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  • Almost Half of Americans Are Trying to Lose Weight: CDC

  • Obesity Surgery May Cut Heart Attack Risk in Diabetics

  • Add Asthma to List of Possible Causes of Childhood Obesity

  • Obesity Doubles Odds for Colon Cancer in Younger Women

  • Weight-Loss Surgery Linked to Fewer Delivery Complications

  • Type 1 Diabetes Often Misdiagnosed in Adults

  • What Did Americans Eat Today? A Third Would Say Fast Food

  • Path to Obesity May Start in Preschool

  • 'Yo-Yo' Cardio Readings May Signal Heart Risks

  • Fast Foods' Healthier Options Might Not Help Kids Eat Better

  • Overweight in Pregnancy? Here's How to Keep Excess Pounds at Bay

  • Thinking of Others Makes Healthy Choices Easier

  • Can Mouth Swab at Age 2 Predict Obesity?

  • Could Household Cleaners Make Your Kid Fat?

  • Asthma-Obesity Link May Cut Both Ways

  • More Water, Mom? H2O Is Top Kids' Beverage in U.S.

  • Obesity Tops 35 Percent in 7 U.S. States: Report

  • Kids Without Access to Good Food Face High Blood Pressure Risk

  • Weight-Loss Drug Belviq Is First to Show No Harm to Heart

  • Here's How Sleepless Nights Can Trigger Weight Gain

  • Health Tip: Prevent Childhood Obesity

  • Good News, Bad News in U.S. Breastfeeding Report

  • Health Tip: Most Americans are Overweight

  • 'Fat' Mouse Test Failure Yields New Obesity Clue

  • AHA: Obesity May Increase Risk for Peripheral Artery Disease

  • To Combat Childhood Obesity, Start at Birth … or Even Before

  • How to Get Your Kids to Eat Better

  • Steer Clear of Obese Friends With the Flu

  • Obesity Could Set Stage for Heart Issues in Pregnancy

  • LGBQ Youth More Prone to Obesity

  • Obesity Warps the Shape, Function of Young Hearts

  • U.S. Deaths From Liver Disease Rising Rapidly

  • More Pregnant Women Having Heart Attacks

  • Obesity Adds to Burden of Traumatic Brain Injury

  • Half of Americans Trying to Slim Down

  • New Guidelines Mean Almost 800,000 More U.S. Kids Have High Blood Pressure

  • How to Start Exercising When You're Out of Shape

  • To Fight Childhood Obesity, Moms to the Rescue

  • Health Tip: Healthier Eating for an Overweight Child

  • Just 1 in 4 Americans Gets Enough Exercise

  • Weight Loss May Reverse Course of Atrial Fibrillation

  • Aggressive Treatment Doesn't Slow Type 2 Diabetes in Children: Study

  • Heavy Teens Are Less Likely Now to Try and Lose Weight

  • More Body Fat Might Lower Odds of Breast Cancer in Younger Women

  • Why Obese People Find It So Tough to Slim Down

  • Exercise May Ease Inflammation Tied to Obesity

  • U.S. Smoking Rate Hits All-Time Low

  • Obesity Plagues Rural America

  • Reduce Weight, Reduce the Arthritic Knee Pain

  • Warning Labels Can Scare Folks Away From Sugary Drinks

  • Exercise May Counter Effects of Obesity Genes

  • Liver Cancer a Big Threat to U.S., Other Developed Nations

  • Obesity's a Larger Problem in Rural America

  • Human Brain Hard-Wired to Love Fat-Carb Combo: Study

  • U.S. Obesity Rates Rising Again

  • Obese Young Adults Prone to Binging, Purging

  • Americans' Obsession With Sugar Starts in Infancy

  • Is Your Workplace Making You Fat?

  • Fish Oil May Protect the Youngest Hearts

  • Health Tip: Three Weight Stats That Can Predict Health

  • There's No 'Healthy Obesity' for Women, Study Finds

  • Health Tip: Suggestions for Losing Weight

  • Obesity May Offer Some Protection When Severe Infection Strikes

  • Study Affirms What Many Know: Antidepressants May Lead to Weight Gain

  • Heavier Women May Face Higher Cancer Risks, Study Finds

  • Mediterranean Diet Most Popular on U.S. Coasts

  • 'Pizza Challenge' Suggests Food Is Just More Tempting to Some

  • Small World? Not With One-Quarter Obese by 2045

  • Can Excess Weight in Toddlers Cause Brain Drain?

  • Lower Vitamin D levels Linked to More Belly Fat

  • Obesity Might Raise Your Risk for A-fib

  • Many Teens Switch From Hi-Cal Sodas to Hi-Cal Sports Drinks

  • Sleep-Deprived Kids at Risk of Obesity

  • Too Much or Too Little Weight May Worsen Rheumatoid Arthritis

  • Could Caffeine During Pregnancy Spur Weight Gain in Kids?

  • Obese Men Suffer 'Weight Stigma,' Too

  • Breakfast Fans Gain Less Weight Over Time

  • A Big Belly Bad for Your Heart

  • You and Your Pooch May Have Similar Tummy Bacteria

  • Can Mom-to Be's' Weight Affect Daughters' Risk for Early Puberty?

  • AHA: Rx for Sedentary Kids -- Friends and the Great Outdoors

  • Why Americans' Life Expectancy Is Getting Longer

  • Losing Excess Weight in Childhood Cuts Diabetes Risk

  • Obesity Can Lead to Liver Damage by Age 8: Study

  • Early Periods May Heighten Obesity Risk Later

  • The Benefits of Moving More

  • Another Downside of Weight Gain: Toenail Fungus

  • Obesity Rates Keep Rising for U.S. Adults

  • Want to Live Longer? Eating a Little Less Might Do the Trick

  • Mom's Pre-Pregnancy Waist Size Tied to Autism Risk

  • Can You Be Obese But Heart-Healthy? Study Says No

  • Health Tip: Waist Size May Help Predict Heart Attack

  • Weight-Loss Surgery Beats Meds for Obese, Diabetic Teens: Study

  • Some Great Ways to Fight Childhood Obesity

  • Is Bariatric Surgery for You?

  • As Years Spent Obese Rise, So Do Heart Dangers

  • Obesity to Blame for Jump in Health Care Costs

  • This Body Shape Can Raise Women's Heart Attack Risk

  • U.S. Child Obesity Levels Not Falling After All

  • Obesity Might Cause Sudden Cardiac Arrest in the Young

  • Obesity May Give Men With Melanoma a Survival Advantage

  • One Hidden Culprit Behind Weight Gain: Fruit Juice

  • It's Not Your Imagination: You're Hungrier After Losing Weight

  • Do Common Household Chemicals Affect Your Weight?

  • Want to Keep the Weight Off? Eat More Slowly

  • The Purrfect Diet for Your Fat Cat

  • Losing Weight Eases Obesity-Related Pain. But How Much Is Enough?

  • Crash Diets Might Derail Your Heart Health

  • Take a Stand on Getting Slimmer, Healthier

  • Dieter's Weight Loss May Have 'Ripple Effect' on Partner

  • Few Prescription Meds Have Dosing Guidelines for Obese Kids

  • Health Tip: Encourage Your Child to be Active

  • Weight-Loss Surgery Alone Won't Keep the Pounds Off

  • A Sleepy Child Is More Likely to Pile on Pounds

  • What Might Make Prostate Cancer's Return More Likely?

  • Many Stroke Survivors Don't Improve Health Habits

  • You've Lost the Weight. How Soon Before It Comes Back?

  • Is Obesity 'Contagious'?

  • Health Tip: Prevent Weight Gain

  • Is Obesity Slowing Gains in U.S. Life Spans?

  • Weight-Loss Surgery's Benefits Wane Over Time for Diabetics

  • Those With 'Obesity Genes' May Gain Most From Healthy Eating

  • Fewer of America's Poor Kids Are Becoming Obese

  • Epidemic of Opioid Abuse Is Top Health News of 2017

  • As Income Rises, Women Get Slimmer -- But Not Men

  • Overweight Kids Don't Have to Be Overweight Adults

  • Live Close to a Gym? You're Probably a Bit Trimmer

  • Excess Weight May Raise Rosacea Risk

  • 60 Percent of U.S. Kids Could Be Obese by Age 35

  • This Weight-Loss Strategy May Not Help Your Knees

  • 6 Percent of Cancers Caused by Excess Weight, Diabetes

  • Heavier Women May Need Mammograms More Often

  • Shaming Overweight Kids Only Makes Things Worse

  • One Type of Diet Can Add Years to Your Life

  • With Stress and Trauma Come Excess Weight

  • America's Love Affair With Sugary Sodas Is Fading

  • Healthier Diet, Less Salt: The Recipe to Beat High Blood Pressure

  • Lunchtime H2O May Be Key to Curbing Kids' Obesity

  • Binge-Watchers, Beware: Long TV Time Poses Clot Risk

  • Middle-Aged and Impaired? More Common Than You Might Think

  • Obesity to Blame for Epidemic of Knee Dislocations, Complications

  • Does Your Pet Have a Weight Problem? Here's How to Tell

  • Menus With Calorie Counts Seem to Be Paying Off

  • Low-Fat Diet May Cut Pancreatic Cancer Risk for Overweight Older Women

  • Belly Fat Widens Odds of Emergency Surgery Troubles

  • When It Comes to Obesity, Genes Just Partly to Blame

  • The 411 on High Triglycerides
    Don't let your levels turn into a 911 situation

  • Breast Milk May Arrive Late for Obese New Moms
    Study finds delays beyond typical 3-day start to production in larger women

  • Heart Disease, Stroke Cutting Black Lives Short
    Life span about three years less than for whites, heart association statement says

  • How Foods Labeled 'Healthy' Can Still Make You Fat
    Those that contain high amounts of sugar trigger snacking later, study finds

  • Weight-Loss Surgery May Curb Risk for Certain Cancers
    Endometrial and breast tumors were less likely among obese women who had the procedure

  • A-Fib Hits Men Earlier Than Women
    Excess weight also ups risk for the heart rhythm disorder, study says

  • Nearly 4 in 10 U.S. Adults Now Obese
    CDC stats show growing epidemic that means more illness and health care costs, health experts say

  • 3 Factors That Could Raise Your Risk of Bloodstream Infection
    Obesity appears to be the biggest threat

  • Childhood Obesity Up Worldwide Almost 10-Fold Over 4 Decades
    United States is 15th out of 200 countries studied

  • Too Much Sugar Can Harm Livers of Even Healthy Men
    Study found an unhealthy buildup of fat in the vital organ when men switched to high-sugar diet

  • Working Night Shifts May Widen Your Waistline
    Disturbing normal sleep patterns is the main culprit, nutritionists say

  • Obesity Linked to 13 Types of Cancer
    Losing weight might lower the risk, researchers say

  • High Blood Pressure in Pregnancy May Boost Child's Obesity Risk
    Even high readings in the last trimester linked to greater odds, study found

  • U.S. Pays a Hefty Price for Obesity
    Lifetime costs add up for diseases, lost productivity, study finds

  • One Weight-Loss Surgery Shows Lasting Results
    Patients 77 pounds slimmer on average 12 years after gastric bypass, study finds

  • Weight-Loss Surgery May Leave Some Anemic
    It's a common problem, but one easily solved with long-term follow-up

  • As Men's Weight Rises, Sperm Health May Fall
    But shedding pounds may bring them back to normal, researcher says

  • Obesity Rates Have Stopped Rising for Young Americans
    But progress is fragile and rates still too high, report authors say

  • Even Teens Can Suffer Organ Damage From High Blood Pressure
    Study spots warning signs in kids with readings in the normal range

  • Health Tip: Overcoming the Obesity Epidemic
    How communities can promote physical activity

  • Smoking, Poor Diet Lead Global Death Causes
    But disease study of 195 areas also finds some hopeful signs with many people living longer

  • Skin Patch Shrinks 'Love Handles' -- in Mice
    Discovery might help treat obesity and diabetes, researchers say

  • Widening Waistlines May Raise Women's Cancer Risk
    Belly fat after menopause may boost risk of lung, gastrointestinal cancers, researchers report

  • 'Healthy' Obese Still Face Higher Heart Risks
    Higher odds detected, even without diabetes or high blood pressure, study finds

  • Uptick in U.S. Stroke Deaths Sets Off Alarms: CDC
    High rates of obesity and diabetes are a major culprit, researchers say

  • Health Tip: Diet and Activity May Help Prevent Cancer
    Here's what you can do

  • Science Weighs in On How Fat Raises Cancer Risk
    There's cellular 'crosstalk' between fat and tumors that may spur tumor growth, research shows

  • Brain Scans Offer Clues to Why Some Teens Pile on Pounds
    Imaging showed less activity in the areas responsible for reining in impulses

  • Eating Feeds 'Feel Good' Hormones in the Brain
    Overstimulation of this system could play a role in obesity, researchers say

  • U.S. Obesity Rate Holding Steady, but Still High
    In 25 states adult rates exceeded 30 percent this year, report notes

  • 'Fat But Fit' a Myth?
    Extra weight linked to extra risk, even if blood pressure, blood sugar and cholesterol all normal

  • When Stress Hormone Falters, Your Health May Suffer
    Study suggests lack of variation in cortisol levels could be linked to ills like inflammation, cancer

  • Obesity Slows Recovery for Heart Surgery Patients: Study
    They're four times more likely to need more time in intensive care, three times more likely to be readmitted

  • Health Tip: Childhood Obesity Can Trigger Adult Problems
    Here's how you can help prevent them

  • Does Less Sleep Make You Less Healthy?
    Adults who logged only 6 hours a night had wider waists, study found

  • Doctors Who 'Fat-Shame' Patients Can Cause Real Harm
    Many patients respond by avoiding needed care, psychologists warn

  • Women Who Gain Weight Between Babies at Higher Risk for Diabetes
    Danger is greatest for women whose weight was normal before they got pregnant, study finds

  • Breast-Feeding Lowers Mom's Breast Cancer Risk: Study
    It also reduces the child's future cancer risk, cancer institute reports

  • Don't Put Off Weight-Loss Surgery Till You're Heavier
    Best results seen for those with pre-op BMI of less than 40, study says

  • Obese Don't Have to Lose Weight Before Joint Replacement: Study
    It's ideal to drop pounds first, but the procedure's benefits may outweigh risk if you can't

  • Obesity in Teen Years Tied to Colon Cancer Risk in Adulthood
    Concerns are growing about weight's impact on development of chronic disease, researchers say

  • Here's Why a Soda With That Burger Is Especially Fattening
    High-sugar drinks combined with protein triggers extra fat storage by body, study finds

  • Targeting 9 Risk Factors Could Prevent 1 in 3 Dementia Cases: Study
    Reducing mid-life hearing loss might make the biggest difference

  • As Your Weight Creeps Up, So Does Your Risk of Heart Failure
    But losing a few pounds might help decrease the damage, cardiologist suggests

  • More Evidence That Midlife Weight Gain Harms Your Health
    Risk of diabetes, heart disease rises when waistlines widen slowly, study finds

  • Big Baby, Heavier Kid?
    Study suggests these infants could benefit from early interventions to avoid obesity in childhood

  • Are Big Men More Prone to Aggressive Prostate Cancer?
    Study found taller, heavier males were more likely to get it, die from it

  • Walking Rates Are Key to a Country's Obesity Levels
    As steps declined, national waistlines expanded, global study shows

  • Exercise Can Keep Obese Seniors on the Go
    Study ties physical activity to ability to perform everyday tasks

  • Community Intervention May Aid Fight Against Childhood Obesity
    Harvard study finds small successes in two Massachusetts-based programs

  • Heavy Teens May Be Setting Themselves Up for a Stroke
    But kids who lose weight by age 20 can cut their chances, study suggests

  • Are You at Risk for Metabolic Syndrome?
    Protect yourself from 'pre-diabetes'

  • Higher Pregnancy Weight Tied to Raised Odds for Birth Defects
    But researchers say absolute risk is low

  • Who Looks Obese to You?
    White women are expected to be thin, blacks not so much, study finds

  • Flu Shot Falls Short More Often for Obese People: Study
    Immune cells that guard against the virus don't function properly, researchers say

  • 2 Billion Worldwide Are Obese or Overweight
    Study shows it's not only an American problem, but an international health crisis

  • Even Your Bones Can Get Fat, Mouse Study Suggests
    But running rodents improved their bone quality in just weeks, researchers say

  • U.S. Liver Cancer Deaths Have Doubled Since 1980s: Study
    It's now fifth-leading cause of cancer death in men and No. 8 among women

  • Overweight Kids Pay a Heavy Social Price
    They tend to have fewer friends, which can lead to depression and other emotional problems, researchers say

  • 1 in 5 Weight-Loss Surgery Patients Using Opioids Years Later
    Though procedure relieves obesity-related pain, it doesn't erase the need for painkillers, researchers report

  • Health Tip: Know Your Risk for Obesity
    Here's what makes it more likely

  • Obese Women May Have More Intense Hot Flashes
    Body fat might trap heat inside the body, researchers say

  • Transgender People Report More Health Problems
    Disparities can't be explained by lower income, other factors, researcher says

  • Gut Bacteria Changes After Some Weight-Loss Surgeries
    Better diversity seen after Roux-en-Y gastric bypass, researchers say

  • Teasing Teens About Weight May Do Lasting Harm
    They're more likely to be obese and struggle with emotional eating as adults, research finds

  • Thick Middle May Raise Risk of Some Cancers
    Where fat is carried is as strong a predictor as BMI, research suggests

  • More Fruits and Veggies Can Slash Obesity Odds
    Researchers encourage a mostly plant-based diet

  • Overweight Boys Face Higher Colon Cancer Risk as Adults
    But study also found that losing weight as young adults lowered those odds

  • Heavy Kids Face Triple the Odds for Depression in Adulthood
    Risk was 4 times greater if they were also overweight as adults, study finds

  • Drink Water, Fight Fat?
    When you have it in place of beer or sugar-sweetened soda it helps, study finds

  • 'Healthy Obese' May Be a Myth
    Higher risk for heart problems detected in new study

  • This Combo Workout May Suit Obese Seniors Best
    Aerobic-plus-resistance regimen boosts bone and muscles, study shows

  • Do You Overeat? Your Brain Wiring May Be Why
    New research might shed light on why women struggle with weight more than men do

  • 'Balloon-in-a-Pill' Spurs Weight Loss, Health Benefits: Study
    But specialist not involved with the research says results are likely short-lived

  • Sugary Drinks More Affordable Across the Globe
    Cheaper access may sabotage worldwide fight against obesity

  • Red Wine Antioxidant Might Help Diabetics' Arteries
    Resveratrol supplements appeared to aid those with the stiffest blood vessels in small study

  • Can Dropping Some Weight Save Your Knees?
    Loss was tied to less joint degeneration in study, but skeptics remain

  • More Active Kids Could Save U.S. Billions in Health Costs: Study
    Starting young would pay big dividends as children grow up, researcher says

  • Type 2 Diabetes May Be Bad for Brain Health
    Excess weight appears to amplify the threat, study says

  • No Excuses: Exercise Can Overcome the 'Obesity Gene'
    Physical activity appears to lower effects of key DNA linked to weight gain, study finds

  • Obesity Quadruples Kids' Type 2 Diabetes Risk: Study
    About 415 million people worldwide have the disease, which is costly to treat but can be prevented

  • The Top 5 Conditions That Shorten Americans' Lives -- And Are Preventable
    Obesity steals the most years of all, researchers say

  • Exercise Benefits Aging Hearts, Even Those of the Obese
    Physical activity helps ward off heart damage in middle age and beyond, study finds

  • Waist Size, Not Weight, May be Key to Life Span
    Even those who aren't overweight are at risk of death if they've got a paunch, researchers report

  • Health Tip: Concerned About Your Child's Weight?
    How to discuss with your doctor

  • A Healthier Weight May Mean Fewer Migraines
    Study found risk increased in both obese and underweight people

  • A Healthy Middle-Aged Heart May Protect Your Brain Later
    Dementia expert says take up heart-healthy habits sooner rather than later

  • Obesity May Make Rheumatoid Arthritis Tough to Spot, Track
    Inflammation from excess weight could lead doctors to think disease is worse in women than it is, study finds

  • Race May Play Role in Obese Teens' Blood Pressure
    Extra pounds appear more problematic for whites and Hispanics, study finds

  • More Younger Americans Are Suffering Strokes: Study
    Researchers cite rise in blood pressure and diabetes, but one specialist questions the findings

  • Obesity in Early Pregnancy May Raise Child's Risk of Epilepsy
    The heavier the mom, the greater the odds of the seizure disorder, study suggests

  • As Weight Goes Up, So Does Death Risk
    Heart disease, cancer, other illnesses start to take a toll, study says

  • Is Your TV Making You Fat?
    People who eat home-cooked meals and don't watch TV while eating less likely to be obese, study finds

  • U.S. Thyroid Cancer Cases Continue to Rise
    New study suggests a true increase, rather than just overdiagnosis

  • Health Tip: Help Your Child with Body Image
    Avoid negative language

  • Obesity May Not Compromise Knee Surgery Success
    Results similar after procedure to repair meniscus in normal, overweight and obese people

  • Fruit Juice for Kids: A Serving a Day OK
    Review of studies finds 1 glass of 100-percent juice a day not linked with weight gain

  • Obesity in Youth Tied to Higher Odds for Liver Cancer in Men
    Fatty deposits in the organ, along with diabetes, can raise the risk, researchers and specialists say

  • America's Porky Pets Face Health Woes, Too, FDA Says
    More than half of dogs, cats in the Land of Plenty weigh too much

  • Obese Moms May Fail to Spot Obesity in Their Own Kids
    Finding may reflect shifting attitudes about how much weight is too much, researcher suggests

  • Another Obesity Downside: Higher Esophageal Cancer Risk
    Research shows association with increased odds for stomach tumors as well

  • Too Much Screen Time May Raise Kids' Diabetes Risk
    Study finds 3-plus hours each day linked to increased body fat and insulin resistance

  • Gene Variant From Africa Linked to Black Obesity
    Study sees first biological pathway to weight gain not tied to Europeans

  • Mediterranean Diet May Ease Chronic Pain of Obesity
    Study suggests eating fish, plant-based proteins is linked to less inflammation

  • Genes Plus Erratic Sleep May Raise Odds for Obesity
    How much shuteye you get could tip the scale if you're predisposed to gain weight, researchers say

  • Heart Disease Kicks in Earlier for Obese People
    Study found that weight did not affect life span as much as quality of life

  • 1 in 7 Obese People Has Normal Blood Pressure, Cholesterol
    But that doesn't mean the excess weight is harmless, researchers say

  • Have Americans Given Up on Losing Weight?
    Study finds more are overweight, obese than 2 decades ago, but fewer are trying to shed pounds

  • Obesity in Pregnancy Tied to Cerebral Palsy Risk in Kids
    But study authors stress that a cause-and-effect link wasn't proven

  • Do 'Early Birds' Get the Healthier Worm?
    Late-to-bed types appear to have poorer eating habits, study says

  • Exercise Beats Weight Loss at Helping Seniors' Hearts
    Both are healthy goals, but getting active may reap even more benefit, study finds

  • Another Study Ties Obesity to Certain Cancers
    Digestive organs may be hardest hit by too much weight, study suggests

  • Colon Cancer on the Rise Among Gen Xers, Millennials
    And an old adversary -- the obesity epidemic -- may be the cause, U.S. researchers say

  • More Exercise, Fewer Pounds: Cut Your Heart Failure Risk
    Link was stronger for common but difficult-to-treat type of heart failure

  • A Stressed Life May Mean a Wider Waistline
    Study finds chronic anxiety might raise risk of obesity

  • Common Virus May Be Linked to Heart Disease, Diabetes in Some Women
    CMV associated with increased chances of metabolic syndrome in those of normal weight

  • Belly Fat More Dangerous in Older Women Than Being Overweight
    While a few extra pounds doesn't up death risk, weight around the middle does, study contends

  • 5 Ways Women Can Cut Their Heart Attack Risk
    Heart disease is leading cause of death in U.S., but many don't know they have it

  • Weight-Loss Surgery May Help Obese Patients Beat Diabetes
    After procedure, some patients were able to stop taking insulin to control their blood sugar, researchers report

  • Genes Tied to Belly Size Also Linked to Heart Disease
    Large study found association, but did not prove cause and effect

  • Heart Disease Could Cost U.S. $1 Trillion Per Year By 2035: Report
    American Heart Association estimates that nearly half of Americans will have heart disease in less than 20 years

  • FDA Issues Warning About Balloon Obesity Treatments
    Some devices are over-inflating, and some have been linked to pancreas inflammation, agency says

  • Many Hospital Workers Are an Unhealthy Lot: Study
    Houston-area review found high rates of overweight and obesity, low physical activity

  • Know Your Heart's Numbers
    Too few Americans aware of modifiable heart disease risk factors, such as blood pressure and weight

  • Weight Loss Tied to Lower Risk of Uterine Cancer
    Benefit was greatest in women who were obese and achieved a normal weight, study suggests

  • Terminally Ill Obese People Less Likely to Get Hospice Care
    And those who did get end-of-life services had fewer days than slimmer patients, study finds

  • Obese Couples May Take Longer to Conceive
    His weight appears to affect pregnancy success, too, study finds

  • U.S. High School Kids Abandoning Sweetened Sodas
    CDC study finds daily intake of these and other sugary drinks fell to just 20 percent by 2015

  • What You Don't Know About Cancer Can Kill You
    Too few Americans realize that obesity, alcohol and inactivity boost risk for disease, survey finds

  • The Shame of 'Fat Shaming'
    Those affected by weight bias more likely to have heart disease risk factors, study suggests

  • Diabetes Risk May Be Higher for HIV-Positive Adults
    Longer survival with the virus might make people more vulnerable to chronic conditions, researchers suggest

  • Timing of Your Meals Might Reduce Heart Risks
    American Heart Association report suggests eating more earlier in the day may be healthier

  • Curbing Excess Weight Gain in Pregnancy May Not Lower Risk for Complications
    Study found no benefit, suggesting that obesity's effects on a pregnancy may begin before conception

  • Health Tip: Finding Help for an Overweight Child
    Identifying the best program

  • Kids' Sugary Drink Habits Start Early
    Two-thirds of U.S. children consume one or more sweetened beverages daily, report finds

  • Study Counters Link Between Excess Pregnancy Weight and Overweight Kids
    Connection is likely in the genes, researchers say

  • Could Obesity Undermine Memory Training in Older Adults?
    Study adds to growing evidence of a link between weight and certain brain functions

  • Are U.S. Med Schools Skimping on Obesity Training?
    Content of licensing exams suggests doctors may be unprepared to tackle this crisis: study

  • Childhood Asthma May Encourage Obesity, Study Suggests
    Fear of flare-ups might spur kids to limit physical activity, specialists say

  • Heavy Kids Fare Worse in One Way After Surgery
    Wound infections more common for overweight or obese patients, study says

  • Rural Americans at Higher Risk of 5 Preventable Causes of Death: CDC
    More smoking, obesity and less use of seatbelts are some possible reasons why

  • Despite Pledges, No Improvement in Chain Restaurant Kids' Menus: Study
    A 2011 initiative to lower calories, sugar and salt hasn't yielded results, researchers say

  • Weight-Loss Surgery Offers Long-Term Benefit to Very Obese Teens
    Studies show most maintained significant weight loss over 5 years, but complications emerged for some

  • Weight Loss May Ease Psoriasis Symptoms, Study Finds
    Quality-of-life boost seen in obese patients who lost significant amounts

  • Resolve to Reduce Your Cancer Risk This Year
    Healthy habits are key to preventing the disease, cancer experts say

  • Study Ties Alcohol Abuse to Increased Heart Risks
    Association similar to that from high blood pressure, smoking, obesity and diabetes, researchers say

  • Can Parents' Weight Hinder Toddlers' Development?
    Study links -- but doesn't prove -- Moms', Dads' obesity tied to delayed social and problem-solving skills

  • Mouse Study Hints at Why Obese People Struggle to Exercise
    Research suggests dopamine levels, not willpower, may be to blame

  • Men Don't Know About Risks to Fertility, Survey Finds
    It's not commonly known that factors such as obesity, laptop use on lap can affect sperm counts

  • Wiser, But Fatter, by Graduation
    Study finds 10-pound weight gain is about average for college students

  • Study Finds Genetic Link Between Sleep Problems and Obesity
    Restless legs syndrome, schizophrenia also have biological ties to sleep disorders, research suggests

  • Some Kids' Genes Might Make Food Ads More Tempting
    Brain scans showed they had more reaction in 'reward center' when viewing fast-food commercials

  • Smartphones, Tablets and Weight Gain in Teens
    Study found obesity risk up 43 percent if kids used screen devices more than 5 hours a day

  • Fewer Babies in Poor Families Are Overweight: CDC
    Researchers credit improvements in federal food assistance program, awareness of childhood obesity

  • Standing or 'Easy' Walks May Help Type 2 Diabetics Control Blood Sugar
    Study counters notion that vigorous exercise is key to battling the illness

  • Fast-Food Calorie Labeling Not Working, Study Finds
    More visible signage could tip scales toward healthier eating

  • 3 Keys to Cutting Your Risk of Heart Failure
    Guarding against obesity, high blood pressure and diabetes at middle age may slash risk, study finds

  • TV Snack Ads Make Preschoolers Snack More: Study
    This happened even with kids who weren't hungry, researchers found

  • Could C-Section Birth Raise Child's Risk of Obesity?
    Study suggests passage through birth canal confers protective gut bacteria to newborns

  • DNA Isn't Destiny: Healthy Living Can Overcome Genes Linked to Heart Disease
    Study found exercise, healthy diet could lower odds for heart attack even in those at high genetic risk

  • Weight-Loss Surgery Brings Bigger Heart Benefits to Women: Study
    Researchers suggest their bodies may respond differently than men after procedure

  • Balloon-in-a-Pill Helped Obese Patients Lose Weight
    Curbing appetite by making patients feel full could jumpstart a weight-loss program, researcher says

  • Skip Dinner and Maybe Boost Your Metabolism
    But, study didn't show overall changes in fat burning or calories used

  • Lazy Summer Days Mean Weight Gain for Young Kids
    Children from kindergarten through second grade put on weight when school's out, study found

  • Stressed-Out Mate Bad for Your Weight
    Spouse's chronic stress takes a toll on partner's health, study suggests

  • Kids 6 and Older Should Be Screened for Obesity, Task Force Reaffirms
    Guideline fine-tunes 2010 recommendation

  • Pedal Your Way to Heart Health
    Studies find bike users have fewer heart attacks, lower blood pressure

  • When Soda Makers Fund Studies, Links to Obesity Weaken
    Biased research muddies the health harms of sugary drinks, researchers contend

  • Weight-Loss Surgery May Lower Risk of Pregnancy Complications
    Women who had procedure less likely to have large babies, need C-sections than obese women, review finds

  • Weight-Loss Surgery Pays Off for Severely Obese Teens
    Boosts kids' health and self-esteem, and appears to be cost-effective over time, study finds

  • Having Baby Too Soon After Weight-Loss Surgery May Raise Risks
    A suitable interval, plus proper nutrition, key to ensuring healthy mom and baby, study finds

  • Obesity More Common Among Teens With Autism: Study
    Addressing problem behaviors with food or TV may combat excess weight, researchers suggest

  • Foster Kids Face Higher Risk of Health Problems: Study
    They were even more vulnerable than children in low-income, single-parent families

  • More Evidence Linking Obesity to Liver Cancer
    And type 2 diabetes more than doubles the odds, researchers say

  • High-Protein Diets May Not Help Fend Off Diabetes: Study
    These regimens didn't reverse drops in 'insulin sensitivity,' a forerunner of the disease

  • Day Care Doesn't Encourage Weight Gain in Kids
    After other factors were weighed, analysis found no link

  • Healthy Living May Mean More Healthy Years for Seniors
    Study found they enjoyed longer spans without disability even as they lived longer

  • Target Fast-Food Combo Meals to Cut Sugary Drinks for Kids: Study
    Researchers want chains to stop including the beverages with meal deals to reduce calorie intake

  • 'Mindfulness'-Based Approach Could Help You Stay Slim
    Treatment focuses on personal goals and 'cues' to overeating, researcher says

  • Health Tip: Health Risks of Childhood Obesity
    Here's what it may cause

  • 9 of 10 U.S. Teens Don't Get Enough Exercise
    And bad habits continue after high school for most, study shows

  • 'Obesity Gene' Doesn't Affect Ability to Lose Weight: Report
    Lifestyle, environment likely play bigger roles when dropping pounds, researchers say

  • Around the World, Holidays Bring Added Pounds
    Findings from Germany, Japan and the United States suggest festive seasons spur overeating

  • Severe Obesity and Heart Failure
    Study sees link even without other conditions such as high cholesterol or high blood pressure

  • Overweight Kids Often Shunned, Bullied
    School health programs should urge healthy behaviors, acceptance of different body shapes, study shows

  • Diet or Exercise: What's Best for the Middle-Aged Heart
    Study finds each effective, as long as healthy weight loss is the result

  • 31 Million Older Americans Aren't Getting Enough Exercise
    Inactivity boosts their risk for falls, broken bones, serious disease and early death, CDC warns

  • Know Your Risk for Ovarian Cancer -- and the Symptoms
    Because early signs are often easy to ignore, 140,000 women worldwide die of the disease every year

  • Excess Pre-Pregnancy Weight May Slightly Raise Baby's Cerebral Palsy Risk
    But, study found overall odds remain quite low

  • A Woman's Weight Has Complex Link to Stroke Risk
    Being overweight ups odds for most prevalent form of attack, but may slightly lower chances for another type

  • Do Overweight People Fare Better Than Others With Kidney Cancer?
    Study suggests they do, giving insights into potential new treatments

  • Cesarean Birth Linked to Risk of Obesity in Childhood
    Odds even greater when compared to siblings who were born vaginally, study finds

  • 3 Steps to Lower a Woman's Risk of Premature Birth
    Study finds there's lots mothers-to-be can do to help ensure they deliver at full-term

  • Weight-Loss Surgery Sheds Pounds Long Term
    10-year follow-up study finds many who had gastric bypass kept weight off

  • Excess Weight Tied to Higher Risk for Many Cancers, Experts Say
    International committee finds thinner folks less likely to develop variety of malignancies

  • Teen Student-Athletes Often Unfit, Overweight
    Philadelphia study found 15 percent who underwent physical exams also had high blood pressure

  • To Keep Teens Slim, Focus on Health not Weight
    New American Academy of Pediatrics guidelines cover preventing obesity and eating disorders

  • Women's Cancer Risk Rises With Years Spent Overweight
    Study found odds for 4 types rose 10 percent for every decade of obesity

  • Cancer Survivors More Prone to Obesity, Study Finds
    Risk appears to be particularly high for people who had breast or colon cancer

  • Obesity May Be Bad for the Brain, Too
    Study found 10-year difference in amount of white matter between obese and lean people

  • Sugary, High-Fat Western Diet Tied to Denser Breast Tissue
    Previous research has linked higher density to increased risk of breast cancer

  • Half of U.S. Women Weigh Too Much Before Getting Pregnant
    Excess weight puts mom and baby at risk, ob-gyn expert says

  • Average American 15 Pounds Heavier Than 20 Years Ago
    Growing wider but not taller, research shows

  • Order Lunch Early, Lose Weight Later?
    Study found those who picked their meal an hour or more before eating it chose lower-calorie fare

  • Fat May Not Hike Heart Attack Risk: Study
    But it does raise diabetes risk, research with twins found

  • Weight-Loss Surgery Doesn't Boost Bone Health: Study
    Increased risk for fractures remained after procedure

  • Alcohol, Obesity Could Raise Esophageal Cancer Risk
    A third of cases would vanish if people stayed trim and didn't drink, cancer experts say

  • Exercise May Keep Diabetes in Check During Pregnancy
    Short walks and some strength training each week made a difference for obese women, researchers say

  • Menopause: Not All Hot Flashes Are Created Equal
    Weight, race, education and lifestyle all affect timing, duration of symptoms, research indicates

  • New Drug May Treat Rare Obesity Disorder Causing Constant Hunger
    It's also being studied as possible treatment for other genetic causes of obesity

  • College Linemen Larger Than Ever, Study Finds
    These athletes will need help adopting healthy lifestyles after their careers end, researcher says

  • Cutting Down on Sweets Can Help Kids' Hearts
    Risk factors improved after just 10 days of sugar restriction, study finds

  • Obese Teens Take Weight-Loss Surgery in Stride
    Procedure led to better walking, eased pain and improved heart rate, study shows

  • Obamacare Paying Off With Improved Health Care: Report
    But gains between 2011 and 2014 were often small, especially in poor communities

  • Heavy Moms Likelier to Pile Food on Kids' Plates: Study
    Researcher suggests parents serve normal portions and let kids ask for more if they don't feel full

  • Health Before a Stroke Is Big Predictor of Second Attack
    Getting hypertension, cholesterol under control could be key to avoiding later dementia, too, study finds

  • Early Bedtime for Preschoolers, Healthier Weight Later?
    Getting shuteye by 8 p.m. appeared linked with lower obesity risk as teens, researchers say

  • Normal Weight May Not Protect Against Diabetes
    Rising rates of prediabetes detected in slimmer Americans, study finds

  • Weight Loss Might Reduce Cancer Risk: Study
    Corresponding drop seen in proteins that promote tumor growth

  • Obesity More Deadly for Men Than Women: Study
    Losing even a little weight could cut the risk, researchers say

  • Rising Blood Sugar Hitting More Obese Adults
    To curb diabetes, researchers urge serious weight-loss efforts

  • Health Tip: Measure Your Waist Circumference
    And know the risks of excess belly fat

  • Drink Water, Stay Slimmer?
    Well-hydrated adults weigh less, study finds

  • Obese Preschoolers More Likely to Be Hospitalized
    Study also found health care costs about 60 percent higher for these kids

  • Extra Weight Probably Doesn't Keep You Warm
    Experiments in mice find fat less important than fur in preventing heat loss

  • Study Cites the Fats That Could Shorten Your Life
    High levels of animal-based saturated fats were tied to earlier death, unsaturated fats seem healthier

  • Is U.S. Government Subsidizing Fattening Foods?
    Study found Americans who ate the most grains, dairy and livestock products had more health issues

  • Now Pasta Is Good for Your Diet?
    Researchers link this Italian staple with lower BMI

  • Modern Lifestyle Primary Culprit for Obesity Epidemic: Study
    Even people with lower genetic risk were affected as decades passed

  • Family Key to Helping Teens Avoid Obesity
    Good relationship with parents, especially between fathers and sons, fosters healthy habits, study finds

  • Uncle Sam Wants You ... Slimmer
    Obesity affects 1 in 5 military members, study finds

  • Health Tip: Identifying Problem Eating
    Unhealthy habits can trigger weight gain

  • Teen Obesity May Mean Liver Disease Later
    Study found risk increased as weight went up

  • Heart Disease Down Among Over-40 Americans
    Better control of risk factors such as smoking, high blood pressure likely behind the change

  • 5 Diet Drugs: Which Ones Work?
    Side effects are one consideration, study says

  • FDA Approves New Weight-Loss Device
    Surgically implanted port allows obese patients to drain some contents from stomach after meal

  • Antibiotics May Blunt Breast-Feeding's Benefits
    Infants given the drugs were prone to infections and obesity in childhood, researchers say

  • Parents: Stay Mum on Daughter's Weight
    Girls who hear comments on size more likely to be overweight as adults, study finds

  • Do Big Bottles Kickstart Infant Weight Issues?
    Smaller baby bottles might help prevent early obesity in formula-fed infants, study suggests

  • Obesity Rates Rising Among Women: CDC
    Though a major health concern, little has changed, expert says

  • Pop Stars Often Hawk Unhealthy Foods to Kids: Study
    Katy Perry, Justin Timberlake and others endorse sugary, less healthy fare, researchers say

  • Weight-Loss Surgery May Boost Survival
    Overall death risk dropped 57 percent, study says

  • Severe Obesity May Boost Infection Risk After Heart Surgery
    Excess weight also linked to extended hospital stays, study finds

  • Genes Might Help Shield Some Black Men From Obesity
    But these same factors don't appear to reduce risk of excess weight for black women

  • What Doctors Aren't Telling Obese, Young Adults
    Too few warn patients of their risk for kidney disease, study says

  • 'Fat Shaming' Begins in First Grade
    Weight bias affects all aspects of obese kids' lives, researchers say

  • Hormone May Be Linked to Teenage Obesity
    Researchers suspect low levels of spexin might play contributing role

  • Balloon-in-a-Pill May Be New Weight-Loss Tool
    Those using the device were nearly 7 percent lighter after six months

  • Weight-Loss Surgery Helps Treat Type 2 Diabetes
    45 professional groups say the procedure improves blood sugar control

  • No Welcome Mats for Diabetes, Obesity in 'Walkable' Neighborhoods
    Urban design can play a role in public health, experts suggest

  • Living Near Fast-Food Places Hurts Less-Educated Most
    Researchers propose regulating number of unhealthy food outlets

  • Late Dinners Won't Doom Kids to Obesity
    Study found eating after 8 p.m. was not linked to increased risk for weight gain

  • A Little Excess Weight May Boost Colon Cancer Survival
    Researchers saw an effect, but experts stress that heavier people also have higher odds of getting cancer

  • Does Fat-Storing Hormone Cause Obesity?
    Researchers evaluate role of neurotensin in weight gain

  • Obesity May Not Take Years Off Your Life: Study
    Research suggests that 30 percent increased risk for early death has disappeared over the past 4 decades

  • Child Obesity Rates Drop in Canada
    Researchers say kids are still heavy, and public health officials can't become complacent

  • Child's Obesity Tied to Mom's Pregnancy Weight: Study
    Elevated blood sugar may also 'imprint' baby for extra pounds

  • Artificial Sweeteners During Pregnancy May Make for Heavier Infants
    Study found women who used them every day had babies who were twice as likely to be overweight by age 1 year

  • Weight Loss Surgery May Boost Good Cholesterol in Obese Boys
    Small study showed surgery also improved protective effects of HDL on the heart

  • Stay Lean, Live Longer
    Researchers found slimmest people had lowest chances of dying in two studies

  • Why Humans Have Bigger Brains
    Body fat, metabolism give people an evolutionary edge over other primates, study finds

  • Why Labradors Often Get Fat
    One copy of a gene variant led to an additional 4 pounds, on average, study found

  • Psoriasis Tied to Obesity, Type 2 Diabetes
    A genetic link is one theory for the possible association, researchers say

  • Rates of Severe Obesity Among U.S. Kids Still Rising: Study
    Treatment for these 4.5 million children is urgently needed, researcher says

  • Rich-Poor Life Expectancy Gap Shrinking for U.S. Youth
    Policies to boost health among poorer Americans may be paying off, researchers say

  • Alcohol, Processed Meats May Raise Stomach Cancer Risk
    Excess weight also seems to boost chances of disease, and risk increases as three factors increase, researchers report

  • Toddlers' Sweet Tooth a Weight-Gain Danger, Study Confirms
    Tots who favored sugary snacks over salty ones tended to be heavier by age 3, researchers found

  • Obesity in Teens Seems to Raise Risk for Illness, Death in Middle Age
    Health experts worry trend will only get worse, since teens followed in long-term study were thinner than kids today

  • Underweight or Obese Women Who Drink and Smoke May Have Higher Asthma Risk
    Link was less pronounced in men, research finds

  • Mom's Obesity, Diabetes May Spur Fetus to Grow Too Fast
    Finding suggests doctors might want to screen at-risk women sooner

  • Diabetes Cases Quadruple Worldwide Since 1980: Report
    Major increases seen in China, India; obesity is likely the main culprit, researcher says

  • Waistline May Predict Heart Disease Better Than Weight
    Study finds 'apple-shaped' diabetes patients had higher odds for cardiac decline

  • Non-Surgical Procedure May Be New Weight-Loss Tool
    In preliminary study, 'bariatric artery embolization' shows some promise

  • Obese People Trying to Shed Pounds Often Go Up and Down
    But those who lose more weight are better at keeping it off over time, researchers say

  • Infant's BMI May Predict Early Childhood Obesity, Study Says
    Pediatricians should assess body mass index beginning at 6 months, researchers advise

  • More of World's People Are Now Obese Than Underweight
    However, study finds many people in parts of Asia and Africa still weigh too little

  • Breakfast in School Classrooms Expands Participation, Not Waistlines
    Despite critics' fears, serving breakfast at kids' desks has not increased obesity rates, study finds

  • Beans, Chickpeas May Help With Weight Loss: Study
    'Pulses' like these may help dieters feel fuller and reduce food cravings, new analysis shows

  • Spring a Good Time to Instill Healthy Habits in Kids
    Outside activity feels less like a chore when the weather is warm, expert suggests

  • Kids' Fruit Drinks, Juices Contain Day's Worth of Sugar
    Study was conducted in Britain, but experts say similar results would be found in U.S.

