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  • Common Heartburn Drugs Linked to Broken Hips in Dialysis Patients

  • Heartburn Meds Not Tied to Hip Fractures in Alzheimer's Patients

  • Quick Test Could Spot Precursor to Esophageal Cancer

  • Chronic Heartburn Tied to Higher Odds for Head, Neck Cancers

  • Common Heartburn Meds Show Ties to Kidney Trouble

  • Acid Reflux? Try Going Vegetarian
    Study hints that change in eating habits may be as effective as medications

  • Health Tip: If Heartburn Doesn't Go Away
    Warning signs of a more serious problem

  • Can Your Heartburn Meds Shorten Your Life?
    Study found association between prolonged use of certain drugs and increased risk of early death

  • Are Heartburn Meds During Pregnancy Linked to Asthma in Kids?
    Analysis suggests, but doesn't prove, that these children were one-third more likely to see a doctor for asthma

  • Heartburn Drugs May Raise Risk of Stomach Infections: Study
    Suggests long-term use of acid suppressors might open door to C. difficile and Campylobacter bacteria

  • Could Common Heartburn Drugs Up Stroke Risk?
    Researchers concerned about high doses of meds like Nexium and Prilosec

  • Health Tip: Is it Indigestion?
    Here are common symptoms

  • Health Tip: Talk to Your Doctor About Heartburn
    Ask questions about taking medication and making lifestyle changes

  • Clues to How Popular Heartburn Drug Might Harm Arteries
    Prior research has also raised concerns about Nexium and heart health

  • Common Heartburn Drugs Linked to Kidney Disease in Study
    But finding can't show whether drugs are directly responsible

  • Could a Low-Risk Surgery Help Your Chronic Heartburn?
    Death rate from procedure lower than previously reported, study finds

  • Widely Used Heartburn Drugs Linked to Dementia Risk in Study
    Research finds association among users over age 75, but can't prove the medications cause memory problems

  • Could a Lung Cancer Drug Work Better With Coke?
    Study finds cola boosts effectiveness of Tarceva for patients who are also taking a heartburn medicine

  • Heartburn Meds Linked to Chronic Kidney Disease
    While study can't prove cause-and-effect, increasing damage seen as dose rises

  • Health Tip: Struggling With Chronic Cough?
    Try these at-home remedies

  • Frequent Heartburn May Signal More Serious Digestive Problem
    Could be gastroesophageal reflux disease (GERD), and treatments can help, expert says

  • Don't Let Reflux Ruin Your Thanksgiving
    Expert offers tips for avoiding heartburn this holiday

  • Health Tip: Taking Antacids
    Who should avoid them without a doctor's consent

  • Health Tip: GERD Shouldn't Interrupt Sleep
    Watch what you eat before bed

  • Health Tip: Identifying Symptoms of GERD
    Heartburn is a primary characteristic

  • Popular Heartburn Meds Linked to Higher Risk of Heart Attack
    But don't stop taking proton pump inhibitors based on this study, expert says

  • More Evidence of Long-Term Illness in 9/11 Responders
    EMS workers join police, fire personnel still struggling with health problems, study finds

  • Generic Form of Nexium Approved
    Drug used to ease chronic heartburn

  • Health Tip: Easing Heartburn During Pregnancy
    Eat smaller meals more frequently

  • Antacids May Improve Head and Neck Cancer Survival
    Reason for benefit unclear, more research is needed, study author says

  • Don't Let Chronic Heartburn Spoil Your Thanksgiving Feast
    Expert offers tips on reducing the post-meal discomfort

  • Could Popular Heartburn Drugs Upset Your 'Good' Gut Bugs?
    Study suggests class of meds upset healthy balance of bacteria in the gut

  • Take Heartburn Medicines Before Breakfast for Best Effect
    Too many patients unaware that timing is key to treatment, study finds

  • Doctors Often Suggest Pricier, Brand-Name Meds for Reflux: Study
    But store brands and generics of these OTC medications are much cheaper, researchers note

  • 'House' TV Series Leads to Real-Life Diagnosis
    Doctors realized patient's mysterious symptoms resembled those of a character on the medical drama

  • New Weight-Loss Surgery May Not Ease Chronic Heartburn
    Study finds sleeve gastrectomy often doesn't relieve acid reflux, and sometimes makes it worse

