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  • Bug Behind Stomach Cancer Also Linked to Colon Cancer

  • Obesity Doubles Odds for Colon Cancer in Younger Women

  • Therapeutic Vaccine Shows Promise Against a Range of Cancers

  • Going Vegetarian to Cut Colon Cancer Risk

  • Lack of Exercise Can Boost Cancer Risk

  • To Boost Colon Cancer Screening, Use the Mail

  • Could Diet Soda Help Curb Colon Cancer's Return?

  • Hidden Blood in Feces May Signal Deadly Conditions

  • Health Tip: If You're 45 or Older, Get Screened for Colorectal Cancer

  • Vitamin D May Guard Against Colon Cancer

  • New Guidelines Lower Colon Cancer Screening Age to 45

  • Heavier Women May Face Higher Cancer Risks, Study Finds

  • Blue's Clues: Adding Dye to Colonoscopy May Boost Detection

  • Colon Polyp Type May Be Key to Cancer Risk

  • Health Tip: Prepare for a Colonoscopy

  • Common Colon Cancer Screen May Help Men More Than Women

  • How a False Alarm Affects Future Cancer Screenings

  • Could a Tattoo Someday Spot Your Cancer?

  • Want to Help Beat Colon Cancer? Live Healthy

  • Health Tip: Help Prevent Colorectal Cancer

  • Red Meat Tied to Higher Colon Cancer Risk for Women

  • Study Confirms Lifesaving Value of Colonoscopy

  • Early Colon Cancer Screening Advised for Some

  • Calcium Supplements Tied to Higher Odds of Colon Polyps

  • Could Your Colonoscopy Raise Your Risk for Appendicitis?

  • Cancer 'Vaccine' Rids Body of Multiple Cancer Types -- in Mice

  • Lutathera Approved for Some Gastro and Pancreatic Cancers

  • Could a Blood Test Spot Early Stage Colon Cancer?

  • The Pill Lowers Ovarian Cancer Risk, Even for Smokers

  • These Foods May Up Your Odds for Colon Cancer

  • U.S. Cancer Deaths Steadily Dropping: Report

  • New Cancer Drug Shows Promise Against Wide Range of Tumors

  • Don't Fret Delays in Treating Colon Cancer, Study Suggests

  • Study Untangles Disparity in Colon Cancer Survival Rates

  • Could a Common Blood Thinner Lower Cancer Risk?

  • Fiber-Rich Diet Boosts Survival From Colon Cancer

  • Should Colon Cancer Screening Start at 45, not 50?

  • Need Cancer Screening? Where You Work Matters
    Americans employed in smaller businesses often lack insurance coverage, study finds

  • Inflammatory Bowel Disease May Raise Cancer Risk in Kids
    Researchers think chronic inflammation in gastrointestinal tract may be driving force

  • FDA OKs First 'Biosimilar' Drug to Fight Cancer
    New biologic could help drive down the cost of care, agency says

  • Widening Waistlines May Raise Women's Cancer Risk
    Belly fat after menopause may boost risk of lung, gastrointestinal cancers, researchers report

  • Obamacare Paid Off for Poorer Cancer Patients
    Health coverage surged in states that expanded Medicaid, research finds

  • Here's the Recipe to Keep Colon Cancer at Bay
    Increase whole grains and exercise, limit booze and processed meats: report

  • 'Cancer Pen' Could Help Surgeons Spot Tumor Cells in Seconds
    Tool might one day allow more complete removal of malignant tissue, less time on operating table

  • High-Cal Foods May Raise Cancer Risk in Women, Even Without Weight Gain
    Plant-based diet could help avoid malignancies, study suggests

  • Can a Blood Test Detect a Range of Cancers Earlier?
    Researchers move 'a step forward,' assessing DNA fragments for colon, breast, ovarian and lung tumors

  • Deaths From Colon Cancer Up Among Younger White Americans
    Uptick has researchers puzzled and questioning screening guidelines

  • Obesity in Teen Years Tied to Colon Cancer Risk in Adulthood
    Concerns are growing about weight's impact on development of chronic disease, researchers say

  • Easier Colon Exam Boosts Screening, But Insurers May Not Pay
    People with coverage for virtual colonoscopy are more likely to get tested for colon cancer, study finds

  • For Holocaust Survivors, Raised Risk of Cancer
    Study followed more than 150,000 people for 45 years

  • Cancer Deaths Higher in Rural America, CDC Reports
    Agency head calls persistent geographic gap a 'significant public health problem'

  • Experimental Gene-Targeted Drug Hits Cancer Where It Lives
    But the gene flaw is rare, affecting less than 1 percent of typical cancers, researchers say

  • Thick Middle May Raise Risk of Some Cancers
    Where fat is carried is as strong a predictor as BMI, research suggests

  • Blacks More Prone to Colon Cancers That Arise Between Colonoscopies: Study
    Differences in biology or in the quality of screenings blacks receive may be to blame, researchers say

  • Overweight Boys Face Higher Colon Cancer Risk as Adults
    But study also found that losing weight as young adults lowered those odds

  • Too Many Americans Still Go Without Cancer Screenings
    Report shows uninsured had lowest rates of mammograms, Pap tests and colonoscopies

  • More Cancers Caught Early Since Obamacare
    Access to screening likely behind the boost, cancer experts say

  • Chemo Drug May Buy Time for Those With Bile Duct Cancer
    For patients with the rare disease, survival benefit was seen in those given Xeloda, researchers say

  • Nuts! Good Medicine for Colon Cancer Survivors?
    Survival benefits seen when combined with healthy diet and exercise, researchers say

  • Get Ready for Your 'Capsule Robot' Colon Cancer Check
    Tiny, magnet-guided device might someday replace colonoscopy, researchers say

  • Delay a Needed Colonoscopy at Your Own Risk
    After a stool test shows potential trouble, speedy follow-up could be key, study finds

  • Many Disabled Adults Aren't Screened for Colon Cancer: Study
    Transportation issues, lack of awareness and other barriers may be at issue

  • 'Cancer Profile' Is Changing for Americans With HIV
    AIDS-linked tumors predicted to decline by 2030

  • Prolonged Antibiotic Use Tied to Precancerous Colon Growths
    Drugs that alter gut bacteria might set stage for polyp development, researcher says

  • Can Daily Low-Dose Aspirin Lower Cancer Death Risk?
    Large U.S. study points to the drug's potential tumor-fighting abilities

  • Survival Continues to Improve for Most Cancers
    Still, more progress is needed and racial disparities remain, U.S. report finds

  • High Doses of Vitamin D Fail to Cut Cancer Risk, Study Finds
    Taking triple the daily recommendation didn't lower risk in older women, but larger trials are underway

  • Keep Colon Cancer at Bay
    Colonoscopy best way to detect disease while still curable, gastroenterologist says

  • Another Study Ties Obesity to Certain Cancers
    Digestive organs may be hardest hit by too much weight, study suggests

  • Colon Cancer Rates, Deaths Drop in Americans Over 50
    Report suggests higher screening rates explain the positive trend

  • Colon Cancer on the Rise Among Gen Xers, Millennials
    And an old adversary -- the obesity epidemic -- may be the cause, U.S. researchers say

  • Heart Risks May Boost Women's Colon Cancer Risk, Too
    This was true even in normal-weight women, study suggests

  • Gut Bacteria May Link Diet, Colon Cancer, Study Says
    High-fiber foods associated with lower risk of certain tumors

  • Is Chemo Overused in Younger Colon Cancer Patients?
    Study found the treatment often wasn't beneficial, but cancer expert says more research is needed

  • U.S. Cancer Deaths Decline Over Three Decades
    But clusters of high death rates remain in some pockets of the country, study finds

  • Even a Little Daily Activity May Boost Colon Cancer Survival: Study
    Walking or gardening 30 minutes daily was linked to better prospects for advanced-stage disease

  • Obamacare Boosts Breast Cancer Screening, Study Finds
    Waiving costs appears to improve mammography rates, but not colonoscopy, even among the poor

  • U.S. Cancer Death Rates Continue to Fall: Report
    Researchers credit declines in smoking, better detection and treatment

  • Vitamin E, Selenium Don't Cut Colon Cancer Risk: Study
    The two antioxidants didn't help prevent polyps, researchers say

  • Many Early Colon Cancers Linked to Inherited Genes
    One in 6 diagnosed under 50 has at least one gene mutation that ups risk, study says

  • Some Low-Income, Uninsured Patients Aren't Referred for Colonoscopy
    Follow-up is not consistent, even if they're part of 'safety net' health program

  • Additive in Processed Foods Tied to Colon Cancer in Mice
    Emulsifiers may change intestinal bacteria and promote inflammation, researchers say

  • Colon Cancer's Location May Determine Patient Survival
    Study found 'right-sided' tumors had worse prognoses, with implications for screening and treatment

  • Even for Men at High Risk, Healthy Living May Help Prevent Colon Cancer
    Many lives could be saved if people avoided alcohol and smoking, ate better and stayed active, researchers report

  • Little Gains in Efforts to Boost Outpatient Care
    Large analysis finds declines or stagnation in many basic health measures

  • To Help Prevent Colon Cancer, 'Listen to Your Gut'
    Belly pain and black or bloody stools should not be ignored, doctor says

  • Study: Colonoscopy After 75 May Not Be Worth It
    But, expert says age shouldn't be only criterion for screening for colon cancer

  • Vitamin A Compound Might Aid in Colon Cancer Fight
    Researchers studying connection between retinoic acid and inflammation in gut

  • Cancer Survivors More Prone to Obesity, Study Finds
    Risk appears to be particularly high for people who had breast or colon cancer

  • Regular Exercise: Antidote for Deadly Diseases?
    High levels of physical activity linked to lower risk for two cancers, diabetes, heart disease and stroke

  • Omega-3s in Fish Tied to Better Colon Cancer Outcomes
    Study couldn't prove cause-and-effect, however, so experts believe more data is needed

  • Could Statins Help Fight Cancer?
    Study found an association -- but no proof -- of prolonged survival

  • Researchers Get Closer to Test Predicting Colon Cancer's Return
    DNA-based screen would aid treatment decisions for people with early-stage disease

  • Regular Doctor Visits Can Help Spot Colon Cancer
    Early detection improves likelihood of survival, researchers note

  • Five New Genes Linked to Colon Cancer
    But researchers say it's likely that all the major genetic mutations have been discovered

  • Healthy Living Slashes Cancer Risk
    The 'good' life cuts tumor odds up to 45 percent and risk of cancer death up to 61 percent, study finds

  • Expert Panel Reaffirms Need for Colon Cancer Screen Beginning at Age 50
    U.S. advisory group says there's not enough evidence to endorse one screening method over another

  • Liquid Biopsy May Help Doctors Track Changes in Tumors
    Large study found it predicted when cancer DNA was mutating, could help tailor treatments to avoid drug resistance

  • Useless Treatments Common in Young, Terminal Cancer Patients
    3 in 4 get aggressive therapies with painful side effects in last months of their lives, study finds

  • Low-Dose Aspirin Tied to Longer Colon Cancer Survival
    Study found most benefit seen in those taking the drug before their cancer diagnosis

  • Make That Memorial Day BBQ Tasty -- and Safe
    Cooking meat at high temperatures can release harmful chemicals, but a few precautions help, nutritionist says

  • Common Abnormal Heart Rhythm Linked to Cancer Risk
    But study only found an association and doesn't prove that atrial fibrillation causes cancer

  • Colon Cancer Rising in People Under 50
    Incidence up more than 10 percent in 10 years among Americans, study finds

  • Time to Drop the 'No-Eating Rule' Before Colonoscopy?
    Consuming limited amount of low-fiber food day before didn't disrupt procedure, study finds

  • A Little Excess Weight May Boost Colon Cancer Survival
    Researchers saw an effect, but experts stress that heavier people also have higher odds of getting cancer

  • Tumor Location Affects Colon Cancer Survival: Study
    It found that patients with tumors on the left side lived longer than those with malignancies on the right

  • Is Ovary Removal Tied to Colon Cancer Risk?
    Loss of female hormones may explain potential association, researchers say

  • Statins Might Not Lower Colon Cancer Risk: Study
    But cholesterol levels may be associated with reduced chance of disease

  • Low-Dose Aspirin Tied to Better Cancer Survival in Study
    Improved odds seen for patients with colon, prostate or breast tumors, but research isn't definitive

  • Small Study Supports New Stool-Based Colon Cancer Test
    Cologuard may help spot tumors, but researcher, experts agree that colonoscopy is preferred option

  • Widely Used Type 2 Diabetes Drug May Reduce Cancer Death Risk
    Older women taking metformin saw a boost in survival, study suggests

  • Expert Panel Reaffirms Daily Aspirin's Use Against Heart Disease, Colon Cancer
    Guideline applies to people in their 50s, many in their 60s, who are already at higher risk for heart disease

  • Happy Marriage May Prompt Men to Get Colonoscopy: Study
    Women encourage healthful behaviors in their husbands, but look to others for advice about their own preventive care

  • A New Health Perk for Coffee Drinkers?
    The brew, in any form, might cut colon cancer risk; the more you drink, the lower the risk, study suggests

  • Gene May Explain Higher Rates of Some Cancers in Black People
    Tests were done on mice, but need to be confirmed in humans, researchers say

  • Elderly With Advanced Colon Cancer Often Get Costly, Dubious Treatments: Study
    Drugs come with many side effects, may add only one month to survival, researchers add

  • Six Ways to Reduce Your Risk of Colon Cancer
    Diet, weight and physical activity play a significant role, expert says

  • Radiation Therapy for Prostate Cancer May Carry Certain Risks
    Chances of secondary cancers increased, but study authors stressed the overall risk was low

  • Daily Low-Dose Aspirin Linked to Reduced Risk of Certain Cancers
    The effect was seen most strongly with colon, gastrointestinal tumors, researchers report

  • For Cancer Patients, Pain May Rise as Finances Dwindle
    Suffering can escalate for those with two months of reserves or less, study finds

