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  • Signs Your Child Might Have Hearing Loss

  • Think Twice About Tonsil, Adenoid Removal

  • If Kids Exposed to Pot, Tobacco Smoke, ER Visits Rise

  • 'Microbiomes' May Hold Key to Kids' Ear Infections
    Germ communities in the middle ear differ greatly between affected and unaffected people, study shows

  • Decline in Kids' Ear Infections Linked to Pneumococcal Vaccine
    The shots are effective in killing the main bacterial cause, but other germs are growing, researchers find

  • Hearing Loss Rates Holding Steady for U.S. Teens: Study
    Vaccine that prevents ear infections may have counterbalanced surge in headphone use, expert says

  • Shield Yourself From 'Swimmer's Ear'
    Water left behind after a swim can give you a serious earache -- but not if you know what to do

  • Hear This! Keep Cotton Swabs Out of Kids' Ears
    An estimated 12,500 U.S. children are injured every year after cleaning mishaps, researchers say

  • Ick! Synthetic Mucus Could Battle Dangerous Bugs
    Researchers are working on lab-grown versions to control disease-causing bacteria

  • Common Post-Op Ear Drops Tied to Eardrum Perforations in Kids
    Rate of the injury rises with quinolones, but researchers say alternatives have their own hazards

  • Earwax There to Protect Your Hearing, Doctors Say
    If it builds up, seek medical attention, otherwise leave it alone, guidelines advise

  • Short Course of Antibiotics Not Best for Kids' Ear Infections
    10 days of the medication was twice as effective, study finds

  • Study Suggests Genetic Link to Middle Ear Infections
    They're the No. 1 reason kids get antibiotics, and finding could point to better treatments, researchers say

  • Gel Antibiotic: An Easier Ear Infection Treatment Someday?
    One-time application was highly effective in animal trials, but more study needed, researchers say

  • How to Prevent Painful Swimmer's Ear
    Simple steps after a day in the water help prevent infection, expert says

  • Breast Milk Best From the Breast?
    Babies were more likely to get ear infections if they were fed pumped milk, study found

  • Infant Ear Infections Becoming Less Common
    Just under half of U.S. babies have them in first year now, compared to 60 percent in '80s and '90s

  • Unapproved Ear Drops Targeted by FDA
    These prescription meds have been available for years, but safety, quality are concerns

  • Ear Infections Common, But Often Missed, in Infants
    Doctor says irritability, fever and pulling at ears are possible signs

  • Health Tip: Reduce Your Child's Risk of Ear Infection
    Wash hands often

  • Prescription Eardrops Seem Best for Kids With Recurrent Ear Infection: Study
    Finds drops may be preferred remedy when special 'ear tubes' are needed

  • Decline of Antibiotic Use Among Kids Seems To Be Leveling Off: Study
    Ear infections most common reason for prescriptions in children under 6; trends vary by region

  • Health Tip: Reducing Your Child's Risk of Ear Infections
    Don't let child lie flat while eating or drinking

  • Kids' Ear Infections Cost U.S. Health System Nearly $3B Annually: Report
    In 2009, the condition added $314 per child for outpatient visits, $17 for meds

  • New Push by Doctors to Limit Antibiotic Use in Kids
    Many upper respiratory infections, such as mild strep throat, don't require the drugs, report says

  • Pediatrics Group Issues New Ear Infection Guidelines
    Less antibiotic use, added focus on pain control among key points

  • Many Smokers Light Up With Kids in Car: Study
    Smoke-free campaigns should target parent drivers, researchers say

  • Health Tip: Treating Swimmer's Ear
    See a doctor

  • Health Tip: Possible Signs of an Ear Infection
    They include pulling at the ear

  • Babies With Pets Not Dogged by Colds: Study
    Early exposure, especially to dogs, reduced respiratory infections in infants

  • Health Tip: Help Prevent Chronic Ear Infections
    Children should avoid secondhand smoke

  • Infections Might Raise Stroke Risk in Children: Study
    However, parents should note that incidence is rare, researchers say

  • Hearing Devices More Apt to Fail in Children Who Had Meningitis
    Once cochlear implants were replaced, hearing improvement returned, study finds

  • Health Tip: Treating an Earache
    Suggestions to soothe your child's pain

  • Health Tip: What's Causing My Earache?
    Some common triggers

  • Swimmer's Ear Costs Up to $500 Million a Year in U.S.
    Take steps to prevent this common water-related infection, CDC advises

  • Could a Type of Ear Infection Help Make Kids Obese?
    Chronic infection with fluid might alter taste, causing children to eat more, study suggests

  • 1 in 5 Kids With Cold Develops Middle Ear Infection: Study
    But most mild cases can be treated without antibiotics, researchers say

  • Antibiotics Can Ease Kids' Ear Infections, Studies Show
    Symptoms clear up sooner, more often with treatment, researchers find

  • Teens in Smoking Homes May Get More Ear Infections
    Doctors should educate parents on the dangers of secondhand smoke, researchers say

  • Littlest Kids in Big Day-Care Centers May Have Better Health Later On
    Once in elementary school, ear and respiratory infections are fewer, study finds

  • Health Tip: Does Your Child Have Mastoiditis?
    Common signs of the infection

  • Health Tip: Treating an Ear Infection
    Suggestions for what to do

  • Antibiotics a Mixed Bag for Kids' Ear Infections: Analysis
    The number of kids who benefit is similar to the number experiencing side effects, researchers find

  • Race, Income Affect Care for Ear Infections: Study
    White kids more likely to get medicine, see specialist, researchers find