  • Generic Aciphex Approved to Treat Chronic Heartburn
    Also known as gastroesophageal reflux disease (GERD), common condition involves backflow of stomach acid

  • Chronic Heartburn May Raise Odds for Throat Cancer: Study
    But simple antacids appear to lower the risk, researchers report

  • Losing Weight May Ease Chronic Heartburn
    Study found shedding pounds reduced GERD symptoms among overweight, obese patients

  • Health Tip: Before You Take This Heartburn Medication...
    Factors to consider when using a proton pump inhibitor

  • Health Tip: Don't Let GERD Interrupt Your Sleep
    Follow these suggestions to minimize symptoms

  • Heartburn Meds May Often Be Taken for Too Long, at Too-High Doses
    Study of U.S. veterans found many stay on drugs such as Prilosec for months, years without reevaluation

  • Magnetic Implant May Ease Chronic Acid Reflux
    Study found device allowed some heartburn patients to stop taking medication

  • Chronic Heartburn Could Spur Asthma in Some Patients
    Study reinforces the link, and a new test might be better at spotting the problem, experts say

  • New Guidelines Urge Limiting Endoscopy for GERD
    Women should not undergo routine screening, and many men don't need it either, according to American College of Physicians

  • Tips for Holiday Heartburn Relief
    Some advice if you tend to overindulge

  • Stimulation Device for Esophagus Might Ease GERD Symptoms
    Three small, early studies found the device helped for at least a year

  • Health Tip: Manage Heartburn During Pregnancy
    Watch what and when you eat

  • Untreated Heartburn May Raise Risk for Esophageal Cancer, Study Says
    Obesity, poor diet contribute to acid reflux, which is sometimes linked to the deadly disease

  • Chronic Heartburn May Boost Risk for Esophageal Cancer
    Inflammation of tissue lining the esophagus could be the cause, study says

  • New Device Approved for Lingering GERD
    After lifestyle changes, medication fail to relieve symptoms

  • Health Tip: Spot the Symptoms of GERD
    Heartburn is a common sign

  • Acid Reflux From Chronic Heartburn May Damage Teeth
    Study reveals extent of harm that GERD can cause in the mouth, but some preventive measures exist

  • Health Tip: Keep Heartburn Under Control
    Suggestions to help put out the fire

  • Heartburn Meds Won't Help, May Harm Kids With Asthma
    Acid-reducing drugs might boost respiratory infections in children without reflux, study finds

  • Chronic Heartburn a Growing Problem in U.S.
    Excess weight gets biggest share of blame for increase

  • Have Heartburn? Get Help
    Wisconsin woman urges other sufferers to not wait as long as she did

  • Holiday Foods May Trigger GERD Symptoms
    Diet modification, meds can help relieve gastroesophageal reflux disease, experts say

  • No One Treatment for Acid Reflux Clearly Better Than Another: Study
    Both medications and surgical treatments can work, but none of the options was clear winner

  • Toxic After-Effects Still Haunt 9/11 Responders
    Cancer links are seen among the many ills that have surfaced since the Twin Towers fell

  • 9/11 Tied to Increase in Acid Reflux Disease
    NYC health registry shows those in vicinity of Twin Towers more likely to develop GERD

  • Health Tip: Does Your Baby Have GERD?
    Here are common symptoms

  • Pills, Surgery Both Effective for Chronic Reflux: Study
    Each approach seems to ease condition, each has pluses and minuses, experts say

  • Popular Heartburn Meds May Boost Fracture Risk
    Study sees possible link to proton pump inhibitors such as Prilosec, Prevacid and Nexium

  • Health Tip: Watch For Barrett's Esophagus
    If you have chronic bouts of indigestion

  • Heartburn Drugs May Raise Pneumonia Risk
    One of every 200 hospital patients taking acid-suppressing meds will develop pneumonia, study finds

  • For Most, Chronic Heartburn Not a Big Risk for Esophageal Cancer
    Except for white men over 60, routine screening may be unnecessary, researchers say

  • No Link Between Heartburn Drugs and Birth Defects: Study
    But experts still urge women to forgo non-essential medications during pregnancy

  • Plavix, Heartburn Drug Safe to Take Together: Study
    No interaction seen between blood thinner, proton-pump inhibitors, researchers say

  • Childhood Obesity Boosts Risk of GERD
    Extremely obese older children have a 40 percent higher risk of the painful digestive disease, researchers say