  • Canadian Medical Panel Advises Against Routine Colonoscopy
    Experts in the United States believe the move is misguided, however

  • Racial Gap in U.S. Cancer Deaths Is Narrowing: Report
    But black women still more susceptible to breast cancer, black men to colon cancer

  • Health Tip: Restrict Your Diet Before Colonoscopy
    Limit fiber several days in advance of the exam

  • Time to Follow-Up After a Positive Colon Cancer Test Varies by Hospital
    Patients at one health care system waited almost 6 months for colonoscopy after stool sample results

  • More People Under 50 Getting Colon Cancer, Analysis Finds
    Though guidelines suggest screening starts at 50, researcher says it's premature to change them

  • Study Finds Stool Test Effective for Detecting Colon Cancer
    Colonoscopy still preferred screening, but this offers less invasive option, researchers say

  • Identifying Colon Cancer Patients Who May Need More Than Surgery
    Small group with stage 2 tumors might benefit from new screening test, study says

  • Families Say Hospice Better Than Hospital for Dying Cancer Patients
    Doctors need to heed preferences of patients, prepare for end of life sooner, experts say

  • Minorities More Likely To Be Diagnosed With Colon Cancer at Younger Age
    Researchers say screening guidelines in U.S. should be reviewed

  • Cancer No. 1 Killer of Asian-Americans, Hawaiians, Pacific Islanders: Study
    Though incidence lower than among white Americans, researchers say

  • For Cancer Survivors, Expenses Keep Mounting
    Even after treatment, medical costs are still thousands more annually, study finds

  • Cancer Death Rates Down 23 Percent Since 1991: Study
    That translates to an additional 1.7 million survivors, expert says

  • Colon Cancer Among Hispanics Varies by Birthplace
    Study found people from Cuba, Puerto Rico have highest death rates from the disease

  • Paid Sick Leave Can Be Crucial When Cancer Strikes
    Patients nearly twice as likely to keep their jobs if they had the benefit, study found

  • One-Third of Incurable Cancer Patients Keep Working, Study Finds
    Tumor location, type of treatment unlikely to influence decision

  • Cancer Rates Dropping in Rich Countries, Rising in Poorer Ones: Study
    Low- and middle-income countries adopting Western lifestyle, which increases risk of disease, experts say

  • Vistogard Approved for Chemotherapy Overdose
    For drugs often prescribed to treat breast, colon cancers

  • Colon Cancer Screening Rates on the Rise in NYC
    Unique coalition may be one reason why, and might serve as model for other cities, experts say

  • Processed Meat Can Cause Cancer: WHO
    Meanwhile, red meat only shows some association with an increased risk for colon cancer, expert panel says

  • Vitamin D, Calcium May Not Prevent Colon Cancer After All
    Large study finds supplements no better than placebo at warding off recurring polyps

  • Colonoscopy Findings Fade Quickly From Memory
    Study found the more time between checks, the less likely patients remembered the results

  • More Evidence Daily Aspirin May Fight Colon Cancer, Other Gastro Tumors
    4-year study found survival doubled for gastrointestinal cancer patients who took low-dose pill each day

  • Lonsurf Approved for Advanced Colon Cancer
    Among people who aren't responding to other treatments

  • People in Their 50s Benefit Most From Low-Dose Aspirin, Report Says
    Heart-disease preventive may simultaneously reduce colon cancer risk, task force suggests

  • Longer Colonoscopy Time May Cut Cancer Risk
    Viewing time of less than 6 minutes linked to higher cancer rates, study finds

  • Low-Dose Aspirin, Other Painkillers May Lower Colon Cancer Risk
    But findings should be viewed with care, researcher says

  • One or Two Drinks a Day Might Boost Cancer Risk: Study
    Limit alcohol consumption, especially if you've ever smoked, experts say

  • Can Coffee Lower Risk of Colon Cancer's Return?
    Study found an association but didn't prove cause and effect

  • 'Scoring System' May Spot Those in Greatest Need of Colonoscopy
    But one expert cautions that even 'low risk' patients can still develop suspicious polyps

  • For Endoscopes Tied to Serious Infections, Current Cleaning Methods Not Enough
    Study found microbes still adhering to endoscopes, even after multi-step disinfection protocols were followed

  • 1 in 3 Colon Cancers in Young People Has Genetic Link
    Study authors recommend that people diagnosed before age 35 get tested

  • Young Adult Cancer Survivors More Likely to Be Hospitalized
    Study finds rate is twice as high for some cancers

  • Colon Cancer Deaths Falling, But 3 U.S. Regions Lag Behind
    Rates aren't improving as much in parts of the Mississippi Delta, Appalachia and eastern Virginia, study finds

  • Americans' Risk of Dying From Cancer Is Falling, CDC Finds
    But, due to aging population, actual number of cancer deaths is rising

  • The Doctor Who Does Your Colonoscopy Matters
    Those with higher polyp detection rates prevent more cancers, save more lives, study says

  • Smoking Blamed for Half of Deaths From Major Cancers in People Over 35
    Eighty percent of lung cancer deaths linked to smoking, researchers say

  • Rise in Colon Cancer Screening After Obamacare, Study Finds
    Increase in colonoscopy and other tests was typically seen among poorer, less educated Americans

  • Genetic Differences Seen in Younger Colon Cancer Patients
    New research suggests different treatment may be warranted

  • Gene Test May Predict Success of Cancer Drug in Certain Patients
    Finding might one day help doctors better choose patients to receive Keytruda, study says

  • Too Few Younger, High-Risk Americans Get a Colonoscopy: Study
    Those with a family history of disease should have screening at age 40, but only 38 percent do

  • Healthy Lifestyle May Boost Colon Cancer Survival
    Strongest factors included eating more fruits and veggies, maintaining normal weight before diagnosis

  • Many Americans Not Getting Routine Cancer Screenings: CDC
    These include tests for colon, breast and cervical malignancies

  • Switch From U.S. to African Diet May Lower Colon Cancer Risk in Blacks
    Study found more polyps, other markers of colon tumor risk in those eating 'Western' high-fat, low-fiber fare

  • Vaccine Spurs Immune Response to Fight Aggressive Cancers in Mice
    Researchers have begun early human trials, say findings could lead to blueprint for tailored treatments

  • Aspirin May Help Ward Off Gastro Cancers, Study Finds
    But experts caution against starting to take it every day in hopes of preventing disease

  • Excess Weight Early in Life Linked to Colon Cancer Risk in Women
    Study supports evidence that body size in childhood may influence cancer risk decades later

  • Study Supports Use of Laparoscopic Surgery for Rectal Cancer
    Less-invasive procedure had survival rates similar to open surgery, with less pain and shorter hospital stays

  • Report Shows Progress in America's War on Cancer
    Small, but steady declines in deaths seen over past decade

  • Midlife Fitness May Be a Real Cancer Fighter for Men
    Study shows lower risk of lung, colon tumors at 65 and older

  • Certain Painkillers May Lower Colon Cancer Risk for Some
    Genetics might be key to the anti-cancer benefits of drugs like aspirin or ibuprofen, study finds

  • More Screening Could Cut Annual Colon Cancer Deaths by 21,000: Study
    Coalition aims for 80 percent participation by 2018

  • Vegetarian Diet May Lower Colon Cancer Risk, Study Suggests
    Benefits greatest for fish eaters, researchers say

  • Colon Cancer's Location May Be Factor in Survival
    Poorer outcome seen in study when tumor began on the organ's right side

  • More Americans Surviving Cancer Today Than 20 Years Ago
    Study shows biggest improvements in people diagnosed between ages 50 and 64

  • Cancer Patients Prefer Care That Includes Their Input
    But whether shared decision making results in better outcomes isn't clear, study finds

  • Smoking Tied to Higher Death Risk After Colon Cancer
    After 7 years of follow-up, researchers found smokers' odds of dying twice as high

  • Colon Cancer Rates Rising Among Americans Under 50
    Still, only 10 percent of cases occur in younger group, study finds

  • Fewer Patients With Advanced Colon Cancer Getting Surgery, Report Finds
    Chemotherapy is best treatment, especially for those whose cancer has spread, researcher says

  • Gene Mutations Linked to Colon Cancer in Black Patients
    Finding might lead to better treatment of the disease, researchers say

  • Vitamin D May Boost Colon Cancer Survival, Study Finds
    But experts aren't suggesting patients strive for higher-than-normal levels

  • Study Finds Link Between Cancer Diagnosis, Stroke Risk
    Threat was highest first three months after diagnosis, researchers say

  • Falling Cancer Death Rate Means 1.5 Million Lives Saved Over 20 Years
    American Cancer Society report finds a 22 percent drop in deaths

  • Cancer Treatment Costs Weigh Heavily on Patients, Study Finds
    Researchers say half of people treated struggle to pay medical bills

  • Could Bacteria Play a Role in Colon Cancer?
    Bacterial 'bunches' were prevalent on colon polyps, cancers, study found

  • Too Much TV Time May Lower Survival Odds After Colon Cancer, Study Suggests
    Researchers also found exercising seven hours or more a week boosted chances of living longer

  • Study Casts Doubt on Low-Dose Aspirin for Women Under 65
    Benefits of cutting heart disease and cancer risk is clearer in older women, but use should be individualized, experts say

  • Obesity Tied to Half a Million Cancers Worldwide, Report Shows
    Largest number of obesity-related cancers diagnosed in North America and Europe, researchers report

  • Want to Raise Colon Cancer Screening Rates? Run a Lottery
    VA study found 20 percent boost in uptake if patients thought they might also win $50

  • Colon Cancer on the Rise for U.S. Adults Under 50
    Reasons behind trend unclear, and it's happening even as rates decline among older Americans

  • 'Prehabilitation' Before Colon Cancer Surgery May Aid Recovery
    Study finds pre-op exercise, diet and relaxation program helps after procedure

  • Knowing Genetic Risk for Cancer May Not Change Behavior
    Study found those who knew they had greater chance of getting colon cancer no more likely to be screened

  • Smoking-Related Illnesses in U.S. Total 14 Million, Report Finds
    Many Americans suffer from multiple conditions related to cigarettes

  • Healthy Habits Might Reduce Your Colon Cancer Risk
    Men in particular would benefit from 5 lifestyle practices, researchers say

  • Laxative Type Might Influence Colon Cancer Risk, Study Finds
    Fiber-based formulations seem to lower chances for the disease, non-fiber products seem to raise them

  • Obesity Tied to Higher Cancer Risk for Colon Cancer Survivors
    Finding is yet another reason to maintain a healthy weight, experts say

  • Obese in Adolescence, Colon Cancer in Later Life?
    Study doesn't prove cause-and-effect, but suggests the need for healthy habits in childhood

  • Family Squabbles Can Derail Recovery From Cancer Surgery
    Study finds infection, other complications more likely for patients with difficult lives

  • Can Prediabetes Raise Risk of Certain Cancers?
    Study found link to breast, colon, liver and other tumors

  • Polyp Removal Doesn't Always Signal Raised Colon Cancer Risk, Study Says
    Findings suggest doctors may repeat colonoscopies unnecessarily

  • Study: Many Seniors Get Unnecessary Cancer Tests
    Screening shouldn't be done when patients have less than a 10-year life expectancy, researchers say

  • FDA Approves Highly Accurate At-Home Colon Cancer Test
    DNA analysis of stool boosts accuracy rate of Cologuard to more than 90 percent, researchers say

  • New Colorectal Cancer Screening Test Approved
    Disease is the second-leading cause of cancer death in United States

  • Sigmoidoscopy Does Cut Risk of Dying From Colon Cancer: Study
    But experts note most Americans get colonoscopies instead

  • Black Veterans Less Likely to Get Colon Cancer Screening, Study Finds
    Research in Southern California VA system points to lack of primary care doctor as one factor

  • Gut Bacteria May Reveal Colon Cancer, Study Finds
    Test could be used in addition to current methods to better improve detection

  • New Cancer Classification System Might Boost Patient Outcomes
    Categorizing tumors by cell type and not the organ they grow in may alter treatment, experts say

  • Daily Aspirin May Help Prevent Cancer, Study Shows
    Taking low-dose pill each day fights numerous malignancies, and benefits outweigh any risk

  • Statins May Aid Survival From Colon Cancer
    Taking cholesterol-lowering drugs was linked to a 29 percent reduction in risk of cancer death in study

  • HIV Patients Less Likely to Get Cancer Treatment: Study
    Challenges in managing side effects may prompt some doctors to treat tumors less aggressively, researchers suggest

  • Diets High in Dairy Might Boost Colon Cancer Survival, a Bit
    But, at least one expert strongly disagrees, and instead recommends that cancer patients avoid dairy

  • New Clues to Why Blacks Fare Worse With Colon Cancer
    They may be less likely to develop a form of the disease that's easier to treat, study says

  • Popular Crohn's, Colitis Drugs Not Linked to Short-Term Cancer Risk: Study
    After nearly 4 years of follow-up, people taking the drugs were no more likely to develop cancer

  • Study Ties Too Much Sitting to Risks for Certain Cancers
    Those with the most chair time had worse odds for colon, endometrial cancers, researchers suggest

  • Tumor-Targeting Agent Attaches to Cancer Cells: Study
    New molecule may lead to improvements in detection and treatment, researchers say

  • Half a Million Cancers Prevented by Colon Screenings: Study
    Finding estimates success of colorectal exams over 30 years

  • First-Time Colon Cancer Screening May Be Beneficial for Elderly
    Healthy seniors might gain an extra month or more of life by getting checked, study suggests

  • Fish, Exercise May Help Thwart Colon Cancer's Return: Study
    Healthy habits important even when you're sick, researcher says

  • New Colon Polyp Removal Method May Be Easier on Patients
    Shorter hospital stays, less blood loss, earlier return to normal eating seen in study

  • Aspirin's Ability to Prevent Colon Cancer May Depend on Your Genes
    Benefit was seen only with enzyme present, but study isn't definitive

