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  • Four Myths About Breast Cancer Debunked

  • Lose Excess Pounds, Lower Breast Cancer Risk?

  • Breast Cancer Screening Just May Save Your Life

  • Could Diet Affect Breast Cancer Risk?

  • Alzheimer's Gene Tied to 'Chemo Brain' in Breast Cancer Survivors

  • Therapeutic Vaccine Shows Promise Against a Range of Cancers

  • Patients Want Breast Cancer Costs Upfront

  • Most People Don't Know if They Have Genetic Risk for Cancer

  • Breast Cancer Treatment Adherence Rates Vary by Race

  • Chemo for Lung Cancer May Trigger Early Menopause, Study Finds

  • Bills Mount for Breast Cancer Survivors

  • Genetic Testing for Cancer Lacking for Women on Medicare: Study

  • Breast Cancer Drug Promising in Phase 3 Trial

  • Gene Test Predicts Risk of 5 Common Diseases

  • Lack of Exercise Can Boost Cancer Risk

  • Triple-Negative Breast Cancer Genes ID'd

  • Heart Monitoring a Must for Breast Cancer Patients on Herceptin

  • For Women Worldwide, Lung Cancers Rise as Breast Cancers Decline

  • 3-Pronged Approach to Cancer Prevention

  • Magnetic System Approved for Guiding Lymph Biopsies

  • Many Struggle With High Cost of Breast Cancer Care

  • Could an Early Supper Lower Breast, Prostate Cancer Risk?

  • Health Tip: Travel Tips For Women With Breast Prosthesis

  • Surgeons Make the Call on Gene Tests for Breast Cancer Patients

  • Could More Vitamin D Help Prevent Breast Cancer?

  • Flight Attendants Show Higher Cancer Risks

  • Study Confirms Denser Breasts Are More Prone to Cancer

  • More Body Fat Might Lower Odds of Breast Cancer in Younger Women

  • When Reconstructing a Breast, Patient's Own Tissue Is Best

  • Breakthrough Therapy Seems to Rid Woman of Advanced Breast Cancer

  • Experimental Drug Shows 'Modest' Benefit in Slowing Advanced Breast Cancer

  • Gene Test May Allow Many With Early Breast Cancer to Avoid Chemo

  • Many Breast Cancer Survivors Not Getting Needed Mammograms

  • Heavier Women May Face Higher Cancer Risks, Study Finds

  • Low-Fat Diet Tied to Better Breast Cancer Survival

  • U.S. Cancer Death Rate Declines Again, But Prostate Cancer Incidence Rises

  • Breast Cancer Patients May Shorten Herceptin Regimen: Study

  • Device Might Detect Breast Cancer-Linked Swelling Sooner

  • Earlier Mammograms May Mean Less Need for Aggressive Treatments

  • Breast Cancer Prognosis May Be Worse If Diagnosis Follows 'Negative' Mammogram

  • Breast Cancer Genes a Real Risk for Men, Too

  • How a False Alarm Affects Future Cancer Screenings

  • Could a Tattoo Someday Spot Your Cancer?

  • Busting Myths Surrounding Cancer and Genetic Testing

  • As Mammograms Became Widespread, Breast Tumor Size Shrank

  • Breast Symptoms at Mammogram May Raise Future Cancer Risk

  • Genetic Testing Underused in Breast Cancer Patients: Study

  • Cutting Chemo Heart Risks for Breast Cancer Patients

  • Breast Cancer Screening Guidelines May Miss Minorities

  • FDA Approves First Home Test for Breast Cancer Genes

  • Health Tips: Questions to Ask if You Have Breast Cancer

  • Friends' Experiences Sway Women's Choices on Breast Cancer Care

  • Race, Insurance Key to Employment After Breast Cancer Diagnosis

  • Breast Cancer Radiation Not as Bad as Many Fear

  • Newer Breast MRI May Be More Accurate and Easier

  • Family History of Breast Cancer Matters, Even for Older Women

  • Highly Processed Foods Tied to Higher Cancer Risk

  • Another Cancer Vaccine Shows Promise In Mice

  • Breast Cancer Treatment Can Be Tough on the Heart

  • Cancer Survival Rates Vary Across the World

  • Cancer 'Vaccine' Rids Body of Multiple Cancer Types -- in Mice

  • Extra Body Fat May Raise Breast Cancer Risk, No Matter Your Weight

  • Workouts May Boost Life Span After Breast Cancer

  • Obamacare Led to Rise in Breast Cancer Screening

  • The Pill Lowers Ovarian Cancer Risk, Even for Smokers

  • BRCA Breast Cancer Gene Doesn't Affect Patient Survival: Study

  • FDA Approves First Drug for Tumors Tied to Breast Cancer Genes

  • First Treatment Approved for Breast Cancer Caused by Specific Gene Mutation

  • Dissatisfaction With Breasts May Mean Fewer Self-Checks for Cancer

  • Screening, Treatment Cuts Breast Cancer Deaths in Half

  • Working Night Shift May Raise Women's Odds for Cancer

  • U.S. Cancer Deaths Steadily Dropping: Report

  • New Cancer Drug Shows Promise Against Wide Range of Tumors

  • Many With Early Breast Cancer Are Skipping Chemo

  • Will 'AI' Be Part of Your Health-Care Team?

  • Has Your Doc Been Touched by Breast Cancer? It Could Influence Care

  • Just a Little Weight Loss May Cut Breast Cancer Risk

  • Acupuncture May Ease Pain Tied to Breast Cancer Care

  • For Breast Cancer Patients, Less Time on Hormonal Meds?

  • New Breast Cancer Drug May Benefit Younger Women, Too

  • Birth Control Pill Tied to Slight Rise in Breast Cancer Risk

  • FDA Approves 'Biosimilar' Drug Ogivri for Breast, Stomach Cancers

  • Women Still Want Annual Mammograms

  • Heavier Women May Need Mammograms More Often

  • Diabetes May Be Driving High Rates of Breast Cancer in Black Women

  • Risk of Breast Cancer's Return Can Linger for Decades

  • Why Many Breast Cancer Patients Short-Circuit Their Treatment

  • Could a Common Blood Thinner Lower Cancer Risk?

  • Even Advanced Breast Cancer Patients Gain From Exercise

  • Liposuction May Ease Limb Swelling in Cancer Patients

  • Many High-Risk Women Skip MRI Breast Cancer Screenings

  • Joan Lunden's Breast Cancer Journey: 'You Feel So Vulnerable'

  • Textured Breast Implants Linked to Rare Cancer
    Researchers say many doctors and patients may be unaware of the risk

  • Health Tip: Protect Yourself Against Breast Cancer
    Here's what you can do

  • Cooling Mitts, Socks May Ease a Major Chemo Side Effect
    Nerve damage in limbs causes some to stop cancer treatment early

  • Weight-Loss Surgery May Curb Risk for Certain Cancers
    Endometrial and breast tumors were less likely among obese women who had the procedure

  • Could 'AI' Become a Partner in Breast Cancer Care?
    Artificial intelligence technology predicted 97 percent of malignancies in study

  • Breast Cancer More Lethal for Blacks Than Whites
    Higher death rate is largely due to insurance issues, but tumor types sometimes play a role, study finds

  • More Women Choose Breast Reconstruction After Mastectomy
    Report highlights dramatic increase, notable trends

  • Need Cancer Screening? Where You Work Matters
    Americans employed in smaller businesses often lack insurance coverage, study finds

  • Breast Cancer Screenings Still Best for Early Detection
    Newer treatments, early diagnoses are improving outcomes for women with the disease, experts say

  • Double Mastectomy May Mean a Hit to the Paycheck
    Aggressive surgery for breast cancer might cause women to miss over a month of work

  • How Breast Cancer Gene Mutations Raise Risk of Tumors
    New insight into BRCA1 could help assess women's chances for the disease, researchers say

  • Breast Cancer's Decline May Have Saved 322,000 Lives
    But advances in care may not have helped black women as much as whites, report finds

  • Verzenio Approved for Advanced Breast Cancer
    The most common cancer in the United States

  • Mastectomy Study Confirms 'Jolie Effect'
    Preventive breast cancer surgeries rose after the actress publicized her decision

  • Breast Cancer Radiation 'Less Scary' Than Thought
    Majority of patients report more tolerable experience than they expected

  • Yoga May Bring Better Sleep to Breast Cancer Patients
    As little as two times a week seemed to make a difference over long term

  • Surgeons Play Big Role in Women's Choices for Breast Cancer Care
    Those with cancer in one breast less likely to get both removed if doctor is reluctant, study finds

  • Managing Pain Can Be a Puzzle After Breast Cancer
    Women who take opioids are more likely to stop vital hormonal therapy, study finds

  • Obamacare Paid Off for Poorer Cancer Patients
    Health coverage surged in states that expanded Medicaid, research finds

  • 'Cancer Pen' Could Help Surgeons Spot Tumor Cells in Seconds
    Tool might one day allow more complete removal of malignant tissue, less time on operating table

  • Study Supports Annual Mammograms Starting at Age 40
    Researchers estimate thousands more U.S. lives would be saved each year

  • Could Urban Lighting Raise Breast Cancer Risk for Some Women?
    Study found link between ambient light and higher odds in young, smoking females, but more research needed

  • High-Cal Foods May Raise Cancer Risk in Women, Even Without Weight Gain
    Plant-based diet could help avoid malignancies, study suggests

  • Can a Blood Test Detect a Range of Cancers Earlier?
    Researchers move 'a step forward,' assessing DNA fragments for colon, breast, ovarian and lung tumors

  • Antiperspirant Use Seems Safe During Breast Cancer Treatment: Study
    Many doctors worry about skin damage during radiation, but new research found no such effect

  • Gum Disease May Be Linked to Cancer Risk in Older Women
    Esophageal, breast and lung cancer, among others, seen in postmenopausal women in large study

  • Breast-Feeding Lowers Mom's Breast Cancer Risk: Study
    It also reduces the child's future cancer risk, cancer institute reports

  • 'Nipple-Sparing' Mastectomies Don't Raise Odds of Cancer's Return: Study
    Research suggests that the cosmetically superior procedure comes with no added risk

  • Nerlynx Approved to Help Prevent Breast Cancer's Return
    Drug is designed to block cancer-fueling enzymes

  • Most Breast Cancer Patients Have Help Choosing Treatments
    Support system can be useful when weighing complex therapy options, study authors say

  • Many Women Mistaken on 'Side Effects' of Breast Cancer Drug
    Study shows that normal symptoms of menopause are often blamed on tamoxifen

  • New Microscope Scans Breast Tumors During Surgery
    The instrument examines cells in 3D and may cut down on repeat surgeries.

