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  • AHA: Researchers Suggest New Way to Possibly Eliminate Clogged Arteries

  • 'Yo-Yo' Cardio Readings May Signal Heart Risks

  • Health Tip: Maintain Healthy Cholesterol

  • Evidence Doesn't Support Statin Use in Healthy Seniors

  • 'Million Hearts' Project Aims to Prevent 1 Million Cardiac Crises

  • Even at Low Levels, Toxic Metals Put Heart at Serious Risk: Study

  • New Wrinkle in Heart Health: Furrowed Brows May Bode Ill

  • 'Moderate' Drinking May Help the Heart, But Only If You Stick With It: Study

  • AHA: 'Bad' Cholesterol Can Be Deadly in Otherwise Healthy People

  • AHA: Personal Trainer Is Half the Woman She Used to Be

  • More Evidence That Supplements Won't Help Your Heart

  • Preeclampsia in Pregnancy Can Mean Heart Risks After

  • Tab for Young Binge Drinkers May Be Heart Trouble Later

  • AHA: Can a Daily Cup of Tea Do a Heart Good?

  • Why Are Statins Underused With Black Patients?

  • Heart Meds May Be Wrong for Millions of Americans

  • There's No 'Healthy Obesity' for Women, Study Finds

  • Supplements Won't Help Prevent Heart Disease: Study

  • On Top of Other Challenges, Homeless Have Higher Heart Disease Risk

  • Start Exercising to Cut Your Heart Failure Risk

  • A Big Belly Bad for Your Heart

  • U.S. Women Less Likely Than Men to Get Statins After Heart Attack

  • U.S. Heart Disease Rates Falling, But Gains Vary by State

  • Exercise Cuts Heart Risks, Regardless of Your Genes

  • Heart Disease Carries Huge Cost for Some Families

  • Veggies a Healthy Recipe for Older Women's Hearts

  • Key Heart Risks Decline for Older Americans

  • Immigrants Have Healthier Hearts Than Native-Born Americans

  • Most With Very High Cholesterol Missing Out on Right Meds

  • Noisy Workplace May Wreak Havoc on Your Heart

  • Women May Dismiss Subtle Warning Signs of Heart Disease

  • Low Sperm Count May Signal Serious Health Risks for Men

  • Majority of U.S. Adults Have Poor Heart Health: Study

  • Health Tip: Suggestions to Improve Your Cholesterol

  • Vitamin D3 May Benefit Heart Surgery Patients

  • Two Healthy Diets Equally Good for Your Heart

  • The Sooner Type 2 Diabetes Arrives, the Worse for Your Heart

  • Impotence Among Heart Patients Not the Fault of Meds, Study Finds

  • Many Stroke Survivors Don't Improve Health Habits

  • Pill Combo May Do More to Reduce Stroke Risk

  • Health Tip: Why Get a Cholesterol Test?

  • Want to Prevent Heart Disease? Go Nuts!

  • Yoga + Aerobics Doubles Heart Benefits
    Combined, these exercises are better than either alone, study suggests

  • Nearly 4 in 10 U.S. Adults Now Obese
    CDC stats show growing epidemic that means more illness and health care costs, health experts say

  • Stroke Risk Factors Are Rising
    More people survive these brain attacks, but the health problems that cause stroke aren't going away

  • A Man's Health May Rely on Health of His Marriage
    Heart risk factors improve when married life is good, decline when it's not, study finds

  • Can You 'Om' Your Way to a Healthy Heart?
    American Heart Association says meditation may help, but don't forgo traditional medicine

  • Many Patients Denied Costly New Cholesterol Drugs
    Insurers and high copays limit use of PCSK9 inhibitors, study says

  • Recession Took Toll on Health of Rural Young Blacks
    Greater economic fallout linked to raised heart disease risks in 25- and 26-year-olds, study finds

  • Uptick in U.S. Stroke Deaths Sets Off Alarms: CDC
    High rates of obesity and diabetes are a major culprit, researchers say

  • Severe Psoriasis Linked to Higher Risk of Earlier Death
    But experts say there may be ways to reduce those odds

  • Calcium in Arteries May Best Predict Risk of Heart Attack, Stroke
    Factors such as cholesterol and blood pressure might be less of a concern, study contends

  • Diet Study Suggests It's Carbs, Not Fats, That Are Bad for You
    But don't give up on fruits, vegetables and legumes -- they're still good for you

  • Drug May Fight Heart Disease in Whole New Way
    Study of injected medication suggests reductions in inflammation could be treatment target

  • New Cholesterol Drugs Vastly Overpriced, Study Contends
    But drug maker, heart experts question methodology of analysis

  • Powerful New Cholesterol Med Won't Harm Memory, Easing Concerns
    Study findings on Repatha are 'reassuring,' but expert wants longer follow-up

  • A Little Drinking Might Lengthen Your Life: Study
    But researchers stress too much alcohol can increase risk of early death

  • Less Than Half of U.S. Stroke Patients Get Rx for Statins
    Country-wide comparison finds geography, age and gender affect who gets cholesterol-lowering meds

  • Don't Put Off Weight-Loss Surgery Till You're Heavier
    Best results seen for those with pre-op BMI of less than 40, study says

  • Is the 'Anti-Statin' Trend Threatening Lives?
    Internet-fueled movement has heart experts concerned about potential consequences

  • Too Few Women, Docs Understand Dangers of Heart Disease
    It kills more than all cancers combined, but study says many overlook the risk

  • Heart Disease: A Price Humans Pay for Fertility?
    Study finds genes that boost risk for cardiovascular trouble also up chances of having children

  • Vaccine Curbs High Cholesterol in Mice
    Cardiologists call the results 'exciting,' but stress that only research in humans can confirm the findings

  • Study Hints at Link Between Some Statins, Parkinson's Risk
    But the connection was only seen with certain types of the cholesterol-lowering drugs

  • Healthy Dietary Fats Help Beat High Cholesterol
    Eating them can reduce your risk of heart disease as effectively as statins, heart experts say

  • Can a 70-Year-Old Have the Arteries of a 20-Year-Old?
    It's possible, but hard work in today's 'Western' culture, study finds

  • New Cholesterol Fighting Meds Target Key Gene
    Two trials show promise for non-statin approach to heart health

  • Anabolic Steroids May Tax the Heart
    Weight-lifters using the synthetic hormones have lower pumping capacity, study finds

  • Many Under 40 May Not Need Regular Cholesterol Checks: Study
    But heart experts note that screening sooner can help some patients make lifestyle changes early in the game

  • What Harms the Young Heart Also Hurts the Brain Later
    High blood pressure, smoking in teens tied to worse mental functioning at mid-life, study finds

  • Just a 'Social Smoker'? Toll on Your Health Still High
    Study found lighting up occasionally as damaging to blood vessel health as regular smoking

  • Busiest Docs Get Best Results With Heart Valve Surgery
    Patients more likely to receive repair than replacement from the most experienced surgeons, study finds

  • Healthy Heart in Middle Age Delivers Big Dividends
    Study found it was linked to longer, disease-free life

  • The Top 5 Conditions That Shorten Americans' Lives -- And Are Preventable
    Obesity steals the most years of all, researchers say

  • Many Heart Attack Patients Fail to Stick With Statins
    Greater education is needed on the lifesaving benefits of 'high-intensity' treatment, researchers say

  • Conflicting Statin Guidelines Leave Millions in 'Gray Zone'
    Doctors, patients often confused by differing advisories on the cholesterol-lowering drugs

  • Many Americans Don't Know How to Handle High Cholesterol
    Survey found they know it raises heart risks, but are confused, discouraged about how to lower it

  • A Healthy Middle-Aged Heart May Protect Your Brain Later
    Dementia expert says take up heart-healthy habits sooner rather than later

  • More Younger Americans Are Suffering Strokes: Study
    Researchers cite rise in blood pressure and diabetes, but one specialist questions the findings

  • Who Really Needs All Those Heart Tests?
    Overtreatment may lead to excess worry and worse outcomes, report says

  • Who Really Needs Blood Pressure, Cholesterol Meds?
    Exercise and other lifestyle adjustments should be tried first, Consumer Reports advises

  • Keys to Heart Disease Care: Communication and Trust
    These factors linked to patients' greater use of cholesterol and blood pressure-lowering drugs

  • What You Need to Know About Cholesterol
    Heart expert explains the difference between good and bad types

  • Guidelines May Miss Need for Statins in Many U.S. Blacks
    Individualized scans of the arteries may be a better means of spotting patients at risk, researchers say

  • Remote Amazon Tribe May Have Healthiest Hearts on Earth
    Days spent hunting, farming and eating unprocessed foods keeps their arteries clear, researcher says

  • Health Tip: Help Kids Maintain Healthy Cholesterol
    Foods to eat, and those to avoid

  • Heart Disease Kicks in Earlier for Obese People
    Study found that weight did not affect life span as much as quality of life

  • 1 in 7 Obese People Has Normal Blood Pressure, Cholesterol
    But that doesn't mean the excess weight is harmless, researchers say

  • Cholesterol's Impact on Heart Attack Risk May Change With Age
    Study found younger patients had low levels of HDL 'good' cholesterol

  • Could Parkinson's Disease Raise Stroke Risk?
    Or is the link the other way around? Study finds a connection, but cause-and-effect isn't clear

  • Race May Play Role in Recurrent Stroke
    Study found black seniors at higher risk for subsequent attack compared to whites

  • Unhealthy in Middle Age, Dementia in Old Age?
    Diabetes, high blood pressure, smoking may set you up for Alzheimer's, research suggests

  • 5 Ways Women Can Cut Their Heart Attack Risk
    Heart disease is leading cause of death in U.S., but many don't know they have it

  • Heart Disease Affects Far More Than the Heart
    Blocked arteries can restrict blood flow to the legs, feet, kidneys -- even brain, specialists say

  • Heart Disease Could Cost U.S. $1 Trillion Per Year By 2035: Report
    American Heart Association estimates that nearly half of Americans will have heart disease in less than 20 years

  • Calcium Buildup in Young Arteries May Signal Heart Attack Risk
    Even small amount in 30s, 40s appears to boost the odds, study finds

  • Know Your Heart's Numbers
    Too few Americans aware of modifiable heart disease risk factors, such as blood pressure and weight

  • What to Do If You Think You're Having a Heart Attack
    Don't ignore chest pain and seek medical attention immediately, heart specialists say

  • Study Suggests Newer Cholesterol Drugs Are Safe
    Whether taking them results in fewer heart attacks and strokes isn't yet known, researcher says

  • U.S. Heart Failure Rates on the Rise
    And heart disease remains the nation's leading killer

  • 'Red Yeast Rice' Statin Alternative Not Harmless Either, Study Says
    The supplements linked to muscle pain, other adverse effects similar to statins

  • Brisk Walk May Help Sidestep Heart Disease
    In just 10 weeks, cholesterol, blood pressure and weight improved among women in study

  • Many Young Adults With High Cholesterol Not on Statins as Recommended
    Guidelines suggest the meds could help ward off heart trouble, but too many people are missing out, study finds

  • Smartphones Could Be a Boon to Heart Health Research
    Study finds tracking people's activity with the devices is cheaper, more reliable that conventional methods

  • Americans' Cholesterol Levels Keep Falling
    Eliminating trans fats from the U.S. diet may be one factor in this healthy trend, CDC researchers say

  • Heart Attacks Up in New Orleans Post-Katrina
    One hospital reported 3 times more heart admissions after the 2005 storm compared to before

  • Coming Soon: Lower Cholesterol From a Twice-a-Year Shot?
    Injectable drugs could provide major advance in heart-disease prevention, researchers say

  • U.S. Heart Disease Rates Fell 20 Percent Since 1980s: Study
    Researchers chalk it up to better meds, prevention efforts

  • High-Dose Statins Boost Survival: Study
    Increased doses reduced death risk in those with existing heart disease

  • Pedal Your Way to Heart Health
    Studies find bike users have fewer heart attacks, lower blood pressure

  • Does 'Good' Cholesterol Matter in Heart Disease Risk?
    Lifestyle appears more important than the HDL number, study suggests

  • Parent-Child Screening Urged for Inherited Heart Condition
    People with familial hypercholesterolemia have higher risk of heart attack before 40, researchers say

  • Statins Often Interact With Other Heart Drugs
    Doctors, patients should be aware of risky combinations, heart group says

  • Are There Alternatives to Statins?
    Dietary changes, other meds and even surgery also can help lower cholesterol levels, study finds

  • A Woman's Weight Has Complex Link to Stroke Risk
    Being overweight ups odds for most prevalent form of attack, but may slightly lower chances for another type

  • Fewer Drugs in Pipeline to Treat World's No. 1 Killer
    While number of cancer drugs rose, development of new heart medicines stalled, study finds

  • Healthy Diet, Exercise May Help Keep Alzheimer's at Bay
    Study finds people who are active and eat well have fewer brain effects linked to the disease

  • Task Force Calls for More Study Into Risks, Benefits of Kids' Cholesterol Screening
    Panel does recommend screening kids for obesity starting at age 6

  • Heart Risk Factors Rise Before Menopause
    'Danger zone' for women earlier than thought, study finds

  • Fat May Not Hike Heart Attack Risk: Study
    But it does raise diabetes risk, research with twins found

  • 1 in 10 Alzheimer's Patients at Risk for Avoidable Hospital Stays
    Study suggests need for better management of other health problems

  • Cutting Down on Sweets Can Help Kids' Hearts
    Risk factors improved after just 10 days of sugar restriction, study finds

  • 9 Out of 10 Strokes Could Be Prevented, Study Finds
    High blood pressure is the most important controllable risk factor

  • Health Before a Stroke Is Big Predictor of Second Attack
    Getting hypertension, cholesterol under control could be key to avoiding later dementia, too, study finds

  • Study Cites the Fats That Could Shorten Your Life
    High levels of animal-based saturated fats were tied to earlier death, unsaturated fats seem healthier

  • Is U.S. Government Subsidizing Fattening Foods?
    Study found Americans who ate the most grains, dairy and livestock products had more health issues

  • Inherited Cholesterol Disorder Significantly Boosts Heart Risks
    Untreated, the condition also makes arteries age decades faster, study reports

  • Men Face Greater Risk of Cardiac Arrest: Study
    Heart disease tends to develop earlier than it does in women, researchers say

  • Progress Against Heart Deaths Starting to Wane, Report Warns
    Obesity, diabetes epidemics may be to blame, doctors say

  • Just a Little of Statins' Effect Enough to Help Heart: Study
    Driving cholesterol down to very low levels produced no extra benefit

  • For Better Heart Care, Get a Pharmacist on Your Team
    Canadian study highlights a potential opportunity to improve public health

  • Heart Disease Down Among Over-40 Americans
    Better control of risk factors such as smoking, high blood pressure likely behind the change

  • More Evidence That Smog a Heart Threat
    Study found 3 months of exposure linked to higher cholesterol levels, especially for those with diabetes

  • Joe Montana Scoring Points Against Heart Disease
    Former Super Bowl MVP focuses on daily exercise and limiting red meat, salty foods