  • Age a Big Factor in Colon Surgery Complications, Study Finds
    People over 80, especially, had greater need for post-op emergency care, researchers say

  • Obesity May Shorten Colon Cancer Survival
    Patients' risk of death rises with every 5-point increase in BMI, study suggests

  • Doctors' Skill at Colonoscopy May Affect Patients' Colon Cancer Risk: Study
    You can ask your physician for polyp detection rates, experts say

  • Certain Colon Cancer Patients Might Benefit From Aspirin, Study Says
    Experts divided over whether drug should be added to treatment

  • FDA Advisory Panel Recommends Approval of At-Home Colon Cancer Test
    DNA analysis of stool boosts accuracy rate of Cologuard to more than 90 percent, researchers say

  • Slight Drop in Rate of Advanced Cancers, CDC Says
    Number of cases where tumors have spread beyond origins declined, but experts say more can be done

  • Ways to Cut Your Colon Cancer Risk
    Experts advise regular screenings, high-fiber foods and exercise

  • Colonoscopy Is Good, Not Perfect
    6 percent of patients who received clean bill of health after procedure got colon cancer within 3 to 5 years, study found

  • New Stool Test Shows Promise as Colon Cancer Screen
    DNA analysis boosts accuracy rate to more than 90 percent, researchers say

  • Colon Cancer Cases Decline for Older Americans
    American Cancer Society report finds 30 percent drop between 2000-2010, tied to better screening

  • 'Fat Hormone' Tied to Higher Colon Cancer Risk in Obese Men
    More precancerous polyps seen in small study as body fat increased

  • Three Groups Miss Out on Colon Cancer Survival Gains, Study Says
    Blacks, Hispanics and elderly have benefitted less from treatment advances

  • At-Home Stool Test for Colon Cancer Called Accurate, But Not Foolproof
    Review of 19 studies found the exam spotted the disease about 79 percent of the time

  • Progress Against Cancer May Be Greater Than Thought
    Gains in saving patients' lives are obscured by increase in lifespans, study says

  • Post-Surgical Tests Might Help Spot Colon Cancer's Return
    Study patients who had CEA blood test or CT scan were more likely to undergo follow-up surgery for disease

  • U.S. Cancer Deaths Decline Again: Report
    Better prevention, screening and treatment are keys to continued progress, experts say

  • 80 Percent of Cancer Docs Have Faced Drug Shortages: Survey
    Many report using substitute chemo meds or delaying treatment

  • U.S. Cancer Death Rates Continue to Decline: Report
    But researchers added that people with other health problems have lower odds of survival

  • Germs That Inhabit Gut May Affect Colon Cancer Risk
    Some digestive bacteria might help prevent disease, while other types could be harmful, study suggests

  • New Test May Help Predict Survival From Ovarian Cancer
    Method was used to count special type of immune cells in tumors from 30 women in study

  • Blacks Less Likely to See Cancer Specialists, Study Finds
    Research might explain better survival rates of whites with colorectal cancer

  • Poor Diet May Spur Inflammation-Related Health Problems
    Eating too much sugar and unhealthy fats linked to cancer and early death in study

  • 1 in 3 Not Meeting Colon Cancer Screening Guidelines: CDC
    Several testing options available for adults aged 50 and older

  • Too Much Sitting Tied to Higher Risk of Colon Polyps in Men
    'Active couch potatoes' who do get some exercise just as vulnerable, study suggests

  • Current Colon Cancer Screening Guidelines Might Miss Some Patients
    Family history of the disease may be important for even more distant relatives, a new study suggests

  • Gene May Explain Link Between Meat and Colon Cancer Risk
    Researchers say finding might help identify people at need for preventive treatment

  • Being Web-Savvy Tied to Better Health in Seniors: Study
    Nonusers were less likely to exercise, eat a healthy diet or get colon cancer screening

  • Laparoscopic Surgery for Colon Cancer May Benefit Seniors
    Patients who had the less-invasive procedure were less likely to need nursing home care, study finds

  • Colon Cancer Hits Younger Adults Especially Hard, Study Finds
    Risk of advanced disease, death greater than for middle-aged patients

  • Seeing Doctor Regularly May Cut Your Colon Cancer Risk
    Study found Medicare beneficiaries who did were less likely to develop, die from the disease

  • Smokers Have Higher Complication Risk After Colon Surgery, Study Finds
    Current smokers had highest rates of pneumonia, infection

  • Colon Cancer Screenings Work, Twin Studies Report
    Colonoscopy, sigmoidoscopy and even fecal blood testing all lower risk of cancer death

  • First Generic Version of Xeloda Approved
    To treat colorectal or breast cancers

  • Cancer Drug May Be Helpful for Diabetes, Mouse Study Hints
    Zaltrap is currently used to treat colon cancer, eye disease

  • ER Visits Common After Seniors' Surgery, Study Finds
    At some hospitals 1 in 4 patients returns for emergency care following colon operation

  • Colon Cancer Linked to Mouth Infection, Gum Disease?
    Study suggests pathway from oral bacteria to colon cells

  • Mailed Invites May Boost Colon Cancer Screening Rates: Study
    Offering a free colonoscopy or at-home test increased participation among uninsured

  • Experts Call for Redefinition of 'Cancer'
    Many growths are slow to progress and nonlethal, only leading to unnecessary treatment, panel says

  • Family History of Cancer May Raise Risk for Other Types of Tumors
    Large European study looked at people with close relatives who'd been affected

  • Second Cancer More Likely for Colon Cancer Survivors: Study
    Findings could influence screening guidelines, researchers say

  • Aspirin Every Other Day May Lower Women's Colon Cancer Risk
    Benefit must be weighed against GI bleeding, other risks, however, experts say

  • Study Ties Red and Processed Meats to Worse Colon Cancer Survival
    Patients may be wise to cut down on these foods, experts say

  • Aspirin's Anti-Colon Cancer Effect May Depend on Genes
    Tumors with a key mutation seemed unaffected by daily use of the drug, study found

  • Another Study Finds Colonoscopy Can Save Lives
    Earlier stage of diagnosis, better survival for patients whose cancer was spotted via routine screening

  • Gene-Based Blood Test for Colon Cancer Shows Promise
    Early trial supports accuracy of the screening, which could be a boon in preventing the disease

  • Endoscopes Not Always Cleaned Properly: Study
    Used to examine patients' gastrointestinal tracts, dirty devices might pose infection risk

  • Cutting Unneeded CT Scans in Kids Could Lower Future Cancer Risk
    Reducing radiation dosage would also help, study found

  • Healthy Grilling Tips for Summer Barbecues
    Enjoy outdoor cooking while keeping cancer risk to a minimum, expert urges

  • Gene-Based Blood Test Might Help Spot Colon Cancer
    Early study found it had high accuracy, but experts say it won't replace colonoscopy anytime soon

  • Prepping for a Colonoscopy: Why It's a Necessary Evil
    Though new techniques are on the horizon, doctors say colon-cleansing is here to stay

  • Delaying Colonoscopy Puts Man in Grave Danger
    A little 'short-term hassle' may have prevented stage 2 cancer, Wisconsin resident says

  • New Device May Show Doctors More of the Colon
    Advanced colonoscope has wider range of view than traditional models, picks up more polyps, study finds

  • New Drug May Help Immune System Fight Cancer
    Early study found tumor reduction in several forms of the disease

  • Fitness in Middle Age May Help Shield Men From Cancer Later
    Study found even modest improvements seemed to lower disease risk

  • Grilling Tips to Cut Colon Cancer Risk
    Use less red meat, marinate and precook indoors, nutrition expert advises

  • Women Smokers More Likely to Get Colon Cancer Than Men: Study
    Just a few cigarettes a day raises their risk, researchers say

  • Strides Made in Preventing Cancer, But Challenges Remain: Report
    American Cancer Society looked at smoking, obesity, disease screening, tanning and more

  • Calcium May Cut Risk for Precancerous Colon Lesions in Some People
    Study found association only among those with specific genes

  • What's Good for the Heart May Also Prevent Cancer
    Healthy lifestyles do double duty against 2 major disease groups, study finds

  • Medicare Spending Not Linked to Longer Cancer Survival
    But U.S. patients in higher-spending regions have more, longer hospital stays

  • Seniors Getting Unnecessary Colonoscopies: Study
    23 percent of those over 70 undergo screenings that are inappropriate, researchers say

  • You Can Help Reduce Your Colon Cancer Risk: Expert
    Preventive measures include screening, food choices and moderate exercise

  • Stars Pedal Hard to Help Fight Rare Cancers
    SNL's Seth Meyers, N.Y. Giants linebacker Mark Herzlich biked Sunday to raise money for the cause

  • Colonoscopy Cuts Advanced Cancer Risk by 70 Percent: Study
    Expert says annual fecal blood test is equally effective

  • Obesity, Exercise May Affect Risk for Key Type of Colon Cancer
    Finding could spur doctors to strongly recommend physical activity to vulnerable patients

  • Cancer Rates Vary Widely by State, Race: CDC Report
    Latest data from 2009 cites 1.5 million new cases diagnosed; prostate and breast tumors most common

  • Alcohol Blamed for 1 in Every 30 Cancer Deaths: Study
    Research suggests that even a little drinking can raise odds for malignancy

  • On-the-Job Stress Won't Raise Your Risk for Cancer, Study Finds
    But it could lead to behaviors that increase the chances of disease, one expert says

  • Cancer Rates Dropping Among Black Americans
    But they're still more likely to die from the disease than whites, study finds

  • Hoping to Ease Shortage, FDA Fast-Tracks Generic Form of Cancer Drug
    Agency says new availability of doxorubicin will help people battling malignancy

  • Too Much Sitting May Lower Odds of Surviving Colon Cancer
    Study also found that staying active reduced the risk of dying

  • 'Microbeads' May Boost Survival in Advanced Colon Cancer Patients
    Small, preliminary study suggests radioactive beads may extend life by months in some patients

  • U.S. Cancer Death Rates Have Dropped 20 Percent Since 1991
    American Cancer Society report credits better screening, treatment for the gains

  • U.S. Minorities Less Likely to Get Colon Cancer Screening: Study
    Researcher says reasons include high cost, lower health literacy, lack of doctors

  • Brief Life Expectancy Should Rule Out Certain Cancer Screenings: Study
    Risks outweigh benefits for those with few years left, researchers say

  • U.S. Cancer Death Rates Continue to Fall: Report
    But, for some hard-to-treat cancers, deaths are increasing

  • Cancer-Related Fatigue Often Overlooked, Study Finds
    Doctors should address helpful behaviors, treatments, researchers say

  • U.S. Cancer Screening Rates Dropping: Study
    Confusing guidelines, insurance gaps may discourage people from getting recommended testing

  • Unhealthy Snacks Tied to Colon Cancer for Those at High Risk
    Study found higher rates of precancerous lesions in people with Lynch syndrome

  • Avastin Shows No Benefit for Earlier Colon Cancer: Study
    Experts say while it can help in advanced disease, that doesn't mean it works at all stages

  • Is a Breath Test for Colon Cancer Possible?
    In small study, Italian researchers detected who had the disease with 75 percent accuracy

  • New DNA-Based Blood Test May Spot Signs of Cancer
    Early finding suggests it might become a routine screen in the future

  • High-Carb Diet Linked to Colon Cancer Recurrence in Study
    Other dietary factors also seemed to increase risk of cancer return

  • Quality of Life After Cancer May Depend on Tumor Type
    Certain types leave survivors with worse mental and physical well-being, study finds

  • Genes May Determine Aspirin's Effect on Advanced Colon Cancer
    Study finds taking it appears to slow tumor growth in patients with a particular genetic mutation

  • Many Terminal Cancer Patients Put False Hope in Chemo, Study Finds
    Doctors must improve their message, researchers say

  • Colonoscopy Screening May Have Cut Colon Cancer Rates
    Large, 20-year study found upper colon cancer cases decreased as Medicare coverage expanded

  • Can Allergies Thwart Fatal Colon Cancer?
    Immune responses that trigger hay fever, asthma might also ward off malignancies, study says

  • Race, Income Tied to Late Colon Cancer Diagnoses, Study Finds
    Delay raises risk for complications, death

  • Multivitamins May Slightly Lower Men's Cancer Risk: Study
    Researchers found a 'modest' 8 percent reduction

  • Millions of Healthy Years of Life Lost to Cancer Worldwide
    Study findings illustrate disease's burden 'quite starkly,' author says

  • New DNA Test Shows Promise for Spotting Colon Cancer
    Early study showed it could detect both cancerous and precancerous cells in colon

  • Coffee May Speed Up Bowel Recovery From Colon Surgery
    Normal function resumed more quickly than for water drinkers alone, study found

  • B Vitamin Supplements Don't Affect Colon Cancer Risk: Study
    Findings are reassuring, experts say

  • Rural Colon Cancer Patients Fare Worse
    Study shows they are diagnosed later and get fewer treatments than urban patients

  • Colon Cancer Gene Database May Assist Research Efforts
    Study collection helps scientists pinpoint disease risk factors

  • Stivarga Approved for Advanced Colorectal Cancer
    Designed to block enzymes that encourage tumor growth

  • Few Doctors Discuss Exercise With Cancer Patients: Study
    Daily activities by themselves are not enough, researcher says

  • New Prep for Colon Screen Uses Four Pills, Not Liquid Laxative
    Researchers think the easier regimen will encourage more to get 'virtual colonoscopy'

  • Midlife Fitness May Mean Healthier Old Age, Study Finds
    Common conditions such as heart disease, diabetes, Alzheimer's less likely

  • Missing Follow-Up Colonoscopies Could Raise Colon Cancer Risk
    Incomplete removal of polyps and poor follow-up are top factors for those at increased risk, researchers report

  • Zaltrap Approved for Advanced Colorectal Cancer
    Among people whose cancer has spread

  • Genes May Be Key for Patients With Multiple Colon Polyps
    In the future, genetic screening may be advised for those prone to inherited disorder, study suggests