  • Heart Attacks Striking Younger, Fatter Americans: Study
    Doctors, patients need to work together to prevent cardiac disease, experts say

  • Less Than 3 Percent of Americans Live a Healthy Lifestyle
    Factors studied included not smoking, eating right, exercising and keeping a low percentage of body fat

  • Could Growing Up Poor Raise Obesity Risks Later?
    Kids raised in low-income neighborhoods were more likely to put on weight as adults, study found

  • School Breakfast Programs Vital, Even if Some Kids Also Eat at Home
    Skipping the morning meal was tied to higher weight in study of middle schoolers

  • Biking or Walking to Work Helps Keep You Fit
    Middle-aged folks who had an 'active' commute weighed less than their driving peers

  • Will a Sit-Stand Desk Make You Healthier?
    Study finds no evidence of that so far

  • Obesity Linked to Higher Asthma Risk in Women
    Experts don't know why, or if losing weight would improve the airway disease

  • Obese Women on Birth Control Pills May Face Higher Risk of Rare Stroke
    But, overall risk is still low, experts say

  • If Younger Sibling Arrives Before 1st Grade, Kids Less Likely to Be Obese: Study
    But children who didn't have a younger sibling by first grade much more likely to be obese

  • Diabetes May Raise Risk for Dangerous Staph Infection
    Researchers believe the disease might dampen immune system, leaving people more vulnerable

  • Half of Americans' Calories Come From 'Ultra-Processed' Foods
    They contain most of the added sugar in the U.S. diet, researchers add

  • Fitness in Youth May Be Key to Diabetes Risk Decades Later
    Study tracked 1.5 million people from age 18 to 62 and found fitter teens had lower lifetime risk

  • Body Fat May Be Bigger Health Danger Than Body Size
    Study finds fat levels a better indicator of early death than commonly used BMI measure

  • Consistent Self-Weighing Might Give Your Diet a Boost
    Study suggests routinely checking weight enhanced dieters' confidence to resist food temptations

  • Lazy Weekends May Boost Body Fat, Study Shows
    But spending all week at a desk job did not show same link

  • 1 in 3 Americans Drinks Sugary Soda or Juice Daily: CDC
    These beverages linked to greater risk of obesity, type 2 diabetes, researchers say

  • Small Weight Loss Yields Large Rewards, Study Finds
    5 percent reduction benefited health of obese adults

  • Obesity Can Send Kids' Blood Pressure Soaring: Study
    Losing weight can bring it back in line, expert says

  • Overweight, Obese Kids Fare Worse in Hospital ICUs, Study Finds
    Researchers not sure if equipment, dosing procedures are a mismatch or if excess weight is a factor

  • New Type of Weight-Loss Surgery May Be Less Risky, Cheaper
    But, at least one expert isn't sure about long-term success of procedure

  • Lots of Fish in Pregnancy Tied to Higher Obesity Risk in Kids
    Study couldn't determine what's causing the link, but certain toxins, such as mercury, may be to blame

  • Weight-Loss Surgery May Lengthen Older People's Lives: Study
    But those under 35, and especially women, may not reap as much benefit

  • Healthier Diets May Be Cutting Heart, Diabetes Risks in U.S. Teens
    But obesity still rose and physical activity remained the same, study showed

  • Vacation Weight Gain Can Lead to 'Creeping Obesity,' Study Finds
    Watch alcohol intake and weigh yourself before and after vacation, researcher suggests

  • NFL Linemen Keep Growing, Putting Their Health at Risk, Experts Say
    Some players are topping out at 400 pounds -- and more

  • Bear Belly Might Hold Clues to Obesity in Humans
    Researchers find alterations in gut microbes at different times of year

  • ADHD Tied to Obesity Risk for Girls, Study Contends
    Impulsiveness, eating disorders may help explain possible link, researcher says

  • 'Obese' May Not Always Equal Unhealthy: Study
    Authors warn against using body size as sole measure of good health, but other experts cite risks of too much weight

  • Diabetes Drug May Not Help Obese Women Have Normal-Weight Babies
    But study says metformin did reduce weight gain, lower risk of dangerously high blood pressure in moms-to-be

  • Could C-Section Baby Benefit From Mom's Vaginal Fluids?
    Small study suggests it's possible to partially restore good bacteria to cesarean infants

  • Study Links Diabetes, Obesity in Moms-to-Be to Higher Autism Risk in Kids
    Combination may nearly quadruple risk, researchers say, but their review did not prove cause-and-effect

  • Schools Must Do More to Combat Obesity Among Hispanic Kids: Report
    Researchers call for policies promoting exercise, good nutrition

  • Weight May Influence Outcomes After Lung Cancer Surgery
    Study found the very thin or very obese had the highest odds for complications

  • Majority of Americans Wants Medicare to Cover Obesity Treatments
    Survey finds about three-quarters support expanding care to cover weight-loss drugs

  • Obesity Before Pregnancy Tied to Raised Risk of Newborn Death
    Infant deaths related to premature delivery are doubled in obese women, researchers say

  • Excess Weight Linked to Blood Clot Risk in Kids
    One in three children with a clot was obese, study finds

  • Supermarkets Nearby May Help Kids Lose Some Weight: Study
    Coaching on healthy food choices is a plus, too, experts say

  • Most U.S. Restaurant Meals Exceed Recommended Calories: Study
    American, Chinese and Italian meals average around 1,500 calories, researchers say

  • Could Reducing Your Stress Levels Help You Lose Weight?
    Lab study sheds light on how chronic stress may make it harder to burn off body fat

  • Health Warning Labels Might Help Parents Skip the Soda Aisle
    Survey suggests warnings of tooth decay, obesity, diabetes could reduce sugary drink sales

  • Study Finds Poverty a Stronger Harbinger of Childhood Obesity Than Race
    Low-income students may consume more fast food, have less access to activity, researchers suggest

  • Obesity Surgery Patients May Often Have Mental Health Disorders
    But mood conditions don't seem to hinder post-op weight loss, study says

  • Scientists Identify Sugar-Busting Enzyme in Rats
    But whether it might have effect on human obesity or diabetes isn't yet known

  • Mexico's Soda Tax Linked to Reduced Consumption
    American Heart Association says measure should improve rates of obesity, diabetes, heart disease

  • Gradual Decline in Soda's Sugar Content Might Help Curb Obesity
    Researchers predict significant decrease in type 2 diabetes as well

  • Financial Incentives Don't Spur Employee Weight Loss, Study Finds
    Workplace wellness programs must get more creative, researchers say

  • Losing Pancreas Fat May Treat Type 2 Diabetes
    Small study reports good results after weight-loss surgery

  • Being 'Fat But Fit' Won't Cut Your Risk of Premature Death
    Study suggests benefits of physical fitness don't overcome risk from obesity

  • Health Tip: Don't Pack on Pounds During Holidays
    Tips to avoid December weight gain

  • One in Five U.S. Kids Over Age 5 Has Unhealthy Cholesterol: CDC
    Rates are much higher in obese children versus normal-weight, agency notes

  • Most Teens' Physical Activity Occurs at School
    But they aren't getting enough exercise and need more avenues for active recreation, experts say

  • Kids With Asthma, Allergies May Face Higher Heart Risk Factors: Study
    Risk doubles for high cholesterol and blood pressure, but danger to any one child is low, findings suggest

  • How Much Weight Must You Lose Before Others Notice?
    Study finds women must drop about 14 pounds, men 18, before they're found more attractive

  • Obesity Linked to More Severe Bone, Joint Injuries
    Study also found obese patients more likely to need surgery, have longer hospital stays

  • Diabetes or Obesity During Pregnancy May Affect Fetal Heart: Study
    Researchers aren't sure if abnormalities will last or cause problems, however

  • Could an Obese Dad's Sperm Pass Traits to His Kids?
    Study finds differences in gene activity based on weight, but doesn't prove offspring inherits them

  • Metformin May Not Help Obese Teens With Type 1 Diabetes
    Study found most benefits waned over time, but one expert believes more research is needed

  • Possible New Weight-Loss Tool: Blocking Stomach Artery
    Experimental procedure tested in 4 morbidly obese patients so far

  • Weight Loss May Spare Knee Cartilage, Study Finds
    Losing more than 10 percent of body weight was linked to slower degeneration of cushioning in joints

  • Obesity in Youth May Harm the Heart Long-Term, Even After Weight Loss
    Risk of sudden cardiac death was still higher, decades after women had lost the pounds, study found

  • Could Obesity Be Wired Into Some Children's Brains?
    Food smells elicit stronger reactions in heavier kids, small study finds

  • Too Many Pregnant Women Gain Too Much Weight: Doctors' Group
    Obesity can lead to complications for both mom and baby, experts say

  • Teasing Girls About Weight May Cause Lasting Harm
    Study finds link between being made fun of and problematic eating behaviors

  • Foods May Affect Each Person's Blood Sugar Differently, Study Suggests
    Researchers say 'one-size-fits-all' diet doesn't exist

  • Could Viagra Help Prevent Type 2 Diabetes in Those at Risk?
    Small trial suggests the drug might help, but much more study is needed

  • Adult Obesity Still Growing in U.S., Youth Rates Hold Steady: CDC
    Expert says stabilization isn't good enough because still high rates of preventable chronic disease

  • Belly Fat Is Bad, Even at a Normal Weight
    When pounds collect around the middle, risk of premature death rises, study finds

  • Obese Kids as Young as 8 Show Signs of Heart Disease
    MRI scans reveal structural abnormalities associated with cardiac strain

  • Parents the Target of Deceptive Food Ads, Study Says
    Commercials that misstate benefits of sugary products concern researchers

  • Weight Loss May Help Control Common Irregular Heartbeat
    Losing weight, keeping it off improves atrial fibrillation, studies suggest

  • Fewer Americans Than Ever Sticking to Heart-Healthy Lifestyle, Study Finds
    Less than 6 percent of adults tracked in long-running research are keeping critical risk factors at bay

  • Could Brain Stimulation Be a Way to Weight Loss?
    Small study suggests promise, but one expert finds the idea 'alarming'

  • Weight-Loss Surgery May Bring Long-Term Benefits to Very Obese Teens
    3 years later, most had rid themselves of diabetes, high cholesterol and high blood pressure, study found

  • Don't Even Talk About It: 'Food Words' Can Make You Overeat
    Stress and genetics also make some crave high-calorie foods, but obese people are more apt to indulge, research finds

  • Your DNA May Explain High-Calorie Food Cravings
    Genetic discovery could lead to new treatments for obesity, researchers say

  • Junk Food Not to Blame for America's Obesity Epidemic: Study
    People just eat too much, researchers suggest

  • 'Balloon-in-a-Pill' May Be New Weight-Loss Weapon
    Early results from overseas trial suggest an approach that's easy to swallow

  • Children of Stressed Parents May Be Prone to Obesity
    Study, one of first to identify parental pressure as risk factor for weight gain, focused on Hispanic households

  • Count Bites, Subtract the Pounds
    Consuming less food leads to weight loss in one month, study finds

  • Weight-Loss Surgery May Trim Health Care Costs
    Study found people, especially diabetes patients, spent far less on doctors, drugs after procedure

  • Weight Gain a Challenge for Children With Autism: Study
    Preschoolers, teens on the spectrum are more likely than peers to be overweight, obese

  • Sweetened Drinks Might Raise Men's Risk for Heart Failure
    Two servings daily linked to higher odds for the disabling condition, study says

  • Fast-Food Menus With Calorie Counts Not Changing New Yorkers' Habits
    Affordable Care Act requires nationwide menu labeling in 2016

  • Severe Obesity Costs Medicaid $8 Billion Annually, Study Finds
    And health care expenses for heaviest adults is nearly $2,000 more a year per patient

  • Better Diets May Be Extending Americans' Lives
    Study suggests people are eating better, living longer, though there's still room for lots of improvement

  • Breast Milk Makeup May Influence Child's Later Weight, Study Says
    Naturally occurring complex carbohydrates could play a role in obesity

  • Cutting Sugar From Diet Boosts Kids' Health Immediately: Study
    Though calories remained same, obese children saw better blood pressure, cholesterol, blood sugar levels

  • U.S. Task Force Urges Broader Screening for Type 2 Diabetes
    Group advises testing overweight, obese people aged 40 to 70 for abnormal blood sugar

  • Study Refutes Notion That Obese Fare Better Against Chronic Ills
    Prior research suggesting that excess weight may offer protection called flawed

  • Antibiotics Might Cause Weight Gain in Kids
    Study finds link between repeated use in children and slightly higher weights in teen years

  • Being Mindful May Guard Against Belly Fat
    Study found awareness of thoughts and feelings was linked to lower risk for obesity

  • Healthy Eaters Don't Trust Overweight Bloggers, Study Finds
    People seem to assume heavier people will recommend richer, less nutritious foods

  • Suicide Risk May Rise for Some After Weight-Loss Surgery
    Expert says that the life changes that follow can make it hard for these patients to cope

  • Sun Exposure in Teen Years May Delay Onset of MS: Study
    But researchers only found a connection, not cause-and-effect link

  • Excess Weight Helps Women With Heart Failure, Hurts Men: Study
    This isn't an excuse for females to gain extra pounds, researcher says

  • Health Tip: Talking to Your Doctor About Weight
    Prepare what you'd like to discuss

  • Obesity Won't Affect Joint Surgery Safety, Study Finds
    Heavy patients needed fewer blood transfusions, did not have more complications

  • Health Tip: Child Obesity Affects Bones, Muscles and Joints
    Being overweight can cause these problems

  • Sweetened Drinks May Damage Heart, Review Finds
    Added sugars raise risk of heart troubles, stroke, experts say

  • With Liposuction, Weight Should Guide Fat Removal Limits: Study
    People with higher body mass can have more removed safely, researchers claim

  • Health Tip: Preventing Childhood Obesity
    Don't forget to address sleep and screen time

  • Forget Three Square Meals -- Americans Eat All Day Long
    Tracking real-world eating patterns, researchers find that people consume food anytime they're awake

  • Potatoes, Tomatoes Make Up Bulk of Americans' Veggie Intake
    Too little variety may mean too few nutrients for millions, USDA report warns

  • Why People in 'Tall' Nations Are More Likely to Be Slim
    Study of 14 European countries examines relationship between genes, height and weight

  • Fruits, Veggies May Be Key to Keeping Unwanted Weight Off
    Only caveat: avoid starchy vegetables such as potatoes, corn, study finds

  • Could a Texting App Help Your Heart?
    Patients who got reminders on healthy living saw improvements in cholesterol, blood pressure, weight

  • Adult Obesity Rate Tops 30 Percent in Half of States
    Highest rates found in the South and Midwest: report

  • Diabetes Should Be a Factor in Weight-Loss Surgery Decision: Study
    Health costs decline if obese patients with type 2 get procedure soon after diagnosis, experts say

  • New Blood Test May Help Predict Heart Disease Risks in Obese Black Teens
    Girls seemed most prone to increased levels of inflammation

  • Excess Weight Linked to Brain Cancer Risk in Study
    And physical activity associated with lower odds of meningioma, though these tumors are considered rare

  • Mediterranean Diet With Olive Oil Might Cut Breast Cancer Risk: Study
    Odds were reduced 68 percent in large Spanish review, but longer-term follow-up studies are needed

  • Jumbo Portions Lead to Overeating, Study Confirms
    Researchers recommend curbs on size, availability of fattening foods

  • Diet Sodas May Not Help You Lose Weight, Study Contends
    People who drank low-calorie soft drinks tended to eat more foods high in sugar, salt and fat

  • Gut Bugs May Affect Body Fat, 'Good' Cholesterol Levels
    But finding does not prove certain intestinal bacteria determine size of one's waistline

  • Very High-Calorie Diets Show How Overeating May Lead to Diabetes
    In study, men consumed 6,000 calories daily for a week, with unhealthy results showing up within days

  • Think Genes Drive Obesity? You May Eat Less Healthy
    In study, people who thought DNA dictated their body weight had worse diets and exercised less

  • Half of U.S. Adults Have Diabetes or High Risk of Getting It: Report
    And many don't know they're flirting with the potentially fatal disease, researchers say

  • More Evidence Weight-Loss Surgery Helps Fight Type 2 Diabetes
    Bariatric procedures beat drug therapy in easing the disease over the long term, study found

  • Obesity May Be Linked to Greater Risk of Stillbirth
    High blood pressure, placental problems could be the connection, researchers say

  • Oldest Sister at Greater Risk of Obesity, Study Contends
    Researcher suggests firstborns may have decreased blood supply, nutrients in womb

  • Many Parents Put 'Food Pressure' on Their Kids, Study Finds
    Overweight moms, dads often limit food intake, while those of normal weight push children to eat more

  • American Kids Growing Fatter Than Their Canadian Cousins
    Rates for school children differ significantly, CDC study finds

  • Exercise May Be Good Medicine for Irregular Heartbeat
    Obese patients with atrial fibrillation saw odds of recurrence decline as fitness level improved

  • Weight Loss Fights Liver Condition, No Matter How It's Done
    Through surgery or lifestyle changes, shedding pounds improves nonalcoholic steatohepatitis, study finds

  • Doctor's Support Boosts Weight Loss, Study Shows
    Researcher suggests including physicians in commercial programs

  • Scientists Probe Obesity's Ties to Breast Cancer Risk
    Findings suggest heavy women might need more focused screening

  • Weight Loss While You Relax? Mouse Study Hints It Could Happen
    Researcher envisions 'game-changer' in obesity treatment

  • Vitamin D Supplements Little Help for Obese Teens, Study Finds
    Taking them did not help heart or lower diabetes risk, and may be linked to higher cholesterol levels

  • Low-Fat May Beat Low-Carb Diet for Trimming Body Fat: Study
    But best weight-loss plan is one you can stick with long-term, researcher says

  • Calorie Burn Boost May Be Weight-Loss Surgery's Secret
    Researchers find that gastric bypass procedure increases energy needed to digest food

  • Exercise Boosts Obese Kids' Heart Health
    Review finds fitness levels, blood vessel function improved quickly, even if no weight was lost

  • Hysterectomy at Younger Age Tied to Heart Disease Risks
    Obesity was the cardiovascular disease risk factor most strongly linked with the procedure at all ages

  • Weight Loss Surgery May Boost Teens' Mental Health
    But, study finds not all of the adolescents who had the procedure felt better

  • Weight-Loss Surgery's Benefits May Fade With Time, Study Suggests
    Little is known about the long-term effects of bariatric procedures, experts say

  • FDA Approves 'Belly Balloon' Device for Weight Loss
    Inflated with sterile solution and kept in stomach for no more than 6 months, it makes people feel full

  • Balloon Device Approved to Treat Obesity
    Inflated in stomach, it may create sense of fullness

  • How Well Does the Newly Approved Weight-Loss 'Balloon' Work?
    Expert notes it will probably only be effective for short-term weight loss

  • Heart Disease, Alzheimer's Linked by Common Risk Factors
    Study finds diabetes, smoking and obesity also affect brain areas tied in memory

  • Low Birth Weight Tied to Higher Type 2 Diabetes Risk Decades Later
    Risk was even greater if the person also had an unhealthy adult lifestyle, study found

  • Many Obese Teens Don't Think They're Fat, Study Shows
    Weight problem has to be recognized before it can be addressed, researchers say

  • Time Spent Sitting May Not Affect Diet, Study Suggests
    But that's still no reason to avoid exercise, researchers and experts say

  • Childhood Stress May Spur Weight Gain in Women
    Emotion-driven eating might start early, research suggests

  • Most Obese People Will Never Reach Normal Weight: Study
    Though odds of losing 5 percent of body weight were better, three-quarters gained it back in five years

  • Fat Cavefish Give Clues to Obesity in People: Study
    Fish binge-eat in response to harsh environment, yet remain healthy

  • Many Overweight or Obese Teens Don't See the Problem
    Around 40 percent thought their weight was about right, British study finds

  • Only 1 in 10 Americans Eats Enough Fruits and Veggies: CDC
    The foods help lower risk of illnesses such as obesity, heart disease and type 2 diabetes, expert says

  • Good at Imagining Aromas? You May Be Prone to Weight Gain
    Ability to conjure up odors in the mind might lead to food cravings, research suggests

  • Obese Teens Less Likely to Use Birth Control
    Heavy adolescent girls at greater risk for unintended pregnancy, study shows

  • Surging Food Supply Linked to Global Obesity Epidemic
    Boost in available calories comes largely from ultra-processed, inexpensive foods, expert says

  • Weight-Loss Surgery May Beat Diet, Exercise as Type 2 Diabetes Treatment
    After procedure, many patients no longer need medications, researchers find

  • Promise From a New Weight-Loss Drug
    Two-thirds who took Saxenda lost 5 percent of body weight, study shows

  • Losing Weight May Ease Asthma in Obese People
    Researchers also saw improvement in quality of life

  • Weight-Loss Surgery May Help Ease Incontinence: Study
    If pounds stayed off, bladder control improvement was seen after 3 years, researchers report

  • Smoking Around Toddlers May Raise Their Obesity Risk
    Study can't prove cause-and-effect, but changes to kids' hormones might be the link

  • Could a Microbe in Your Gut Help You Lose Weight?
    One bacteria is linked to lower levels of blood sugar, insulin and fat, researchers say

  • Order in Which Food Is Eaten May Affect Type 2 Diabetics' Blood Sugar
    Eating protein, vegetables and fat before carbohydrates might help, study says

  • More Than Two-Thirds of U.S. Adults Now Overweight or Obese: Study
    Only 25 percent of men and 33 percent of women at a healthy weight, researchers say

  • Daily Weigh-Ins Keep Dieters on Track
    Approach works especially well for men, study says

  • Weight-Loss Surgery Can Bring Couples Closer, Small Study Finds
    If both partners view procedure as a joint effort, they feel greater intimacy afterward

  • Obese Postmenopausal Women May Face Higher Risk for Breast Cancer
    Researchers report the increased risk was as high as 58 percent

  • Like Mother, Like Child: Study Hints at Why Obesity May Run in Families
    Cells might be programmed in the womb to accumulate extra fat, researchers suggest

  • Health Tip: Factors That May Lead to Weight Gain
    They include access to unhealthy foods

  • Exercise May Blunt a Woman's Risk of Lung and Breast Cancer: Studies
    Experts say findings make sense, but note they are preliminary

  • Excess Weight Linked to Worse Prostate Cancer Prognosis
    Radiation less effective for overweight, obese men, researchers say

  • Average New Yorker Sits 7 Hours Each Day: Study
    Rates may even be higher, and experts warn that too little daily activity can cause serious harm

  • Marriage Before College Graduation Tied to More Weight Gain
    Study finds obesity much more likely in 20s, 30s

  • More Evidence That High-Fiber Diet May Curb Type 2 Diabetes Risk
    Effect might be largely due to weight loss linked to eating more grains and vegetables, experts say

  • Could a Noisy Neighborhood Make You Fat?
    Constant exposure to traffic, trains and planes may add inches to your waist, researchers report

  • Weight Training's Benefits May Depend on Genetics
    Study shows muscle-building exercise not as effective in women with high risk for obesity

  • Heart Risk Factors May Harm Black Women More Than Whites
    Fewer unhealthy signs are needed before black women's risk starts to rise, study finds

  • Bullied as a Kid, Obese as a Grown-up?
    Study finds link between childhood victimization and adult health problems

  • Expectant Mothers' Lifestyle May Influence Child's Later Weight
    Smoking, gaining too much weight in pregnancy linked to obesity in children

  • They Overcame Childhood Cancer, But Now Obesity?
    Certain treatments linked to later weight gain, study finds

  • Many Parents Blind to Their Child's Weight
    Even as U.S. youngsters get heavier, moms and dads think they look about right, surveys find

  • Higher Altitude May Lead to Lower Weight, Study Contends
    Living at least 1,500 feet above sea level tied to reduced risk of being to heavy

  • Vitamin D Supplements Might Help Some Lose Weight
    Italian study suggests that daily pill may boost dieting efforts in those already low in the nutrient

  • Blood Thinner Warfarin May Pose Greater Bleeding Risk for Obese: Study
    But exact reason why isn't known, experts say

  • Why Do More Women Than Men Have Weight-Loss Surgery?
    Women may possess greater overall awareness of the risks posed by obesity, study finds

  • Many Aging Boomers Face Chronic Illness, But Death Rate Is Falling: CDC
    Report finds nearly half need a heart drug, almost a fifth are diabetic

  • Obesity Tied to Risk of Complications After Plastic Surgery
    Study findings suggest these patients might need more thorough care before and after procedure

  • Moms' Pre-Pregnancy Obesity Tied to ADHD, Other Issues in Kids
    Nature of connection between the conditions isn't clear, however, experts say

  • Want to Stay Slim? Keep Food Out of Sight
    Low self-esteem is also linked to obesity, study finds

  • Coming Soon: A Test to Gauge Your Obesity Risk?
    Certain digestive byproducts could point to trouble, best treatments -- someday, researchers say

  • Scientists Pinpoint Brain's 'Hunger Circuit' in Mice
    Manipulating this wiring system might help with weight loss, researcher says

  • Foods That Help Keep the Pounds Off as You Age
    Study found it's not just about calories; some foods not as bad for waistline as thought

  • 1 in 3 Teen Boys Sexually Assaulted Tries Suicide, Study Finds
    Psychologist calls for greater support for all victims -- female and male

  • Remote Amazon Tribe Members Have Greater Germ Diversity in Their Bodies
    Finding suggests that 'Western' lifestyle may be driving diseases like asthma, diabetes, obesity

  • Obesity Linked to Greater Risk of Prostate Cancer in Blacks, Study Says
    Researcher urges physicians to take note of findings

  • Could Obesity Help Protect Against Dementia?
    Large study suggests that possibility, but experts call for further research into surprising finding

  • Family Stress Linked to Teen Obesity in Study
    Efforts to keep childhood weight in check need to take home environment into account, researcher says

  • Health Tip: Should I Worry About My Child's Weight?
    Here's how it can affect health

  • Weight Watchers, Jenny Craig Beat Other Commercial Diet Plans, Study Finds
    However, other programs haven't done long-term, randomized trials

  • Doctor's Advice May Help Prompt Weight Loss
    Study finds such counsel seems to helps people maintain, even lose weight

  • Excess Weight Early in Life Linked to Colon Cancer Risk in Women
    Study supports evidence that body size in childhood may influence cancer risk decades later

  • Processed Foods the Biggest Chunk of Calories in U.S. Groceries: Study
    These items tend to have more fat, sugar and salt than unprocessed foods, researchers say

  • U.S. Kids Getting Fewer Daily Calories From Fast Food
    But one-third still eating it every day, study finds

  • Weight-Loss Surgery Might Reduce Serious Asthma Flare-Ups
    Emergency visits, hospitalizations for airway disease dropped by half after procedure, study finds

  • 3 Drinks Per Day May Raise Liver Cancer Risk, But Coffee Lowers It
    Expert panel looked at data on over 8 million people to come up with risk factors for the disease

  • Obesity, Smoking, Drinking, Depression: All Linked to Low Back Pain
    Researchers say that modifying these factors might help ease condition

  • Why Insulin Resistance May Be More Common in Men
    Researchers say a protein in muscle might be culprit behind type 2 diabetes gender gap

  • Chef's Input Helps Make School Meals Healthier, Study Finds
    Students chose more veggies, fruits after cafeterias got professional consultation

  • Blood Fats Hold Vitamin E Captive, Study Shows
    Less than one-third of antioxidant makes it to where it's needed

  • 2 Factors Greatly Boost New Moms' Odds of Type 2 Diabetes
    Gestational diabetes, followed by weight gain after delivery significantly raise the risk, study finds

  • L.A. Law Curbing Fast Food Didn't Cut Obesity Rates: Study
    Most eateries in targeted neighborhoods were too small to be affected by zoning law, researcher says

  • Diet Sodas Linked to Widening Waistlines in Seniors: Study
    But it's not clear whether the noncaloric drinks are a direct cause, experts say

  • Obesity Raises Women's Cancer Risk by 40 Percent, Study Finds
    British researchers stress that losing excess weight lowers the odds again, however

  • Kids' Bad Diets May Mean Worse Health as Adults
    Cholesterol levels, weight results troubling for many children, study finds

  • Tackling Obesity May Ease a Dangerous Irregular Heartbeat
    Keeping the weight off over time was key to curbing atrial fibrillation, study found

  • Pregnancy Weight Has Lasting Effect on Child, Study Finds
    Kids of obese moms more likely to be too heavy themselves

  • U.S. Doctors, CDC Join Forces in New Diabetes Prevention Effort
    Getting the millions of Americans at risk for type 2 tested is the first step, experts say

  • Many Women Gain Too Much Weight While Pregnant, Study Finds
    This increases risks for baby and mother, experts say

  • Depression May Worsen Problem of Obesity Among the Poor
    Study found link between mental disorder, unhealthy nutritional choices in this high-risk population

  • Nuts Linked to Better Heart Health for Teens
    Three small handfuls a week lowered risk factors in study, but few kids eat enough

  • Could the 'Love Hormone' Be a Weight-Loss Aid for Men?
    In small study, oxytocin tied to reduced food intake

  • Erratic Sleep May Make Teens Hungrier
    Researcher says findings provide insight into obesity in young people

  • Just a Half Hour of Lost Sleep Linked Weight Gain
    And that sleep shortage may have implications for diabetes, study says

  • Healthy Living in Middle Age Keeps Heart Failure at Bay Decades Later
    Avoid obesity, hypertension, diabetes and you may live up to 13 more years without the illness, study finds

  • Minorities More Likely to Gain Weight in Childhood, Report Shows
    Puts them at greater risk for being overweight, obese adults than whites, researcher says

  • Fried Foods Tied to Raised Heart Failure Risk
    Eaten regularly, they might boost chances as much as 68 percent, study finds

  • Very Obese Kids May Face Higher Heart Risks Than Thought
    Study found half had high blood pressure, half had high cholesterol and 15 percent were diabetic

  • Good Supermarkets in Poor Areas May Not Prompt Better Eating
    Study found no change in availability of healthy foods for children in low-income homes

  • Weight-Loss Surgery May Lower Some Pregnancy Complications, Raise Others
    Study finds gestational diabetes less likely, but smaller infants more common

  • Health Tip: Maintaining Healthy Habits
    Suggestions to keep weight off

  • Low Levels of Vitamin D Linked to Type 2 Diabetes Risk
    Association was found even when people weren't overweight, researchers said

  • Studies Find More Genetic Links to Obesity
    More than 100 locations in DNA associated with excess weight

  • Residential Treatment Program Helps Obese Kids Lose Weight, Study Finds
    Treatment also boosted blood vessel health, but therapy is costly and long-term results are unknown

  • Less Commonly Used Obesity Surgery Tied to More Weight Loss
    But study finds so-called 'duodenal switch' procedure also linked to more complications

  • Toddler Snacks, Meals Have Lots of Salt and Sugar: Study
    Most toddler dinners were high in sodium, and infant snacks had added sugar

  • Menu Calorie Counts May Mean Less Fattening Meals for Kids
    Study suggests certain calorie information might also prompt parents to encourage more exercise

  • With Healthy Foods, Taste Matters, Researchers Say
    Study finds that people ignored nutritional information if they thought yogurt didn't taste good

  • Experts See Place for Weight-Loss Drugs in Obesity Treatment
    But diet and exercise are also key tools, according to new Endocrine Society guidelines

  • Pizza Takes a Slice Out of Kids' Health, Study Finds
    Children, teens consume more calories, fat and salt on days they eat this American staple

  • Want to Get Healthy? Get Your Partner Involved
    New research finds lifestyle changes are more successful when couples do it together

  • Smoking, Obesity: Weighing the Financial Toll
    Costly not only to the patient but society as a whole, experts say

  • Unhealthy Insulin Levels May Boost Breast Cancer Risk
    Study of postmenopausal women suggested hormone levels mattered more than excess weight

  • When Women Think Men Prefer Bigger Gals, They're Happier With Their Weight
    Study found a link between men's reported views on female bodies and a woman's own body image

  • For Pastors, It's Easy to Pack on the Pounds
    Stress, long hours and low pay are a challenge to clergy members, study finds

  • ADHD Drug Might Help Treat Binge-Eating Disorder, Study Suggests
    But therapy is preferable to medication, one expert says

  • Stimulation Device Approved to Treat Obesity
    Targets nerve between brain and stomach that regulates hunger

  • FDA Approves New Device to Treat Obesity
    It sends electrical signals to nerves near the stomach to make a person feel full

  • Lack of Exercise More Deadly Than Obesity, Study Suggests
    Just a 20-minute brisk walk each day can lower odds of early death, researchers add

  • Health Tip: Trimming Calories From Your Dinner Plate
    Steam veggies instead of drowning them in butter

  • Head Start Program Might Help Fight Childhood Obesity: Study
    Preschoolers' weight loss attributed to emphasis on nutrition, exercise and structure

  • Cooler Temps May Boost Calorie-Burning 'Brown Fat,' Mouse Study Suggests
    Human trials are needed, but study offers clues to potential method of weight control

  • Kidney Disease Treatment May Be Improving, Study Suggests
    Even though rate of disease is on the rise, fewer patients are suffering organ failure or dying

  • Despite Resolutions, Food Bills Go Up After New Year's
    Consumers seem to stick with calorie-rich favorites from the holiday season, research shows

  • PTSD May Raise Women's Risk for Diabetes
    Obesity, antidepressants could play a role in the connection, study suggests

  • Less Booze, More Veggies Might Lower Odds for Some Cancers
    Study supports recent expert guidelines on an anti-cancer lifestyle

  • Drug for Bladder Problems May Help Control Weight, Too
    But small study showed increase in heart rate in young, lean volunteers

  • Weight-Loss Surgery May Extend Lives, Study Finds
    Results applied to older men and women, even with other health problems

  • Overweight Teens Who Lose Weight for Health More Likely to Succeed: Study
    Parents can help by modeling healthy behavior and providing healthier meals

  • Study Debunks Notion of 'Healthy Obesity'
    Very heavy people slip into poor health over time, researchers find

  • Health Tip: Why Am I Gaining Weight?
    Factors that influence extra pounds

  • Defective Hormone Linked to Chronic Obesity in Baby
    Researchers say the condition might explain weight problem for limited number of people

  • Little Change in Fast Food Calorie Counts, Salt Content
    Researchers tracked popular items from 3 major chains from 1996-2013

  • Your Birth Year Could Influence Your Odds for Obesity, Study Suggests
    'Fat gene' may be more active in people born after 1942, researchers say

  • Keeping That Weight Loss Resolution
    Start with selecting a diet you can stick with, expert says

  • FDA Approves New Weight-Loss Drug
    Saxenda cleared for use by adults who are obese or overweight and have at least one weight-related condition

  • Saxenda Approved for Weight Loss
    Injected medication is for people who are statistically obese

  • Asians Need Type 2 Diabetes Screening at Lower Body Weight: Experts
    ADA says this group tends to put on pounds around the waist, a particularly bad spot for diabetes risk

  • Immune System May Play Role in Obesity
    Certain cells less common in belly fat of overweight compared to thinner people: study

  • Weight Training Key to Battling Belly Fat as You Age: Study
    Aerobic activity alone isn't enough, researchers report

  • Excess Weight May Help Heart Failure Patients, Study Contends
    'Paradoxical' finding suggests fat is protective, but doctors add it's no excuse gain weight

  • Yoga May Cut Heart Disease Risk Factors
    Review found those who took yoga classes saw improvements in blood pressure, cholesterol, weight

  • Obese Kids' Brains Show Stronger Response to Sugar: Study
    Research suggests that some children may be 'wired' to crave sweet foods

  • For Young Kids, Too Little Sleep Linked to Later Obesity
    Sleep issues, such as sleep apnea, also associated with excess weight, study finds

  • Could a Supplement Prevent Weight Gain?
    Chemical compound curbed appetite in study, but more research is needed before marketing

  • Does High-Fructose Corn Syrup Make People Hungrier?
    Study suggests link between fructose and obesity

  • Many Women Don't Lose Those Pregnancy Pounds, Study Finds
    One-third who had been normal weight before giving birth were overweight or obese a year later

  • Obesity Can Cause 'Silent' Damage to Heart
    Study shows excess weight harms cardiovascular system without symptoms

  • Longer Breast-Feeding May Protect Infants at Risk for Obesity
    Those who drank mother's milk for less than 2 months were more likely to gain extra weight

  • Obesity-Related Ills May Shave Up to 8 Years Off Your Life: Study
    Excess weight also shortens the time you live free of chronic diseases that lower quality of life, researchers say

  • Could a 'Mediterranean' Diet Extend Your Life?
    Study points to genetic signs that the antioxidant-rich regimen might boost longevity

  • Mom's Obesity May Affect Newborn Survival
    Infant deaths are more likely among very heavy women, but still rare, study finds

  • Health Tip: Monitor Your Child's Fat and Cholesterol Consumption
    Offer plenty of fruit and veggies

  • Weight Could Influence Rheumatoid Arthritis Relief
    Study finds overweight people are less likely to have remission

  • Obesity Tied to Half a Million Cancers Worldwide, Report Shows
    Largest number of obesity-related cancers diagnosed in North America and Europe, researchers report

  • Calorie Counts Mandated at Chain Restaurants, FDA Says
    Rules also apply to theater popcorn, bakeries and ice cream parlors

  • Obese Employees Miss More Work, Study Finds
    Additional missed days cost U.S. economy more than $8 billion a year, researchers report

  • Childhood Obesity Brings Host of Health Problems, Researchers Report
    High blood pressure, liver problems and heart disease risk upped in heavy kids

  • Kids Born to Overweight Moms May Face Higher Heart Risks as Adults
    But researchers add that eating behaviors mothers pass on might play greater role than genetics

  • Exercise Might Not Help Some Type 2 Diabetics Control Their Blood Sugar
    Study suggests that about 20 percent of patients carry 'exercise-resistant' genes

  • Even With a Little Weight Gain, Quitting Smoking Is Still Healthier Choice
    Japanese study found that stopping the habit boosted survival, even if a few pounds were added on

  • Working Night Shift Slows Metabolism, Study Suggests
    Finding means fewer calories burned, and may explain why shift workers tend to gain weight, researcher says

  • Mom's Weight Might Influence Baby's Earliest Development
    Overweight at conception linked to changes in embryo's ability to grow properly, research suggests

  • Big-Name Diets All Work for a While, Review Found
    No eating plan stood out in terms of lasting weight loss, researchers noted

  • Kids Obese at Young Age Often Stay That Way, Study Shows
    Weight at 11 a good indicator of weight at 16, researchers found

  • Doctor-Implanted Balloons in Stomach May Spur Weight Loss
    Obesity procedure could offer alternative to invasive surgery, experts say

  • Genes May Determine Body Weight by Shaping Gut Bacteria
    Study finds certain family of microbes more common in intestines of lean people

  • Weight-Loss Surgery Has Low Complication Rates, Study Finds
    New research suggests gastric bypass as safe as appendix or gallbladder removal

  • Kidney, Urinary Birth Defects Tied to Obesity in Moms-to-Be
    As weight increased, so did apparent risk, researchers say

  • Study Confirms Obesity-Breast Cancer Link for Blacks, Hispanics
    You can't change your genes, but you can control your weight, researcher says

  • Study Compares 2 Common Weight-Loss Surgeries
    Gastric banding, bypass each have their pluses and minuses, researchers say

  • Obese Children With Leukemia Fared Worse in Study
    Excess weight linked to doubled risk of leftover cancer cells after chemotherapy

  • Teens Who Dine With Their Families May Be Slimmer Adults
    Study found eating meals together once or twice a week was tied to lower risk of becoming overweight

  • Health Tip: When Your Child Needs to Lose Weight
    Get doctor's approval before starting a diet

  • Gestational Diabetes May Influence Daughter's Weight Later
    Girls' risk of being overweight may be more than tripled, study finds

  • Tall, Heavy 1-Year-Olds May Be at Risk for Obesity Later, Study Finds
    But experts say genes aren't destiny

  • Regular Doctor Visits Help Control Blood Pressure, Study Says
    Having health insurance also associated with better readings

  • Dieters May Be Thwarted by Absence of Healthy Foods
    Study finds easy access to nutritious fare important for successful weight loss

  • Frequent Dining Out Might Widen Your Waistline, Study Finds
    People who ate out a lot also had worse cholesterol levels than those who dined at home

  • Gut Microbes Tied to Jet Lag, Shift-Work Weight Gain
    Body's helpful bacteria may have internal clocks, too, researchers suggest

  • 'To Burn Off Calories in This Soda, Walk 5 Miles'
    Teens drank fewer sugary drinks when energy content info was converted to exercise, study found

  • Is 'Slow and Steady' Weight Loss Really the Best Approach?
    Study suggests some overweight people might get better results from more aggressive dieting

  • Obesity and Depression Often Twin Ills, Study Finds
    Nature of connection isn't clear, but both conditions can be treated, experts say

  • Race Doesn't Affect Obesity's Toll on Health
    Obese blacks were no more or less likely to die early than were obese whites, research shows

  • Calm, Positive Family Meals May Help Keep Kids Slim
    Having both parents present, eating in kitchen also linked to healthier weights, researchers report

  • Obesity May Speed Aging of the Liver, Study Suggests
    Heavier people might be more prone to liver cancer, insulin problems, researchers say

  • Body May Change Bad Fat to Good After Exposure to Cold
    But researchers say obesity and inflammation may blunt this effect

  • Chain Restaurants Cutting Calories
    Many offering new selections that have roughly 12 percent fewer calories, researchers report

  • Obese Kids May Show Early Signs of Heart Trouble
    Study found they have higher blood pressure, higher levels of 'bad' cholesterol than normal-weight kids

  • Healthy Lifestyle Choices May Cut Women's Stroke Risk
    Following 5 healthy habits halved chances of most common kind of brain attack, study suggests

  • The Heavier Your Fellow Diners, the More You May Eat
    When companion was overweight, people ate more food, less healthy food, researchers found

  • Steep Drops in Weight May Raise Risks After Body-Contour Surgeries
    Losing over 100 pounds prior to body-shaping procedure linked to higher complication rate in study

  • Health Tip: Are You at a Healthy Weight?
    Use body-mass index to help decide

  • Weight-Loss Surgery May Not Always Help With Depression
    About 4 percent of obese patients report negative mood changes months after procedure, study finds

  • The Obese Are Frequent Targets for Cyberbullies
    'Fat' jokes, other negative messages common on social media sites, and women are often singled out, study finds

  • Gout May Be Linked to Raised Diabetes Risk: Study
    Women with this form of arthritis are more susceptible, researchers say

  • Oncologists' Group Calls for Measures to Curb Obesity-Related Cancers
    Better screening and treatments for obesity top to-do list, experts say

  • Can Exercise Prevent Type 2 Diabetes? Your Genes May Be Key
    Some obese people have DNA that makes it tougher for workouts to fend off the disease, study suggests

  • Obesity Tied to Higher Cancer Risk for Colon Cancer Survivors
    Finding is yet another reason to maintain a healthy weight, experts say

  • Could a 'Fat Tongue' Be a Factor in Sleep Apnea?
    In study, obese people with the disorder tended to have more fat at base of tongue

  • Obese in Adolescence, Colon Cancer in Later Life?
    Study doesn't prove cause-and-effect, but suggests the need for healthy habits in childhood

  • Antibiotic Use Before Age 2 Might Raise Obesity Risk, Study Says
    Researchers suspect broad-spectrum versions change makeup of microbes in gut

  • Health Tip: Keep Your Child's Weight Down
    Or he could become obese later

  • Obese Teen Boys May Make Less Once They Enter Workforce: Study
    Bullying may be to blame, but research doesn't prove cause-and-effect

  • Stress Might Be Even More Unhealthy for the Obese
    Repeated exposure tied to escalation of inflammatory protein levels, but only in overweight people, study finds

  • Obesity Isn't Sole Cause of Type 2 Diabetes
    Researchers uncover new genetic mutations, other contributing factors

  • Increasing Skirt Sizes May Hike Your Breast Cancer Risk: Study
    British researchers suggest that going up a size every 10 years raised chances of disease by 33 percent

  • Soda Giants Pledge to Make Calorie Cuts in Their Drinks
    Effort aimed at curbing U.S. obesity epidemic; health experts call it positive step to boost public health

  • Social Networking Sites Can Help Obese Lose Weight: Study
    Internet can offer constant, cost-effective support for dieters, London researchers say

  • Major U.S. Food Makers Cut 6.4 Trillion Calories From Products: Report
    16 companies exceeded pledge, but more work needed, experts say

  • U.S. Waistlines Keep Growing, With Women Leading the Way
    Average is nearly 39 inches, CDC researchers find

  • Traffic Pollution Linked to Higher Levels of Obesity Hormone
    Findings could help explain association between dirty air, risk for heart disease, researchers say

  • Obese People May Be More Vulnerable to Food Cues
    Eating might be less rewarding and more habitual for them, research suggests

  • 'Fat Shaming' Doesn't Motivate Obese People to Lose Weight: Study
    This type of discrimination may actually lead to weight gain, researchers say

  • Novel Weight-Loss Drug Is Approved
    For obese people or overweight people with weight-related health condition

  • FDA Approves New Obesity Drug
    Contrave combines two existing drugs that treat addiction and depression

  • Cutting Calories May Ease Sleep Apnea in Obese, Study Finds
    Brazilian researchers say calorie restrictions also can lower blood pressure in that group of people

  • Obesity Remains Rampant Across America
    Two new studies present troubling picture overall with state-by-state disparities

  • 'Spare Tire' May Be Especially Bad for Your Blood Pressure
    Weight gain around the middle was key to rising risk for hypertension, study found

  • Obesity Fueling Rise in Diabetes Rates, Study Finds
    Increase was greater for men, yet only about half could be explained by excess weight

  • Low-Carb Beats Low-Fat for Weight Loss, Heart Health: Study
    Still, experts agree there's no one-size-fits-all diet

  • Action-Packed TV a Threat to Your Waistline?
    Viewers of fast-paced films filled up on more snacks, study found

  • Nerve Blocking Procedure Fails to Impress in Weight Loss Study
    Modest reduction not significantly better than diet drugs or other surgeries

  • Less Sleep in Teen Years Tied to More Pounds at 21
    16-year-olds should get more than 8 hours of shuteye a night to help avoid obesity, research says

  • Diet, Exercise Counseling Urged for Overweight Americans With Heart Risks
    Task force guidelines could apply to half of U.S. adults

  • Today's Parents Less Able to Spot Obesity in Their Kids: Study
    Research suggests they aren't recognizing overweight in children as readily as they did in years past

  • Bullying Starts Before School Years Begin, Study Finds
    And obese boys more likely to be both bully and bullied than slimmer peers, researchers report

  • Read Food Labels to Combat Childhood Obesity
    Dietitian shares shopping guidelines

  • Getting Healthier a Big Money-Saver for People With Diabetes
    Sticking with a fitness and nutrition plan can save more than $500 a year in health-care costs, study finds

  • Exercise May Guard Against Irregular Heartbeat in Older Women
    Study found it lowered risk even if they were obese

  • Health Tip: Losing Weight May Help Against Osteoarthritis
    Too much weight can strain joints

  • Painkillers May Halve Risk of Breast Cancer Return in Obese Women: Study
    Experts think anti-inflammatory drugs like aspirin might help cancer treatments work better

  • Nearly 1 in 5 Americans Drinks at Least 1 Soda a Day: CDC
    Of 18 states surveyed, Mississippi had highest rate with 32 percent of adults downing a daily soda

  • 40 Percent of Americans Will Develop Diabetes, CDC Projects
    Rates for black women and Hispanics even higher at 50 percent

  • Obese More Likely to Survive Serious Bloodstream Infection
    Researchers aren't sure why extra weight seemed protective for sepsis

  • Eating Out Equals Eating More
    Study found dining at fast-food spots, restaurants added 200 calories a day, on average

  • The 'Bear' Facts on Obesity and Diabetes
    Hibernating grizzlies offer new clues to common human ailments, scientists say

  • Older Women With Asthma Face Worse Health Outcomes
    Making breathing issues a priority can help improve their overall condition, researchers say

  • Obesity Might Slow You Down at Work
    Heavier people, no matter what age, may have less endurance in manufacturing jobs, study suggests

  • Hairdo Trumps Exercise for Many Black Women, Study Finds
    But shift toward lower-maintenance styles may free some up for physical activity

  • Big Jump in Doctor's Office Visits for Young Adults With Diabetes
    Overall, 1 in 10 consultations in the U.S. now involves a person with the illness, CDC says

  • 1 in 4 U.S. Kids Underestimate Their Weight, Study Finds
    Kids and parents need education about healthy weight and healthful lifestyles, experts say

  • Gene Mutation May Make Food More Tempting
    Study shows most common genetic link to obesity triggers activity in the brain's reward centers

  • Healthy 'Brown Fat' May Cut Odds for Obesity, Diabetes
    Study confirmed it helps regulate blood sugar levels, increases insulin sensitivity in people with more of it

  • Tonsillectomy for Sleep Apnea May Trigger Weight Gain
    Study found overweight kids who had surgery were more likely to become obese within seven months

  • Most Adults Are Members of 'Clean Plate Club'
    Study shows they finish 92 percent of what's on their plates, kids eat just 59 percent

  • Parents of Obese Kids Often View Them as Healthy
    They're more likely to change their children's diet than encourage exercise, study finds