  • Pharmacists Can Manage Some Chronic Conditions Effectively, Study Suggests
    But it's not clear if they could reduce symptoms more or help you live longer than your doctor can

  • A Few Key Steps Can Protect Your Heart and Kidneys
    Study cites smoking, body fat, exercise, blood pressure among factors to pay attention to

  • Skipping Meds Greatly Ups Heart Patients' Risk of Stroke: Study
    Fatal strokes seven times more likely if drugs to control blood pressure, cholesterol aren't taken as prescribed

  • A Healthy Heart May Protect an Aging Brain
    Study found seniors who met more heart-healthy goals showed less decline in thinking skills

  • Genetic High-Cholesterol Condition More Common Than Thought
    Researchers say finding shows early treatment is important to avert heart attack

  • Tai Chi Could Be a Healthy Move for Your Heart
    Traditional Chinese exercises might reduce depression, improve quality of life for heart patients

  • MS Patients May Be Prone to Other Chronic Illnesses, Study Finds
    High blood pressure, diabetes, heart disease and depression among common co-existing conditions

  • Poor Sleep May Not Add to Cholesterol Problems, Study Finds
    The one possible exception: people who take sleeping pills for insomnia, researchers say

  • Seven Steps Toward a Healthier Heart
    Eating better, exercising and managing cholesterol can help reduce your risks

  • Cholesterol in Eggs May Not Hurt Heart Health: Study
    Research also finds other dietary cholesterol doesn't appear to up heart disease risk

  • Healthier Diets May Be Cutting Heart, Diabetes Risks in U.S. Teens
    But obesity still rose and physical activity remained the same, study showed

  • 'Obese' May Not Always Equal Unhealthy: Study
    Authors warn against using body size as sole measure of good health, but other experts cite risks of too much weight

  • Study: Tissue Heart Valves Seem Best for Middle-Aged Patients
    They wear out faster but don't carry the clotting risks that metal valves do, research shows

  • Healthy Habits Help Reduce Risk of Heart Failure, Study Finds
    Steps include controlling blood pressure and cholesterol

  • U.S. Task Force Stays Neutral on Cholesterol Screening for Kids
    Not enough evidence to recommend for or against checking everyone under 20, expert panel says

  • Heart Disease Now Kills 1 of Every 3 Americans
    Heart attack and stroke are leading causes of death worldwide, too, report finds

  • One in Five U.S. Kids Over Age 5 Has Unhealthy Cholesterol: CDC
    Rates are much higher in obese children versus normal-weight, agency notes

  • Kids With Asthma, Allergies May Face Higher Heart Risk Factors: Study
    Risk doubles for high cholesterol and blood pressure, but danger to any one child is low, findings suggest

  • Screen All Kids for Cholesterol, Depression and HIV, Pediatricians' Group Says
    American Academy of Pediatrics guidelines reflect concerns about obesity, suicide

  • Sense of Purpose in Life May Boost Longevity, Heart Health
    Those who felt useful to others were 20 percent less likely to die during study period

  • Too Few Americans Are Taking Needed Cholesterol-Lowering Drugs: CDC
    Only half who should are using medications to help prevent heart disease

  • 1 in 8 American Adults Still Have High Cholesterol: CDC
    Many don't meet targets, and expert says even those targets aren't good enough to prevent heart attacks

  • Heart Disease Doesn't Take a Holiday
    Don't forget to take your meds with you when you travel, expert says

  • Obesity in Youth May Harm the Heart Long-Term, Even After Weight Loss
    Risk of sudden cardiac death was still higher, decades after women had lost the pounds, study found

  • Too Few U.S. Hispanics Have Cholesterol Under Control
    Up to two-thirds of those who could benefit from statins aren't getting them, researchers say

  • Many Americans May Experience 'Silent' Heart Attack
    Study shows evidence of cardiac scarring often appearing on scans, even if no attack was reported

  • 'Cash for Lower Cholesterol' Program Works With Doc-Patient Teams
    Cooperation is key to program's success, but benefits were modest, study finds

  • Fewer Americans Than Ever Sticking to Heart-Healthy Lifestyle, Study Finds
    Less than 6 percent of adults tracked in long-running research are keeping critical risk factors at bay

  • Studies Reveal Gender Gap in Heart Care
    Younger women less likely than men to be warned of risk, get same treatments or survive after heart attack

  • Study Sees Link Between High Cholesterol and Tendon Trouble
    Chronic inflammation could explain possible connection, researchers theorize

  • During Menopause, 'Good' Cholesterol May Lose Protective Effect on Heart
    HDL cholesterol seems to change, and might encourage plaque build-up, research suggests

  • Positive Outlook May Help Heart Disease Patients Heal
    Study found optimists more likely to take meds, exercise and eat healthy

  • Should the Annual Physical Be Scrapped?
    Harvard doctors argue for and against this medical ritual

  • Daily Glass of Wine May Boost Type 2 Diabetics' Heart Health
    People who process alcohol slowly also saw improvements in blood sugar levels, study says

  • Many Doctors Admit Difficulty in Treating Unexplained Stroke: Poll
    Lack of knowledge can affect outcomes, chances of second strokes, survey authors say

  • Severely Obese Kids at Higher Risk for Heart Disease, Diabetes
    Study finds heavier boys face even greater odds of future trouble

  • Fidgeting Might Be Good for Your Health
    Having the jitters may undercut some of the negative effects of prolonged sitting, British study contends

  • Not All Trans Fats Harm the Heart, German Study Contends
    Those found naturally in dairy, meat products may help, while low levels of artificial trans fats might not hurt

  • Could a Texting App Help Your Heart?
    Patients who got reminders on healthy living saw improvements in cholesterol, blood pressure, weight

  • Gut Bugs May Affect Body Fat, 'Good' Cholesterol Levels
    But finding does not prove certain intestinal bacteria determine size of one's waistline

  • Obamacare Likely to Spur Rise in Chronic Disease Diagnoses: Study
    More with insurance may lead to better treatment of high blood pressure, high cholesterol and diabetes

  • FDA Approves Repatha for High Cholesterol
    A leading cause of heart disease

  • Jury Still Out on Whether Saturated Fat Is Bad for You, Researchers Say
    But clear link seen between trans fats and heart troubles, early death

  • Screen Teens With Depression for Heart Disease, Experts Say
    New recommendations note these adolescents not recognized as high-risk group

  • New Drug Lowers Levels of Triglyceride Blood Fats: Study
    But it's not yet ready for standard care

  • Praluent Approved to Treat High Cholesterol
    For people at risk of heart attack or stroke

  • FDA OKs First of New Class of Cholesterol Drugs
    Praluent for people with prior history of heart attack or stroke who've already tried a statin

  • In Some Ways, Fast Food No Worse for Health Than Full-Service Meals: Study
    Salt, cholesterol consumption higher at sit-down restaurants, researchers find

  • Calcium Scan Can Predict Premature Death Risk, Study Says
    Noninvasive look at arteries may benefit people without obvious heart symptoms

  • Health Tip: What's Behind High Cholesterol?
    Risk factors include poor diet and exercise habits

  • Half of U.S. Hispanics With High Cholesterol Unaware They Have It: Study
    And two-thirds who are aware don't get treatment for condition that raises risk of heart disease

  • Can U.S. Health-Care System Afford New, Improved Cholesterol Drugs?
    Medications may cost as much as $12,000 per person each year

  • FDA Ban on Harmful Trans Fats Expected Soon
    Food companies will likely need to petition government before using partially hydrogenated oils

  • FDA Advisers Recommend Approval of 2nd New Cholesterol Drug
    Trials show they slash levels of 'bad' LDL cholesterol, and could benefit those who don't tolerate statins

  • Statins Pose No Greater Harm to Memory, Study Suggests
    Review of more than a million patients finds the drugs are no worse for recall than other cholesterol fighters

  • Cholesterol Drugs May Boost Outcomes After Bypass
    People taking a statin had lower risk of dying in weeks after the heart surgery, researchers say

  • Average New Yorker Sits 7 Hours Each Day: Study
    Rates may even be higher, and experts warn that too little daily activity can cause serious harm

  • Heart Risk Factors May Harm Black Women More Than Whites
    Fewer unhealthy signs are needed before black women's risk starts to rise, study finds

  • Cholesterol Drugs May Lower Stroke Risk for Healthy Older Adults
    Statins and fibrates both drop chances by about one-third, study suggests

  • One-Third of Americans Have Dangerous Mix of Heart Risk Factors
    Metabolic syndrome, which includes high blood pressure and obesity, increases with age, researchers say

  • Health Tip: Cutting Down on Cholesterol in Kids' Diets
    Watch fat content, too

  • Staying Fit May Delay Onset of High Cholesterol, Study Finds
    Regular physical activity seems to put off age-related increases in men by up to 15 years

  • Americans' Blood Triglyceride Levels Dropping: CDC
    About one-quarter have high levels of this heart-disease related blood fat, but experts say many people still at risk

  • Can Statins Help Lower Lung Cancer Death Risk?
    Small reduction seen with cholesterol-lowering drugs, but study couldn't prove cause-and-effect link

  • New Drug Class Slashes 'Bad' Cholesterol, Review Finds
    If approved, medications could be used by people who don't respond to statins

  • Adults With Congenital Heart Trouble Need Follow-Up, Experts Say
    New American Heart Association guidelines outline health care strategies for these patients

  • New Guidelines Would Greatly Boost Number of Young People on Statins
    Analysis finds 483,500 people aged 17 to 21 would get a cholesterol drug, based on NIH advisory

  • Blood Fats Hold Vitamin E Captive, Study Shows
    Less than one-third of antioxidant makes it to where it's needed

  • Statins Linked to Raised Risk of Type 2 Diabetes
    Large Finnish study found a nearly 50 percent increase in people taking cholesterol-lowering drugs

  • Another Study Finds Mediterranean Diet May Cut Heart Risks
    People who followed it closely were 47 percent less likely to develop disease

  • Fried Foods Tied to Raised Heart Failure Risk
    Eaten regularly, they might boost chances as much as 68 percent, study finds

  • Very Obese Kids May Face Higher Heart Risks Than Thought
    Study found half had high blood pressure, half had high cholesterol and 15 percent were diabetic

  • Poor Response to Statins May Mean Clogged Arteries
    About 1 in 5 patients taking cholesterol-lowering drugs doesn't benefit, researchers find

  • Cluster of Heart Risk Factors Tied to Uterine Cancer Risk
    Excess weight likely a big factor, but other conditions also appear to matter

  • How Intense Efforts Boosted Heart Health for One Maine Community
    Better screening, control of high cholesterol and blood pressure cut deaths and hospitalizations, study finds

  • Study Debunks Notion of 'Healthy Obesity'
    Very heavy people slip into poor health over time, researchers find

  • Nearly All Diabetics Should Be on Cholesterol-Lowering Drugs: Experts
    New guidelines from the American Diabetes Association recommend greater statin use

  • When Heart Docs Are Away, Their High-Risk Patients May Fare Better
    Intensive procedures ordered less often, survival rates higher during cardiology conferences, study found

  • Certain Antibiotic/Statin Combos May Be Unsafe Mix: Study
    Use of clarithromycin along with the cholesterol-lowering meds had higher risk of side effects

  • Yoga May Cut Heart Disease Risk Factors
    Review found those who took yoga classes saw improvements in blood pressure, cholesterol, weight

  • Text Messages Remind People to Take Medications
    Fewer than one in 10 forgot their daily dose after cellphone prompt, study says

  • Daily Statin Might Raise Your Risk for Cataracts: Study
    But benefits of cholesterol-lowering drugs outweigh risks, experts say

  • Health Tip: Monitor Your Child's Fat and Cholesterol Consumption
    Offer plenty of fruit and veggies

  • Most Seniors Could Use Statins Under New Guidelines
    Many eligible for cholesterol-lowering drugs based on age alone, study finds

  • Kids Born to Overweight Moms May Face Higher Heart Risks as Adults
    But researchers add that eating behaviors mothers pass on might play greater role than genetics

  • Emotional Stress Affects Women's Hearts
    Mental stress test shows blood flow reduction among younger women compared to men and seniors, researchers report

  • Cholesterol Drug Vytorin Linked to Reduced Heart Attack Risk
    Study found this combination drug dropped 'bad' LDL levels

  • Experimental Cholesterol-Lowering Drug Effective, Study Reports
    New medicine might help those who can't tolerate commonly used statins

  • Researchers Find Gene Mutation That May Protect Against Heart Disease
    Rare genetic variation appears to cut the risk of heart attack in half, study reports

  • 'Longevity Gene' One Key to Long Life, Research Suggests
    As 'good' cholesterol goes up, odds of heart disease, stroke go down

  • Early Signs of Plaque in Arteries Signals Future Heart Trouble: Study
    Finding suggests even if blood vessels aren't blocked, heart attack risk still increases significantly

  • Frequent Dining Out Might Widen Your Waistline, Study Finds
    People who ate out a lot also had worse cholesterol levels than those who dined at home

  • If You Do Gain Weight, Polyunsaturated Fats May Prevent Some Damage
    Sunflower oil linked to better cholesterol readings, study finds

  • High Cholesterol Tied to Prostate Cancer's Return in Study
    But expert doesn't recommend taking statins to prevent recurrence

  • Gout May Be Linked to Raised Diabetes Risk: Study
    Women with this form of arthritis are more susceptible, researchers say

  • Genes May Make Some More Prone to Heart Disease When Under Stress
    Lifestyle changes could make big difference for people with a genetic risk, researchers say

  • Statins May Help Kids With Genetic Cholesterol Disorder
    Researchers found the earlier they were given, the less arteries hardened in adulthood

  • Preterm or Small Birth Tied to Long-Term Risks to Heart, Brain
    But researchers say exercise, education may help overcome deficiencies

  • Diet, Exercise Counseling Urged for Overweight Americans With Heart Risks
    Task force guidelines could apply to half of U.S. adults

  • Big Drop in U.S. Heart-Related Hospitalizations and Deaths, Study Finds
    Lifestyle changes, wider use of medications driving the trend, researchers say

  • Cholesterol Drugs' Benefits Far Outweigh Side Effects, Review Finds
    But long-term use of statins may raise odds of diabetes among people with risk factors, experts say

  • Statins May Aid Survival From Colon Cancer
    Taking cholesterol-lowering drugs was linked to a 29 percent reduction in risk of cancer death in study

  • Childhood Sex Abuse May Be Linked to Heart Disease Risk in Women
    Researchers found more signs of thickening in neck arteries of these women during mid-life

  • Cholesterol Levels May Be Linked to Breast Cancer Risk
    But research is still preliminary, experts say

  • Change Bad Habits Early, Save Your Heart Later
    Young adults who adopt healthier lifestyle can cut their heart disease risk, researchers say

  • Heart Patients Without Artery Plaque Buildup Still Face Risks: Study
    They still have an increased likelihood of heart attack, death, researchers found

  • Despite Childhood Obesity Epidemic, Few Kids Tested for Cholesterol
    Study found that less that 4 percent had their blood levels tested, countering recent guidelines