  • Medicaid Cuts Tied to Delayed Breast Cancer Diagnoses
    Tennessee's 2005 Medicaid rollback could forecast what might happen if GOP health plans become law, some say

  • Mammogram Decision Hinges on Patient-Doc Talk, Ob-Gyn Group Says
    Updated guidelines say average-risk women can start screening at age 40

  • Could Certain Hair Dyes, Relaxers Raise Breast Cancer Risk?
    Study findings differ by race, but one expert says they're inconclusive

  • When Is Risk Highest for Women With Breast Cancer Gene Mutations?
    Study narrows down peak times, possibly aiding in preventive treatment decisions

  • Asian Women Less Likely to Get Follow-up After Abnormal Mammogram
    Language, cultural barriers may prevent them from receiving needed care, study authors say

  • More Cancers Caught in Wealthy People
    Those with more money more likely to be screened, researchers report

  • Publicly Funded Cancer Trials Gained Americans 3 Million More Years
    Study looked at data stretching from 1956 and 2016

  • Pregnancy Doesn't Raise Odds for Breast Cancer's Return
    Research involving more than 1,200 survivors shows childbearing has no effect on recurrence

  • Drug Helps Fight Breast Tumors Tied to 'Cancer Genes'
    Lynparza may offer a new treatment for women with advanced BRCA-related disease, researchers say

  • Experimental Gene-Targeted Drug Hits Cancer Where It Lives
    But the gene flaw is rare, affecting less than 1 percent of typical cancers, researchers say

  • Is One Round of Radiation Enough for Spine Pain in Cancer Patients?
    Study suggests it works as well as a full week of treatments

  • Drug Xeloda Prolongs Survival for Some Breast Cancer Patients
    It cut risk of relapse, death by 30 percent over 5 years, trial found

  • 3 Key Lifestyle Factors Can Lower Breast Cancer Odds
    Stay trim, exercise and cut back on drinking, review findings suggest

  • Yoga, Meditation May Ease Some Breast Cancer Symptoms
    But study into alternative therapies didn't find evidence to support using dietary supplements

  • Too Many Americans Still Go Without Cancer Screenings
    Report shows uninsured had lowest rates of mammograms, Pap tests and colonoscopies

  • More Cancers Caught Early Since Obamacare
    Access to screening likely behind the boost, cancer experts say

  • More U.S. Women Living Longer With Advanced Breast Cancer
    Better treatments, aging population may explain promising trend, researchers say

  • Could Tai Chi Ease Insomnia in Breast Cancer Survivors?
    Study found it as effective as talk therapy for improving sleep and depression

  • Addressing Your Cancer Risk
    Rural areas a bit safer than urban ones; environmental threats seem key, study says

  • Low-Dose Aspirin May Lower Risk for Common Breast Cancer by 20 Percent
    But experts say it's too soon to recommend it for this purpose

  • Drinking Boosts Breast Cancer Risk for Black Women, Too
    Researcher suggests women think about lowering their alcohol intake if they're drinkers

  • Puberty's Onset May Depend on DNA
    British researchers zero in on genetic links between early puberty and increased cancer risk

  • Could Breast Milk Tests Replace Mammograms?
    Scientists hope to improve breast cancer screening of younger women

  • More Asian-American Women Getting Breast Cancer
    Out of 7 nationality groups studied, only Japanese women didn't have an overall increase in the disease

  • Misunderstood Gene Tests May Lead to Unnecessary Mastectomies
    Half of breast cancer patients who had both breasts removed unsure of genetic risk of more cancers: study

  • Mammogram Guidelines Have Changed, But Are Doctors Listening?
    Study finds that most still recommend the breast cancer screen for women in their early 40s

  • Can Smog Raise Breast Cancer Risk?
    Exposure to fine-particle air pollution linked to dense breast tissue, a risk factor for tumors, study finds

  • Gene Changes May Put Childhood Cancer Survivors at Risk
    1 in 4 kids who lived through cancer developed another cancer by age 45, study finds

  • Breast Cancer 'Immunotherapy' Helps Some With Tough-to-Treat Disease
    A minority of women with 'triple-negative' tumors responded to Tecentriq, but they responded well

  • Can Daily Low-Dose Aspirin Lower Cancer Death Risk?
    Large U.S. study points to the drug's potential tumor-fighting abilities

  • Survival Continues to Improve for Most Cancers
    Still, more progress is needed and racial disparities remain, U.S. report finds

  • Smokers May Be Prone to Risks From Breast Cancer Radiation Therapy
    Long-term chances of heart attack, lung cancer higher for women who light up, study finds

  • Preventive Mastectomy Rates Vary by State
    Among young women with early breast cancer, almost half from 5 states opt to have healthy breast removed

  • Many Women Who Get Breast Cancer Gene Test Don't Need It
    6 out of 10 screened weren't at high risk for the disease, researchers say

  • Young Cancer Survivors Can Face Higher Risk of Pregnancy Complications
    Findings emphasize the importance of counseling these women, before and during pregnancy

  • Is Radiation Therapy Overused in Breast Cancer Care?
    Shorter course less expensive, equally effective in certain patients, researchers say

  • Hodgkin Lymphoma Survivors Face Risk of Second Cancer: Study
    Those diagnosed at younger age or have a family history of cancer even more vulnerable

  • Soy Safe, Even Protective, for Breast Cancer Survivors
    Study of 6,200 women finds the food linked to lower risk of death after nearly a decade of follow-up

  • Bad Diet in Youth Might Raise Risk of Early Breast Cancer
    Study found an association, but didn't prove unhealthy foods caused disease

  • Another Study Ties Obesity to Certain Cancers
    Digestive organs may be hardest hit by too much weight, study suggests

  • Diagnostic Mammograms Find More Cancers, and More False-Positives
    Digital technology leads to 'marked improvement' in detection rates, radiology expert says

  • Prison Time Can Be Deadly … to Health
    Inmates at elevated risk of developing cancer, dying from their disease, study finds

  • Exercise a Powerful Ally for Breast Cancer Survivors
    Those who worked out were about 40 percent less likely to die from disease, review suggests

  • 'Cooling Caps' May Halt Chemo-Linked Hair Loss
    One of two trials was stopped early because results were so strong

  • Many Women Skip Mammograms After False-Positive Result
    But imaging experts stress that doing so may raise risk for actual breast cancer

  • Too Few High-Risk Women Tested for Breast Cancer Gene: Survey
    Only half got BRCA screen, and more than half of those who didn't said doctors never recommended it

  • Many Breast Cancer Survivors Don't Get Life-Extending Therapy
    Study estimates nearly 15,000 lives saved over decade if all who needed hormone treatment got it

  • Breast Density May Be Leading Indicator of Cancer Risk
    Study suggests it outweighs obesity and family history, but oncologists say more research is needed

  • Good News for Older Women With Early Form of Breast Cancer
    A diagnosis of DCIS doesn't lower life expectancy in patients over 50, study finds

  • Half Report Severe Side Effects From Breast Cancer Therapy
    Digestive troubles, pain, skin irritation and arm swelling among possible problems

  • U.S. Cancer Deaths Decline Over Three Decades
    But clusters of high death rates remain in some pockets of the country, study finds

  • When Loved One Has Breast Cancer, Partner Suffers, Too
    Anxiety is common even several years later, study finds

  • Could Grilled, Smoked Meats Lower Survival After Breast Cancer?
    Study can't prove cause and effect, but raises questions about beef, pork, lamb cooked at high temps

  • 'Chemo Brain' Lasts for Months in Many Breast Cancer Survivors
    Altered thinking must be acknowledged as 'one of the difficulties of treatment,' specialist says

  • Obamacare Boosts Breast Cancer Screening, Study Finds
    Waiving costs appears to improve mammography rates, but not colonoscopy, even among the poor

  • Study Casts More Doubt on Value of Mammograms
    1 in 3 women diagnosed with breast cancer had nonthreatening tumors, while number of advanced cases didn't change

  • U.S. Cancer Death Rates Continue to Fall: Report
    Researchers credit declines in smoking, better detection and treatment

  • Powerful Drug for Advanced Cancers May Need Less Frequent Dosing
    Patients whose disease has spread to bone can cut side effects tied to zoledronic acid, researchers report

  • Many With Breast Cancer Unnecessarily Choose Double Mastectomy: Study
    Removing healthy breast is unlikely to extend survival, but some doctors don't mention this, researchers say

  • Minority Women Less Likely to Get Breast Cancer Screening
    More study is needed to understand the disparity, researchers say

  • Beating Breast Cancer But Still Paying a Price
    Small study suggests few long-term survivors receive adequate symptom relief

  • Angelina Jolie's Mastectomies Tied to Rise in Genetic Testing
    But, researchers did not find a corresponding increase in breast removal surgeries

  • Loneliness May Sabotage Breast Cancer Survival: Study
    Weak social ties linked to higher risk of recurrence, early death, researchers report

  • Strength Training May Prevent Side Effect of Breast Cancer Surgery
    Women who worked out twice a week saw less swelling in arms and chest, small study finds

  • Breast Cancer Death Rates Vary Around the World
    Study found many countries seeing declines, but some Latin American nations, South Korea seeing increases

  • Could a Computer Someday Guide Breast Cancer Care?
    'Watson Oncology' agreed with doctors 90 percent of the time in many cases, study finds

  • Certain Breast Cancer Drugs Tied to Blood Vessel Damage
    But findings from small study are unlikely to change current practice, doctors say

  • 'Cold Caps' May Halt Hair Loss in Breast Cancer Patients: Study
    Devices reduce blood flow to hair follicles during chemotherapy treatments

  • Tamoxifen May Get Blamed for Unrelated Symptoms
    Perceived side effects might lead some to stop taking the breast cancer preventative, study finds

  • New Drug Combo Shows Promise Curbing Tough-to-Treat Breast Cancer
    New regimen helped women with metastatic, hormone-receptor positive disease in study

  • Taking Breast Cancer Prevention Drug Beyond 5 Years May Not Raise Survival
    Study found women who continued with letrozole did experience other benefits, however

  • Breast Cancer Cells May Change When They Spread to Brain: Study
    Finding might lead to better treatment, researchers say

  • Worldwide Cancer Rates Up More Than One-Third in Past Decade: Report
    Researchers cite population aging and growth

  • Never Too Old for a Mammogram?
    Researchers find benefits for some women up to the age of 90

  • Rural Appalachia Faces Growing Cancer Crisis, Research Shows
    It's the only region in the U.S. that hasn't made big progress in fighting the disease

  • Depressed Women Less Likely to Get Best Breast Cancer Care: Study
    Researchers aren't sure why, but urge doctors to monitor these patients carefully

  • New Drug May Brighten Outlook for Advanced Breast Cancer
    Palbociclib slows disease progression, study finds

  • Exercise Good for Cancer Patients During, After Treatment
    Studies show better physical function, quality of life for those who did strength training, aerobic activity

  • Sexual Pain for Women With Cancer Should Not Be Overlooked: Report
    Doctors should rule out physical causes before declaring discomfort is all in a patient's head, specialist says

  • Self-Exam of Breast Should Be Thorough
    Breast cancer expert offers step-by-step advice to ensure monthly exams are effective

  • Vitamin D May Affect Breast Cancer Survival
    Study link is strongest in women who have not entered menopause, researchers report

  • Intense Chemo Offers Little Benefit for Early Breast Cancer: Study
    U.S. cancer expert still sees role for the approach in certain patients

  • Breast, Cervical Cancer More Deadly in Developing Nations: Report
    But cost-effective treatments could improve access to care, researchers say

  • Gene Test May ID Chemo Patients at Risk of Clots: Study
    Venous thromboembolism is a serious complication of cancer treatment

  • Breast Reconstruction Worthwhile for Older Women: Study
    They had no greater risk of complications, benefited as much as younger breast cancer patients

  • Rates of Preventive Mastectomy Doubled in a Decade, and Fear Is a Factor
    Many patients also think it's the best treatment for breast cancer, study finds