  • Health Tip: Help Manage GERD
    Consider these lifestyle changes

  • Muscle Tone May Play a Role in GERD
    If proven true, theory may someday lead to new treatments, researcher says

  • FDA Warns of Fracture Risk With Popular Heartburn Drugs
    Label change to Nexium, Prilosec,other medications should spur patient-doctor discussions, agency says

  • Stomach Acid Drugs Come With Dangers, Studies Show
    Potential side effects of popular proton pump inhibitors should not be ignored

  • Noncardiac Chest Pain May Warrant More Management: Study
    Patients should be screened and monitored for heart-related conditions, researchers say

  • Health Tip: When Antacids May Not Be Enough
    Signs you should see the doctor

  • Health Tip: Help Prevent Indigestion
    Suggestions to ward off a sour stomach

  • Heartburn Drug Kapidex Renamed to Dexilant
    FDA approves name change to avoid confusion with other drugs

  • Health Tip: Things that May Cause or Worsen GERD
    Factors that could contribute to its primary symptom -- heartburn

  • Alzheimer's Drug Might Help Prevent Esophageal Cancer
    Experimental med looks promising, researchers say

  • Zegerid OTC Approved for Frequent Heartburn
    In original prescription formula

  • Certain Reflux Drugs Tied to Higher Post-Angioplasty Death Rate
    Study suggests interaction between Prilosec, Protonix and blood-thinners such as Plavix

  • How Safe Are Popular Reflux Drugs?
    Experts debate evidence linking acid-blockers to possible bone, heart problems

  • World Trade Center Workers Have More Cases of Acid Reflux
    Study shows they have doubled risk of GERD, may be linked to mental fallout

  • Battered Women's Ills Go Beyond Bruises
    Victims of abuse may get headaches, chest pain, infections and other health woes, study finds

  • Metozolv Approved for Diabetic Stomach Disorder, GERD
    But long-term use could cause serious side effects

  • Reflux Drugs OK With Blood Thinners
    Taking antacids with anti-clotting drugs doesn't change outcomes after a heart attack, researchers find

  • Right Match of Drug, Doctor Can Boost Reflux Outcomes
    Review finds PPIs may perform better, and good rapport with physician is key

  • Health Tip: Babies Can Have Reflux, Too
    Signs that stomach contents are backing up

  • Heartburn Drugs May Contribute to the Problem
    Study suggests proton pump inhibitors could aggravate acid trouble

  • Heart Drug Combos Raise Risk of Gastrointestinal Bleeding
    Specialists should consider risks vs. benefits, researcher says

  • Powerful Antacids Raise Chances of Fracture
    But benefits still outweigh risks for patients who rely on them, experts say

  • Health Tip: Taking an Antacid
    What you should know before you use one

  • Telling Heartburn From Heart Attack Can Be Tricky
    Because of similar symptoms, doctors urge overreaction if in doubt

  • Acid Reducers May Not Help All With Asthma
    Study finds benefit only for those with evident symptoms of heartburn

  • What You Need to Know When Your Stomach Aches
    Doctor offers tips on digestive disorders

  • Kapidex Approved for Acid Reflux
    A reformulated version of Prevacid

  • Traditional Nonsurgical GERD Treatments Not Impressive
    But newer methods are replacing ones studied, experts say

  • Health Tip: If You've Got GERD
    Suggestions to help manage symptoms

  • Health Tip: Preventing Indigestion
    Don't rush through meals

  • Osteoporosis Drug Prompts Increase in Certain Bone Cells
    Scientists not sure if finding points to potential problems; maker stands by medication

  • Acid Reflux Linked to Chronic Croup
    Study says the finding could help many children with the breathing condition

  • HRT Use Raises Risk of Stomach Trouble
    Menopausal women who take hormones face greater chance of GERD, study finds

  • Gastric Band Weight-Loss Surgery Can Boost Reflux
    Obese patients with GERD may choose gastric bypass instead, experts say

  • Powerful Antacid Drugs Raise Fracture Risk
    Proton pump inhibitors taken for more than 7 years quadrupled chance of hip breaks, study finds

  • New Therapy Freezes Out Esophageal Cancers
    Cryoablation attractive option for older patients with other medical issues, team says