  • Weight Loss Surgery May Help Ease Urinary Incontinence
    Nearly two-thirds of women had significant improvement of their symptoms, researchers report

  • Many Obese U.S. Kids Think They're Thinner Than They Are
    They won't take steps to reach a healthy weight if they don't see the problem, experts note

  • Obesity During Pregnancy Linked to Raised Asthma Risk in Kids
    Threat of respiratory disease may be up to 30 percent higher, study suggests

  • Waistlines of U.S. Kids Seem to Be Holding Steady, Study Finds
    But too many children and teens remain obese, experts say

  • Is Obesity an Advantage After Heart Procedures?
    Experts urge caution in interpreting study results

  • Stress May Leave You Heading to the Cookie Jar
    Worried women could be prone to weight gain, study suggests

  • Make Exercise Fun, Eat Less Afterwards
    Researchers found that people ate more if told their walk was exercise, rather than scenic stroll

  • Health Tip: Measuring Your Waist
    It can help you determine if you're at a healthy weight

  • 60 Percent of Diners Use Calorie Labeling When Posted: CDC
    More women rely on menu's health info than men

  • Obesity Epidemic Hitting Hispanics Hard, Study Finds
    Severe obesity most common among young adults, setting them up for health problems later in life

  • Health Tip: Debunking Myths About Weight Loss
    Fad diets aren't safe or effective

  • Inactivity May Be Main Culprit in Obesity Epidemic: Study
    Sharp rise seen in number of Americans who didn't exercise, while calorie intake stayed steady

  • Will You Be Obese? Look at Your Sisters, Brothers
    Study found older sibling's obesity was strongest predictor for risk

  • Severe Obesity Cuts Up to 14 Years Off Life: Study
    As weight climbs, so do related deaths from heart disease, diabetes and cancer, researchers say

  • Many Obese Women Face Stigma Every Day, Study Finds
    Daily diaries documented snubs, insults and put-downs

  • Obesity May Raise Risk of COPD
    Study found those with largest waist sizes more likely to develop lung disease

  • Health Tip: Maintaining a Healthy Body Weight
    Weigh yourself often

  • Nursing Home Care May Be Out of Reach for Many Aging 'Boomers': Study
    Price tag for 1 year of institutionalized care is now about $84,000, federal report says

  • Grief in Pregnancy May Trigger Obesity in Adulthood
    Extreme stress even before conception can affect unborn child's weight, study suggests

  • Healthy Weight Loss May Bring Better Sleep, Brighter Mood
    But only the emotional boost seemed to last over the long-term, researchers say

  • People With Heart Disease, Diabetes May Be More Likely to Stay on Statins
    Study also finds former smokers, overweight better at taking cholesterol-lowering drugs as prescribed

  • Gut Microbes Differ in Obese or Diabetic People, Study Finds
    There's been research to suggest that changes in 'good' intestinal bacteria could affect health

  • Rising Stroke Rate for Blacks in South Carolina, Study Finds
    Increase in stroke risk factors such as diabetes and high blood pressure may be to blame, researchers say

  • U.S. Health Snapshots: Insurance Coverage Expands, but Gaps Remain
    Federal reports capture nation's pre-Obamacare health status and health-care coverage

  • FDA Panel Backs Appetite-Curbing Implant for Severely Obese
    Agency committee says nerve-stimulating device may offer more benefits than risks

  • 'Walkable' Neighborhoods May Help Cut Diabetes Rates
    Residents of areas that encourage walking also have lower obesity rates, Canadian research shows

  • Can Weight-Loss Surgery Lower Cancer Risk for the Obese?
    Study found it might cut chances to levels of normal-weight people, but experts view finding with caution

  • When School's Out, Weight Can Pile On
    For certain kids, summer vacation adds unwanted pounds, review finds

  • Parents' Sleep May Affect Child's Risk of Obesity: Study
    All family members need adequate rest to protect against preschoolers' weight gain, experts say

  • Treating Sleep Apnea May Lower Heart Risks, Study Finds
    For obese patients, weight loss is recommended, too, expert says

  • Weight-Loss Surgery May Ease Type 2 Diabetes Long-Term
    New 15-year study says these procedures outperform regular care for obese patients

  • U.S. Diabetes Cases Jump to 29 Million: CDC
    Nearly 1 in 10 people now face higher risks for various ills linked to the blood sugar disease, report finds

  • Study Disputes Notion That Breakfast Is Key to Weight Control
    Recommendation to eat breakfast every day for weight loss wasn't confirmed in testing

  • Could the 'Ulcer Bug' Guard Against Obesity?
    International review of countries found higher H. pylori rates corresponded with lower obesity rates

  • Kids' Obesity Risk Rises With Parents' Divorce: Study
    Stress, unhealthy coping strategies may be to blame, experts say

  • For Obese Diabetics, Weight-Loss Surgery May Work Best
    Those who had gastric bypass dropped the most weight, some saw their type 2 diabetes disappear, studies found

  • There's No 'Obesity Paradox' for Stroke, Study Finds
    Earlier findings suggesting that extra weight might be protective don't stand up, researchers say

  • Could White Bread Be Making You Fat?
    Risk of obesity higher with 2 or more portions daily, researchers say

  • Diabetes Drug May Spur Weight Loss in Obese Nondiabetics
    One-third who took Victoza lost 10 percent of body weight, researchers say

  • Obesity, Overweight Rates Jump Worldwide, Report Finds
    And United States is home to highest proportion of world's obese people, researchers add

  • U.S. Teens' Cardiorespiratory Fitness Has Dropped in Last Decade: Report
    Overweight kids have worse fitness levels than those of normal weight

  • Obesity Crisis Has Scaled Even the Himalayas
    Rates in remote mountain villages are five times higher than two decades ago

  • Mediterranean Diet May Keep Kids Slimmer
    Children who followed eating plan were 15 percent less likely to be overweight, study finds

  • Obesity Gene May Explain Why Some Gain Weight as They Age
    But experts say a healthy lifestyle can combat tendency to overeat

  • Cheaper Food May Be Fueling U.S. Obesity Epidemic
    Americans spend just one-tenth of disposable income on food, an historic low, study finds

  • Losing Weight at Any Age May Help the Heart
    Dropping excess pounds -- even in middle-age or later -- linked to better heart health, study finds

  • In Elections, Thin May Help Bring the Win
    Study finds voters often shun more rotund candidates

  • More Evidence Ties Poor Sleep to Obesity in Kids
    Study highlights need for consistent bedtime, experts say

  • Another Downside to Obesity for Teens: Fewer Friends
    Study found rejection by normal-weight peers was common

  • Obesity May Raise Breast Cancer Death Risk for Some Women
    Study found younger, obese patients with estrogen receptor-positive disease were more likely to die

  • Adults With Autism at Risk for Many Health Problems: Study
    Research shows rates of mental, physical problems higher in these patients than among other adults

  • College Students' Unhealthy Habits Can Mark Their Future
    Smoking, drinking, not eating right and not exercising will add up to future health woes, researchers say

  • Counseling Urged for Obese People at Higher Odds for Heart Disease: Experts
    Talking over strategies for exercise, healthy diet can give individuals the motivation they need, panel says

  • Weight-Loss Surgery May Help Prevent Heart Rhythm Disorder
    So-called 'bariatric' procedures appear to cut risk of atrial fibrillation, researchers report

  • Health Tip: Understanding Childhood Obesity
    Why extra weight is dangerous

  • Ultrasound of Lymph Nodes No Less Accurate for Obese Women, Study Says
    Findings are 'reassuring' for breast cancer patients, according to researcher

  • Mom-to-Be's TV Habits Might Affect Her Child's Weight: Study
    Watching during mealtime, infant feedings may set stage for childhood obesity

  • Sleep Apnea Linked to Raised Risk of Death in Pregnancy
    Study found an association but didn't prove the nighttime breathing disorder caused the higher risk

  • Despite Childhood Obesity Epidemic, Few Kids Tested for Cholesterol
    Study found that less that 4 percent had their blood levels tested, countering recent guidelines

  • Overweight Teens Feel Stigmatized, Bullied: Study
    British survey finds some young people link excess weight to laziness and lack of self-control

  • Is Healthy Obesity a Myth?
    Study found even with normal blood pressure, cholesterol and blood sugar levels, the obese had more artery plaque

  • Calling Young Girls 'Fat' May Increase Their Teen-Obesity Risk
    Stigma alone could spur overeating, study authors say

  • Health Tip: Why Am I Overweight?
    Factors that contribute to weight gain

  • Severe Obesity in Teens Tied to Possible Kidney Problems
    Study looked at young patients planning to undergo weight-loss surgery

  • Kids' Genetic Risk for Obesity Rises With Age, Study Finds
    Between ages 4 and 10, genes seem to play increasing role in how big kids will grow

  • For Many Men, Impotence Is Treatable Without Drugs
    And there's a bonus: heart-healthy changes will boost overall well-being, too, experts say

  • Glaucoma Drug May Help Reverse Obesity-Related Vision Loss
    Study gave Diamox, along with weight-loss plan, to patients with a different eye disease

  • Scientists Find New Way to Observe 'Good' Brown Fat
    Information from MRI scans might help in obesity, diabetes research

  • Crunchy or Smooth? Food's Texture May Sway Perception of Calories
    When study participants were thinking about calories, they ate more of the crunchier items, less of the soft

  • Too Little Vitamin D May Add to Obesity's Burden
    Study suggests severely overweight people are slowed down by low 'sunshine vitamin' levels

  • Mother's Pregnancy Weight Gain May Influence Child's Obesity Risk
    Study found that either too few or too many added pounds upped child's odds for being overweight

  • Obesity Linked to Increased Odds of Losing Baby, Study Finds
    Weight counseling should start before pregnancy, expert says

  • Nearly 10 Percent of U.S. Adults Now Have Diabetes: Study
    Researchers found a nationwide rise of the disease since late 1980s, and a parallel rise in obesity

  • Obesity May Shorten Colon Cancer Survival
    Patients' risk of death rises with every 5-point increase in BMI, study suggests

  • Obesity-Related Enzyme Targeted in Mouse Study
    Findings suggest new way to prompt body to burn extra energy

  • Childhood Obesity Adds Nearly $20K to Lifetime Medical Costs: Study
    Losing weight while young may help kids lower future health care expenses, researcher says

  • Could Dads' Obesity Raise Autism Risk for Kids?
    Study finds slight increase linked to weight of fathers, not mothers

  • More U.S. Children Severely Obese, Study Says
    Report, which conflicts with recent CDC review, finds growing number of kids likely to suffer serious health problems

  • How You Digest Carbs May Influence Weight Gain, Study Says
    Researchers focus on saliva-related gene

  • Health Tip: Avoid Weight Gain During Menopause
    Eat right and get plenty of exercise

  • The Morning Light May Help You Stay Slim
    Study found people tended to be leaner if they got sun exposure earlier, rather than later, in day

  • Monkeys on Very-Low-Cal Diet Lived Longer, Healthier Lives
    Jury is still out on whether such regimens could do the same for humans, experts say

  • More Evidence Weight-Loss Surgery Helps People With Diabetes
    One-third of gastric-bypass patients kept type 2 diabetes under control without meds during three-year study

  • Overweight Teens Don't Share in Life-Expectancy Gains: Study
    Death before 50 more likely for those who were heavy during adolescence

  • Weight-Loss Surgery Cuts Risk for Heart Attack, Death: Study
    People who are obese and at risk for heart disease should consider surgery, researchers say

  • Underweight Even Deadlier Than Overweight, Study Says
    Death risk nearly doubled for excessively thin people

  • 'Grazing' Appears No Better for Weight Loss Than Standard Meals
    Daily calories, not how often you eat, are what matter, study finds

  • Intensive Early Childhood Education May Boost Adult Health
    Study found kids in special program had lower blood pressure and cholesterol levels, weighed less in their 30s

  • Moms Who Keep 'Baby Weight' May Risk Heart Trouble
    Study finds weight gain increases odds for heart disease, diabetes

  • Toddlers Who Sleep Less May Eat More
    Short sleepers might be at greater risk for obesity, study suggests

  • Higher Dose of IVF Drug May Be Needed for Obese Women
    Study suggests different regimen might improve chances of pregnancy

  • Genes May Influence Weight Gain From Fried Foods: Study
    This 'biology driver' is minor in some people, powerful in others, expert says

  • Rigid Parenting Style Linked to Obese Kids
    Demanding, inflexible approach might foster negative response, study suggests

  • Weight-Loss Surgery Might Help Mild Knee Pain
    Small, early study of obese patients found improvement similar to knee replacement

  • Weight Loss May Boost Success of Joint-Replacement Surgery
    But people who add pounds after getting new hip or knee have more pain, study finds

  • TV Time, Feeding Habits Set Babies Up for Obesity: Study
    Practices that foster weight gain are common among U.S. parents, researchers say

  • ADHD Drugs Linked to Later Weight Gain in Kids
    Study found 'rebound' effect in children who stopped using stimulants, which may increase obesity risk later

  • Wider Waistline May Mean Shorter Lifespan: Study
    Evidence review suggests extra inches raise risk of dying younger, regardless of body weight

  • Pain Can Plague Women After Knee Replacement Surgery
    Study also found that type of anesthesia and patient's weight play a role in levels of discomfort

  • Scientists Spot New Obesity Gene
    Finding could also help efforts to find ways to treat diabetes

  • Excess Weight a Risk Factor for Ovarian Cancer: Report
    Review adds the disease to long list of tumors linked to obesity

  • Obese Girls Prone to Poorer Grades, Study Suggests
    Researchers found weight at age 11 linked to academic success

  • Kids With ADHD May Face Higher Obesity Risk as Teens
    Finnish study also found more physical inactivity in this group

  • Lack of Sleep Compounds Health Problems for Obese Teens: Study
    Researchers report it was independently associated with higher risk of heart disease, diabetes

  • Overweight Moms May Have Dangerously Big Babies
    Excessive weight gain leads to serious problems for mothers and infants, study suggests

  • Obesity Rates Triple in Canada
    More than one in five will be obese by 2019, study says

  • Casinos Linked to Lower Obesity Rates for Native American Kids
    Gaming operations associated with higher family incomes, which means better food, more exercise, study says

  • TV in Child's Bedroom Tied to Weight Gain
    But 'active' video games might help youngsters stay slim, researchers stay

  • Rising Fresh Produce Prices Tied to Higher Risk of Child Obesity
    However, study also found similar effect with cost of fast food

  • 'Eating for Two' During Pregnancy Could Pack on Too Many Pounds
    Small study found those who closely watched weight gain did better

  • Obesity, 'The Pill' May Raise MS Risk, Research Suggests
    Early studies hint that certain hormones might be tied to inflammation, increased odds for multiple sclerosis

  • FDA's New Food Labels Would Focus on Calories, Sugar Content
    Another goal: give consumers a better understanding of realistic serving sizes

  • C-Section Birth May Raise Risk of Adult Obesity: Study
    But the research doesn't prove cause-and-effect

  • Feeding Cats Smaller, More Frequent Meals Might Make Them Friskier
    Changing dietary patterns to increase activity could help curb feline obesity, researchers say

  • Heavy Kids Exposed to Everyday Chemicals May Face More Heart Risks
    Endocrine system might be disrupted by these water, stain repellants, study says

  • U.S. Obesity Rate Shows Signs of Leveling Off
    CDC study finds very young children seem to be slimming down, but more older women are obese

  • 'Fat Hormone' Tied to Higher Colon Cancer Risk in Obese Men
    More precancerous polyps seen in small study as body fat increased

  • Gut Bacteria Tied to Obesity May Vary With Geography
    Study of people from five continents found higher microbe levels in those living in colder northern regions

  • Average Obese Woman Gets Just 1 Hour of Exercise a Year: Study
    Obese men don't do much better, breaking a sweat only 3.6 hours annually, researchers say

  • A Little Weight Loss May Ease Sleep Apnea
    Finnish study of obese people found the breathing condition improved over four-year period

  • A Judgmental Doctor May Make It Hard to Lose Weight
    Finding suggests physicians need to be less negative when counseling overweight patients

  • Heavy Kids May Suffer Worse Elbow Fractures
    Study found they were more likely to have complex 'type-3' breaks than normal-weight kids

  • 'Talking' Medical Devices, Apps Continue to Evolve
    Innovations can help people manage their conditions, function in emergencies, keep doctors informed

  • Clues to Obesity Found in Infants
    Twin studies looked at differences in genetics, appetite and feeling full after eating

  • Obesity's Link to Type 2 Diabetes Not So Clear-Cut: Study
    Most participants developed condition after being overweight for years, not after large recent gain

  • Preemie Birth Linked to Higher Insulin Levels in Kids
    These babies could be at increased risk of diabetes later in life, study suggests

  • Is Technology Creating a World of Sickly Couch Potatoes?
    Study found people in emerging nations with TVs, computers and cars more likely to be obese, have diabetes

  • Energy Drinks, Coffee Increasing Sources of Caffeine for Kids, CDC Says
    Effects of excessive caffeine intake on youngsters aren't yet known, experts warn

  • New Obesity Weapon: Kids Teaching Kids
    Children more likely to listen to peers than adults, study suggests

  • Don't Pressure Preschoolers to Overeat, Experts Say
    Filling their own plate may help young kids learn to understand their body's hunger cues

  • Obesity May Raise Death Risk From Tongue Cancer
    Small study compared outcomes in patients three years after surgery for early disease

  • Want to Keep the Weight Off? Weekday Meals May Be Key
    Study found most people weighed more after weekend, but those who cut back during week were thinner

  • Could Low-Fat Yogurt Help Ward Off Diabetes?
    British study also found reduced risk with other fermented dairy products

  • Boosting Access to Healthier Grocery Stores Might Not Improve Eating Habits
    Study suggests putting stores in poor neighborhoods isn't enough; promotional efforts also needed

  • Shivering, Like Exercise, May Help Boost Weight Loss
    When you shiver, your body converts white fat to healthier brown fat, study finds

  • New Weight-Loss Surgery May Not Ease Chronic Heartburn
    Study finds sleeve gastrectomy often doesn't relieve acid reflux, and sometimes makes it worse

  • U.S. Teens Eat Too Much Salt, Hiking Obesity Risk: Study
    Researchers found that kids consume at least twice the recommended daily amounts

  • Many Parents of Obese Children Underestimate Their Weight
    And parents of normal-weight kids often think they're too thin, review found

  • Calling Obesity a Disease May Have 'Boomerang Effect'
    Study found those who read article claiming it was a disease were less motivated to eat healthy diet

  • Lower Obesity Rates Due to Better Diets, Not Economy: Study
    A decade of urging Americans to embrace healthier food habits appears to be paying off, researchers say

  • High Estrogen Levels Plus Diabetes May Boost Dementia Risk
    Study of older women found having more of hormone from fat tissue after age 65 unwise

  • Kids Unlikely to Outgrow 'Baby Fat'
    Overweight 5-year-olds face 4 times the risk of teen obesity, new research finds

  • Type 2 Diabetes Is Often a Family Affair
    Study suggests if one spouse has the illness, the odds are raised that the other will develop diabetes, too

  • Scientists ID New Genes Linked to Belly Fat
    Findings could advance efforts to develop personalized obesity treatments, researchers say

  • Could Turning Down the Thermostat Help You Lose Weight?
    Early research suggests slightly cooler temperatures mean more calories burned per day

  • Sleep During the Day May Throw Genes Into Disarray
    Study might explain why health problems are more common among night workers

  • Truck Drivers Top List of Overweight Workers
    Survey of Washington state residents also found salespeople, office workers prone to weight gain

  • Fast Food Not Major Culprit in Kids' Obesity: Study
    Poor overall dietary habits drive weight problems, experts say

  • Obesity May Shorten Lives By Almost 4 Years: Study
    And obese middle-aged people die an average of more than 7 years sooner, U.S. statistics show

  • Do Diet Drinks Make You Eat More?
    Study finds link between greater calorie consumption and low-calorie beverages in overweight adults

  • As Weight Rises in People With Diabetes, So Does Death Risk: Study
    Notion that obesity might offer protection is a myth, researchers say

  • Marketing of Unhealthy Foods Still Common in U.S. Schools: Study
    Vending machines, soda-company contracts push high-calorie fare at kids, researchers say

  • Study Spots Growing Disparity in U.S. Teen Obesity Problem
    Rates decline among kids in more educated, affluent families, while they rise in lower-income homes

  • Women More Open to Weight-Loss Surgery
    Obese males wait longer to seek help, raising their odds for complications, study finds

  • Food Companies Cut 6.4 Trillion Calories From Supermarket Shelves: Report
    Honoring a pledge, 16 major companies went beyond their goals

  • Whites More Likely to Undergo Weight-Loss Surgery: Study
    Researcher says blacks don't seem to feel obesity affects their quality of life as much as whites do

  • Just 1 in 4 U.S. Teens Gets Enough Exercise: Report
    Boys slightly more likely than girls to meet hour-a-day recommendation

  • Many Hispanic Women Unaware of Heart Disease Risk Factors
    Prevention strategies should target minority females, researchers say

  • Slow Eating Might Help Curb Calories
    Study found some people consume more when meals are rushed

  • Take Talk of Weight Off the Holiday Menu
    Better to set good example than to hurt someone's feelings, expert says

  • Too Few Americans Aware of Their High Blood Pressure: Study
    Researchers looked at nearly 70,000 adults in southeastern U.S.

  • As Body Weight Rises, So Do Health Costs, Study Finds
    Increased expenses seen even at healthy weights

  • Study: Black Women Lose Less Weight Than White Women on Same Diet
    Researcher says they have slower metabolisms, burn fewer calories after same amount of dieting and exercising

  • Obesity Tied to Decline in Kidney Function
    Study looked at blood-testing methods to detect changes before symptoms begin

  • Obese Kids Might Have Higher Levels of Stress Hormone
    But whether extra weight actually causes stress isn't clear, researcher says

  • Review Finds Weight-Loss Surgery Safe and Effective
    Benefits outweigh risks for many severely obese patients, expert says

  • Ear Acupuncture May Hold Promise for Weight Loss
    But small study doesn't prove it works, expert says

  • Diabetes Drug Metformin Tied to Slight Weight Loss in Obese Kids
    But, experts say drug isn't meant for that use, while diet and exercise have proven effective

  • Light Exercise Might Reduce Risk of Kidney Stones
    Intensity of activity doesn't seem to matter, study finds

  • Kids' Movies Deliver Mixed Messages on Eating, Obesity
    Films condemn obesity, but 'glamorize' inactivity, study finds

  • Obesity May Be Hard on Your Hearing, Study Says
    Extra pounds, particularly around the waist, raised risk for hearing loss, but exercise was protective

  • Obesity, Smoking Might Threaten Implants After Mastectomy
    Doctors should counsel patients about the risks, researcher says

  • Could Good Manners Help Spur Holiday Weight Gain?
    People may choose less healthy foods to avoid offending someone heavier, study finds

  • 'Healthy Obesity' Is a Myth, Report Says
    Researchers weigh results of 8 studies, find excess pounds raise death risk over time

  • Exercise May Not Stave Off Holiday Weight Gain
    Study suggests nothing can replace moderation in the face of high-calorie food and drinks

  • Smaller Bowls May Keep Kids From Overeating
    Researchers say tactic could help curb childhood obesity

  • Might Stomach Artery Treatment Be Future Weight-Loss Tool?
    Early study found unexpected side effect after procedure to stop bleeding

  • How to Slash Heart Risks Tied to Obesity
    Lower your blood pressure, cholesterol and blood sugar levels, analysis concludes

  • Sodas, Other Sweet Drinks Tied to Higher Risk for Endometrial Cancer
    Study of 23,000 older women saw odds for a tumor rise as daily intake went up

  • Cash Incentives Spur Poor To Buy Healthier Foods
    San Diego-area participants got matching funds to purchase specific products from farmers' markets

  • Texting Your Way to Weight Loss
    Women in small study used it to track their eating and exercise habits

  • Study of Severely Obese Family Leads to Gene Discovery
    Body's ability to control appetite, burn calories may be linked to gene mutation, researchers say

  • Steady Sleep Schedule May Help Keep Weight Off
    Study found consistent bedtime and wake-up time was linked to lower body fat in young women

  • 'Healthy' Obesity May Still Carry Higher Health Risks
    Researchers found greater odds of developing heart conditions, diabetes despite lack of symptoms

  • PTSD Might Lead to Sizable Weight Gain in Women
    Stress hormones may be one reason for this body-mind connection, study author says

  • Health Tip: When Your Child Is Overweight
    Openly support efforts to lose extra pounds

  • Kids Worldwide Getting Less Heart Fit, Research Shows
    Large study of running fitness in recent decades found today's children are much slower

  • Heart Disease No. 1 Cause of Pregnancy-Related Deaths in California: Study
    Researchers say one-third of these deaths could be prevented

  • New Study Paints Grim Health Picture for Obese Teens
    Doctors should inform families about short- and long-term consequences, researcher says

  • Health Tip: Cutting Down on Fat
    Be sure to read food labels

  • Could Weight-Loss Surgery Help Slow Aging for Some?
    Small, early study found longer 'telomeres' in genes of patients with cholesterol and inflammation problems

  • Testing for Pregnancy-Linked Diabetes Should Be Routine, Experts Say
    New guidelines from the Endocrine Society aim to detect cases early, get treatment started

  • Many Would Give Private Info to Health Insurers to Save Money
    But experts question whether people responding to Harris/HealthDay poll understand broader impact

  • New Guidelines May Widen Use of Statins
    Recommendations focus on patient risk factors rather than cholesterol numbers, experts say

  • Overweight Men May Face Higher Death Risk From Prostate Cancer: Study
    Strongest link seen in patients with more aggressive disease

  • Obesity Is Driving Surge in Knee Replacements, Study Finds
    Compared with seniors, artificial knee patients under 65 more likely to be severely overweight, data shows

  • More Evidence Ties Obesity to Disability in Older Women
    Studies found higher risks for heart disease, mobility problems and early death

  • Kidney Patients May Face Serious Side Effects From Weight-Loss Surgery
    Acute kidney damage was most common problem in U.K. study

  • 10 Percent of U.S. Adults Physically Limited by Arthritis: CDC
    Experts say obesity epidemic has widened the pool of disabled

  • Family Meals May Keep Kids, Parents at Healthy Weight
    Study found it's best to eat dinner in kitchen or dining room

  • Weight-Loss Surgery Safe for Very Obese Teens, Study Says
    But investigators add that more research needed to assess long-term results

  • Childhood Obesity Again Tied to Earlier Puberty in Girls
    Study compared onset age of breast development in 1997 and now

  • Kids Who Add Sleep Can Subtract Pounds, Study Suggests
    But other lifestyle factors also influence weight control, experts say

  • Smaller Belly, Less Deli May Reduce Kidney Disease Risk, Study Finds
    Processed foods are usually high in harmful phosphorus additives

  • New Drug May Someday Battle Obesity and Diabetes
    Mouse studies found it did double duty; human trials too short to see effect, researchers report

  • Obese Teens Eat Up Fast-Food Hype, Study Says
    Advertising messages more likely to reach overweight TV watchers than their slimmer peers

  • Gene Mutation Tied to Higher Obesity Risk in Kids
    A type of DNA appears to be linked to bigger appetites, slower metabolism, study found

  • Removable 'Gut Sleeve' Might Become a Future Weight-Loss Tool
    Study of experimental procedure showed promise in rats

  • Obese Patients With Pancreatic Cancer Have Shorter Survival, Study Finds
    Reasons for link are unclear, but might involve inflammatory issues or differences in treatment

  • One-Third of U.S. Adults Are Obese, CDC Says
    The number hasn't budged for years, agency notes

  • Diabetes May Outrank Weight Measurement When It Comes to Weight-Loss Surgery
    Age and smoking status are also key factors when thinking about procedure, study shows

  • President Taft's Obesity Struggle Was a Harbinger of Things to Come
    All that's different today are the numbers: one-third of Americans now obese

  • High Blood Pressure Common Among Overweight Kids
    Pediatricians should be vigilant about screening, researcher says

  • U.S. Panel Rejects Blood Pressure Screening for Kids, Teens
    Despite calls for routine testing, task force finds lack of evidence it would help

  • Docs Urged to Treat Unhealthy Habits Before Damage Is Done
    Target problems like smoking, poor eating and being overweight, heart association says

  • Health Tip: Help Prevent Childhood Obesity
    Limit TV time, and watch what kids eat

  • Poor Sleep Habits Linked With Chronic Diseases, Study Says
    Too much shuteye may be even more damaging than too little

  • Junk Food Makers Target Kids With Free Online Games, Study Says
    Experts call for regulation of 'advergames' while industry says it polices itself

  • Many Restaurant Chains Not Serving Healthier Fare: Report
    Average entree still has same number of calories, only tiny drop in salt content, researchers say

  • Fatty, High-Calorie Diet Linked to Pancreatic Cancer in Mouse Study
    Rodents on 'obesity meal plan' developed high number of precancerous lesions

  • Weight-Loss Surgery May Add to Painkiller Dependence, Study Says
    Doctors should warn patients their need for pain relief may continue, researchers say

  • Gel May Offer Simple Treatment for Newborns With Low Blood Sugar
    However, U.S. experts say inexpensive medication is promising but needs more research

  • Obesity Researchers Identify 'Good Fat' in Mice
    It's hoped this might lead to personalized human treatments

  • Could Obesity Help Older People With Type 2 Diabetes?
    Study found heavier seniors had lower death risk but higher disease risk, with reasons uncertain

  • Carbonation May Help Artificially Sweetened Soda 'Trick' the Brain
    Study unclear whether this helps or hinders people trying to lose weight

  • Weight-Loss Surgery Can Improve Long-Term Diabetes Control, Study Says
    Some patients were benefiting up to nine years later

  • Report Sees Continued Advances in War Against Cancer
    Millions more survive today, and experts say science is paying off

  • U.S. Teens Begin to Slim Down, Study Suggests
    Adolescents are eating healthier, exercising more

  • 4 Factors Predict Diabetes Remission After Surgery: Study
    Scoring system could help determine if weight-loss procedure will help control disease in obese patients

  • Childhood Obesity Quadruples Chances of Adult Hypertension: Study
    Even being overweight when young was found to double high blood pressure risk in long-term study

  • Obesity May Increase Migraine Odds
    Study found risk of painful headaches rose with body weight, especially in younger women and whites

  • Health Tip: Is a Medical Condition Affecting Your Weight?
    Hormonal disorder may make weight loss more challenging

  • Changes in Household Routines Help Reduce Kids' Obesity: Study
    Parents who limited kids' TV time, increased sleep time saw less excess weight gain in children

  • Boosting Teens' Mental Well-Being Is Goal of New Skills Program
    Students learn to watch for emotional triggers, shed negative beliefs

  • For Obese Kids, Weight Loss Can Sometimes Lead to Eating Disorders
    Problems like anorexia may go undiagnosed or be disregarded, case studies show

  • 5 Percent of U.S. Kids 'Severely Obese,' Experts Warn
    New and better treatments needed for this newly defined disease, researchers say

  • Obesity Gene Tests May Not Hamper Weight-Loss Efforts
    Knowing you have 'obesity gene' could reduce self-blame, study suggests

  • Gut Bugs May Hold Key to Weight Control, Mouse Study Suggests
    Findings hint that obese people might benefit from transfer of stomach bacteria of thinner people

  • Impulsive Food Purchases Tied to Too Little Sleep, Study Finds
    People may buy more food, higher-calorie items when deprived of shuteye

  • Short Bouts of Brisk Exercise May Help Cut Obesity Risk
    Intensity of activity more important than duration for controlling weight, study finds

  • New Drug Shows Promise for Type 2 Diabetes
    It appears to improve blood fat levels and may aid weight loss, researchers report

  • New Moms, the Obese Prone to Flu Complications, Analysis Finds
    But pregnant women not at high risk for problems, as previously thought

  • Fast-Food Ads Aimed at Kids Focus on Toys, Not Food
    Almost 70 percent include free toys or other giveaways, study says

  • Women Increasingly Prone to Kidney Stones
    Rising obesity likely is to blame, study author says

  • Your Gut Bacteria May Predict Your Obesity Risk
    Studies also found that high-fiber, low-fat diet can change bacteria makeup for the better

  • Gene May Raise Diabetics' Chances of Heart Disease
    People with type 2 diabetes plus a certain variant of DNA had 36 percent higher risk, study found

  • Study May Explain Why Some Obese People Don't Get Diabetes
    Relatively low level of inflammation may hold the key, researchers say

  • 'Maintain, Don't Gain' May Work Best for Obese Black Women
    Study aimed at this high-risk group found weight-maintenance approach was more effective than weight-loss program

  • Family History of Diabetes Makes 'Prediabetes' More Likely, Study Finds
    However, the effect was strongest for people who were not obese

  • 'Fat Letters' Take the Stage in Childhood Obesity Debate
    Experts, parents split over schools' role in weight screening

  • Plastics Chemicals May Boost Kids' Risk for Obesity, Diabetes
    Studies tied phthalates, BPA to insulin resistance, higher body fat

  • Obesity's Death Toll May Be Much Higher Than Thought
    Study shows 18 percent rate of related deaths in U.S. adults aged 40 and up, compared to earlier estimates of 5 percent

  • Link Between Obesity, Diabetes and Death Risk Is Complicated
    In large U.S. study, body weight mattered more for non-diabetics

  • Pregnant and Obese: Early Deaths Noted Among Offspring
    Study findings suggest need for weight control before conception

  • Are Truck Drivers on the Road to Ill Health?
    Greater demand for speed, efficiency take a toll, researcher finds

  • Breast-Feeding Tied to Reduced Child Obesity
    Large Japanese study looked at schoolchildren aged 7 and 8

  • Obesity Risk Factors May Vary for Boys, Girls
    Playing team sports, even drinking milk affected kids differently in study

  • Soda Tax Won't Curb Obesity, Study Contends
    Consumers will buy other fattening foods that cost less, researchers say

  • Urging Your Partner to Diet May Backfire
    Response could be unhealthy, such as fasting, taking diet pills or binge eating, study finds

  • Gene Tied to Obesity in Humans
    Study looked at CRTC1 gene, already associated with body weight in animals

  • Obese Kids More Likely to Have Asthma, With Worse Symptoms
    Study analyzed medical records of more than 600,000 children

  • Walking to Work Tied to Lower Diabetes Risk
    Car commuters have higher blood pressure, more obesity, U.K. study also found

  • Childhood Obesity Rates Drop Slightly: CDC
    U.S. government report finds good news in a critical fight

  • Obese Women Just As Likely to Have Success Using IVF With Donor Eggs
    Study found similar pregnancy, live birth and miscarriage rates compared to normal-weight women

  • Sugary Drinks Tied to Preschoolers' Extra Pounds
    Study found those who drank more of them were more likely to be obese at age 5

  • Whites Are Heavier Users of Weight-Loss Surgery, Study Finds
    Insurance differences may explain disparity

  • More Follow-Up Needed for Kids With High Blood Pressure Reading
    Only 1 of 5 children was rechecked within a month, study found

  • U.S. Obesity-Prevention Efforts Fall Short: Report
    Hefty changes needed at all levels of government, Institute of Medicine says

  • Rare Eye Disease Leaves People Without an Iris
    Aniridia, a genetic disorder, can cause blindness as well as metabolic illnesses, experts say

  • How Many Extra Calories Add Up to Obesity for Kids?
    Study finds overweight children consume more excess calories daily than previously thought

  • Bipolar Disorder May Vary Depending on Weight, Eating Disorders
    Binge eating tied to other mental health problems, obesity to physical symptoms in study patients

  • Skipping Breakfast May Not Lead to Weight Gain After All
    Small study found it did not make college students eat more later in the day, contrary to popular belief

  • Transplant May Boost Survival in Obese Kidney Failure Patients
    Living donor organs seemed to help reduce the risks of transplantation in overweight recipients

  • Stigma Overweight People Face Could Spur More Weight Gain
    Study found those who experienced it were 2.5 times more likely to become or stay obese

  • Obese Applicants More Often Denied Entry to Graduate Schools: Study
    Applicants of any size fared equally in phone interviews, but bias crept in at face-to-face meetings

  • Weight Loss May Help Thwart Diabetes
    Overweight study patients who shed pounds through lifestyle changes kept full-blown disease at bay

  • Regular, Vigorous Exercise May Lower Your Stroke Risk
    Direct effect not shown in study, but experts say physical activity's impact is clear

  • Researchers Identify Genetic Link to Obesity in Mice
    Human version of rare gene mutation also found in about 1 percent of obese people studied

  • Calorie Advice on Menus Might Not Help People Eat Better
    Customers may resist doing the math with every meal, study author says

  • Bone Marrow Fat May Raise Osteoporosis Risk, Study Says
    Obesity does not prevent the bone-thinning disease, researchers state

  • As Years Spent Obese Rise, So Do Heart Risks
    Study strengthens link between excess pounds and cardiovascular troubles

  • Physical Punishment in Childhood Tied to Health Woes as Adults
    Study found higher odds for adult obesity, heart disease, arthritis

  • Could a Gene Help Make You Obese?
    Certain DNA might keep people hungry, study suggests

  • More U.S. Kids May Be at Risk for High Blood Pressure
    Study looked at rise in body fat, waist size and salt intake over 13-year period

  • Exercise Up in U.S., But So Is Obesity: Report
    Food control is the missing link, experts say

  • Abdominal Fat Linked to Raised Heart, Cancer Risks
    Chances of disease were higher than when fat was in other parts of the body, researchers report

  • Obesity May Reduce Odds of IVF Success, Study Finds
    Overweight women should lose weight before trying to conceive, researchers say

  • Quitting Smoking May Boost Diabetes Risk Slightly in Older Women
    But heart and lung benefits outweigh the risk, expert says

  • Can Hi-Tech Avatars Promote Real-Life Weight Loss?
    Virtual sessions on portion control and exercise helped women in small pilot study

  • South Asian Men May Need More Exercise to Stay Healthy: Study
    Researchers in Scotland compared their risk of diabetes to that of white men

  • Night Owls May Pack on More Pounds
    Study found they ate worst foods late at night, long after sound sleepers had hit the sack

  • Obesity May Boost Migraine Odds
    Study found risk of painful headaches rose with body weight, especially in younger women and whites

  • Brain Scans Suggest 'Food Addiction' Might Be Real
    Certain carbohydrates seemed to activate neurological centers focused on reward, study found

  • Diet-Exercise Combo Doesn't Cut Heart Risks in Type 2 Diabetes Patients
    But study of overweight patients found lifestyle changes may prevent complications such as kidney failure, eye damage

  • Many Kids Missing Out on Healthy Lifestyle
    Report finds only half exercise enough, only a third eat fruits and vegetables every day

  • Liver Disease May Raise Risk of Heart Problems: Study
    People with non-alcoholic fatty liver disease should undergo coronary screening, researcher says

  • Focus on Health, Not Fat, in Food Talks With Kids
    Teens whose parents harped about weight gain tended to have more unhealthy eating behaviors, study shows

  • Depression, Antidepressants Tied to Heart Disease, Diabetes Risk in Older Women
    Larger waist size, more inflammation seen in study of women after menopause

  • Mind Over Diet?
    Study suggests people's beliefs about causes of obesity influence their eating habits, weight

  • Obesity Linked to Greater Risk of Hearing Loss in Teens
    Experts urge screening of overweight kids because many may be unaware their hearing is impaired

  • James Gandolfini's Death From Heart Trouble at 51 a Sign of the Times
    Doctors say more middle-aged Americans suffer cardiac problems, and they're often due to unhealthy lifestyles

  • U.S. Doctors' Group Labels Obesity a Disease
    Advocates say AMA's move will boost resources to fight weight-gain epidemic, but others question decision

  • Rheumatoid Arthritis Treatment May Not Work As Well for Heavier Patients
    Although more medication taken by obese patients in study, remission was less likely

  • Gene Research May Help Spot Baby's Obesity Risk
    Finding might lead to better ways to prevent those at higher risk from becoming overweight later

  • Health Tip: At Greater Risk for Obesity?
    Here are common risk factors

  • Skipping Breakfast May Raise Diabetes Risk
    Overweight women who ate morning meal had lower blood sugar, better insulin response in small study

  • Gene Variants May Play Role in Obesity
    But findings don't explain exactly how they are connected

  • Junk Food Ads May Help Drive Obesity in Hispanic Kids, Study Suggests
    Many of the more than 4,200 TV pitches children view each year highlight fatty, sugary fare

  • TV Commercials May Spur Junk Food Habit in Kids, Study Finds
    Advertising exposure seems to up odds that preschoolers will become obese

  • Deep Brain Stimulation Studied as Last-Ditch Obesity Treatment
    No major side effects seen in 3 patients over nearly 3 years

  • Soda Size Limits Could Aid Fight Against Obesity, Experts Say
    Ban would mostly affect overweight Americans, and would not discriminate against poor, findings suggest

  • More Evidence Links BPA to Childhood Obesity
    Study finds preteen girls who had high levels of common chemical were twice as likely to be overweight

  • Sleep Apnea May Boost Risk of Sudden Cardiac Death
    Study findings bolster suspected link between sleep disorder and heart-related death

  • Heavier Pregnant Women Tend to Deliver Prematurely
    In large Swedish study, risk rose along with the mother's weight

  • Even Mild Weight Loss May Lower Diabetes Risk in Obese Teens
    Study worked with adolescents and their families to boost activity, healthy eating

  • Your Stroke Risk Can Shrink With 7 Lifestyle Changes
    Controlling blood pressure is most important, large U.S. study found

  • Weight-Loss Surgery May Help Moderately Obese, Too
    It reduces symptoms of type 2 diabetes, studies found, but surgical risks exist

  • Infant Care May Help Explain Race-Linked Obesity Gap
    Black, Hispanic infants in study had solid foods sooner, more sugary drinks, less sleep

  • Obese Patients May Be More Prone to 'Doctor Shopping'
    Stigma, judgments in office visits might prompt frequent switches, study authors say

  • Childhood Abuse Tied to Food Addiction in Women: Study
    Tendency to overeat is nearly doubled for those victimized as kids

  • Weight Loss Might Ease Psoriasis, Study Hints
    Obese people on low-calorie diet reported relief of skin symptoms, better quality of life

  • Women's Weight-Loss Surgery May Benefit Later Offspring
    Study links procedure to genetic activity in children

  • How Many Calories in Your Fast-Food Meal? Guess Again
    Diners underestimated by as much as 500 calories in study

  • Many Medical Students Have Anti-Fat Bias, Study Finds
    That poses a significant barrier to the treatment of obesity, researchers say

  • Too Few Kids Use Fast-Food Calorie Info, Study Finds
    Girls and obese children are likelier to take advantage of this knowledge

  • Statins May Hamper Workout Results
    Overweight people on cholesterol-lowering drugs saw less fitness improvement than others in small study

  • Abused Children at Risk for Obesity as Adults: Study
    They are 36 percent more likely to struggle with weight later in life, researchers report

  • Americans Still Making Unhealthy Choices: CDC
    High rates of obesity, heavy drinking, smoking and inactivity reported, but most people getting enough sleep

  • ADHD in Childhood May Raise Risk for Obesity in Adulthood
    Study found boys with the disorder were twice as likely to have a higher body-mass index when they were men

  • Sleep Apnea in Seniors Tied to Alzheimer's in Study
    Connection appeared strongest among thinner people, researcher says

  • Losing Weight May Ease Chronic Heartburn
    Study found shedding pounds reduced GERD symptoms among overweight, obese patients

  • Age Amplifies Damage From Obesity, Study Finds
    By 50, arteries stiffen, increasing risk of death from heart disease, researchers say

  • Living Near Fast-Food Outlets Might Boost Obesity Risk
    Study of black Americans found link between having these restaurants nearby and being overweight

  • Gene Variations May Explain Weight Gain Among Men, Women
    People with specific 'polymorphisms' were more likely to put on pounds in 10-year study

  • Typical Restaurant Meal Loaded With Fats, Salt, Calories: Studies
    Just one meal often provides most of the daily recommended amounts, encouraging obesity

  • Obesity Crisis May Be Fueling Big Jump in Sleep Apnea Cases
    Researcher calls troubled sleep an 'uncalculated cost' of America's weight epidemic

  • Pets a Boon for the Human Heart, Cardiologists Say
    American Heart Association cites stress-busting, dog-walking benefits of companion animals

  • Money Motivates Weight Loss -- One Step at a Time
    Obese adults embrace walking program to avoid hike in insurance premiums, study finds

  • Exercise May Lower Older Women's Risk for Kidney Stones
    Study also found that cutting high-calorie foods can help

  • Preordered School Lunches May Be Healthier, Study Finds
    Kids make better choices when they aren't swayed by enticing smell, appearance of less-nutritious fare

  • Study Supports Broader Access to Lap-Band Weight-Loss Surgery
    But not everyone agrees it's time to recommend the procedure to those who aren't extremely obese

  • 'What's Bad for the Heart Also Bad for the Brain'
    Smoking, diabetes, other things that harm physical health linked to poorer mental function, study says

  • Younger Men Biggest Consumers of Added Sugars: CDC
    Sweetened food and beverages are source of too many empty calories, experts say

  • Men Who Are Obese While Young Can Pay a Price Later
    Danish study found overweight males in their 20s had worse health in middle age

  • Too Much Drinking, Weight May Harm Liver
    Study suggests women at higher risk for chronic liver disease

  • Doctors Feel Less Connected to Obese Patients, Study Suggests
    In office visits, physicians were less apt to use reassuring language if patient was overweight

  • Could Facebook Assist Public Health Efforts to Track Obesity?
    Study tied users' online interests in U.S. regions to obesity rates

  • Most Americans Oppose Soda, Candy Taxes
    They say it's not government's role to try to influence what people eat, drink, Harris Interactive/HealthDay poll finds

  • Obesity Linked to Prostate Cancer, Study Finds
    Men who had a biopsy that didn't find cancer were at raised risk for disease later if they were obese

  • Community Gardening May Reap Body Weight Benefit
    Study found less overweight in people who tend a plot

  • Gorging at the Buffet Table? Tactics May Help You Eat Less
    Study reveals how people stay in control when faced with endless portions, many choices

  • Teen Births May Increase Risk of Obesity Later in Life
    Having a child before age 20 linked to 32 percent greater odds of obesity, study finds

  • Some Slightly Obese May Gain From Weight-Loss Surgery, Guidelines Say
    Medical groups lower threshold for body-fat levels in new recommendations

  • Scarring May Raise Death Risk From Fatty Liver Disease
    Study looked at liver condition not tied to alcoholism

  • Do Teens Who Sleep In Stay Slimmer?
    Study finds association between more shuteye, healthier weight

  • Weight-Loss Surgery May Affect Fat-Related Genes
    Swedish researchers found better body-fat control in people who had procedure

  • Strides Made in Preventing Cancer, But Challenges Remain: Report
    American Cancer Society looked at smoking, obesity, disease screening, tanning and more

  • Belly Fat May Be Tied to Kidney Damage
    Study links an apple-shaped figure to early signs of kidney problems

  • Health Tip: Keep Food Cravings at Bay at the Office
    Suggestions to keep you on track with healthy eating