  • If Colonoscopy Picks Up Cancer Risk, Get Next Screen in 5 Years: Study
    But U.S. recommendations call for 3-year interval after high-risk polyps removed

  • Serious Mental Illness Tied to Higher Cancer, Injury Risk: Studies
    Causes may include gaps in screening, preventive care and lifestyle differences, researcher says

  • Colon, Rectal Cancers Seem to Be Same Disease
    Research finds their genetic mutations to be virtually indistinguishable

  • New Drug Approved for Colonoscopy Preparation
    To help cleanse the colon

  • No Dip in Cancer Screening for Rheumatoid Arthritis Patients
    Preventive health care is essential for people with chronic diseases, study authors say

  • New Test Helps Evaluate Cancer Drug's Merit
    Erbitux is designed for people with colon cancer

  • 'Virtual' Colonoscopy Safe, Effective for Medicare Patients: Study
    But experts say colonoscopy still trumps CT-guided scan for now

  • Safer Grilling Methods Might Cut Cancer Risk
    Expert offers tips for healthier outdoor cooking

  • 18 Million U.S. Cancer Survivors Expected by 2022: Report
    Most survivable cancers are those diagnosed and treated early, experts say

  • No Cancer Risk From Long-Acting Insulin: Studies
    Insulin glargine (Lantus) appears safe, but longer studies needed, researcher says

  • Some Docs Would Order Cancer Screening for Very Sick Elderly
    However, study found most physicians considered patients' age, health in recommendations

  • More Proof That Healthy Habits Fight Disease
    New studies look at ways to stop smoking and fight cancer, heart disease and obesity

  • Combination Drug, Chemo May Extend Life of Colon Cancer Patients
    Research supports second-line treatment with Avastin and chemotherapy in advanced-stage disease

  • Worldwide Cancer Incidence Predicted to Rise 75% by 2030
    Infection, lifestyle tied to which cancer types are most common in different countries

  • Health Tip: Help Prevent Colon Polyps
    Things that may help lower your risk

  • Health Tip: Preparing for Colonoscopy
    Including avoiding solid foods

  • Common Painkillers May Help Prevent Skin Cancer: Study
    Over-the-counter, prescription 'NSAID' meds appeared to lower risk in Danish patients

  • Colonoscopy May Detect Curable Cancer in Elderly: Study
    Screening should be offered to healthy seniors who haven't been tested before, researchers say

  • Middle-Aged Diabetics May Need Earlier Colon Checks
    Type 2 disease linked with higher risk of precancerous lesions in those 40 to 49, study finds

  • Patients Prefer More Invasive Form of Colon Scan: Study
    They reported less pain with traditional colonoscopy than with 'virtual' imaging procedure

  • Study Supports Value of Sigmoidoscopy, an Alternative to Colonoscopy
    Research suggests the test can help prevent colon cancer incidence, deaths

  • Moveable Magnets Used to Forge Gastric Bypass in Pigs
    Minimally invasive approach might have applications for weight-loss procedures, cancer care in humans

  • Many Primary Care Docs Don't Know Long-Term Effects of Chemo: Survey
    Experts stress that information needs to be passed on after cancer treatment ends

  • Blacks, Hispanics Have Higher Colon Polyp Risk Than Previously Thought
    Their rate of the precancerous colon growths was higher than that of whites, study finds

  • Common Blood Pressure Drugs May Not Cut Colon Cancer Risk
    Despite some hope from prior research, study finds no benefit from beta blocker medications

  • Researchers Test Laxative-Free Colon Scan
    But virtual procedure isn't ready for prime time yet, researchers say

  • Colon Cancer Gaps for Blacks, Whites Largely Due to Screening
    Survival differences could be narrowed with more equal care access, computer model suggests

  • Exercise May Boost Survival in Breast, Colon Cancer Patients
    Review looked at six decades of studies on cancer, physical activity

  • U.S. Health Care Spending High, But Quality Lags: Report
    However, breast cancer survival rates were best among 13 industrialized nations

  • Healthy Weight Loss May Also Cut Your Cancer Risk
    New study found decrease in inflammation warning signals

  • Healthy Behaviors Extend Life After Cancer, Experts Say
    Eating well, exercising and maintaining normal weight boost survival, American Cancer Society finds

  • Healthy Lifestyle Choices Could Cut Cancer Rates: Report
    But researchers say lawmakers, private industry need to do more to encourage change

  • Many Patients Skip Recommended Colonoscopy: Study
    Follow-through is more likely with other screening tests for colon cancer

  • Obese White Women Shying Away From Colon Cancer Screening
    Embarrassment may prompt some women to avoid the recommended tests, researchers say

  • More Fake Avastin Found in U.S., FDA Says
    Medical practices told to stop using the counterfeit cancer drug distributed under the name Altuzan

  • You Survived Cancer: Now Pay Attention to Your Overall Health
    Half of cancer survivors die of other conditions, such as heart disease and diabetes

  • New Stool Test Might Aid in Early Detection of Colon Cancer
    Unlike other such screens, researchers say the test isn't affected by certain lifestyle factors

  • Experimental Chemo Combo for Colon Cancer Disappoints
    Adding the drug Erbitux to standard treatment delivered no extra benefit, study says

  • Immune-Based Drug Combo Might Extend Cancer Survival
    Preliminary study found that IL-2 plus retinoic acid helped patients with advanced disease

  • Drugs Previously Thought to Be Toxic May Stop Spread of Cancer
    Medications target cancer stem cells, which are resistant to most other drugs, study says

  • Inadequate Bowel Prep May Invalidate Colonoscopy
    Study suggests procedure should be cancelled if visibility is poor

  • More Evidence Shows That Daily Aspirin Might Combat Cancer
    Latest findings don't mean people should start popping aspirin every morning, experts stress

  • New Clues to Link Between Fatty Diet, Colon Cancer
    Researchers found genetic changes that affect how body uses insulin

  • New Colon Cancer Screening Guidelines Focus on Individual Risk
    Update emphasizes ordering tests based on each patient's odds of developing the disease

  • Too Many Americans Skipping Colon Cancer Screening
    Americans 50 and older who haven't had a colonoscopy screening should get one, experts urge

  • In Tougher Economy, Fewer Americans Get Colonoscopy
    High co-pays lead many to skip life-saving screen, study finds

  • Study Supports CT-Based 'Virtual' Colonoscopy to Spot Colon Cancer
    But other experts believe the approach may still not outperform invasive colonoscopy

  • Studies Offer More Evidence That Colonoscopy Saves Lives
    Study found 53% lower death rate in patients who had polyps removed during screening

  • Worries About Colonoscopy Unfounded: Study
    The 20-minute screening can detect those at risk for colorectal cancer

  • Eating Fish May Help Ward Off Colon Polyps in Women
    At least three servings a week seems to make a difference, study suggests

  • No Cancer Benefit From Vitamin B, Omega-3 Supplements in Heart Patients
    Taking different doses of either did not alter cancer incidence, death rates significantly, study says

  • Booze and Family History of Colon Cancer a Bad Mix: Study
    Red meat, smoking and skipping veggies also associated with a raised cancer risk, research finds

  • Exercise a Good Pick-Me-Up After Cancer Treatment: Study
    Aerobic, resistance and strength training improved weight and well-being

  • Too Few Americans Getting Screened for Common Cancers: CDC
    National targets for breast, cervical and colon malignancies still not being met

  • More Evidence for Oxaliplatin as Colon Cancer Chemotherapy
    Adding the drug to standard regimen improved survival in new group of patients

  • Experimental Drug Might Help Some a Bit With Colon Cancer
    Drug extended survival by one month in those with advanced disease

  • Resolve to Take Colon Cancer Test, Experts Say
    Screening can catch precancerous growths at early, treatable stage

  • Cancer Incidence, Death Rates Continue to Drop: Report
    One million lives saved, largely because of improved prevention, detection and treatment

  • Gene Mutation Linked to Chemo-Resistant Colon Cancer
    Finding could help identify which patients would benefit from specific chemotherapy, researchers say

  • U.S. Blacks More Likely to Die of Colon Cancer Than Whites: Study
    This gap in survival is widest among those diagnosed with advanced disease, research shows

  • 40 Years On, the Triumphs and Challenges of America's 'War on Cancer'
    In many cases, what was a death sentence is now a manageable condition, although roadblocks remain

  • Type of Muscular Dystrophy Linked to Raised Cancer Risk
    Researchers urge people with myotonic muscular dystrophy to get recommended cancer screenings

  • Are Too Many Older People Screened for Cancer?
    Debate over testing should weigh health and life expectancy, expert says

  • British Screening Program Finding More Early Stage Colon Cancers
    More than 1 million have been tested using kits sent to homes

  • Colon Cancer Prognosis Worse for the Obese, Type 2 Diabetics
    Cancer and heart-disease deaths higher, studies find

  • Women's High Blood Sugar Linked to Colorectal Cancer: Study
    High blood sugar is a hallmark of diabetes

  • Healthy Heart Habits May Also Guard Against Cancer
    Good cholesterol, blood pressure levels and more appear to reduce tumor risk, study finds

  • High-Fiber Diet May Help Thwart Colon Cancer
    Review of studies suggests cereals, whole grains deliver health benefits

  • Too Much Sitting Raises Odds for Cancer: Study
    Sedentary hours at workplace as bad as couch-potato lifestyle at home

  • Could Listening to Mozart Help Doctors Spot Colon Polyps?
    It may temporarily boost mental skills used while performing colonoscopy, researchers say

  • Daily Aspirin May Help Prevent Colon Cancer for Those at High Risk
    People with Lynch syndrome, a hereditary form of cancer, might benefit from 2 tablets a day: study

  • Can NSAIDs Cut Colorectal Cancer Deaths in Older Women?
    Consistent use of aspirin, ibuprofen associated with about 30% lower death rate, study found

  • Study Casts Doubt on Hot Dogs' Link to Colon Cancer
    U.S. mandate to cut wieners' nitrite levels hasn't led to lowered incidence of the disease

  • Link Explored Between Colon Cancer, Bacterium
    Research could provide clues for diagnosing, treating malignancies, study says

  • Blacks Fare Worse Than Whites After Colon Cancer Surgery
    Researchers say various factors, including biology and health care access, may be to blame

  • Ginger Supplements Might Ease Inflammation Linked to Colon Cancer
    But study is too small and preliminary to recommend the herb as a cancer-fighter, experts say

  • Fatalism Keeps Many From Colon Cancer Screening
    'What-difference-will-it-make' mindset linked to low rates of testing among poor

  • Do Men Need Colon Cancer Screening Earlier Than Women Do?
    Austrian study finds more cancers at younger ages in men

  • Broccoli, Cabbage, Other Veggies May Protect Against Colon Cancer
    Apples and dark yellow vegetables also tied to drop in malignancies, study says

  • Depression After Cancer Keeps Some From Follow-Up Care
    Depressed Hispanic breast cancer survivors less likely to get checked for ovarian tumors, study finds

  • The War on Cancer Continues
    Report finds progress has been made fighting some, but not all, malignancies

  • Screening Lots of Lymph Nodes Little Help for Colon Cancer Patients
    Study found checking more after surgery did not seem to increase chances of survival

  • Virtual Colonoscopy Still Has Its Skeptics
    Not all see new technology as better way to screen for colon cancer

  • High-Fiber Diet Might Lower Risk for Colon Polyps
    Brown rice, dried fruit, beans, peas, lentils may help prevent precursor to cancer, study finds

  • Study Contends Taller People at Heightened Cancer Risk
    Backs up prior research suggesting a link between stature and malignancies

  • Family History of Cancer Needs to Be Updated as You Age
    Study shows it can lead to needed changes in screening

  • More U.S. Men Die From Cancer Than Women: Study
    But disparity mirrors differences in incidence, not ability to fight disease, researchers say

  • Southern States Lag Behind North in Drop in Colon Cancer Death Rates
    Researchers point to disparity in screening rates, lifestyle differences

  • Colon Cancer Death Rates Continue to Drop, CDC Reports
    But, 22 million people who need screening haven't gotten one, researchers add

  • Get Screened for Colorectal Cancer: Who, Me?
    People still confused by what test to have and when, experts say

  • Kentucky Goes on the Offensive Against Colorectal Cancer
    With decade-long effort to increase screening, experts predict a drop in death rates

  • FDA Panel Rejects Avastin for Breast Cancer
    In a unanimous vote, advisors say drug not effective and has dangerous side effects

  • FDA to Hear Appeal on Breast Cancer Drug
    Agency recommended last year against Avastin for disease that has spread to other body parts

  • Marriage Might Boost Colon Cancer Survival
    Study found patients were 14% less likely to die if they had a spouse

  • Less Invasive Colon Surgery Results in Fewer Blood Clots: Study
    But laparoscopy may not be the better choice for cancer patients, expert says

  • Dads Can Light Their Grills Without Fear
    Experts say small changes in barbecue habits can counter cancer risk

  • Nearly 900,000 Fewer Cancer Deaths Since 1990: Report
    Researchers credit trend to better detection, treatment and drop in smoking

  • Proper Bowel Prep Key to Effective Colon Cancer Screening: Study
    Inadequate cleansing results in high miss rate, researchers say

  • Chemo for Late-Stage Cancer Patients May Be Unjustified
    One in 8 patients received treatment unsupported by medical data or guidelines, study finds

  • Childhood Cancer Survivors at Greater Risk for Tumors as Adults
    Early exposure to pelvic radiation ups the risk of subsequent tumors in that region, study finds

  • After Colon Cancer Surgery, Early Chemo May Pay Off
    Every 4-week delay of chemotherapy measurably reduces odds of survival, study finds

  • Smoking Raises Odds for Cancer in Women Already at High Risk
    Lung, colon tumors more likely when habit lasts for years, study finds

  • Obese People at Higher Risk of Infection After Colon Surgery
    Study found they were 60% more likely to have problems at surgical site

  • Family Medical History Murky for Many
    Efforts needed to improve the accuracy of family cancer history reporting, researchers find

