Liver » Cirrhosis Articles:

  • U.S. Deaths From Liver Disease Rising Rapidly

  • Obesity Can Lead to Liver Damage by Age 8: Study

  • Can Aspirin Stop Liver Cancer in Hepatitis B Patients?
    Study from Taiwan finds link between aspirin use and reduced cancer risk

  • Researchers Grow Functioning Liver Tissue in Mice
    If successful in people, it could ease shortage of transplant organs, MIT scientist says

  • Cirrhosis Could Raise Stroke Risk
    Average yearly rate of the attacks doubled in people with the liver disease, study found

  • Tough Alcohol Policies Linked to Lower Death Rates From Liver Damage
    Findings dovetail with prior research that has shown tighter rules associated with less binge drinking

  • Liver Damage From Hepatitis C More Widespread Than Thought
    If left undetected, it can lead to liver failure and even death, study authors note

  • Daily Drinking May Raise Risk of Liver Cirrhosis, Study Warns
    Everyday habits appear to matter more than lifetime consumption, research suggests

  • Drug Regimen Cures Hepatitis C in Most Liver Transplant Patients in Study
    Researchers say treatment has fewer side effects and less risk of rejection, too

  • Hepatitis C Could Become Rare Disease in 20 Years: Study
    Newer medications, better screening would fuel the trend, researcher says

  • Task Force Recommends Hep B Screening for High-Risk People
    Vaccine, antiviral treatments make it worthwhile to spot chronic condition early, researcher says

  • Alcohol Fuels Liver Disease in Those With HIV and Hepatitis C
    Large VA study shows heightened risk of advanced liver fibrosis for those co-infected

  • Screening May Help Boost Liver Cancer Survival Rates
    Simple tests for people with scarring of the liver spot tumors early, researchers report

  • Could Coffee Lower Death Risk From Liver Cirrhosis?
    Large study from China suggests 2 daily cups might offer protection in cases of non-viral hepatitis

  • Hepatitis C Patients With HIV May Face Higher Risk of Liver Disease
    Study's finding held true even for those doing well on treatment for AIDS-causing virus

  • Type 2 Diabetes Might Raise Risk of Liver Cancer
    But odds for malignancy are low; study found stronger connection for some minorities

  • Hepatitis B Vaccination Cuts Deaths From Liver Disease, Cancer: Study
    Taiwan study highlights need for vaccination for all, U.S. expert says

  • More Drugs Show Promise in Fighting Hepatitis C
    Faldaprevir and deleobuvir are part of effort to develop treatments that avoid harsh side effects

  • Scientists ID Gene Linked to Aggressive Liver Cancer
    Finding, though preliminary, might lead to better treatments

  • Study Links Coffee to Lower Risk for Rare Liver Disease
    Separate report calls for more hospice care for terminal cirrhosis patients

  • Too Much Drinking, Weight May Harm Liver
    Study suggests women at higher risk for chronic liver disease

  • Experimental Drug May Work Against Hepatitis C
    Miravirsen greatly reduced virus in patients in small study

  • Patient Survival Rises When Drugs Suppress Hepatitis C in Blood: Study
    Risk of death was 4 times lower if the virus stayed at undetectable levels for 6 months, researchers found

  • 'Boomers' With Hepatitis C Boosting Demand for Liver Transplants
    Study finds many in need of new organs have liver cancer

  • Hepatitis B Vaccine Recommended for Adults With Diabetes
    Shared blood glucose monitors, finger-stick devices pose infection risk, experts warn

  • Health Tip: Identify Symptoms of Cirrhosis
    Here are typical warning signs

  • Health Tip: If You Have Cirrhosis
    Here's how it could impair your liver

  • Better Rx for Cirrhosis-Linked Bleeding
    Study finds early shunting reduces recurrence of bleeding, improves survival

  • Indian Spice May Thwart Liver Damage
    Hair dye and smoking linked to the condition, researchers say

  • Chinese Scientists Develop Database on the Liver
    Information on proteins could help guide treatments for hepatitis and more

  • Alcohol-Related Ills Increasing Worldwide
    One in 25 deaths is drinking-related, study finds

  • Liver Cirrhosis May Also Harm Brain, Heart
    Inflammation may be the common link, study shows

  • Hepatitis C Therapy Useless for Some
    Those who don't respond at first not helped by maintenance treatment, study shows

  • New Imaging Identifies Types of Liver Disease
    Called magnetic resonance elastography, it could eliminate need for biopsies, study finds

  • Diabetes Boosts Liver Cancer Risk in Hepatitis, Cirrhosis Cases
    Chances doubled, especially for older males, Dutch study finds

  • Noninvasive Procedures Show Promise for Esophageal Bleeding
    They offer cost-effective look at dilated veins seen with cirrohosis but aren't sensitive enough

  • Research Offers Promise for Cirrhosis Treatment
    Protein stops liver scarring in mice, study finds

  • Alcoholics With Cirrhosis Have More Brain Damage
    Genes connected with higher functions are changed by continued abuse, study finds

  • Advanced Age No Bar to Liver Transplant
    Patients over 70 did as well as those in their 50s, study found

  • Cirrhosis Can Impact Heart Surgery Success
    Two-thirds of those with severe disease died after cardiac surgery, study found

  • Blood Test Index May Help Liver Patients Avoid Biopsy
    It's far more accurate at spotting fibrosis than current screens, researchers say

  • Fatty Liver Disease Endangers 6.5 Million U.S. Kids
    It's a silent problem that can lead to liver failure, experts warn

  • Women Fare Better After Liver Transplant
    They survive an average of nearly 5 years longer than males, study finds

  • Gout Drug May Help Prevent Liver Cancer
    Anti-inflammatory colchicine staves off cancer in cirrhosis patients, study finds

  • Liver Transplant-Linked Bone Loss Is Temporary
    Bone bounces back to pre-transplant levels over time, study finds

  • Coffee May Cut Cirrhosis Risk
    Cup a day linked to 22 percent reduction in liver disease, study found

  • Vitamin K Might Prevent Liver Cancer
    se off in women with cirrhosis