  • Gulp! Study Suggests Super-Size Soda Ban Could Fizzle
    But the research didn't involve actual consumers or beverages

  • Brain Surgery Eases Compulsive Eating in 10-Year-Old Girl
    Benign tumor was causing premature puberty and obesity linked to overeating, doctors say

  • Better School Lunches May Lead to Slimmer Students
    Obesity less likely when kids had discounted or free meals with higher nutritional value, study finds

  • Study Locates More Obesity Genes
    Findings shed light on overlap between extreme obesity and mild overweight, researcher says

  • When Teens Focus on TV, Obesity Risk Rises
    Study suggests that messages from junk food ads are getting through

  • Frequent Eating in Kids Tied to Less Weight Gain
    But this won't hold true with unhealthy foods, expert warns

  • Obesity Does Slow People Down, Study Confirms
    Women may be caught in cycle of fatigue, lack of self-esteem, expert says

  • Teen Boys With Enlarged Breasts Show Emotional Effects
    Study found condition may lower general health as well

  • Overweight While Younger Ups Kidney Risk Later
    Maintaining healthy weight until age 60 and beyond best prevention, study suggests

  • Study Pinpoints Women at Risk for Blood Clots From Pregnancy
    Factors include age, disease history and weight

  • Many U.S. Teens Have Poor Health Habits
    Bad diet, lack of exercise raise odds for later heart disease, experts warn

  • Kids of Better-Educated Parents Have Healthier Diets: Study
    European research compared nutritional choices such as fruits and veggies, sugary drinks

  • Breath Test Might Predict Obesity Risk
    It works by measuring bacteria balance in the gut, researchers say

  • Certain Lifestyle Factors Linked to Arthritis in Study Patients
    Screening for smoking, obesity and diabetes may help identify those at greater risk for rheumatoid arthritis

  • Physically Fit Docs More Likely to Prescribe Exercise, Study Finds
    Boosting physicians' fitness might have trickle-down effect for entire population, experts say

  • How Healthy Is Your County?
    People living in the least healthy areas of U.S. twice as likely to die early, report says

  • Stroke Before Age 50 Linked to Raised Risk of Early Death
    Study authors stress that improved diet, quitting smoking can minimize the odds

  • Switch to Skim Milk Won't Prevent Toddler's Obesity: Study
    Surprise finding runs counter to standard recommendations from doctors' groups

  • Sugary Drinks Tied to 25,000 U.S. Deaths a Year
    Study estimated beverages' role in worldwide obesity and heart disease, diabetes, some cancers

  • Childhood Depression May Be Tied to Later Heart Risk: Study
    For these kids, obesity, smoking and inactivity more likely in adolescence, preliminary research shows

  • Lung Transplant Hazard May Rise With Obese Recipients, Smoking Donors
    Study found more 'primary graft dysfunction,' which is tied to higher death risk

  • In Seriously Ill Kids, Obesity May Be Tied to Higher Death Risk: Study
    But more research is needed to confirm the association, experts say

  • Breast-Feeding Won't Prevent Pre-Teen Obesity, Study Finds
    Nursing exclusively has no effect on later weight, but many other benefits exist

  • Obese New Mothers May Have Higher Heart Attack, Stroke Risk
    Large Danish study looked at young women who'd recently given birth

  • Heavier Pregnant Women May Face Higher C-Section Risk
    Study also found greater possibility of forceps delivery

  • You Can Help Reduce Your Colon Cancer Risk: Expert
    Preventive measures include screening, food choices and moderate exercise

  • Piling on Pounds When Younger May Lead to Enlarged Heart Later
    Long-term study found the earlier the weight gain, the greater the increase in heart size, a disease risk factor

  • Cash Incentives, Penalties May Spur People to Shed More Pounds
    Study found those who won or lost $20 depending on weight-loss success stuck with the program

  • Procedure Lowers 'Hunger Hormone' to Help Obese Lose Weight
    Early study of five patients found up to 45-pound drop, but much more research needed

  • Volunteering May Boost Teen Heart Health
    Study found those who did charity work had lower body fat, cholesterol levels than those who didn't

  • Eating Out Can Hurt Heart Health, Expert Warns
    One tip for restaurant-goers: avoid menu items that are fried, battered, creamy or cheesy

  • When Kids Exercise More, Their Grades Might Rise Too
    Study of young students questions value of phasing out PE in public schools

  • Babies Born to Obese Women Show Thicker Arteries: Study
    This could be a very early signal of cardiovascular issues, Australian researchers say

  • Too Much Sitting Could Court Diabetes, Study Finds
    There was an effect on blood sugar, other factors even when exercise was factored in

  • Blocked Heart Arteries May Be Key Risk Factor for Stroke
    The more calcium inside vessels, the higher the odds for the brain attacks, study found

  • Countries With More Sugar in Food Supply Have More Diabetes
    Global study strengthens tie between sweeteners and type 2 disease, experts say

  • Obesity, Exercise May Affect Risk for Key Type of Colon Cancer
    Finding could spur doctors to strongly recommend physical activity to vulnerable patients

  • Experts Dispute Value of Checking Kids' Blood Pressure
    Task force finds insufficient data to support testing, but others say it's essential

  • Allergy 'Rescue' Shots May Work Better in Lower Thigh of Overweight Kids
    Study found needles for lifesaving medication too short to reach upper-thigh muscle

  • Poll: Many Americans Don't See Their Kids as Overweight
    But national statistics contend that there's an obesity epidemic among children

  • A Few Extra Pounds May Harm Lung Function in Black, Hispanic Kids
    Differences in body fat distribution could boost asthma rates in some minorities, study says

  • U.S. Kids Consuming Fewer Calories, Report Finds
    Experts credit healthier fare at schools, information campaigns for the turnaround

  • Fast Food Makes Up 11 Percent of Calories in U.S. Diet: CDC
    But, that's a drop from 2003-2006, researchers note

  • Weight-Loss Surgery Won't Cut Obesity-Related Medical Costs: Study
    U.S. spends about $168 billion a year on expenses associated with growing weight problem

  • Exercise May Stave Off Depression in Severely Obese
    Study found as little as 8 minutes of daily activity helped patients scheduled for weight-loss surgery

  • Youth Smoking, Obesity May Lead to Early Death
    Study found first raised risk by 86 percent, while second increased it by 39 percent

  • Hemorrhoids Are Common, Preventable and Treatable
    They're the U.S. health subject most searched for online, FDA reports

  • Obese Black Women at Higher Risk for Having Very Large Babies
    Infants weighing more than 8.8 pounds can lead to birth complications, researchers say

  • Outdoor Fast-Food Ads Linked to Obesity, Study Suggests
    Where neighborhood advertising promotes eating, more residents are overweight, research finds

  • FDA Should Work to Cut Sugar Levels in Sodas, Experts Say
    Petition by leading consumer advocate group and academics urges artificial sweeteners be used instead

  • Breast Cancer Research Needs More Focus on Environment: Report
    Unlike family history, risk factors such as chemical exposure, obesity can be changed, experts say

  • People Seem More Accepting of Food Addiction Than Other Vices
    But obese people are less likely to be given a pass on their eating habit, research shows

  • Docs' Theories on Obesity May Affect Their Weight-Loss Advice
    Improved education on causes of weight gain might help physicians treat overweight patients, study says

  • Stars Strut in Red to Bring Awareness to Women's Heart Health
    Annual celebrity-studded fashion show reminds women heart disease is their No. 1 killer

  • Health Tip: Keep Active by Walking
    Even if you're overweight

  • Health Tip: Eating Because You're Bored?
    Don't munch when you're not hungry

  • Vitamin D Loss Attributed to Obesity
    As weight rises, 'sunshine vitamin' declines, study says

  • Diabetes Drug May Offer 'Modest' Weight Loss for Very Obese Teens: Study
    Byetta users showed small improvement, but drug is pricey and has side effects

  • Boomers' Health Fails to Measure Up to Parents'
    Study finds higher rates of chronic disease, disability and lower self-rated health

  • Energy Drinks Pose Risks to Teens, Study Finds
    Says highly caffeinated beverages can cause heart problems, especially when combined with alcohol

  • Chips, Sodas Out, Healthier Fare In With New School Snack Rules
    USDA's proposals go beyond school meals to vending machines

  • Belly Fat May Raise Odds of Early Death for Thin Heart Patients
    Larger waist size dangerous even when weight is normal, study says

  • Vegetarianism May Cut Heart Disease Risk By Third: Study
    Lowered blood pressure, cholesterol levels may be the key, researchers say

  • Obesity May Be Linked to MS Risk in Children
    However, study is preliminary and MS still rare in kids, experts say

  • Study Shows Weight-Loss Myths Abound
    Researchers find slim evidence to support many commonly held beliefs

  • Late Lunch May Mean Less Weight Loss
    Spanish study suggests that having midday meal before 3 p.m. might help dieters

  • Obese Women With Diabetes May Need Different Workouts Than Men
    Small study found specific exercise program did less to improve their health

  • FDA Approves 3 New Drugs for Type 2 Diabetes
    Nesina, Kazano and Oseni each contain a new active ingredient aimed at boosting insulin production

  • Very Obese Teens See Heart Gains From Weight-Loss Surgery: Study
    In this age group, procedure is about health only, not appearance, expert says

  • More Time at Family Dinners Might Curb Obesity in Kids
    In study with low-income families, just 4 more minutes of mealtime was tied to healthier weight

  • Eat Too Much While Watching TV? Try Taking Smaller Bites
    In study, people given preset 'sips' of soup consumed less

  • One Path to Fitter Kids: More P.E. at School
    Study finds that reinstating daily classes would fulfill 1/3rd of U.S. goals for kids' exercise

  • Obese Drivers May Be More Likely to Die in Car Crashes
    Seat belt positioning could be one reason, study authors say

  • Happy in Marriage, Heavier on the Scale?
    Study found satisfied newlyweds gained more weight than less satisfied ones

  • Obese Patients Urged to Lose Weight Before Kidney Transplant
    Extra pounds may hinder success of procedure, research review suggests

  • Weight Gain a Risk After Knee Replacement, Study Finds
    Many patients continue to avoid activity that caused pain before the surgery, researcher says

  • Obese Kids May Face Immediate Health Woes, Study Finds
    Higher rates of ADHD, asthma and learning problems seen in overweight children, study shows

  • Childhood Obesity Rates Drop in New York City, Los Angeles: Study
    State programs promoting healthy lifestyles work, but it takes time before results are seen, researchers say

  • Cut Back on Sugar to Lose Some Weight
    Limiting intake seems to have small but significant effect on body weight, study says

  • Obese Patients May Have Less Success With Back Surgery
    Study looked at treatments for slipped or ruptured disks

  • Avoid Pregnancy for a Year After Weight-Loss Surgery: Review
    Procedure cuts complication rate for obese women, but experts urge waiting a while to have kids

  • Fewer U.S. Patients Getting Weight Counseling From Doctors
    Study finds primary care visits now less likely to include such advice, despite rise in obesity rates

  • Keeping Fit May Boost Survival With Endometrial Cancer
    Study found higher death risk for those who were overweight, physically inactive

  • Moms May Use TV to Calm Fussy Infants: Study
    Babies with obese mothers were most likely to watch up to 3 hours daily instead of playing

  • For Texas Man, Bariatric Surgery Led to Diabetes-Free Life
    Paul Garcia lost 200 pounds, quit diabetes meds and feels like 'totally new person'

  • Weight-Loss Surgery Is New Diabetes Foe
    Many patients gain better blood sugar control, less need for meds after gastric bypass

  • Could Being a Little Overweight Help You Live Longer?
    International analysis found obesity raised the odds of early death, but a few extra pounds didn't hurt

  • Is Fructose Making People Fat?
    Simple sugar found in high-fructose corn syrup and elsewhere is tied to appetite changes in study

  • 'Teaching Gardens' Nurture Kids' Interest in Healthy Foods
    An idea that began at the White House can take root in almost any home, one expert says

  • Kids and Healthy Eating Can Go Together
    Initiatives from cooking classes to 'teaching gardens' can make it happen

  • Your New Weight-Loss Resolution: Drive Less
    Study suggests you'll cut pounds while saving gasoline

  • Overweight Teens Report High Rates of Bullying, Teasing
    Survey also found that parents, teachers were sometimes perpetrators

  • Many Primary-Care Doctors Want Help Treating Obesity
    Physicians say more training, practice-based changes might lead to improved care for obese patients

  • Overweight? You Can Scale Back Weight Gain in Pregnancy
    New guidelines suggest less is more for heavy mothers-to-be

  • Heart Health Worst in the South, Best in Northeast
    In large U.S. survey, Oklahoma ranked lowest while Washington, D.C., ranked highest

  • Intensive Lifestyle Changes Keep Type 2 Diabetes at Bay
    Weight loss, exercise brought remission to few and better health to many more

  • Aerobic Exercise Seems Best for Weight, Fat Loss
    Researchers compared it to resistance training, found it more effective

  • Hair Concerns May Discourage Exercise for Some Black Women
    Survey found issues ranged from desire to maintain hairdos to scalp and breakage problems

  • Study Questions Advice Given to Obese Pregnant Women
    Clinicians tell them to put on too many pounds, get too little activity, small study finds

  • Saving Carbs for Dinnertime Might Help Control Weight
    Experimental diet offered benefits in small study, but experts say it's too soon to say it works

  • Mothers' Pre-Pregnancy Weight Tied to Kids' IQ, Study Says
    Excess pounds before pregnancy may contribute to lower test scores for child

  • U.S. Lifestyles Thwarting Heart Health Progress: Report
    While there's been improvement, Americans still need to get off the couch and eat right

  • Could Kids' Salt Intake Affect Their Weight?
    Study found those who consumed more sodium also drank more sugary beverages

  • Just Lowering Fat Intake Can Shed Pounds, Study Finds
    Loss not as dramatic as with dieting, but weight stays off, researchers found

  • Consider Weight When Choosing Blood Pressure Meds: Study
    Diuretics can hurt lean patients, researchers say

  • Mouse Study Offers Clues to Obesity-Diabetes Link
    Researchers hope to cut the connection between fatty diet and insulin resistance, but it's complicated

  • Use Social Media to Fight Childhood Obesity, Heart Experts Say
    When one teen makes healthy changes, cyber 'friends' may follow

  • Obesity Complicates Lung Cancer Surgery: Study
    Greater body-mass index meant more time in operating room

  • Despite More 'Healthy' Options, Little Change in Fast-Food Calorie Counts
    Watch out for side orders, salad dressings, sauces and desserts, study says

  • Simple Formula May Predict Obesity Risk at Birth
    Baby's weight, parents' weight, mom's work all included in calculating the odds, researchers say

  • Deep Belly Fat Could Weaken Men's Bones, Study Suggests
    Level of 'visceral fat' seemed to have an effect regardless of man's overall weight

  • Supplements of Red Wine Antioxidant Don't Help Obese Men
    Study should put claims of health benefits to rest, experts say

  • New Treatment Aids Weight Loss, Improves Diabetes in Monkeys
    But how it might work in humans remains to be seen

  • Diabetes Rates Higher in Countries Using Lots of High Fructose Corn Syrup: Study
    But critics say this research doesn't prove the sweetener is any worse than other sugars

  • Number of U.S. Kids With Diabetes Could Skyrocket: Study
    By 2050, rates of type 2 disease may rise by 50 percent, and type 1 incidence may jump nearly one-quarter

  • Study Supports Link Between Obesity, Cavities in Homeless Kids
    Besides difficulty gaining access to dental care, lack of good food, clean water may add to woes

  • Kids With Psoriasis More Likely to Be Overweight: Study
    Experts suspect obesity drives the skin problem

  • Unemployed at Higher Risk for Heart Attack?
    Multiple job losses are as harmful as smoking and chronic disease, study finds

  • Kids in Daycare More Prone to Be Overweight
    Researchers don't yet have an explanation for the link

  • Health Tip: Eat Healthier During the Holidays
    Don't skip any meals

  • Poor Neighborhoods Home to More Obese Kids: Study
    Researchers find link between weight and the economic and educational status of the community

  • Early Menstruation Tied to Factors That Raise Heart Disease Risk
    Having a first period at a young age linked to more body fat, which can harm heart, blood vessels

  • Alcoholic Drinks Add 100 Calories a Day to Average Adult's Diet: Study
    Over time, even that amount can help pile on unwanted pounds, experts note

  • U.S. Diabetes Rates Soaring: CDC
    Numbers have doubled over 15 years across 18 states, and all states now have rates of 6 percent or more

  • Meditation Might Cut Risk of Heart Attack, Stroke in Blacks
    Small study looked at Transcendental Meditation

  • Extra Pounds Linked to Rheumatoid Arthritis Risk in Women
    Those who were overweight or obese were more likely to develop the painful disease, analysis showed

  • U.S. Med Students May Be Undereducated on Obesity
    Researchers found lack of training material on obesity treatment and health care provider bias

  • Study Ties Obesity-Related Gene to Weaker Memory
    But it's not clear why connection exists or what it means

  • Too Much Sitting Linked to Fat Buildup Around the Heart
    And exercise didn't seem to lessen the effect, new study shows

  • Many U.S. Hispanics Have Heart Disease Risk Factors
    Study found variations by background; higher rates in Puerto Ricans, lower rates in South Americans

  • Losing Weight May Lower Cardiac Risks
    Study finds both low-carb and low-fat diets help overweight people reduce inflammation

  • For Kids, Eating Out = More Calories
    Healthier restaurant choices and eating at home are ways to keep calories under control, experts say

  • Obese Children Struggle With Joint Pain: Study
    Experts say vicious cycle of inactivity, poor diet set overweight kids up for arthritis as adults

  • Learning How to Keep Pounds Off Before Dieting May Work Best
    Study found strategy boosted long-term results in women trying to lose weight

  • Eating More Meals Linked to Less Student Overweight
    Tri-state study also adds to research on sodas, screen time and school sports

  • Mothers' Weight-Loss Surgery Linked to Kids' Heart Health
    Siblings born after procedure had changes in genes related to obesity, disease in study

  • Body Fat May Affect Death Risk Among Breast Cancer Patients
    Study found that those who were obese or underweight had worst outlook

  • Obese Teens Face Higher Risk for Kidney Disease: Study
    Extra weight has real health consequences, but losing pounds can lower chances, expert says

  • Obese Boys, Impotent Men?
    Small study found lower testosterone levels in heavy young males, but more research needed

  • Heart Disease Risk Factors Also Tied to Death From Prostate Cancer
    Following prevention guidelines might have added benefit for men, study suggests

  • Kids With Stressed-Out Parents Eat More Fast Food: Study
    Child obesity was more likely as parental stress scores rose

  • Diet/Exercise Combo Best, 'Biggest Loser' Study Says
    20 minutes of exercise, 20 percent calorie cut would maintain weight loss, computer model predicts

  • Nationwide Study Examines Common Heart Procedures
    Patients undergoing angioplasty, stent placement more likely to be overweight, smoke, have high blood pressure

  • Weight-Loss Surgery Tied to Drop in Heart Risk Factors
    Procedure cut blood pressure, other causes of stroke, heart attack, study says

  • Epilepsy Drug Shows Promise as Weight-Loss Aid, Study Says
    Zonisamide plus nutritional counseling worked for certain obese adults, but not without side effects

  • Obesity Helps Spur Cancer's Growth, Mouse Study Suggests
    Finding might explain why obese cancer patients fare worse than normal-weight peers

  • Sitting Can Harm Health, Even for Those Who Exercise
    Review of data finds too much chair time doubles odds for diabetes, heart disease and death

  • Diet, Exercise May Boost 'Good' Cholesterol, Study Suggests
    Benefits of lifestyle changes go beyond weight loss for diabetes patients, researcher says

  • U.S. Stroke Patients Are Getting Younger
    Study found rise in rates among adults aged 20 to 54

  • Gene Tied to Obesity, Depression, ADHD
    Of more than 65,000 people screened in study, 5 had 'BDNF' deletion

  • Group Programs for Weight Loss May Work Best
    Study found those who go to meetings shed more pounds, whether health pro or peer in charge

  • U.S. Sees a Run on New Knees Since 1990s
    Over $9 billion spent annually on the operation, researchers say

  • Severely Obese Americans on the Rise
    Study shows a decade of growth among those with 100 pounds excess weight, but trend is slowing

  • 'Junk Food' May Significantly Hike Risk of Stroke, Researchers Say
    Western diet tied to health problems in young rats after just 2 months, study finds

  • Heart Disease Deaths in Europe Dropping: Report
    But researchers say obesity, diabetes could threaten progress made

  • Exercise Programs for Kids Seem to Have Little Impact: Study
    But other experts disagree and say more activity, not less, is needed

  • Obesity Now Puts Kids' Hearts at Risk Later
    Large review found increased blood pressure, cholesterol levels and other forerunners of disease

  • Working Out Cuts Women's Appetite, Study Finds
    Regardless of weight, participants didn't consume more to 'make up' for calories burned

  • Stress Linked to Greater Weight Gain in Black Girls, Study Finds
    Results may help explain racial differences in obesity rates

  • Obese Pregnant Women With Sleep Apnea May Have More Delivery Complications
    More newborns admitted to ICU, more mothers had high blood pressure, study found

  • Active Video Games Have Exercise-Like Effects in Kids: Study
    Players' heart rates rose and they used more energy than with sedentary games

  • Obese Black Kids More Susceptible to Hypertension, Study Finds
    Differences in salt consumption, hormone levels may play a role, researchers say

  • Obese Kids May Have Dulled Taste Buds
    Lack of sensitivity may lead to eating more, researchers say

  • Heart Deaths Rise With Extreme Temperatures, Study Finds
    Heat waves deadlier than cold snaps, researchers find

  • Belly Fat Adds to Diabetes Risk in Obese Adults, Study Finds
    Insulin resistance also a factor in developing type 2 disease

  • Aerobic Exercise Cuts Kids' Diabetes Risk: Study
    Just 20 minutes a day improved insulin resistance of overweight children

  • BPA in Food Packaging Tied to Child Obesity: Study
    However, it's not proven that the chemical causes increased weight

  • Obesity Surgery Seems to Reduce Heart Risks, Study Says
    Diabetes remission, lower blood pressure and cholesterol levels noted after 6 years

  • Too Much Salt Might Harm Kids' Health: Study
    High intake may lead to rise in blood pressure, especially in overweight children

  • Diets High in Fructose May Harm Liver in Some, Scientists Warn
    Increased consumption of this sugar linked to altered metabolism, energy balance stores

  • Shoppers Who Read Food Labels Are Thinner, Study Says
    Urban white women are most likely to check for nutritional content

  • Food-Assistance Program Sees $2 Billion Spent on Sweet Drinks: Study
    Yet initiative's goal is promoting good nutrition

  • Cancer Overtakes Heart Disease as Top Cause of Death Among U.S. Hispanics
    But their total death rate for cancer has dropped in past 3 years, report shows

  • Comparison of Obesity Surgeries Turns Up Surprising Results
    More popular method is less successful for maintaining weight loss, study says

  • Obesity Hits Rural Areas Harder Than Cities
    Nearly 40 percent of rural adults in U.S. are obese, compared to 33 percent of city dwellers, study shows

  • Knee, Hip Replacements Don't Help People Lose Weight: Study
    Evidence is inconclusive and may even point to weight gain, researchers say

  • Could Facebook Be Making You Fat?
    Time spent on social networking sites was time taken away from physical activity, study found

  • NYC OKs Ban on Big Sugary Drinks
    Mayor Michael Bloomberg says initiative is bid to combat obesity; opponents call it intrusion on individual rights

  • NYC 'Soda Ban' Decision Expected Thursday
    Mayor's attempt to combat obesity comes up against industry, individual rights, opponents say

  • Severely Obese Women Attempting IVF May Have Lower Egg Quality
    Study suggests this could affect their ability to get pregnant

  • Exercise Does Boost Teens' Health, Study Finds
    Benefits include reductions in waist size, blood pressure, body mass

  • Overweight Teens Typically Eat Less Than Normal-Weight Peers
    Study finding points to need for novel weight-loss interventions

  • It's Possible to Be Obese and Heart-Healthy: Studies
    However, some experts contend that being 'fit and fat' is the exception, not the rule

  • Teen Obesity Linked to Mom's Smoking in Pregnancy: Study
    Structural changes in brain may trigger preference for fatty foods, researchers say

  • Obesity Might Lower Teens' Thinking Skills, Study Suggests
    Those with cluster of symptoms did worse on tests, showed brain changes on MRI

  • Belly Fat May Hit Your Heart the Hardest
    Study finds risk of cardiovascular death highest in those with 'central obesity'

  • Excess Pounds Raise Risk of Breast Cancer Recurrence, Death: Study
    Link seen only with most common form of disease

  • Overweight Kids More Prone to Gallstones: Study
    Risk was even higher for obese girls, Hispanics

  • Couch-Potato Kids Are Top U.S. Child Health Problem: Poll
    Obesity, tobacco use also ranked high among community concerns

  • Many Obese Americans Struggle With Stigma, Discrimination, Poll Finds
    As levels of overweight rise, more say they've been left out of gatherings or passed over for jobs

  • Modern Technology Adds to Worldwide Obesity Woes: Report
    As countries gain information and communication advances, populations pack on pounds, research shows

  • Obesity Biggest Risk Factor for Diabetes Among Poor: Study
    Lifestyle changes key to decreasing disease rate among the disadvantaged

  • Weight-Loss Surgery May Help Prevent Type 2 Diabetes
    Medications, lifestyle changes still first-line prevention, researchers say

  • Antibiotic Use in Infants Tied to Overweight Later: Study
    Babies receiving these drugs before 6 months of age were heavier for height at 3 years

  • Health, Social Life Improve After Weight-Loss Surgery: Study
    Patients sought better condition, self-esteem, activity levels

  • Dense Breasts Not Linked to Cancer Deaths
    Worse breast cancer survival seen with low-density tissue in obese women, study finds

  • Obesity in Middle Age Tied to More Rapid Mental Decline: Study
    'Fat and fit' concept may not apply to brain function, research suggests

  • Kids Who Can Resist Sweets Might Be Slimmer as Adults
    Decades-long research shows self-control as tot may mean an obesity-free maturity

  • Sleep Apnea Affects Many Women, Too
    Study finds obesity, high blood pressure raise the odds for disorder

  • Does Just Feeling Fat Make You Gain Weight?
    Study shows teens with a bloated body image more likely to become fat in their 20s

  • 'Yo-Yo' Dieting Won't Harm Long-Term Weight Loss Efforts
    Study found no differences among 'weight cyclers' and others as time went on

  • Older Americans Living Longer, But Becoming More Obese
    Government report on seniors also found more working women, higher housing costs

  • Fat Stats: 30% of Adults in 12 States Now Obese
    South, Midwest claim high proportion, researchers find

  • Babies of Heavy Moms Grow Slower: Study
    Findings suggest obesity epidemic harms kids even before birth

  • Stressed-Out Men May Prefer Heavier Women
    Study suggests evolution could explain why males are programmed this way

  • In Short Term, Weight-Loss Surgery Doesn't Raise Fracture Risk
    But study found slightly higher risk several years after procedure

  • Normal-Weight People With Type 2 Diabetes Have Higher Death Risk: Study
    In surprise finding, odds of dying twice as high if weight is normal at diagnosis

  • Cholesterol Levels Getting Better for U.S. Kids: CDC
    But small gains may be offset by obesity crisis, expert warns

  • More Americans Walking, But Still Not Enough, CDC Says
    Almost half of adults don't get enough exercise to improve their health: report

  • Severely Obese Donors Raise Risks for Kids With Liver Transplant
    Children with organs from these adult donors were more likely to lose grafts and die, study found

  • When Parents Get Active, So Do Kids: Study
    Weekends are ideal time to get moving as a family, researchers say

  • Wider Waistlines Put Damper on Men's Sex Lives: Study
    As obesity rises, males encounter sexual dysfunction more often, research shows

  • Many Americans in Denial Over Weight Gain: Study
    While average adult weight rose in 2008-2009, most surveyed thought they'd dropped pounds

  • 'Obese' Label May Not Apply to Heavy Ex-NFL Players
    Standard BMI measurement doesn't account for muscle mass, overestimates obesity in athletes, study finds

  • Need to Get Walking More? Clip on a Pedometer
    Study found use of the device nearly doubled the time seniors spent strolling each week

  • Obese Kids May Be at Higher Risk for Heart Disease
    Researchers found two of three already had one risk factor for cardiovascular trouble

  • NYC Ban on Super-Sized Sodas Would Cut Consumers' Calories: Study
    Researchers find reduction of about 63 calories per fast-food meal

  • Work-Linked Sleep Loss May Harm Police Officers' Health
    Getting less than 6 hours increases risk of chronic fatigue, obesity and diabetes, researchers say

  • 2 New Weight-Loss Drugs Won't Reverse U.S. Obesity Crisis
    Proper nutrition, exercise are key factors that must be part of any diet plan, health experts say

  • FDA Approves 2nd New Weight-Loss Drug
    Qsymia joins Belviq as first diet medications approved in 13 years; experts still counsel healthy lifestyle as best option

  • Another New Weight-Loss Drug Approved
    Qsymia sanctioned for obese or overweight people with chronic condition

  • FDA Bans BPA From Baby Bottles, Sippy Cups
    Move comes after industry request for 'clarification,' but consumer advocates say it's not enough

  • Playing Several Sports Keeps Kids Slimmer: Study
    Walking or biking to school can help, too

  • Police Work Takes Heavy Health Toll: Study
    Daily stress, night shift contribute to officers' increased risk for chronic illnesses

  • Weight-Loss Keys: Food Journals, Eating In, Not Skipping Meals
    'Ladies who lunch' in restaurants lost the least weight in study

  • Annual Report on U.S. Kids' Health a Mixed Bag
    There are fewer infant deaths and preterm births, but more kids live in poverty, government finds

  • 'Beige' Fat Joins Brown Fat as Potential Weight-Loss Target
    These cells, a combination of white and brown fat, may ramp up weight loss, scientists say

  • Heavier Friends Might Widen Your Waistline: Study
    Research with high school students suggests overweight pals influence weight gain

  • Babies Born to Obese Mothers May Have Low Iron: Study
    Iron deficiency at birth can lead to developmental delays

  • Selflessness Can Threaten Clergy Members' Health
    Ministering to others linked to above-average rates of depression, chronic diseases, study shows

  • Motherhood, Breast-Feeding May Affect Long-Term Weight
    Childbearing is linked to larger size, but nursing cuts the odds, study finds

  • U.S. Schools Throwing the Book at Unhealthy Drinks
    But 33% of elementary students still have access to high-calorie beverages, findings show

  • Extra Pounds May Offer Protection to Heart Failure Patients
    Adults with heart failure who were overweight or obese had lower risk of death in study

  • Smallest, Largest Fetuses at Higher Risk of Stillbirth
    Problems with placenta to blame for small babies, while maternal diabetes, obesity can mean large babies

  • To Improve School Nutrition, Involve Teachers and Parents
    Junk-food 'interventions' decreased consumption of unhealthy foods and beverages by 30 percent

  • Pictures of Fatty, Sugary Foods May Spur Cravings
    Stimulating brain's reward areas might cause overeating, researchers say

  • Weight Loss May Increase Testosterone Levels
    Overweight men more likely than normal-weight men to have low levels of the hormone, study says

  • FDA Clears First Weight-Loss Pill in 13 Years
    Belviq designed to make people feel full sooner

  • FDA Approves First New Weight-Loss Drug in More Than a Decade
    Belviq targeted for adults with health problems such as high blood pressure, type 2 diabetes

  • Hormone 'Ratio' May Show Which Dieters Will Keep Weight Off
    Study found measuring the ratio of leptin and ghrelin helped predict success

  • Low Vitamin D Levels Linked to Weight Gain in Older Women
    Findings significant since most over 65 are deficient in it, researchers say

  • Certain Diets May Help Body Burn More Calories: Study
    Low-carb and low-glycemic plans work best, but low-carb regimen has drawbacks

  • Diabetes Can Make a Comeback After Weight-Loss Surgery: Study
    For some, bariatric procedures banish the disease, but only for a while

  • Secondhand Smoke Linked to Raised Diabetes Risk
    Findings also suggest an association with obesity, but more research is needed

  • Plastics Chemical Linked to Obesity in Kids
    Study suggests phthalates may alter fat metabolism, influence weight

  • 'Dessert' With Breakfast Boosts Weight Loss: Study
    But several nutritionists disagree with the finding

  • Screen All Adults for Obesity: U.S. Panel
    New guidelines focus on lifestyle counseling, not medication

  • Weight-Loss Surgery May Improve Diabetes-Related Kidney Damage
    Obese patients who had bariatric procedure had lower rates of kidney disease, study found

  • Race Might Play Role in Success of Weight-Loss Surgery
    Black women lost less than whites, but the gap was narrower when diabetes was present, study finds

  • Weight-Loss Surgery Cuts Heart Risk 7 Years Later: Study
    Patients maintained lower weight, improvement in cholesterol levels

  • Discount Supermarkets Tied to Rising Obesity Rates
    Make healthy foods more affordable, researchers say

  • Health of Americans a Mixed Bag: CDC Report
    More are exercising and not smoking, but obesity, diabetes rates still increasing

  • Some May Drink More After Weight-Loss Surgery: Study
    It's not clear whether gastric procedures boost the risk

  • Dramatic Rise in Kids Hospitalized With High Blood Pressure: Study
    Childhood obesity may be a culprit in nearly doubled hypertension rates in the past decade

  • Does Weight-Loss Surgery Work for Teens? Yes, Study Says
    But experts stress that obese kids do have non-surgical options that may work

  • Liposuction Might Have 'Boomerang' Effect
    But exercise kept post-surgical increase in fat around organs at bay, study found

  • Heavy Drinking, Smoking Won't Harm Men's Sperm: Study
    But the data should not give would-be dads the green light to pursue unhealthy lifestyles, experts say

  • Obesity, Depression Blamed for Daytime Sleepiness 'Epidemic'
    Preliminary studies add another health consequence of being overweight

  • Young Cancer Survivors Often Face Long-Term Health Problems
    More smoking, obesity, chronic illness, poor mental health seen in these young adults, CDC says

  • Diabetes Rising Rapidly Among U.S. Kids
    Both type 1 and type 2 disease rates up more than 20 percent in past decade, finds study

  • Many People With Type 1 Diabetes Missing Treatment Goals: Study
    Blood sugar control remains a challenge despite improvements in care

  • Docs Aren't Coaching Overweight Kids on How to Slim Down: Study
    Obese teens often get the diet-and-exercise speech from physicians, but many overweight children don't

  • Exercise Controls Weight in White Girls Better Than in Black Girls: Study
    Researchers suggest new weight-loss strategies needed for these teens

  • More Proof That Healthy Habits Fight Disease
    New studies look at ways to stop smoking and fight cancer, heart disease and obesity

  • Seniors With Asthma Do Worse If Obese
    They also fare poorly in traffic pollution, researchers say

  • Bigger Waist Tied to Increased Risk of Diabetes
    Waist circumference was a stronger risk factor in women than men, study finds

  • Disney to Curtail Junk Food Ads Aimed at Kids
    Change will affect the media giant's child-focused TV channels, radio stations and websites

  • Some Genes Seem to Raise Risk of Obesity: Study
    But experts note environment also plays significant role in weight

  • Health Tip: Don't Overeat When Dining Out
    Order smaller portions

  • Worldwide Cancer Incidence Predicted to Rise 75% by 2030
    Infection, lifestyle tied to which cancer types are most common in different countries

  • American Heads Are Getting Bigger, Study Finds
    Skull growth of whites is outpacing increases in overall height, thigh length

  • Atkins-Type Diets Look Kidney-Friendly: Study
    Researchers find high-protein regimen safe for obese people without renal problems

  • Could Bloodletting Ease Heart Risks for the Obese?
    Small study backs long-abandoned practice, but one cardiologist says there are far better, modern treatments

  • Once-Obese Women Still Face Stigma, Study Finds
    'Fat bias' may linger even after weight loss

  • Obesity May Raise Odds for Painful Leg Condition
    Excess weight can lead to fluid backup called lymphedema

  • Health Tip: Keep Off the Weight You've Lost
    Don't neglect exercise

  • As Obesity Rates Rise, Cases of Kidney Stones Double: Study
    More Americans now suffer from kidney stones than from heart disease, stroke or diabetes

  • Severely Obese Have More Complications With Spinal Surgery
    Study found almost doubled risk after spinal fusion

  • Some Heavy Kids at Risk of Blindness, Study Says
    Brain condition that can steal sight more common among overweight girls, researchers report

  • C-Section May Hike Risk for Toddlers' Obesity, Study Suggests
    By age 3, Caesarean babies are more likely to be overweight, researchers found

  • High Blood Pressure in Pregnancy May Threaten Kids' Heart Health
    Preeclampsia bodes ill for offspring, study says

  • Strokes More Common in Southern States: CDC
    Little decline seen in past 5 years, minorities hardest hit

  • Overweight Moms More Apt to Have Large Babies, Study Says
    A woman's weight before, during pregnancy mattered more than glucose levels in predicting baby's size

  • Middle-Aged Diabetics May Need Earlier Colon Checks
    Type 2 disease linked with higher risk of precancerous lesions in those 40 to 49, study finds

  • Obese Teens Can Have Heart Damage Without Showing Signs
    Small, early study found changes in cardiac structure, function

  • U.S. Teens Heading for Heart Trouble: Study
    High 'bad' cholesterol, pre-diabetes or diabetes affect almost one-quarter of teens

  • Obese More Likely to Be Diagnosed With Advanced Thyroid Cancer
    Study says they also were in the later stages, had more aggressive disease at diagnosis

  • Moveable Magnets Used to Forge Gastric Bypass in Pigs
    Minimally invasive approach might have applications for weight-loss procedures, cancer care in humans

  • One-Third of U.S. Homeless Population Is Obese: Study
    They may rely on cheap, fattening foods to fill up, researchers say

  • 'Bad' Fat May Hurt Brain Function Over Time
    But researchers report that 'good' fat may help preserve thinking and memory

  • Being Obese May Make Job Search Tougher
    'Employers' in study unknowingly rated same women higher after weight-loss surgery

  • It's Not Just What You Eat, It's When You Eat, Mouse Study Finds
    Restricting eating hours didn't cut calorie intake, yet the animals gained less weight

  • Education Is Key to Health: Report
    Along with poverty, less schooling linked to more chronic disease, disability and shorter life

  • Weight-Loss Surgery May Also Help Menstruation, Skin, Hair
    Hormonal benefits are gained from bariatric procedures, new study suggests

  • New Weight-Loss Drug Shows Promise in Trial
    Those who took Qnexa lost more weight, even if they had other health conditions

  • Sooner Is Better for Controlling Obese Kids' Weight: Study
    Behavioral therapy more effective in youngsters than teens, Swedish research suggests

  • FDA Panel Gives Blessing to New Weight-Loss Drug
    If agency follows suit, lorcaserin could be first such medication approved in a decade

  • Pot Belly Boosts Risk of Sudden Cardiac Death: Study
    Carrying weight in your midsection adds to obesity's dangers

  • Gut Bugs Might Influence Child's Odds for Obesity
    Heavy kids had higher levels of certain microbes, as did kids who ate little protein, study finds

  • Study: Kids Who Sleep in Parents' Bed Less Likely to Be Overweight
    Children allowed to snuggle up with mom, dad may feel more secure and eat less, researchers say

  • Rate of Hospitalizations for Stroke Has Declined in U.S.
    The death rate for these patients also fell from 9% in 1989 to 5% in 2009, study shows

  • Can Testosterone Therapy Help Obese Men Lose Weight?
    It may really be that feeling stronger promotes more physical activity, experts note

  • U.S. Report Outlines Strategies to Prevent Obesity
    Promoting daily physical activity, making healthful food readily available are key components

  • Could Eating Fast Increase Diabetes Risk?
    Preliminary study found people with type 2 disease reported eating more quickly

  • That Long Commute May Be Harming Your Health
    Study found that as drives got longer, waistlines expanded and fitness levels dropped

  • In Mom's Eyes, Overweight Toddler May Not Be
    Study finds many mothers misjudge child's 'weight status,' thinking plumpness equals good parenting

  • Research May Point to New Obesity Treatments
    Making energy-storing white fat act more like energy-burning brown fat might spur weight loss, researchers say

  • Lots of TV May Harm Kids' Diet
    Children who watch the most television have worst eating habits, study finds

  • 42% of Americans Could Be Obese by 2030: CDC
    Stemming obesity rate might save an estimated $550 billion over two decades

  • U.S. Obesity Rate Set to Soar, Costing Billions: CDC
    But researchers add the rise might be somewhat less than previously estimated

  • Obese Drivers Less Likely to Buckle Up: Study
    Morbidly obese people also are more likely than normal-weight people to die in car crashes

  • Rising Obesity Rates Might Mean More Rheumatoid Arthritis
    Researchers suggest weight gain precedes the painful condition

  • Why You Overeat Even When You're Full
    Small study explores how body reacts when aroused by tempting treats

  • Study Finds Direct Link Between Obesity, Heart Disease
    Data from more than 75,000 people showed that having a higher BMI, in itself, is harmful

  • TV Ads May Play Role in Underage Drinking, Obesity
    The greater the familiarity with the ads, the greater these risks, researchers say

  • Being Bullied Tied to Anxiety, Depression in Special-Needs Kids
    More than chronic conditions themselves, maltreatment by peers led to mental distress in small study

  • Healthy Behaviors Extend Life After Cancer, Experts Say
    Eating well, exercising and maintaining normal weight boost survival, American Cancer Society finds

  • Many First-Graders Shun Overweight, Obese Kids
    In survey, most preferred to play with slimmer classmates, study finds

  • Childhood Obesity May Raise Odds of Adult Liver Cancer
    Findings underscore importance of healthy weight in youth, researcher says

  • Healthy Lifestyle Choices Could Cut Cancer Rates: Report
    But researchers say lawmakers, private industry need to do more to encourage change

  • Low-Fat Dairy Linked to Lower Stroke Risk
    Odds for an attack were slightly less than for those who ate higher-fat fare, study found

  • Overweight Pregnant Women at Higher Risk for Complications
    Moms with elevated blood sugar also may fall under doctors' radar, researchers say

  • Weight-Loss Surgery Beat Drugs for Cutting Diabetes in Very Obese
    In small study, type 2 disease was reversed for some patients who had bariatric procedure

  • Even Preschoolers View the Overweight Negatively
    Young children judged heavier kids more harshly than they did normal-weight kids, study shows

  • Obese Workers' Health Care Costs Top Those of Smokers
    Smokers cost employers an additional $1,275 a year, while obese workers cost $1,850 more, study says

  • CT Scans Deliver More Radiation to Obese People: Study
    However, risk of side effects might not rise, expert says

  • Substance Abusers, Even Recovering Ones, May Face Stigma
    Scenarios of obese people, smokers drew less negative reaction in study

  • Women Less Apt Than Men to Get Recommended Daily Exercise
    They averaged about 18 minutes a day, far short of the recommended 30 minutes, study finds

  • Health Tip: Keep the Weight Off
    Avoid sauces, gravies and fattening dressings

  • Obesity's Health Costs Double Earlier Estimates
    Total reaches nearly 21% of U.S. health care spending, study says

  • Disrupted Sleep May Raise Risk for Obesity, Diabetes: Study
    Researchers found altering amount, timing of rest raised blood sugar levels, slowed metabolism

  • Dieters Share Success Strategies
    Eating less fat, exercising more, using prescription meds help most, survey finds

  • Young Americans Need to Cut Calorie Intake: Study
    Without reducing consumption, more than one in five children will be obese by 2020

  • Children Born to Obese Moms May Face Higher Autism Risk: Study
    Maternal obesity, overweight also linked to other developmental delays

  • Scientists Pinpoint Childhood Obesity Genes
    In a first, they find two mutations that may predispose kids to common obesity

  • Obese White Women Shying Away From Colon Cancer Screening
    Embarrassment may prompt some women to avoid the recommended tests, researchers say

  • For Many Girls, Slimming Down Doesn't Help Self-Esteem
    Teens who were formerly obese often still view themselves as fat, study finds

  • Taller, Heavier Women May Face Higher Ovarian Cancer Risk
    Every 2-inch increase in height was associated with raised odds, research suggests

  • U.S. Women Could Be More Obese Than Believed
    A new measurement of body fat could better identify obesity, study suggests

  • Study Weighs In on Diets for Kids
    Meal plan with very low carbs was tough for children to follow, researchers say

  • Chocolate a Sweet Remedy for Many Ills?
    Preliminary research suggests cocoa might fight heart disease, cancer and even obesity

  • Could Unroasted Coffee Beans Help You Shed Pounds?
    Tiny preliminary study saw weight loss, but expert urges caution

  • Obesity Rates Rise Among Mexican-Americans: Report
    25-year survey results shed light on nutrition and health changes

  • Lifestyle Changes Help Type 2 Diabetics Keep Moving
    Weight loss and exercise prevent disability, study finds

  • U.S. Cancer Death Rates Continue to Fall: Report
    But incidence of cancers linked to obesity increasing, researchers find

  • Weight-Loss Surgeries May Beat Standard Treatments for Diabetes
    Studies found many patients who had procedures could reduce, stop medications afterward

  • Too Much Sitting Can Kill You, Study Suggests
    Eight hours or more a day raises risk, even if you exercise, researchers find

  • Obese Women at Higher Risk of Breast Cancer Recurrence: Study
    Researchers took weight-based chemotherapy dosage into account

  • Parents Should Lead By Example in Weight Loss, Study Finds
    When parents shed pounds, overweight kids on weight-loss plan slimmed down, too

  • Obesity Linked to Poorer Mental Skills in Seniors
    The belly worst place to carry extra weight, study says

  • Fatty Meals Could Trigger Inflammation for Diabetics
    People with type 2 disease had more sign of heart risk factor, study says

  • U.S. Underestimates Long-Term Costs of Obesity, Experts Say
    Because complications take years to develop, they may escape documentation

  • Many Americans Ambivalent Over Laws Aimed at Healthy Living
    Poll finds most accept rules for safety, smoking, eating, but also worry about a 'nanny state'

  • New Clues to Link Between Fatty Diet, Colon Cancer
    Researchers found genetic changes that affect how body uses insulin

  • Electronic Diary Helped Obese Adults Stick to Weight-Loss Plan
    But the results didn't last after 2 years, study finds

  • Too Much Exercise Delays Pregnancy in Normal-Weight Women: Study
    But vigorous workouts don't seem to affect fertility in heavy women, researchers say

  • Doctors Likely to Preach What They Practice
    Those with healthy behaviors more inclined to recommend patients make lifestyle changes: study

  • Lack of Sleep May Give You the Munchies
    Sleep-deprived people eat more than 500 extra calories daily, study finds

  • Fatty Foods Might Harm Men's Sperm, Research Suggests
    Small study finds lower sperm counts, concentrations for males on high-fat diets

  • Type of Bacteria May Be Linked to Diabetes
    Researchers find association between H. pylori infection, type 2 disease