  • A Capsule Camera Instead of a Colonoscopy?
    Remote-controlled device captured images of entire colon, researchers report

  • Colonoscopy Better Than Alternative at Spotting Cancer in Seniors: Study
    But internist says sigmoidoscopy still has value

  • Even a Little Exercise May Protect Against Colon Polyps
    Study found just one hour a week made a difference in risk

  • Study Questions Overuse of Colonoscopy in Medicare Patients
    Meanwhile, some vets who need cancer screens aren't getting them, other researchers find

  • Race Seems to Play Role in Colorectal Cancer Screening
    Despite expanded Medicare coverage, whites still tested more than blacks, Hispanics, study finds

  • Blacks With Cancer More Inclined to Exhaust Funds to Prolong Life: Study
    Hispanics, Asians also more likely than whites to say they'd spend all of their money to live longer

  • Health Tip: Do You Have Risk Factors for Colon Cancer?
    These can increase your chances of developing the disease

  • Nearly 20% of Lung Cancer Patients Keep Smoking
    Patients, caregivers need strong support, interventions to quit, study finds

  • Immune-Boost Treatment Might Help Some With Advanced Colon Cancer
    But whether the approach beats chemo-plus-Avastin/Erbitux remains unanswered, experts say

  • Aspirin May Protect Against Colorectal Cancer -- But Only in Certain People
    Aspirin's protection confined largely to those with elevated blood levels of a particular marker for inflammation, study finds

  • Almost 12 Million Cancer Survivors Living in U.S., Report Shows
    Trend largely driven by an aging population, CDC researchers say

  • 'Good' Cholesterol May Cut Colon Cancer Risk
    Anti-inflammatory properties of HDL cholesterol may ward off cancer, researchers say

  • Use of Virtual Colonoscopy on the Rise in U.S. Hospitals
    More patients undergoing this type of screening, despite lack of Medicare coverage, study finds

  • Higher Vitamin D Intake Could Cut Cancer Risk
    Adults need at least 4,000 IU a day, study suggests

  • Popular Bone Drugs Linked to Reduced Colon Cancer Risk
    People taking Fosamax, other bisphosphonates had lowered odds compared to non-users, study found

  • Healthier Lifestyles May Prevent 340,000 U.S. Cancers a Year: Study
    Regular exercise, balanced diet, limited alcohol help ward off disease, researchers find

  • Trained Labrador Can Sniff Out Colon Cancer, Researchers Say
    Odor sensors may one day allow early cancer detection, Japanese scientists suggest

  • Blacks Still Hit Hardest by Cancer
    Report shows overall death rate has dropped, but still higher than other groups

  • Gene Test Might Predict Colon Cancer's Return
    Patients found as high risk four times more likely to have cancer spread, study found

  • Many Americans Over 50 Fear Colonoscopy: Survey
    73% of those who underwent screening said pre-procedure bowel prep was hardest part

  • Aging Population Could Send Cancer Costs Soaring
    U.S. report projects $158 billion spent annually on care by 2020

  • Geography May Influence Colon Cancer Screening Rates
    For non-whites, where they live seems to make a difference, research shows

  • Scientists Aim for Test That Spots Single Cancer Cell in Blood Sample
    Such a tool might someday replace conventional biopsy, experts speculate

  • Colonoscopies May Not Have 'Blind Spot' After All
    New study finds procedure can detect cancers on right side of colon, too

  • FDA Advises Against Avastin as Treatment for Breast Cancer
    But patients won't be affected for now, FDA says

  • Online, Mail Reminders Improve Colon Cancer Screening Rates
    But the advantages tend to fade over time and screening rates are still low, researchers find

  • Rare Genetic Syndrome May Increase Colon Cancer Risk
    People with Cowden syndrome should start colorectal screenings in their 30s, expert says

  • Daily Aspirin Linked to Steep Drop in Cancer Risk
    Long-term, low-dose regimen study shows dramatic findings for many common cancers

  • Low-Dose Aspirin Boosts Accuracy of Colon Cancer Test
    Although aspirin was previously feared to skew results, study finds that it significantly increased accuracy

  • Too Many Cancers Still Spotted Too Late: CDC
    Screening rates for breast, cervical and colorectal cancers vary greatly among states, report finds

  • Long-Term Statin Use Won't Raise Cancer Risk: Study
    In fact, U.S. team finds the cholesterol drugs might even lower odds for a few tumor types

  • Could a Prostate Cancer Treatment Raise Colon Cancer Risk?
    Study finds link between hormone Rx, colorectal tumors, but absolute risk is small, experts say

  • Statins Don't Reduce Colon Cancer Risk, Study Finds
    Conclusion conflicts with some earlier research that saw a benefit

  • Noninvasive Test for Colon Cancer Shows Promise in Early Trial
    Stool-based screen beats current versions, but results must be replicated in larger trials, experts say

  • Healthy Living Can Prevent Nearly 25% of Colorectal Cancers
    Study cites good diet, exercise, moderate drinking among key factors

  • New Insights on Who Should Take Erbitux for Colon Cancer
    Contrary to previous research, some patients with KRAS gene mutation may benefit

  • Mammogram Visit a Good Time to Arrange Colonoscopy: Study
    More poor, minority women might get colon cancer screening if procedure is set up then, experts say

  • Radiation Before Surgery May Prevent Return of Rectal Cancer
    Study found risk of recurrence 10 years later was cut nearly in half

  • Low-Dose Aspirin May Cut Chances of Colon Cancer
    People at high risk should consider taking it daily, experts say

  • Fatalistic Attitudes May Keep Hispanic Women From Cancer Tests
    Notion that health 'is in God's hands' could help explain low screening rates, study suggests

  • Most Doctors Don't Follow Colon Cancer Screening Guidelines
    81 percent fell short, often ordering tests too frequently or too seldom, study found

  • Insurance, Race and Poverty Affect Cancer Care, Researchers Report
    Differences in diagnosis and survival noted in three studies for cancer meeting

  • New Blood Test for Colon Cancer Developed
    More trials needed, but method would identify folks in need of colonoscopy

  • Early Detection Helps Man Beat Colon Cancer
    'I get to see my kids grow up,' Georgia resident says

  • Low-Dose Aspirin May Reduce Colon Cancer Risk
    But experts don't recommend taking aspirin for that reason alone

  • Heart Damage Seen in Mice With Cancer-Related Disease
    The muscle-wasting disorder, cachexia, affected the heart's function and structure, study found

  • Multivitamins Don't Reduce Colon Cancer Death Risk
    Vitamins also failed to lower the risk of recurrence in survivors, study finds

  • Obesity May Up Death Risk in Older Women With Colon Cancer
    Women past menopause with a high BMI and large waists had increased risk of dying, study finds

  • Health Care Gap May Raise Rates of Colorectal Cancer Death in Blacks
    Less screening, later diagnosis among black patients, researchers found

  • Virtual Colonoscopy Can Spot Cancers Outside Colon
    Less invasive procedure raises chances of finding high-risk lesions, study finds

  • Health Tip: Take Steps Against Colon Polyps
    And reduce colon cancer risk

  • Health Tip: Screening Early for Colorectal Cancer
    When it's a good idea

  • Vaccine Shows Some Promise Against Advanced Cancers
    But only a minority of patients benefited and more work may need to be done, experts say

  • Health, Money Woes May Boost Bowel Cancer Deaths in Blacks
    More study needed to explain other factors, researchers say

  • Could Hot Weather Affect Results of a Colorectal Cancer Test?
    One type of screening test appears to be less reliable in summer than in winter, Italian researchers found

  • U.S. Cancer Death Rate Keeps Falling: Report
    American Cancer Society statistics suggest earlier detection, better treatment paying off

  • Breast, Colon Cancer Screening Rates High, But Not High Enough
    CDC says thousands of lives are lost each year because people didn't get the tests

  • Obesity Ups Cancer Death Risk in Asia-Pacific Region
    But the risk conferred by excess weight is no higher than in the West, study finds

  • Smoking May Boost Risk of Certain Colon Cancers
    Lighting up seems to cause gene mutations in older women that lead to disease, study finds

  • Phone Reminders May Boost Colon Cancer Screenings
    Automated messages increased test rates by 30 percent, study found

  • Lymphoma Survivors Often Miss Out on Follow-Up
    Many aren't being screened for later cancers, study finds

  • Scientists Tease Out Links Between Diabetes, Cancer
    Does the blood sugar disease help cause malignancy, or just share common risk factors?

  • Health Plan May Influence 5-Year Rectal Cancer Survival
    Privately insured at advantage over uninsured or Medicaid patients, research shows

  • Smoking Linked to Aggressive Colon Polyps: Study
    Findings may explain earlier onset of colorectal cancer in smokers, researchers say

  • Studies Suggest New Treatment Paradigms for Ovarian, Prostate Cancers
    Avastin makes inroads against ovarian tumors, radiation boosts survival with locally advanced prostate cancers

  • Bacteria May Predict Chances of Colon Cancer
    Presence of certain types in gut indicated higher, lower risk of disease, study finds

  • IV Treatment May Thwart Advanced Cancers
    In studies, anti-tumor virus stops advanced disease, researchers say

  • No Link Between Coffee, Sodas and Colon Cancer
    More study needed to determine if too much tea raises risk, experts say

  • New Test for Colon Cancer Under Development
    DNA stool testing is more likely to find early stage cancers and precancerous growths than current tests, researchers find

  • Colon Polyps More Common in Hispanic Men Than Women
    Their growths also tend to be on the right side, requiring colonoscopy for detection, study says

  • One Sigmoidoscopy Boosts Colon Cancer Survival Odds
    Single exam between ages 55 and 64 confers lasting benefit, researchers say

  • Moving Closer to a Urine Test for Colon Cancer
    Screening could complement or reduce need for colonoscopy, researchers say

  • New Form of Painkiller May Fight Colon Cancer
    Lab tests suggest that variation of naproxen might nip cancer in the bud, expert says

  • New Risk Factors for Colon Cancer Studied
    Research suggests common germ, inflammation marker may improve screening, diagnosis

  • Statins Won't Lower Colon Cancer Risk
    Cholesterol-lowering drugs may even raise risk of precancerous polyps, study finds

  • More Die After Colon Surgery at Teaching Hospitals: Study
    Consider procedure and diagnosis when choosing facility, researchers advise

  • Many Doctors Not Using Colon Cancer Test Properly
    Study found 75 percent depend on fecal occult blood test in office, not home tests

  • Many Hispanics Lack Access to Colon Cancer Screening
    They typically live in areas where it's tougher to get colonoscopies, study finds

  • Blacks Less Likely to Get Follow-Up Colon Screening
    Those with abnormalities at initial screening often didn't have recommended colonoscopy, study shows

  • 'Virtual' Colonoscopy Catches Cancers Outside the Colon
    Study found it caught unsuspected tumors in one of every 200 patients

  • Short-Term Drug Combo May Help Prevent Colon Cancer
    Lab research finds only precancerous tissue affected, but more study needed

  • Diabetics Face Higher Death Risk After Cancer Surgery
    Study found they were 50% more likely to die in month following operation

  • Health Tip: If You Notice Blood in the Stools
    It should be checked by a doctor

  • Where Cancer Treatment Takes Place May Influence Outcome
    Death rates same for blacks, whites at specialized cancer centers, research shows

  • Cultural Outreach Boosts Cancer Care in Asian Americans
    Simple measures could reduce high risks in certain populations, reports suggest

  • Are New Chemo Treatments Cost-Effective?
    Drug advances extend lives, but one study puts cost per life-year gained at about $66,200

  • Older Colon Cancer Patients Less Likely to Get Chemo
    Study found one in two went without, while 87% of younger patients got it after surgery

  • Obese Colon Cancer Survivors Face Poorer Prognosis
    Study found chances of recurrence, death higher than among normal-weight patients

  • Proteins May Predict Spread of Colon Cancer
    Discovery could lead to blood test that would aid prevention efforts, scientist says

  • Breast Cancer Stats Differ Racially Despite Similar Mammogram Rates
    Genetic and lifestyle differences likely play a role, researchers say

  • Virtual Colonoscopy a Good Bet for Elderly
    Screening appears to be safe, effective for older people, study finds

  • Vitamin D May Lower Colon Cancer Risk
    The higher the level in blood tests, the less likely the disease, study finds

  • Blood Test Spots Colon Cancer, Polyps
    If validated, the screen could greatly boost detection rates, researchers say

  • Health Care Reform, Swine Flu Top Health News for 2009
    Furor over cancer screening changes and lifting of embryonic stem cell ban also grabbed headlines

  • Natural Heart Drugs May Combat Colon Cancer
    Lab study finds that glycosides kill cancer cells

  • Physical Activity May Prolong Survival After Colon Cancer
    Exercise benefited men whose disease had been treated, hadn't spread, study finds

  • U.S. Cancer Cases, Deaths Continue to Drop
    Report says lifestyle changes, better screening and treatment explain decrease

  • Selenium, Omega-3s May Stave Off Colorectal Cancer
    Studies find benefits, but others question validity of the link

  • Smoking Exposure Now Linked to Colon, Breast Cancers
    New studies also find that children exposed to smoke are at risk of lung cancer

  • CT Scan May Predict Colon Cancer Survival
    Could identify those who would benefit from liver surgery after chemo, study finds

  • Natural Soy Component May Help Treat Colon Cancer
    Discovery in fruit fly study may lead to new drugs for people, researchers say

  • Cetuximab Helps Treat Colorectal Cancer
    Drug plus chemo boosts surgery success for patients with liver lesions, researchers find

  • Weight May Not Drive Racial Disparities in Colon Cancer
    Co-existing illnesses also don't explain why more blacks die than whites, study finds

  • Too Few Older Adults Get Recommended Screenings
    Report looks to improve health of this group with better preventive care

  • Folic Acid Fortification Might Boost Cancer Risk
    Norwegian study found supplementation raised chances of disease by 21%

  • New Polyp Detection Method Could Be Cost-Saver
    Optical technology is as accurate as colorectal tissue examination, study finds

  • Early Morning Colonoscopies May Find More Polyps
    Study suggests differences in patient preparation and doctor fatigue play a role

  • Mapping the Link Between Alcohol, Cancer
    How it affects tumor cells is becoming less of a mystery, study finds.