  • Repeated Ear Infections Seem to Plague White Kids, Poor Kids
    Possible reasons include culture, access to health care, researcher suggests

  • Ear Tubes Appear to Be Safe Before Cochlear Implantation
    No adverse effects noted in pediatric study

  • Health Tip: Why People Get Ear Infections
    Some possible causes

  • Nasal Saline Rinses Reduce Ear Infections in Kids
    Small study reports fewer acute infections after daily nasal washes

  • Stitching Wounds May Be Safer Than Stapling
    Infection rate is higher with metal staples, review finds

  • Successor to Combination Pneumococcal Vaccine Approved
    Prevnar 13 offers broader protection against a host of bacterial diseases

  • Health Tip: Understanding Ear Tube Surgery
    Why and how it's done

  • Health Tip: Children Who Are at Risk for Ear Infection
    Kids most likely to get one

  • Ear Infections: New Thinking on What to Do
    Doctors today often opt for pain relief and waiting to see if antibiotics are needed

  • Transplant Patients Should Be Monitored for Ear Infection
    Transplantation failure can result from symptomless otitis media, research finds

  • Infant Head-Flattening Linked to Ear Infections
    Recommended back-sleeping could have downside, study suggests

  • Antibiotics Being Prescribed Less for Respiratory Infections
    Decline seen as sign of progress against drug-resistant bacteria

  • Health Tip: Getting Swimmer's Ear
    What it is, and how to get rid of it

  • Health Tip: Easing Earache Pain
    Suggestions to help your child

  • Vaccine May Someday Thwart Ear Infections
    Tested on animals, liquid would be administered externally

  • Antibiotics May Boost Risk for Recurrent Ear Infection
    Researchers urge more temperate prescribing of amoxicillin in kids

  • Pediatric Ear Infection Vaccine Shows Promise
    Animal study shows droplets rubbed into skin prevented infections

  • Health Tip: Does Your Child Have an Ear Infection?
    Here's a list of telltale signs

  • Almost Half of Kids Still Exposed to Secondhand Smoke
    Survey says that despite progress, more is needed to clean up air in homes, cars

  • Health Tip: Is Your Child More Prone to Ear Infections?
    Here are some risk factors

  • Mutant Mouse Gene Offers Clues to Hearing Loss
    Variant prevented ear hair cells from pumping out excess calcium, study finds

  • Leave That Ear Wax Alone
    New guidelines say most people don't need to remove it

  • Early Childhood Factors Raise Risk for Snoring
    Ear infections, dogs in the home, and large families all contribute, study finds

  • Kids' Obesity Linked to Ear Infections
    Altered sense of taste may result in preference for unhealthy foods, studies suggest

  • Hearing Loss May Be More Widespread Than Thought
    White, Mexican-American men at highest risk, survey shows

  • All Newborns Should Have Ears Screened, Task Force Says
    Up to 3 of every 1,000 U.S. babies born with hearing loss, experts note

  • New Ear Tube Device Helps Treat Infections Faster
    Stainless steel rod reduces time of anesthesia, number of instruments inserted into canal

  • Cheaper Earrings More Likely to Contain Nickel
    But report could not establish safe-limit price as guide for avoiding exposure

  • Health Tip: Caring for a Ruptured Eardrum
    Suggestions to help it heal

  • Antibiotics Do Little for Inner Ear Infections
    No reason to give them to kids to try to prevent fluid buildup, analysis shows

  • Health Tip: Ear Infection May Not Need Antibiotic
    But your child must be examined by a doctor

  • Ear Infections Linked to Drug-Resistant 'Superbug'
    Germ not covered by current pediatric vaccine, making it tough to treat, doctors say

  • Health Tip: Preventing Swimmer's Ear
    An infection that commonly occurs after pool use

  • Health Tip: Symptoms of Ear Infection in Children
    Painful swallowing is a common sign

  • Health Tip: Treating Ear Infections in Children
    Antibiotics may not always be necessary

  • Can Too Much Weight Cause Ear Infections in Kids?
    A South Korean study suggests a link, but some U.S. doctors are skeptical

  • Pneumococcal Vaccine Helps Prevent Kids' Ear Infections
    Study finds rates of repeated ear infections

  • Health Tip: Ruptured Eardrum
    It could lead to hearing loss

  • Health Tip: Is Your Child at Risk for Ear Infections?
    Some kids are more prone than others

  • Younger Children May Benefit From Bone-Anchored Hearing Aids
    Researchers saw little difference in outcomes between 3- and 7-year-olds

  • Antibiotics Only Help With Some Ear Infections
    Those under 2 with otitis media in both ears most likely to benefit, study finds

  • Researchers Look for Vaccine to Treat Ear Infections
    Otitis media is No. 1 cause of childhood hearing loss

  • Wait-and-See Approach Works for Children's Ear Infections
    Even those seen at the ER don't necessarily need antibiotics, study finds

  • Don't Let Ear Pain Spoil Summer Fun
    Guidelines offer tips to avoid swimmer's ear

  • Slime-Like Substance Blamed for Chronic Ear Infections
    Bacterial biofilm resistant to antibiotics, study finds

  • Vaccine Reduces Ear Infections, Czech Researchers Say
    But more proof is needed that the inoculation works, a U.S. expert adds

  • Health Tip: Treating Ear Infections
    Warning signs and temporary remedies

  • Health Tip: Get in the Swim
    But watch out for water in your ears

  • When It Comes to Kids' Ear Infections, Hold the Antibiotics
    Reach for a pain reliever, at least initially, experts now say

  • Ear Infection? Antibiotics May Not Be the Best Choice
    Under new guidelines, controlling pain may be preferred course for some children