  • Brisk Daily Walk Could Counter 'Obesity Genes'
    But finding doesn't prove exercise is the only factor, researchers stress

  • Poorer, Obese Adults Might Benefit From Behavior-Change Program
    Both blood pressure and weight decreased slightly, study finds

  • Genetic Tweak Helps Mice Avoid Cancer, Obesity: Study
    But it's not clear what this means for humans, researchers say

  • Heavy Kids May Not Respond as Well to Asthma Meds
    As weight climbs, so does daily corticosteroid dosage, study says

  • Prescription Meds Can Put on Unwanted Pounds
    They include drugs for diabetes, mood disorders and other chronic conditions

  • Weight-Loss Surgery Seems Safe for Kidney Disease Patients
    Study found complication rates of 5 to 10 percent among obese patients

  • Obesity Linked to Asthma in Children
    The association varied by race, ethnicity, study says

  • Many Gaps in Fast-Food Nutrition Information
    Calories can be hard to figure when menu items are meant to serve more than one, researchers say

  • Experimental Drug Shows Promise Against Type 2 Diabetes
    The medication appears to control blood sugar without boosting risk for hypoglycemia, study shows

  • Dieting Can Prove Dangerous for Kidney Disease Patients
    Certain weight-loss methods can lead to organ damage, study says

  • Kids From Poorer Families Drink Too Much Juice: Poll
    Sugary beverages can cause obesity, tooth decay, experts say

  • Contraceptives Work Well in Obese Women, But Hormone Levels Lower
    Expert panel also outline new research on weight gain, birth control

  • FDA Advisers Back Weight-Loss Drug Qnexa
    Drug had been previously rejected because of concerns about possible heart problems, birth defects

  • FDA Weighs Fate of Qnexa for Weight Loss, Again
    Drug previously rejected because of possible heart problems, birth defects

  • Mexican-Americans' Diets Suffer as They Abandon Traditional Foods: Study
    Second- and third-generation immigrant teens eat fewer grains, beans, fruits and vegetables than teens born in Mexico

  • Gene Might Boost Risk for Obesity
    Studies in mice and humans suggest mutation may make it easier to gain pounds on high-fat diets

  • Fructose No Worse Than Other Sugars for Weight Gain: Study
    Research suggests it's total daily caloric intake that matters, not the source

  • Dogs Can Boost Exercise Rates for Moms-to-Be
    Walking pooch encourages recommended level of daily exercise, study finds

  • Switching to Water, Diet Drinks Linked to Modest Weight Loss
    People who substituted for high-calorie beverages lost about 5 pounds in study

  • Any Exercise Benefits Kids' Heart Health: Study
    Better blood pressure, cholesterol, weight accompanies activity, regardless of sedentary time

  • Wider Waistlines Linked to Memory Problems in HIV Patients
    Certain anti-HIV drugs can cause central weight gain, researchers say

  • Obesity Appears Linked to Pain
    The more overweight people are, the more likely they are to experience pain, study finds

  • When Mom Has Pregnancy Diabetes, Breast-Feeding Curbs Child Obesity
    Long-term study found lower BMI in children breast-fed at least 6 months

  • More U.S. Doctors Are Urging Patients to Exercise: CDC
    But majority of adults still not told to get active during office visit, report finds

  • Obesity Linked to Worse Fibromyalgia Symptoms
    As weight increases, so do patient reports of greater pain, poor quality of life, researchers say

  • Big Drop in Americans' Blood Levels of Trans Fats, CDC Says
    New findings focus on whites but studies on other groups underway

  • When Prodded, Restaurant Diners Often Opt for Smaller Portions
    Study found power of suggestion worked, even when smaller meal was not discounted

  • Many U.S. Kids Still Buy Unhealthy Snacks at School
    Regulation needed to reduce students' access to junk food, researchers say

  • Pancreas May 'Taste' Fructose, Hinting at Links to Diabetes
    High-fructose corn syrup is ubiquitous in Western diet, and study suggests it could play unique role

  • Smaller Plate Won't Help Your Diet, Research Shows
    People eat until full regardless of the dinnerware, researcher says

  • If Your Dining Partner Overeats, So May You
    In study, women mimicked eating behavior of new acquaintances, matching them bite for bite

  • Those Extra Pounds Could Harm Your Back
    Researchers say more severe spinal disc degeneration seen in obese patients

  • Chubby Doctors Could Be Bad for Your Health
    Study finds they're less likely to counsel heavy patients on weight

  • Long Shifts May Raise Some Nurses' Odds for Obesity
    Arduous schedules take toll on their health, patient care, study finds

  • Less Salt, More Veggies in School Lunches: USDA
    New rules call for healthier foods but some say changes don't go far enough

  • Parents May Hold Key to Treating Kids' Obesity
    Heart association identifies successful strategies for helping children to achieve weight loss

  • More Known About Proteins That Cause Autoimmune Diseases
    Researchers say 'autoantibodies' can cause lupus, diabetes, arthritis

  • Heavier Ex-NFL Players May Be Prone to Brain Decline
    But experts say the new study findings may not include all contributing factors

  • Americans Aren't Getting Any Skinnier
    But, the good news is the overall rate of obesity is stabilizing, researchers report

  • Overweight Teen Girls May Have Higher Acne Risk
    However, no similar connection found for boys in Norwegian study

  • Certain Diabetes Drugs Might Aid Weight Loss
    Medicines such as Byetta may help users shed pounds, but more study is needed, experts say

  • Health Tip: Make Low-Cholesterol Salad Choices
    Watch those toppings

  • Researchers Identify Liver Cancer Risk Factors
    Hepatitis C, obesity contribute to rising rates, new studies find

  • Weight Loss Surgery May Help Diabetes
    Not a cure, but operation plus meds better than either treatment alone, researcher says

  • Weight Loss Surgery Linked to Fewer Heart Attacks, Deaths
    People with serious cardiovascular issues may be good candidates, experts say

  • Obesity, Diabetes Pose 1-2 Threat to Young Americans
    The result: They could be first generation to not live as long as their parents

  • Are Global Market Forces Linked to Obesity Epidemic?
    Countries with less-restrictive trade policies have more fast food, more weight gain, study finds

  • Health Tip: Discuss Weight With Your Child
    Teach good habits and a healthy approach

  • Mother-Toddler Bond May Influence Teen Obesity
    Prevention strategies should go beyond eating, exercise, study suggests

  • Overweight 7-Year-Olds Face Higher Risk of Asthma
    Slimming down before that age can help prevent onset of the disease, study suggests

  • Parents May Hold Key to Healthy Weight in Hispanic Kids
    Lower-fat family meals can help reduce high obesity rate in this population, study suggests

  • Obesity Linked to Higher Esophageal Cancer Death Rates
    Findings could lead to new treatment strategies for overweight patients, researchers say

  • As Obesity Rises, More Suffer From Acid Reflux
    GERD symptoms have been linked to cancer of esophagus, researchers say

  • Diet Might Help Those Immobilized by Knee Osteoarthritis
    Substantial weight loss reduces pain, raises mobility, researchers say

  • Obesity Linked to Lower Paychecks
    Annual earnings are usually less, especially for women, study says

  • Study Looks at Stroke Risks in Teen Football Players
    Possible factors include obesity and anabolic-steroid use, researchers say

  • Brief, Intense Exercise Lowers Blood Sugar, Small Study Finds
    May help type 2 diabetics use glucose more efficiently many hours after activity, researchers say

  • Poor Lifestyles Harming U.S. Heart Health: Report
    Comprehensive update shows Americans gaining weight, eating more junk food, exercising less

  • NYC Sees Drop in Child Obesity; Can Other Cities Do Same?
    Still, 1 in 5 children is obese, researchers say

  • Apnea Treatment Might Reduce Signs of Heart Disease Risk
    Wearing CPAP mask during sleep improved blood pressure, cholesterol, blood sugar in study patients

  • Obesity Less Harmful to Self-Esteem in Black Women: Study
    Questionnaire reveals racial differences in how weight affects quality of life

  • Obese Patients May Benefit the Most From Surgery for Irregular Heartbeat
    They reported the greatest gains in quality of life, study finds

  • Obesity Linked to Worse Outcomes With Early Breast Cancer
    But tamoxifen showed protective effect for heavy women, researchers say

  • Diabetes, Obesity After 60 May Drive Up Breast Cancer Risk
    Study also finds low blood lipids linked to risk, but can't explain it

  • Vitamin D Levels Tied to Diabetes Risk in Obese Kids
    Low levels were associated with more insulin resistance, study found

  • Most Doctors Don't Tell Parents Kids Are Overweight
    Or health care providers are speaking up, but message isn't sticking, study finds

  • FDA Targets Homeopathic Weight Loss Products
    Agency says there's no proof the remedies work, and associated diet may cause harm

  • Fitness May Lower Death Risk Even Without Weight Loss
    Exercise benefit found in large study of white, middle-class men

  • Risk for Dementia Rises When Diabetes, Depression Meet: Study
    The good news is that lifestyle changes may lower your risk for all three conditions, experts say

  • Kids of All Weights Benefit From Car Seats
    Even overweight children safer when using the correct seat for their height and weight, study finds

  • Colon Cancer Prognosis Worse for the Obese, Type 2 Diabetics
    Cancer and heart-disease deaths higher, studies find

  • Younger Americans Face Greater Health Disparities: Study
    Large gap between most and least healthy has opened up among those born after 1980

  • Mid-Morning Snacks May Thwart Diets
    Women who ate between breakfast and lunch lost less, study found

  • Low-Cal Diet Cuts Fat Around Heart in Obese People: Study
    That led to improved heart function, researchers said

  • Fatty Liver Disease Doesn't Affect Survival, Study Finds
    Researchers surprised that non-alcoholic fatty liver disease had no impact on health, longevity

  • Many Kindergarteners Already on Road to Obesity, Study Finds
    To prevent health problems, lifestyle programs need to start in early childhood, experts say

  • Losing Weight May Help Fight Gum Disease
    Obese people who shed pounds showed improvements in gum health

  • Looking to Lose Weight? Get a 'Coach'
    Studies find one-on-one contact, counseling help people shed more weight than going solo

  • High-Fiber Diet May Help Thwart Colon Cancer
    Review of studies suggests cereals, whole grains deliver health benefits

  • New Guidelines Urge Cholesterol Check for All Kids Ages 9 to 11
    Recommendations a shift from testing only children with family history of heart disease

  • Cooking Class Benefits Kids in Many Ways
    Fourth graders learn about academic subjects along with food preparation

  • Experimental Drug Slims Obese Monkeys
    Killing fat cells in the blood signals potential new approach to weight loss, but more research needed, experts say

  • School Soda Bans Don't Keep Kids From Sugary Drinks
    Children just turn to sport and fruit drinks, study finds

  • Vitamin D Lacking in Many Spine Surgery Patients
    Younger patients in study more likely to have low levels of bone-building vitamin

  • Weighing Weight-Loss Programs
    Commercial ones found more effective, cheaper than primary-care programs

  • Obese Women Face Higher Complication Risk After Breast Surgery
    Post-op inflammation is 20 times more likely than in non-obese women, study finds

  • Overweight Teens Don't Seem to Grasp Weight Loss Rules
    Researchers find girls still drink sodas while exercising, and boys don't exercise at all

  • Red Wine Antioxidant Could Give Metabolism a Boost
    Small study in obese men shows benefit from supplement containing resveratrol

  • Exercise Might Help Thwart 'Obesity Gene'
    Researchers find genetic risk lower in those who stay physically active

  • Life in U.S. Not Always a Plus for Immigrants' Health
    Obesity, hypertension, diabetes soar for Hispanics the longer they live in United States, study finds

  • Too Much Drinking May Raise Lung Cancer Risk: Study
    Research also found extra pounds, black tea and fruit might all shield against the disease

  • 'Hunger Hormones' May Drive Post-Dieting Weight Gain
    Appetite-suppressing hormones drop while appetite-stimulating ones rise, small study finds

  • Sleepy Teens More Prone to Weight Gain: Study
    Hormones may set stage for weight gain in kids who don't get enough shut-eye, researcher says

  • Obesity May Hinder Flu Shot's Effectiveness
    Study found antibody levels dropped more over time among those who weighed more

  • Weight Gain Might Raise Endometrial Cancer Risk
    Extra pounds put on after menopause could up the odds, research suggests

  • Obese, Asthmatic Kids Need Special Care Under Anesthesia
    Studies find obese children have twice as many respiratory complications, need less anesthetic

  • Neighborhood Can Affect Obesity, Diabetes Risk
    Study found moving women out of poor neighborhoods reduced rates of both conditions

  • Weight Loss Surgery Can Help Whole Families: Study
    Researchers found relatives living with those getting gastric bypass procedure also lost weight

  • Many Don't Believe Their Obesity is Unhealthy: Study
    Research involving ER patients finds poor communication with doctors a big factor

  • Hormonal Disorder Linked to Pregnancy Complications: Study
    Doubled risk of developing diabetes, premature birth seen in polycystic ovary syndrome patients

  • Could Discrimination Help Trigger Illness in Blacks?
    Stress tied to bias might explain race-based disparities in disease rates, researchers say

  • Where Folks Live Plays Role in Health Disparities: Study
    Race seems to matter less than living in a poor community, researchers say

  • Men Develop Diabetes With Less Body Fat Than Women: Study
    Researchers say differences in fat distribution may be to blame

  • Overweight Kids at Greater Risk for High Blood Pressure
    Paves the way for hypertension in adulthood, researchers say

  • Experts Assess What Works for Weight Loss
    Popular behavior-based programs can help trim waistlines, medications may also help, study finds

  • Obesity More Likely in 'Night-Owl' Kids
    Study shows youngsters who stay up late are more sedentary than early-to-bed types

  • No One Treatment for Acid Reflux Clearly Better Than Another: Study
    Both medications and surgical treatments can work, but none of the options was clear winner

  • Extra Pounds Linked to Weaker Legs in Older Women
    Heavier seniors had less power in their legs relative to their weight than slimmer peers: study

  • Americans Spending More of Their Lives Struggling With Diabetes
    For obese, new study estimates between 2 and 6 extra years will be spent dealing with disease

  • Liposuction May Lower Certain Blood Fats, Researcher Says
    But because study lacked control group, expert warns conclusions may be flawed

  • Many Unaware of Plastic Surgery Options After Weight Loss Procedures
    Plastic surgeons want follow-up 'body contouring' procedures to be covered by insurance

  • Obese Kids May Face Social, Emotional Woes
    Study finds higher risk for 'peer problems' at age 8 and 9

  • Brains of Obese May Crave High-Calorie Foods More: Study
    Finding might explain why overweight people stay that way, researchers suggest

  • Certain Risk Factors Could Spur Heart Failure in Normal-Weight People
    High blood pressure, cholesterol, insulin levels worse than obesity for some, study finds

  • Blacks Develop High Blood Pressure a Year Ahead of Whites
    New research shows those with pre-hypertension progress more rapidly without lifestyle changes

  • Lifetime 'Dose' of Excess Weight Linked to Diabetes Risk
    Type 2 diabetes epidemic in the U.S. may loom even larger than previously predicted, researchers suggest

  • Weight Watchers Produces Bigger 'Losers' Than Standard Weight-Loss Care
    Group members shed 15 pounds on average versus 7 pounds with standard diet, study finds

  • Extra Pounds a Deadly Risk Factor for Black Women: Study
    And belly fat puts even normal-weight women at risk, findings show

  • Is Breast Reduction After Weight Loss Surgery Best?
    Small study finds obese women tend to be unhappy with appearance if they get breast surgery first

  • Strokes Rising Among Teens, Young Adults: CDC
    Obesity, diabetes, high blood pressure and other risk factors may be to blame, researchers say

  • Helpful Gut Microbes May Differ Based on Diet
    People favoring meat tend toward different 'microbiota' than those on plant-sourced diets, study found

  • Americans Getting Too Many Calories From Sugary Drinks: CDC
    Report shows young people, minorities are consuming the most sweetened beverages

  • Walk-to-School Programs Put Kids' Fitness First
    In study, Texas communities involved parent volunteers to get youngsters more active

  • Obesity Continues to Balloon in U.S. and U.K.: Study
    Expect to see 65 million more obese adults in U.S. by 2030, researchers say

  • Obesity Costing States Billion in Yearly Medical Expenses
    Taxpayers funding up to 64% of these costs in some states, research shows

  • Weight Gain Hits Women After Marriage, Men After Divorce: Study
    Married women may become more sedentary, while divorced men lose marriage's 'health benefit,' researchers contend

  • Thin Children Have More Energy-Burning 'Brown Fat'
    Teens with the lowest body mass index have more of this 'good' fat, study shows

  • Being Overweight May Take Years Off Seniors' Lives
    Excess weight -- once thought to cushion elderly from illness -- emerges as a health risk in new study

  • Cartoon Characters Prod Kids to Nag for Unhealthy Foods
    Study finds TV ads key element in why young children whine for sugary treats

  • Obesity Before Pregnancy May Raise Child's Asthma Risk
    Study found teens were up to 30 percent more likely to wheeze if moms were obese

  • The Fattier Your Heart, the Greater Your Heart Disease Risk
    Study links buildup of this hidden fat to heart threat, even in people without symptoms

  • Weight-Loss Surgery Gains More Practitioners
    Study also documents growth in less-invasive techniques, improved survival rates

  • Patients Taking Antipsychotics Urged to Get Routine Physicals
    These meds linked to risk factors for heart disease, diabetes and stroke, researchers say

  • Pumping Iron Helps Smokers Quit Without Weight Gain: Study
    Those who lifted weights regularly were twice as likely to kick the habit, researchers found

  • Gastric Bypass May Dampen Desire for High-Fat Foods
    And that, researchers say, may help explain why the weight loss surgery works

  • Weight Loss May Boost Sex Life of Obese, Diabetic Men
    Cutting calories can also have positive effects on urinary tract function, researchers say

  • Obesity Counseling Should Stress Brain, Not Willpower: Study
    Telling patients they're overweight because they lack self-control will backfire, researchers say

  • Americans No Longer Outliving Europeans: Study
    Smoking, obesity are major reasons for decline in U.S. life expectancy, researchers say

  • With Junk Food Stores Nearby, Teens May Eat More of It
    Neighborhood businesses can contribute to unhealthy eating patterns, study finds

  • Some Ethnic Groups More Vulnerable to Dangerous Fat
    South Asians tend to store fat around organs, raising coronary artery disease risk, study finds

  • Predicting Who Will -- and Won't -- Survive a Heart Attack
    Victims who are black, very obese or have high blood pressure at higher risk of death, study finds

  • Painful Gout Afflicting More Americans: Study
    More than 8 million adults now have the inflammatory joint disease, perhaps linked to rising obesity rates

  • Menopause Does Not Boost Diabetes Risk, Study Finds
    Exercise and weight control can cut the odds for older women even further, researchers say

  • More Kids Eating Calorie-Packed Take-out Food
    Study found a third of food eaten now is cooked outside the home

  • Fatty 'Comfort' Foods May Alter Brain's Response to Sadness
    Researchers probing the power of these foods track neural changes in scans

  • Epidemic of Obesity in U.S. Kids Began in Late '90s
    Reasons are unclear, but more media time, longer 'transition' to adulthood might be key, researcher says

  • Does Your Personality Dictate Whether You'll Be Overweight?
    People who are impulsive, aggressive or risk-takers more likely to weigh more, study contends

  • As Waistline Expands, So Does Death Risk for Kidney Patients
    Belly fat better predictor of mortality than body-mass index alone, study finds

  • Lifestyle Changes Might Prevent Millions of Cases of Alzheimer's
    Study says that even a 25% drop in factors like obesity, smoking could cut 500,000 U.S. cases

  • Restaurant Calorie Counts Can Miss the Mark: Study
    While fairly accurate, there was 'huge variation' -- especially for low-calorie foods

  • Rigorous Exercise May Boost Benefits of Weight-Loss Surgery
    Bariatric patients can improve physical fitness with regular workouts, study finds

  • The Cycling Stud Who Shed His Couch Potato Skin
    Writer, who once flirted with type 2 diabetes, completes grueling two-day, 200-mile marathon

  • Poorer, Less Educated Youth More Prone to Hypertension
    These young adults were more likely to be overweight and exercise less, researchers explained

  • Food Industry Sets Standards for Advertising to Kids
    New criteria are less stringent than U.S government's recommendations

  • Health Tip: Binge Eating May Lead to Weight Gain
    And type 2 diabetes and heart disease, among other complications

  • Health Tip: Insufficient Sleep Can Be Dangerous
    Here's how it affects your health

  • Physical Activity Levels Linked to Employment Status
    Men's and women's exercise levels affected differently by being unemployed, study finds

  • Help Your Kids Stay in Shape This Summer
    Experts share tips on planning for exercise, fun and healthy eating

  • Fast Food Is King of the Neighborhood, Study Reports
    Healthy foods need to be more available and affordable, eaters need education, experts say

  • California's Rural Elderly Have High Rates of Chronic Illness
    Their urban, suburban counterparts enjoy better health, researchers find

  • Obesity May Increase Risk of Surgical Complications
    Inflammation, infection much more likely following elective procedures, study shows

  • U.S. Obesity Epidemic Continues to Spread
    Report finds South with highest rates, but no state showed a decline over the last year

  • Soluble Fiber Appears Key to Trimming 'Bad Fat'
    For every 10-gram daily increase, belly fat cut by nearly 4 percent over five years, researchers say

  • Obesity a Major Cause of Early Death in Women: Study
    And the risk rises as overweight becomes more severe, researchers say

  • Health Tip: Avoid Unnecessary Eating
    Don't use food as a 'pick-me-up'

  • Doctors Urge Ban on Junk Food Ads During Kids' Shows
    American Academy of Pediatrics statement aims to slow childhood obesity rates

  • Snacking Totals a Quarter of Daily Calories for Many
    Study found beverages account for half of those calories

  • Poor 'Fat-Tasters' May Tend to Be Heavier
    They seem to be more likely to eat more rich foods, researchers report

  • Ways to Curb Childhood Obesity Outlined in U.S. Report
    Identify overweight kids, encourage more activity, promote good sleep habits, experts say

  • Chips, Fries, Soda Most to Blame for Long-Term Weight Gain
    Study finds more exercise, less fast food could help curb obesity epidemic

  • Lawmakers Urged to Consider Health Effects of Major Legislation
    Decades-old policies also need revision, Institute of Medicine says

  • Weight-Loss Surgery Helps Less Obese Patients: Study
    They experienced greater weight loss, remission of type 2 diabetes

  • High School Kids Get Too Many Sugary Drinks, Too Little Exercise: CDC
    Only one in 10 kids meets federal goals for fitness, study reveals

  • New U.S. Health Initiative Highlights Disease Prevention
    Multi-agency effort will focus on encouraging exercise, healthy eating

  • Can Weight-Loss Surgery Reverse Common Cause of Infertility?
    Polycystic ovarian syndrome affects up to 10 percent of women, many of them overweight or obese

  • Weight-Loss Surgery Can Be Effective Despite Depression
    Depressed or not, patients who had the operation lost about 60% of excess weight, study finds

  • U.S. Found to Be Losing Ground in Life Expectancy
    Some Mississippi women can expect to die younger than women in El Salvador, new analysis claims

  • For Many, Weight-Loss Surgery Also Eases Migraines
    Some experts find study inconclusive, call for more research

  • Some Brains Easily Distracted by Rewarding Stimuli
    Findings may hold clues about drug addiction, obesity, researchers say

  • Mouse Study Reveals How Smoking Helps Keep People Thin
    Findings hint at possible targets for weight-loss strategies down the line

  • Too Much Weight Gain in Pregnancy Linked to Chubby Babies
    Babies with more body fat may have a higher risk of childhood obesity, researchers say

  • Too Much Work, Food, Media May Be Hurting Health
    Many would do better, physically and mentally, with less, expert says

  • Weight-Loss Surgery Linked to Rise in Fracture Risk
    People who've had procedure especially prone to breaks in the hands and feet, study finds

  • Excess Pounds May Lower Odds of Surviving Breast Cancer
    Women with a healthy body weight before and after breast cancer diagnosis more likely to survive, researchers find

  • Weight Loss May Help Sleep Apnea Symptoms
    About half of overweight study patients saw condition improve after dropping pounds

  • Brown Fat Cells May One Day Help Combat Obesity
    Scientists report that they grew 'good' fat cells that can burn calories in lab study

  • Obesity Greater Risk for Fatty Liver Than Alcohol, Study Finds
    Moderate amounts of red wine had no ill effect and even improved cholesterol levels, researchers say

  • U.S. Serves Up New Nutrition Guidelines on 'MyPlate'
    The logo, which replaces the Food Pyramid, is designed to encourage healthful eating

  • What I Did On My Summer Vacation
    Make sure 'Watching TV' isn't their most memorable activity

  • Gestational Diabetes Predictable Before Pregnancy, Experts Say
    Risk 4.6 times higher in overweight women with high blood sugar, even years before conception

  • More Sleep May Cut Kids' Risk of Obesity
    Lack of adequate slumber negatively affects young children's weight, body fat, study finds

  • Weight Loss in Heavy, Obese Women Boosts Vitamin D Levels
    Deficiency may explain link between obesity and chronic disease, expert says

  • Sedentary Jobs Helping to Drive Obesity Epidemic
    Study found increase in desk jobs means Americans burning almost 150 calories less a day

  • Losing Baby Weight Cuts Odds of Pregnancy-Linked Diabetes
    But gaining weight between pregnancies boosts the risk, study finds

  • Study Sees Link Between Psoriasis, Obesity in Kids
    And heart disease risk in those with skin disease may start with high cholesterol in childhood

  • Obese People at Higher Risk of Infection After Colon Surgery
    Study found they were 60% more likely to have problems at surgical site

  • Fat Cats, Dogs Developing Diabetes, Report Finds
    Illness jumped 32 percent in dogs in just five years

  • Fever During Pregnancy, Diabetes and Obesity May Raise Autism Risk
    But study finds births by C-section didn't seem to have any impact

  • Burning the Midnight Oil May Lead to Weight Gain
    'Night owls' took in an average 248 more calories per day, study found

  • Gastric Bypass May Help Prevent Heart Disease in Teens: Study
    Cholesterol levels improved even better in young patients than adults, study found

  • Poor Sleep Might Worsen Diabetes
    Researchers recommend losing weight, paying more attention to value of sleep

  • Images of Overweight People Can Thwart Diet, Study Finds
    Seeing someone with excess pounds may temporarily reduce your commitment to health

  • Obese Teens Lack Vitamin D, Study Finds
    Whether raising levels would mitigate risks of being overweight remains unclear

  • Prolonged Bottle Feeding Boosts Kids' Obesity Risk: Study
    Nearly one-quarter of 2-year-old bottle feeders were obese at age 5, researchers say

  • TVs Common in Daycare Centers, Flouting Guidelines
    Ohio study finds media is too often a replacement for adult-child interaction

  • Obese People Have Less Satisfying Sex Lives: Study
    Overweight women seem to be affected more than men, researchers add

  • Belly Fat + Heart Disease Can Be Deadly: Study
    Even normal weight people with a 'beer belly' or 'muffin top' at risk, Mayo researchers say

  • Survey Finds Many Young Adults Oblivious to Heart Health
    As obesity and other risk factors rise, many believe stroke and heart disease won't affect them

  • Obese Pregnant Women May Have Tougher Time Fighting Infections
    Blood tests show lean pregnant women had more infection-fighting immune cells

  • Frequent Business Travel Tough on the Heart, Study Finds
    People on the go 20 or more days per month had more cardiovascular risk factors

  • Extra Pounds at Midlife May Boost Dementia Risk Later
    Being merely overweight in middle age raised risk by 70% compared to normal-weight peers, experts find

  • Multiple Pregnancies May Up Risk of Obesity, Diabetes: Animal Study
    The research was in mice, but may have implications for humans

  • Low Vitamin D Levels Tied to Obesity in Kids
    Fat accumulates as concentrations of the nutrient fall, and these changes differ by race, study finds

  • Rising Obesity Rates Add to Arthritis Woes in U.S.
    Urgent need for weight control programs for those with painful joint disorder, CDC says

  • Severely Obese Teens No More Depressed Than Slimmer Peers
    But large size affects whites more than blacks, researchers say

  • Vitamin E, Diabetes Drug May Not Ease Obesity-Linked Liver Trouble in Kids
    Fatty liver disease affects 1 in 20 U.S. children, and can have serious consequences, study authors say

  • Gut Bacteria Falls Into Three Major Types
    Every human appears to have a distinct intestinal ecosystem, European researchers report

  • For Nonsmokers, Healthy Living Cuts Death Rate in Half: Study
    Better diet, exercise and keeping slim fend off heart disease, cancer, research shows

  • Obesity, Disparities in Care Help Drive U.S. Stillbirths: Studies
    27,000 American women still experience this often preventable outcome each year, experts say

  • Aerobic Exercise May Curb Non-Alcoholic Fatty Liver Disease: Report
    Daily one-hour walks also improved insulin sensitivity in people who are obese, researchers found

  • Obese Kids' Wrist Size May Predict Heart Disease
    Circumference gives clue to insulin resistance, researchers say

  • Having Kids Might Make Young Women Heavier, Less Fit
    Study found they consumed more calories, exercised less

  • Experimental Weight-Loss Drug Seems to Work: Study
    Qnexa, a combo of phentermine and topiramate, did come with side effects, however

  • Could Stomach 'Pacemaker' Be New Weight-Loss Tool?
    Not yet approved in the U.S, the device sends tiny impulses to nerves to signal fullness sooner

  • Babies Born to Obese Moms Face Higher Death Risk: Study
    High blood pressure, diabetes may be contributing factors, researchers say

  • Weight Linked to Complications in Some Hysterectomy Patients
    Bleeding, infections more likely in obese and underweight women, study finds

  • Teen Weight Affects Later Heart Disease Risk: Study
    But diabetes risk tied more to adult weight, Israeli researchers find

  • Study Links Smoking, Breast Cancer in Older Women
    But the cancer risk only showed up in female smokers who were not obese, researchers find

  • Compulsive Eaters May Have 'Food Addiction,' Study Finds
    Exposure to food 'cues' might trigger same brain reward circuitry involved in drug and alcohol addiction

  • Obesity Could Raise Risks of General Anesthesia
    Serious airway complications 2 to 4 times more likely among heaviest patients, study finds

  • Less Stress, Better Sleep May Help You Lose Weight
    Going without the correct balance can interfere with your best efforts, study finds

  • Weight-Loss Surgery May Cut Migraine Pain in Obese Patients
    Frequency of disabling headaches was reduced for more than half, small study finds

  • Healthy Lifestyles Could Halve Cases of Dangerous Irregular Heartbeat
    Atrial fibrillation raises stroke risk, but it doesn't have to happen, study shows

  • More Added Sugars, More Pounds?
    Study found body weight went up with increases in sugar intake over 27 years

  • Many Obese Moms and Kids Underestimate Their Weight
    Where obesity is common, overweight people may look normal, study finds

  • Are the Religious Prone to Obesity?
    Study found regularly attending services was linked to raised risk in middle age

  • Poor Diet Linked to Early Signs of Heart Risks in Obese Kids
    Lack of healthy food in youth seems to cause inflammation, insulin resistance, study finds

  • 40% of Gastric Banding Patients Have Complications
    Nearly half must have the weight-loss bands removed years later, small Belgian study finds

  • Could a Type of Ear Infection Help Make Kids Obese?
    Chronic infection with fluid might alter taste, causing children to eat more, study suggests

  • Gastric Bypass Patients Take Longer to Process Alcohol, Study Finds
    They should not drink and drive, experts say

  • Benefits of Weight-Loss Surgery May Outweigh Risks for Some, Experts Say
    American Heart Association statement points to heart health improvements in severely obese people

  • Fat Alone, Not Where It Sits, May Be Key to Heart Problems
    Study upends long-held belief that apple-shaped people face highest risk

  • Animal Study May Explain Low Birth Weight-Obesity Link
    Research suggests brain may be programmed to eat more in those malnourished before birth

  • Health Tip: Don't Let Lost Pounds Return
    Suggestions to maintain a healthy body weight

  • Video Games That Make Kids Move Burn Calories
    Study found energy expenditure equaled that of moderate to vigorous exercise

  • Stigma Often Adds to Burden of Obesity
    Health declines were worse in those who felt discriminated against, study found

  • 1 in 3 Americans Gets Less Than 7 Hours of Sleep: CDC
    Insufficient rest affects health, concentration, experts say

  • In Battle of the Bulge, Canada Trumps U.S.
    More than a third of Americans now obese, compared to about 24% of Canadians, study finds

  • Obesity May Boost Odds of Aggressive Breast Cancer in Older Women
    Mechanisms besides estrogen appear to play a role, researchers say

  • Stress May Help Spur Weight Gain in New Moms, Study Finds
    And those with higher BMIs developed more signs of depression, researchers found

  • Sugary Drinks Might Raise Hypertension Risk: Study
    Those who consumed more were more likely to have high blood pressure, but exactly why is not clear

  • Doctors Can Influence Patients to Lose Weight: Studies
    People more likely to try to shed pounds on doc's advice or maintain a healthy weight, reports find

  • Breast-Feeding May Cut Obesity Risk in Kids of Diabetic Moms
    Those breast-fed for at least 6 months were less likely to be overweight later, study found

  • Gastric Bypass Best for Weight Loss, Study Finds
    Also better than lap-banding, sleeve surgery at improving, eliminating type 2 diabetes

  • Weight Loss Surgery May Cut Knee Osteoarthritis Pain
    Obese patients who lost 57 pounds in 6 months saw significant improvements, study finds

  • People Who Weigh Less Now Qualify for Gastric Device
    Under new approval, Lap-Band system can now be used by less obese

  • 3.1 Million Hispanic Americans Struggle With Arthritis
    CDC analysis finds range of 12% among Cuban Americans to 22% among Puerto Ricans

  • America's Health a Mixed Bag: Report
    Life expectancy rates are up, but so are obesity levels, CDC says

  • Appalachia, the South Home to Least-Active Americans: CDC
    Exercise can help ward off heart disease, cancer, diabetes, agency notes

  • Calorie Labels Don't Affect Kids' Fast-Food Choices
    In study, labeling got noticed but didn't influence orders

  • Obesity Alone Raises Risk of Fatal Heart Attack, Study Finds
    Analysis suggests something about carrying extra weight is at play

  • Weight Guidelines May Be High for Severely Obese Moms-to-Be
    Different classes of obesity may merit separate recommendations, researchers say

  • Obesity, Bum Knees Robbing Seniors of Good Years: Study
    Slimming down would spare hundreds of thousands of people chronic pain, surgery

  • Obesity Seems to Cut Women's Risk of Open-Angle Glaucoma
    Researchers suspect association may be due to estrogen

  • Overweight Kids Who Exercise Improve Thinking, Math Skills: Study
    Chronic sedentary behavior 'is compromising children's ability and achievement,' research suggests

  • Obesity Tied to Education, Income, but Not Suburbia: Study
    Findings dispute belief that city living is advantageous weight-wise

  • Stars Strut on the Runway for Women's Heart Health
    Red Dress show in New York City raises awareness of #1 killer of American women

  • Stroke Hospitalizations Up in Teens, Young Adults
    But rates are dropping for older men and women

  • Kids' Rising Obesity Rates Due to Bad Habits, Not Genes: Study
    Sedentary lifestyles, poor food choices must be addressed to reverse trend, researcher says

  • Community Has a Role in Health of Low-Income Kids
    Study suggests social connections protect poor teens against smoking, obesity

  • Giving Baby Solid Foods Too Early Linked to Obesity Later
    But the risk was found only in bottle-fed babies, study reports

  • The More Mom Works, the Heavier Her Kids Get: Study
    Changes in eating, sleeping habits might explain the trend, researcher says

  • Obesity Has Nearly Doubled Worldwide Since 1980: Report
    Despite rising weights, some nations keeping blood pressure, cholesterol under control, study finds

  • Weight-Loss Surgery May 'Remodel' Heart
    Structural changes signal a less stressed, more normal heart muscle, but more research needed, experts say

  • Children May Pack on Pounds After Tonsillectomy
    Doctors should consider patient's weight before resorting to surgery, researcher says

  • New U.S. Dietary Guidelines Focus on Salt Reduction
    Slashing sodium intake, switching to healthier fats key features of advisory

  • TV: A Sneaky Part of the Food Pyramid
    Many restaurants have them, but experts say they promote bad eating habits

  • 105 Million in U.S. Have Diabetes or Prediabetes, CDC Says
    Obesity, changes in diagnostic criteria may be behind soaring rates

  • Changing Parental Behavior May Help Obese Kids Lose Weight
    Young children of parents who took classes in nutrition, exercise kept weight off for 2 years

  • Warm Homes in Winter May Contribute to Obesity Epidemic
    Higher indoor temperatures lessen need for body to spend energy to stay warm, researchers suggest

  • Smoking, Obesity Slowing U.S. Life Expectancy Gains: Report
    Although U.S. spends more on health care, life expectancy is shorter than in most other developed countries

  • Insufficient, Irregular Sleep Tied to Kids' Obesity
    Making up for lost shuteye on weekends seems to help, study finds

  • Five Steps to a Healthier Heart
    Expert offers simple lifestyle changes to keep cardiovascular disease at bay

  • Is Race a Factor in Obesity Counseling?
    Doctors more likely to give advice to white patients, study finds

  • Weight-Loss Surgery May Ease Incontinence in Women
    Study finds no improvement in men's urological, sexual functioning

  • U.S. Aims to Make School Lunches Healthier
    Less salt and fat, more fruits and veggies on the menu, USDA proposes

  • Taking Short Breaks From Sitting May Help Waistline and Heart
    Even a little more activity spread through the average workday boosts health, study suggests

  • Cost of Obesity Approaching $300 Billion a Year
    Researchers call for insurance companies to offer incentives for healthy living

  • For the Very Obese, H1N1 Was More Apt to Be Fatal
    Findings show need for extra precautions if any type of flu develops, expert says

  • Study Links Obesity to Greater Pain, Weakness in Fibromyalgia Patients
    But weight loss may bring some relief, researchers suggest

  • In U.S., Obesity Afflicts Even Some of the Tiniest Tots
    Study points out the problem, but reasons remain unclear

  • Family History of Alcoholism May Raise Obesity Risk
    People may substitute one addiction for another to satisfy brain's reward center, findings suggest

  • Type of Formula May Influence Infant Weight Gain
    Babies fed cow's milk-based formula gained faster, study finds

  • Obese Drivers at Higher Risk of Death in Car Crashes: Study
    Findings might have implications for car design, car safety testing, researchers say

  • Researchers Turn White Fat to Energy-Burning Brown Fat in Mice
    Finding could potentially lead to new treatments for obesity

  • Psoriasis Linked to Raised Heart Risks
    40% of study patients with skin disorder had factors such as diabetes, obesity

  • Keeping Holiday Drinking in Check May Counter Cancer
    Evidence suggests that heavy drinking damages cells and may raise cancer risk

  • Obesity May Interfere With Vitamin D Absorption
    Finding may indicate need for supplements or more sunshine, study suggests

  • Starting School Early May Keep Girls Thin
    Younger classmates less likely to be obese in adolescence, study finds

  • Death Rate From Heart Disease, Stroke Drops Off Over Decade
    But success is costly and much too limited, experts say

  • Obesity Rising Across All Income Levels: CDC
    Education, affluence may help curb weight gain for some, but everyone vulnerable

  • Scientists Raise Fat-Burning Levels in Mice
    Removing a cellular receptor for the ghrelin protein could point way to obesity control

  • Kids Not So Stuck on Sugary Breakfast Cereals, Study Finds
    When given a choice and with fruit on hand, most will be happy with low-sugar fare

  • What's Good for Heart May Also Be Good for Brain
    High 'good' cholesterol seems to protect against Alzheimer's disease, study finds

  • Taxing Sodas Won't Spur Much Weight Loss, Study Says
    Ensuing declines would be minimal, researchers find

  • Weight Gain Seems to Change the Brain's Response to Food
    Over time, overeating slows people's built-in reward systems, expert suggest

  • Those Sweet Pet Treats May Foster Fatness
    Sugar appearing more now in dog and cat treats as veterinarian warns of the consequences

  • New Diet Pill Wins FDA Panel's Backing
    Vote on Contrave came amid agency concerns it might raise heart attack, stroke risk among users

  • Teens' Poor Health Linked to Fewer Friends
    It's unknown which comes first, but sick kids less likely to have big social network at school, study finds

  • U.S. Government Sets New Health Goals for 2020
    These are more modest than previous ones, experts say

  • Obesity Can Shorten Life, Analysis Finds
    But being too skinny was also linked to decreased longevity, researchers discovered

  • Tummy Fat May Threaten Women's Bones
    In turnaround, researchers link apple shape to lower bone mass

  • Kids Who Eat Fruits, Veggies May Cut Heart Risk
    And threats to heart can be seen in children as young as 9, second study says

  • Obesity Epidemic Threatens Fido, Fluffy, Too
    This Thanksgiving, curb the urge to indulge your overweight pet, experts say

  • More Protein, Fewer Refined Carbs May Keep Weight Off
    Study found low-glycemic index foods such as whole-grain breads led to less weight regain

  • 1 in 4 Overweight Women Think They're Normal Size: Study
    Conversely, many normal-weight women believe they're too fat, Texas researchers report

  • Few Make Lifestyle Changes that Could Keep Their Heart Healthy
    Survey found only .01 percent heeded all seven recommendations from heart association

  • Are You at Risk of Developing Diabetes?
    Know the risk factors and warning signs, experts advise

  • Obesity Not Tied to Breast Cancer Risk in Mexican Americans
    Lower risk may be due to a shorter lifetime exposure to estrogen, researchers suggest

  • Obese Teens Likely to Be Obese Adults, Study Finds
    Excess weight sets kids up for serious health problems, researchers say

  • U.S. Obesity Rate May Hit 42% by 2050
    Researchers say the more obese people you know, the greater your chances of gaining weight

  • Online Feedback May Boost Weight-Loss Success
    Adding computer-generated messages to program increased effectiveness, researchers found

  • High-Calorie Drinks Still Widely Sold in U.S. Elementary Schools
    Despite national guidelines, nearly half of students can buy unhealthy beverages, study finds

  • Parent-Only Programs Can Help Obese Kids Lose Weight: Study
    Compared with groups including children, adult-only sessions had equal success, researchers found

  • Children with ADHD Symptoms at Higher Risk of Obesity
    Hyperactivity, impulsiveness associated with a 63 percent increase, researchers found

  • Percentage of U.S. Adults With Hypertension Holds Steady at 30%
    But CDC report shows more people have their high blood pressure under control

  • Arteries of Obese Kids Aging Prematurely: Study
    Aortic stiffness may signal the development of cardiovascular disease

  • Weight May Affect a Woman's Fertility
    Obesity, underweight linked to poorer outcomes in studies

  • Counseling for New Moms Can Sway Kids' Eating Habits
    Program helped children eat healthier, avoid overweight, researchers found

  • One-Third of U.S. Adults Could Have Diabetes by 2050: CDC
    'Alarming numbers' point to importance of healthier lifestyles in reversing the trend, experts say

  • People Less Likely to Buy Junk Food When Paying Cash
    Credit, debit cards seem to encourage impulsive shopping for unhealthy items, study finds

  • Hospitalizations Way Up for Young Adults With Diabetes
    And women 20 to 39 affected more than men, study finds

  • Even a Little Weight Loss Helps Lower Blood Pressure in Obese Kids
    Hypertension in youth can lead to heart disease later on, study authors note

  • Genetics Linked to Raised Risk of Childhood Obesity
    Research adds to evidence that gene variations may affect kids' weight

  • Nearly 1 in 5 W.Va. 5th Graders May Have High Blood Pressure
    Similar findings noted elsewhere, researchers say

  • Dim Light at Night Linked to Weight Gain in Mice
    Long-term exposure suggests a connection, but results need to be replicated in humans, researchers say

  • Researchers Pinpoint Array of Obesity Genes
    However, environment and lifestyle still play key roles, experts say

  • Structured Diet, Exercise Plans Seem to Shed Pounds
    Two studies found those on regimens lost more weight than those who were not, but critics call results 'best-case scenario'

  • Insulin Resistance Might Raise Risk of Stroke
    Study found non-diabetics with the condition were three times more vulnerable

  • October Named International Walk to School Month
    Kids urged to get some exercise every day by walking or biking to school

  • Weight-Loss Surgery for Teens May Be Gaining Advocates
    Some believe it's the only way to save the super-obese

  • Obesity Among U.S. Workers Has Hefty Price Tag: Study
    Biggest part of the $73 billion spent by employers was due to lost productivity on the job, data shows

  • Weight-Loss Drug Meridia Pulled From U.S. Market
    FDA cites product's increased risk for heart attack and stroke

  • Big Waist Raises Risk of Diabetes, Analysis Suggests
    Higher type 2 disease rates in U.S. versus U.K. may be due to greater levels of mid-section fat

  • Almost One-Quarter of U.S. Adults Have Arthritis
    And more than 40% of those folks are limited by it, CDC report shows

  • Doctors' Weight Loss Talks Better When Empathetic
    Patients much more likely to lose weight if they feel like a partner in care, researchers find

  • Americans Trailing World in Steps-Per-Day
    U.S. adults walk about half the distance of Swiss, Australians, study finds

  • Moms' Influence on Kids' Weight Starts in Pregnancy, Study Finds
    But most underestimate their own ability to help stop cycle of obesity, researchers say

  • Companies Can Motivate Families to Live Healthier
    Study found cash incentive drove lifestyle changes for IBM employees

  • U.S. Kids Filling Up on 'Empty Calories,' Study Finds
    Excess fats and added sugars will lead to health woes later on, experts say

  • Doctors' Health, Well-Being Affect Patient Counseling
    Those who live healthy lifestyle more likely to offer beneficial advice, study finds

  • 9% of U.S. Adults Suffer From Depression: CDC
    It's most prevalent in the Southeast, perhaps due to high rates of ills like obesity and heart disease, researchers say

  • Poor Health Habits Linked to Subpar Work Performance
    Employees who smoke, don't exercise or eat right take more time off, are less productive, study finds

  • Study Finds Teens Think Sports Drinks Are Healthy
    But marketing these beverages as healthful doesn't make them so, experts say

  • Metabolic Syndrome Doubles Heart Risk, Analysis Shows
    Urgent need to help people control obesity, blood pressure, cholesterol, insulin resistance, expert says

  • Gastric Band Surgery Rising Among Obese Teens
    More research needed on long-term safety, effectiveness, researchers say

  • Childhood Obesity Might Be Linked to Strain of Cold Virus
    Kids exposed to adenovirus 36 were 50 pounds heavier, on average, researchers found

  • FDA Advisers Divided on Whether to Ban Diet Drug Meridia
    Signs of heart and stroke risks prompt some panelists to call for new warnings and restricted distribution

  • Two New Programs Aim to Prevent, Treat Childhood Obesity
    U.S. National Institutes of Health investing $72 million in effort to curb growing problem

  • FDA Panel to Mull Ban on Diet Drug Meridia
    Withdrawal of the drug, which may raise heart risks, is an option, agency says