  • Blacks at Greater Risk for Colorectal Cancer
    Race seems to play pivotal role, researchers say

  • Stem Cell Research Offers Hope for Colon Cancer Vaccine
    Mouse study suggests it may be possible to generate an immune response to cancer

  • Younger Women With Colon Cancer Outlive Men
    Estrogen could explain discrepancy in survival rates, researchers say

  • Blood Tests May Spot Colon Cancer
    Easier detection method might encourage more people to get screened, experts say

  • For Hispanics, a Unique Cancer Profile Emerges
    Report finds they're less likely to die of cancer but more apt to have certain malignancies

  • Too Few Latinos Get Colorectal Cancer Tests
    Language barrier could explain lower screening rates, researchers say

  • Colon Cancer Screenings Still Too Low: Study
    Even when Americans have health care 'safety net' in place, rates barely budge, report finds

  • Colon Cancer Stopped in Its Tracks in Swiss Study
    Gene-based treatment could block tumors, prevent recurrence, researchers say

  • New Target Eyed for Colon Cancer Drugs
    In mouse study, researchers see possibility of 'potent therapy'

  • Cancer Deaths Declining, Especially Among Young
    Advances in treatment, prevention and detection behind progress, study finds

  • Aspirin May Stem Deaths From Colorectal Cancer
    Study suggests a role for aspirin in prevention as well as treatment

  • In U.S., No Comeback Seen for Hormone Therapy
    Experts say risks of long-term use still outweigh possible benefits

  • Drinking Moderately or More Ups Men's Cancer Risk
    Canadian study links regular alcohol consumption to six cancers

  • Living in U.S. May Raise Hispanics' Cancer Risk
    Lifestyle changes up the odds for Cubans, Puerto Ricans, Mexicans, study finds

  • Study Questions Lymph Node Harvesting in Colorectal Cancer
    Removing more during surgery may not be needed, researchers say

  • Hopes Dashed for Thalidomide as Lung Cancer Treatment
    The drug's success with other cancers wasn't repeated with small cell tumors: study

  • Colonoscopy Beats 'Camera Pill' at Catching Colon Cancer
    But less invasive detection method still shows promise, scientists say

  • Study Finds Possible Genetic Indicator of Colorectal Cancer
    If perfected, screening method could make disease detection easier, experts say

  • Racial Clusters Seem to Affect Access to Colon Care
    U.S. areas with more black residents lack specialists, study shows

  • VA Faces Questions Over Tainted Colonoscopies
    Former patients could have been infected with HIV, hepatitis via non-sterile equipment

  • For Some, Virtual Colonoscopy May Be Just As Good
    Less invasive test might spur more people to be screened, experts say

  • Colonoscopy Risks Increase With Age and Illness
    Other screening methods for colon cancer may be safer for some older patients, researchers say

  • Cancer Diagnosis May Tax Physical, Mental Health
    Treatment, too, affects quality of life, studies show

  • Still Too Few Women in Cancer Trials
    Many may lack the time, resources to participate, study finds

  • Colorectal Cancer Rates Rising for Under 50 Set
    Upturn is especially strong among those in their 20s, study finds

  • Alcohol, Cigarettes and Diabetes Up Colorectal Cancer Risk
    More than seven drinks a week raises odds 60% over teetotalers, researchers say

  • Simple Test Could Detect More Gastrointestinal Cancers
    One stool sample can be used to perform several screens, researchers say

  • Weight May Affect Colonoscopy Success
    More rigorous prep is needed for obese people, study finds

  • Chemo Alone Is Best for Advanced Colon Cancer
    Better drugs have rendered surgery unnecessary in most cases, study finds

  • Worth of Sigmoidoscopy Screening for Colon Cancer Still Uncertain
    Some reduction in mortality rates found, but experts say more follow-up needed

  • Avastin Shows No Benefit Against Early Stage Colon Cancer
    'Disappointing' results may yet be reversed with longer-term study, researchers say

  • Deep Sleep May Improve Colonoscopy Results
    Study findings could have lifesaving potential

  • U.S. Cancer Death Rates Continue to Fall
    Report finds 19.2% drop among men, 11.4% among women in past 15 years

  • More Living Longer With Advanced Colon Cancer
    Study found dramatic gains in both short-term and long-term survival rates

  • Gene Screen May Predict Colon Cancer's Return
    That knowledge could guide important treatment decisions, experts say

  • Medicare's 'No' on Virtual Colonoscopy Stirs Expert Debate
    Some see it as reliable, less invasive option; others say agency was right to reject coverage

  • Healthy Behaviors Slow Functional Decline After Cancer
    Diet, exercise may improve endurance in older, overweight cancer survivors, study shows

  • Where You Live May Affect Your Cancer Diagnosis
    Risk of late-stage cancer greater in city dwellers than in rural residents, study shows

  • 3-Drug Combo Reduces Nausea After Chemo
    Study finds adding casopitant mesylate to regimen cuts side effects

  • More Cancer Tests Mean More False-Positive Results
    Risk for incorrect but worrying findings rises 50 percent by the 14th test, study finds

  • Minorities to Bear Brunt of Rise in U.S. Cancer Cases
    Rate among Hispanics, blacks will double over next 20 years, report warns

  • HRT May Protect Women From Colon Cancer
    Finding echoes earlier research involving hormone therapy

  • Experts Highlight Inroads to Preventing Cancer
    Folic acid supplements, smoking and genetics are among research targets

  • Doctor-Patient Talks Key to Blacks Getting Cancer Screens
    Poor communication a major problem in low screening rates but one that can be fixed, study suggests

  • Colon Screenings Don't Follow Guidelines, Study Suggests
    VA study shows elderly ill men getting same screenings as healthy folks

  • Gene Mutation Doubles Risk of Aggressive Colon Cancer in Blacks
    Study found whites much less likely to have this variant

  • Erbitux May Help Some With Colorectal Cancer
    Finding, called 'not overwhelming,' applies only to those with particular gene mutation

  • What to Expect From a Colonoscopy
    While many patients are nervous, doctors say it isn't as scary as some believe

  • Rectal Cancer Outcomes Best With Short-Course Radiation
    Even with latest surgical techniques, therapy should come first, studies suggest

  • Drinking Raises Cancer Risk for Middle-Age Women
    Even one drink a day poses danger, large study finds

  • Reminders Help Patients Get Better Care
    Simple interventions boosted colon cancer screening rates, researchers say

  • Media Influences Cancer Care
    Patients who search Web, other media more likely to get newer treatments, study finds

  • Calcium Helps Ward Off Colon Cancer
    Effect is strongest for women, study finds, doesn't extend to other malignancies

  • Cancer Death Rates Decline Among Blacks, But Disparities Linger
    Diagnosis still comes later than for whites and survival is poorer, new report finds

  • Gene Test May Help Predict Colon Cancer's Return
    A marker in lymph nodes points to more persistent tumors, scientists say

  • Drug Inhibits Colon Cancer in Mice
    Treated with enzastaurin, even tumors that did develop weren't as advanced, study finds

  • Long-Term Aspirin Use Seems to Protect Against Colorectal Lesions
    The benefit lasts even if you stop taking the drug, study finds

  • Rural Areas Able to Increase Colon Cancer Screenings
    As population ages, study finds destination states seeing higher volume of procedures

  • Adding a Cancer Drug May Make Matters Worse
    Finding underscores need for studies in people, not just animals, expert stresses

  • Stool-Based Colon Cancer Tests Vary Widely in Accuracy
    Colonoscopy remains the best way of spotting trouble, experts say

  • New Clues to Stopping Colitis-Linked Cancer
    2 immune system proteins could hold the key, study finds

  • Tiny Chemo Beads Boost Liver Cancer Outcomes
    They are soaked with drugs to target only the tumor, researchers explain

  • Genetic Data May Predict Colon Cancer Odds
    Discovery might help people make healthier diet, lifestyle choices, scientists say

  • Family Docs Do Colonoscopies Safely
    Study found no more complications than when specialists perform screening test

  • More Americans Urged to Get Cancer Screenings
    Rates hover around 50 percent, despite proven benefits, report says

  • Researchers Zero In on GI Cancers
    Much effort focuses on genetics and who would benefit from treatments

  • Garlic as a Cancer Fighter? Maybe Not
    Evidence that strong-smelling herb prevents cancer is said to be weak

  • Hormone Therapy May Cut Colorectal Cancer Risk
    Study included nearly 57,000 women who had been followed for about 15 years

  • Cancer Medicine Advances on Many Fronts
    New drug approvals, more targeted therapies the highlights of 2008

  • Gleevec Approved for Use After Cancer Surgery
    Drug first sanctioned in 2001

  • Gene Boosts Drinkers' Colon Cancer Risk
    About a fifth of white Americans carry the mutation, researchers say

  • 'Mediterranean'-Style Diet Best for Blood Sugar Control
    Another study finds type 2 diabetes increases cancer death risk

  • Smoking Ups Colon Cancer Risk
    Most significant effect was seen after 30 years of smoking, researchers say

  • Colorectal Cancer Racial Gap Still Growing
    Blacks 45% more likely to die from the disease than whites, report says

  • Colonoscopy Has a 'Right Side' Blind Spot
    Procedure better at detecting problems on left side of colon, study says

  • 2 Markers Predict Survival Odds in Colon Cancer Patients
    One protein was protective, the other not, researchers found

  • Screening for Colorectal Cancer Saves Lives
    Italian study once again proves the value of testing

  • Cancer to Surpass Heart Disease as World's Leading Killer
    Biggest rise in cases and deaths coming in developing nations, report says

  • CT Colonography Screens for Cancer, Osteoporosis
    Abdominal scan checks bone mineral density with no additional radiation, minimal cost

  • Gene Test Could Predict Colon Cancer's Return
    Key DNA might also help guide treatment choices, researchers say

  • U.S. Cancer Rate-Death Rate Combo Drops for 1st Time
    But smoking-related cancers continue to rise in some regions of country, report finds

  • Colorectal Cancer Treatment Costs Vary Widely
    Chemotherapy figures alone may differ by almost $37,000 per patient, study finds

  • Colorectal Cancer Screens Detect Unrecognized Disease
    Finnish study says about 40% returned positive results in review of national program

  • Vitamin C, E Supplements Won't Help Prevent Cancer
    Findings follow similar results for the prevention of heart disease

  • Cancer Drug Ups Risk of Clots in Veins
    Those on Avastin faced 33% increased risk of dangerous side effect

  • Saturated Fats Linked to Cancer of Small Intestine
    These fats are found in red meat and processed meats, researchers say

  • Negative Cancer Messages Backfire With Blacks
    Positive approaches more likely to prompt minorities to get checked for disease, study says

  • Tests Could Predict Benefit From Cancer Drugs
    Markers in blood or tumor tissue may help those fighting colon, lung or pancreatic malignancies

  • Statins Lower Risk of Clots in Cancer Patients
    Study found those who took them were less likely to get venous thromboembolism

  • Colon Cancer Drug Won't Help Those With Certain Gene Mutation
    People with changes in K-ras gene won't benefit from cetuximab, study finds

  • Cancer Screenings for Medicaid Patients Miss Targets
    Only about half receive recommended tests for colon, breast, cervical disease, study finds

  • Metabolic Syndrome Raises Colon Cancer Risk 75%
    Finding suggests need for more careful screening for these patients, researcher says

  • New DNA Stool Testing Spots More Colon Cancers
    Study found it detected twice as many malignancies, serious precancerous polyps

  • Gene Could Link Obesity, Colon Cancer
    Variant is tied to a fat hormone, adiponectin, study finds

  • Blacks at Greater Risk of Precancerous Colon Polyps
    Difference is most pronounced among black women, study finds

  • Virtual Colonoscopy Effective for Average Risk People
    Regular colonoscopy's long-term value is also confirmed, studies report

  • Immune System Biomarkers May Predict Early Lung Cancer
    Method could prove effective in identifying other common types of disease, study says

  • Colon Cancer Oncogene Discovered
    CDK8 is frequently amplified in these malignancies, study finds

  • Colon Cancer Treatments Need Improvements
    More lymph nodes should be checked, and follow-up care should be more frequent, studies find

  • HRT Drug Boosts Stroke Risk in Older Women
    Tibolone should not be used by those 60 and older, study says

  • Exercise Lowers Risk of Colon Cancer
    But not all doctors informing patients of this simple preventive approach, study says

  • Cannabis-Linked Cell Receptor Might Help Prevent Colon Cancer
    Findings may serve as new path for better treatment of disease, study suggests

  • Colon Cancer Screening Rates Remain Low
    Only half of Americans over 50 tested; education, insurance play role, group says

  • Protein Thought to Promote Cancer Does Opposite
    Study finds it functions as a tumor suppressor instead

  • Men Often Not Told of Severity of Wife's Cancer
    Study finds almost 40% say docs never said condition was terminal until near death

  • Social, Health Care Factors Drive Colon Screen Disparities
    Economic status, access and language barriers affect who goes for tests, study concludes

  • Vaccine Stops Colon Cancer's Spread in Mice
    Experimental shot targets the gut's immune system

  • Poorer Patients Have Poorer Survival After Cancer Diagnosis
    Less affluent individuals had more advanced disease and were less likely to receive needed treatment

  • Vitamin D May Promote Colon Cancer Survival
    But debate continues on whether the nutrient should be recommended for patients

  • Primary Tumors Fuel Growth of Cancer Cells
    Finding suggests interception of this signal may thwart metastases, study says

  • DNA Coding May Make Bowel Prone to Cancer
    'Addicted' cells provide early diagnosis; diet could affect changes, study says

  • Researchers Update Risk-of-Death Charts
    Authors hope it will encourage disease/prevention efforts