  • Breast Cancer Deaths Continue to Decline in U.S.
    And the disparity between black and white women is narrowing, CDC says

  • Freeze Therapy: An Alternative to Breast Cancer Surgery?
    Cryoablation looks promising for small tumors, doctors say

  • Another Study Questions Mammography Screening
    But cancer and radiology specialists take issue with findings, say one study unlikely to change guidelines

  • Cost of Breast Cancer Chemo Varies Widely in U.S.
    Lower-priced options could save patients thousands of dollars, researchers say

  • More Evidence Tamoxifen, Other Meds Help Limit Breast Cancer's Spread
    6-year study finds follow-up therapy cuts survivors' risk for cancer in the other breast

  • Delaying Breast Reconstruction After Cancer May Raise Patients' Anxiety
    Coordinating surgeries might reduce levels of distress after mastectomy for breast cancer, researchers say

  • 3 Lifestyle Changes To Help Prevent Breast Cancer
    Healthy weight, regular exercise and less alcohol could cut incidence by one-third, cancer expert says

  • Knowing Their Breast Cancer Risk May Empower Teens
    Greater self-esteem noted in girls with family history of disease

  • More Hispanics Treated at Breast Cancer Center After Obamacare
    Enrollment in clinical trials also increased, study finds

  • 'Medical Tattoos' Help Hide Surgical Scars
    Pigments can restore more natural appearance that patients are happy with, study finds

  • Software Speeds Up Analysis of Breast Cancer Risk: Study
    Doctors were 30 times slower reading mammograms, researchers report

  • Tamoxifen OK for Breast Cancer Patients Without Uterine Abnormalities: Study
    Pretreatment ultrasounds may reassure women about their uterine cancer risk, researchers say

  • More Breast Cancer Patients Should Consider Radiation, New Guidelines Say
    Mastectomy patients with small tumors, fewer lymph nodes involved, benefit from the therapy, cancer experts agree

  • Obamacare Tied to Rise in Mammograms
    Research shows small uptick in Medicare patients who got screened for breast cancer

  • Study: Trained Experts Can Spot Breast Cancer in 'Blink of an Eye'
    Skilled radiologists see abnormalities immediately, and researchers want to learn how they do it

  • Two Genes Might Help Predict Breast Cancer Survival
    Research suggests that tracking DNA activity patterns may someday help women with certain tumor types

  • New Guidelines Set Safe Surgery Margins for Some Breast Cancers
    2 millimeters is enough to guard against recurrences while reducing need for additional surgeries

  • Cancer Survivors More Prone to Obesity, Study Finds
    Risk appears to be particularly high for people who had breast or colon cancer

  • Regular Exercise: Antidote for Deadly Diseases?
    High levels of physical activity linked to lower risk for two cancers, diabetes, heart disease and stroke

  • Sugary, High-Fat Western Diet Tied to Denser Breast Tissue
    Previous research has linked higher density to increased risk of breast cancer

  • Insurance, Distance Often Prevent Breast Reconstruction After Cancer
    Obstacles like these can keep women from getting the surgeries, study finds

  • Cancer Surgeons Advise Against Removal of Healthy Breast
    For most women, risk of disease in unaffected breast is low, group says

  • 'Ppl, I Have Breast Cancer'
    Many women found online support after their diagnosis, researchers find

  • IVF Won't Raise Risk for Breast Cancer
    New findings should reassure the many women who undergo the fertility procedure, specialists said

  • Even High-Fat Mediterranean Diet Good for You: Review
    Still protected against diabetes, heart disease and breast cancer

  • Wide Variation Seen in 'Dense' Breast Diagnoses
    Doctors may misjudge a woman's cancer risks as a result, researchers say

  • Weight Loss Might Reduce Cancer Risk: Study
    Corresponding drop seen in proteins that promote tumor growth

  • 'Liquid Biopsy' May Show Whether Cancer Drugs Are Working
    But research is still in early stages, experts note

  • Why Breast Cancer Survivors Should Exercise
    Moderate physical activity can ease stress that impairs memory, study suggests

  • Could Statins Help Fight Cancer?
    Study found an association -- but no proof -- of prolonged survival

  • Innovative Trials Produce Promising Breast Cancer Drugs
    Adaptive study design allows researchers to match medications to patients more quickly

  • Gene Tied to Breast Cancer Raises Uterine Cancer Risk Too
    Women with BRCA1 may want to consider preventive removal of uterus, researcher says

  • Smoking May Hinder Common Breast Cancer Treatment
    Cigarettes and drugs called aromatase inhibitors appear to be a bad mix, researchers say

  • Healthy Living Slashes Cancer Risk
    The 'good' life cuts tumor odds up to 45 percent and risk of cancer death up to 61 percent, study finds

  • Patient Positioning Might Hamper Accuracy of Breast MRI
    The scans are used to plan surgeries, but face-down position might introduce error, small study suggests

  • U.S. Black Women Get Less Care to Prevent Breast Cancer Return
    Genetic testing, risk-reducing surgery more likely for whites, Hispanics, study finds

  • Longer Use of Certain Drugs Cuts Recurrence for Breast Cancer Survivors
    Women who took an aromatase inhibitor for 10 years instead of 5 got added benefit, study found

  • Liquid Biopsy May Help Doctors Track Changes in Tumors
    Large study found it predicted when cancer DNA was mutating, could help tailor treatments to avoid drug resistance

  • Useless Treatments Common in Young, Terminal Cancer Patients
    3 in 4 get aggressive therapies with painful side effects in last months of their lives, study finds

  • Cheaper Breast Cancer Drug Does Well in Clinical Trial
    It has similar effectiveness, safety compared to Herceptin for HER2-positive disease

  • 'Smart Bomb' Targets Tough-to-Treat Breast Cancer
    Experimental approach doubles time to disease progression, experts find

  • Mindfulness Meditation Seems to Soothe Breast Cancer Survivors
    Six-week class reduced fear of recurrence, fatigue and anxiety, researchers report

  • Healthy Living May Offset Genetic Breast Cancer Risk
    Lifestyle may matter even more when your DNA is working against you, research shows

  • Common Abnormal Heart Rhythm Linked to Cancer Risk
    But study only found an association and doesn't prove that atrial fibrillation causes cancer

  • Fatty Foods During Teen Years May Influence Later Breast Cancer Risk
    Higher amounts of unhealthy fats tied to greater breast density, researchers suggest

  • Teens Who Eat Lots of Fruit May Lower Their Breast Cancer Risk: Study
    But second report found women who drink more alcohol over time might increase chances of disease

  • Many Breast Cancer Patients Try Alternative Medicine First: Study
    But delay in getting chemotherapy may lower odds of survival, researcher says

  • Could 'Breast Cancer Genes' Play Role in Prostate Cancer, Too?
    Multiple studies suggest they might

  • Smog May Boost Risk for Several Cancers
    Study finds even small increases in pollution raised overall odds of dying from disease by 22 percent

  • Nipple-Preserving Mastectomies Appear Safe for High-Risk Women: Study
    Preventive breast surgeries with nipple intact don't raise breast cancer risk, researchers report

  • Low-Dose Aspirin Tied to Better Cancer Survival in Study
    Improved odds seen for patients with colon, prostate or breast tumors, but research isn't definitive

  • Celebrity Cases May Help Spur Rise in Double Mastectomies
    Many women now think it's the best treatment for breast cancer, study suggests

  • Common Class of Breast Cancer Drugs May Not Trigger 'Chemo Brain': Study
    Anthracyclines are widely used, but new research finds no link between the meds and survivors' mental function

  • Breast Cancer Meds Won't Raise Chances of Heart Attack, Stroke, Study Suggests
    But there was a slightly increased risk of less serious heart problems

  • Breast Cancer Gene Might Lower Women's Fertility: Study
    The BRCA1 mutation may speed the aging of a woman's ovaries, researchers report

  • Many Breast Cancer Patients May Not Need Chemo: Study
    Genetic test can help doctors determine who can safely avoid treatment after surgery

  • Widely Used Type 2 Diabetes Drug May Reduce Cancer Death Risk
    Older women taking metformin saw a boost in survival, study suggests

  • Early Stage Breast Cancer Does Need Treatment, Study Finds
    Experts say surgery, not observation, is best for cancer confined to milk ducts

  • Low-Fat Diets May Help Older Women With Breast Cancer Survive Longer: Study
    A decade after diagnosis, there were 20 percent fewer deaths when compared to women in usual diet group

  • About Half of Women May Benefit From Mammograms at 40: Analysis
    Study puts new scrutiny on latest guidelines, which recommend screening can begin at age 45 or 50

  • Sugary Drinks, 'Bad' Carbs Tied to Breast, Prostate Cancers
    Preliminary study finds more reason to improve your diet

  • Evening Snacking Might Raise Odds for Breast Cancer's Return
    Women who fasted less than 13 hours had 36 percent higher risk of cancer recurrence, researchers say

  • Acupuncture May Ease Hot Flashes for Breast Cancer Patients
    Italian trial finds the therapy was also linked to better quality of life among women in the study

  • Mammograms May Also Help Spot Heart Disease, Study Suggests
    The breast screening test compared well to heart CT scans, researchers say

  • Race, Poverty May Affect Early Stage Breast Cancer Management
    Black and low-income patients less likely to undergo genetic testing, research shows

  • Exercise Doesn't Seem to Affect Breast Density
    Physical activity's positive effect on breast cancer stems from another cause, researchers suggest

  • Preventive Mastectomies Triple Among U.S. Women With Cancer in One Breast
    Patients increasingly opt to have the healthy breast removed, despite limited benefit, study says

  • Gene Test May Spare Some Breast Cancer Patients From Chemo
    Analysis can help women who won't benefit from additional treatment to avoid side effects, study says

  • Drug Duo May Rapidly Shrink Breast Tumors in Some Patients
    Researchers say combo therapy worked well for about 1 in 4 women with HER2-positive breast cancer

  • Diabetes Treatment May Affect Breast Density
    Women on insulin might need extra breast cancer screening, expert suggests

  • With Early Breast Cancer, Targeted Radiation Shows Promise
    Study finds limited radiotherapy effective after low-risk tumors are removed, but questions remain

  • Preventive Mastectomy May Not Boost Sense of Well-Being
    Over time, women reported similar states of mind with or without additional surgery, study finds

  • Women Often Overestimate Odds That Early Breast Cancer Will Return, Spread
    Misperceptions lead to worry that harms quality of life, researcher says

  • Estrogen for Vaginal Symptoms OK for Breast Cancer Survivors: Experts
    New recommendation is aimed at women who are fighting or have survived a hormone-linked tumor

  • Racial Gap in U.S. Cancer Deaths Is Narrowing: Report
    But black women still more susceptible to breast cancer, black men to colon cancer

  • More American Women Opting for Mastectomy, Study Finds
    Rate went up 36 percent between 2005 and 2013, researchers say

  • Researchers Pursue Clue Between Obesity, Breast and Pancreatic Cancer
    People with excess weight may have more of a potentially tumor-promoting substance, scientists say

  • 1 in 4 Breast Cancer Lumpectomies Requires Follow-Up Surgery
    Risk after breast-conserving operation is lower with 'high-volume' surgeons, researchers say

  • More Young Breast Cancer Patients Getting Gene Test
    New study finds nearly all women under 40 at diagnosis are opting for BRCA evaluation