  • Is Healthy Obesity a Myth?
    Study found even with normal blood pressure, cholesterol and blood sugar levels, the obese had more artery plaque

  • Statin Users Eating More Bad Food Than a Decade Ago, Study Shows
    Doctors need to re-emphasize importance of healthy diet to patients, researcher says

  • Less Salt Use Tied to Drop in U.K. Heart Deaths
    Deaths from stroke also fell in the 8-year study from England

  • Beans, Lentils, Peas: Your Recipe for Lower Cholesterol?
    Review of 26 studies finds one serving per day tied to healthier arteries, especially in men

  • Heart Disease Haunted Mummies, Too
    Thought to be a modern malady, it was as prevalent in ancient times as it is today, study suggests

  • Stronger Muscles May Mean Better Health for Kids
    Study of 6th-graders links greater strength to lower risk for heart disease

  • New Drug Lowers Cholesterol Beyond What Statins Can Do, Study Finds
    Whether it also prevents heart attacks and strokes isn't known yet, experts say

  • Cholesterol Levels Spike During Winter Months, Study Finds
    Tendency to eat more, exercise less when it's cold and snowy outside may explain trend

  • Smoke-Free Policies May Protect the Heart
    Study found hospitalizations for heart disease, stroke dipped after Michigan passed workplace smoking ban

  • Intensive Early Childhood Education May Boost Adult Health
    Study found kids in special program had lower blood pressure and cholesterol levels, weighed less in their 30s

  • Almost 13 Million More Americans Could Take Statins Under New Guidelines
    Biggest jump in cholesterol-lowering drugs would be among men over 60, study estimates

  • Keep Your Heart Healthy
    Daily exercise, fruits and veggies, not smoking all help, cardiologist says

  • Lack of Sleep Compounds Health Problems for Obese Teens: Study
    Researchers report it was independently associated with higher risk of heart disease, diabetes

  • Vigorous Exertion at Work May Trigger Heart Attacks, Strokes
    Study looked at circumstances of firefighters who died on the job

  • Kids' Checkups Should Include Cholesterol, Depression Tests, Doctors Say
    HIV screening also recommended under revised American Academy of Pediatrics guidelines

  • Taking Care of Your Heart
    Cardiologist offers advice to lower your risk of heart disease

  • More Americans Getting High Blood Pressure Under Control: CDC
    Almost two-thirds of those enrolled in health plans have been properly treated, but more must be done

  • Survey Finds Most Americans Misinformed About Heart Disease
    Many are not taking steps to change their lifestyle and protect their heart

  • Low-Dose Statins Good Option for Some Heart Patients: Study
    When combined with other cholesterol-lowering treatments, they could be as good as high-dose statins alone

  • New Guidelines Aim to Lower Stroke Risk in Women
    Pregnancy, childbirth, female hormones can all influence lifelong risk, experts say

  • Controlling Blood Pressure, Cholesterol May Not Boost Brain Health for Diabetics
    Study found no effect, but longer-term trials may be needed to see a benefit, experts add

  • Another Win for the Mediterranean-Style Diet
    Firefighters who followed it most closely saw less weight gain, lower risk of heart trouble

  • First Trimester Appears Crucial for Baby's Heart Health
    Study finds slow fetal development linked to later cardiovascular problems

  • Troubled Launch of 'Obamacare' Tops Health News for 2013
    Angelina Jolie's double mastectomy, new heart care guidelines also made headlines

  • Gene Mutation May Explain Heart Disease Risk Among African-Americans
    Study found variation tied to increased fats in the blood

  • 'Healthy Obesity' Is a Myth, Report Says
    Researchers weigh results of 8 studies, find excess pounds raise death risk over time

  • 'Healthy' Obesity May Still Carry Higher Health Risks
    Researchers found greater odds of developing heart conditions, diabetes despite lack of symptoms

  • Could Vaccines Someday Improve Heart Health?
    In early studies, injections lowered cholesterol and blood pressure in animals

  • Many Would Give Private Info to Health Insurers to Save Money
    But experts question whether people responding to Harris/HealthDay poll understand broader impact

  • New Guidelines May Widen Use of Statins
    Recommendations focus on patient risk factors rather than cholesterol numbers, experts say

  • Metformin Won't Help Heart Patients Without Diabetes: Study
    But it might have a future as a weight-loss drug, results suggest

  • Epilepsy Often Hand-in-Hand With Other Health Problems: CDC
    Doctors, patients share responsibility for preventing and treating co-occurring conditions, experts say

  • Gardening, Housework May Help Boost Your Heart Health
    Study of Swedish seniors found a reduced death risk of up to 30 percent

  • Some Improvement Seen in U.S. Cholesterol Levels: CDC
    However, total cholesterol remains too high and screening rates too low, experts say

  • Cold, Abusive Parenting May Set Child Up for Health Woes as Adult
    'Toxic' stress takes physical toll, study says

  • New Cholesterol-Lowering Drug Shows Early Promise
    If proven safe, effective in larger studies, ALN-PCS might someday be used with or instead of statins, researchers say

  • Cholesterol Drugs May Boost Your Gums' Health, Too
    Study finds statins reduce gum inflammation

  • Statins May Not Harm Memory, Thinking After All
    But even with new study, jury's still out on safety of cholesterol-lowering drugs

  • Health Tip: Do You Need Frequent Cholesterol Screenings?
    Your age, weight are factors

  • Statins Linked to Raised Risk of Cataracts in Study
    But heart benefits of these drugs are significant, expert says

  • New Drug Shows Promise for Type 2 Diabetes
    It appears to improve blood fat levels and may aid weight loss, researchers report

  • High Cholesterol May Be Particularly Bad for Middle-Aged Men
    They're far more prone to heart attacks than women, study found

  • Blood Protein Disparity May Help Explain Blacks' Increased Heart Risk
    Higher albumin levels in urine tests point to kidney and heart trouble in blacks more than whites, study finds

  • Statin Use May Reduce Parkinson's Risk, Study Says
    Stopping cholesterol-lowering drug could raise odds of the disease, researchers suggest

  • Kidney Stones Tied to Raised Heart Disease Risk in Women
    Same link not seen in men, researchers report, although they're not sure why

  • As Years Spent Obese Rise, So Do Heart Risks
    Study strengthens link between excess pounds and cardiovascular troubles

  • Abdominal Fat Linked to Raised Heart, Cancer Risks
    Chances of disease were higher than when fat was in other parts of the body, researchers report

  • Heart Dangers of Low Vitamin D Levels May Vary
    Study found whites, Asians more affected than blacks, Hispanics

  • Do Heart Patients Get Too Many Cholesterol Tests?
    Unnecessary screenings contribute to rising U.S. health costs, study suggests

  • PTSD May Raise Heart Risks for Vietnam Vets
    Study found those who suffered disorder were more likely to run into heart trouble, even after accounting for lifestyle factors

  • 7 out of 10 Americans Take a Prescription Drug: Study
    Antidepressants and painkillers among the medicines most widely prescribed

  • Diet-Exercise Combo Doesn't Cut Heart Risks in Type 2 Diabetes Patients
    But study of overweight patients found lifestyle changes may prevent complications such as kidney failure, eye damage

  • U.S. Doctors' Group Labels Obesity a Disease
    Advocates say AMA's move will boost resources to fight weight-gain epidemic, but others question decision

  • Statins Plus Certain Antibiotics May Set Off Toxic Reaction: Study
    Harmful effects in older patients include muscle, kidney damage, researchers say

  • Weight-Loss Surgery May Help Moderately Obese, Too
    It reduces symptoms of type 2 diabetes, studies found, but surgical risks exist

  • Cholesterol Drugs Linked to Muscle, Joint Problems: Study
    But heart benefits of statins outweigh risks, expert says

  • Could Statins Raise Diabetes Risk?
    Some popular brands associated with high blood sugar levels in study, but odds of problems are low

  • Statins May Hamper Workout Results
    Overweight people on cholesterol-lowering drugs saw less fitness improvement than others in small study

  • Hysterectomy May Not Raise Heart Risks After All: Study
    Finding might reassure women considering the procedure, researcher says

  • How to Quickly Spot Signs of Stroke: Experts
    Prompt recognition and treatment offer best chance of full recovery

  • Pets a Boon for the Human Heart, Cardiologists Say
    American Heart Association cites stress-busting, dog-walking benefits of companion animals

  • Fish Oil Supplements Don't Protect Against Heart Trouble: Study
    They don't reduce the risk of heart attack, heart failure or death, researchers report

  • Cholesterol Drugs Might Boost Kidney Cancer Survival
    Study finds statin medications tied to lower death risk after nearly 4 years of follow-up

  • Mediterranean Diet Benefits Heart, Even Without Weight Loss: Study
    Healthy eating helped men lower bad cholesterol

  • Medicaid Expansion Enhances Financial and Mental Well-Being, Study Says
    Yet no clear evidence the program improves diabetes, high-blood pressure, other ills, at least in early years of enrollment

  • Higher Heart Rate Tied to Earlier Death, Even in Fit People
    Findings suggest a second look at what range is considered normal, researcher says

  • Gene May Double Risk of Alzheimer's in Blacks
    But expert says actual increase is 'modest' and many other factors contribute to disease

  • Brisk Walking Equals Running for Heart Health: Study
    Distance rather than speed reaps the benefits, researchers say

  • Statin Side Effects Often Manageable: Study
    People who quit may do better with different type or dose of cholesterol-lowering drugs

  • Physically Fit Docs More Likely to Prescribe Exercise, Study Finds
    Boosting physicians' fitness might have trickle-down effect for entire population, experts say

  • Stroke Before Age 50 Linked to Raised Risk of Early Death
    Study authors stress that improved diet, quitting smoking can minimize the odds

  • What's Good for the Heart May Also Prevent Cancer
    Healthy lifestyles do double duty against 2 major disease groups, study finds

  • Niacin Won't Help, May Harm Heart Patients: Study
    Taking the B vitamin offered no benefit in lowering cardiac deaths or heart attacks, researchers say

  • Drug May Ease Angina in People With Type 2 Diabetes
    Ranexa shows effectiveness, especially in patients with poor blood sugar control, study finds

  • Was Heart Disease the Mummies' Real Curse?
    Study finds 'hardening of the arteries' widespread throughout history, showing it's not just a modern ill

  • Health Tip: Do I Need a Cardiac Stress Test?
    Reasons why it may be performed

  • TV Ads for Statins May Drive Overtreatment
    But viewers who might benefit aren't the ones asking for prescriptions, study suggests

  • Tooth Loss Associated With Higher Risk for Heart Disease
    Reason for link between teeth, gums and heart health is still unclear, researcher says

  • Cholesterol Levels May Vary By Season
    Brazilian study doesn't necessarily mean that heart attack or stroke risk rises in winter

  • Volunteering May Boost Teen Heart Health
    Study found those who did charity work had lower body fat, cholesterol levels than those who didn't

  • Babies Born to Obese Women Show Thicker Arteries: Study
    This could be a very early signal of cardiovascular issues, Australian researchers say

  • Blocked Heart Arteries May Be Key Risk Factor for Stroke
    The more calcium inside vessels, the higher the odds for the brain attacks, study found

  • Niacin-Statin Combo May Cause Side Effects for Heart Patients
    Study found that about one-quarter of participants dropped the vitamin due to adverse effects

  • U.S. Kids Consuming Fewer Calories, Report Finds
    Experts credit healthier fare at schools, information campaigns for the turnaround

  • More Americans Successfully Managing Diabetes
    But large U.S. government study shows there's a lot of room for improvement to prevent complications

  • Stars Strut in Red to Bring Awareness to Women's Heart Health
    Annual celebrity-studded fashion show reminds women heart disease is their No. 1 killer

  • Study Ties Gene to Dangerous Heart Valve Deposits
    Severe calcium build-up in aortic valve can block blood flow to body

  • Re-Analysis Refutes Diet Guidelines Favoring Vegetable Fats
    Choosing products like safflower oil may be less heart-healthy than believed

  • Boomers' Health Fails to Measure Up to Parents'
    Study finds higher rates of chronic disease, disability and lower self-rated health

  • Friday Is 'National Wear Red Day' for Women's Heart Health
    Annual event urges Americans to don red to spread awareness of the No. 1 killer

  • Vegetarianism May Cut Heart Disease Risk By Third: Study
    Lowered blood pressure, cholesterol levels may be the key, researchers say

  • Drug OK'd for Deadly Genetic Condition Tied to Cholesterol
    Kynamro can be used when the body can't eliminate 'bad' cholesterol, FDA says

  • Uncontrolled Risk Factors Put Stroke Survivors in Danger
    Smoking, high blood pressure especially dangerous for those with subarachnoid hemorrhage

  • PTSD Can Hamper Drug Treatment for Stroke Survivors: Study
    These patients less likely to take prescribed medications that could prevent second stroke

  • Migraine With Aura May Raise Risk of Heart Trouble
    Study found only high blood pressure was a greater predictor of heart attacks, strokes and blood clots

  • Health Tip: Should I Be Screened for Prediabetes?
    Who's at risk

  • Juxtapid Approved for LDL Cholesterol Condition
    Disorder affects about 1 million in U.S.