  • Appetite Hormone Levels May Influence Weight 'Regain'
    Dieters with a certain combination are predisposed to reacquire lost pounds, researchers say

  • Obesity Worsens Brain Damage of Heavy Drinking
    Study finds it is an independent risk factor for harming brain health

  • Obesity May Up Death Risk in Older Women With Colon Cancer
    Women past menopause with a high BMI and large waists had increased risk of dying, study finds

  • Most Americans Still Not Eating Enough Fruits, Veggies
    No state has yet met the federal goals for consumption, CDC report finds

  • Lack of Sleep May Be Linked to Childhood Obesity
    Study found more than 30% of kids who didn't get enough nighttime rest gained too much weight

  • No Surprise: Walking, Cycling Linked to Healthier Weights
    Researcher admits finding seems obvious, but says scientific proof still important to encourage activity

  • Many Americans Don't Even Know They're Fat
    Harris Interactive/HealthDay poll finds 30 percent of those overweight think they're normal size

  • Sleep-Deprived Teens Eat More Fat, Study Finds
    Those who get less than eight hours a night at risk for obesity, experts say

  • Diet Pill Meridia Ups Heart Attack Risk: Study
    While researchers saw no rise in deaths, some experts wonder if this drug has a future

  • Active Lifestyle May Help Counter Obesity Genes
    Those with inherited susceptibility to overweight urged to get moving, researchers say

  • Moderate Drinking May Boost Risk of Breast Cancer's Return
    But it could reduce the risk of dying from other causes, study finds

  • Breast-Feeding May Lower Women's Risk for Type 2 Diabetes
    Women who opted for the bottle had double the odds for the illness later, study found

  • Short-Term Overeating Could Make Long-Term Weight Loss Tougher
    Swedish study suggests pounds put on during high-cal, low-exercise periods stick around

  • Link Between Diabetes, Alzheimer's Disease Strengthened
    Latest study correlates insulin troubles with dementia-linked brain plaques

  • Could Drinking Water Before Meals Help You Lose Weight?
    People who drank two glasses prior to eating dropped more pounds, study found

  • Rectal Cancer Rates on the Rise in Younger Adults
    Actual number of cases among those under 40 still small, but trend raises flags, researcher says

  • Some Minority Groups Hit Hard by Childhood Obesity
    Black and American Indian girls continue getting heavier, while trend has leveled out in whites, study finds

  • Weight-Loss Surgery May Cut Type 2 Diabetes Medication Use
    Study finds reduced drug and health care costs may make surgery a cost-effective alternative for some

  • Just a Little Belly Fat Can Damage Blood Vessels
    Raises risk for high blood pressure, other heart problems, study finds

  • Many Girls Now Begin Puberty at Age 7, 8
    Rate of early onset has doubled for 7-year-old white girls, study finds

  • Wider Waist May Raise Death Risk Later in Life
    Study suggests it increases chances of heart trouble, cancer, respiratory disease, independent of weight

  • Excess Weight May Protect Women From Type of Glaucoma
    But don't gain weight to protect your eyes, experts say

  • More Weight Gain in Pregnancy May Mean Heavier Baby: Study
    It's another reason for moms-to-be to maintain a healthy weight, researchers say

  • Weight Gain Eroding Americans' Quality of Life
    'Healthy days per year' lost due to overweight has doubled since 1993, study shows

  • Number of Obese Adults Keeps Rising, CDC Says
    Overall obesity level now close to 27%, and minorities are hit hardest, report finds

  • Low Carb-, Low-Fat Diets Tied for Long-Term Weight Loss
    2-year trial finds no difference in pounds lost, but cutting carbs may be best for heart health

  • Western Diet Populates Kids' Stomachs With Bad Bacteria
    Study found African children who ate more natural diet, were breast-fed longer had more good bacteria

  • Mom's Weight Before Pregnancy May Affect Weight of Child
    Women overweight/obese before conceiving more likely to have overweight/obese kids: study

  • Experimental Diet Pill May Bring 'Modest' Weight Loss
    Contrave combines an antidepressant with an anti-addiction drug

  • In Young Girls, Obesity Linked to Early Puberty, Analysis Reveals
    Unanswered questions remain, including psychological impact, researcher says

  • Complications From Weight-Loss Surgery 'Relatively Low'
    Michigan study finds high-volume hospitals, surgeons reporting fewest problems

  • To Help Keep Weight Off, Turn to the Web
    Well-designed Internet sites boost odds that pounds won't return, study finds

  • Close Ties With Others Might Lengthen Life, Review Finds
    Strong support system seems to have significant health benefits, researchers say

  • Study Explores Links Between Obesity and Chronic Pain
    Finding suggests connection to family history and frame of mind

  • As Weight Goes Up, So Do Heart Risks
    Across-the-board improvements may await those who trim down

  • Shedding Pounds Saved One Woman's Life

  • The Longer You Sit, the Shorter Your Life Span: Study
    Effect was seen even when researchers factored out obesity, exercise

  • Autistic Kids Often Fussier Eaters, but Nutrition OK
    Slower, pickier eating can arise in infancy, but growth tends to be unimpaired, study finds

  • Obesity as Young Adult May Boost Psoriatic Arthritis Risk
    Study found that 20 percent of those overweight at age 18 developed condition by age 35

  • No-Shame Programs May Appeal to Obese
    But tactics should emphasize lifestyle change, not weight loss, survey suggests

  • Too Many Tots Watching Too Much TV: Study
    Oregon study finds 1 in 5 young kids exposed to more than the recommended 2 hours a day

  • Sleep Plays Important Role in Chronic Disease: Report
    7 to 8 hours is optimal for adults, but too much or too little raises health risks, study finds

  • Excess Weight in Older Women Linked to Diminished Memory
    Impact of extra pounds worse for those who carry fat around their hips, researchers find

  • New Pill Found to Cut Weight With Few Side Effects: Study
    Lorcaserin one of three new anti-obesity medications up for review by the FDA

  • Screening Guidelines Miss Many Kids With High Cholesterol
    Researchers suggest that universal testing may be a better option

  • Weight-Loss Drugs Often No Better Than Fakes: German Study
    Changes in diet, activity levels still best way to control weight, expert suggests

  • Lifestyle Interventions Needed to Stay Heart-Healthy
    American Heart Association outlines strategies in a new scientific statement

  • Childhood Obesity Boosts Risk of GERD
    Extremely obese older children have a 40 percent higher risk of the painful digestive disease, researchers say

  • Clues for Burning Fat Without Exercise Found in Mice
    Brain chemical seems to help melt calories but research may not apply to humans, scientists say

  • Changes in Fat Cells May Pave Way for Type 2 Diabetes
    May result in the 'hyperinflammation' seen in the disease, researchers say

  • Obesity Ups Cancer Death Risk in Asia-Pacific Region
    But the risk conferred by excess weight is no higher than in the West, study finds

  • Taking Public Transit Might Help You Stay Slim
    Leaving car at home, walking to station adds to daily exercise, researchers note

  • Obesity Rates Jump in 28 States, Report Shows
    More than two-thirds of states now have rates above 25 percent

  • Kids With Coordination Disorder More Likely to Be Overweight
    Condition may interfere with physical activity, researchers say

  • When Parents Smoke, Kids' Weight, Behavior May Suffer
    Research suggests tie between lighting up and child's health, although cause-and-effect not clear

  • A Little Biking May Help Premenopausal Women Stay Slim
    If you're already heavy, even five minutes a day brings results, study finds

  • School-Based Efforts May Help Curb Obesity in High-Risk Kids
    But results for student population as a whole are less clear, researchers say

  • U.S. Report Finds Too Few Clinics Target Diabetes, Obesity
    Local centers need to face growing threat, federal researchers say

  • Hormone Raises Desire for Fattening Foods
    Study found ghrelin made people crave high-calorie food more

  • X-Ray Can Spot Gastric Band Slippage
    As weight-loss surgeries increase, more of these emergencies will occur, researchers say

  • Cavities in Baby Teeth May Come From Poor Food Choices
    Dental office a good place to offer education on kids' nutrition, researcher says

  • Gaining Weight Later in Life Ups Diabetes Risk
    Increased waist circumference also increases type 2 chances, study finds

  • Cartoon Characters Sell Kids on Unhealthy Foods
    Using likes of Shrek and Dora to market treats should be banned, researcher says

  • Obesity Doesn't Always Guarantee Heart Disease
    Those without other risk factors may not develop the condition, study suggests

  • 'Junk Food' Sugar May Help Some Fat Cells Proliferate
    But lab study needs further testing in humans, experts say

  • People May Skip Soft Drinks Rather Than Pay More
    When cost increased, consumption dropped, study found

  • Obesity Can Take Toll on Sex Life
    Stigma may lead to fewer sexual encounters, poorer sexual health, study finds

  • Scientists Tease Out Links Between Diabetes, Cancer
    Does the blood sugar disease help cause malignancy, or just share common risk factors?

  • Stricter Rules Can Steer Kids Away From TV
    And physically active kids watch less television, researchers report

  • Lifestyle Changes Are No Guarantee Against Alzheimer's
    Panel finds inconclusive evidence that diet, exercise, supplements prevent dementia

  • Least Healthy More Apt to Think Genes Explain Disease Risk
    Survey also found these people were not as interested in information on lifestyle changes

  • Depression Could Play a Role in Added Belly Fat
    Depressed people often gain weight, study found, but overweight aren't more prone to depression

  • Old Drugs May Have New Use Against Hepatitis C
    Drugs used for obesity, diabetes might fight dangerous liver infection, study shows

  • When Mom Is Abused, Child's Obesity Risk May Rise
    Kids exposed to domestic violence were more likely to be obese by age 5, study found

  • Move Childhood Back Outdoors This Summer
    Parents can boost their kids' health, social skills in the process, experts say

  • Wii Games Can Get Seniors Moving
    Activity-oriented video gaming may benefit overweight older folks, researchers say

  • TV Food Ads Promote Bad Diets
    Study found they peddle huge amounts of sugar and fat, with few fruits and vegetables

  • Overweight Younger Adults as Healthy as Normal-Weight Peers?
    But study only looked at meds and didn't address issue of undiagnosed disease

  • Osteoarthritis Claims Growing Number of Younger Victims
    Intensive sports and exercise at young age may be the cause, experts say

  • Rare Cases of Liver Damage Tied to Weight-Loss Drug
    Orlistat is available by prescription under trade name Xenical and over-the-counter as Alli

  • Lifestyle Affects Survival in Non-Hodgkin's Lymphoma
    Pre-diagnosis smoking, obesity and alcohol use raise death risk, research shows

  • More Steps a Day Lead to Better Health
    Study suggests walking may help prevent metabolic syndrome

  • Fat in Males, Females Differs Genetically, Mouse Study Shows
    Finding might explain why men store fat around belly, women around the hips

  • Belly Fat in Middle Age Raises Dementia Risk
    'Spare tire' had strongest association with senility, study found

  • High-Fat Meal May Trigger Asthma
    Study finds fatty foods lead to inflammation, reduced lung function

  • Quick Weight Loss May Be Best for Long-Term Success
    Obese women who lose 1.5 pounds a week or more fare best, researchers say

  • Obese Kids May Be More Likely to Snore
    They also develop sleep apnea more often than slimmer children, study finds

  • Obesity Behind Rise of 'Phantom' Brain Tumors in Children
    Pressure build-up within skull causes chronic pain, experts say

  • Bullies Target Obese Kids
    Being overweight is prime factor regardless of race, family income, study finds

  • Obesity a Bigger Threat to Kids in Southern States
    Rate in Mississippi is double that of children in Oregon, CDC study finds

  • Low Testosterone Raises Heart Death Rates in Impotent Men
    Obese patients with erectile dysfunction also at higher risk for cardiac events, research shows

  • Exercise, Weight Control May Keep Fibromyalgia at Bay
    Study finds link between excess weight and the pain disorder, especially among inactive women

  • OTC Drugs May Work Differently in Obese Kids
    Researcher suggests considering weight factors when deciding dosage

  • Noncardiac Chest Pain May Warrant More Management: Study
    Patients should be screened and monitored for heart-related conditions, researchers say

  • More U.S. Women May Be Obese Than Thought
    International guidelines show half to two-thirds of women of childbearing age fit the bill

  • Steady Weight Gain Boosts Late-Life Breast Cancer Risk
    Average-sized woman doubles her odds by adding 30 pounds over 30 years, researchers say

  • Weight Gain, Smoking May Make Prostate Cancer Deadlier
    Men who put on pounds after prostatectomy nearly double odds of recurrence, one study finds

  • Obesity Epidemic May Cut Life Spans of Young Adults
    Americans becoming overweight much earlier in life than in past generations, study finds

  • Thin Girls May Face Higher Breast Cancer Risk as Adults
    Finding may offer new ways to predict odds for the disease, researchers say

  • Weight-Loss Surgery May Ease Childbirth Risks
    Blood pressure problems fall 75 percent after procedure, study finds

  • Hormones Tied to Diabetes Might Also Influence Fertility
    Mouse study shows how type 2 disease can develop without obesity

  • U.S. Hospitals Get Low Marks on Curbing Infections
    Federal reports also say health care providers can do more to help obese patients

  • Child Obesity Soaring in Rural America
    In one Louisiana community, one in two kids is now overweight or obese, study finds

  • Obesity in Pregnancy Ups Risk of Heart Defect in Baby
    The heavier a woman is, the greater the danger, researchers say

  • FDA Issues Warning on 'Fat-Melting' Spa Injections
    There's no proof the procedures work and serious side effects can occur, agency says

  • Obese Americans Get High Quality Medical Care
    Despite bias from some doctors, overweight patients often receive better care than normal-weight peers, study finds

  • Exercise Helps Teens Overcome 'Obesity Gene'
    DNA does not make overweight inevitable, new study shows

  • Turning Your Workday Into Weight Loss
    'Healthy office' can help employees shed pounds, boost productivity, experts say

  • Small Tax on Soda Won't Curb Child Obesity
    But higher tariffs could slash youngsters' consumption, study finds

  • Obesity, Alcohol Among Factors Linked to Women's Gout Risk
    Aging, hypertension also contribute to raised odds of disease, research shows

  • Junk Food 'Addiction' May Be Real
    In study of rats, the more fattening foods they ate, the more they wanted

  • Inflammation Molecule May Determine Fat Levels
    Link only seen in normal-weight women, suggesting it protects against obesity

  • Researchers Identify 2 Genes Linked to Fatty Liver Disease
    Could yield better tests, treatments for condition that can cause liver damage, type 2 diabetes

  • Healthy Living Adds Years to Life
    But disparities in longevity still tied to geography, race and income, study shows

  • Bad Habits Explain Class Differences in Health: Study
    Higher death rates for poor tied to more smoking, poorer diets and lack of exercise

  • Even in 'Last Supper,' Portion Sizes Have Grown
    Comparison of paintings shows bigger helpings over time, researchers say

  • Obese Kids Suffer More Leg, Foot Injuries: Study
    Have limb pain evaluated, experts advise

  • With Faulty Food Labeling, Who's Minding the Store?
    Recent charges of misleading ingredient, calorie count info have FDA scrambling to fix system

  • More Kids Now Extremely Obese
    Report authors warn of shorter life spans, impending health problems for these children

  • 2 Drugs Fail to Prevent Diabetes in the Overweight
    Diovan, Starlix also had limited or no effect in shielding users from cardiovascular woes, study finds

  • Obesity, Drinking a Double Threat to the Liver
    Combination increased chances of cirrhosis, studies found

  • Health Tip: What's Behind Childhood Obesity
    Factors that increase a youngster's risk

  • Obese Colon Cancer Survivors Face Poorer Prognosis
    Study found chances of recurrence, death higher than among normal-weight patients

  • Increasing Soda Consumption Fuels Rise in Diabetes, Heart Disease
    Finding suggests new health policies could make a dent in the problem, researcher says

  • Sleepless Nights Plague America
    People of all races say lack of shuteye affects their work, even sex lives

  • Gut Bacteria May Spur Obesity, Research Suggests
    Scientists transferred germs that increased appetite from one mouse to another

  • As Pro Baseball Players Get Bigger, So Do Their Health Risks: Study
    But N.Y. Mets team doctor disputes finding, saying better training, diet fueling the increase

  • Workplace Wellness Programs Work
    Employees who used them lost weight, lowered heart disease risk, study finds

  • You Can't Exercise Away TV's Toll on the Heart
    Heavy screen time in youth means trouble by mid-40s, despite activity levels, study finds

  • A Cheek Swab to Choose Your Diet Plan?
    DNA test may be able to tell which diet would work best for you, study suggests

  • Child Obesity Rates Going Up
    Junk food intake is up, and many kids have few places to burn calories, studies find

  • Risk of Childhood Obesity Higher Among Minorities
    Study found risk factors start before birth, stretch into preschool years

  • Obesity and Depression: A Vicious Circle?
    Study finds that one encourages the other, but early intervention can help

  • Low-Fat Diets Beat Low-Carb Regimen Long Term
    But obese on either plan averaged no more than 10 pounds weight loss over 3 years, study found

  • Future Heart Disease May Be in Store for Obese Kids
    Warning signs start to show up as early as age 3, researchers say

  • Hormone Outperforms Insulin in Diabetic Mice
    Someday, leptin could free people with type 1 disease from daily injections, expert predicts

  • Obesity, Lack of Exercise Heighten Arthritis Risk for Women
    Rates of the condition are higher in U.S. than Canada, study finds

  • Excessive Weight Gain During Pregnancy Raises Gestational Diabetes Risk
    Women who pack on more pounds than recommended are most susceptible, researchers say

  • Rising Use of Medical Technologies Extending Americans' Lives
    Annual report on nation's health finds flaws, though, in weight, exercise and insurance

  • County-By-County Report Sizes Up Americans' Health
    Rural areas tend to fare worse than urban locales, comprehensive survey finds

  • Most Americans Think It's Others Who Are Unhealthy
    Survey found most people thought they were fine, while their docs disagreed

  • One in Two Children Has Chronic Health Issues
    But study also found most conditions, such as obesity, asthma and ADHD, did not persist

  • Repeated Weight-Loss Surgery Carries Added Risks
    As more people undergo bariatric procedures, use of revisions will grow, study finds

  • Premature Death Could Await Obese Kids
    They have double the odds of dying before age 55, study finds

  • Gastric Banding Most Effective for Obese Teens
    Study found those who had it lost much more weight than peers who tried lifestyle changes

  • Scientists Spot Genes Tied to Aging
    Some people are programmed to age at a faster rate, study says

  • 3 Home Habits Help Youngsters Stay Slim
    Eating together, limiting TV and getting enough sleep cut risk of obesity, study finds

  • Soft Drinks Could Boost Pancreatic Cancer Risk
    Higher blood sugar, insulin levels might cause cells to divide abnormally, researchers say

  • Very Obese People May Be Missing Genes
    Study adds to theories linking obesity and DNA

  • Fat-Burning Chemical Points to New Weight-Loss Drug
    Results of lab tests with mice suggest promising new direction for research, scientists say

  • Later Puberty Seen for Obese Boys
    Effect of excess fat differs between the sexes, findings show

  • Diabetes Drug Helps Dieting Teens Lose Weight
    Metformin plus lifestyle changes might play a role in obesity treatment, researchers say

  • Health Tip: Who's a Candidate for Gastric Bypass Surgery?
    People for whom the surgery may be recommended

  • Listing Calories on Fast-Food Menus Cuts Kids' Intake
    Parents routinely chose about 100 fewer calories per meal for their children, study found

  • For Lower Blood Pressure, Low-Carb Diet May Be Best
    But for weight loss alone, other plans also work well, studies find

  • Obesity Tied to Common Kidney Cancer
    Odds of having clear-cell renal cell cancer jump as body mass increases, study finds

  • As Obesity Increases, So Does Stroke Risk
    Especially high rate among blacks may have genetic cause, researcher says

  • FDA Warns of Heart Risks With Diet Drug
    Meridia shouldn't be used by those with history of heart problems, agency says

  • Excess Weight Poses Anesthesia Challenge
    Obese patients can take steps to minimize risk, experts say

  • Federal Panel Urges Obesity Screening for Kids Ages 6 and Up
    Children who are obese should be referred to treatment, USPSTF panel says

  • For Very Obese, Gastric Bypass May Extend Life
    Decision-making depends on comparing benefits vs. risks, researchers say

  • Race, Weight May Influence Success of Prostate Surgery
    Among diabetic men undergoing prostatectomy, obese whites have worse outcomes, study finds

  • U.S. Obesity Rates Leveling Off, But Still High
    And rates among boys aged 6-19 still climbing, government study finds

  • Could a Bigger Bottom Boost Health?
    Derriere fat curbs inflammatory processes linked to heart disease, experts say

  • Psychotherapy May Help Teen Girls Avoid Obesity
    Focusing on interpersonal relationships stems weight gain, study finds

  • Stored Fats May Make Cancer Cells More Aggressive
    Finding could explain link between obesity and cancer, researchers say

  • Showing Kids How Fast They Eat May Help Them Shape Up
    New device links eating speed and portion size to aid weight loss, researchers say

  • Cellular Tweak Helps Mice Burn More Fat
    Targeting key mechanism could lead to new treatments for obesity, findings suggest

  • Hazards of Obesity Now Rival Smoking in U.S.
    Little difference seen in loss of quality-of-life years between the two, study finds

  • Young, Overweight Fall Prey to Weight-Loss Spam
    They're more likely to respond to product pitches in e-mails, study shows

  • Poverty, Poor Education Shave Years Off the Life Span
    They're as important as smoking, obesity when it comes to health, study finds

  • Quitting Smoking Can Raise Diabetes Risk
    But interventions can keep the illness at bay, experts say

  • For Kids, All Activity May Not Be Equal
    Learning movement skills is key but often overlooked in zest for sports, experts say

  • Top Reasons Those 'Get Fit' Resolutions Don't Stick
    Study points to self-consciousness as biggest factor standing in people's way

  • Study Debunks Notion of 'Healthy Obese' Man
    Heart risks may take years to show up, but they're there, study finds

  • Sun, Smoke, Extra Weight Add Years to Skin
    Twins study shows impact of lifestyle on top of genetics

  • Imagine Food Aromas That Prevent Overeating
    Scientists working on edibles that will signal fullness just by chewing

  • Blacks Have Less 'Bad Fat' Than Whites
    It's a puzzle, because less visceral fat should mean less obesity-linked disease, experts say

  • Wide Array of Stores Now Sell High-Calorie Snacks
    They're at checkout counters of clothing stores, gas stations -- and adding to obesity epidemic, study says

  • Obesity, Inactivity Keeping Heart Health Stats Down
    Treatments have improved, but Americans fall down on prevention, experts say

  • Puberty May Trigger Sleep Apnea in Overweight Kids
    Obesity combined with developmental changes increases risk in teens, study suggests

  • Cutting TV Time Burns More Calories
    Study found simple activities like housework, gardening replaced tube watching

  • Health Tip: Warning Signs of Binge Eating Disorder
    Here are possible symptoms

  • Menopause Often Means Worsening Cholesterol
    Studies also report on statin dosages and lifestyle factors that affect the heart

  • Too Much Drinking, Eating Tied to Breast Cancer Recurrence
    Prognosis is also worse for overweight women, researchers find

  • Oversized College Football Players May Face Heart Risks
    Linemen especially likely to have metabolic syndrome, study finds

  • Health Gains From Lowered Smoking Rates in Jeopardy
    Study finds rising incidence of obesity could counter recent increases in longevity

  • Birth in South Raises Stroke Risk for Life
    Death rate highest for lifelong residents of 'stroke belt,' study finds

  • Diabetes Cases Expected to Double in 25 Years
    Soaring rates to bring unprecedented medical, economic burdens, study predicts

  • Holiday Eating Without the Guilt -- or the Pounds
    Two experts offer waistline-friendly ways to enjoy festive feasting

  • Kidney Transplant, Sleep Disorder May Add Up to Trouble
    Heart disease, stroke more likely for organ recipients with sleep apnea, study finds

  • Appalachia, Southeast Hit Hardest by Obesity and Diabetes
    CDC county-by-county analysis finds some areas with 1 in 10 adults already diabetic

  • Obesity Rolling Back Gains in Heart Health
    Studies show risk factors rising among children and adults, with many denying they have a problem

  • Baby Boomers May Prove More Disabled Than Their Elders
    Wave of disabilities could overburden health-care system, researchers fear

  • Study Links Yo-Yo Dieting to Addiction
    Rats fed sugary chow suffered withdrawal when regular meals returned

  • Fasting on Alternate Days May Make Dieting Easier
    Heart health could also benefit from this plan, researchers find

  • Gut Bacteria Might Be Making People Fat
    Study in mice suggests link between intestinal microbes, diet and obesity

  • Teen Obesity Ups MS Risk in Women
    Researchers suspect lower vitamin D levels may be to blame

  • Obesity Seems to Alter Heart Structure
    Result may be left atrial enlargement, study finds

  • Genes Linked to 'Pot' Belly
    And excess consumption of saturated fats raises obesity risk, researchers find

  • Fast Eating Limits Gut Hormones That Induce Fullness
    The result is overeating, research shows

  • Science Finds Healing in Halloween Horrors
    Vampire bats, spiders and even a monster have sparked new treatments

  • Let Kids Sleep Late on Weekends to Fight Fat: Study
    Too little shuteye contributes to obesity, researchers say

  • Antipsychotic Drugs Spur Dramatic Weight Gain in Kids
    Researchers urge other alternatives, close monitoring of patients

  • Where You Put on Pounds May Influence Clot Risk
    Big hips in women, wide waists in men spell trouble, study finds

  • Diabetes Drug May Boost Weight Loss in Obese Patients
    Combo of diet, exercise and injections helped non-diabetics shed pounds, study finds

  • Heavy Patients Get Little Respect From Doctors
    Study finding shows doctors have to realize obesity is a disease, expert says

  • Super Obesity Ups Risk of Dying After Weight-Loss Surgery
    Deaths also more common among those with chronic diseases, study finds

  • For Obese, Weight Gained in Pregnancy May Not Leave
    Overweight women have tougher time shedding those excess pounds, study finds

  • Obesity May Affect Fertility in Young Women
    Ability to have children is important to many who undergo weight-reduction surgery, study finds

  • Soda Taxes Not Making a Dent in U.S. Waistlines
    Small increases in cost for sugary drinks haven't slowed obesity epidemic, study finds

  • Smog Tougher on the Obese
    Study finds sharp hikes in blood pressure when overweight, air pollution combine

  • Ex-NFL Players Hold Their Own Health-Wise
    Former pros have lower risk of heart disease, suggesting early fitness pays off, researcher says

  • Nutrition Still Not 'A' Grade in U.S. Schools: Studies
    Guidelines are helping, but more is needed to stem teen obesity, researchers say

  • Troubled Minds Can Mean Wider Waistlines
    Repeat episodes of anxiety, depression tied to weight gain, study finds

  • Exercise in Adolescence May Cut Risk of Deadly Brain Tumor
    Physical activity later in life didn't seem to matter, study finds

  • Delaying Weight-Loss Surgery May Leave Teens at Risk
    Acting before kids gain more improves outcomes, study shows

  • Pre-Pregnancy Weight Linked to Babies' Heart Problems
    Overweight women more likely to have infants with certain birth defects, research shows

  • Workplace Wellness Seems to Really Work
    Investing in employee health cuts medical costs and ups productivity, heart experts say

  • Obese Middle-Aged Women Face Unhealthy Future
    Extra weight cuts chances for long, healthy life by nearly 80%, study finds

  • No Osteoarthritis Seen in Obese Mice Without Leptin
    Hormone linked to appetite may also influence arthritis risk, researchers find

  • Cost Savings Adds to Value of Preventing Chronic Disease
    Avoiding diabetes, high blood pressure can add years to life, researchers say

  • Successful Dieters Show Unique Brain Patterns
    Scans found regions related to inhibition, self-control were more active

  • Leukemia Cells May Hide in Fat Tissue
    Finding explains why obese children have higher relapse rates, researchers say

  • Diet, Exercise May Slow Kidney Disease Progression
    Obese patients can also benefit from weight-loss surgery, review finds

  • Middle-Age Heart Risk Factors Shorten Men's Lives
    Smoking, hypertension, high cholesterol cut 10 years of life, study finds

  • Drinking, Weight, Depression Linked in Young Women: Study
    Treatment for one of these issues should take into account the others, report says

  • 'Soda Tax' Wins Health Experts' Support
    Researchers cite a win-win for health care and obesity, but beverage industry balks at proposal

  • Most Adult Americans at Some Risk for Heart Disease
    Surging obesity rates have reversed gains, study finds

  • Curbing Obesity Epidemic Key to Health Care Reform: Experts
    Overweight is major contributing factor for chronic disease, U.S. health groups say

  • Metabolic Syndrome May Raise Risk of Peripheral Artery Disease
    Women much more likely to develop PAD if they had constellation of other symptoms, researchers found

  • Acupuncture May Help Relieve Polycystic Ovary Syndrome
    Exercise also improves symptoms and related risk factors, study finds

  • Blueberry Drink Protects Mice From Obesity, Diabetes
    Lab results indicate that juice/bacteria combination could help people, too

  • Doctors' Efforts to Fight Childhood Obesity Not Working
    Study suggests officials might need to rethink strategies

  • Thin Thighs Might Be Harbinger of Heart Disease
    Increased risk seen in Danish study, but authors say more research is needed

  • Waist-Hip Ratio Good Gauge of Obesity in Elderly, Study Shows
    After age 70, body mass index is less effective in identifying unhealthy weight levels, researchers say

  • Scientists Turn Off 'Obesity Switch' in Mice
    Deleted gene allows rodents to eat high-fat diet and stay thin, research shows

  • Nightly Snacking May Speed Weight Gain
    Mice fed high-fat diets got fatter if fed during their normal 'sleep time'

  • Pancreatic Cancer Deaths Higher for Blacks
    Accounting for risk factors made no difference in disparity, researchers find

  • Weight-Loss Surgery Breaks Families' 'Obesity Cycle'
    Moms operated on before pregnancy had thinner children, study found

  • Key Protein May Link Obesity, Diabetes, Heart Woes
    Molecule in fat tissues spurs chronic inflammation that gives rise to disease, researchers say

  • Adult Weight Gain Tied to Prostate Cancer Risk
    White men risk more aggressive tumors if pounds mount up in 20s, 30s, study finds

  • Fat-Fighting Chemical Holds Promise
    But research on 'fatostatin' is still in early stages

  • As Waistlines Widen, Brains Shrink
    The obese and overweight have less neurological tissue, study finds

  • Wider Waist Boosts Asthma Risk
    Even if women were of normal weight, extra fat around abdomen raised the odds, study found

  • FDA Investigating Weight-Loss Drug Over Reports of Liver Damage
    32 cases reported since orlistat came on market in 1999

  • Americans Are Urged to Cut Sugar Intake
    Experts recommend far fewer teaspoons a day than average person now consumes

  • Obesity Tied to Prostate Cancer Recurrence
    Leads to poor prognosis in both blacks and whites after surgery, study finds

  • How Weight Loss Helps the Heart
    Study found it reversed structural abnormalities seen among the obese

  • More Evidence Healthy Living Brings Long Life
    Good diet, no smoking, regular exercise lower chronic disease risk by 80%, CDC study finds

  • Slide Into Debt Could Bring Wider Waistline
    Less activity, 'comfort eating' might spur obesity, German study finds

  • More Kids Becoming Severely Obese
    Expert urges additional programs, and coverage, for health effects

  • Infants Cared for in Another Home Become Heavier Toddlers
    Being in own home, day-care centers didn't increase weight, study found

  • Scientists Find Way to Make 'Good' Brown Fat
    Discovery could lead to ways to increase energy-burning in body, fight obesity

  • Study Finds Weight-Loss Surgery Safer Than Thought
    Death risk only 0.3 percent, chances of serious complications 4.3 percent

  • More Can Be Done to Slow Obesity's Toll on Health: Experts
    HHS Secretary Sebelius says real change begins with America's kids

  • Unhooking the Obesity-Diabetes Connection
    Understanding the link may someday lead to a cure, studies suggest

  • Almost 10 Percent of U.S. Medical Costs Tied to Obesity
    Only return to healthy behaviors will bring expenditures down, experts say

  • Giving Statins to Kids Provokes Debate
    Cholesterol-lowering drugs may help young hearts, but long-term use raises concerns

  • 1 in 7 Low-Income Preschoolers Is Obese
    CDC stats do show the epidemic might be slowing down among poor families

  • Eating Habits in the Obese May Echo Drug Addicts' Patterns
    Sensitization could be at play, nutrition expert says

  • Studies Affirm Value of Healthy Lifestyle
    Those who ate right, exercised lowered chances of cardiovascular trouble

  • Weight-Loss Enzyme Identified
    Researchers may have found a way to curb hunger, rev up energy

  • Probiotics Supplement May Help After Gastric Bypass Surgery
    In study, patients lost weight faster and avoided vitamin B deficiency

  • Dietary Oils May Help Some Fight Fat
    Two common supplements lower body fat, build muscle in obese older women with diabetes, researchers find

  • Blacks Have Highest Obesity Rates in U.S.
    Hispanics also show higher prevalence than whites, CDC researchers find

  • Lighter Meals May Bring Longer Life
    Monkey study is best evidence yet that fewer daily calories boost lifespan

  • Obesity Rates Continue to Climb in U.S.
    Eight of 10 states with highest number of obese adults are in the South, report says

  • Obese Get Higher Doses of Radiation for X-Rays
    Cumulative effect of that needs study, experts say

  • Eating Animal Fat May Lead to Pancreatic Cancer
    Added risk is tied to red meat and dairy products, study finds

  • Obese Poor Shut Out From Weight-Loss Surgeries
    Too often, they lack insurance or face roadblocks in getting the procedures, study finds

  • Bariatric Surgery Cuts Cancer Risk for Women
    Finding adds to the link between obesity and cancer, experts say

  • Obesity While Young Boosts Pancreatic Cancer Risk
    Study points to yet another reason to maintain a healthy weight

  • A Few Extra Pounds Might Bring Extra Years
    Study finds overweight, but not obesity, tied to longer lifespan

  • Common Weight-Loss Surgery May Double Risk of Kidney Stones
    Roux-en-Y gastric bypass linked to small increased chances of trouble, research shows

  • Obesity Greatly Raises Endometrial Cancer Risk
    Odds are 22 times higher for very overweight women, study finds

  • Does Location Affect Kids' Weight?
    Study refutes belief that living near fast-food joints makes children fat

  • Health Tip: Help Prevent Metabolic Syndrome
    A possible precursor to diabetes and heart disease

  • Heart Association Warns of Surgery Risks in Obese
    Complications may include wound infections, heart problems, new advisory says

  • Diabetes Drug Byetta May Aid Weight Loss in Obese Patients
    Combined diet, exercise and injection had best results in study

  • Neck Size May Affect Severity of Sleep Apnea
    Even non-obese people are at risk, researchers find

  • Health Care 'Gap' Continues for Minority, Poor Americans
    Government report finds they have higher incidence of illness, fewer options for care

  • Races Differ in Rates of Sleep-Related Obesity
    Blacks get less shuteye than whites, more suffer from obesity, study finds

  • Know Your Odds for Heart Failure
    Lifestyle plays key role, study confirms, and a new 'calculator' helps gauge risk

  • Obesity May Dampen Response to Asthma Meds
    Study runs counter to research that has suggested excess weight worsens disease

  • Want to Stop Cancer? You Can, Experts Say
    Lifestyle changes have been shown to lower odds, even for those at higher risk

  • Making Obese Mice Slim, Without Diet or Exercise
    Findings might someday help overweight humans, too, experts say

  • Fewer New Pounds in Pregnancy Best for Obese Moms
    Findings support recent changes to gestational weight gain guidelines

  • Weight-Loss Surgery Options Compared in Super-Obese
    Duodenal switch may be more effective than gastric bypass, researchers say

  • Weight May Affect Colonoscopy Success
    More rigorous prep is needed for obese people, study finds

  • Experts Urge Less Weight Gain for Obese Women in Pregnancy
    New guidelines suggest adding no more than 20 pounds

  • Hardened Arteries Threaten Obese, Diabetic Youth
    Ultrasound shows damage tied to rising odds for stroke, heart attack, researchers say

  • Among Obese Diabetics, Sleep Apnea May Be Common
    Study finds, though, that disorder often goes undiagnosed

  • Money May Matter, Health-Wise, in Old Age
    With wealth and education come fewer chronic problems, study finds

  • Obese People Seem to Do Better With Heart Disease
    Still, it's best to lose that excess weight, review says

  • Obesity May Raise Kids' Allergy Risk
    With both problems on the rise, researchers call for more study

  • Obese Children More Likely to Suffer Lower Body Injuries
    Stress on muscle, bone behind severity of damage, longer recovery, study finds

  • Remembrance of Fat May Be at Root of Cravings
    Once a survival tool, ability could be making people today fat, expert says

  • Lifestyle Factors Tied to Older Adults' Diabetes Risk
    As population ages, even small changes affect incidence, study finds

  • Smoking, Hypertension Each Account for 1 in 5 U.S. Deaths
    Prevention efforts 'have run out of steam,' expert says

  • Family History of Asthma Boosts Odds Almost 6 Times
    U.S. researchers say assessing kin may identify those at risk for developing condition

  • A Pre-Workout Meal to Help You Burn Fat
    Stay away from white bread, other 'high-glycemic' carbs, researchers say

  • Staying Slim Is Good for the Environment
    Sustaining heavier people produces more greenhouse gases, researchers say

  • Obesity May Hide Fetal Abnormalities on Ultrasounds
    As a woman's weight rises, so does risk of inaccurate reading, study shows

  • Bariatric Surgery Centers Don't Deliver Better Outcomes
    Study finds these units of excellence no better, more costly, than other hospitals

  • Study Rates Breast Cancer Risks Among Races
    Researchers find white and black women share certain risks; other factors more distinctive

  • Fructose-Sweetened Drinks Up Metabolic Syndrome Risk
    But glucose-based beverages may not have same impact, study finds

  • A Fat That May Keep You Thin
    'Brown' fat, previously unknown in adults, revs up calorie-burning, experts say

  • Obesity Linked to Heart Failure Risk
    Waist size important in women, not men, researchers report

  • Pot Belly Boosts Risk for Restless Legs Syndrome
    Obesity may alter nervous system, triggering the movement disorder, researchers say

  • More U.S. Kids Taking Diabetes, Blood Pressure Drugs
    Prescriptions rose by more than 15 percent in 3 years, researchers say

  • Kids Who Lack Self-Control May Be Prone to Weight Gain
    New research finds that need for instant gratification might play a part

  • Obesity Boosts Gum Disease Risk
    Experts say common denominator may be inflammation, suggest heart-healthy diet

  • TV Time May Not Be Benign
    Behavioral problems, obesity more likely in kids who watch 2 hours-plus a day

  • Fewer Sugary Drinks Key to Weight Loss
    Cutting down on sodas, other sweet beverages may work better than eating less, study finds

  • School PE Programs Don't Lower Child Obesity
    But they do boost fitness and are still valuable, study finds

  • Rapid Infant Weight Gain Linked to Childhood Obesity
    Harvard study suggests earliest intervention may reduce risk

  • Urine Test May ID Unhealthy Diets
    Low potassium level indicates poor nutrition, study finds

  • Black Women at Higher Risk for Aggressive Breast Tumors
    Triple negative growths 3 times more likely regardless of age, weight, study finds

  • Many Americans Fear Being Diagnosed With Diabetes
    But most do little to reduce risks of getting blood sugar disease, survey finds

  • High Blood Fat Levels Common in Americans
    And those fats, called triglycerides, may contribute to heart risk, study says

  • Most New EMS Recruits Overweight or Obese
    Massachusetts finding has troubling implications for public safety, experts say

  • Internal Clock and Metabolism May Be Linked
    Discovery in mice could offer clues to effects of aging, experts say

  • Obesity Tied to Poor Pancreatic Cancer Surgery Outcomes
    Study finds risk of disease recurrence, death nearly twice that of normal-weight patients

  • High Rate of Early Heart Failure Seen in Blacks
    Biggest risk factors were hypertension, obesity, study found

  • Obesity Takes Years Off Your Life
    It's similar to smoking when it comes to effect on longevity, researchers note

  • Weight Loss Might Not Curb Knee Arthritis
    Obesity boosts risk, but weight has no overall effect on progression, study says

  • Aging Baby Boomers May Swamp Cardiac Care
    'Diabesity' renders them more prone to heart attacks than their predecessors, researchers say

  • Kids Who Live Near Green Spaces Seem to Walk More
    Experts urge urban planners to heed study's finding and help fight obesity

  • Overweight Preschoolers Raise Their Heart Disease Risk
    Study found they showed early signs of cardiovascular trouble

  • Neck Fat a Measure of Heart Risk
    It signals danger independently of stomach fat, researchers report

  • Too Little Sleep May Raise Diabetes Risk
    Less than 6 hours of slumber per night heightened the odds, study found

  • Obesity, Diabetes and Heart Disease May Speed Dementia
    Expert urges people to modify lifestyle after reports find a connection

  • Church-Based Weight Plan Peels Off Pounds for Blacks
    Members dropped 5% of body weight and sustained it for 6 months, study finds

  • Stress May Raise Diabetes Risk for Obese Black Women
    Surge in anxiety-linked hormone worsens blood sugar level, researchers suggest

  • Bias Against Obesity Is Found Among Future Dietitians
    Attitude could affect care patients might get, experts warn

  • 'Fasting Signal' Offers Clues to Insulin Resistance in the Obese
    Drugs blocking this communication may offer therapeutic benefits, mouse study finds

  • Night Shift Work Hard on the Heart
    Study finds it alters levels of hormones, could raise risk of obesity, diabetes and heart disease

  • Men's Sex Lives May Suffer as Waistlines Expand
    Gastric bypass surgery can restore function for obese males, study finds

  • Undoing the 'Big Baby' Trend
    As infant weights rise, parents are urged to take steps early to prevent obesity

  • Obesity Just as Risky for Teens as Heavy Smoking
    Men who were overweight youths are far more apt to die early, study finds

  • Mice Study Shows How 'Fat Gene' Works
    Those without FTO gene stay slim without dieting or added exercise, German researchers say

  • Bill Clinton, Health Groups to Tackle Childhood Obesity
    Public, private coalition hopes to meet weight-linked healthcare needs of 6.2 million kids

  • Obesity, Lack of Insurance Take Toll on Young Americans
    CDC annual report on nation's health focuses on those aged 18 to 29

  • Cancer Death Rates Decline Among Blacks, But Disparities Linger
    Diagnosis still comes later than for whites and survival is poorer, new report finds

  • Salt Boosts Blood Pressure in High-Risk Patients
    Metabolic syndrome may enhance sodium's effect on the body, study suggests

  • Belly Fat May Make Migraines More Likely
    Age and gender also affect chances of having debilitating headaches

  • Chronic Low Back Pain Is on the Rise
    Doubling of rate in North Carolina may mimic rest of nation

  • Obese Moms More Likely to Have Babies With Birth Defects
    But researchers note risk is still small and pounds can be shed before conception

  • Disease Diagnosis Can Spur Change in Lifestyle
    Study found smokers, obese more likely to change when given bad news about health

  • Exercise Key Player in Knee Replacement Recovery
    Workouts counter functional decline, could ward off osteoarthritis, study says

  • Inflammation May Play Role in Sleep Duration
    Stress, mood affect cytokine regulators underlying resting habits, study says

  • Adult Fast-Food Diets Tied to Too Much TV as Teen
    Hours of ads for greasy, sugary fare may be to blame, researchers say

  • Health Tip: Is Your Child Getting Too Much Sugar?
    Suggestions to help your youngster cut down

  • Diabetes Keeps Rising Among U.S. Adults
    13% of people over 20 now have the condition, while 30% are pre-diabetic, study finds

  • Weight Loss Helps Incontinence
    Losing 8% of body weight almost halves the number of episodes, study finds

  • Cutting Calories May Boost Aging Brains
    Memory, thinking improved for those who ate less, study found

  • Problems Tied to Obesity Also Seem to Affect Sleep
    Studies find three separate links with sleep apnea

  • Heavy Smoking as Teenager Might Add Pounds Later
    Study finds an association, but some experts are skeptical

  • Why Saying No to Foods May Be Harder for Women
    Gender differences might be explained by hormones and evolution, study finds

  • Diet, Exercise Cuts Kids' Risk for Metabolic Syndrome
    Preventing obesity boosts blood vessel function even without weight loss, study says

  • Parents Not Best Barometer of Kid's Eating, Exercise Habits
    Survey found mismatch between perception, reality

  • Americans Consuming More Sugary Beverages
    Adults gulping an average of 300 calories every day, study finds

  • Doctors Urged to Screen Diabetics for Sleep Apnea
    Treatment may reduce risk of cardiovascular disease

  • Researchers Report Progress in Fight Against Fat
    Two drugs and a genetic variation are focus of promising studies

  • Gastric Bypass Halts Diabetes in Obese Teens
    Surgery could help them avoid long-term complications of blood sugar disease, scientists say

  • Obesity Linked to Ovarian Cancer
    Excess estrogen may contribute to malignancy, study suggests

  • America Losing the Fight With Type 2 Diabetes
    Yet simple lifestyle changes can make all the difference

  • High Insulin May Boost Odds of Breast Cancer
    Finding may clarify the disease's connection to obesity

  • Even a Little Overweight, Inactivity Hurts the Heart
    Large study finds increased risk of heart failure

  • For the Obese, Holiday Tables Serve Platefuls of Doubt
    But fear of social pressures can be overcome with honest approach to food, expert says

  • Limiting School Snacks Boosts Fruit, Veggie Consumption
    The increase, while modest, was significant, study finds

  • Childhood Obesity May Cause Thyroid Problems
    Finding suggests low-grade inflammation changes gland's structure

  • Study Finds Molecular Link Between Obesity, Hypertension
    Signaling through the melanocortin-4 receptor controls blood pressure, study shows

  • Snorers Burn More Calories During the Day
    But study shows it doesn't offset extra weight that often accompanies the condition

  • Genetic Variants Tied to Obesity
    Findings add to knowledge about appetite regulation among people

  • Obesity-Related Hormone Tied to Psoriasis
    Higher leptin levels play role in immune, inflammatory processes, study says

  • Deaths From Heart Disease, Stroke Down 30%
    Medical advances, not lifestyle changes, are source of the improvement, AHA says

  • Gastric Bypass Success Sparks Debate
    Should older people and those with diabetes have the weight-loss surgery?