  • Overactive Thyroid Linked to Breast Cancer Risk
    But researchers added that their study did not prove cause-and-effect

  • Is Fat From Another Area of Body Safe for Breast Reconstruction?
    Research shows this practice doesn't increase risk for new cancers or recurrence

  • Breast Cancer Survivors Vulnerable for Thyroid Tumors, and Vice Versa: Study
    Doctors, patients should know of increased risk, expert says

  • Meditation May Ease Pain, Anxiety From Breast Cancer Biopsy: Study
    Researchers also found music helps during the procedure

  • Girls Who Eat More Fiber May Face Lower Breast Cancer Risk Later: Study
    Start eating vegetables, fruits, beans and whole grains early in life, experts say

  • Worldwide Boost in Breast-Feeding Could Save 800,000 Lives: Study
    Global economy would also benefit from more mothers nursing their babies, study contends

  • Smoking Lowers Breast Cancer Survival, Study Finds
    Smoking after diagnosis tied to 72 percent higher risk of death from the disease versus never smoking

  • Many Older Americans May Get Unneeded Breast, Prostate Cancer Screenings
    Seniors shouldn't be checked if they have less than 10 years to live, but study found almost 16 percent do

  • Personal Care Plans Tied to Better Follow-Up in Breast Cancer Survivors
    Study found improvement in number of low-income women meeting care recommendations

  • Cancer No. 1 Killer of Asian-Americans, Hawaiians, Pacific Islanders: Study
    Though incidence lower than among white Americans, researchers say

  • For Cancer Survivors, Expenses Keep Mounting
    Even after treatment, medical costs are still thousands more annually, study finds

  • Mammograms a Personal Decision for Women in Their 40s, Panel Says
    U.S. Preventive Services Task Force recommends screening every 2 years for all after the age of 50

  • Cancer Death Rates Down 23 Percent Since 1991: Study
    That translates to an additional 1.7 million survivors, expert says

  • Regular Mammograms Worthwhile for Elderly Women
    New study shows screenings helped lower breast cancer deaths among those over 69

  • Some Women Face Geographic Barriers to Breast Reconstruction
    Those treated at academic hospitals travel nearly 50 miles on average, research shows

  • New Rules for Mammograms, Tanning Beds Top Health News of 2015
    Female libido pill, measles outbreaks and vaccine controversy also made headlines

  • Breast Ultrasound, Mammography May Be Equally Effective: Study
    But ultrasound has more false positives, researchers find

  • Hormone Therapy Safely Helps Preserve Fertility for Breast Cancer Patients: Study
    However, in many cases doctors and patients don't discuss the issue, experts say

  • Study Suggests Link Between Gum Disease, Breast Cancer Risk
    Higher odds seen among postmenopausal women who smoke, smoked in the past

  • One-Third of Incurable Cancer Patients Keep Working, Study Finds
    Tumor location, type of treatment unlikely to influence decision

  • Cancer Rates Dropping in Rich Countries, Rising in Poorer Ones: Study
    Low- and middle-income countries adopting Western lifestyle, which increases risk of disease, experts say

  • Early Chemo Less Likely to Help Black Breast Cancer Patients: Study
    More research needed to explain why outcomes differ among black, Hispanic and Asian women

  • Laser: A Breast Cancer Treatment Alternative?
    Procedure showed promise on tumors under 3/4 of an inch, but more study is needed

  • Two Drugs Equal in Preventing Early Breast Cancer's Return: Study
    Women with ductal carcinoma in situ had similar outcomes with tamoxifen, anastrozole

  • Vistogard Approved for Chemotherapy Overdose
    For drugs often prescribed to treat breast, colon cancers

  • Depression May Be Tied to Lower Breast Cancer Survival
    Doctors should be on the lookout for signs of the mood disorder, researcher says

  • Timing May Be Key to Success of Surgery, Chemo for Early Breast Cancer
    Scheduling the operation soon as possible after diagnosis seems to raise odds for survival, study finds

  • Lumpectomy Plus Radiation May Beat Mastectomy for Early Breast Cancer
    Study suggests 21 percent greater odds of survival after 10 years

  • Drugs May Protect the Heart During Chemotherapy
    Researchers also found lower risk of complications that can interrupt breast cancer treatment

  • Breast Cancer Drugs Battle Disease's Return
    Xeloda lowered risk by a third, while Xgeva lowered chances by 18 percent, researchers report

  • Cooling Cap to Reduce Chemo-Linked Hair Loss OK'd
    Designed for women diagnosed with breast cancer

  • Experts Issue Guidelines on Caring for Breast Cancer Survivors
    New advisory comes from the American Cancer Society and American Society of Clinical Oncology

  • Researchers Focus on Risk Factors for Leukemia After Breast Cancer Treatment
    Family history of cancer, inherited gene mutation seem to raise chances of secondary malignancy

  • Safe to Take Antidepressants With Tamoxifen: Study
    No greater risk of breast cancer recurrence seen

  • Is Breast Density an Overrated Cancer Risk Factor?
    Croatian study questions the link, but U.S. experts disagree with finding

  • Survival Improves for Patients With Advanced Breast Cancer
    Study finds better prognosis in women whose tumors have spread beyond the breast, nearby lymph nodes

  • False-Positive Mammogram May Hint at Breast Cancer Risk Later
    But researcher stresses that risk is small, and women should be vigilant with screenings

  • Obamacare Boosting Breast Cancer Screening Among Poor: Study
    Researchers report that expansion of Medicaid coverage is improving access to mammograms

  • Breast-Feeding May Reduce Risk of Aggressive Breast Cancer: Study
    Researchers call for removing obstacles to breast-feeding in home, community and workplace

  • Breast Cancer Equally Common Now Among Blacks, Whites
    In years past, rate for whites exceeded that of blacks, but that gap is gone, American Cancer Society says

  • Number of Mammograms Handled May Affect Breast Cancer Detection Rates
    Early stage invasive tumors more readily spotted at larger facilities, study says

  • More Evidence That Drinking May Raise Breast Cancer Risk
    European study found odds for the disease rose along with daily consumption

  • Risk of More Aggressive Early Breast Cancers Rises With Age, Study Finds
    Certain milk duct tumors more likely to become invasive at 60 than 50, experts say

  • New Mammogram Guidelines Already Creating Controversy
    Doctors at several leading U.S. cancer hospitals say most women should get exams starting at 40, not 45

  • Shorter Radiation Treatment Works for Early Breast Cancers: Study
    High-dose therapy showed same survival rates as longer course of standard radiation

  • Women Should Get Annual Mammograms Starting at Age 45: Cancer Society
    Previous recommendation was 40; new guidelines place greater emphasis on approach of menopause

  • Preteen Girls Worry About Breast Cancer If It's in the Family
    Doctor recommends honest discussions to alleviate distress

  • Not All Large Breast Tumors Warrant Mastectomy, Study Says
    Doctors shouldn't automatically rule out less invasive surgery plus radiation

  • Minority Women Get Worse Breast Cancer Care, Regardless of Tumor Type: Study
    Black or Hispanic women are more likely to be diagnosed later, go without recommended treatments

  • How to Do Breast Self-Exams
    Checks should be done once a month, doctor recommends

  • For Early Breast Cancer, More U.S. Women Choose Less Invasive Treatment
    Lumpectomy plus radiation results in nearly 90 percent survival over 10 years, study says

  • Early Detection Still Key to Breast Cancer Survival: Study
    Despite advances in treatment, finding smaller tumors linked to better results

  • Height May Be Linked to Increased Cancer Risk, Study Contends
    But experts stress only an association was found, and there's no proof being tall causes disease

  • Too Few Women Get Counseling Before Breast Cancer Gene Test: Study
    But outside expert questions whether counseling may be more important after test comes back positive

  • News Coverage of Angelina Jolie's Breast Surgery Boosted Awareness of Options
    Since actress went public, women know more about their choices for breast removal and reconstruction, poll finds

  • Computer-Aided Mammograms May Not Be Worth the Cost: Study
    Software doesn't appear to improve cancer detection rates, researcher says

  • Genes Help Set Menopause Timing: Study
    Findings might one day lead to fertility predictions, experts say

  • Cancer Treatment Should Proceed for Pregnant Women: Study
    Researcher says no risk found for unborn child

  • New Genetic Clues to Which Breast Cancers Might Return
    Scientists found there were differences between primary and recurring tumors

  • MRIs Before Breast Cancer Surgery on the Rise: Study
    Use of imaging tool has jumped dramatically, despite unclear guidelines on its use in this setting

  • Racial Differences in Breast Cancer Linked to Genes
    Mutations associated with aggressive tumors are more prevalent among black women, study shows

  • Tai Chi Might Help People With Long-Term Health Conditions
    Study shows ancient exercise improves physical ability in those with arthritis, heart failure, emphysema and breast cancer

  • Mediterranean Diet With Olive Oil Might Cut Breast Cancer Risk: Study
    Odds were reduced 68 percent in large Spanish review, but longer-term follow-up studies are needed

  • Screening All Women for Breast Cancer Genes Not Feasible: Study
    Price of genetic tests would have to drop 90 percent to be cost-effective, researcher says

  • More Men With Breast Cancer Having Second Breast Removed
    Trend mirrors the one seen in women, researchers say

  • Black Women at Raised Risk of Carrying Breast Cancer Genes
    In study of those under 50 with invasive form of disease, 12 percent had BRCA1, BRCA2 mutations

  • False-Positive Mammogram Result Traumatic for Most Women: Study
    Majority had issues such as anxiety, sleeplessness, often persisting long after being declared cancer-free

  • Blood Test May One Day Predict Breast Cancer Relapse
    Circulating tumor DNA analysis spots stray cells months before scans detect recurrence, researchers say

  • Acupuncture Best for Hot Flashes in Breast Cancer Survivors: Study
    Even 'sham' acupuncture beat one frequently used medication

  • Early Stage Breast Cancer Far From a Death Sentence: Study
    Researchers estimated that only 3 percent of women with DCIS will die from it within 20 years of diagnosis

  • One or Two Drinks a Day Might Boost Cancer Risk: Study
    Limit alcohol consumption, especially if you've ever smoked, experts say

  • Scientists Probe Obesity's Ties to Breast Cancer Risk
    Findings suggest heavy women might need more focused screening

  • Broader Gene Tests for Breast, Ovarian Cancer Might Benefit Some: Study
    Women who don't have BRCA mutations could have other high-risk genes that affect treatment choices

  • Higher-Dose, Short-Duration Radiation Better for Early Breast Cancer: Study
    Treatment offers fewer side effects and better quality of life, researchers say

  • After Breast Cancer, Many in Appalachia Say No to Lifesaving Drugs
    Access to care, not insurance, is a key issue, researcher says

  • Certain Generic Meds May Help Older Patients With Early Breast Cancer
    Study found benefit from drugs known as aromatase inhibitors and bisphosphonates

  • Added Radiation May Help Some With Early Breast Cancer
    Studies found it lowered chances of recurrence, but did not boost overall survival

  • Radiation From Mammograms May Be Lower Than Thought
    Variations in tissue type throughout the breast account for difference, study says

  • Breast Cancer Survivors Tend to Gain Weight: Study
    And that could increase risk of cancer recurrence, as well as heart disease and diabetes, researchers say