  • Yo-Yo Dieting Can Hurt the Heart, Study Finds
    Older women who lose weight and then regain it may raise their risk of cardiovascular trouble

  • U.S. Lifestyles Thwarting Heart Health Progress: Report
    While there's been improvement, Americans still need to get off the couch and eat right

  • Healthy Diet May Prevent Additional Heart Trouble
    Study found patients who ate more vegetables, fruits and fish lowered their chances of heart attack, heart failure, stroke

  • Statins Plus Exercise Best at Lowering Cholesterol, Study Finds
    Moderate exercise reduced death risk even without drugs, but not as much

  • Supplements of Red Wine Antioxidant Don't Help Obese Men
    Study should put claims of health benefits to rest, experts say

  • No Need to Fast Before Cholesterol Blood Test: Study
    Results are similar whether patients eat beforehand or not, experts say

  • Pregnancy Hormone Shows Promise as Heart Failure Drug
    Study suggests synthetic version of human relaxin 2 could cut overall death risk

  • Statins May Cut Risk of Death From Cancer, Study Suggests
    Cholesterol-lowering drugs might benefit cancer patients, but more research is needed

  • Could an Aging Face Reflect an Unhealthy Heart?
    Eyelid fat deposits, thinning hair seemed to predict cardiovascular woes, study found

  • New Drug May Help Those Who Can't Take Statins
    Study found it lowered LDL cholesterol as well as high doses of statins

  • U.S. Adults Face Substantial Heart Disease Risk: Study
    Not even people with favorable heart history are free of danger, researchers say

  • Many U.S. Hispanics Have Heart Disease Risk Factors
    Study found variations by background; higher rates in Puerto Ricans, lower rates in South Americans

  • Gene-Tweaked Tomatoes, Probiotics Aim to Lower Your Cholesterol
    Mouse and human trials show nonpharmaceuticals have beneficial effect

  • Fast-Food Breakfast Sandwiches May Slow Down Blood Flow: Study
    Blood vessels acted differently after downing of two high-fat servings

  • Smoking, Diabetes Are Risk Factors for Poor Leg Circulation: Study
    High blood pressure, high cholesterol are other danger signs for peripheral artery disease in men

  • Nationwide Study Examines Common Heart Procedures
    Patients undergoing angioplasty, stent placement more likely to be overweight, smoke, have high blood pressure

  • Cholesterol Levels Dropping in U.S. Adults, Mostly From Statin Use
    CDC study suggests fewer trans fats in diet may have also played a role

  • Walking for Heart Health? Speed It Up, Study Suggests
    Fast walking, jogging reduced disease warning signs, but daily stroll did not

  • Health Tip: At Risk for High Cholesterol?
    Risk factors include obesity

  • Cooking-Oil Combo May Improve Blood Pressure
    Mixture of sesame and rice bran oils has heart-healthy effects, preliminary study suggests

  • Obesity Surgery Seems to Reduce Heart Risks, Study Says
    Diabetes remission, lower blood pressure and cholesterol levels noted after 6 years

  • Vitamin D Supplements Won't Help Cholesterol Levels: Study
    It's possible that other sources of the nutrient could help, researcher says

  • Obesity Might Lower Teens' Thinking Skills, Study Suggests
    Those with cluster of symptoms did worse on tests, showed brain changes on MRI

  • Newer Drug-Releasing Stent Cuts Chances of Cardiac Events: Study
    One releasing biolimus showed better outcomes than bare metal stents

  • Close Relative's Early Death May Raise Your Heart Risk: Study
    But healthy lifestyle lessens the odds of cardiovascular disease, expert says

  • Statins Won't Hurt, Might Even Help, Your Pancreas: Study
    Findings contradict previous reports on possible connection

  • Obesity in Middle Age Tied to More Rapid Mental Decline: Study
    'Fat and fit' concept may not apply to brain function, research suggests

  • Your Blood Type May Boost Your Heart Risk, Study Finds
    But lifestyle is still more important, experts say

  • Cholesterol Levels Getting Better for U.S. Kids: CDC
    But small gains may be offset by obesity crisis, expert warns

  • Some Improvement in Heart Risk Factors for Americans: CDC
    But nearly half have a predisposing issue such as hypertension, high cholesterol, agency says

  • Obese Kids May Be at Higher Risk for Heart Disease
    Researchers found two of three already had one risk factor for cardiovascular trouble

  • Doctors Spar Over Cholesterol Screening in Kids
    Some question supporting evidence and drug-industry ties, but others say guidelines benefit certain children

  • Weight-Loss Surgery Cuts Heart Risk 7 Years Later: Study
    Patients maintained lower weight, improvement in cholesterol levels

  • Statins May Leave Patients With Less Energy: Study
    Women especially reported more fatigue with Pravachol, Zocor

  • U.S. Sees Drop in Deaths Linked to Diabetes
    Better control of risk factors, improved care making the difference, CDC says

  • U.S. Teens Heading for Heart Trouble: Study
    High 'bad' cholesterol, pre-diabetes or diabetes affect almost one-quarter of teens

  • Statins May Help Prevent Enlarged Prostate: Study
    But the effect was small and it's too early to recommend the drugs for this purpose, experts say

  • Benefits of Widespread Statin Use Outweigh Risks: Study
    Even among low-risk patients, cholesterol meds may slash risk for vascular event

  • That Long Commute May Be Harming Your Health
    Study found that as drives got longer, waistlines expanded and fitness levels dropped

  • Today's Kids May Be Destined for Adult Heart Disease
    Solution lies in instilling healthy habits, not adding medication, experts say

  • Rate of Statin-Linked Muscle Woes Unclear, Study Suggests
    Coding used by health professionals to report problems may not show true picture

  • Cholesterol Levels Vary Widely by Country: Study
    Lower levels are tied to a nation's wealth, easy access to health care

  • New Injection Might Lower Tough-to-Treat Cholesterol
    'Monoclonal antibody' showed promise in small, early study

  • Low 'Bad' Cholesterol Levels May Be Linked to Cancer Risk
    Preliminary study found patients had low LDL cholesterol years before cancer diagnosis

  • Blood Pressure Variance Between Arms Points to Heart Risk
    Study offers more evidence that measurements from both limbs should become routine

  • Statin Alternative Looks Promising in Early Trials
    Levels of LDL 'bad' cholesterol lowered with no significant side effects, study says

  • Could Statins Help Prevent Pneumonia?
    Study suggests possible modest effect, but drugs shouldn't be taken for this use, experts say

  • Race, Location Big Factors in American Diets
    Study finds 5 major patterns of food consumption based on environment, background

  • Red Meat Can Be Unhealthy, Study Suggests
    Researchers contend diets laden with steaks, burgers boost death rates; beef industry disputes claim

  • Can Statins Prevent Parkinson's Disease?
    It's too early to say, but study suggests younger users may gain some benefit

  • Could a Statin Lower Your Risk for Depression?
    Study finds heart patients who take the cholesterol-lowering drugs less apt to be depressed

  • Stents No Better Than Medicine for Stable Heart Disease, Study Says
    Three-quarters of the costly procedures may be unneeded, researcher reports

  • More Doubt on Link Between a Blood Chemical and Heart Disease
    Researchers say prior tie between homocysteine, cardiovascular woes was due to faulty data

  • Pregnancy Complications May Predict Heart Trouble Later
    Mom-to-be's high blood pressure, diabetes boost risk for cardiovascular disease, study says

  • Treatment Advances Improve the Odds for Heart Failure Patients
    Experts say new drugs, devices have upped quality of life, life expectancy in past decade

  • Any Exercise Benefits Kids' Heart Health: Study
    Better blood pressure, cholesterol, weight accompanies activity, regardless of sedentary time

  • Mediterranean Diet Might Be Healthier for Brain
    Study found less damage to small blood vessels in people who ate certain foods

  • Avoid Window Seats to Cut Risk for In-Flight Blood Clots: Study
    Experts say DVTs can strike any immobilized passenger, not just those in economy class

  • Women Wear Red on Friday to Highlight Heart Health
    Roughly 8 million women in the United States have heart disease, research shows

  • Statins Equally Effective in Women and Men
    Cholesterol-lowering drugs reduce cardiovascular events, death for both sexes, researchers say

  • Too Much Fructose Sweetener Tied to Heart Risks in Teens
    Study finds high consumption associated with early signs of diabetes, other health issues

  • Optimal Heart Health Starts Early: Study
    No risk factors by middle age is 'the fountain of youth for your heart'

  • Statins Cost Four Times More in U.S. Than in U.K.
    Use of generic versions of the cholesterol-lowering drugs in Britain may be a factor, study says

  • Statins May Boost Diabetes Risk in Older Women
    But experts say finding shouldn't spur change in guidelines for the cholesterol-lowering drugs

  • Health Tip: Improving Your Cholesterol
    Here are some suggestions

  • Poor Lifestyles Harming U.S. Heart Health: Report
    Comprehensive update shows Americans gaining weight, eating more junk food, exercising less

  • Apnea Treatment Might Reduce Signs of Heart Disease Risk
    Wearing CPAP mask during sleep improved blood pressure, cholesterol, blood sugar in study patients

  • First Generic Lipitor Approved
    Widely used statin drug helps lower bad cholesterol

  • Cholesterol-Lowering Drugs Safe for Long-Term Use, Study Finds
    Statins reduce heart risks without raising odds of cancer, other illnesses, research shows

  • Does Psoriasis Thwart the Benefits of 'Good' Cholesterol?
    Chronic skin condition may be associated with changes in HDL composition, researchers say

  • Healthy Heart Habits May Also Guard Against Cancer
    Good cholesterol, blood pressure levels and more appear to reduce tumor risk, study finds

  • Women, Younger Men Under-Treated Before Heart Attack: Study
    Older males more likely to get preventive medications, researchers say

  • Blood Type May Be Associated With Stroke Risk: Study
    Researchers say type AB raised chance of attack by 26%, but there's no proof of cause-and-effect

  • No Benefit From Niacin for Heart Patients in Study
    The vitamin may increase stroke risk, researchers find

  • Shot Might One Day Help Lower Cholesterol
    In early trial, it lowered LDL levels by up to 64 percent

  • New Research Questions Wisdom of Cutting Down on Salt
    While doing so lowers blood pressure, it might raise cholesterol, other risk factors for heart disease

  • Could HPV Raise Women's Risk for Heart Disease?
    Study suggests a link, but more research is needed

  • U.S. Heart Disease Rates Keep Falling: CDC
    But certain populations still lag behind trend, especially in the South, experts warn

  • Juvisync Approved for Type 2 Diabetics With High Cholesterol
    Previously approved meds combined in one tablet

  • 3 Hours of Exercise Weekly Can Cut Men's Heart Risks
    Study found lowered risk related to higher levels of 'good' cholesterol

  • Erectile Dysfunction May Be Linked With Cardiovascular Trouble
    Independent risk factor for heart disease, stroke and death, researchers say

  • U.S. Seeks to Prevent 1 Million Heart Attacks, Strokes
    New program hopes to get more Americans to live healthier lives

  • Meds Better Than Stent for Preventing Second Stroke: Study
    Findings will result in fewer brain stenting procedures, expert says

  • Strokes Rising Among Teens, Young Adults: CDC
    Obesity, diabetes, high blood pressure and other risk factors may be to blame, researchers say

  • Health Tip: Why Do I Have High Cholesterol?
    Factors that raise your risk

  • Inflammation From Rheumatoid Arthritis Tied to Heart Disease
    But treating both inflammation, factors contributing to heart disease can lower risk, study shows

  • Hospitals Vary Widely in Rate of Heart Procedures: Study
    Rate of finding blockage that requires action stretches from 23% to 100%

  • Children's HIV Drugs May Cause High Cholesterol
    Strategies are needed to protect infected kids from long-term cardiovascular harm, researchers say

  • Even a Little Exercise Helps the Heart, Study Finds
    And the benefits are greater for women than for men, researchers say

  • Painful Gout Afflicting More Americans: Study
    More than 8 million adults now have the inflammatory joint disease, perhaps linked to rising obesity rates

  • Implantable Device May Ease Tough-to-Treat Hypertension
    But complication rate was relatively high and FDA approval may be years away, researchers say

  • Heart Disease Prevention May Save Billions Annually in U.S.
    Current costs of $450 billion a year aren't sustainable, nation's heart experts say

  • Blood Test May Better Predict Diabetics' Heart Risk: Study
    But refining the risk may not change clinical practice, expert says

  • FDA Approves Blood Thinner Brilinta for Heart Patients
    Another option alongside Plavix, but should not be taken with higher doses of aspirin

  • Diabetic Girls May Have Heart Risk Factors
    Study authors not clear on why, but urge doctors to watch teens closely

  • High-Dose Statins May Increase Diabetes Risk
    But heart benefits still outweigh potential downside, study authors say

  • HRT May Reduce Risk of Peripheral Artery Disease
    Hormone treatment may have some protective effect in postmenopausal women, researchers say

  • Diabetics May Be at Greater Risk for Second Stroke
    But lowering cholesterol with statins reduces their odds for cardiovascular events, researchers say

  • Medical Groups Update Heart, Blood Pressure Care Guidelines
    Measures tweak standards last changed in 2005

  • Vytorin Lowers Heart Disease Risk in Large Study of Kidney Patients
    Cardiovascular trouble reduced as much as 25 percent by cholesterol drug in this high-risk group

  • Low-Carb, High-Fat Diets May Not Pose Risk to Arteries
    Short-term studies found no harm to vascular health

  • Combo of Paxil, Pravachol May Raise Blood Sugar
    As many as 1 million Americans may take the antidepressant and statin together, researchers say

  • Daily Four-Drug Combo Pill Halves Heart Disease Risk: Study
    Low cost, better adherence are pluses, but side effects could be problem, experts say

  • Health Tip: The Dangers of Having High Cholesterol
    It raises your risk of a host of diseases

  • CT Heart Scans No Benefit to Patients Without Symptoms
    Study suggests it can lead to unneeded aggressive, invasive procedures and treatments

  • Experts Say Cholesterol Screenings Should Start in Childhood
    They hope early testing will lead to diet, lifestyle changes and more successful treatment

  • Selenium Supplements Might Give Modest Benefit Against Cholesterol
    But researchers still don't recommend taking the mineral

  • Gene Variation May Explain Some Female Infertility Cases
    Mutation leads to low levels of pregnancy hormone, study says

  • Gastric Bypass May Help Prevent Heart Disease in Teens: Study
    Cholesterol levels improved even better in young patients than adults, study found

  • Frequent Business Travel Tough on the Heart, Study Finds
    People on the go 20 or more days per month had more cardiovascular risk factors

  • Bone Drug Plus Statin Better at Fighting Plaque in Aorta: Study
    But researchers stress people should not take bisphosphonates just to prevent heart disease

  • To Get Americans Healthier, U.S. Targets the Heart
    People urged to eat better, exercise more before risk factors develop

  • Brain May Shrink in Decade Before Alzheimer's Symptoms Appear
    Although study participants had no memory problems at first, the disease had taken a foothold

  • An Apple a Day May Help Keep Heart Disease Away
    Dried apples lower bad cholesterol, study found

  • Bypass Surgery Best for Some Heart Failure Patients
    It may be better than medication alone, researchers report

  • Healthy Lifestyles Could Halve Cases of Dangerous Irregular Heartbeat
    Atrial fibrillation raises stroke risk, but it doesn't have to happen, study shows

  • Dark Chocolate May Harbor Benefits for the Heart
    Despite possible upside, cocoa carries risks and won't overcome bad health habits, expert says

  • Study Questions Rise in Use of Certain Cholesterol Drugs
    Fibrates are gaining in popularity despite lack of proof regarding benefits, researchers say

  • Bypass Surgery, Stents Seem to Bring Same Level of Relief
    Certain heart patients fare equally well, researchers report

  • 'Good' Cholesterol May Cut Colon Cancer Risk
    Anti-inflammatory properties of HDL cholesterol may ward off cancer, researchers say

  • Statins Might Help HIV Patients, Study Suggests
    Cholesterol drugs may calm immune system, reduce damaging inflammation, researchers say

  • High Triglyceride Levels Linked to Increased Stroke Risk: Study
    Researchers suggest this blood fat should become part of prevention guidelines

  • High Cholesterol, Hypertension May Harm Memory in Middle Age
    Study finds link between cardiovascular disease and lower scores on mental skills tests

  • Half of Adults Have Hypertension or High Cholesterol: CDC
    Many Americans with these conditions are not treated effectively, health officials say

  • New U.S. Dietary Guidelines Focus on Salt Reduction
    Slashing sodium intake, switching to healthier fats key features of advisory

  • Blood Protein Level May Not Influence Effectiveness of Statins
    Study finds benefit not tied to C-reactive protein

  • U.S. Heart Disease Costs Expected to Soar
    Will triple by 2030, report says; experts urge prevention efforts

