugs Bought on the Web Pose Big Health Risks
    2.5 million men in Europe alone may have taken counterfeit Viagra, study says

  • Health Agencies Express Concern Over BPA
    HHS, FDA pledge funds for more research on the common plastics chemical

  • Restless Legs Linked to Erectile Dysfunction
    But it's not clear how the two disorders are connected, researchers say

  • BPA Tied to Impotence in Men
    Chinese factory worker study suggests more potential hazards from the plastics chemical

  • Scientists Grow New Penile Tissue in the Lab
    Rabbits implanted with new cells regained sexual function, study says

  • Guidelines Urge Use of Erectile Dysfunction Drugs
    Which product to prescribe depends on patient preferences, experts say

  • Spider Venom -- The Next Way to Treat Impotence?
    Toxin from the deadly Brazilian wandering spider may improve erections, researchers say

  • Topical Cream for Erectile Dysfunction Shows Promise
    It could become alternative for men who can't tolerate pills, researchers say

  • Impotence Drugs Don't Harm Vision: Study
    Trial by drug maker Eli Lilly found no problems at 6 months of use

  • Health Tip: Why You May Have Erectile Dysfunction
    Some common physical causes

  • Treatment Options Are Many for Prostate Cancer
    Some doctors say many tumors can be left untreated, depending on man's age

  • Cialis May Help Ease Pulmonary Hypertension
    Once-daily dose of the ED drug delayed disease progression, researchers found

  • Could Chinese Herb Be a Natural Viagra?
    Early research suggests 'horny goat weed' might help men with impotence

  • Viagra May Protect Hearts of Some Muscular Dystrophy Patients
    In study with mice, drug prevented heart failure in those with Duchenne muscular dystrophy

  • Men Who Smoke Prone to Impotence
    The greater the number of cigarettes smoked, the greater the risk, studies find

  • High Dose Radiation for Prostate Cancer Won't Raise Sexual Dysfunction
    Technology ups treatment effectiveness without boosting this side effect, study finds

  • Erectile Dysfunction: A Harbinger of Heart Trouble
    Studies link this common problem with vascular disease

  • Gene Therapy Reverses Erectile Dysfunction in Rats
    If successful in humans, it could be first long-term, non-drug solution to the problem, scientists say

  • Could Viagra Put the Brakes on Jet Lag?
    Research with hamsters shows promise, but human trials are a long way off

  • Outside Forces 'Medicalizing' Everyday Problems, Experts Say
    Drug ads and other factors are having an impact on clinical practice

  • Erectile Dysfunction Affects 18 Million U.S. Men
    Lifestyle changes could help reduce the problem, experts say

  • Erectile Dysfunction Drugs Safe, Effective for Diabetic Men
    Researchers looked over data on Cialis, Levitra and Viagra

  • Viagra Helps COPD Patients Control Pulmonary Blood Pressure
    More than 11 million Americans have the breathing disorder

  • ED Drug Uprima Often Ineffective: Study
    British researchers say it failed to deliver for two-thirds of men

  • Impotence Can Foreshadow Coronary Artery Disease
    Doctors should monitor heart health of patients with erectile dysfunction, study says

  • Scientists Create Artificial Penis
    Research with rabbits could offer treatment for human impotence, study suggests

  • Impotence a Problem for Young Men, Too
    Many turn to Viagra, even those not struggling with erectile dysfunction, study finds

  • Smokers At Higher Risk for Erectile Dysfunction
    Pack-a-day habit boosts odds by nearly 40 percent, study finds

  • Health Tip: In Men, It's Called Andropause
    Part of the natural aging process

  • Statin Drugs Might Help Fight Impotence
    For some, Lipitor plus Viagra worked better than Viagra alone, study found

  • Erectile Dysfunction Can Signal Heart Trouble
    Men with condition performed more poorly on cardiac stress test, researchers found

  • Impotence Drugs Linked Again to Vision Problems
    Small study suggests users with previous heart attack history may be at risk

  • Impotence Points to Heart Problems
    Major study shows erectile dysfunction ups risk of cardiovascular trouble

  • New Impotence Drug Under Review
    Avanafil takes effect within 30 minutes, researchers say

  • FDA Orders Label Change for Impotence Drugs
    Change will reflect reports of sudden vision loss among users

  • Viagra Treats Children's Lethal Hypertension
    The impotence drug relaxes lung arteries, extending survival

  • Low Testosterone a Common Problem for Diabetic Men
    They may be at double the risk of non-diabetics, study finds

  • FDA Probes Reports of Vision Loss Linked to Impotence Drugs
    But the medicines may not be the cause, agency cautions

  • Viagra Protects Against Pulmonary Problems
    Helps with altitude-induced hypertension, researchers say

  • Curtailing Side Effects of Prostate Cancer Radiation
    More thorough imaging reduces erectile dysfunction in patients

  • Impotence: A Red Flag for Heart Disease
    The two share common physiologic pathways, experts say

  • Impotence Common After Radiation, Surgery on Prostate
    Major side effects of either procedure linger after 5 years

  • Extra Help for Impotence
    Erection pill and testosterone gel effective combination, study finds

  • Recreational Use of Viagra on the Increase
    Study finds threefold jump in younger men