  • Too Much Sitting May Raise a Woman's Cancer Risk: Study
    Effect was not seen in men, and held even after researchers factored out a lack of exercise

  • Regular Mammograms Might Lead to 'Overdiagnosis' of Breast Cancer
    Study found counties with higher screening, detection rates had no significant difference in deaths

  • Less Chemo for Obese Ovarian Cancer Patients Linked to Worse Survival Rates
    Study found getting what amounted to lower doses per pound of body weight meant poorer outcomes

  • Americans' Risk of Dying From Cancer Is Falling, CDC Finds
    But, due to aging population, actual number of cancer deaths is rising

  • More Breast Cancer Patients Opting for Lumpectomy: Study
    Experts often recommend this breast-conserving surgery, but many with early disease still choose mastectomy

  • Pesticide Used Decades Ago May Raise Breast Cancer Risk: Study
    Higher exposure to DDT in the womb linked to four times the risk of disease

  • Poor Sleep, Snoring Before Diagnosis Tied to Trouble for Breast Cancer Patients
    But whether lack of sleep -- or the causes of sleeplessness -- to blame is unclear, experts say

  • Obese Postmenopausal Women May Face Higher Risk for Breast Cancer
    Researchers report the increased risk was as high as 58 percent

  • Double Mastectomy Benefits May Be Overrated for Some
    Many cancer patients mistakenly believe removing both breasts will extend survival, researchers say

  • Surgery Not Always Needed for Early Form of Breast Cancer: Study
    No difference found in survival for women with low-grade DCIS who did or did not have surgery

  • International Panel Finds Only 'Limited' Evidence for Mammograms in 40s
    But conclusion wasn't unanimous, one expert says

  • Exercise May Blunt a Woman's Risk of Lung and Breast Cancer: Studies
    Experts say findings make sense, but note they are preliminary

  • Are 2nd Breast Cancer Surgeries Always Necessary?
    Study suggests that taking more tissue the first time might reduce need for subsequent procedures

  • New Drug Keeps Common Breast Cancer Under Control Longer: Study
    Adding Ibrance to standard hormone therapy kept disease from progressing for nine months

  • Bigger Share of Deaths Worldwide Now Due to Cancer
    Throat, lung cancers were leading cause of deaths, study finds

  • Family History of Breast Cancer Doesn't Worsen Patient's Prognosis: Study
    Over roughly six years, no difference seen in survival

  • MRI Might Predict Breast Cancer Risk in Some Women
    Finding suggests scans may have value beyond detection

  • Many Americans Not Getting Routine Cancer Screenings: CDC
    These include tests for colon, breast and cervical malignancies

  • Nipple-Sparing Mastectomy as Good as Full Breast Removal: Study
    No differences in survival or recurrence in women who chose to keep nipple, researcher says

  • Breast Reconstruction Often Involves Multiple Operations
    Study finds most breast cancer patients will need two or more procedures to complete process

  • Breast-Feeding May Lower Breast Cancer Recurrence, Death: Study
    Strongest benefit seen in most common types of tumors, researchers say

  • Many Breast Cancer Patients Still Opt for Mastectomy Over Lump Removal
    Better pre-surgical chemotherapy means more of the breast can safely be saved, researchers say

  • Ovary Removal Reduces Breast Cancer Death in BRCA1 Carriers: Study
    The sooner, the better, researchers found

  • New Technology Tests Tumors Inside the Patient to Find Best Treatment
    Experimental devices might reduce risk of side effects, lower costs, researchers say

  • Black Women More Likely to Have Dense Breast Tissue, Study Shows
    Finding may help explain greater breast cancer risk in this population, researchers say

  • U.S. Breast Cancer Cases Could Rise 50 Percent by 2030
    Elderly women will account for growing proportion of cases, study predicts

  • Mammograms a Personal Decision for Women in Their 40s, Panel Says
    U.S. Preventive Services Task Force recommends screening every 2 years for all after 50

  • Chemo for Breast Cancer Erases Woman's Fingerprints
    Side effect is very rare, tied to drug-linked inflammation of hands, experts say

  • Genes Linked to Breast, Ovarian Cancers Act Differently in Each Woman: Study
    Angelina Jolie's decision for surgery might not be right for everyone carrying BRCA mutations

  • Costlier Breast Cancer Treatments Linked to Better Survival
    Study shows recent advances help improve odds, but medical bills are rising

  • Breast Cancer Patients Concerned About Genetic Risk, Survey Finds
    But almost half don't have conversation with doctor about potential for future problems

  • Breast Cancer Surgery Now Often Involves Fewer Lymph Nodes
    2010 study led to a change in practice

  • Breast Cancer Is Not One Disease, Experts Say
    New focus on tumor subtypes could help patients, according to medical groups

  • Report Shows Progress in America's War on Cancer
    Small, but steady declines in deaths seen over past decade

  • Connection Between Diabetes, Advanced Breast Cancer Detected in Study
    Findings suggest need to modify screening methods

  • Study Finds Racial Differences in Choices for Breast Cancer Care
    Blacks, Hispanics more likely to be guided by referrals, health plan limits

  • Dietary Dioxins Don't Seem to Increase Breast Cancer Risk: Study
    But, researchers say more study needed to confirm findings

  • Study Questions Accuracy of Many Breast Cancer Biopsies
    Abnormal cells are misidentified in one-fourth of cases, research suggests

  • Transgender People Do Not Face Higher Breast Cancer Risk, Study Shows
    Research based on VA medical records finds no bump up in risk, despite use of hormone therapy

  • More Evidence That Hormone Therapy Might Not Help Women's Hearts
    Review also found raised risk of stroke for some, although timing of use may be a key factor

  • Study Links Family History of Prostate Cancer to Breast Cancer Risk
    Doctors should ask about medical history of first-degree male relatives, researchers say

  • New Study Casts Doubt on Dangers of Hormone Therapy for Hot Flashes
    But other experts warn it's too soon to say the treatment is safe

  • Breast Cancer Survivors May Have Higher Thyroid Cancer Risk
    It's unclear how the conditions might be connected; experts recommend caution

  • Drug May Help Some Breast Cancer Patients Avoid Early Menopause
    Standard chemo can end fertility, but adding goserelin helped some survivors go on to conceive, study found

  • Mammogram Rates May Fall When Women Learn of 'Overdiagnosis' Risk
    Study found patients were more reluctant to undergo the screen if told it often caught less harmful disease

  • More Americans Surviving Cancer Today Than 20 Years Ago
    Study shows biggest improvements in people diagnosed between ages 50 and 64

  • Too Few Breast Cancer Patients Getting Radiation After Mastectomy: Study
    More than a third with 'locally advanced' disease don't get treatment aimed at preventing tumor's return

  • U.S. Smoking Deaths May Be Underestimated, Study Suggests
    Each year, 60,000 more smokers die from causes that have association with smoking, researchers say

  • 2 Genetic Variants for Breast Cancer Identified
    London scientists say variants most strongly linked to estrogen receptor-positive disease

  • FDA Approves New Breast Cancer Drug
    Ibrance is targeted for postmenopausal women with advanced disease

  • Lung Cancer No. 1 Cancer Killer of Women in Wealthy Nations
    It has been the leading cancer killer of American women for many years

  • Ibrance Approved to Treat Advanced Breast Cancer
    Among postmenopausal women

  • Breast Reconstruction Complications Similar for Older, Younger Women
    But risk of blood clots higher with use of seniors' own tissue instead of implants

  • Diabetes Patients Lax With Meds If Diagnosed With Cancer, Study Finds
    Effect was more pronounced if cancer had a grim prognosis

  • Soda Habit May Prompt Early Puberty in Girls, Study Suggests
    Early menstruation a risk factor for depression and breast cancer, researchers say

  • Many Breast Cancer Patients Lack Info on Their Cancer
    Problem more pronounced among minority women, study finds

  • Unhealthy Insulin Levels May Boost Breast Cancer Risk
    Study of postmenopausal women suggested hormone levels mattered more than excess weight

  • Race, Ethnicity Affect Breast Cancer Survival, Study Shows
    New research finds biological differences in tumor type, behavior

  • Study Finds Link Between Cancer Diagnosis, Stroke Risk
    Threat was highest first three months after diagnosis, researchers say

  • Herceptin May Benefit Some Women With Early Breast Cancer
    Drug-chemo combo yields low rate of recurrence after three years, study says

  • Common Breast Biopsy Finding May Be More Dangerous Than Thought
    Thirty percent of women with 'atypical hyperplasia' eventually developed breast cancer, study found

  • Falling Cancer Death Rate Means 1.5 Million Lives Saved Over 20 Years
    American Cancer Society report finds a 22 percent drop in deaths

  • Breast Cancer Chemo Tied to Small But Significant Leukemia Risk
    Blood cancer arises later in about a half-percent of early stage breast cancer patients, study finds

  • FDA Approves First in New Class of Drugs for Advanced Ovarian Cancer
    Agency also gives OK to genetic test used to identify eligible patients

  • Low-Fat Diet May Boost Survival for Some Breast Cancer Patients
    Women without estrogen-dependent disease benefited most in study

  • Gene Test May Help Predict Return of Early Breast Tumor, Study Says
    Idea is to identify women who do and don't need further treatment

  • No Link Between Migraine, Breast Cancer Risk, Study Says
    Since both involve hormone levels, researchers suspected a possible connection

  • New Treatment Shows Promise in Younger Breast Cancer Patients: Study
    Suppressing the ovaries and adding an anti-estrogen drug reduced recurrence in premenopausal women

  • Many Breast Cancer Patients Get Too Much Radiation Therapy, Research Suggests
    Studies show that a shorter course of treatment yields similar benefits, but it remains underused, experts say

  • Preliminary Studies Target Advanced Breast Cancers
    Combination treatment for estrogen-receptor-positive tumors shows promise, researchers say

  • Male Breast Cancer Is Different
    Men's tumor types differ; survival is increasing but not as much as for women, study finds

  • Are Routine Ultrasounds for Women With Dense Breasts Worthwhile?
    Study finds test after normal mammogram saves few lives while boosting costs and false-positive results

  • Breast Cancer Screening Less Likely Among Mentally Ill: Study
    Conditions such as depression or schizophrenia linked to lower mammogram rates

  • Breast Cancer Vaccine Shows Promise in Early Trial
    Injection boosted immune response, seemed to slow spread in those with advanced disease

  • Mammograms for 40-Somethings Supported by New Study
    Limiting screening to women with family history, dense breasts would miss many cancers, researchers find

  • Obesity Tied to Half a Million Cancers Worldwide, Report Shows
    Largest number of obesity-related cancers diagnosed in North America and Europe, researchers report

  • New Device May Make Mammograms More Comfortable
    Less pain was reported in study, while image quality was still preserved, researcher says

  • Mastectomy Rates Rising Among Women Eligible for Lumpectomy
    Better breast reconstruction outcomes may be one reason behind the trend, one expert said

  • Acupuncture, Exercise May Ease Pain for Breast Cancer Patients
    Treatment-related discomfort, swelling helped by the approaches, studies find

  • Guidelines Aim to Reduce 2nd Surgeries After Breast Cancer Lumpectomy
    Currently, 1 in 4 women who undergo lump removal require a follow-up surgery, study finds

  • Phone Counseling Helps Rural Women With Cancer Gene Tests
    Telephone could be a lifeline for these patients, researchers say