  • Second Heart Attack Not Always Tied to Original Blockage
    Study found it's almost as likely that a new lesion is the culprit

  • High Level of 'Good' Cholesterol Alone May Not Protect Heart
    How well HDL functions may matter more than how high the level is, research suggests

  • Taking Short Breaks From Sitting May Help Waistline and Heart
    Even a little more activity spread through the average workday boosts health, study suggests

  • For Cholesterol Control, Experts Urge More Than Meds
    Without lifestyle changes too, people remain susceptible to chronic health problems

  • Woman Struggles to Control Cholesterol
    Diet, exercise, medication employed to cope with extraordinarily high levels

  • Death Rate From Heart Disease, Stroke Drops Off Over Decade
    But success is costly and much too limited, experts say

  • What's Good for Heart May Also Be Good for Brain
    High 'good' cholesterol seems to protect against Alzheimer's disease, study finds

  • Lifestyle Key to Preventing Stroke, Guidelines Say
    Number of strokes rising in U.S., but deaths drop almost one-third

  • Long-Term Statin Use Won't Up Cancer Risk: Study
    New research on the cholesterol-lowering drugs supports recent findings

  • Experimental Drug Raises Good Cholesterol Levels in Early Trial
    Results need to be confirmed in larger studies, experts note

  • Scientists Find Way to Boost 'Good' Cholesterol in Mice
    By turning off a genetic sequence, researchers said they raised the animals' HDL levels

  • Cholesterol on Eyelids Might Point to Heart Risk
    People with these deposits were at higher odds for cardiovascular disease, researchers say

  • Long-Term Statin Use Won't Raise Cancer Risk: Study
    In fact, U.S. team finds the cholesterol drugs might even lower odds for a few tumor types

  • Higher Statin Doses Linked to Fewer Heart Attacks, Stroke
    Strategy reduced risk but increased side effects, researchers found

  • Ingredients in Red Yeast Rice Supplements Vary Widely: Study
    These products claim to lower cholesterol, but levels of active agent run the gamut

  • Aspirin, Statins May Reduce Problems After Heart Surgery
    Aspirin may prevent heart attacks, stroke, kidney failure while statins cut risk of death, studies found

  • Testosterone Could Boost Health of Heart Failure Patients
    Hormone seemed to help women but more study is needed, researchers say

  • Moderate Alcohol Use Helps Prevent Sudden Cardiac Death: Study
    Up to one drink daily lowers women's risk by a third, researchers say

  • Statins Could Prevent More Strokes, Heart Attacks: Analysis
    Wider use would be cost-effective prevention method, researchers say

  • Metabolic Syndrome Doubles Heart Risk, Analysis Shows
    Urgent need to help people control obesity, blood pressure, cholesterol, insulin resistance, expert says

  • Prescription Drug Use Rising in U.S., CDC Reports
    Statins, asthma meds, antidepressants and stimulants top the list

  • 'DASH Diet' Shown to Lower Heart Attack Risk Almost 20%
    Eating more fruits and vegetables, fewer fats can cut your 10-year risk of heart disease, study says

  • Low-Dose Omega-3 Fatty Acids Don't Protect Heart Patients
    Dutch study finds consuming small amounts in margarine daily didn't prevent cardiac trouble

  • Clues to Heart Attack, Stroke Risk From Fat-Filled Artery
    Prior history of blood flow problems, diabetes, narrowed arteries raises odds, study finds

  • Pump Placed in Aorta Doesn't Improve Angioplasty Outcomes: Study
    Procedure used in high-risk cases made little difference, researchers say

  • Adding Fish Oil to Low-Fat/High-Carb Diet May Improve Cholesterol
    Strategy helped those with cluster of unhealthy heart risk factors, study found

  • Small Amounts of Dark Chocolate May Guard Against Heart Failure
    Study found Swedish women who ate it a few times a month were protected

  • Many Patients Say 'No' to Chocolate As Medicine
    Study found people preferred pills to the antioxidant-rich sweet to lower blood pressure

  • Cholesterol Levels Fluctuate With Menstrual Cycle
    Readings should be done at the same time in woman's cycle, researchers say

  • Genome Studies Point to Cholesterol-Regulating Genes
    But researchers caution any possible clinical application is many years away

  • Link Between Depression, Cholesterol May Differ by Gender
    Regulating 'good' and 'bad' levels may help prevent mood disorder among elderly, researchers say

  • Some on Statins May Not Need Boost in 'Good' Cholesterol
    High-dose users with very low 'bad' cholesterol don't benefit, researchers say

  • Cholesterol Screening Rates Too Low in Young U.S. Adults: CDC
    About half get tested, while up to one-quarter have high 'bad' levels, research shows

  • Tight Blood Sugar Control in Older Diabetics May Not Reduce Heart Risk
    But intensive control does improve other conditions, including eye and kidney health, study finds

  • Diabetes Drug Avandia Ups Heart Risk, Reviews Conclude
    Two studies published in advance of FDA hearing on drug's fate

  • Statins May Lower Rates of Prostate Cancer Recurrence
    But connection needs to be confirmed by future study, researcher says

  • Statins May Not Be as Helpful for Those Without Heart Disease
    There's little evidence that they actually prevent the condition, researchers say

  • Obesity Doesn't Always Guarantee Heart Disease
    Those without other risk factors may not develop the condition, study suggests

  • Ninety Percent of Stroke Risk Due to 10 Risk Factors
    Eighty percent of stroke risk due to five lifestyle factors, international study finds

  • Mediterranean Diet Linked to Better Cardiac Function
    Was associated with more heart rate variability in study

  • 'Good' HDL Cholesterol Now Tied to Lower Cancer Risk
    But finding is an association and doesn't prove cause-and-effect, researchers say

  • Health Plan Reports Major Drop in Heart Attacks
    Electronic health records contribute to 24 percent reduction in past decade, says Kaiser Permanente

  • Too Many Stroke Patients Go Without Statins
    Nearly 1 in 5 survivors risks another attack when doctors fail to prescribe the meds, study shows

  • Surgery, Stenting Fare Equally Well in Preventing Stroke
    Both methods have pros, cons in clearing blocked neck artery, study shows

  • Healthier Fats Replacing Trans Fats, Study Finds
    The food industry is 'trying to do the right thing,' researcher says

  • Statin Use Tied to Eye, Kidney, Liver Troubles
    But heart-healthy benefits of the cholesterol drugs outweigh these risks, experts say

  • Study Challenges Notion That Moderate Drinking Protects the Heart
    Higher social status, better overall health could explain the link, researchers say

  • Prevention Gets Credit for Fewer Heart Deaths
    But increases in diabetes and obesity could reverse the trend, experts warn

  • Eating Nuts May Help Cholesterol Levels
    High calorie count, though, means restraint would be wise, expert says

  • Genes Tie Blood Fat to Heart Disease
    Mutation can increase risk by up to 40 percent, researchers say

  • Watch Your Cholesterol, Your Blood Pressure ... and This Enzyme?
    Scientists spot inflammation-related enzyme that may be major contributor to heart disease

  • Nearly Half of U.S. Adults Have Heart Risk Factors
    High blood pressure, high cholesterol or diabetes now widespread, CDC survey finds

  • Magnetic Fields Concentrate Drug Delivery
    Medicine-loaded particles delivered directly to stents, researchers say

  • Added Sugars in Diet Threaten Heart Health
    Sweeteners in processed foods account for nearly 16% of daily intake, study finds

  • Many Don't Take Blood Thinner After Getting Stents
    Serious risks double by waiting even a day after discharge, study finds

  • Cholesterol Drugs May Slow MS
    Fewer brain lesions developed in patients taking Lipitor than placebo, researchers say

  • Malpractice Fears Can Influence Medical Practice
    Peer pressure also plays a role, study shows

  • Severe Arterial Disease Found in Younger Adults
    Premature hardening of the arteries in arms and legs seen in many patients under 55: study

  • Health Tip: Help Prevent Vascular Disease
    Steps you can take to ward off heart attack and stroke

  • Should Cholesterol Drugs Be Used By Those Without High Cholesterol?
    Some experts say statins help healthier people, but others worry about risks

  • Diabetes Screening Should Start Sooner
    Study found checking for blood sugar disease earlier cut complications, costs

  • Bad Habits Explain Class Differences in Health: Study
    Higher death rates for poor tied to more smoking, poorer diets and lack of exercise

  • High-Dose Zocor Boosts Muscle Injury Risk: FDA
    People taking the cholesterol-lowering drug should consult their doctor if problems arise, the agency says

  • Low-Fat Diet Does Little to Alter Cholesterol Levels
    But researcher adds it's still a good choice for losing weight

  • Could Lowering Blood Pressure Help Stop Dementia?
    Major U.S. trial will enroll thousands to examine links between hypertension, Alzheimer's

  • Erectile Dysfunction Plus Heart Disease Raises Death Risk
    Study confirms that impotence is a risk factor for heart trouble

  • Hope for Inherited, Dangerously High Cholesterol
    New drug reduces LDL in people with rare genetic condition, researchers say

  • Alternative to Statins Shows Promise
    Broader study needed to check for possible long-term effects, experts say

  • Doctors Turning to Cardiac Catheterization Too Quickly
    Study finds only a third of those who get invasive procedure have vessel blockage

  • Teamwork Unlikely to Improve Cholesterol Levels
    Doctor/pharmacist collaboration made little difference in patient health, study found

  • Secondhand Smoke Starts Damaging Arteries in Childhood
    Passive exposure tied to blood vessel damage in 13-year-olds, research shows

  • Popular Diet Plans Can Unclog Arteries
    Low-fat, low-carb, Mediterranean regimens all help the heart, study finds

  • Statins May Benefit Prostate Cancer Patients
    Cholesterol-lowering meds linked to less tumor inflammation, research shows

  • Happiness Protects Your Heart
    Those most content reduce their risk of cardiovascular disease, researchers say

  • Small Increase in Diabetes Risk Noted in Statin Patients
    For many, benefits of lowering cholesterol outweigh drugs' downsides, researchers say

  • Women's Heart Disease Awareness Still Lacking
    More than 40 percent of women don't know it is leading killer, survey finds

  • Crestor Approval Expanded For People Without High Cholesterol
    As a preventive for heart disease

  • Protein Levels in Urine Help Predict Kidney Function
    Combined screening method spotted more high-risk patients, study found

  • Experts Push 7 Steps to Heart Health
    In combination, these measures from the American Heart Association are 'the fountain of youth,' expert says

  • Statins Show Promise Against Sickle Cell
    The cholesterol drugs might reduce risk of infection, researchers find

  • Mail-Order May Help People Stick to Med Regimens
    Streamlined approach leads more to take drugs as prescribed, study finds

  • Long-Term Statin Use Best Way to Cut Cardiovascular Deaths
    Emphasis needed on getting patients to keep taking their meds, researchers say

  • TV Watching May Shorten Your Life
    Too much sitting raises your risk of dying from heart disease, researchers say

  • Childhood Cancer Survivors Targets for Heart Disease
    Study finds higher risk for diabetes, high cholesterol and blood pressure

  • High Lipoprotein Levels Can Cause Heart Disease
    Study shows it could be a new target for prevention and treatment

  • Heart Risk Tied to Inflammatory Protein
    But researchers say the link to CRP may be due to other factors

  • Obesity, Inactivity Keeping Heart Health Stats Down
    Treatments have improved, but Americans fall down on prevention, experts say

  • Menopause Often Means Worsening Cholesterol
    Studies also report on statin dosages and lifestyle factors that affect the heart

  • Cholesterol Plays Role in Heart Failure Risk
    Pumping ability reduced in those with undesirable blood levels, analysis shows

  • Moderate Drinking Guards the Heart
    But protective effect can wear off at higher levels in men, study finds

  • Niacin Adds No Benefit for Statin Patients: Study
    Taking the B vitamin didn't reverse or stall carotid artery disease

  • Selenium Supplements May Pose Heart Risk
    Increased cholesterol levels worry researchers

  • Moderate-Fat Diet May Be Better at Reducing Heart Risks
    People with metabolic syndrome should steer clear of low-fat meal plans, study says

  • Fasting on Alternate Days May Make Dieting Easier
    Heart health could also benefit from this plan, researchers find

  • Cholesterol Measurements May Be Made Easier
    Testing of vascular risk can be simplified, researchers say

  • Heart Disease Gender Gap Narrows
    Middle-aged women have more heart attacks than in past, but are more likely to survive, studies show

  • Side Effects in Statin Users Linked to Gene Mutation
    Finding may help tailor treatments to keep patients from stopping meds, researcher says

  • Ex-NFL Players Hold Their Own Health-Wise
    Former pros have lower risk of heart disease, suggesting early fitness pays off, researcher says

  • Drug Combo May Prevent Heart Attacks, Strokes
    'Inexpensive, well-proven medications' could have huge impact, expert says

  • Study Suggests a Wider Use for Statins
    Drugs could help those who only have high levels of inflammation, experts say

  • Middle-Age Heart Risk Factors Shorten Men's Lives
    Smoking, hypertension, high cholesterol cut 10 years of life, study finds

  • Most Adult Americans at Some Risk for Heart Disease
    Surging obesity rates have reversed gains, study finds

  • Metabolic Syndrome May Raise Risk of Peripheral Artery Disease
    Women much more likely to develop PAD if they had constellation of other symptoms, researchers found

  • Combo Therapies to Lower Cholesterol Don't Work
    Review shows evidence doesn't support using other treatments with statins

  • Hormone Therapy for Early Prostate Cancer Not Always Best
    Study finds treatment raises death risk in those who also have heart disease

  • Testosterone Therapy May Help Men With Heart Failure
    Injections of male hormone boosted cardiac performance in Italian study

  • Optimism Good for Heart and Longevity
    Less cardiovascular disease, fewer deaths among the cheerful, study finds

  • Cholesterol Screening Shouldn't Rely on Kids' Weight
    Guidelines focusing on heavier children may miss the target, study finds

  • Fish Oils May Prevent and Treat Heart Disease
    Review of studies involving 40,000 people points up benefits

  • Social Stress Sends Body Fat to the Stomach
    In turn, that meant heart risks were raised, researcher says

  • Young Vets With PTSD More Prone to Heart Risk Factors
    Researcher suspects mental health issues may lead to unhealthy habits

  • Vitamin D Deficiency Linked to Heart Risk Factors in Kids
    Studies find many U.S. children not getting enough

  • Giving Statins to Kids Provokes Debate
    Cholesterol-lowering drugs may help young hearts, but long-term use raises concerns

  • Carotid Artery Sections React Differently to Plaque
    Findings may help explain location of deadly builups

  • Studies Affirm Value of Healthy Lifestyle
    Those who ate right, exercised lowered chances of cardiovascular trouble

  • Coronary Calcium Scans Can Raise Cancer Risks
    But study finds wide range of doses, lack of protocols for this screening test

  • Genes Linked to Cholesterol in Cells Are Identified
    Discovery could lead to new treatment targets, researchers say

  • Statins May Cause Muscle Damage in Some Patients
    People with serious muscle aches showed muscle fiber damage even after halting drugs, researchers say