  • Health Tip: Prevent Heartburn
    Stay clear of foods that cause symptoms

  • Noninvasive Surgery Effective for Acid Reflux Disease
    New technique eliminates pain, requires less recovery time, surgeon says

  • Health Tip: Keep GERD Under Control
    Treatment can prevent complications

  • Health Tip: Foods That Can Aggravate Heartburn
    Avoid making it worse

  • Common Medications Could Cause Physical Impairment in the Elderly
    Drugs for acid reflux, urinary incontinence 'slow down' seniors, studies say

  • GERD Drug Approved for Younger Children
    Ages 1 to 11

  • Health Tip: Is GERD Causing Sleep Problems?
    Suggestions to tame your heartburn

  • FDA Confirms No Heart Risk From Heartburn Drugs
    Preliminary studies had suggested possible problems with Prilosec and Nexium

  • Health Tip: Kids Get Indigestion, Too
    Here's how to help prevent it

  • Reflux Problems Not Limited to Adults
    Babies and children can also suffer from severe gastric distress, experts say

  • Anti-Reflux Drugs May Be Overprescribed in Infants
    As many as four in five treated babies didn't have excess stomach acid, study finds

  • Chronic Reflux Often Leads to Sleepless Nights
    Almost half of sufferers are kept awake by a variety of symptoms, survey found

  • Reflux Can Precipitate Chest Pain, Cough
    These symptoms should be checked out by a physician, experts say

  • Heartburn Can Be a Sign of Serious Disease
    Left untreated, acid reflux symptoms can cause throat strictures, cancer, group warns

  • Direct-to-Consumer Drug Ads Booming Despite Criticisms
    Experts suggest a shutdown on such pitches to the public

  • Health Tip: When Babies Spit Up
    It's not vomiting, and it's normal

  • Heartburn Is More Than Just an Annoyance
    It affects millions and can lead to more serious illness, experts say

  • Health Tip: Got GERD?
    Symptoms of gastroesophageal reflux disease

  • Ulcer-Causing Bacteria May Prevent Asthma
    H. pylori might also protect against allergies, study says

  • Health Tip: Heartburn Medicines May Have Side Effects
    Here are some common symptoms

  • Acid Reflux Adds to COPD Complications
    Patients twice as likely to experience exacerbated symptoms, study finds

  • Health Tip: Symptoms of Barrett's Esophagus
    People with frequent heartburn are at greater risk

  • Even Small Weight Gains Up GERD Risk
    Study found those of normal weight who put on a few pounds had more gastrointestinal problems

  • Health Tip: Prevent Heartburn
    Watch what and when you eat

  • Health Tip: Heart Attack or Indigestion?
    How to tell the difference

  • 3 Million Americans Could Have Barrett's Esophagus
    The condition leads to esophageal cancer, researchers say

  • Minimally Invasive Surgery Effective for GERD
    Patients report low levels of complications, high levels of satisfaction

  • Got GERD? Weight Loss May Help
    Extra pounds double risk of digestive disorder, study finds

  • GERD May Be Linked to Cancers
    Researchers find relationship to adenocarcinoma of esophagus

  • Health Tip: Go Easy With Antacids
    Too many could be harmful

  • Health Tip: When Babies Spit Up
    Ways to reduce frequency

  • Soda Before Bedtime Raises Reflux Risk
    Sleeping pills also boost nighttime heartburn, study finds

  • GERD: More Than a Balky Stomach
    But over-the-counter drugs can help most sufferers, experts say

  • Health Tip: Chest Pain Is Nothing to Sneeze At
    It's not wise to ignore chest pain

  • GERD: It's More Than Just Heartburn
    Acid reflux can cause serious problems, but beneficial treatments exist

  • Gastric Bypass Surgery Eases GERD in the Obese
    Also helps patients lose weight, improves other health problems

  • Surgery for GERD in Kids Doesn't Work
    Study finds 60% have recurrence of symptoms after procedure

  • Study Acquits Heartburn's Usual Suspects
    Finds coffee, tea, alcohol aren't culprits, but salt is

  • Heartburn Drugs Linked to Pneumonia
    The longer you use them, the greater the risk, study finds

  • Digestive Allergic Disorder Rising in Kids
    Eosinophilic esophagitis mimics gastric reflux

  • Health Tip: GERD
    Some suggestions for relief

  • Health Tip: Don't Depend on Antacids
    Overuse can lead to health problems