  • Are the Lactose Intolerant Safer From Some Cancers?
    Researchers suspect diet may play role in possible reduced risk

  • Breast Cancer Patients Might Prefer 'Invisible Tattoo'
    Dark ink used to mark treatment area is a permanent reminder of the disease, researchers say

  • Generic Drugs May Help Breast Cancer Patients Stick to Therapy
    Cost a key factor for women to maintain hormone treatment regimen, researchers report

  • Study Confirms Obesity-Breast Cancer Link for Blacks, Hispanics
    You can't change your genes, but you can control your weight, researcher says

  • After Breast Cancer, Depression Risk Lingers
    Study finds survivors more likely to need hospital care, antidepressants to cope than cancer-free women

  • Gene May Help Shield Hispanic Women From Breast Cancer, Study Says
    Genetic variation also linked to less dense tissue

  • Herceptin Boosts Survival for Breast Cancer, Study Reports
    Taking drug in addition to chemotherapy also reduces risk of cancer recurrence

  • Healthy Lifestyle May Boost Breast Cancer Survival
    Proper diet, exercise, weight control among factors that may help, experts say

  • Medicare Subsidy Helps Breast Cancer Patients Afford Treatment
    'Extra Help' program leads to more women on hormone therapy, study reports

  • Anesthetic During Breast-Removal Surgery May Reduce Long-Term Pain
    Mastectomy patients benefit from lidocaine, study says

  • Cancer Diagnosis Can Take Toll on Mental Health, Study Finds
    Breast cancer particularly troubling, researchers report

  • More Women Having Reconstruction Surgery After Breast Cancer Treatment
    Study finds notable rise in number of women once considered at high risk for the procedure

  • Rat Study Suggests Light at Night Might Hamper Breast Cancer Therapy
    Tumors in rodents exposed to dim light seemed to develop resistance to a common cancer drug

  • Herceptin Best for Certain Breast Cancer Patients, Study Says
    Drug should remain standard of care for HER2-positive tumors, doctors say

  • Obesity Tied to Higher Cancer Risk for Colon Cancer Survivors
    Finding is yet another reason to maintain a healthy weight, experts say

  • Drug Gives Big Survival Boost Against Type of Advanced Breast Cancer
    Women with HER2-positive tumors gained an average 16 more months of life with Perjeta, study finds

  • Breast-Feeding May Cut Risk for Aggressive Breast Cancer in Black Women
    Finding was specific to tough-to-treat estrogen receptor-negative tumors, researchers say

  • Increasing Skirt Sizes May Hike Your Breast Cancer Risk: Study
    British researchers suggest that going up a size every 10 years raised chances of disease by 33 percent

  • Some Benefits of Screening Elderly Women for Breast Cancer Questioned
    Mammograms for those aged 69 to 75 could result in overtreatment, researchers caution

  • Can Prediabetes Raise Risk of Certain Cancers?
    Study found link to breast, colon, liver and other tumors

  • Bras Blameless for Breast Cancer Risk: Study
    Contrary to media reports, researchers found no evidence wearing them boosted chances of disease

  • Is Soy a Foe to Women With Breast Cancer?
    Study raises questions about the effect of its estrogen-like properties

  • Personal Reminders Seem to Boost Mammography Rates
    Signed letter from family doctor generates greater response, study finds

  • 'Angelina Jolie Effect' Prompted More Testing for Breast Cancer Genes: Study
    Women at greatest risk were the ones who sought genetic counseling, researcher said

  • Complication Rates Low With Mastectomy, Breast Reconstruction: Study
    But there was slightly higher risk of complications with double mastectomy, researchers added

  • New Guidelines for Treating Form of Advanced Breast Cancer
    Four-fifths of advanced cases are HER2-negative tumors, doctors' group says

  • Double Mastectomy Doesn't Improve Survival, Study Finds
    But many more women in U.S. are choosing the radical procedure

  • Many Women Who Have Mastectomy Don't Get Breast Reconstruction: Study
    Most were satisfied with their decision, researchers noted

  • Study: Many Seniors Get Unnecessary Cancer Tests
    Screening shouldn't be done when patients have less than a 10-year life expectancy, researchers say

  • Exercise Helps Protect Black Women From Breast Cancer, Study Says
    Research confirms findings previously noted for whites

  • Painkillers May Halve Risk of Breast Cancer Return in Obese Women: Study
    Experts think anti-inflammatory drugs like aspirin might help cancer treatments work better

  • Bone Drugs Don't Lower Breast Cancer Risk After All, Study Finds
    Instead, low estrogen might be the beneficial factor, researcher suggests

  • Exercise Cuts Breast Cancer Risk in Older Women, Study Finds
    But the effect quickly fades once workouts stop, researchers noted

  • New Cancer Classification System Might Boost Patient Outcomes
    Categorizing tumors by cell type and not the organ they grow in may alter treatment, experts say

  • Millions Given Access to Breast, Cervical Cancer Screening: CDC
    Report details success of CDC program for women with limited health care access

  • Sharp Rise in Risk With New Breast Cancer Gene, Scientists Say
    One in three women with PALB2 mutation will develop disease by age 70

  • Women Over 75 May Benefit From Mammograms
    Study says early-stage cancer detection is key, but another expert says it may lead to 'overtreatment'

  • Some Birth Control Pills May Up Breast Cancer Risk
    High-dose estrogen formulations linked to greater risk in women under 50, experts find

  • Removing Healthy Breast of Little Benefit to Breast Cancer Patients: Study
    Women choosing the procedure gained just one to seven extra months of life over 20 years, researchers say

  • Breast Cancer Drug Aromasin May Be Option for Some Premenopausal Women
    It produced lower 5-year recurrence rates compared to tamoxifen, but didn't boost overall survival, study finds

  • Men Develop Breast Cancer, Too
    But little research is done on male treatments, expert says

  • Cholesterol Levels May Be Linked to Breast Cancer Risk
    But research is still preliminary, experts say

  • 'Generally Reassuring' Findings on Fertility Drugs, Women's Cancers
    But researchers still urge long-term monitoring

  • Mammography Costs Soar for Seniors, But Detection Rates the Same: Study
    Research hasn't shown expensive technologies benefit women over 65, researcher says

  • 3D Mammograms May Improve Breast Cancer Screening
    Higher detection rates, fewer false alarms seen with newer technology, study says

  • Women With Breast Cancer Genes More Likely to Choose Extensive Surgery
    Nearly three-quarters of patients changed their plans after learning they had increased risk: study

  • Breast Cancer Surgery Rates Vary Greatly in Canada
    Those living farther from radiation centers more likely to receive mastectomy, study finds

  • Mammography Cuts Breast Cancer Deaths by 28 Percent: Study
    But experts say women still need risks, benefits spelled out

  • MRIs Plus Mammograms Best for High-Risk Women, Study Finds
    Canadian researchers say combination better for those at risk of breast cancer

  • Older Breast Cancer Patients Do Follow Drug Therapy: Study
    7-year review finds adherence to recommendations for preventing cancer return

  • Red Meat May Raise Breast Cancer Risk, Study Suggests
    Eating more fish, nuts, poultry may help, but findings don't prove cause-and-effect

  • Tumor-Targeting Agent Attaches to Cancer Cells: Study
    New molecule may lead to improvements in detection and treatment, researchers say

  • Breast Cancer Drug Herceptin Linked to Risk of Heart Problems: Study
    But most of these effects reverse after women finish treatment, experts say

  • Moles May Be Harbinger of Higher Breast Cancer Risk
    Studies found that women with more moles on their arms had slightly higher chance of malignancies

  • Sophisticated Chest Scans May Raise Children's Lifetime Cancer Risk
    These imaging tests expose kids with heart disease to high doses of radiation, researchers report

  • Many Women With Breast Cancer Get Too Little Exercise
    Physical activity linked to improved survival odds, experts say

  • Medicaid Patients Get Worse Cancer Care, Studies Contend
    Researchers found screening, treatments weren't as good as patients with private insurance

  • Some Breast Cancer Patients May Get Drug-Linked Heart Failure: Study
    But many aren't getting treated for the condition, researchers say

  • Certain Breast Cancer Patients May Need Little Treatment After Tumor Removal
    Study might provide an option to women with very small HER2-positive tumors

  • Newer Anti-Estrogen Treatment May Benefit Younger Breast Cancer Survivors
    Drug appears more effective than tamoxifen at reducing recurrence in premenopausal women: study

  • Drug May Lower Odds of Early Menopause in Breast Cancer Patients
    When added to chemotherapy, it also boosted survival rates, researchers report

  • New Guidelines Recommend Longer Tamoxifen Treatment
    Breast cancer survivors may benefit from taking the estrogen-blocking drug for up to 10 years, experts say

  • Memory Problems After Chemo Linked to Brain Changes
    Study finds drop in brain activity during multitasking in women who had chemotherapy for breast cancer

  • Double Mastectomy Often Not Needed, Study Finds
    Most women who have both breasts removed have low risk of opposite-breast cancer, researchers say

  • Tough-to-Treat Breast Cancer Nearly Twice as Common in Black Women: Study
    Income differences didn't account for higher risk, researchers report

  • Surgery Isn't Only Option for Women With Ovarian Cancer Genes
    Breast-feeding, birth control pills and getting fallopian tubes tied may also cut cancer risk, study finds

  • Obesity May Raise Breast Cancer Death Risk for Some Women
    Study found younger, obese patients with estrogen receptor-positive disease were more likely to die

  • Could a Blood Test Predict Breast Cancer's Return?
    Study suggests routine sample might provide information critical to treatment

  • Lung Cancer Not on Many Women's Radar: Survey
    Although lung cancer is biggest cancer killer, women believe breast cancer is a bigger concern

  • Ultrasound of Lymph Nodes No Less Accurate for Obese Women, Study Says
    Findings are 'reassuring' for breast cancer patients, according to researcher

  • Experts Issue Treatment Guidelines for Aggressive Form of Breast Cancer
    Up to one-fifth of patients will have these 'HER2-positive' tumors, oncologists' group says

  • Major Women's Health Study Paid Big Dividends
    Scientists say HRT research has returned $140 for every $1 spent on the $260 million trial

  • Radiation May Equal Surgery, With Easier Recovery, for Cancerous Lymph Nodes
    Study of breast cancer patients found fewer complications with nonsurgical treatment

  • 'Freezing' Technique May Work for Some Women With Early Breast Cancer
    Less invasive procedure destroyed all cancer cells when tumor was 1 centimeter or less

  • Joblessness an Unwanted Side Effect of Chemo for Breast Cancer
    Survey found over one-third who had the drug therapy were unemployed four years later

  • False-Positive Mammograms Don't Deter Women From Future Screening: Study
    While most experienced short-term anxiety, it was gone within a year, researchers say

  • So-Called 'Apple Shape' Not a Risk Factor for Breast Cancer: Study
    Overweight, not waist size, was tied to higher odds of developing disease in older women

  • Blood Test Aims to Predict Breast Cancer's Return
    Study found DNA-based screen was more than 90 percent accurate in predicting recurrence

  • Cheaper 'Gene Panel' Screening May Reveal Cancer Risks
    Study suggests this as alternative to whole genome sequencing

  • Vegetables in Childhood May Benefit Breast Health
    Girls who ate carotenoid-rich foods less likely to have breast conditions, study finds