  • Experimental Weight-Loss Pill Passes Early Test
    People lost significant weight; no side effects on heart seen, study says

  • Fast Heart Rate Warns of Obesity, Diabetes
    And those conditions take toll on the heart, study says

  • Study Suggests Sugar May Be Addictive
    Finding might yield new insights into eating disorders, experts say

  • Obese Kids More Prone to Limb Injuries in Car Crashes
    Weaker bones from poor diet, less exercise may be to blame, experts say

  • Obesity is a Family Affair
    Skipped meals, too much TV time end up harming kids, study finds

  • Gene May Make Kids Crave Junk Food
    Some are genetically driven to eat more calories, study suggests

  • Portion Distortion
    In the fight against obesity, Americans need to re-learn proper serving sizes for meals

  • Vitamin K Slows Insulin Resistance in Older Men
    But effect for women not same, as study cites obesity as possible cause

  • Intestinal 'Sleeve' Mimics Effects of Gastric Bypass
    Tests in rats show treatment device could be used to treat obesity in humans

  • Exercise Eases Obesity and Anger in Kids
    After-school aerobics helped youngsters feel better mentally, physically, researchers say

  • Depression Linked to Increase in Abdominal Fat
    Dutch researchers made the connection after studying adults ages 70 to 79

  • TV, Internet Causing Kids Harm: Report
    Media in general is boosting rates of obesity, other woes, experts say

  • Keeping a Healthy Holiday Balance
    Simple ways to enjoy the feast without overdoing it

  • Over-the-Phone Weight Loss Counseling Works
    For rural women, it's cheaper and less time-consuming than in-person visits, study finds

  • Fat-Sensing Hormones Might Fight Obesity
    Study with rodents shows the molecules help regulate appetite

  • Weight Boosts Older Women's Breast Cancer Risk
    It's the added pounds, not impaired detection, that's to blame, study concludes

  • Texting Food Diaries Helps Kids Stick With Diets
    Study found hi-tech method improved compliance more than paper and pencil

  • Genetic Testing No Real Help in Predicting Type 2 Diabetes
    Traditional risk factors, such as obesity, are just as useful, studies find

  • Diet, Exercise May Modify Breast Cancer Risks
    Combined, they produce more potent anti-disease effect in postmenopausal women, study says

  • Bariatric Surgery Before Pregnancy Benefits Moms, Babies
    Weight-loss procedure may change fertility, nutritional needs, study suggests

  • Post-Workout Snack May Hamper Weight Loss
    It's smart for athletes, not so smart for average gym-goer, studies show

  • Greener Neighborhoods Mean Slimmer Children
    Trees, parks get inner city kids moving, study finds

  • High-Fat Diet While Pregnant May Produce Obese Kids
    It may lead to permanent changes in the fetal brain, study says

  • Traces of Corn Found in Almost All Fast Food
    Only 12 servings out of hundreds had nutrients that didn't contain it, researchers say

  • Excess Weight Ups Risk of Death, No Matter Where It Collects
    But too much abdominal fat poses a bigger threat, study finds

  • Retired NFL Players Don't Face Greater Heart Risk
    Keeping physically active may help to tackle health threats, study says

  • Obese Kids Have Old Arteries
    Tests showed their carotid artery walls as thick as that of a middle-aged person

  • After Decades, Decreases in Heart Risk Factors Level Off
    Researchers point to obesity epidemic in explaining the troubling trend

  • Heart Failure Hospitalizations Up Sharply
    Epidemic linked to hypertension, obesity, diabetes, study shows

  • Childhood Food Allergies on the Rise
    But researchers are working on new therapies to combat the problem

  • Smoking Coupled With Obesity Raises Death Risk
    Two factors increase risk 8-fold, researchers say

  • Don't Rely on Diet to Prevent Weight Regain
    In study, people put lost pounds back on regardless of the amount of fat they ate

  • Banned Obesity Drug Tied to Heart Risks Long After Use
    Study shows appetite suppressant fenfluramine may damage cardiac valves years later

  • Too Few Americans Aware of 'Pre-Diabetes'
    It's when blood sugar levels are rising, but disease can still be prevented, CDC says

  • Researchers ID Genetic Markers for Esophageal Cancer
    Having 4 or more of these 11 genotypes triples risk of disease, study funds

  • Hormone Lowers Glucose Levels in Mice
    Injections of apelin appear to be similar to insulin, study says

  • Health Tip: Obesity and Your Child
    Finding the right weight-loss program is essential

  • Use of Kids' Meds on the Increase
    Obesity and its complications driving the trend, researchers say

  • Excess Weight Seems to Boost Breast Cancer Risk
    Exercising 30 to 60 minutes a day may offer needed protection, experts say

  • Scientists Develop New Strategy to Fight Obesity
    Findings could produce treatments to reduce cravings, expand calorie burn

  • Vigorous Exercise Can Cut Breast Cancer Risk
    But benefits only apply to normal-weight women, study says

  • Excess Weight Gain During Pregnancy a Risk to Mother and Child
    It doubles the chances of having a heavy baby, study finds

  • Workplace Health Programs Effective Interventions
    Study shows help with diet, tobacco use boosted employees' overall fitness

  • Rate of Diabetes Cases Doubles in 10 Years: CDC
    The obesity epidemic is fueling the type 2 disease epidemic, officials say

  • Other Health Problems Can Delay MS Diagnosis
    Obesity, diabetes, cardiovascular disease can all cloud symptoms, study says

  • Health Tip: Lose Weight, and Keep it Off
    Stick with your diet

  • Too Few Understand Diabetes' Dangers
    Americans more fearful of shark bites than this common, potentially lethal disease, survey shows

  • The Ups and Downs of 'Yo-Yo' Dieting
    Some experts say the risks of losing and regaining weight may be overstated

  • High Fructose Diet Inhibits Appetite Hormone
    Sugary fare led to leptin resistance in rats that boosted obesity risk, study says

  • New Diet Pill Doubles Weight Loss of Current Drugs
    Tesofensine could replace gastric bypass surgery for some patients, researchers say

  • Eating Fast Until Full Triples Overweight Risk
    Availability of cheap foods, larger portions changes dining behavior, Japanese study says

  • High-Risk Kids, Diabetics Need Regular Blood Pressure Checks
    Experts offer guidance during hypertension meeting

  • Fatness Boosts Inflammation in Body
    But regular exercise may condition cells to respond more efficiently, study says

  • Overeating? Blame Your Genes
    Certain DNA may cause people to eat more to get the same pleasure from food

  • Blood Pressure on the Rise in America
    More people being treated for hypertension than ever before, study finds

  • Metabolic Syndrome Raises Colon Cancer Risk 75%
    Finding suggests need for more careful screening for these patients, researcher says

  • Mental Barriers Block Obese Women From Exercise
    But tailored programs could ease fears, overcome self consciousness, study suggests

  • New Guidelines Make It Easy to Get Fit
    U.S. government suggests weekly workouts can work

  • Fatty Acid in Olive Oil Wards Off Hunger
    Study with lab animals might one day lead to new weight control approach in people

  • Vending Machines Found in Most Middle Schools
    Snacks, drinks sold not helping fight against childhood obesity, researcher notes

  • Obesity, Insulin Level Impact Prostate Cancer Survival
    Heavy men with high output of the hormone had quadruple the death risk, study found

  • Book Offers Novel Approach to Weight Loss
    Girls who read story with subtle message about health realized some benefits, study says

  • Behavioral Management Plans Help Kids Lose Weight
    Most effective programs include techniques to improve diet, exercise habits, study says

  • Asthma Meds Don't Work as Well in Overweight Patients
    Inhaled steroids were 40% less effective than they were in lean patients, study finds

  • Overeating Can Throw Off Metabolism
    Researchers find brain pathway that's activated, increasing risk of obesity, diabetes

  • Dieting History Tied to Weight Gain in Pregnancy
    Restricted eaters gained too much or too little, study finds

  • Gene Could Link Obesity, Colon Cancer
    Variant is tied to a fat hormone, adiponectin, study finds

  • Migraines More Frequent, Intense in Overweight Kids
    But weight loss can ease the pain, study shows

  • 'Healthy Fat' Chemical Aids Body's Metabolism
    Mouse study uncovers new class of hormones that could reverse obesity-related disease

  • Researchers Suppress 'Hunger Hormone'
    Minimally invasive procedure in pigs produced effect similar to bariatric surgery

  • Banning Soft Drinks in Schools Has Small Impact
    Study finds only limited gains from no-sale policies

  • Weight-Loss Surgery Weighed as Diabetes Rx
    Studies show it works but cost, long-term effectiveness unclear

  • Bullying Top Concern of Parents With Overweight Child
    They view intimidation as even greater problem than obesity itself, study says

  • Heavier People Have Heart Attacks Earlier
    12 years sooner for the most obese, new research finds

  • Vigorous Exercise Aids Those With Obesity-Related Gene
    Effect of mutation blunted in people with above-average activity scores, study finds

  • Obesity Worsens Asthma
    Sufferers more likely to be hospitalized, have lower quality of life, study finds

  • Almost Half of Adults Will Develop Knee Osteoarthritis by 85
    Study finds risk is greatest for those overweight or obese at age 45

  • Kids of Stressed, Low-Income Moms Prone to Weight Problems
    Anxiety may prompt the children to eat unhealthy foods, study suggests

  • Early Weight Gain Might Mean Higher Blood Pressure Later
    But parents shouldn't worry, researchers say

  • Brain 'Master Switch' May Control Appetite, Fertility
    Mouse study shows genetic link to signals telling body when it's full, safe to mate

  • Fat Cells in Obese People Are 'Sick'
    More likely to make insulin-resistant proteins, study says

  • Low Levels of Brain Chemical May Control Appetite
    Finding could lead to new drugs in fight against obesity, study says

  • Gastric Band Weight-Loss Surgery Can Boost Reflux
    Obese patients with GERD may choose gastric bypass instead, experts say

  • Addiction Drug Causes Rapid Weight Loss in Rats
    Findings offers hope of new treatments for severe obesity in humans

  • Bone Growth Protein Also Promotes 'Good' Fat
    Stimulation of brown globules helps burn calories, hints of new ways to treat obesity

  • Obesity Rates Up in 37 States: Report
    At least 20% of adults are obese in every state except Colorado

  • Statins Might Reverse ED in Some Men
    In animal study, effect on those with metabolic syndrome was seen within days

  • Kids' Obesity Linked to Ear Infections
    Altered sense of taste may result in preference for unhealthy foods, studies suggest

  • Poor Coordination in Childhood Tied to Adult Obesity
    Clumsiness at age 7, below-par motor skills at 11 linked to weight gain later, study says

  • Breakfast Eggs Keep Folks on Diet
    2 in the morning helped adults lose 65% more weight, study finds

  • Weight Loss After Diabetes Diagnosis Offers Big Benefits: Study
    And the improvements in blood sugar and blood pressure last, even if weight comes back

  • Postmenopausal Women With Breast Cancer Face Joint Issues
    Obesity, previous HRT, chemo also raised chances for those on endocrine treatment, study says

  • Scientists Create Mice Resistant to Obesity
    Research with a brain chemical might lead to drug treatments for humans

  • Studies Refine Obesity's Risk for Heart Troubles
    Not all overweight in metabolic danger, but waist size a factor even in the normal-weight

  • Obese Men Face Twin Threat From Prostate Cancer
    Delayed diagnosis, less successful surgery, pair of studies finds

  • One-Third of Uninsured Are Chronically Ill
    And that can mean missed care, fading health, earlier death, experts say

  • Kids Who Sleep Poorly at Risk for Being Overweight
    Even an hour's less rest linked to doubled chance of weight gain, study finds

  • Walkable Neighborhoods Keep the Pounds Off
    Older, densely populated areas get people moving, study finds

  • Weekends Tough on the Diet
    Saturday can be toughest for those trying to drop pounds, study finds

  • Studies Link Circadian Rhythm, Metabolism, Longevity to One Protein
    New molecular clock component ties all three together, researchers say

  • Twofold Action Urged for Pre-Diabetes
    Goal is to prevent progression to the full-blown disease and its huge costs

  • Varicose, Spider Veins May Be Inevitable for Some
    It may seem just cosmetic, but condition can lead to more serious problems, doctor warns

  • Disease Prevention Programs Worth the Investment
    Within five years, $16 billion a year could be saved, report claims

  • U.S. Obesity Epidemic Continues to Grow
    One-quarter of Americans report being obese, CDC report says

  • Children Move Less as They Get Older
    By age 15, amount of daily exercise drops by about two-thirds, study finds

  • Surfing to a Higher Weight
    Teen girls likely to be heavier if they spend a lot of time on the Internet, study shows

  • Diabetes, Weight Tied to Male Infertility
    Both conditions cause significant decrease in body's ability to repair sperm DNA, studies find

  • Keep a Food Diary, Lose Twice as Much Weight
    Logging intake makes you think about what you eat, study finds

  • Kids' Obesity May Lead to Epidemic of Adult Diabetes
    Impact has yet to be felt, since type 2 course may take 10 years to show, study says

  • A Blood Marker Could Spot Diabetes Risk
    Higher levels of fetuin-A were linked to later disease development, study found

  • ADHD Might Raise Kids' Obesity Risk
    Parents should be aware of small risk for those not on meds, expert says

  • Healthier Lifestyles Would Lengthen American Lives
    Major study suggests slimming down, quitting smoking would boost average life span by 1.3 years

  • Pediatricians Recommend Cholesterol Drugs for Some Kids
    Children as young as 2 should be tested for high cholesterol, group says

  • Child Care May Lead to Unwanted Weight Gain in Infants
    Lack of breast-feeding and early introduction of solid foods may be to blame, study says

  • Mom's Unhealthy Diet May Have Long-Term Impact on Baby
    Rats fed junk food had higher cholesterol, blood fats into adulthood, British study finds

  • Fatty Liver Disease Ups Heart Risks for Obese Kids
    As many as 6 million U.S. youngsters have the condition, researchers warn

  • Hip Replacement Boosts Mobility at Any Age
    Study finds patients twice as likely to care for themselves, saves money in long run

  • Metabolic Syndrome May Be in the Genes
    Certain DNA raises the odds of this cluster of heart risk factors, experts say

  • Big, Well-Balanced Breakfast Aids Weight Loss
    It led to almost 40-pound reduction among sedentary, obese women, study found

  • Flavoring Food May Promote Weight Loss
    Seasonings and sweeteners called 'tastants' help you feel full, study suggests

  • High Blood Pressure in Kids Tracks Into Adulthood
    Study also suggests strong association between chilhood overweight and higher readings

  • 'Standard' Glucose Test May Be Wrong One for Obese Children
    Fasting blood glucose test less reliable than glucose stress test in detecting prediabetes

  • Better Sleepers Are 'Successful Agers'
    Less daytime napping, fewer complaints of insomnia predicted a healthier life, study finds

  • Children's Neck Size Associated With Sleep Disorders
    Study says it should be considered in those with history of snoring, apnea

  • DNA Coding May Make Bowel Prone to Cancer
    'Addicted' cells provide early diagnosis; diet could affect changes, study says

  • Eating Habits Not Sole Cause of Thinness or Obesity
    How you eat counts, study says, but nervous system also dictates weight gain, loss

  • Researchers ID Inflammation-Fighting Pathway in Fat Cells
    But this protection breaks down when obesity sets in, study finds

  • Fruit Juice May Be Healthy for Kids: Study
    No weight gain seen among those who drink 100% juice, but not all experts agree with findings

  • Kids Gulping Down More Sugary Beverages
    Consumption of such drinks now make up to 15% of their daily calories, study finds

  • Childhood Obesity May Be Leveling Off
    But experts note that many American kids are still too heavy

  • Obese Patients at Greater Infection Risk After Hip Replacement
    Those with BMI of 35 or more 10.5 times more likely to experience complications

  • Genetic Variation May Explain Preferences for Sugar
    Finding could help research into soaring obesity, diabetes rates, study says

  • Lifestyle Changes Can Keep Diabetes at Bay for 14 Years
    Among people at high risk, healthy eating and exercise can delay disease, researchers say

  • Health Tip: Keeping Off the Weight
    Stick with your eating plan

  • CARDIA Studies Open Window on Heart, Lung Diseases
    Researchers analyze different proteins in progression of risk factors as subjects aged

  • Probiotics Help Adult Weight Loss After Bariatric Surgery
    The 'good bacteria' also boost gastrointestinal functioning, study found

  • Metabolic Syndrome Foretells Diabetes in Elderly
    But increased cardiovascular risk less certain, researchers find

  • Minneapolis Tops List of Heart-Friendly Cities for Women
    Nashville, St. Louis, and Detroit bring up the rear, survey says

  • Air Travel Taxes Hearts of People With Sleep Apnea
    They experience higher heart rates and more demand for oxygen, study found

  • Drugs Alone Don't Lower Heart Disease Risks for Overweight Americans
    Study finds signs of trouble show up even when statins, blood pressure meds are used

  • Hunger Hormone Makes Food Look More Tasty
    Study finds those given injections of ghrelin showed activity in brain's reward centers

  • Obesity-Related Inflammation Boosts Heart Risks
    Blood chemicals in overweight participants were key predictors of organ failure, study says

  • Obesity May Worsen Impact of Asthma
    Heaviest lose ability to inhale as deeply or exhale as fully as normal weight individuals

  • Exercise Cuts Women's Risk of Heart Disease
    But without losing pounds, activity alone unlikely to reverse dangers for overweight

  • Gastric Bypass May Also Relieve Low Back Pain
    Discomfort appears to decline along with weight, study finds

  • Elderly More Likely to Battle Sleep Disorders
    Meds they take, changes in biological clock put many at risk for serious disease

  • Factors in Cancer Death Rates Stay Stagnant
    Efforts that fueled recent declines have hit a plateau, report says

  • Many Cancer Survivors Are Overweight and Sedentary: Study
    This, despite research that says proper diet and exercise can keep disease from recurring

  • Extra Pounds During and Between Pregnancies Can Pose Problems
    Don't eat for 2, because complications increase with excess weight

  • Metabolic Syndrome Triggered by Overeating, Not Obesity
    Mouse study concludes weight gain is an early symptom, not a direct cause

  • Too Little Sleep Leads to Too Much Weight for Kids
    And some parents may unsuspectingly contribute to their child's sleep problems, researchers say

  • TV in the Bedroom Is Not a Teen's Best Friend
    Personal sets interfere with family time, grades and nutrition, study finds

  • 'Freshman 15' Theory Takes a Pounding
    Research shows weight gain during first year at college far less than thought

  • Dads' Early-Onset Obesity Linked to Liver Disease in Kids
    Genetic ties suspected between father's, but not mother's, weight and elevated enzymes

  • Obesity During Pregnancy Carries Bigger Price Tag
    Study finds the extra health-care costs strain the system

  • Obesity Drug Shows Mixed Success Against Atherosclerosis
    Hope is that Acomplia might help fight coronary disease

  • Normal Weight Doesn't Always Equal Healthy Weight
    Many have high percentages of body fat, leaving them prone to heart disease, diabetes

  • Abdominal Fat Boosts Dementia Risk
    Potbellies in midlife may flood brain with toxic substances, researcher says

  • Neighborhood Influences Exercise Levels
    Even more than income, where people live determines who goes out to play, study finds

  • Obese Women Less Likely to Be Tested for Some Cancers
    Study finds they're not getting needed screenings for breast and cervical tumors

  • Diabetes' Toll Continues to Grow
    But it's not too late to protect yourself and your family, experts say

  • Fewer Steps Per Day Send Disease Markers Up
    Insulin levels hike very fast when daily physical activity declines, Danish study found.

  • Genes May Determine Obesity After Weight Surgery
    Researchers study factors in success of bariatric procedure

  • Starved for Sleep? Watch Your Waistline
    Not enough slumber can contribute to weight gain, experts say

  • Surgery Only Works for Some Kids with Sleep Apnea
    Study found those who gained weight rapidly, were African-American were much more likely to suffer relapses

  • Obesity Linked to Poor Prognosis for Some Breast Cancer Patients
    Study focused on locally advanced breast cancer and inflammatory breast cancer

  • Preschool Intervention Curbed Trend Toward Obesity
    Kids in program ate less junk food, more fruits and vegetables

  • Possible Reason for Rimonabant's Side Effects Discovered
    Weight-loss drug not approved in U.S. may block brain receptor among some users

  • Teens Spending Too Much Screen Time
    Girls in poor neighborhoods most likely to watch TVs or computers, study finds

  • Personal Contact Helps Maintain Weight Loss
    Interactive Web sites may also help, at least for a while, study finds

  • Bacteria Mix in Guts of Babies Predicts Obesity
    Findings may explain why breast-fed infants less likely to be overweight later

  • Restricting TV and Computer Time Helps Kids Lose Weight
    Finding offers hope for curbing pediatric obesity epidemic in U.S.

  • Obese Children Face More Complications During Surgery
    Study says breathing-related problems more likely in the overweight

  • Skip Breakfast, Pack on the Pounds
    Teens who start the day with a healthful meal tend to stay trimmer, study suggests

  • Carb Intake, Obesity Tied to Rise in Esophageal Cancers
    Increased dietary intake of these refined compounds mirrors growth of disease, study says

  • Fast Food Ads Fueling Obesity Among Hispanic Kids
    Study found overload of commercials aimed at children on Spanish-language stations

  • Middle-Aged Women Gaining Weight, Raising Their Stroke Risk
    Study finds both went up simultaneously in recent decades

  • Obesity Raises Cancer Risk
    British study details differences between genders, ethnic groups

  • Most With High Blood Pressure Don't Follow Recommended Diet
    Those who could benefit most have the poorest eating habits

  • Sugar Substitutes May Contribute to Weight Gain
    Saccharin tricked body, slowed down metabolism in rats

  • Heart Attack Seldom Leads to Healthier Diet
    Most patients were still eating poorly one year later, study found

  • Born to Be Obese?
    New research suggests brains of heavy individuals may be wired differently

  • Deep Brain Stimulation May Improve Recall
    It brought back vivid, 30-year-old memories for patient, researchers say

  • Putting on Pedometer Helps Walkers Shed Pounds
    The device helps them set, meet goals, study suggests

  • Gastric Lap-Band Surgery Can Send Diabetes Into Remission
    It helps patients shed more pounds than dieting and exercise do, study shows

  • U.S. Deaths Down From Heart Disease, Stroke
    But childhood obesity epidemic could undo gains, heart association says

  • Eating Out Doesn't Guarantee Weight Gain
    But fast food is no friend of the waistline, new study finds

  • Depression, Obesity Coexist in Many Middle-Aged Women
    Those 40 to 65 twice as likely to find either symptom fuels the other, study suggests

  • New Weight-Loss Drug Shows Promise in Early Study
    But adverse effects include gastrointestinal problems, anxiety

  • Parental Control of Eating Leads to Lighter Toddlers
    Pushing child to eat more or less food had same effect on weight at age 2, study says

  • Fitness Begins at Home
    Tips on getting healthy without heading to the gym

  • Testosterone Supplements Provide Little Benefit
    Older men can lose body fat, but treatment won't boost strength or mental powers, study finds

  • Children Who Sleep Less Weigh More
    Kids' sleep patterns also vary by season, day, researchers report

  • Make That New Year's Fitness Resolution Stick
    Find an exercise that you love and seek out support from friends, experts advise

  • Study Spotlights 'Exercise-Friendly' Day-Care Centers
    Outdoor spaces and lots of portable toys get kids moving, researchers say

  • School Salad Bar Boosts Kids' Fruit, Veggie Intake
    Servings rose from 3 to 4 per day after service was added to lunchroom, study found

  • Weight Loss Surgery May Help Less Severely Obese
    In some cases, people with a BMI under 40 might even benefit more, study suggests

  • U.S. Heart Disease Death Rates Falling
    But cardiovascular disease remains America's No. 1 killer, AHA says

  • Research Reveals How Cells Store Fat
    Newly discovered genes and their proteins could be targets for weight-loss therapies, scientists say

  • Moderate Exercise Cuts Risk of Metabolic Syndrome
    Just a 30-minute walk most days reduces threat, even without diet changes, study finds

  • Wearable Artificial Kidney Passes Test
    8 end-stage kidney failure patients used the device for up to 8 hours, researchers say

  • Obesity Weakens Immune Response
    Study found fat mice had harder time fighting gum disease

  • Obesity, Diabetes Linked to Cancers
    Studies find effects on breast, prostate and colorectal tumors

  • Overweight Kids Often Become Obese, Unhealthy Adults
    Experts warn of surge in cardiovascular troubles by 2035

  • Health Tip: Accounting for Weight Gain
    Fatty, high-calorie foods aren't the only contributors

  • Fitness, Not Fatness, Predicts a Longer Life
    People in good shape tend to outlive folks who aren't, study finds

  • Holidays Don't Have to Leave You Heavier
    Smart choices, even chewing gum, can help keep extra pounds at bay, expert says

  • We Can! Program Takes Aim at Childhood Obesity
    The national partnership wants to create a healthier America

  • Obesity Rates Leveling Off Among U.S. Adults
    But more than a third of Americans still weigh much too much, study finds

  • Obesity Keeps Patients From Needed CT Scans After Surgery
    Patients over 450 pounds are often too large for equipment, study finds

  • Summer Vacation Undermines School-Based Weight Loss
    Eat-healthy programs work, but kids gain back pounds during holidays, study finds

  • Excess Pounds Raise Women's Cancer Risk
    Obesity linked to a range of tumor types, studies find

  • Atkins Diet Can Raise Heart Risks
    Other research supports moderate drinking, fasting for cardio health

  • Kidney Disease Increasing in U.S.
    More obesity, diabetes and high blood pressure are driving the trend, study says

  • Obesity Leaves More Americans With Physical Limitations
    But some extra weight may not lead to cardiovascular disease and cancer, research finds

  • Kids Who Skimp on Sleep Tend to Be Fatter
    Just 45 minutes more shut-eye a night might make a difference, study finds

  • Early Weight Gain Can Mean Heart Trouble Later in Life
    Children as young as 7 show signs of cardiovascular risk factors, study finds

  • Peripheral Artery Disease Up Sharply Among U.S. Women
    The condition, which is symptomless, can lead to heart attack and stroke

  • Obesity Linked to Increased Cancer Risk
    Report says exercise and diet can lower chances of malignancies

  • Too Much TV Can Raise Kids' Blood Pressure
    It's linked to obesity, which then triggers hypertension, study suggests

  • Health Tip: Eating After Weight-Loss Surgery
    What to do

  • Exercise Helps Overweight Youngsters Learn
    It boosts the mind and the body, study shows

  • Brain's 'Reward Chemical' May Help Spur Obesity
    Fewer dopamine receptors on cells could prompt overeating, study suggests

  • Obesity Can Hurt Kids' Hearts
    Early signs of cardiovascular disease are there, researchers say

  • Overweight Now a Global Problem
    About a quarter of the world's adults are obese, study finds

  • Weight Gain Increases Breast Cancer Risk: Study
    Higher estrogen levels believed to contribute to disease

  • U.S. Schools Getting Better at Boosting Kids' Health
    But more is needed to improve nutrition and physical activity, report says

  • Genes Might Help Drive Overeating
    DNA-based brain chemical changes mean more food is needed, study suggests

  • Psychiatric Woes Can Postpone Weight-Loss Surgery
    A fifth of patients need to work through mental problems beforehand, study finds

  • Studies Examine Life After Weight-Loss Surgery
    More than 6% of patients die within 5 years, but certain factors can boost outcomes

  • Obesity Boosts Esophageal Cancer Risk
    Very overweight people face 6 times the odds, study finds

  • Hypertension Triples Women's Diabetes Risk
    It does so outside of normal diabetes risk factors, such as obesity, study finds

  • Maintenance Treatment Helps Kids Keep Weight Off
    Effect does wane over time, study finds

  • Inflammatory Substance May Boost Eye Trouble
    C-reactive protein raises odds of age-related macular degeneration, experts say

  • Largest Study of U.S. Children Readies for Launch
    22 new centers now added, first participants set to join next year, officials say

  • Obesity Driving Rising U.S. Health Costs
    Americans outspend Europeans when it comes to chronic disease care, study finds

  • Weight Loss Can Control Hypertension
    A 6-month diet restored normal blood pressure, study finds

  • Fried Food Compounds May Harm Heart
    'AGEs' are produced in fatty foods at high heat, experts say

  • Fruits, Veggies Won't Lower Colon Cancer Risk
    Study finds no link, but these foods do fight other health woes, experts say

  • Regular Eye Screens Spot Diabetic Vision Trouble
    Chronic high blood sugar is leading cause of adult-onset blindness, experts note

  • Junk Food, TV Driving Kids to Obesity
    Studies find it's tougher than ever for youngsters to stay healthy

  • Scientists Serve Up Better Fish Batter
    They say they've lowered the fat, kept the crispiness

  • Diet Change Can Curb Fatty Liver Disease
    Switching to low-glycemic carbs prevents the lethal illness, study finds

  • No Clear Winner in Diabetes Treatment Trial
    Patient needs may dictate which combo of drugs plus insulin works best, researchers say

  • Childhood Obesity Epidemic a Long-Term Challenge
    It may take decades to reverse the health threats, experts say

  • Obesity Won't Affect Seniors' Memory
    It is tied to increased Alzheimer's risk, however, researchers say

  • Aerobic, Weight Training Combo Best Against Diabetes
    Exercise is always good, but combining two approaches brings better results, study finds

  • The Nutrition-Conscious Take a Bite Out of Fast Food
    Menus are changing nationwide as customer, regulatory pressures mount

  • Family Dinners Shape Healthier Eating Habits
    Routine helps teens make better food choices as adults, study finds

  • Being Overweight is Hard on the Heart
    It raises risks even if blood pressure, cholesterol factored out, study finds

  • Weight Gain May Spell Trouble for Heart Failure Patients
    It typically precedes their hospitalization, study finds

  • Saturated Fat: Even a Little Splurge May Be Too Much
    Fatty meal has immediate, negative effect on heart health, research shows

  • Treating Diabetes During Pregnancy Could Lead to Thinner Kids
    Increased chances of being overweight, obese by age 7 were virtually erased, study finds

  • Obesity Rate in U.S. Still Climbing
    New findings show no state posted a decline in adult rates last year

  • Obese Children Miss More School Days
    Teasing, health woes may contribute, researchers say

  • Sugary Sodas High in Diabetes-Linked Compound
    But experts say more study is needed to confirm any danger

  • Heart Attack Boosts Diabetes Risk
    Each condition encourages the other, study finds

  • Obesity Doesn't Always Equal Diabetes
    Mouse study suggests that where the fat is stored is key

  • Parental Stress Can Keep Kids Obese
    Helping children slim down may mean helping parents, study finds

  • Weight-Loss Surgeries Extend Lives
    Studies support expanded use of gastric bypass, banding, experts say

  • Virus Could Help Drive Obesity
    Ad-36 bug pushes stem cells to become fat cells, study finds

  • Doctors Often Miss High Blood Pressure in Kids
    About three-quarters of cases went unnoticed, study found

  • Health Tip: Talking to Your Doctor About How to Lose Weight
    Suggestions to get you started

  • Obesity Heightens Kidney Disease Risks
    It can spur parathyroid disorder and heart woes, study finds

  • Healthy Lifestyle Key To Cancer Prevention
    Obesity, tobacco cause half of all cancers, presidential panel says

  • Guiding Kids to Better Diets Boosts Health
    Learning about saturated fat improved children's cholesterol, study found

  • Fewer Minority Men Have Undiagnosed Diabetes
    Education efforts may be working for blacks, Hispanics, U.S. study finds

  • Study Details Heart Risks to Diabetics
    From angina to severe heart attacks, the death rate is higher than for non-diabetics

  • Maternal Obesity Heightens Risk of Birth Defects
    Problems range from heart defects to missing limbs, study finds

  • Low-Carb Diets Combat Metabolic Syndrome
    Researchers find out how the diets seem to reduce appetite, weight

  • Move Just a Little, Live Longer
    You don't have to run marathons to get healthy, experts say

  • Blood Test Warns of Dangerous 'Deep Belly' Fat
    This type of fat around organs boosts health risks, researchers say

  • Anti-Obesity Drug Might Also Lower Cholesterol
    Early study in rats suggests rimonabant works though the liver

  • Kids Living Near School Rarely Walk There: Study
    It's a missed opportunity for fitness, researchers say

  • Black, White Women Differ on Dieting
    Body image worries a stronger motivator for whites, study finds

  • Men Put Their Health on the Back Burner
    Survey finds more than a quarter wait 'as long as possible' before seeking help

  • Counseling Boosts Weight-Loss Program Success
    Frequent meetings, cutting calories helps, study finds

  • Some High-Carb Diets May Boost Women's Heart Risk
    Stay away from white breads and processed baked goods, experts advise

  • School Nurses Key to Preventing Heart Disease
    They can help set kids on path to cardiovascular health, heart experts say

  • Portion-Control Dishware Helps Obese Diabetics Lose Weight
    Marked up plates and bowls led to 5% weight loss and cut need for medication

  • Rise in Child Chronic Illness Could Swamp Health Care
    Diabetes, asthma will follow American kids as they age, experts warn

  • Gila Monster Spit Could Be a Weight-Loss Hit
    Chemical in lizard's saliva helps diabetics drop pounds, study finds

  • Sugary Drinks Fattening Up Preschoolers
    Fruit-flavored drinks, sodas between meals are a big culprit, study finds

  • Body Fat Might Be Healthy for Type 1 Diabetics
    The finding is no reason for them to become obese, however, researchers add

  • U.S. Predicts Diabetes Epidemic to Go On Unchecked
    As cases increase, so will accompanying health problems, experts predict

  • Fructose-Sweetened Drinks Tougher on Arteries
    Switching to beverages with glucose might be preferable, experts say

  • Obesity Cuts Risk of Dying After Heart Attack
    But being overweight boosts odds for an attack in the first place, experts warn

  • Immune System Protein Tied to Weight Loss
    Mice without interleukin-18 quickly got fat, study found

  • Bariatric Surgery Safe for Many Older Patients
    Study finds no difference in post-op complications or death based on age, Medicare status

  • Pre-Diabetic Changes Double Heart Disease Risk
    These early blood sugar trends can be lethal, study finds

  • FDA Shouldn't Approve Diet Drug, Panel Says
    Concern about suicidal thoughts cited by agency advisers

  • Drunkenness Comes Faster After Gastric Surgery
    Oprah show revelations sparked a study into the phenomenon

  • Diabetes Cuts 8 Years Off Life
    It boosts heart disease risk as well, new research shows

  • Water-Rich, Low-Fat Foods Encourage Weight Loss
    Fruits, veggies, grains curb appetite, help shed pounds, study finds

  • Health Tip: Sensible Ways to Shed Pounds
    Missing meals is a bad idea, AARP says

  • Study to Assess Weight Loss Surgery for Teens
    NIH to determine if surgical option is appropriate for overweight youngsters

  • Type 2 Diabetes Takes Toll on Teens
    Doctors need to use more aggressive measures to treat, prevent disease, experts say

  • Asthma Takes Tougher Toll on the Obese
    They're 52% more likely to have serious, ongoing symptoms, study finds

  • Keeping Weight Off in Youth Pays Off in Old Age
    Elderly fared better if they'd been trim at 25, 50 years of age, study found

  • Severely Obese Women More Likely to Skip Cancer Scans
    Many may feel embarrassed at getting weighed or examined, expert says

  • 'Walk and Work' Station Helps Obese Shed Pounds
    Office staff burn off extra calories while working on computers

  • Diet Rich in Cereal Fibers May Help Prevent Type 2 Diabetes
    The nutrient magnesium may also offer protective effects, German study says

  • New Cholesterol Check Gauges Kids' Heart Risk
    But the new tool might be too cumbersome for some doctors, one expert says

  • It's What You Eat, Not How, That Counts
    Eating slowly in smaller portions may not curb overeating, study finds

  • t: Study
    But more than half of children drink no juice at all, researchers say

  • Pediatricians Not Tracking Kids' BMI
    Surveys find most failing to measure patients' body weight

  • Dramatic Rise in U.S. Kids Hospitalized for Type 2 Diabetes
    Study authors lay the blame on the obesity epidemic

  • Study Outlines Fat Hormone's Role in Breast Cancer
    Leptin may enhance tumor growth, mouse study shows

  • New Drug Counteracts Overeating
    It revs up metabolism much like exercise, researchers say

  • New U.S. Standards Look to Limit Junk Foods in Schools
    Guidelines encourage nutritious foods, drinks to help combat obesity epidemic

  • TV Food Ads Lead to Weight Gain in Kids: Study
    Prompted a 134 percent increase in amount of food eaten by obese children

  • Obese File Twice as Many Workers' Comp Claims
    Overweight takes big toll on employers' bottom line, study shows

  • Depression Can Increase Diabetes Risk
    Poor mood may lead to less exercise, worsening diet, researchers suspect

  • Campaign Offers Easy Steps to Cutting Diabetes Risk
    ADA's 'CheckUp America' program launches this week

  • Unhealthy Young Adults Are Harming Their Hearts
    Weight gain, hypertension quickly damage arteries, study shows

  • Can Too Much Weight Cause Ear Infections in Kids?
    A South Korean study suggests a link, but some U.S. doctors are skeptical

  • Gene Variant Linked to Obesity, Diabetes
    Finding could lead to new avenues of treatment, researchers say

  • Severely Obese Are Fastest Growing Segment of Overweight Americans
    Study finds this group grew by 50% from 2000 to 2005

  • TV Diners Miss the Big Health Picture
    Watching while eating negates potential nutritional benefits, study finds

  • Added Pounds Mean Added Risk for Asthma
    Overweight, obese individuals had 50% higher odds for the disease, study found

  • Diabetes-Parkinson's Link Grows Stronger
    Overweight diabetics 83% more likely to get the brain disease, study found

  • Diabetes, Hypertension Explain Blacks' Higher Risk for Heart Failure
    Controlling these two factors should lower disease rates, experts say

  • High Trans Fat Intake Triples Heart Disease Risk
    Fast-food component is even more dangerous than suspected, study finds

  • More Diabetes, More Heart Disease: Study
    Two-thirds of diabetics will die from heart attack or stroke, researchers warn

  • Activity Levels Key to Childhood Obesity
    British study shows exercise directly tied to amounts of fat measureable in kids

  • Obesity's Ties to Heart Disease Still Unclear
    More research is needed, experts say, especially when it comes to gender differences

  • Are Common Chemicals Feeding Obesity Epidemic?
    Study suggests exposure to phthalates linked to abdominal fat, insulin resistance in men

  • Health Tip: Prevent Obesity in Your Child
    Suggestions to keep him healthy

  • Obese More Likely to Be Kept in the Hospital After Stroke
    Study suggests they suffer more from these attacks than leaner patients

  • Weight-Loss Surgery Caution: Take Your Vitamins
    Post-op thiamine deficiency can trigger rare but serious brain condition, experts warn

  • Stress, Obesity Taking Toll on Latin Americans' Health
    Changes in diet, society are boosting heart disease risk, study finds

  • Most American Seniors Live With Chronic Disease
    More needs to be done to encourage exercise, healthy eating, CDC report says

  • Resistance to Hormone Leptin Called Key to Obesity
    Study with mice could pave way to new drug therapies, researchers say

  • More Teens Are Undergoing Obesity Surgery
    The numbers are still small, but experts say the procedure can be beneficial

  • Atkins Pounds Other Popular Diets in U.S. Test
    But yearlong study can't predict high-fat plan's long-term safety, experts warn

  • Depression Worsens Outcomes for Heart Failure Patients
    Study finds that those depressed are 50% more likely to die or be hospitalized for the condition

  • Obesity May Trigger Earlier Puberty for Girls
    Breast development at 9 linked to weight gain in younger years, study finds

  • Hispanic Women's Hearts at High Risk: Study
    Contrary to popular wisdom, they develop signs of heart disease earlier than white women

  • Do Early Growth Spurts Protect Against Bad Cholesterol?
    Finding suggests adult heart disease may have roots in childhood

  • Diabetes May Be Even Bigger Threat Than Feared
    Canadian survey finds 2005 rates surpassed levels predicted for 2030

  • Too Much TV Bad for Tots' Tummies
    Study of 3-year-olds found diets got worse as viewing time rose

  • Kids Keep Slimmer When in School
    It's during summer vacation when many put on too much weight, study finds

  • MRI Finds Hidden, High-Risk Fat in Teens
    More precise estimates of deep fat can help predict their risk for disease

  • Black Soya Beans May Help Prevent Weight Gain
    Rat study suggests they also lower cholesterol, help prevent diabetes

  • Eating in Large Groups Boosts Food Intake
    Study in children finds 'social facilitation' overrides normal appetite

  • Research Reveals How Antipsychotic Drugs Cause Weight Gain
    A histamine in many of these meds may be to blame, researchers say

  • Age Brings More Fat, Less Muscle
    And all that extra fat can spur disease, researchers say

  • Sleep May Help Kids Keep Slim
    Children who get more rest less prone to weight problems, study finds

  • Standard Infertility Treatment Best for Hormone Disorder
    Clomiphene delivers more pregnancies for women with polycystic ovary syndrome, study finds

  • Orlistat Approved for Over-the-Counter Sale
    A lower-dose version of adult weight-loss aid

  • TV Habits Have No Impact on Teen Exercise
    So programs to get kids more active can't rely on cutting television time, study says

  • Groundhogs, Other Hibernators, Could Aid Human Health
    Their organs survive damage similar to heart attack, Alzheimer's, scientists say

  • Binge Eating Tops Other Eating Disorders: Survey
    The compulsive behavior is widespread and helps drive obesity epidemic, experts say

  • Lap Band Surgery Helps Obese Teens: Study
    The weight-loss procedure is currently only approved for adults in the U.S.

  • 'Couch Potato' Lifestyle Helps Drive Diabetes
    Lack of exercise ups the risk for the disease, study finds

  • Love Salty Foods? You May Have Been Born With Low Blood Sodium
    And that might leave you susceptible to weight gain, study suggests

  • Metabolic Syndrome Predicts Heart Risk: Study
    The syndrome includes factors such as obesity and high blood pressure

  • Health Tip: Measuring Waist Circumference
    It's a good indicator of a healthy body weight

  • Genes May Spur Some Childhood Obesity
    Mutations change activity of 'fat hormone' leptin, researchers say

  • Health Tip: Don't Miss Breakfast
    It can actually help you lose weight

  • U.S. Approves First Drug for Obese Dogs
    Not a remedy for overweight people, FDA warns

  • Lifestyle, Genes Join to Boost Risk for Blindness in Elderly
    Smoking, obesity among modifiable factors linked to age-related macular degeneration

  • Childhood Weight Problems Are Costly
    Study finds annual health-care costs average $172 more for obese kids

  • Girls Most Likely to Gain Weight as Pre-Teens
    Report urges interventions before the age of 9 or 10

  • Excess Weight Boosts Risk of Death From Prostate Cancer
    The heavier the man, the greater the threat, study finds

  • Study Raises Questions About Weight-Loss Drugs
    It says long-term reviews are needed to assess their benefits and risks

  • New Year, New Goal to Get Healthy
    Experts offer tips on keeping that get-fit resolution

  • Motivation Key to Keeping Those 'Get Fit' Resolutions
    Real change could involve a mental checklist, experts say

  • Resolve to Keep Those New Year's Resolutions
    Expert offers three key steps to achieving goals

  • Ad Campaigns Help Get Kids Active
    Media spots moved youngsters toward healthy exercise, CDC team say

  • Add Pounds
    Study finds those with children in the home consume more saturated fat

  • Heart Disease, Stroke Still Big Killers
    Latest U.S. statistics suggest obesity, smoking are largely to blame

  • Most Americans Want Public Policies to Prevent Obesity
    But incentives like employer tax breaks may not be enough, experts say

  • Low-Income Preschoolers Prone to Obesity
    And Latino children face greater risk than blacks or whites, study finds

  • Obesity Alters Digestive-Tract Bacteria
    Finding could lead to new weight-loss treatments, study suggests

  • Make the Holiday Buffet Your Friend This Season
    Smaller portions are key to healthy indulgence, expert says

  • Perception of Who's Obese Varies by Race
    Overweight blacks much more likely to consider their weight 'average,' study finds

  • Kids With High IQs Grow Up to Be Vegetarians
    The smarter they are, the more likely they'll shun meat as adults, British researchers contend

  • Health Tip: Saturated Fats vs. Unsaturated Fats
    Which should you choose?