  • Study Supports Wider Use of Statins
    Data shows reduction in heart attacks, strokes among those without established heart disease

  • Newer Blood Tests May Not Improve Heart Risk Assessment
    CRP, other disease-linked factors don't perform better than standard criteria, study finds

  • Sporadic Spikes in Blood Pressure Hike Chances of Hypertension
    People who have them in doctor's office, for example, at risk, study shows

  • Global Efforts to Lower 'Bad' Cholesterol Working
    Survey of nine countries finds improvements over 10-year period

  • Health Tip: Help Prevent Metabolic Syndrome
    A possible precursor to diabetes and heart disease

  • Omega-3 Fatty Acids Might Curb Depression in Heart Patients
    Study found low levels in bloodstream correlated with increased risk

  • Newest Coated Stent Does Well in Real-World Trial
    Safe and effective in an 'all-comer population,' researchers say

  • A Substitute for Those Who Can't Take Statins?
    Red yeast rice does well in small trial, but there are potential risks

  • Another Blood Fat Fuels Heart Attack Risk
    Danish study fingers high levels of lipoprotein(a)

  • NFL Players Not at Increased Heart Risk
    Study finds they showed no more signs of cardiovascular trouble than general male population

  • Health Tip: Risk Factors for High Cholesterol?
    Why some people are more likely to have it

  • Daily Exercise at School Yields Rewards
    Kids have healthier hearts and are less apt to be overweight, study finds

  • DASH Diet Has Extra Benefits for Women's Health
    Diet to lower blood pressure may also cut risk of heart failure, research shows

  • Seniors Often Misstate Stroke History
    Study suggests MRI scans better than questionnaires for evaluations

  • Drug-Coated Stents Better at Keeping Arteries Open
    But they show no lifesaving benefit over bare-metal version, studies show

  • Cholesterol Drugs May Help in Cardiac Emergency
    A dose of a statin in time of crisis improved long-term outcomes, study found

  • Statins Guard Against Prostate Cancer
    Other studies found they also reduced chances of erectile dysfunction

  • High Co-Pays Keeping Chronically Ill From Their Meds
    Many are waiting years after a diagnosis to fill a first prescription, study finds

  • Many Who Should Use Statins Don't
    Survey finds lack of access to medical care a big factor in trend

  • Acetaminophen, Cholesterol Drugs May Help Fight Stroke
    Statins could help prevent attack, while painkiller might minimize damage, studies find

  • Review Confirms Links Between Diet, Heart Health
    Vegetables, nuts, and 'Mediterranean' fare most beneficial, researchers find

  • Marathoners Go the Distance on Heart Health
    Even walking half an hour a day can boost longevity, study finds

  • Obesity Linked to Heart Failure Risk
    Waist size important in women, not men, researchers report

  • More U.S. Kids Taking Diabetes, Blood Pressure Drugs
    Prescriptions rose by more than 15 percent in 3 years, researchers say

  • Health Tip: What's Behind High Cholesterol?
    More than just your diet

  • Atkins Diet Tougher on Heart After Weight Loss
    Study found worse cholesterol, blood vessel health than with South Beach, Ornish regimens

  • One Pill Might Prevent Heart Disease
    Study finds five drugs in one dose reduced heart attack, stroke risk

  • Super Bowl Loss Can 'Kill' Some Fans
    Study found death rates rose after a defeat, and dropped after a victory

  • Lowest Blood Pressure, Cholesterol Levels the Best
    Maximum benefit seen with tightest control of risk factors, researchers report

  • Study Finds Millions More May Benefit From Statins
    New prescribing criteria could prevent thousands of heart attacks

  • High Rate of Early Heart Failure Seen in Blacks
    Biggest risk factors were hypertension, obesity, study found

  • Millions of Americans With Chronic Ills Put Off Health Care
    Survey shows they suffer consequences of delaying doctor visits, filling prescriptions

  • Drug Fails to Slow Progression of Atherosclerosis
    Pactimibe also was associated with more risk of major heart problems, study finds

  • Study Questions Screening for Leg Vessel Blockages
    Current guidelines may be set too high to catch disabling peripheral artery disease, experts say

  • Abnormal Heart Rhythm Boosts Death Risk for Diabetics
    Blood pressure and cholesterol should be controlled more aggressively, study suggests

  • Cholesterol Drugs Linked to Increased Fatigue
    Study shows a trend, but heart specialists remain skeptical

  • Migraines in Pregnancy Boost Vascular Risks
    Headaches should be seen as indicator of other problems, expert says

  • Overweight Preschoolers Raise Their Heart Disease Risk
    Study found they showed early signs of cardiovascular trouble

  • Neck Fat a Measure of Heart Risk
    It signals danger independently of stomach fat, researchers report

  • Ankle Blood Pressure Test May Spot Hidden Heart Risks
    2 'unconventional' blood workups might also point out trouble, experts say

  • Belly Fat Puts the Pressure on Lungs
    Obesity may affect diaphragm, chest wall to decrease volume, study says

  • Bad Marriages Harder on Women's Health
    More likely than mates to show signs of metabolic syndrome in strained unions, study finds

  • Risk Score May Predict Abnormal Heart Rhythm
    Could be first step in finding way to prevent atrial fibrillation, experts say

  • Weak Evidence Backs Most Heart Guidelines, Report Finds
    Experts agree that field needs more rigorous trials to aid doctors

  • Anti-Cholesterol Drug May Ease Back Pain
    Lab results suggest that Lovastatin could help with degenerative disc disease

  • Salt Boosts Blood Pressure in High-Risk Patients
    Metabolic syndrome may enhance sodium's effect on the body, study suggests

  • Not Many U.S. Kids Need Statins
    Fewer than 1% with high cholesterol, study shows

  • Stars Strut Catwalk for Women's Heart Health
    Annual Red Dress show aims to put top killer out of style

  • New Drug Shows Promise Against Heartbeat Abnormality
    Dronedarone reduced strokes, heart attacks in those with atrial fibrillation

  • Gender Disparities Persist in Treatment of Stroke
    Raft of studies points up many of the differences in care, incidence of brain attacks

  • Genetic Test for Heart Disease Risk in the Works
    International studies lay groundwork for designing way to spot susceptible patients

  • Taking Statins Faithfully Lengthens Life
    But experts note finding colored by fact that these folks take better care of themselves generally

  • Healthy Heart Tips for a Bad Economy
    Don't let your body pay the price in uncertain times, experts say

  • Shorter Menopause May Speed Risk of Heart Disease
    Transition within 3 years allows more plaque buildup in arteries, study finds

  • Synthetic HDL Could Fight Heart Disease
    Sponge-like molecule sops up bad lipoproteins, researchers say

  • Monitoring Protein Didn't Improve Heart Failure Outcomes
    Study finds just watching symptoms leads to similar survival rates in older patients

  • U.S. Heart Attacks Becoming Less Severe
    Better control of blood pressure, other factors may be boosting survival, experts say

  • Genetic Data May Not Boost Heart Disease Predictions
    Traditional risk factors are just as reliable, researchers say

  • Cholesterol Levels May Not Measure Cardiac Risk
    Normal readings showed up in many who had heart attacks, study shows

  • Diet, Exercise Cuts Kids' Risk for Metabolic Syndrome
    Preventing obesity boosts blood vessel function even without weight loss, study says

  • Millions More Americans Might Be Placed on Statins
    Recent data could lead to wider prescribing of cholesterol-lowering drugs, experts say

  • When the Heart Stops Beating
    Survivors tell their stories of sudden cardiac arrest

  • Statins Help Prevent Delirium After Heart Surgery
    Cholesterol-lowering meds seem to shield against troublesome complication, study finds

  • Proper Sleep May Help Clear Arteries
    Getting an extra hour's slumber was equal to a nearly 17-point drop in blood pressure, study found

  • Even a Little Overweight, Inactivity Hurts the Heart
    Large study finds increased risk of heart failure

  • Coated Stents Better Than Bare Metal Ones in Short Run
    But slightly higher mortality rates showed up after 3 years, study finds

  • Strict Blood Sugar Lowering Won't Ease Diabetes Heart Risk
    Blood pressure, cholesterol control may be type 2 diabetics' best bet, researchers say

  • TriLipix Approved to Help Lower Cholesterol
    To be used alone, or in combination with a statin

  • Stress Triggers Heart-Damaging Behavior
    Study found the dynamic raised cardiovascular risks by 50%

  • Crowded Households Raise Women's Heart Risk
    Stress of work and taking care of family to blame, Japanese study finds

  • 11 New Cholesterol Genes Identified
    Could be targets for drug treatment, researchers note

  • Generic Heart Drugs as Good as Brand-Name Counterparts
    Review found most were as effective, despite editorials urging opposite

  • Light Drinking Poses No Heart Risk for Women
    But more than two glasses a day linked to atrial fibrillation, study finds

  • Obese Kids Have Old Arteries
    Tests showed their carotid artery walls as thick as that of a middle-aged person

  • Statin Might Help More People Fight Heart Disease Than Thought
    Crestor worked well in those with normal LDL but slightly elevated CRP levels, study finds

  • Coated Stents Best for Heart Patients With Diabetes
    Were safer, more effective than bare metal ones, study shows

  • Green Areas Lower Health Inequities Between Rich, Poor
    Having more parks, forests, playing fields affects health behaviors, study says

  • Too Few Americans Aware of 'Pre-Diabetes'
    It's when blood sugar levels are rising, but disease can still be prevented, CDC says

  • Whole Grains Lower Risk of Heart Failure
    Eating these foods and reducing intake of high-fat dairy, eggs improve odds against disease

  • Key Blood Test Protein May Not Cause Heart Disease
    CRP may only reflect existing cardiovascular trouble, study finds

  • Some Arteries Opened Safely Without Heparin
    But Italian researchers warn only the lowest-risk patients can benefit

  • Statins Can Hinder Muscle Repair
    Small number of patients taking them will experience damage, experts say

  • Drug Coated Stents Better After Heart Attack
    Death rate lower than for bare-metal devices, study shows

  • Cholesterol Drugs May Raise Post-Op Delirium Risk
    Patients on statin medications 30% more likely to experience trouble, study finds

  • FDA Bars Generic Drugs From Indian Company
    Poor manufacturing conditions at 2 plants to blame, agency says

  • No Definitive Link Seen Between Vytorin and Cancer
    Review results are reassuring, one cardiologist says

  • FDA Investigates Possible Vytorin-Cancer Link
    But the agency says patients can still take the cholesterol-lowering drug

  • Cholesterol-Lowering Drugs Won't Cause Cancer
    New analysis shows no effect from statin meds, which include Lipitor, Crestor

  • Reaching the Heart Through the Wrist
    Though procedure is used less often, it reduces bleeding problems, study finds

  • Vitamin B, Folate Supplements Won't Help Heart
    In fact, new study hints they might be hazardous

  • Health Tip: Keep Cholesterol Under Control
    Doing so may require lifestyle changes

  • Angioplasty No Better Than Drug Treatment in Long Run
    Benefit disappears within three years, study finds

  • Excessive Drinking Boosts Risk for Metabolic Syndrome
    More than 2 a day for men, 1 for women, increases odds of obesity, high blood pressure, diabetes

  • Fondness for Fish Keeps Japanese Hearts Healthy
    Long-term omega-3 consumption appears to combat some traditional risk factors, study finds

  • Cholesterol-Lowering Drugs Might Help Prevent Alzheimer's
    In one study, use of statin medications halved the risk

  • A Better Blood Test for Heart Risk?
    Tracking 2 proteins might be more precise than cholesterol readings, experts say

  • Disease Prevention Programs Worth the Investment
    Within five years, $16 billion a year could be saved, report claims

  • Optimism About Heart Risk Pays Off
    Study finds lower death rate for men with upbeat outlook, but same did not hold true for women

  • Coronary Heart Disease Not a Cheery Condition
    CDC survey found heart patients report lower quality of life, poorer outlook

  • Warfarin Safer Than Heparin for Some Strokes
    When clot forms in heart and travels to the brain, heparin more risky, study finds

  • Beta Blockers Help Hospitalized Heart Failure Patients
    Continuing treatment reduces death risk, rehospitalization rates, study finds

  • Popular Tilapia Might Not Help Heart
    Study finds farm-raised fish has high levels of unhealthy omega-6 fatty acids

  • Finding Out How Flavonoids Protect the Heart
    Meta-analysis shows specific cardiovascular effects of chocolate, soy protein, green tea

  • Ankle-Arm Blood Pressure Test Predicts Heart Disease Risk
    Could improve current assessments, report says

  • 'Silent Strokes' Strike One in 10 Healthy People
    No symptoms, but some loss of brain function occurs, study finds

  • Subtle Nervous System Problems Signal Stroke Risk
    Italian study found poor reflexes, unstable posture, weakened hands warned of trouble

  • Less Intensive Treatment Given Diabetic Women With Heart Disease
    They have poorer control of risk factors, less likely to get cholesterol-lowering meds

  • Lifestyle Counseling Reduces Heart Risk
    European program shows improvement in diet and other factors

  • Scientists Discover Protein Involved in Fat Production
    Mouse experiments might lead to new target for treating high cholesterol, researchers say

  • Artery-Opening Method Works Well in Women
    Study finds improvement for both genders over 25-year period

  • Antidepressants May Prevent Depression After Stroke
    Problem-solving therapy could also make a difference, study shows

  • Cholesterol Test Spots When HRT Raises Heart Risks
    Ratio of 'good' to 'bad' cholesterol determined chances of trouble in postmenopausal women, study shows

  • Mixed Results for Anti-Clotting Drugs in Heart Attacks
    One therapy works, while another doesn't, studies find

  • Erectile Dysfunction a Strong Harbinger of Heart Trouble
    Studies found having ED increased risk in diabetic men

  • Women Who Quit Smoking Lower Heart Risks Quickly
    Study saw significant declines in several death risks within 5 years of stopping

  • High Blood Pressure, Cholesterol Associated With Eye Disease
    Risk for retinal vein blockage more than doubles when these conditions go untreated

  • Drugs Alone Don't Lower Heart Disease Risks for Overweight Americans
    Study finds signs of trouble show up even when statins, blood pressure meds are used

  • Obesity-Related Inflammation Boosts Heart Risks
    Blood chemicals in overweight participants were key predictors of organ failure, study says

  • Anti-Clotting Drug as Good as Aspirin at Stopping Second Stroke
    Cilostazol also resulted in fewer brain bleeds than aspirin, study finds

  • New Heart Disease Markers Discovered
    Genes associated with elevated CRP levels play role in metabolic syndrome, studies say

  • Heart Disease Risks Hit Boys in Teens
    Girls protected by hormones during adolescence, study suggests

  • Skin Test Spots Heart Risks in Healthy People
    No blood sample required with noninvasive cholesterol test, study shows

  • Health Tip: If You Have High Cholesterol
    Suggested questions to ask your doctor

  • Timing of HRT May Influence Heart Risks
    Study found women with risk factors who took it early in menopause did not have diminished vessel function