  • High-Fat Diet May Boost Breast Cancer Risk
    Study found women who ate the most saturated fat were more likely to develop tumors

  • Could Daughter's Cancer Risk Be Affected by Father's Age at Birth?
    Early study tied younger dads to higher odds of breast, ovarian tumors, and older dads to increased risk of uterine disease

  • Experimental Breast Cancer Drug Seems Safe, Effective for Advanced Disease
    Preliminary results look promising, experts say

  • Fertility Drugs May Not Raise Breast Cancer Risk: Study
    But subset of women who took Clomid for more than 12 cycles appeared more likely to get invasive breast cancer

  • New Review Suggests Benefits of Annual Mammograms Are Overstated
    Analysis of 50 years of clinical data adds to controversy over who should be screened, how often

  • Many Breast Cancer Survivors Suffer Financially, Study Finds
    Doctors urged to consider treatment implications for their patients

  • Slight Drop in Rate of Advanced Cancers, CDC Says
    Number of cases where tumors have spread beyond origins declined, but experts say more can be done

  • Targeted Radiation Might Help Fight Advanced Breast Cancer: Study
    Therapy kills small vessels that feed liver tumors linked to breast cancer's spread

  • New Guidelines Might Limit Need for Lymph Node Removal for Breast Cancer
    Recommendation could spare many women discomfort from painful arm swelling, experts say

  • Routine Mammograms Found Not Helpful for Most Women Over 70
    More harm than good can result, and decision should be made case by case, study says

  • Daily Exercise Lowers Breast Cancer Risk: Study
    Benefit varies by tumor type, but it's another reason to encourage physical activity, researchers say

  • Study Supports Radiation When Breast Cancer Spreads to Few Lymph Nodes
    Experts say new study may clear up questions as to whether the treatment is beneficial

  • Whole-Genome Scans Not Quite Ready for Widespread Use: Study
    Tests are promising but not yet reliable enough, experts say

  • Yoga May Help Breast Cancer Patients During Radiation Therapy
    Study found it lowered levels of stress hormones, reduced fatigue, improved quality of life

  • Necks, Butts Growth Areas for U.S. Plastic Surgeons
    More than 15 million cosmetic surgeries and minimally invasive procedures performed in 2013

  • Ovarian Cancer Gene May Point to Early Removal of Ovaries: Study
    In particular, women with BRCA1 mutation should have surgery by age 35, researchers say

  • Avastin Shows Mixed Results Against Different Cancers
    Drug improved survival by 4 months with cervical cancer, but no such benefit seen with brain tumors

  • More Breast Cancer Patients Choosing Reconstructive Surgery, Study Finds
    But rates vary widely from state to state, and doctors worry that not all women have equal access to procedures

  • Annual Mammograms Don't Reduce Breast Cancer Deaths, Study Contends
    But some outside experts cite flaws in the 25-year review of screening's effects on women

  • Double Mastectomy May Benefit Some Women With Inherited Breast Cancer
    Study found procedure might cut risk of death in half for those with certain genetic mutations

  • Gene Exam Might Predict Breast Cancer Progression
    Behavior of 55 genes linked to likelihood of disease spreading, study suggests

  • Running Might Beat Walking for Breast Cancer Survivors
    Runners were less likely than walkers to die of the disease during nine-year study, but the findings aren't foolproof

  • Expanded DNA Testing Might Allow Personalized Breast Cancer Treatment
    Researchers were able to pinpoint specific therapies for some women in study

  • Doctors May Need to Revise How They Evaluate Breast Biopsy Results
    One form of abnormal breast cells does not present lower risk after all, study finds

  • Yoga May Reduce Fatigue, Inflammation in Breast Cancer Survivors
    Researchers think improved sleep may be the key to benefits

  • Progress Against Cancer May Be Greater Than Thought
    Gains in saving patients' lives are obscured by increase in lifespans, study says

  • 'Sleep Hormone' Tied to Possible Lower Prostate Cancer Risk
    Preliminary study measured levels of melatonin in Icelandic men

  • U.S. Cancer Deaths Decline Again: Report
    Better prevention, screening and treatment are keys to continued progress, experts say

  • Troubled Launch of 'Obamacare' Tops Health News for 2013
    Angelina Jolie's double mastectomy, new heart care guidelines also made headlines

  • Many Women Still Have Pain One Year After Breast Cancer Surgery
    Methods needed to identify those who would benefit from preventive treatments, researchers say

  • Acupuncture No Better Than 'Sham' Version in Breast-Cancer Drug Study
    Findings suggest any benefit resulted from placebo effect

  • Only High-Risk Women Need Breast Cancer Gene Test: Experts
    Even those with family history of BRCA mutations should talk with professionals first, panel says

  • Angelina Jolie's Story Didn't Boost Knowledge of Breast Cancer Risks: Study
    Star underwent preventive mastectomy because of genetic vulnerability

  • 80 Percent of Cancer Docs Have Faced Drug Shortages: Survey
    Many report using substitute chemo meds or delaying treatment

  • U.S. Cancer Death Rates Continue to Decline: Report
    But researchers added that people with other health problems have lower odds of survival

  • Bones Benefit From Exercise After Breast Cancer, Study Finds
    Older survivors should include physical activity in long-term care plan, researchers suggest

  • 2 Pre-Surgery Drug Treatments Show Promise Against Aggressive Breast Cancer
    In studies, combo regimens produced better results for 'triple-negative' disease

  • FDA Warns Against Nipple Test for Breast Cancer Screening
    Mammogram is still the gold standard, agency says

  • Drug Arimidex Cuts Risk for Breast Cancer in Older, High-Risk Women: Study
    It could be welcome addition to other preventive meds such as tamoxifen, experts say

  • Exercise Might Ease Joint Pain Caused by Breast Cancer Drugs
    Side effects, such as stiffness and pain, are common reasons patients stop taking medications

  • Exercise Linked to Lower Breast Cancer Risk in Black Women
    Regular, brisk activity seems to help prevent some aggressive tumors that resist hormone therapy, study says

  • Drug May Help Slow Advanced Breast Cancer
    But more research is needed before Sprycel could become part of standard treatment

  • New Look at Past Studies Highlights Importance of Mammograms
    However, review didn't include women in their 40s, so debate may not end

  • New Treatment for Aggressive Breast Cancer Shows Some Promise
    Early studies found small improvement with combo therapy for HER2-positive disease

  • Chemo for Advanced Breast Cancer Might Be Enough
    Study finds no survival benefit in treating original tumor with surgery, radiation

  • Money Problems Can Compromise Breast Cancer Care
    Study found gaps in health insurance, lower income and debt reduced chances of recommended therapy

  • Bigger Breasts, Lack of Exercise Tied to Breast Cancer Mortality
    But getting more exercise appeared to offer a level of protection, 11-year study found

  • Obesity, Smoking Might Threaten Implants After Mastectomy
    Doctors should counsel patients about the risks, researcher says

  • Frequent Mammograms Tied to Lower Risk of Breast Cancer Spread
    Patients who had scans at shorter intervals had less lymph node involvement, study found

  • Breast-Density Changes May Be Tied to Cancer Risk: Study
    Breast tissue that developed cancer tended to undergo more varied density changes over time, research shows

  • Even When Breast Cancer Gene Test Is Negative, Risk Can Persist: Study
    BRCA screening has its limits in assessing dangers for women with a family history of disease, experts say

  • Study Compares Treatments for Arm Swelling Due to Breast Cancer
    Costly massages worked no better than simple compression bandages

  • Use of Breast MRIs Way Up, Studies Find
    But many high-risk women who should get scanned don't, experts add

  • Most Men With Breast Cancer Undergo Mastectomy, Study Finds
    Surgery, radiation decisions differ between men and women, researchers say

  • Many Women Suffer Persistent Pain After Mastectomy
    Study suggests that psychological factors may be to blame

  • Poorer Women Delay Examination of Breast Lumps, Study Suggests
    Expert says reducing co-pays and doctor's office parking costs might result in more timely evaluation

  • 'One-Stop' Radiation Treatment Might Offer Breast Cancer Care Alternative
    Study patients received radiation during surgery rather than after

  • Exercise May Help Breast Cancer Survivors Battle Bone Loss
    Aerobics and strength training known to counter bone loss in older women, researchers say

  • Health Tip: Performing a Breast Self-Exam
    Check for lumps, hard knots or thickened areas

  • Some Women Cite Personal Growth After Breast Cancer Diagnosis
    Many in study felt more appreciation for life, closeness with family, friends

  • Hormone Levels May Help Predict Breast Cancer Risk, Study Finds
    Higher blood concentrations of testosterone, estrogens seem tied to higher odds for the disease

  • Breast Cancer Diagnosed at Later Stage in Rural Patients: Study
    These women also more likely to undergo a mastectomy, researchers say

  • Tests May Someday Show Which Breast, Prostate Cancers Will Turn Aggressive
    'Markers' in blood, tissue might help determine best treatment for each patient, studies suggest

  • Radiation for Breast Cancer May Raise Heart Risks: Study
    But experts say risk of cancer recurrence outweighs small chance of heart disease years later

  • After Breast Cancer Surgery, Patient Assistance Programs Can Help
    Study found women who turned to these programs were more likely to receive other needed treatments

  • Being Web-Savvy Tied to Better Health in Seniors: Study
    Nonusers were less likely to exercise, eat a healthy diet or get colon cancer screening

  • 'Body Clock' May Explain Why Some Body Parts Age Faster Than Others
    Nature has a way of keeping time within the human anatomy, study suggests

  • Health Tip: Exercising After Breast Cancer
    Get your doctor's OK, and don't overdo it

  • Anesthesia Technique May Affect Survival After Breast Cancer Surgery: Study
    Adding nerve block seemed to reduce recurrence rate

  • Could a Neck Injection Ease Tough-to-Bear Hot Flashes?
    Small study suggests treatment may offer non-hormonal relief after menopause

  • Breast Cancer Patients Have Unrelated Plastic Surgery After Reconstruction
    Women who've had a mastectomy sometimes seek procedures such as facelifts, study says

  • Study Questions Use of Less-Invasive Lymph Node Surgery for Breast Cancer
    Sentinel node surgery leaves women with few side effects, but its accuracy may be lacking, experts say

  • Experts Urge Routine Test for All Patients With Invasive Breast Cancer
    Standardized HER2 screen would help ensure women get appropriate therapy, guideline authors say

  • Mexican Women's Breast Cancer Risk Tied to Breast-Feeding?
    Having more than 3 children also appeared to raise risk for aggressive breast disease, study suggests

  • Daily Walk May Cut Your Breast Cancer Risk
    Study findings are good news for postmenopausal women, experts say

  • Blood Pressure Drug Might Boost Chemo Success, Mouse Study Suggests
    Trial under way on patients with pancreatic cancer

  • More Black Women in U.S. Diagnosed With Breast Cancer, Report Finds
    Whites still have highest rates, but blacks more likely to die

  • New Analysis Confirms Hormone Therapy Won't Prevent Disease After Menopause
    But follow-up research shows that short-term use for hot flashes remains an option

  • FDA Approves First 'Pre-Surgical' Drug for Breast Cancer
    Perjeta, which seems to shrink early-stage tumors, can now be used before surgery

  • Perjeta Approved for Early Stage Breast Cancer
    Previously used for advanced disease