  • Family History Plays Role in Black Colon Screen Rates
    Reason unclear, but study says doctor recommendation key to higher participation

  • Family History Might Improve Odds Against Colon Cancer
    Fewer deaths, recurrences seen in those who had relatives with disease, study finds

  • Smokers With Colon Cancer Face High Recurrence Risk
    The earlier in life a patient started, the greater the risk, study finds

  • Erbitux Works Well for Two-Thirds of Colon Cancer Patients
    Study finds those with normal version of particular gene respond well to targeted therapy

  • Repeat Colonoscopies Underused in High-Risk Patients
    Other research found traditional colonoscopy still better than virtual version

  • Radiation for Prostate Cancer Raises Risk of Other Cancers
    Study finds slightly elevated chance of bladder, colorectal and lung malignancies

  • Outcomes Similar for Laparoscopic, Open Colon Cancer Surgeries
    Study finds mortality and survival rates equal for both procedures

  • Not All Colon Cancer Patients Need Chemotherapy: Study
    DNA mismatch in some early stage cases makes therapy of little benefit, shortens survival

  • Black Rectal Cancer Patients Less Likely to Get Chemo, Radiation
    See oncologists as often as whites, researchers not sure why different choices of treatment follow

  • Protein May Trigger Colon Cancer
    Excessive levels turn harmless polyps cancerous, study shows

  • New Targets Found That Stop Tumor Growth
    Blocking blood vessel formation has already worked against breast, colon cancers

  • Medicare Costs Soar for Cancer Care
    Expenditures will continue to rise as the population ages, experts say

  • Many Cancer Survivors Are Overweight and Sedentary: Study
    This, despite research that says proper diet and exercise can keep disease from recurring

  • Space Radiation a Risk for Astronauts
    Risk of colon cancer, premature aging poses worries for manned missions to moon, Mars

  • Women's Awareness of Cancer Risk Linked to Race, Ethnicity
    Study finds these factors influence how likely they are to undergo screenings

  • New Drug Duo Helps Cut Colon Cancer Risk
    And cancer drug Sutent may slow liver cancer progression, scientists report

  • Food as Medicine?
    Caffeine, green tea, tart cherries may fight MS, cancer and heart disease, studies suggest

  • Did Medicare Reimbursement Changes Affect Prostate Cancer Treatment?
    Study suggests a link between less drug therapy and more surgical castration

  • Patient Navigators Boost Colon Screens in Urban Minorities
    Personal interventions cut no-show rates 30%, study finds

  • 'Nanomachine' Releases Anticancer Drugs Inside Cells
    In response to light, its pores let loose chemicals targeting disease

  • Health Tip: Get Screened for Cancer
    Here are tests you should have

  • High-Risk Blacks Less Likely to Get Colonoscopies
    Those with family history are referred less often than whites, study finds

  • Obese Women Less Likely to Be Tested for Some Cancers
    Study finds they're not getting needed screenings for breast and cervical tumors

  • Combo Treatment Ups Survival When Cancer Spreads to Abdominal Lining
    Studies found it made difference when disease moved from colon, appendix

  • Doctors See How Cancer Drug Can Damage Kidneys
    But the finding shouldn't keep physicians from using Avastin, researchers say

  • Non-Polyp Colon Lesions Hard to Detect
    These flat growths are relatively common and tend to be cancerous, study finds

  • Earlier Colon Cancer Screens Urged for Smokers
    Study finds tobacco users diagnosed almost 7 years earlier than nonsmokers

  • Cancer Death Rates Still Declining
    But report notes rate of decrease slowed from 2004 to 2005, with 5,424 more deaths

  • Timely Cancer Diagnosis Linked to Insurance Status
    Uninsured, those on Medicaid more likely to be diagnosed with advanced cancers, American Cancer Society reports

  • Obesity Raises Cancer Risk
    British study details differences between genders, ethnic groups

  • Natural Secretion Marks Difference Between Ordinary Mole and Melanoma
    IGFBP7 protein may prove a targeted treatment for metastatic cancers, study suggests

  • MicroRNAs May Predict Colon Cancer Prognosis
    This genetic material shows early promise for diagnosing, treating tumors

  • New Colon Cancer Test Might Spot Trouble Earlier
    That and other findings reported at symposium on gastrointestinal cancers

  • Colon Cancer Gene Traced to Arrival in United States
    Researchers studied two families to find couple who brought the mutation here in the 1630s

  • Uninsured More Likely to Die From Cancer Following Diagnosis
    Report finds they're less likely to get screening tests, so have advanced disease

  • High Meat Consumption Linked to Heightened Cancer Risk
    U.S. study finds the more red meat and processed meat you eat, the higher the risk

  • Most Medicare Recipients Ignore Colorectal Cancer Screening
    Only one-quarter seek lifesaving tests, new research find

  • Obesity, Diabetes Linked to Cancers
    Studies find effects on breast, prostate and colorectal tumors

  • Green Tea, Fruit Extracts Touted as Potential Cancer Fighters
    Preliminary research shows promise against colorectal, prostate and oral tumors

  • Night Shift Work May Heighten Risk for Cancer
    Expert panel to add it to list of 'probable' causes of malignancy

  • Genes May Explain Role of Race in Colon Cancer Risk
    Differences in a key piece of DNA seem important, scientists say

  • Excess Pounds Raise Women's Cancer Risk
    Obesity linked to a range of tumor types, studies find

  • Survey Finds Many Women Misinformed About Cancer
    Deaths rates could be cut with more testing and early detection

  • U.S. Women's Health Care Still Falls Short: Report
    11 states as well as District of Columbia receive failing grades

  • Initial Colonoscopy Key to Cancer Detection
    It's more valuable than follow-up screenings, study finds

  • U.S. Cancer Death Rate Continues to Fall
    Report finds a doubling of the rate of decline over past decade

  • Experts Offer Answers on Colonoscopy Options
    A newer 'virtual' model is challenging the traditional method

  • 'Virtual' Colonoscopy an Effective Option: Study
    The screen uses CT scans and is performed without anesthesia

  • Fruits, Veggies Won't Lower Colon Cancer Risk
    Study finds no link, but these foods do fight other health woes, experts say

  • Fecal Blood Tests Effective at Spotting Colon Cancer
    But they are underused, experts say

  • 1 in 12 Outpatient Visits Is for Prevention: Study
    They include cholesterol checks, gynecologic care and cancer screening

  • Study Links Coronary Disease, Colon Cancer
    Higher incidence of malignancies found in heart patients

  • Doctors' Office Outreach Boosts Colon Cancer Screening
    Simple methods significantly raise exam rate, study finds

  • Experts Compare Colon Cancer Treatment Outcomes
    Review of studies shows big survival gains

  • Education Linked to Cancer Death Rates
    Socioeconomic status and access to health care may explain the connection

  • Direct Anesthetic Infusion Helps Colorectal Cancer Patients
    Ropivacaine helped control postoperative pain, cut recovery time, study finds

  • Health Tip: Before a Colonoscopy
    Follow instructions to ensure a successful procedure

  • Coloring Compound in Fruits, Veggies May Cut Colon Cancer Risk
    Lab tests show altering anthocyanin molecules could lead to new treatments, study says

  • Healthy Lifestyle Key To Cancer Prevention
    Obesity, tobacco cause half of all cancers, presidential panel says

  • Healthy Diet Guards Against Return of Colon Cancer
    Patients who ate high-fat foods were three times more likely to see recurrence of disease, study finds

  • Red Meat, Dairy Nutrient May Raise Colon Cancer Risk
    Choline linked to increased polyp growth in women, study found

  • Hormones Might Help Treat Colon Cancer
    Study suggests loss of specific chemicals drives the disease

  • No Evidence Tomatoes, Lycopene Cut Cancer: FDA
    The agency lays out details behind its decision to bar health claims

  • Study Compares Colon Cancer Drug Regimens
    Starting off with single agent works as well as combo approach, experts say

  • Genetically Altered Cold Sore Virus Fights Cancer
    Herpes simplex strain showed no side effects in early trial, study says

  • Prostate Cancer Gene Also Raises Colon Cancer Risk
    It's the first example of DNA spurring more than one cancer type, scientists say

  • Study Probes Whether Diet Can Cut Colon Cancer Risk
    Trial to compare Mediterranean diet with U.S. Healthy People 2010 guidelines

  • Higher Screening Rates Credited With Drop in Colorectal Cancer
    But not enough people are being tested for the easily preventable disease, experts say

  • Disagreement With Doctor on Health Hurts Cancer Patients
    Those with advanced lung, colon cancers more likely to die if disconnect exists, study found

  • Folic Acid Supplements Don't Reduce High-Risk Colon Cancers
    Opposite may be true -- extra folate may increase risk of the disease, study finds

  • Breakthrough Liver Cancer Treatment Found
    Successful test results of 1st drug to prolong life presented at cancer meeting

  • Healthy Diet, Exercise Might Lower Chances of Cancer's Return
    The former fought colon cancer recurrence, the latter lowered insulin levels in breast cancer survivors

  • Experience Counts in Colonoscopy: Study
    Doctors become proficient at about 150 procedures, researchers say

  • Aspirin May Keep Colon Cancer Away
    But the drug doesn't protect against all forms of the disease, study finds

  • Daily Aspirin May Reduce Colon Cancer Risk
    But 300-milligram dose used in study comes with dangers, experts warn

  • Social, Health Care Factors Make Colon Cancer Deadlier for Blacks
    They have poorer cancer screening, treatment, study suggests

  • Cheaper, Easier Virtual Colonoscopy Could Boost Detection
    It wouldn't replace invasive technique, however, experts say

  • Cancer Biomarkers Could Help Guide Treatment
    New blood or biopsy tests predict patients' response to therapy, experts say

  • Daily Aspirin May Reduce Cancer Risk
    But the high dose needed brings its own dangers, experts warn

  • Periodic Health Checkups Boost Cancer Screening Rates
    Regular visits tripled likelihood of colon or prostate tests, study finds

  • Blueberries May Help Curb Colon Cancer
    The antioxidant-rich food cut precancerous lesions in rats

  • Gene Identified That May Fight Colon Cancer
    Findings in mice could lead to new targeted tumor treatments, study suggests

  • Lymph Nodes Crucial to Colon Cancer Care
    Examining them helps guide treatment, and study suggests doctors could do more

  • Aspirin, NSAIDs Won't Prevent Colorectal Cancer: Study
    U.S. task force recommendation says potential harm outweighs benefits

  • Rheumatoid Arthritis Boosts Cancer Death Risk: Study
    Researchers urge further investigation into targeted therapies to improve survival rate

  • Improved Stool-Based Test Could Boost Colon Cancer Screening
    It's more accurate, and patients don't need to change diet beforehand

  • Study Sheds Light on Genetics of Colorectal Cancer
    Mutation can be passed from mother to child, researchers report

  • Race, Income Barriers to Colon Cancer Screening
    Medicare study shows big differences by ethnicity and state

  • Vitamin D Studies Show Promise for Reducing Cancers
    Certain doses of supplements may prevent half of breast, two-thirds of colorectal cases

  • Health Tip: Having Endoscopy?
    What's involved

  • Aging Population Is Boosting Europe's Cancer Rate: Study
    Antismoking campaigns and other efforts can slow the trend, experts say

  • Health Tip: About Colon Polyps
    Most are benign, but should be tested for cancer

  • Cancer Deaths for Blacks Remain High
    Despite overall decline since the 1990s, report says more focus, education is needed

  • Scientists ID Genes That Lose Expression in Solid Tumors
    Discovery could form the basis for a new, early detection screen, study says

  • Insurance Doesn't Cure Health-Care Disparities
    Blacks with colon cancer still have worse outcomes, study finds

  • Medicare Coverage of Colorectal Screening Helps Early Detection
    More patients diagnosed at preliminary, highly treatable stage

  • Colonoscopies Should Last at Least 6 Minutes
    Study shows higher detection rate with longer exams

  • Combined Imaging Improves Colorectal Cancer Diagnosis
    Computer tomography and positron emission tomography at once benefits patients, study finds

  • Colon Cancer Vaccine Shows Promise
    Scientist used an antibody from a cancer-resilient patient

  • Health Tip: Reduce Your Chances of Colon Cancer
    If you're at greater risk, get screened

  • New Links Detailed Between Diet, Cancer Risk
    Benefits seen for soy in women, fish in men, vitamin E-rich foods in male smokers

  • Colon Cancer Screening Rates Rising
    But VA study finds colonoscopy's share of screening is on the decline

  • Men Face Higher Colon Cancer Risk
    But the finding is no reason to screen women later, experts say

  • Curry Ingredient May Help Fight Alzheimer's
    Curcumin spurs immune cells to 'eat up' brain plaques, early study shows

  • Colon Cancer Screening Is Saving Lives
    One study shows a real decline in deaths, another suggests 10-year colonoscopy interval is safe

  • Red Wine May Cut Risk of Colorectal Cancer
    No protective effect found for white wine, study concludes

  • Grape Seed May Be a Cancer Fighter
    In mouse study, extract shrank colon tumors by 44 percent

  • Vectibix Treats Colorectal Cancer That's Spread
    Drug can slow or stop growing tumors

  • New Tools to Predict Genetic Risk for Colorectal Cancer
    The target is Lynch syndrome, the most common hereditary form of the disease

  • Scientists Map Genetic Codes for Breast, Colon Cancers
    Step lays groundwork for better, targeted treatments, experts say

  • Celebrex Has 'No Role' Against Colon Cancer
    It helps prevent polyps but doubles users' heart dangers, two studies find

  • Curry May Help Prevent Colon Cancer
    Chemicals in popular spice decreased polyp sizes, study finds

  • Targeted Methods Boost Minority Colon Cancer Screening
    More Chinese-Americans got the test when informed in their own language

  • Holocaust Survivors at Higher Long-Term Cancer Risk
    The deprivation they faced is probably to blame, researchers say

  • Genetic Screening Model Identifies Colon Cancer Risk
    It can also guide treatment for those already diagnosed with the disease, study says