  • Atherosclerosis May Also Harm Vital Organs
    Toxic byproduct of plaque formation wreaks havoc on heart, lungs and liver, study suggests

  • Food as Medicine?
    Caffeine, green tea, tart cherries may fight MS, cancer and heart disease, studies suggest

  • Diabetics Face Doubled Risk of Heart Attack
    Danger level same as non-diabetics who already have had a heart attack, study says

  • Diabetes Drug Slows Clogging of Arteries
    Actos better at fighting plaque build-up than older medication, study finds

  • Lack of Sleep Hurts Women's Hearts Most
    Creates more stress, biomarkers for diabetes, heart disease than in males

  • Gene Variants Can Predict Threat of Heart Disease
    Cholesterol-associated variants increase risk and may be early indication, study shows

  • Heart Risk Can Be Predicted Without Lab Tests
    Finding might help spot high-risk cases in developing countries

  • Magnesium May Lower Risk for Some Strokes in Male Smokers
    Study suggests eating foods such as whole grains cuts risk of cerebral infarction

  • Cholesterol-Lowering Statins Tied to Tendon Woes
    But these side effects are rare and benefits still outweigh risks, experts say

  • Overweight Hispanic Kids Show Early Markers for Diabetes
    Blood vessel damage sets stage for insulin resistance, heart disease, study finds

  • Mammograms Might Spot Stroke Risk
    Calcifications in breast arteries upped chances of cardiovascular trouble, study finds

  • Middle-Aged Women Gaining Weight, Raising Their Stroke Risk
    Study finds both went up simultaneously in recent decades

  • Cognitive Impairment Declining in Older Adults
    Education, wealth play big part in downward trend, study suggests

  • Cholesterol-Lowering Drugs May Ease Irregular Heartbeat
    Statins effective against atrial fibrillation, analysis shows

  • Free Drugs After Heart Attack Would Save Money, Lengthen Lives
    More patients would take recommended medications, study says

  • Triglycerides Linked to Coronary Disease Risk
    Should be considered along with LDL cholesterol in prevention efforts, study indicates

  • Sucking Out Clot Debris Helps Heart Attack Patients
    Dutch study found vacuuming clogged vessels before angioplasty improved outcomes

  • Death Rates From Cardiovascular Causes Vary Widely Across Europe
    Differences were found between and within countries, researcher notes

  • First 90 Days After Stopping Plavix Most Dangerous
    Study finds highest risk of adverse events for heart patients is in early period

  • Drug-Coated Stents Better Than Bare-Metal Ones in Complex Cases
    Survival advantage found in 'off-label' uses, report suggests

  • Stents Slightly Better Than Bypass for Blocked Left Coronary Artery
    But experts question results of small Polish study

  • Peripheral Arterial Disease Costlier to Treat Than Heart Trouble
    Prolonged recovery, potential for repeat treatments to blame, study finds

  • Surgery Better Than Stents for Multiple Blockages
    Fewer deaths, heart attacks found in 18-month study

  • Cholesterol Drug Zetia Doesn't Cut Heart Attack Risk: Study
    Results might also pertain to Vytorin, which contains Zetia, experts say

  • New Type of Cholesterol-Lowering Drug Shows Promise
    Experimental agent works differently than statin medications, researchers say

  • Drug Helps Ease Fat Disorder in HIV Patients
    Tesamorelin shrinks the visceral fat around organs that boosts heart risks

  • Cholesterol-Stroke Relationship Puzzles Researchers
    High blood-fat levels not always linked to higher stroke risk, studies show

  • Knowing Heart Risk Keeps Patients on Cholesterol Drugs
    In study, users were informed of their odds for cardiovascular disease

  • Many Patients Stop Taking Cholesterol-Lowering Drugs
    Cost, language barriers often to blame, study finds

  • Statins After Bypass Lower Stroke Risk
    The cholesterol-busting drugs could be lifesavers, study suggsts

  • Atkins Diet Can Raise Heart Risks
    Other research supports moderate drinking, fasting for cardio health

  • Certain Cholesterol Drugs Show Their Limits
    Studies reveal that some of these heart medications aren't perfect

  • Poorer Blood Pressure Control in Blacks With Heart Failure
    Doctors need to do more to erase racial disparities, study suggests

  • Chocolate Has Sweet Effect on Blood Flow
    Arteries function better when the dark delight is consumed, study suggests

  • Drug-Coated Stents No Riskier in Long Run Than Bare Metal Ones
    Largest study to date finds no difference in heart attack or mortality rates

  • Study Shows How Exercise Helps Women's Hearts
    Much of the benefit comes from changes in blood pressure, inflammation

  • Sleep Apnea Treatment Helps Stave Off Heart Disease
    Study shows link between the breathing disorder, arterial trouble

  • Anti-Cholesterol Drugs Help Prevent Lung Decline
    Statins might fight deadly pulmonary disease, experts say

  • Long-Life Gene Might Help Lower Cholesterol
    Drugs boosting SIRT1's activity could be valuable, scientists say

  • Fried Food Compounds May Harm Heart
    'AGEs' are produced in fatty foods at high heat, experts say

  • 1 in 12 Outpatient Visits Is for Prevention: Study
    They include cholesterol checks, gynecologic care and cancer screening

  • Few Americans Know of Leg Artery Danger
    Peripheral arterial disease is common and sometimes deadly, researchers say

  • Doctors Debate Drugs vs. Surgery for Angina
    Data re-analysis supports angioplasty, but not everyone agrees

  • Being Overweight is Hard on the Heart
    It raises risks even if blood pressure, cholesterol factored out, study finds

  • Bypass 'Off-Pump' Boosts Women's Outcomes
    And another study suggests vitamin E protects their hearts

  • Lowering Blood Protein Won't Help Kidney Patients
    Homocysteine may be a marker, not a cause, of renal trouble, study suggests

  • Saturated Fat: Even a Little Splurge May Be Too Much
    Fatty meal has immediate, negative effect on heart health, research shows

  • Family History Has Strong Effect on Cardiac Risk
    Screening, treatment of close relatives proposed

  • Continued Statin Use Boosts Post-Stroke Outcomes
    Interrupting the drugs for even a few days can negatively impact recovery, study finds

  • When 'Good' Cholesterol Goes Bad
    HDL analysis uncovers a dark side, but also a new way it fights heart disease

  • Diet Still Important to Patients on Cholesterol-Lowering Drugs
    They don't see medications as a license to eat fatty foods, study finds

  • Metabolic Pathway Could Boost 'Good' Cholesterol
    But the finding in mice must first be replicated in humans, researchers say

  • Guiding Kids to Better Diets Boosts Health
    Learning about saturated fat improved children's cholesterol, study found

  • Total Cholesterol, HDL Good Predictors of Heart Disease Risk
    There's no added benefit to measuring other lipids, researchers say

  • High Triglyceride Levels Linked to Cardiac Risk
    Findings could lead to changes in cholesterol testing

  • Anti-Obesity Drug Might Also Lower Cholesterol
    Early study in rats suggests rimonabant works though the liver

  • Molecule Signals Heart Disease in Early Stages
    Study found high levels of protein predicted development of cardiovascular trouble

  • Women Have Double the Risk of Mid-Life Stroke
    Study counters the notion that men are most vulnerable

  • Lung Illness Linked to Heart, Bone Problems
    Chronic obstructive pulmonary disease speeds arterial stiffening and osteoporosis, research suggests

  • Heart and Kidneys Share Tight Medical Bond
    When one system fails, so can the other, new research shows

  • Cholesterol-Lowering Zetia Also Works in Liver
    That's a newly discovered mechanism for the drug, scientists say

  • New Drug Fails to Improve Odds for Heart Failure Patients
    Survival rates not better when compared with older medication, researchers say

  • High-Tech Imaging Might Advance Heart Disease Diagnosis
    Two technologies assess cardiac function and arterial health at once, developers say

  • Exercise May Boost 'Good' Cholesterol Levels
    Aerobic workouts 2 hours a week burned calories, too

  • Nursing Homes Need Better Diabetes Care
    Study urges new protocols for monitoring patients' blood sugar, cardio risk factors

  • U.S. Women Lagging Behind Men for Cholesterol Control
    Doctors might underestimate the threat to females, researchers say

  • Fish Oil-Exercise Combo May Boost Cardio Health
    Supplement plus workouts raise good cholesterol levels, study finds

  • New Cholesterol Check Gauges Kids' Heart Risk
    But the new tool might be too cumbersome for some doctors, one expert says

  • Many High-Risk Patients Going Without Anti-Clotting Drugs
    Study also finds regional differences across U.S.

  • Younger Women Fail to Heed Heart Attack's Warning Signs
    Focusing on chest pain may not be enough, experts warn

  • Statins Could Cut Lung Cancer Risk
    But promising findings need to be replicated elsewhere, experts say

  • Statin Helps Keep Second Strokes at Bay
    Lipitor study supports use of cholesterol-lowering drugs after attacks

  • New Drug Could Help Fight Bleeding Strokes
    It's one element of new American Heart Association guidelines

  • Fewer Heart Patients Dying After Hospitalization
    Improvements in care are cutting heart failure, mortality rates, study finds

  • (30-Apr-2007)
    Zocor allowed animals to better navigate mazes, study found

  • Pistachios May Take Bite Out of Cholesterol
    They have heart-healthy effects similar to leafy greens, study finds

  • Cholesterol-Lowering Drugs Bring Mixed Benefits
    High-dose statins may not be worth the cost for some heart patients, study finds

  • New Angina Drug Fails to Cut Heart Attacks
    But ranolazine may still have a place in therapy, experts say

  • Campaign Offers Easy Steps to Cutting Diabetes Risk
    ADA's 'CheckUp America' program launches this week

  • Unhealthy Young Adults Are Harming Their Hearts
    Weight gain, hypertension quickly damage arteries, study shows

  • Newer Form of Heparin Better at Preventing Clots After Stroke
    Enoxaparin cut the risk by additional 43 percent, study found

  • Health Tip: Some Drugs May React With Grapefruit Juice
    Speak with your doctor if you're taking any of these meds

  • Health Tip: Good vs. Bad Cholesterol
    What's the difference?

  • Molecule Could Hold Key to Cholesterol
    Discovery of blood vessel compound may lead to better treatments, scientists say

  • Vitamin K May Help Clear Arteries
    Animal study finds it reduces buildup of calcium in vessels

  • Heart Patients Seek Guidance on Stents, Statins
    Experts offer advice after recent flurry of controversial studies

  • MRI Technique Could Predict Heart Attack Risk
    It tracks cholesterol-like molecules to show points of artery weakness

  • Diabetes, Hypertension Explain Blacks' Higher Risk for Heart Failure
    Controlling these two factors should lower disease rates, experts say

  • High Trans Fat Intake Triples Heart Disease Risk
    Fast-food component is even more dangerous than suspected, study finds

  • Studies Highlight Pitfalls of Drug-Coated Stents
    For example, many patients don't take drugs that can ward off dangerous clots

  • Obesity's Ties to Heart Disease Still Unclear
    More research is needed, experts say, especially when it comes to gender differences

  • Stress, Obesity Taking Toll on Latin Americans' Health
    Changes in diet, society are boosting heart disease risk, study finds

  • Lipitor Approved for Additional Uses
    To reduce risks of heart attack and stroke

  • Hispanic Women's Hearts at High Risk: Study
    Contrary to popular wisdom, they develop signs of heart disease earlier than white women

  • Cholesterol Management Key for Patients at Risk for Stroke
    Adhering to guidelines could prevent many attacks, study finds

  • One Family's Gene Defect May Help Explain Heart Disease
    Finding supports the notion of a 'metabolic syndrome,' scientists say

  • Education Works to Lower Patients' Heart Risk
    Simple intervention kept blood pressure, cholesterol levels down, study found

  • Many Stroke Patients Have High Cholesterol
    Getting levels under control could prevent many of these attacks, experts say

  • Black Soya Beans May Help Prevent Weight Gain
    Rat study suggests they also lower cholesterol, help prevent diabetes

  • Study Crushes Garlic's Claim to Lower Cholesterol
    Neither the fresh or pill-packaged varieties brought LDL levels down

  • Gene Variant Keeps Blood Triglyceride Levels Low
    And it's much more common in whites than blacks, research shows

  • New Beta Blocker Drug Reduces Heart Risks
    Coreg cut heart attacks, strokes compared to older drug, company-funded study found

  • Lowering Cholesterol Lowers Women's Stroke Risk
    Start paying attention to this risk factor when young, experts urge

  • Experts Issue New Heart Disease Guidelines for Women
    American Heart Association recommendations now focus on a woman's lifetime risk

  • Experts Devise New Women's Heart Risk Predictor
    It will help more women get the help they need sooner, cardiologists say

  • Better Control of Diabetes Could Reduce Stroke
    Most patients didn't manage their symptoms before attack, study found

  • Study Sees Benefits in Boosting Levels of 'Good' Cholesterol
    Doing so helps reduce plaque in arteries

  • Gene Variant May Predict Heart Disease, Stroke
    Early signs of trouble seen in gene carriers

  • Metabolic Syndrome Predicts Heart Risk: Study
    The syndrome includes factors such as obesity and high blood pressure

  • Some Blood Pressure Drugs Boost Diabetes Risk
    Treatment should be tailored to individual patients, experts say

  • Low-Income Minorities at Risk for Peripheral Artery Disease
    Study urges importance of education, screenings to help curb amputations in worst cases

  • Girls Most Likely to Gain Weight as Pre-Teens
    Report urges interventions before the age of 9 or 10

  • Early Blood Pressure Problems Signal Heart Trouble
    Study of young American Indians found hypertension raised risk for enlarged heart

  • Liver Sugars May Help Control Triglycerides
    The blood fats are a major cause of artery-clogging illness

  • Cholesterol's Role in Parkinson's Remains Elusive
    Study finds a paradox as subjects with low levels of 'bad' LDL more likely to have disease

  • Heart Disease, Stroke Still Big Killers
    Latest U.S. statistics suggest obesity, smoking are largely to blame

  • Healthy Hearts Never Take a Holiday
    Expert suggests giving yourself a present by watching alcohol and food intake year-round

  • Traditional Heart Risk Factors Outdo Biomarkers
    Researcher says newer measures not ready for primetime

  • Huntington's Disease Linked to High Brain Cholesterol
    Progressive neurological illness may stem from lipid overdelivery

  • Blood Pressure Often Higher in Boys Than Girls
    Finding might explain why men are more prone to hypertension, experts say

  • Higher Resting Heart Rate May Boost Death Risk
    Odds rose with more frequent beats per minute, study found

  • Low Cholesterol Lowers Risk for Aggressive Prostate Cancer
    But men's overall risk for prostate tumors remains the same, study finds

  • Migraines Linked to Heart Risk in Men
    Finding echoes prior study in women

  • Low-Carb Diet Can Be Heart-Healthy
    But get dietary fats from plant sources, not meat, experts say

  • Clogged Arteries Showing Up in Kids
    Fatty diets, lack of exercise are boosting children's heart risks, study shows

  • Cholesterol Control Boosts Lymphoma Survivors' Outcomes
    Cancer treatment leaves patients prone to heart disease, experts note

  • Malaria Drug May Fight Metabolic Syndrome
    Chloroquine is giving clues to the group of risk factors that harm the heart

  • Statins Could Aid Heart Failure Patients
    Findings suggest the cholesterol-lowering drugs improve survival

  • Walnuts May Beat Olive Oil for Heart Health
    Spanish study suggests they leave arteries more elastic

  • Heart Attack Patients Skipping Important Meds
    More than half don't take beta blockers as prescribed, study finds

  • Four Short Walks a Day Ease Blood Pressure
    A few 10-minute strolls are even healthier than one long walk, study shows

  • U.S. Adds TLC to New Cholesterol Guide
    80-page publication offers prescription for therapeutic lifestyle changes

  • Mexican-Americans at Higher Risk for Second Stroke
    And second strokes can be more deadly than the first, experts warn

  • Younger Patients Can Develop Poor Leg Circulation
    Certain risk factors put those under 60 in danger, experts say

  • Health Tip: Know Your Blood Pressure
    Are your pressure and cholesterol levels within normal range?