  • Health Tip: Planning Obesity Surgery?
    Possible complications to consider

  • Obesity Boosts Kidney Risk in Type 1 Diabetes
    The bigger the waist size, the higher the odds for kidney woes, study found

  • Average U.S. Child Consumes Too Many Calories
    Excess of up to 165 calories day --about a can of soda -- creates 'energy gap,' leading to overweight

  • Fast Food Inside Hospitals Fuels Concern
    An onsite McDonald's at a kids' hospital had patients rating the meals as healthier

  • Ads Are Selling U.S. Kids Poor Health: Experts
    TV, print, Web ads push bad food, alcohol and cigarettes, pediatrics group warns

  • 'Double Diabetes' a New Threat
    The obesity epidemic is leading more people to develop type 1 and type 2 disease

  • Diabetes Drug Halts Weight Gain in Kids Taking Antipsychotics
    Metformin may allow children to stay healthy mentally and physically, study finds

  • One in Four Overweight Kids Gets Poor Sleep
    Regular exercise will bring most trouble-free slumber, experts say

  • Frequent Weight Change Raises Men's Gallstone Risk
    The most dramatic 'weight cycling' boosted odds by 76 percent, study found

  • Heavier Young Women at Lower Breast Cancer Risk
    But overweight is linked to other health woes, experts warn

  • Tips to Lighten That Thanksgiving Meal
    How to serve the traditional feast without a portion of guilt

  • Staying Trim on Turkey Day
    Expert offers hosts, guests help on avoiding holiday weight-gain

  • Health Tip: Watch What Your Child Drinks
    Calories in fruit juice, soda add up

  • Diabetes Dragging Down America's Health: Reports
    Increasingly, young people are suffering from the obesity-linked illness

  • Clogged Arteries Showing Up in Kids
    Fatty diets, lack of exercise are boosting children's heart risks, study shows

  • 3 Million Worldwide Die From High Blood Sugar
    Risk kicks in before glucose reaches diabetic levels, experts note

  • Regular Exercise Helps Obese Teens' Hearts
    But a push from parents is crucial to keeping kids healthy, experts say

  • Health Tip: Children Can Become Obese, Too
    Suggestions to avoid a life-long problem

  • Make School Breakfasts Free for All: Study
    'Universal' programs boost kids' nutrition, research suggests

  • Obese Women Face Greater Risk for Polycystic Ovary Syndrome
    Spanish study finds overweight boosts risk fivefold for hormonal condition

  • Weight-Loss Drug Helps Diabetic Patients
    Yet-to-be-approved rimonabant kept blood sugar in check, study found

  • Asthma Overdiagnosed in Those Overweight
    Apparent lung disease may mask other problems, study finds

  • Sleepless Children at Higher Obesity Risk
    Less exercise, plus hormonal changes, could be to blame, researcher says

  • Healthy Diets Beat Exercise for Weight Loss
    Workouts probably won't work on their own, researchers say

  • Obesity Boosts Complications From Sleep Apnea Surgery
    Other risk factors include more severe disease, concurrent surgeries, study finds

  • Low-Cal Drinks Help Teens Trim Down
    Study found some lost a pound a month

  • Obesity Boosts Back Surgery Complication Rate
    Doctors advise the very overweight to shed pounds beforehand

  • Gain Weight, Lose Brain Power?
    Study links added pounds to slightly poorer cognition

  • Psoriasis Linked to Higher Risk of Heart Attack
    Younger patients with more severe disease face highest odds, study finds

  • Obesity Affects Prostate Cancer Screens
    Higher BMI suggests fat decreases amount of circulating PSA, study finds

  • Health Tip: Potbellies Can Trigger Back Pain
    Puts a strain on the muscles

  • Exercise Alone Won't Prevent Childhood Obesity
    British study suggests diet and other changes are needed, too

  • Weight-Loss Drug Falls Flat
    Diet and exercise still the best prescription for dropping pounds

  • Appetite-Fighting Molecule May Fight Obesity
    Early study in mice shows it cut weight gain in half

  • Overeating a Form of Addiction
    Study tracks stomach-to-brain nerve signals in obese people

  • TV Hurts Kids' School Performance: Study
    Other research suggests TV food ads boost kids' obesity risk

  • One-Third of U.S. Kids Are Unfit
    Researchers renew call for more physical activity to keep children healthy

  • Diverticulitis Showing Up in Young, Obese Adults
    An illness typical in patients over 50 is now being seen in those in their 20s, experts say

  • New Weight-Loss Drug Shows Promise
    Contrave users lost 7 percent of weight in 6 months, study found

  • Weight Gain Between Pregnancies Poses Health Risks
    Even women not considered overweight are vulnerable to problems, study finds

  • Plastic Mesh Improves Gastric Bypass Outcomes
    It helps prevent a common hernia linked to the procedure

  • Many Americans Fed Up With Fad Diets
    Survey suggests specialized regimens are falling out of favor

  • Diabetes a Greater Risk for Death Than Obesity
    Being overweight may not always predict poor health outcomes, study finds

  • Anti-Fat Protein Keeps Overeating Mice Slim
    But experts question its potential for humans

  • Four Short Walks a Day Ease Blood Pressure
    A few 10-minute strolls are even healthier than one long walk, study shows

  • Diabetes Drug Might Prevent the Disease
    Avandia cut odds for those at high risk while Altace did not, study finds

  • Health Tip: How to Calculate Your BMI
    A measure of your weight-to-height ratio

  • Progress Slow in Fight Against Childhood Obesity
    Report calls for concerted push, from U.S. government to individual families

  • Health Tip: Eat Properly
    Eat fruits and veggies, avoid too much sugar and fat

  • Higher Protein Diet Helps Keep Hunger Away
    Animal studies illuminate mechanism that boosts hormone controlling weight

  • Baby Fat Predicts Obesity in Pre-Teens
    Overweight youngsters usually become overweight adolescents, study finds

  • 31 States Record Increases in Adult Obesity
    Two-thirds of Americans now at risk of diseases like diabetes, heart disease, report finds

  • Obesity Reduces Ovarian Cancer Survival
    It may also boost risk for tumor recurrence, study finds

  • Blacks Have Poorer Control of Diabetes Than Whites
    Finding may explain their higher complication, death rates, experts say

  • Obesity Increases Chances of Early Death
    Study found risk was two to three times greater than in normal-weight people

  • High-Cal, Low-Fiber Diets Driving Kids to Obesity
    One expert blames this regimen for epidemic of overweight

  • Sleep Apnea in Children Linked to Lower IQ Scores, Learning Impairment
    Whether damage is permanent or reversible needs further investigation, study says

  • Obesity Driving Medicare Costs Higher
    Spending soars as more people join up with diabetes, heart disease, experts say

  • Does Body-Mass Index Really Predict Heart Risk?
    New data suggests BMI can't distinguish between fat, muscle

  • Schools Should Boost Kids' Daily Exercise
    AHA calls on schools, states to lead fight against obesity

  • Health Tip: Considering Liposuction?
    Remember to be realistic

  • U.S. Babies Getting Fatter: Study
    They're 59 percent more likely to be overweight now than in 1980, study finds

  • Poor Heart Health Raises Bariatric Surgery Risk
    In very obese patients, it led to longer procedures and more post-op complications

  • Food Clock Sets Mealtimes
    Scientists gain insight into how your brain knows when to tell you to eat

  • Obesity Vaccine Looks Promising
    Researchers say rats lost 20% to 30% of their body weight while eating normally

  • 'Sweet Tooth' Types Drawn to Fruit
    Study finding may help keep diets healthy, experts say

  • Bigger Tableware Helps Widen Waistlines
    In study, people ate more when using larger spoons, bowls

  • Patient Obesity Is Obscuring Medical Scans
    As Americans get larger, ultrasounds, X-rays get fuzzier, experts say

  • 40% of Weight-Loss Surgery Patients Develop Complications
    But one expert says these statistics are outdated, because new procedures make surgery safer and less invasive

  • Immigrants Healthier Than Native New Yorkers
    But poor access to care means newcomers' health soon suffers, report finds

  • Body's Brain Link to Hunger Identified
    Finding could pave way for new, safer diet drugs, researchers say

  • Exercise Works Wonders in Middle Age
    Study finds big heart benefits for folks 40 and older

  • Gastric-Bypass Surgery Best for Super Obese: Study
    But some weight-loss experts say the trial was too short and lacked enough patients

  • Adolescent Obesity Linked to Premature Death
    But diet pill, not yet approved for children, works for teens, researchers report

  • Never Say 'D-I-E-T'
    Constant dieting can be harmful to your health and even promote obesity, experts say

  • Women More Prone to 'Stress Eating' Than Men
    But anxiety drives all to sugary, fatty foods, study finds

  • Obesity, Diabetes Drive High Rate of Kidney Failure in U.S.
    Study shows marked difference between Americans and leaner Norwegian patients

  • Quitting Smoking Boosts Weight By 21 Pounds
    That's nearly double the average gain previously reported, researchers say

  • New Method Gauges Weight-Loss Surgery Risk
    Very obese, hypertensive males at greatest danger of fatal complications, experts say

  • Alonzo Mourning Plays Offense Against Kidney Disease
    Returning from kidney failure and transplant, NBA star pushes for early detection

  • Lack of Sleep Can Pack on the Pounds
    Hormonal variations contribute to weight gain, researchers believe

  • Calcium Supplements Help Curb Weight Gain in Middle Age
    They do more than strengthen bones for this age group, study suggests

  • Women's Health Risks Rise Along With Weight
    Extreme obesity, especially, is linked to more illness and death, study finds

  • Obese Men Benefit Less From Radiation for Prostate Cancer
    Finding may help doctors identify those in need of more aggressive therapy, study says

  • Migraines More Common in Overweight Kids
    Being obese may exacerbate headaches, experts say

  • New Type 2 Diabetes Cases Have Doubled in 30 Years
    Obesity is to blame and consequences could overwhelm U.S. health-care system, experts say

  • Gastric Bypass May Boost Blindness Risk
    A lack of absorbed vitamin A is the link, researchers say

  • Overweight Ups Your Diabetes Risk
    35 percent of heavy 18-year-old women will develop the disease, study finds

  • Trans Fats May Speed 'Spare Tire'
    Diets rich in these fats quickly widen waistlines, monkey study shows

  • Major Changes Could Reduce Diabetes Death Toll
    American Diabetes Association warns 62 million could die in next 30 years

  • New Campaign Launched to Fight Global Rise in Diabetes
    Experts predict that 350 million could be diabetic by 2026

  • Strict Parenting Can Produce Overweight Kids
    Study questions the clean-your-plate-or-else approach

  • Hispanic Toddlers More Likely to Be Obese
    Even after adjusting for socioeconomic factors, study finds them at higher risk

  • Research Reveals Blood Sugar's Effect on Wakefulness
    Finding could lead to treatments for problems like sleep disorders and obesity

  • One-Third of U.S. Adults Diabetic or Pre-Diabetic
    And nearly 30% of diabetics remain undiagnosed, study finds

  • Lack of Sleep Linked to Weight Gain
    Food intake doesn't explain extra girth, study finds

  • Poverty Increases Teens' Risk of Overweight
    Sweetened beverages, inactivity and skipping breakfast cited as major factors

  • Most Americans Unaware of Fat-Cancer Connection
    And many underestimate their own weight, experts say

  • In-School Program Helps Kids Keep Obesity at Bay
    Effort boosted daily exercise for fourth- and fifth-graders

  • Hypertension in Teens Predicts Adult Heart Woes
    Left unchecked, blood pressure rises 7 percent per year, study finds

  • Weight-Loss Surgeries Safe at Teaching Hospitals
    Academic medical centers have less than a 1 percent post-surgery death rate, study finds

  • 'Supermoms' Tend to Be Slimmer
    Study finds working mothers keep the weight off better than stay-at-home moms

  • Health Tip: Is Bariatric Surgery Right For You?
    How to know if you're a candidate

  • Bullying Keeps Overweight Kids From Exercise
    It's an overlooked barrier to helping children get healthier, study finds

  • Number of Obese, Smoking Americans Tops 9 Million
    Blacks most at risk for this unhealthy combination, study finds

  • Parents Hold the Key to Child's Healthy Weight
    High self-esteem and healthy eating habits keep obesity away, experts say

  • Scientists Cut Through the Secrets of Fat
    A scissors-like enzyme gives fat cells the room they need to grow

  • Childhood Obesity Leads to Adolescent Obesity
    Kids don't outgrow 'baby fat,' researchers report

  • School Soda Ban Called Good First Step
    But more needs to be done to combat childhood obesity epidemic, experts say

  • Americans Less Healthy Than the British
    Study finds gap despite higher U.S. incomes, more money spent on health care

  • Type 2 Diabetes Rising Among U.S. Adolescents
    Curbing obesity can help avert a public health crisis, experts say

  • Treatment Team Lowers Heart Risk for Obese Patients
    Battling the 'metabolic syndrome' on multiple fronts works, they say

  • Researchers Will Test 'Fat-Dissolving' Therapy Claims
    The treatment is gaining in popularity, but its safety and effectiveness are unknown

  • Gene Protects Against Diabetes, Heart Disease
    Variant found in 1 in 20 people lowers blood fats, study finds

  • Obesity Driving Diabetes Epidemic
    New study confirms suspicions that it's a major factor in troubling trend

  • Natural Protein Might Ward Off Obesity
    It helps burn fat cells and lower appetite, researchers say

  • Genetic Variant Increases Risk of Obesity
    The trait is found in 10 percent of people, study says

  • Obesity Plus Arthritis Disabling for Older Women
    Findings don't bode well for an aging and increasingly obese population

  • Number of Kids on Type 2 Diabetes Drugs Doubles
    Experts blame two-fold jump in 4 years on rise in child obesity

  • Too Much Weight Ups Alzheimer's Risk
    It can triple the threat of the brain disease, study suggests

  • Cancer Prevention Efforts Paying Off: Report
    Tobacco use ebbs to lowest point in decades, but challenges still remain, report finds

  • Diabetes Care Still Lagging in U.S.
    Report shows some improvement, but it's far from enough

  • Many Obese Don't See the Problem
    They often label themselves normal-weight or slightly overweight, study finds

  • Belly Fat May Bring Labored Breathing
    Women with high amounts of this fat breathed less easily during exercise

  • Fit Teens May Be Safer Teens
    Physical activity helps ward off bad behaviors, study shows

  • Americans Getting Even Fatter
    Big weight gains noted among men, children since 2000, studies find

  • Too Few Car Seats For America's Obese Kids
    Study uncovers dangerous shortfall as children's weight rises

  • More Than 80 Percent of College Women Diet
    Skipping breakfast, smoking among the unhealthiest methods they use, study finds

  • Weight-Loss Surgery Not Without Risks
    Age and type of surgery seem to be the key factors, study finds

  • Diabetics Misguided on 'Healthy' Weight
    Two-thirds of obese diabetics call overweight 'ideal' for health, study found

  • Atkins Diet Not Safe for Everyone
    Researchers report case of obese dieter who developed dangerous condition

  • Fat Hormone Leptin Affects Asthma Risk
    Heavier women with high levels of hormone more likely to have condition, study says

  • Bottle-Feeding May Not Raise Child Obesity Risk
    Neither will an earlier shift to solid foods, new research suggests

  • Weight May Influence Asthma Care
    Study finds the overweight benefit more from specific medication

  • Low-Cal Drinks Help Teens Stay Trim
    Switching from high-calorie beverages makes big difference, study suggests

  • Researchers Reduce Enlarged Hearts in Fat Mice
    Finding could spur new treatments for obesity-related heart failure

  • Safer Neighborhoods Are Fitter Neighborhoods
    Fear of crime curbs healthy physical activity, study finds

  • Youth Can Lose Weight With Yoga
    Overweight teens shed an average six pounds over 12 weeks, researchers say

  • Diabetes May Roll Back Victories Over Heart Disease
    Growing epidemic threatens America's health, study finds

  • Lifting Weights Keeps Overweight at Bay
    Middle-aged women can benefit from just two sessions per week, study shows

  • Rx for Weight Loss
    Doctors use novel approaches to help patients shed excess pounds

  • Obese People Might Be More Sensitive to Pain
    Physical factors may combine to increase sensitivity, researchers say

  • 'Spare Tire' Might Protect Men During Car Accident
    A little extra weight may act as padding, study finds -- but only for men

  • Chocolate Does a Man's Heart Good
    Dark variety seems to lower older men's risk of death, study finds

  • Teen Girls Sip More Soda as They Age
    The more soft drinks they consumed, the less calcium they took in, study finds

  • Young Type 2 Diabetics at Higher Stroke Risk
    Their odds of an attack double soon after diagnosis, study finds

  • Belly Fat Doubles Women's Gallstone Risk
    But one expert noted that most stones won't require treatment

  • New Weight-Loss Drug Shows Promise
    Trial results look good, but experts say rimonabant isn't a 'magic bullet'

  • Poverty Lowers Cardiac Stress Test Results
    Experts say poor diet and lack of access to fitness facilities to blame

  • Weight-Loss Surgery: For Some, the Last Hope
    A normal life is the reward for suitable candidates

  • Overweight Women Risk Problem Pregnancies
    Some simple steps can reduce likelihood of high blood pressure, gestational diabetes

  • Exercise Goes to the Dogs
    Canine friends get humans up and walking more often, study finds

  • Parents, Vending Machines Can Hamper Good School Nutrition
    A number of hidden factors make it tough to eat right on campus, study finds

  • Limited Access to Exercise Facilities Fueling Childhood Obesity Epidemic
    It's a particular problem in low-income areas, new research suggests

  • Program Gets Teens Off the Couch
    Doctor-guided initiative increased exercise rates and improved diet

  • Diabetics' Hearts Fueled by Fats
    Finding could explain high heart attack rate in those with diabetes, researchers say

  • Obesity Doubles Kids' Diabetes Risk
    And a third of diabetic children in the U.S. are also obese, study finds

  • Heart Failure Rising In Older Americans
    But more are surviving longer with the disease, report finds

  • Health Tip: Getting to a Healthy Weight
    BMI is what counts

  • Obesity Raises Pregnancy Risks
    Weight-related dangers threaten both mother and newborn, panelists conclude

  • Obesity Might Be Catching
    Infectious viruses may make fat cells fatter, researchers claim

  • Modest Weight Loss Boosts Bladder Control
    Overweight women at risk for diabetes saw real improvements, study found

  • Treatment for Childhood Disorder Brings Sleep Dangers
    Growth hormones raise sleep apnea risks in children with Prader-Willi syndrome, study finds

  • Controversial Weight-Loss Drug May Go Over-the-Counter
    But as FDA weighs approval, critics voice concerns about Xenical

  • Widening Waist a Heart Risk Factor for Women
    Waistlines over 35 inches are a matter of concern, study finds

  • America's Young Adults Less Healthy Than Teens
    Rates for smoking, obesity and other ills rise steeply after high school, study finds

  • Trans Fat on Food Labels: Now You See It, Now You Don't
    New FDA rules allow fewer than 0.5 grams of unhealthy fat to not count

  • Obesity Hinders Prostate Cancer Detection
    Finding highlights need for rigorous screening in heavier patients

  • Lifestyle Changes Can Quickly Reverse Heart Risks
    In 3 weeks, improvements in diet and exercise can have big impact, study finds

  • The Fat Tax: A Controversial Tool in War Against Obesity
    It's used as a levy on 'junk' foods, and to promote nutrition programs

  • Fat-Building Pathway Figured Out
    abetes, researchers say

  • Obesity Alone Boosts Heart Disease Risk
    Research also finds other risk factors are undertreated

  • Safe Neighborhoods Keep Kids Leaner
    New research shows that families who live in unsafe areas have fatter kids

  • Molecular Link Between Diet, Type 2 Diabetes Discovered
    High-fat fare suppresses enzyme that controls insulin production, study finds

  • Trans Fat Food Labels Are Coming
    Starting New Year's Day, labeling also will list potential allergens

  • Study Suggests Suicide Linked to Thinness
    But other experts question the connection

  • Digestive Woes May Keep the Overweight From Exercising
    And that could undermine weight-loss efforts, study finds

  • Vitamin B Deficiency a Danger After Gastric Bypass Surgery
    Case study notes need to monitor patients for resulting neurological condition

  • Party Hearty, Then Ease It Down
    Some tips for holiday weight control

  • Health Tip: Dieting During the Holidays
    It's not easy, but try to stay on track

  • Hold on to Health During the Holidays
    If jingle bells jangle nerves and send you snacking, simple tips can help

  • Smoking May Make Psoriasis Worse
    People with the disorder also tend to be obese, researchers report

  • Give Yourself a Good Night's Sleep This Season
    Experts offer six important reasons why slumber is essential

  • Marijuana Munchies Hold Weight-Loss Clues
    New insights on need to feed that comes with pot smoking

  • Blacks Hit Harder by Arterial Leg Disease
    This narrowing of vessels in the legs can be disabling, experts note

  • Gastric Bypass Surgeries Soaring
    The number of Americans undergoing these procedures grew four-fold between 1998 and 2002, study finds

  • One-Third of U.S. Teens Out of Shape
    Finding may have long-term implications for cardiovascular health

  • Fight Off That Freshman Flab
    Research shows college kids can beat back weight gain

  • U.S. Health Gains Starting to Slow: Study
    Rates of early death, prenatal care, smoking stable in recent years; obesity way up

  • Working Moms' Kids Eat Just as Well: Study
    They eat more meals outside the home, but their diets are comparable to those of other youngsters

  • Fruit Sugars Might Speed Obesity
    They may interfere with insulin to increase weight gain, experts say

  • High Insulin Levels Linked to Pancreatic Cancer
    Study of male smokers saw twofold risk increase for those with highest levels

  • New Spanish-Language Food Pyramid Launched
    'MiPirámide' aimed at U.S. Hispanics at high risk for obesity

  • Coffee, Tea May Help Keep Liver Failure at Bay
    Two or more cups per day could protect at-risk patients, researchers say

  • Moderate Drinking May Lower Obesity Risk
    But too much alcohol can pack on pounds, study finds

  • Overweight Moms More Likely to Have Overweight Kids
    Researchers found smoking also raised obesity risk for children

  • Teens Influenced by Mom's Attitude About Weight
    Parents key to healthy eating and exercise among adolescents, expert says

  • Hispanic Kids Face Diabetes Dangers
    They may be especially vulnerable to sugary foods, study finds

  • Many Americans Not Active Enough to Reap Health Benefits
    Government report says more than half don't reach recommended levels

  • Obese Buttocks Leave Drug Therapy Behind
    Medicine injected into large posteriors isn't reaching the bloodstream, study finds

  • A Kernel of Truth About Portion Sizes
    Study finds even stale popcorn was appealing in larger batches

  • Trigger for Obesity Identified
    Finding could lead to new drug therapies, researchers say

  • Obesity Ups Arrhythmia Risk After Bypass
    Being overweight can more than double the odds, study found

  • Daily Walk Puts Heart a Step Ahead
    Just 30 minutes a day can spur healthy changes, study finds

  • Diet Drug Works Best With Healthy Eating, Exercise
    Meridia study found weight loss doubled if patients also changed lifestyles

  • Decaf Coffee Might Slightly Boost Heart-Disease Risk
    Study found it raised levels of blood fats, LDL cholesterol

  • Sweet Tooth Takes Bite Out of Stress
    Rat study suggests sugary foods can lower anxiety

  • Eating Out Poses Health Risks for Kids
    They're prone to high blood pressure and other risk factors for heart disease, study finds

  • ts Mississippi Blacks Hard
    Jackson Heart Study found 37% of those studied had cluster of risk factors

  • Health Tip: Food Journals Help Design Eating Programs
    Be truthful when recording habits

  • Appetite Suppressing Hormone Discovered
    But will the research with rodents prove useful for people?

  • Ravenous Rodents Give Dieting Clues
    Rat studies suggest stress plus tempting treats triggers binge-eating

  • Widening Waistlines Raise Kidney Risks
    Heavier men face higher odds of organ dysfunction, research shows

  • Which Diet Is Best? The One That Works for You
    Weight-loss plans should be paired with success strategies, experts say

  • Waist-Hip Ratio a Better Heart Measure Than BMI?
    International study finds ratio spots three times more of those at risk

  • Restless Legs Syndrome Linked to Other Health Woes
    Study finds more insomnia and depression in patients with the movement disorder

  • Fondness for Fatty Foods May Be Built In
    Could tongues be equipped with a 'fat sensor'?

  • Health Tip: Foods That Are Naturally Low Fat
    Some foods are healthy from the start

  • Health Tip: No Waist of Time
    Watching your midsection can help you stay healthy

  • New Program Will Tackle Obesity in Minority Kids
    U.S. Hispanic, black youngsters are at high risk of overweight, experts warn

  • Obesity May Contribute to Liver Trouble
    High-fat diet caused immune-system problems in mice, study found

  • Child's Growth Predicts Adult Heart Woes
    Low birthweight, a failure to thrive, then adding fat boost risks, study finds

  • Study Refutes Soft Drinks' Impact on Kids' Obesity
    Researchers say school policies restricting sodas in vending machines would not be effective

  • Research Into Obesity-Cancer Link Gets Big Boost
    National Cancer Institute will give $54 million to four U.S. centers

  • Walk a Dog, Lose Weight
    Study found those who walked one for a year lost average of 14 pounds

  • Health Tip: Diet Sensibly
    How you burn energy is key

  • Studies Highlight Risks of Bariatric Surgery
    Rehospitalization rates increased, and mortality rate higher for Medicare patients

  • Slimming Down Heats Up Sex Lives
    For the obese, losing weight can have romantic rewards, study finds

  • Americans Look for Health on the Menu
    Survey finds nutrition plays increasing role in dining-out choices

  • Obesity Linked to Fat Gain in Muscles
    Finding could explain why very overweight have trouble losing pounds

  • Adult Obesity May Trace to Infancy
    Heavy babies might be at risk of a lifetime of weight problems, study suggests

  • Obesity During Midlife Ups Dementia Risk
    Study found those with BMI higher than 30 also more likely to have heart attack, diabetes

  • Even Moderate Exercise Boosts Heart Health
    People don't need to run marathons to see big changes, study finds

  • Researchers Question Value of CRP Test
    High levels of protein tend to occur only with other cardiovascular risk factors, study says

  • Higher-Priced Fruits, Veggies Linked to Weight Gain in Kids
    Finding may help explain obesity epidemic, particularly in poorer areas, study says

  • Exercise Eases Digestion Problems in the Obese
    Coupled with healthy diet, it reduces stomach pain and diarrhea, study says

  • Majority of Americans Becoming Overweight or Obese
    Thirty-year survey showed nine out of 10 men packed on excess pounds

  • Lifestyle Changes Could Save Millions
    Additional 2% decrease in chronic disease deaths adds up to 36 million lives saved worldwide over next decade, experts say

  • More American Kids Eating Deep-Fried Fast Foods
    Numbers doubled in just three years, one study found

  • Weight Gain May Spur Prostate Cancer
    Obese men progressed faster to disease recurrence, study found

  • High Blood Pressure Can Be Lethal in Overweight
    It's the prime factor raising their cardiovascular risk, study finds

  • Blacks at Raised Risk of Sleep Apnea
    They're also less likely to seek help for the dangerous disorder, study shows

  • Health Tip: Cap Your Child's Soda Habit
    Consider less sugary alternatives

  • Schools Still Offer Too Much Junk Food: Report
    Although some states are doing better than others, federal review finds

  • Moms' View on Family Meal Influences Kids' Weight
    Families that eat together may stay slim together, study finds

  • Being Overweight Hurts Kids' Arteries
    Extra pounds weaken vessel walls, even at ages as young as 9, study finds

  • Most Americans Don't Link Tummy Fat With Heart Disease
    Sixty percent are unaware this type of obesity threatens the heart, survey finds

  • Health Tip: Don't Skip Meals
    It could cause you to gain weight

  • Couch Potatoes Threatened by 'Visceral' Fat
    This type of fat lying around organs is especially unhealthy, experts warn

  • Metabolic Syndrome Termed a Growing U.S. Health Threat
    Panel urges greater awareness of condition that causes heart problems, diabetes

  • Steer Clear of Labor Day Eating Marathon
    Research shows the 'binge-then-compensate' plan doesn't work

  • Can the Brain Be 'Tricked' to Help You Lose Weight?
    British study says new hormone treatment may do just that

  • Obesity in America Continues to Expand
    Government programs are failing to meet the challenge, report says

  • Graffiti, Litter May Help Spur Obesity
    And cleaner, greener environments get people exercising, study suggests

  • Obesity Runs in the Family
    Home environment a strong predictor of childhood overweight, study finds

  • Brain Protein Influences Weight Gain
    Drugs modeled on SH2-B may help fight diabetes, obesity, experts say

  • Robotic Weight-Loss Surgery Passes Test
    But method is time-consuming and unnecessary, one expert says

  • Puberty Comes Sooner for Overweight Girls
    But new study rules out early period's link to adult obesity

  • Today's HIV Patients: Just as Heavy as the General Population
    Study finds higher levels of obesity among infected individuals

  • Yoga Yields Weight Loss in Middle Age
    Benefits may be linked to 'mindful' changes in health habits, experts say

  • Myeloid Leukemia Risk Linked to Obesity
    Association not seen with other types of leukemia, study says

  • Got GERD? Weight Loss May Help
    Extra pounds double risk of digestive disorder, study finds

  • Fruit Juice, Water Top School Vending Machine Choices
    Hamburgers, pizza are popular a la carte items, survey finds

  • Smoking, Obesity Double Trouble for Teens
    Secondhand smoke is nearly as unhealthy as puffing on cigarettes, study finds

  • Teens Want to Bulk Up
    Study finds a third think about becoming more toned, having bigger muscles

  • Fructose Sweetener Spurs Obesity
    It may affect metabolism while boosting calories, experts say

  • Workouts That Feel Right at Home
    Designing a great in-house exercise program is easy, experts say

  • Protein Could Lead to New Diabetes Drugs
    Fat cell compound may stimulate insulin resistance, study finds

  • Obesity May Begin at the Office
    Time stuck behind desk means pounds added, study finds

  • Dark Chocolate May Sweeten the Way to Health
    Daily dose lowered blood pressure, improved insulin sensitivity, study showed

  • Teen Inactivity Leads to Obesity for Girls
    Transition time from childhood to adulthood appears to involve decreased physical exercise

  • Obesity Tougher on Men
    Very overweight women much fitter than male peers, study finds

  • Weight-Loss Surgeries Skyrocketing
    Study found number of procedures quadrupled between 1998 and 2002

  • Diabetes Spurred By Adult Lifestyles
    Study casts doubt on 'fetal-environment' theory

  • Get Fit to Fight Metabolic Syndrome
    The condition is a precursor to diabetes, heart disease

  • Lose Weight, Gain Income
    Bank balances rise as the pounds melt away, study finds

  • Health Tip: Appetite Control
    Suggestions to avoid overeating

  • You've Got (Healthy) Mail
    Weekly e-reminders helped workers lose weight

  • Public Program Helps Cut Kids' TV Time
    The hope is that preschoolers will exercise more, lowering obesity rates

  • Key Factors Raise Heart Failure Death Risk
    One surprise: obesity may actually be protective, researchers say

  • Watch How High You Pile Your Child's Plate
    Amount of food you put before them a major factor in how much they eat

  • Middle-Age Hypertension Cuts Five Years Off Life
    Findings are another reason to reduce high blood pressure early, experts say

  • Obesity Sends Health Costs Soaring
    Study pegs weight gain as major factor behind U.S. spending

  • Overweight People More Likely to Survive Bypass Surgery
    But they have procedure at younger ages, researchers note

  • TV Food Ads Misleading Kids
    In study, youngsters typically identified less-healthy snacks as 'nutritious'

  • Obese Breast Cancer Patients May Be Undertreated
    Adjusting drug dose for weight may leave them more vulnerable

  • Xenical Helps Teens Trim Pounds
    Study found it worked when combined with good diet and exercise

  • Obesity, Smoking Speed Aging Process
    Every puff and added pound makes cells old before their time, study finds

  • Patient Education Won't Alter Diabetes Outcomes
    Learning about the disease had little effect, study found

  • Obesity's Strain Causing More Back Pain
    Cases of weight-linked spinal trouble are soaring, survey finds

  • Leptin Surge in Infancy May Spur Later Obesity
    Mouse study may explain link between undernourished moms, obese kids

  • 'No Child Left Behind,' But Physical Activity May Suffer
    Federal act's unintended impact on phys ed may fuel kids' obesity epidemic, experts say

  • Exercise Cuts Polycystic Ovary-Linked Diabetes Risk
    Women can benefit even in the absence of weight loss, study finds

  • CDC: Being Overweight or Obese Not Healthy
    Agency holds news conference to counter its own recent report

  • Obesity, Diabetes Raise Joint Replacement Risks
    Study finds more complications in hypertensive patients, too

  • Kids Can Be Taught to Eat Right
    Nutrition education program yields heart-healthy results

  • Skipping Breakfast Common Among U.S. Girls
    The problem is most pronounced among black teens, study finds

  • Key Factors Raise Clogged Artery Risk
    Metabolic syndrome plus vascular calcium greatly boost the odds, study finds

  • Many Heart Attack Patients Have Metabolic Syndrome
    Risk factors include wide waistlines, hypertension and high blood sugar, study finds

  • Obesity Ups Risk for Colon, Throat Cancers
    Staying trim can help reduce the odds, researchers say

  • Junk Food Outlets Crowd Inner-City Schools
    Sweet, fatty foods are within easy reach of Harlem youngsters, study finds

  • Obesity-Linked Lung Stress May Trigger Asthma
    Harvard team spots links between overweight, respiratory trouble

  • Helping Kids Stay Fit
    Youngsters benefit from nutrition, exercise lessons

  • Sodas Keep Child Obesity Soaring
    Some hard facts on soft drinks in latest review

  • Type 2 Diabetes Increasing in Children Worldwide
    Rising obesity rates may be to blame, researchers say

  • Nutrition Program Needs New Recipe
    Report calls for more focus on fruits, vegetables, grains and breast-feeding

  • Ex-Smokers' Weight Gain Can Impact Lung Function
    First study of its kind finds extra pounds are harder on men

  • Overload of Fatty Foods Can Park in Liver
    Presence there can curtail organ's ability to filter fats through body, study says

  • Full-Time Workers Fall Short on Exercise
    Part-timers have better chance to find time for workouts, researchers report

  • Income May Help Fuel Obesity, Study Finds
    Money is no protection against extra pounds, researchers say

  • Excess Weight, High Cholesterol Tax Older Women's Arteries
    More evidence exercise can protect the female heart after menopause

  • Combat Veterans Pay a Price Decades Later
    Many are heavy drinkers and smokers, and face possible heart trouble, study finds

  • Exercise, Diet Aid Youthful Obesity
    Studies show some success in lowering heart risk markers

  • Mid-Life Obesity Linked to Old-Age Dementia
    Study links higher weight to higher risk of cognitive decline later

  • Mesotherapy Not Proven as Weight-Loss Method
    Experts caution against injections of medications, plant extracts into fatty tissue

  • Few in U.S. Living Healthy Lifestyles
    Only 3 percent of adults really doing the right things, study finds

  • Health Tip: What's Behind Compulsive Overeating?
    It's an attempt to cope with other issues

  • The Sleep-Wake Body Clock May Also Control Appetite
    Study offers possible clue to overeating in humans

  • U.S. Unveils New Food Pyramid
    12 programs replace the old one

  • Obesity Not as Life Threatening as Thought
    Many cardiovascular risk factors among obese are declining, researchers find

  • Obesity: Bad For Men, Women and Kids
    Being overweight is hard on everyone's hearts, new studies find

  • Health Tip: Curb Your Child's Weight
    Or he could become obese as an adult

  • Obesity Can Be Real Headache
    Excess weight increases frequency, severity of daily attacks, study finds

  • Liver Protein Points to Anti-Obesity Drugs
    The LXR protein may tell the body to store up fat

  • Health Tip: Avoiding Obesity
    Eat healthy when dining out

  • Your Eyes, Not Your Stomach, Count Calories
    What you see is what you think you are eating, a new study suggests

  • Smoking Lowers In-Vitro Fertilization Success Rate
    So does being overweight, researchers report

  • Certain Diet Drugs Can Help Boost Weight Loss
    And for the severely obese, weight-reduction surgery is best, studies find

  • Inflammation Key to Belly Fat 's Unhealthy Effects
    Fat cells produce compounds that boost arterial disease, study finds

  • Healthy Change, Early Screening Can Cut Cancer Rates
    Cancer Society report finds some successes, many challenges

  • America's Kids Doing Well, Except With Obesity: Report
    Annual findings show well-being the best in 3 decades

  • Atkins Introduces New Carb Labelling
    'Net Atkins Count' to replace 'net carbs'

  • Sleep Apnea Can Be Deadly At Night
    Cardiac death risk rises as sleepers' breathing is impaired

  • Widening Waistlines Predict Diabetes in Men
    Belt size beats body mass index as disease indicator, study finds

  • Test Suggests Kids More Prone to Allergies Than Their Parents
    Finding lends credence to belief that allergies, asthma are on the rise

  • Sleep Apnea Differs in Men, Women
    Breathing disorder more often tied to depression, thyroid in women: Study

  • Few Extra Pounds Put Kids at Risk for Adult Obesity
    Youngsters with 'high-normal' weight 5 times more likely to be obese adults

  • Veterans Heavier Than Rest of U.S. Population
    Finding spotlights need for obesity prevention at VA health centers

  • Compound Could Lessen Damage of Fast Food
    Researchers test form of cellulose that slows fat absorption, reduces diabetes risk

  • Obesity May Shorten Americans' Life Expectancy
    Reduced life span could save Social Security, researchers note

  • Obesity Ups Child's Asthma Risk
    Breathing problems during sleep may link the two conditions, experts say

  • New Theory on Why Low-Carb Diets Work
    When researchers restricted carbs, dieters simply ate less

  • Health Tip: Help for Teen 'Couch Potatoes'
    Make exercise fun

  • Obesity May Encourage Heart Failure
    Heart-cell death rises tenfold in mice bred to be fat

  • Lose Weight, Feel Great With a Good Breakfast
    Boost fiber, cut down on fat and sugar to stay fit and trim, experts say

  • Joint Replacement Won't Banish Obesity
    Contrary to belief, most patients gain weight post-surgery

  • Supersized in the NFL
    More pro football players are obese, study finds

  • Obesity May Begin at the Grocery Store
    Price, store location sway low-income women's fat consumption, study finds

  • Diet, Exercise Top Drugs in Preventing Diabetes
    Two studies find lifestyle changes are the better, cheaper option

  • Many Diet Studies Lack Key Data
    Most don't describe participants accurately, affecting results, study finds

  • Mom's Poor Diet Can Up Diabetes Risk in Child
    Nutrition might affect fetal pancreas, mouse study suggests

  • Gastric Bypass Just As Effective for Seniors
    Post-surgery weight loss nearly matched that of young patients

  • Clue to Controlling Appetite Found
    Discovery could one day lead to weight-loss pill in humans

  • Health Tip: Controlling Hunger While Dieting
    The first step is to avoid trigger foods

  • Health Tip: Benefits and Risks of Gastric Bypass
    Weigh pros and cons before surgery

  • Genes May Drive Child Obesity
    Children likely to be overweight at 6 if mom is, too

  • Bread is Back! Or So Hopes the Industry
    Grain Foods Foundation launches pro-bread campaign

  • Seniors Spell Out Health Concerns
    Vioxx, Medicare changes and obesity weigh on their minds, survey finds

  • Biology May Keep Couch Potatoes Supine
    Genetic predisposition to sit can pack on pounds, study suggests

  • Genes May Influence Weight Gain in Adults
    for about 50% of change in body mass index

  • Obesity Ups Risk of Kidney Stones
    Risk more pronounced in women, researchers say

  • Extra Weight Skews PSA Scores
    High BMI means prostate cancer screen can miss early stages of disease, study says

  • Veggie Diet May Lower High Blood Pressure
    Blood thickness and body weight improve on plant-based regimen, study finds

  • New Insights Into Fat's Effect on the Body
    Studies detail discovery of fat-burning gene, show how leptin controls glucose levels

  • High Blood Pressure: The New Childhood Scourge
    Overweight kids face risk of heart disease as adults

  • New U.S. Dietary Guidelines: Eat Less, Exercise More

  • Blood Sugar Levels Linked to Cancer Rates
    In large Korean study, higher levels meant higher incidence of disease

  • Too Little Sleep May Pack on Pounds
    Study links insufficient slumber to obesity

  • Obese Blacks Incur Lower Health-Care Costs
    White counterparts generate more medical bills, study says

  • Childhood Obesity Weighs Heavily on Kids
    Quality of life is lower for obese and overweight children, study finds

  • Teen Obesity Is a Ticking Time Bomb
    Excess weight leads to serious adult health problems, such as diabetes, heart disease

  • Fast Food Linked to Obesity, Insulin Problems
    Finding suggests the fare could contribute to onset of diabetes

  • Exercise Cuts Heart, Diabetes Risk Factors
    Program reduces incidence of metabolic syndrome

  • Excess Weight Can Compromise Birth Control Pills
    Heavier women likelier to become pregnant while using them, study finds

  • False Memories May Work as Diet Aid
    Study finds some can be convinced of bad experiences with foods

  • Obese People Can't Run From Health Risks
    Physical activity doesn't reduce death rates, study finds

  • Obesity Surgery Shows Benefits Years Later
    Study finds people lose more weight, avoid complications

  • Have a Healthy Holiday Season
    Some tips to avoid overindulging during festive gatherings

  • Waistline Can Be a Tummy Fat Warning
    Measuring it can tell you if you're at risk for heart disease, diabetes

  • Nearly 30 Percent of U.S. Workers Are Obese
    Study says extra pounds diminish health and productivity

  • Holiday Feasts Don't Have to Fatten You Up
    Exercise and moderate portions can battle weight gain

  • Immigrants to U.S. Assimilating Obesity
    Study finds big weight gains the longer they're here

  • Study: Blacks More Fat, Less Fit Than Whites
    Differences more pronounced in men, researchers say

  • Kids Should Watch Calories During Holidays, Too
    Parents need to control their children's eating during festivities

  • Obesity Among Low-Income Kids on the Rise
    Researchers say trend is part of national problem

  • Will Obesity Break the Medicare Bank?
    Older, overweight Americans have much higher medical bills, study says

  • Heart Risk Factors for Obese Kids Murky
    Blood pressure rose in 1990s, but cholesterol remained unchanged

  • It's Never Too Early to Teach Kids the Activity Habit
    Parents should instill love of movement beginning in infancy, experts say

  • Thanksgiving Feast Boasts Some Healthy Foods
    Turkey, cranberries, sweet potatoes, pumpkin and pecans all nutritious on their own

  • Staying Safe, Stress-Free For Thanksgiving
    Tips on eating right and easing anxieties

  • Holiday Helpings Can Weigh You Down
    Here's how to stay slimmer and trimmer this season

  • Obese Kids Prone to Enlarged Hearts as Adults
    Added weight puts strain on developing heart muscle, study finds

  • Obesity Raises Risk of Abnormal Heartbeat
    More weight means more likelihood of atrial fibrillation

  • Health Tip: Don't Gain Holiday Weight
    How to keep from adding pounds

  • Obesity Bad for Brain, Study Finds

  • Gorging Your Way Through the Holidays?
    Advice on how to avoid overeating

  • Obesity a Major Obstacle to Good Sex Life
    Extra weight depletes desire, performance, study finds

  • Family Dinners Lower Risk For Eating Disorders
    Girls, especially, benefit from regular family mealtimes

  • Study Shows Simple Steps to Painless Dieting
    Smaller portions, better ingredients, and 800 calories a day disappear

  • A New Target For a Fat-Fighting Drug
    Blocking enzyme might flush fats from body, researchers say

  • Older Americans Can Expect Longer, Healthier Lives
    Big gains in longevity for those over 65, report finds

  • Premature Birth Linked to Insulin Resistance
    Study suggests metabolic processes may be programmed during pregnancy

  • Gastric Bypass Surgery Eases GERD in the Obese
    Also helps patients lose weight, improves other health problems

  • Sifting Through Low-Carb Craze
    Experts caution that lack of standards makes it hard to measure carbohydrates

  • Heart Meets Soul in Fat City
    How do heart experts fare with New Orleans fare?

  • Health Tip: A Slow Burn
    Calories don't melt away in a flash

  • o Be More Active
    Intervention got them playing soccer, swimming instead of watching TV

  • Supplement May Melt Belly Fat in Seniors
    Early study finds DHEA spurs weight loss, improves insulin activity

  • Obesity Drug Shows Great Promise
    Trial participants had sustained weight loss of almost 20 pounds over two years

  • Weight Gain a Heart Risk for Diabetics
    Adding pounds increases odds of trouble, researchers say

  • Minnesota Tops State-by-State Health Ranking
    Improvements in Americans' health have slowed since 2000

  • Obesity Carries Extra Health-Care Costs
    Overweight men have bigger drug bills, study finds

  • Low-Carb Diets May Hurt Heart Health
    Fiber, nutrients in fruits, vegetables, grains keep cardiovascular system strong

  • Obese Women More Likely to Get Colorectal Cancer
    Face greater risk than obese men, study finds

  • Breast-feeding Moms Less Likely to Restrict Food Later
    Study may explain why breast-feeding appears to reduce childhood obesity

  • Excess Weight Hurts Even Seemingly Healthy Heart
    It limits the muscle's ability to expand and contract, study finds

  • Health Tip: Diet and Portion Control
    It's key to losing and maintaining weight

  • Obesity Linked to Higher Stroke Risk
    Extra pounds in middle age double incidence, study says

  • Shedding Pounds Lengthens Life
    Mouse study found those that lacked weight-control gene were twice as heavy

  • Obese People Generate Bigger Health-Care Bills
    They use more prescriptions and are hospitalized more often, study finds

  • Ease Your Edema
    Tips to soothe feet, ankles that swell by end of the day

  • ven Up Meat?
    Meatless diet isn't automatically healthier

  • Location of Fat Affects Heart Risk
    Study says it may be more important than level of obesity

  • Study Suggests How Obesity Causes Diabetes
    Stress on cells seems to contribute to insulin resistance, researchers say

  • Schools Must Help in Fight Against Obesity
    Physical activity and good nutrition should be stressed, heart experts say

  • Obesity Surgery Sharply Improves Related Problems
    Substantial gains seen in hypertension, diabetes, cholesterol

  • Shipshape Isn't What It Used to Be
    Wall-to-wall food keeps passengers cruising for more

  • Insulin Resistance May Be Early Sign of Cardiovascular Disease
    Teens with it could face high blood pressure as adults

  • Obesity Raises Death Risk From Breast Cancer
    Study finds connection in patients with early-stage disease

  • Study: Food Restrictions on Kids Backfire
    Those prone to obesity likelier to gain weight

  • Genetic Mutations Bump Up BMI
    Changes in gene that regulates body weight can play part in obesity

  • Major Assault Sought on Childhood Obesity
    Reversing problem will require multi-tiered attack, report urges

  • Overweight Kids Have Lower Self-Esteem
    Study suggests one rises as the other falls

  • Soft Drinks Supply Americans With More Calories Than Milk
    Researchers say alarming trend cuts across all age groups

  • Young People Practicing Unhealthy Habits
    They show greatest increase in smoking, obesity and poor eating, study says

  • Snoring Risks Among Children Differ by Gender
    Obesity only common link for both boys and girls, study says

  • Young Black Girls Face High Risk of Obesity
    Too much TV and lack of activity increase chances of weight problems, study says

  • Vitamin Supplements May Slow Middle-Age Weight Gain
    Four common ones tied to healthier weights over 10-year period

  • Diabetes Dangerous in Women With Heart Disease
    Combination triples risk of heart failure, study finds

  • Phys Ed Could Help Young Girls Get in Shape
    An added hour of gym weekly could cut number of overweight kids, study finds

  • Studies Add to 'Fat-but-Fit' Debate for Women
    Diabetes risk for obesity, heart problems for inactivity

  • Workers of America, Lose Weight!
    Employers can help fight the nation's obesity epidemic, experts say

  • U.S. Dietary Panel May Green-Light Desserts, Treats
    But critics say encouraging sugars, fats could backfire

  • Want Your Kids to Cut Down on Colas?
    Setting a good example should be your first move, experts say

  • Chromium in Diet, Fitness Products May Pose Danger
    Study finds body could convert harmless form of chromium into carcinogenic variety

  • Suburbia's Just Another Name for Fat City
    Sprawling communities are home to heavier people

  • Sugary Drinks Tied to Obesity, Type 2 Diabetes
    Study finds risks rise along with soda, fruit punch consumption

  • Metabolic Syndrome Hikes Heart Risk
    Traits like belly fat, high blood pressure are part of the syndrome

  • Lost Sleep Leads to Health Problems
    Advice on how to get a good night's slumber and avoid future heart trouble

  • Caution on Pregnancy on Heels of Obesity Surgery
    Doctors find it can have deadly complications for mom, baby

  • Simple Switches Can Slice Fat From Your Diet
    Easy recipe substitutions can reduce calories, experts say

  • A New Drug That Fights 2 Bad Habits
    Still in clinical trials, rimonabant curbs smoking and weight gain

  • Vegetarian Diet Not Daunting to Adopt
    Change helped postmenopausal women lose weight, study finds

  • Docs Need to Focus on Kids' Obesity, Hypertension
    Researchers urge pediatricians to recognize, treat growing problem

  • Blacks Hard Hit by Kidney Disease
    New campaign urges awareness, testing

  • New Insight Into Leptin's Fat-Burning Powers
    Findings may offer target to fight obesity

  • Medicare Coverage of Obesity Treatments Won't Be Immediate
    Evaluation of medical evidence must take place first, officials say

  • Studies: Overeating Akin to Drug Abuse
    Good food acts in the brain 'like a drug,' expert says

  • Obesity Surgery Doesn't Just Shrink Stomach
    Also lowers levels of hunger hormone, study says

  • Weight-Loss Regimen for Diabetics Questioned
    Small number of pounds shed may not be worth it in long run

  • Burn Calories, Lose Weight
    Knocking off 700 to 2,000 a week provides health benefit, experts say

  • Family Influences Weight
    Obese parents increase risk that children will be overweight