  • Do-It-Yourself Medicine Makes Inroads
    New tests enhance self-screening, improve management of chronic conditions

  • Better Lymph Node Analysis May Improve Colon Cancer Treatment
    Study shows it can help patients avoid unnecessary therapies

  • Technology May Bring Kinder, Gentler Colonoscopy
    Computer guidance and better sedation could lessen discomfort, experts say

  • Colonoscopy Benefits Last Longer Than Thought
    Study finds the screen may protect more than the recommended 10-year interval

  • Key Factors Spur Older Cancer Patients to Quit Chemo
    Colon cancer study cites frailty, lack of support as important to this decision

  • Low Folate Levels Could Cut Colon Cancer Risk
    The surprising finding has experts urging caution

  • Better Minority Cancer Screening a Phone Call Away
    Reminding women it's time for mammogram or Pap smear works, experts say

  • Colonoscopy Still Best Defense Against Colorectal Cancer
    A healthy lifestyle helps, but regular screens are 'gold standard,' experts say

  • Scientists Seek Cancer's Early Warning Signs
    A number of efforts could yield real rewards

  • Celebrex Might Protect Against Colon Cancer
    Lowered incidence of precancerous lesions found in two studies

  • Smoking, Drinking Linked to Early Onset of Colorectal Cancer
    Finding suggests need for some people to be screened before age 50, researchers say

  • Antidepressants May Fight Colorectal Cancer
    Study finds lower incidence in people taking SSRI drugs

  • New Pill Cleanses Bowel Before Colonoscopy
    For people who can't tolerate liquid preparations

  • Colon Cancer Screening Saves Lives
    During Colorectal Cancer Awareness Month, experts are urging Americans to get tested

  • Health Tip: Colonoscopy Can Detect Early Signs of Cancer
    Here's what you'll have to do

  • Targeting Liver Extends Metastatic Colon Cancer Survival
    Delivery system pumps drug directly to the organ, researchers say

  • Health Tip: Rare Condition Predisposes People to Cancer
    Risk of colorectal cancer as high as 80 percent

  • Exercise May Not Shield Women from Colorectal Cancer
    Study finds no link, but more research could still show a benefit, experts say

  • Calcium, Vitamin D Won't Protect Older Women From Fracture
    Daily supplements won't shield this group from colon cancer, either, study finds

  • Low-Fat Diets Don't Protect Postmenopausal Women
    Trio of studies found no effect on risk of breast and colon cancer, or heart disease

  • Cancer Screening Rates Remain Unchanged
    Despite effective tests, not enough people are taking advantage of them, report finds

  • Hysterectomy Reduces Cancer Odds for High-Risk Women
    Those with Lynch syndrome may benefit from removal of uterus and ovaries, study reports

  • New Screening Combo May Improve Colorectal Cancer Testing
    It can often eliminate need for colonoscopy, researchers say

  • Cholesterol Drugs Don't Prevent Colon Cancer
    Two studies douse hopes for statins pulling double duty

  • Vitamin D May Prevent Some Cancers
    But many blacks, elderly aren't getting enough, study suggests

  • Aggressive Immune Response Helps Colorectal Cancer Patients
    The discovery may lead to more effective treatments, researchers say

  • Fiber May Not Protect Against Colorectal Cancer
    The largest study ever found no reduced risk

  • More Colon Cancer Patients Get Chemotherapy
    But one-third are still missing out on the therapy, study finds

  • Laser Surgery Effective for Liver Cancer, Research Shows
    But not all surgeons agree the method is as good a standard surgery

  • Computer Detection Improves Virtual Colonoscopy
    Researchers spotted 89.3 percent of patients with polyps 10 millimeters or larger

  • Radiation Therapy Raises Hip Fracture Risk
    Women receiving the treatment for pelvic cancers need monitoring, experts say

  • Enzyme Might Be Culprit in Skin Cancer's Spread
    Helps tumor cells move around body; finding could lead to therapies, experts say

  • Diabetes Raises Colon Cancer Risk
    Findings highlight the need for proper colorectal screening in diabetics

  • Young Blacks at Higher Colon Cancer Risk
    They're also more prone to tough-to-spot right-sided cancers, researchers report

  • Women More Prone to Tobacco-Linked Colon Cancer
    And a second study finds colonoscopy safely benefits patients over 70

  • Chewing Gum Speeds Surgery Recovery
    Patients who chewed went home a day earlier after colon operation

  • Gene Discovery Could Broaden Cancer Research
    Rearranged genes may help trigger many malignancies, experts say

  • Oxygen Reduces Risk of Wound Infection
    The higher the mixture, the lower the likelihood of problems, study finds

  • Blood Test Might Spot Colon Cancer
    It may prove a less invasive screening option for those at risk, experts say

  • Colonscopy Not Advised for Sick Elderly
    Study finds its risks may outweigh potential benefits

  • Doctor-Focused Colorectal Screening Campaign Fails
    Despite outreach, physicians exposed to the program didn't raise patient screening rates

  • Common Gene Variant May Help Spur Cancer
    Nearly 14 percent of Americans carry the TGFBR1*6A gene type, experts say

  • Health Tip: Prevent Colon Cancer
    Suggestions to minimize your risk

  • Gene Defect Could Cause Colon Cancer
    Testing for the defect might pinpoint those at higher risk, researchers say

  • Long-Term Aspirin Use Cuts Colorectal Cancer Risk, But ...
    The finding comes with a warning: it can also cause gastrointestinal bleeding

  • Fiber Guards Against Colon Cancer
    Eating recommended amount could reduce risk by as much as 40 percent

  • Study Finds Virtual Colonoscopy Spots More Than Colon Cancer
    But experts disagree over the value of the technology

  • Many New Yorkers Skip Colon Cancer Screening
    Findings may reflect national trends, researchers say

  • No Evidence Calcium Fights Colon Cancer
    It does seem to reduce benign polyps, however

  • Less-Invasive Colon Surgery May Be Safer
    Study finds lower risk of post-operative complications with laparoscopic technique

  • Sigmoidoscopy Helps Catch Colon Cancer
    High acceptance and strong detection rates make test worthwhile, study finds

  • Little Radiation Threat From 'Virtual Colonoscopy'
    It uses CT scanning to visualize length of colon

  • Oral Chemotherapy Drug an Option for Colon Cancer
    Study finds it's effective and well-tolerated among those with advanced disease

  • Hispanics, Blacks at Raised Colon Cancer Risk
    U.S. minorities more prone to advanced disease than whites, study finds

  • Keyhole Surgery Works with Colon Cancer
    Less invasive technique effective, with faster recovery time, less pain

  • Folk Remedy, Food Spice May Fight Cancer
    Scientists embark on major study of propolis and turmeric

  • Gene-Modified Virus Targets Tumor Cells
    It extended survival of patients with metastatic colon cancer

  • Science Finds New Class of Cancer Genes
    They have links to lymphomas, colorectal tumors

  • Non-Surgical Treatment Boosts Liver Cancer Survival
    Ablation therapy uses needle to destroy inoperable tumors

  • Shark Cartilage Fails as Cancer Therapy
    In new trial, many patients dropped out early because of side effects

  • Statins May Help Prevent Colon Cancer
    Promising results for cholesterol-lowering drugs in observational study

  • Colon CT Scans as Accurate as Colonscopy
    They might give patients a more comfortable, less invasive option

  • Obesity Ups Risk for Colon, Throat Cancers
    Staying trim can help reduce the odds, researchers say

  • Colonoscopy Beats Sigmoidoscopy in Women
    Extensive procedure finds more precancerous polyps, study finds

  • Colonoscopy Can Miss Some Cancers
    Study finds specialists are best at spotting malignancies

  • Lifestyle Changes Can Curtail Cancer's Return
    Studies find low-fat diets fight breast cancer; aspirin does same against colon cancer

  • Steady Gains Made Against Digestive Cancers
    Researchers tweaking chemotherapy regimens with good results

  • 'Keyhole' Surgery Found Effective for Colorectal Cancer
    But there are a limited number of qualified surgeons for the small-incision procedure

  • Silencing a Key Cancer Gene
    Technique suppresses mutations found in one-third of tumors

  • Online Tool Checks Need for Cancer Screening
    Cancer Society's 'Great American Health Check' launched this week

  • Stars Light the Way to Cancer Screening
    Celebrity-driven campaigns spurring rise in colon, breast, prostate exams

  • Vitamin B6 Cuts Colon Cancer Risk
    High daily intake reduced odds by 58 percent, study found

  • Gene Screen Could Spot Those at Colon Cancer Risk
    About 2% of cases are linked to familial mutation, study finds

  • Genetic Defect Calls for Colon Cancer Screening
    Risk lower in those with familial risk minus the mutation, study finds

  • Turning Fearsome Viruses Into Cancer Foes
    Scientists are using herpes, measles bugs to destroy malignant cells

  • Painkillers May Protect Against Colon Cancer
    Celebrex, combined with cholesterol drug, worked on lab animals

  • Health Tip: Colon Polyps
    Smoking increases risk of precancerous growths

  • in Helps Control Cancer's Spread
    Brain tumor discovery may help fight other malignancies

  • Black Women Need to Guard Against Colon Cancer
    Group says it's second most common cancer among this group

  • Radiation for Prostate Cancer May Make Rectal Cancer More Likely
    Overall risk for rectal tumors remains low, however

  • Healthy Change, Early Screening Can Cut Cancer Rates
    Cancer Society report finds some successes, many challenges

  • Cake, Candles and Colon Cancer Screening
    American Cancer Society offers birthday e-reminders to those over 50

  • Colonoscopy: Too Much of a Good Thing?
    Some people get checked too often, while others are reluctant to be screened

  • Primary Care Office Strategies May Boost Colon Cancer Screening
    Simple steps heightened patient awareness of need for testing, study finds

  • Blood Compound Won't Predict Colon Cancer Risk
    C-reactive protein fails to meet expectations, study finds

  • Compound Could Stop Cancer Growth
    It might prove effective against a third of malignancies, discoverers say

  • Gene May Be New Cancer Treatment Target
    Blocking action of MTHFR gene shrank tumors in mice

  • Virtual Colonoscopy Is Less Invasive But Less Reliable
    Studies suggest the technique still needs refinement

  • U.S. Adults Still Not Colon Cancer-Savvy
    More are familiar with American Idol than their risk for the disease, survey finds

  • More Can Be Done to Stop Colon Cancer
    American Cancer Society urging better prevention, wider screening

  • Viruses are Vaccines' New Anti-Cancer Weapon
    They prime the immune system to attack malignant cells, scientists say

  • Health Tip: The Ins and Outs of Colonoscopy
    Know what to expect

  • Lung, Colon Cancers Major Killers in Europe
    Over 1.7 million Europeans died from cancer in 2004, report finds

  • Coffee Cuts Liver Cancer Risk
    And decaf reduces colorectal cancer risk, another study finds

  • Screening Technique Helps Spot Bladder Cancer Early
    Urine test relies on cancer-linked protein marker

  • Birth Weight Linked to Cancer Risk
    Big babies have higher rate of breast cancer, certain others, in adulthood, study suggests

  • Drug Combo Extends Colon Cancer Survival
    Avastin plus three other agents effective against advanced disease

  • New Colon Cancer Marker Found
    Levels of molecule may predict severity of disease and survival, researchers say

  • Single Fecal Test Inadequate for Detecting Colon Cancer
    Doctors not using more accurate six-sample home method enough

  • Steady Diet of Red Meat Increases Colon Cancer Risk
    People who consumed a lot over long period of time upped chances by 50 percent

  • Elderly Avoiding Colorectal Cancer Screening
    Many on Medicare don't seek help until symptoms appear, study shows

  • DNA Test for Colon Cancer a Mixed Bag
    Pricey test beats blood screen, but falls short of colonoscopy

  • Colonoscopy Bests CT Scans and X-rays
    Detects almost twice as many polyps as other procedures

  • Cheap Test Can Close Colorectal Screening Gap
    Fecal blood test can reach those other methods can't

  • Selenium May Reduce Colon Cancer Risk
    Study suggests but doesn't prove benefits of mineral

  • Colon Cancer Drug Wins Additional Approval
    OK to combine with chemo after tumor removal

  • Obese Women More Likely to Get Colorectal Cancer
    Face greater risk than obese men, study finds

  • Smoking Ups Risk of Colon Polyps
    Study finds chances three times greater than for nonsmokers

  • Virtual Colonoscopy Not Ready for Prime Time
    Despite advances, it still has radiation risks and accuracy problems, new study finds

  • Hispanics, Women Less Likely to Be Tested for Colon Cancer
    They skip screenings when not reminded by doctors, new study finds.

  • New 'Superaspirin' Prevents Colon Cancer in Mice
    And it works without causing gastrointestinal bleeding, study finds

  • Apple Skins Might Keep Colon Cancer Away
    Second study finds gout drug could offer similar benefits

  • Insulin Therapy Linked to Colorectal Cancer
    Duration of therapy may elevate risk, small study suggests

  • Vitamin Supplements May Boost Cancer Risk
    Study finds no protective effect against gastrointestinal tumors

  • Virtual Colonoscopy Gains Respect
    The imaging technique shows promise, but obstacles remain

  • Health Tip: Prevent Colorectal Cancer
    Get screened, even if you have no symptoms

  • Virtual Colonoscopy Shows Promise
    While not perfect, it could become key screening tool for cancer, researchers say

  • Cancer Drug Warning Won't Change Its Use
    Avastin advisory on side effects based on updated trial data

  • Doctors Doing Too Many Colonoscopies
    Confusing guidelines might be the reason why, study finds

  • Chemo Offers No Long-Term Survival Benefit for Colon Cancer
    But the drug regimens studied are no longer recommended by doctors

  • New Colorectal Cancer Drug Raises Hopes, Questions
    Doctors debate its effectiveness and cost

  • Milk Helps Prevent Colon Cancer
    A glass a day reduces risk, study finds