  • Statins Protect Heart After Heart Attack
    Animal experiments find role for popular drug beyond lowering cholesterol

  • Accutane Shows Strong Link to Higher Cholesterol
    Four in 10 users of the acne drug had a rise in blood fats, study found

  • Statin Drugs Cut Risk of Recurrent Stroke
    Cholesterol-lowering meds effective even in patients without heart disease, study finds

  • Lowering Blood Pressure Can Stop or Reverse Heart Disease
    Keeping hypertension at bay as important as reducing cholesterol, study suggests

  • Head Online for Advice on Heart Attack
    New U.S. National Institutes of Health Web site is aimed at seniors

  • Suction Technique Improves Arterial Surgery
    It removes plaque to free up blood flow to kidneys, researchers say

  • Alzheimer's 'Risk Score' Spots Those Most Vulnerable
    Other studies look at dementia's links to stroke, cholesterol

  • Five Steps Help Men Live Longer
    Exercise, healthy diet, no smoking, staying trim and moderate drinking are key, study finds

  • New Guide May Help Lower Blood Pressure
    Government health experts offering up revised DASH diet booklet

  • Generic Versions of Zocor Approved
    2nd-best selling cholesterol drug in U.S.

  • Major Changes Could Reduce Diabetes Death Toll
    American Diabetes Association warns 62 million could die in next 30 years

  • Researchers Spot Earliest Signs of Heart Disease
    PET scans detected arterial damage long before symptoms arose

  • Statins May Ease Scleroderma
    Japanese study finds a modest benefit from the drugs

  • Health Tip: Keep Your Arteries Healthy
    Prevent atherosclerosis

  • Hypertension in Teens Predicts Adult Heart Woes
    Left unchecked, blood pressure rises 7 percent per year, study finds

  • Many Docs Fail to Manage Patients' Hypertension
    Spanish study finds a third don't change treatment even when blood pressure is uncontrolled

  • U.S. Experts Issue New Heart Disease Treatment Guidelines
    Among the changes: a lower recommended dose of daily aspirin, and more exercise

  • Number of Obese, Smoking Americans Tops 9 Million
    Blacks most at risk for this unhealthy combination, study finds

  • Statin Drugs Help Heart Patients Survive
    Giving the cholesterol-busters to cardiac patients saves lives, study suggests

  • Cholesterol-Lowering Statins Might Help Eyes
    One drug, Zocor, boosted blood flow in the retina, study found

  • Women Benefiting Less From Improved Heart Disease Care
    Cardiovascular death rate falling faster for men, study shows

  • Experts Issue New Stroke-Prevention Guidelines
    Bottom line for patients: Stay healthy, get checked often

  • Moms Most Likely to Pass Heart Disease on to Kids
    People whose mothers got the illness early should get checked, researchers say

  • Treatment Team Lowers Heart Risk for Obese Patients
    Battling the 'metabolic syndrome' on multiple fronts works, they say

  • Triple Drug Regimen Can Reduce Stroke Damage
    Study finds quicker recovery, less loss of function

  • Drug May Fight Metabolic Syndrome
    Etanercept could help lower inflammation linked to heart risk factors

  • Gene Protects Against Diabetes, Heart Disease
    Variant found in 1 in 20 people lowers blood fats, study finds

  • High Cholesterol Linked to Prostate Cancer
    Italian researchers find a direct connection, but U.S. experts call for more study

  • Study Probes Pulled Drug's Anti-Cholesterol Action
    Antioxidants don't seem to drive probucol's effects, study finds

  • Everyday Foods May Yield Medicinal Benefits
    Chives, grape seeds and pine nut oil all show early promise, researchers say

  • New Cholesterol Drug Fails Human Trial
    Poor results may doom once-promising line of research, experts say

  • Eat Cholesterol-Lowering Foods in Combination: Study
    Choosing the right foods lowered blood fats just as well as drug therapy

  • Health Tip: Keep Your Cholesterol Down
    It will help prevent heart disease

  • Healthy Lifestyle May Fight Impotence
    Diet, exercise battle both erectile dysfunction and heart disease, study suggests

  • Statin Drugs Might Help Fight Impotence
    For some, Lipitor plus Viagra worked better than Viagra alone, study found

  • Hispanics Benefit from Cholesterol-Lowering Statins
    Crestor, Lipitor reduce heart disease risk factors, study finds

  • Grapefruit May Sweeten Way to Lower Cholesterol
    Study finds the red variety, especially, may fight heart disease

  • Two Drug-Coated Stents Perform Equally Well
    Head-to-head trial of the artery-opening devices found little difference

  • Statins, Beta Blockers Help Block First Heart Attack
    These drugs do more than just reduce cardiovascular disease, study suggests

  • Taking Generic Form of Drug Boosts Regimen Adherence
    Cheaper alternatives help keep patients using medicines as directed, study finds

  • Let Dark Chocolate Be Your Valentine
    Small amounts do a heart good, South Beach Diet doc says

  • Heart Failure Rising In Older Americans
    But more are surviving longer with the disease, report finds

  • Cholesterol-Lowering Drugs May Fight Rheumatoid Arthritis
    In laboratory, statin drugs reduced rheumatoid cell proliferation

  • Study Looks at Hispanic Hypertension 'Race Gap'
    Black Hispanics more likely to have high blood pressure than white Hispanics

  • Widening Waist a Heart Risk Factor for Women
    Waistlines over 35 inches are a matter of concern, study finds

  • Heart Tests, Treatments May Be Overused
    Use of expensive interventions far exceeds rise in disease incidence, studies find

  • Trans Fat Food Labels Are Coming
    Starting New Year's Day, labeling also will list potential allergens

  • Cholesterol May Link Gum Disease, Heart Disease
    Small study suggests periodontitis encourages a bad form of the blood fat

  • Health Tip: Be Careful Shoveling Snow
    It can be dangerous for some people

  • Study Compares Use of Anti-Clotting Drugs for Heart Patients
    Researchers found little difference between two forms of heparin

  • Fewer Carbs Boost DASH Diet's Heart Benefits
    Replacing carbohydrates with protein or monosaturated fats checked blood pressure

  • Gene Combo May Cut Statin Drugs' Effectiveness
    The mutations also occur more in blacks than whites, researchers say

  • Cholesterol-Busting Drugs Help After Kidney Transplant
    Statins may help shield organ recipients from heart attack

  • Study Shows New Role for HDL 'Good' Cholesterol
    It may be more important for older patients taking statin drugs

  • Statins Don't Affect Breast Cancer Risk
    Large study counters previous research on the cholesterol-lowering drugs

  • Hormone May Be Key to Fat Digestion
    Newly identified compound helps control bile acid production

  • High Blood Pressure Can Be Lethal in Overweight
    It's the prime factor raising their cardiovascular risk, study finds

  • On-the-Job Stress May Boost Inflammation
    Lack of control over workday could harm arteries, study finds

  • Experts Support Artery-Clearing Surgery to Prevent Stroke
    Carotid endarterectomy advised for those with clogged vessels and prior stroke history

  • Being Overweight Hurts Kids' Arteries
    Extra pounds weaken vessel walls, even at ages as young as 9, study finds

  • Why Cholesterol Is Such a Killer
    It crystallizes, then breaks on artery walls, new research reveals

  • Pressure Drugs Beat Back Heart Attack
    Modern meds like ACE inhibitors protect better than older agents, study finds

  • Poor Brain Blood Flow Raises Dementia Risk
    Blood pressure and heart disease may play key roles, study shows

  • Cholesterol-Lowering Meds Fight Pneumonia
    Hospitalized statin users nearly three times less likely to die, study finds

  • Key Tests Predict Women's Heart Risk
    Specific cholesterol screens plus a blood protein work best, study finds

  • Cardiovascular Dangers Cut Across Race, Gender
    High cholesterol plus hypertension a killer combo for everyone, experts say

  • Genes Take Some Blame for Poor Cholesterol
    Twins study finds similar responses from high-fat diets

  • Symptomless Hypertension Too Often Ignored
    Other conditions divert patient attention from dangerous high blood pressure

  • Obesity Sends Health Costs Soaring
    Study pegs weight gain as major factor behind U.S. spending

  • Study Points to Heart Disease Marker's Dark Side
    Is blood protein CRP a sign of vessel damage, or a cause?

  • Public Hospitals Provide Good Diabetes Care
    But minorities and uninsured fare a little worse, survey found

  • Black, Hispanic Diabetics Need Better Preventive Care
    Minorities receive fewer flu shots and eye, cholesterol tests, study finds

  • Key Factors Raise Clogged Artery Risk
    Metabolic syndrome plus vascular calcium greatly boost the odds, study finds

  • Too Few At-Risk Heart Patients Offered Statins
    Cholesterol-lowering drugs discussed in fewer than half of doctor's visits

  • Many Heart Attack Patients Have Metabolic Syndrome
    Risk factors include wide waistlines, hypertension and high blood sugar, study finds

  • Statins May Help Prevent Colon Cancer
    Promising results for cholesterol-lowering drugs in observational study

  • 'Bad' Metabolism Could Damage Arteries
    Mouse study suggests another risk factor for vascular disease

  • Why Patients Fail to Take Their Medicines
    Age, gender and number of prescriptions are key, heart study finds

  • Cholesterol Drug Crestor Produces More Side Effects
    But the statin's benefits outweigh risks, heart experts conclude

  • Statin Drug May Help Slow Alzheimer's
    Lipitor shows promise in small study

  • Three-Drug Combo May Best Protect Heart
    Aspirin, statin and beta-blocker trio beats any one drug alone

  • Excess Weight, High Cholesterol Tax Older Women's Arteries
    More evidence exercise can protect the female heart after menopause

  • Adding Fiber May Help Diabetics
    Supplements shown to help regulate troublesome cholesterol

  • Liver May Be Prime Source of Good Cholesterol
    Mouse study yields insight into how the body produces HDL

  • Antibiotics Don't Fight Heart Disease
    Two studies find no effect from drugs meant to fight chronic infection

  • Exercise, Stress Management Boost Heart Health
    Patients with heart disease fared better than with drugs alone

  • Cranberries May Help Keep Arteries Clear
    Research on pigs revealed vascular benefits from powdered juice

  • Statins Do More Than Lower Cholesterol
    Rat study suggests these drugs also strengthen artery walls

  • Scientists Spot New Cholesterol-Lowering Target
    Mice without a key protein cut their "bad" cholesterol in half

  • Inflammation Key to Belly Fat 's Unhealthy Effects
    Fat cells produce compounds that boost arterial disease, study finds

  • Artery Cells Can Produce Heart Disease-Linked Protein
    C-reactive protein discovery a new insight into killer illness

  • Cholesterol Linked to Premature Aging Disorder
    Kids with progeria age quickly and die young from heart disease

  • Heart Disease Risks Common in Migraine Sufferers
    Hypertension, high cholesterol common in people with migraine

  • Fish Has Health Benefits, and a Few Risks
    Eat well, but remember mercury, experts advise

  • Gender Gap Closing in Heart Attack Treatment
    More women are getting recommended therapies, study finds

  • Stretching Artery-Opening Stents Deemed Safe
    Ensuring snug fit in vessel won't compromise patient outcomes

  • Health Tip: Taking Your Medicine
    In some cases, it's a lifelong commitment

  • Health Tip: The Highs and Lows of Cholesterol
    Do you know what it is?

  • More Kids at Risk for Future Heart Trouble
    Experts warn many already showing signs

  • Exercise Cuts Heart, Diabetes Risk Factors
    Program reduces incidence of metabolic syndrome

  • More Evidence of Inflammation's Role in Heart Disease
    Even infection can have inflammatory effect on blood vessels, research finds

  • Heart Risk Factors for Obese Kids Murky
    Blood pressure rose in 1990s, but cholesterol remained unchanged

  • Two-Pronged Cholesterol Approach Works
    Lifting 'good' lipids, lowering 'bad' cuts cardiovascular events

  • Unsound Bodies Lead to Unsound Minds
    Study ties couch potato lifestyle to dementia in elderly

  • Gender, Ethnic Gaps Found in Heart Care
    Men, blacks usually fare worse, studies find

  • Scientists Find Key to Gene Therapy
    In mice, silencing RNA cut cholesterol nearly in half

  • Lipitor May Aid Memory in Alzheimer's
    Small study needs confirmation, experts say

  • ven Up Meat?
    Meatless diet isn't automatically healthier

  • Gene Passed by Mom Tied to Metabolic Syndrome
    Cells' energy factories raise blood pressure, cholesterol

  • Obesity Surgery Sharply Improves Related Problems
    Substantial gains seen in hypertension, diabetes, cholesterol

  • Heart-Healthy Lifestyle in Youth Pays Off Later
    Study finds women less likely to die of any cause as they age

  • Intensive Statin Use Not for All Heart Patients
    High doses don't always prevent problems, and may cause some

  • FDA Nod Won't Guarantee Drug Safety
    Studies on Vioxx, Zocor find post-approval problems

  • Statin Drugs Effective in the Long Term
    10-year study suggests cholesterol-busters lower heart attack risk

  • Imaging Technique May Give Heart Attack Early Warning
    It could highlight dangerous plaque deposits in arteries

  • Statin Drugs Help Clear Clogged Arteries
    They cut plaque buildup in arteries of hospitalized patients

  • Metabolic Syndrome Hikes Heart Risk
    Traits like belly fat, high blood pressure are part of the syndrome

  • Lipitor Can Prevent Heart Attacks
    Cholesterol drug approved for new use

  • Cholesterol-Lowering Combo Approved
    Fights the artery clogging substance 2 ways

  • Lifestyle Can Cut Risk of Alzheimer's
    Staying trim, eating well and social networking help

  • Too Much Childhood TV Tied to Poor Adult Health
    Tube addicts likelier to have severe problems in their 20s

  • Experts Urge Tighter Cholesterol Control
    Recommended even lower levels for high-risk persons