  • Can Eating Peanut Butter Cut Breast Cancer Risk in Later Life?
    Regular consumption in childhood tied to 39 percent lower odds of benign breast disease by age 30

  • Stem Cells From Fat Might Improve Plastic Surgery
    Early study found 'enriched' transplants from liposuction appeared to last longer

  • Daily Tasks a Challenge for Many Older Breast Cancer Patients
    Physical therapy could help these women, study authors say

  • Women Vets May Need More Access to Breast Cancer Services
    Improved screening raised demand on system for follow-up care, study suggests

  • Shorter Radiation Course Appears Effective for Early Breast Cancer
    New protocol could replace current standard, experts say

  • Report Sees Continued Advances in War Against Cancer
    Millions more survive today, and experts say science is paying off

  • Tamoxifen's Mental Side Effects Are Real, Study Shows
    But researchers also found drug that may counteract problem from breast cancer treatment

  • Unfounded Fear Prompts Some Preventive Mastectomies: Study
    Many young women with breast cancer overestimated risk of recurrence in opposite breast

  • First Generic Version of Xeloda Approved
    To treat colorectal or breast cancers

  • Researchers Focus on Likelihood of Breast Cancer Recurrence
    Seven tumor-specific genes appear to yield accurate prognosis, study says

  • Novel Drug Shows Promise for Early Stage Breast Cancer
    Perjeta might gain quick FDA approval

  • Most Breast Cancer Deaths Occur in Younger, Unscreened Women: Study
    Mammograms should begin at age 40, researcher says

  • MRI May Not Improve Outcomes for Early Form of Breast Cancer
    Study found that the costly scan didn't lead to less recurrence for ductal carcinoma in situ

  • Most Women Don't Understand Their Breast Cancer Risk: Survey
    White women overestimated their odds while other groups underestimated, researcher found

  • Drinking Before First Pregnancy Raises Risk of Breast Cancer: Study
    Experts urge alcohol moderation for women during this time of life

  • Terms Docs Use Can Influence Patients' Cancer Choices
    Clearer definitions might avoid unnecessary treatments, study says

  • Breast-Feeding May Protect Some Women Against Breast Cancer
    Study found tumors were discovered later in life in nonsmoking patients who breast-fed longer than six months

  • More Women Consider Gene Test After Angelina Jolie Mastectomy Revelation
    About 6 million women nationwide say they'd very likely consult with their doctor, Harris Interactive/HealthDay poll finds

  • MRIs May Spur Unneeded Mastectomies in Older Women With Breast Cancer
    More aggressive surgery not always backed by evidence, study authors say

  • Can Some Women Safely Skip Breast Surgery?
    Certain lesions probably won't progress to cancer, study finds

  • Experts Call for Redefinition of 'Cancer'
    Many growths are slow to progress and nonlethal, only leading to unnecessary treatment, panel says

  • Family History of Cancer May Raise Risk for Other Types of Tumors
    Large European study looked at people with close relatives who'd been affected

  • Mammogram Recalls Higher at Hospitals Than Private Practices: Study
    Repeat tests cause anxiety and additional costs for patients

  • New Clues to Why Black Women Fare Worse Against Breast Cancer
    Study found their tumors were more advanced at diagnosis and they were more likely to have other health problems

  • Menopausal Hot Flashes Might Be More Intense for Cancer Survivors
    But these women may cope better than others, study also found

  • Women at High Breast Cancer Risk Should Consider Preventive Drugs: Experts
    Tamoxifen, other meds worth discussing with doctors, new recommendations say

  • Can Long-Term Night Work Raise Breast Cancer Risk?
    Women who worked later hours for 30 years or more had double the chances of disease, study found

  • Fish Habit May Reduce Breast Cancer Risk, Study Suggests
    Researchers found that higher fatty acid intake cut chances of disease by 14 percent

  • Rural Women Less Likely to Get Preferred Breast Cancer Treatment: Study
    Radiation after lumpectomy less common in country than city, researchers find

  • Which Women Might Benefit From Drugs to Prevent Breast Cancer?
    New research suggests it depends on certain gene variations

  • Mammography Doesn't Reduce Breast Cancer Death Rates: U.K. Study
    But U.S. expert cites flaws in study, notes other research came to different conclusions

  • Cutting Unneeded CT Scans in Kids Could Lower Future Cancer Risk
    Reducing radiation dosage would also help, study found

  • Healthy Grilling Tips for Summer Barbecues
    Enjoy outdoor cooking while keeping cancer risk to a minimum, expert urges

  • Low Breast-Feeding Rate Linked to Early Deaths, Illnesses: Study
    Cost to U.S. is $17 billion a year, researchers say, but experts question findings

  • Many Young Breast Cancer Patients May Opt for a Mastectomy
    Disease stage and genetic factors may be related to women's treatment decisions, study shows

  • Many Black Women Prone to Gene-Driven Breast Cancer: Study
    Researchers say finding underscores need for DNA screening

  • Fine-Tuning Breast Cancer Treatments: What Works Better?
    Studies compared side effects with different Taxol schedules, and between radiation and surgery

  • Doubling Time on Tamoxifen Cuts Odds for Breast Cancer's Return: Study
    10 years on the drug did increase side effects, but survival gains may be worth it, researchers say

  • American Cancer Society Celebrates 100 Years of Progress
    One million cancer deaths avoided since 1990s, group says

  • Cancer Patients May Face Higher Bankruptcy Odds
    Washington state study found a nearly tripled risk, with younger adults most vulnerable

  • Angelina Jolie Will Have Ovaries Removed to Lower Chances of Cancer: Report
    Actress has already had double mastectomy due to gene linked to high risk for breast, ovarian cancer

  • Metformin Won't Aid Breast Cancer Survival in Diabetics
    Study counters prior research suggesting the medicine might help cancer patients

  • Angelina Jolie Has Preventive Double Mastectomy
    Testing revealed she carries a genetic mutation that left her susceptible to breast cancer

  • Socializing May Ease Pain of Breast Cancer
    Study found that women with the largest support networks reported best quality of life

  • Just How Might Exercise Lower Breast Cancer Risk?
    Scientists identify changes in estrogen metabolism as key factor

  • Longer Wait for Mammogram After Benign Breast Biopsy May Be Warranted
    Study suggests imaging tests done less than a year later find little cancer, drain health care dollars

  • Implants May Delay Breast Cancer Detection, Raise Death Risk
    Study found one-fourth higher odds of being diagnosed with later-stage disease

  • Race, Income Tied to Breast Cancer Treatment Delays, Reduced Survival
    Study of young women found big difference if treatment started within 2 weeks versus 6 weeks

  • Non-Melanoma Skin Cancers Tied to Risk for Other Cancers
    Findings come from two large, long-term studies of U.S. health professionals

  • Mammograms Can Measure How Breast Cancer Drug Is Working: Study
    Those on tamoxifen who showed reduction in breast density had 50 percent lower risk of death within 15 years

  • Testing Lung Cancer Patients for Gene May Aid Treatment, Study Finds
    For those with the gene, drugs appeared to extend survival without spread of disease by several months

  • Mammo Rates Unchanged Despite Controversial Guidelines
    Annual screenings continue as women, doctors appear to be ignoring task force recommendations, new data shows

  • Your Autoantibody 'Profile' Might Someday Help Spot Illness
    Differences showed up in study of people with conditions including Alzheimer's, breast cancer

  • Scientists Create Breast Cancer Survival Predictor
    Model shows which gene signatures are strong signs for survival

  • Are Pricey Computer-Aided Mammograms Worth It?
    Early breast cancer found more often in large study, but not more cases of invasive disease

  • Human Gene Patent Case Goes to Supreme Court
    Decision could have wide-ranging implications for biotech industry, medical research, experts say

  • Drugs Can Cut Breast Cancer Risk for Some, Task Force Finds
    Draft guidelines for doctors reflect findings, but it's hard to know who will benefit most, experts say

  • Menopause-Like Woes Hinder Breast Cancer Treatment: Study
    One-quarter of patients fail to start or complete recommended therapy, researchers find

  • Strides Made in Preventing Cancer, But Challenges Remain: Report
    American Cancer Society looked at smoking, obesity, disease screening, tanning and more

  • Estrogen Level in Pregnancy May Affect Breast Cancer Risk in Daughters
    Too much of the hormone can disable tumor suppressor gene, researchers report

  • New Clues to How Exercise May Reduce Breast Cancer Risk
    Physical activity lowers estrogen levels in older women, study says

  • Moderate Drinking May Not Affect Breast Cancer Survival: Study
    Women who consume alcohol in moderation have lower risk of heart disease death, researchers add

  • Breast Cancer Death Rates Higher for Black Women: Study
    Traditional beliefs about survival rate upended in preliminary research

  • For Older Women, Missed Mammograms Tied to Worse Breast Cancer Outcomes
    Study links long gap from last screening, or no screening at all, to more advanced disease and death

  • When Breast Cancer Spreads to Lungs, Surgery May Increase Survival
    Study suggests patients who have tumors removed could live many extra months

  • Breast Cancer Gene Tests Won't Help Most Women: Report
    Checking for tumor-linked BRCA gene only benefits 10 percent of women, panel says

  • More Evidence Shows Hormone Therapy May Increase Breast Cancer Risk
    In new analysis, researchers found risk highest when used just before menopause

  • Nearly 14 Million Cancer Survivors in U.S.: Report
    Many are people who had breast or prostate tumors

  • More Genetic Insights Into 3 Types of Cancer
    DNA 'typos' point to increased risk in breast, prostate and ovarian disease, large international study found

  • Tofu-Rich Diet May Help Women With Lung Cancer Live Longer
    Chinese study found eating high amounts before diagnosis boosted survival rates

  • Genetics May Be Tied to Breast Cancer Risk in Unexpected Ways
    Scientists found new connections among genes, hormone sensitivity and fat

  • False-Positive Mammograms Can Trigger Long-Term Distress
    For some, anxiety persisted up to 3 years after being declared cancer-free, study finds

  • Mammograms Every Other Year OK for Women Over 50: Study
    Researchers found similar risk for advanced disease as with yearly screening, but some experts disagree

  • What's Good for the Heart May Also Prevent Cancer
    Healthy lifestyles do double duty against 2 major disease groups, study finds

  • New Analysis Says Evidence Lacking for HRT-Breast Cancer Link
    Researchers took fresh look at three large studies, concluded data wasn't convincing

  • High-Fat Dairy Foods Linked to Worse Survival After Breast Cancer
    Connection may come from hormones found in animal fat, researcher suggests

  • Breast Cancer Radiation Has Long-Term Heart Effects: Study
    But expert says cancer-fighting benefits outweigh heart-disease risks

  • DNA Test Shows Promise in Guiding Advanced Breast Cancer Care
    Blood sample helps doctors assess treatment response, researchers say

  • Lymphoseek Approved to Help Locate Lymph Nodes
    Among people with certain cancers

  • Medicare Spending Not Linked to Longer Cancer Survival
    But U.S. patients in higher-spending regions have more, longer hospital stays

  • Black Breast Cancer Survivors Face Higher Heart Failure Risk: Study
    Findings may suggest need for closer monitoring

  • 1 in 4 Breast Cancer Diagnoses May Spur PTSD
    Women who are younger, black or Asian at highest risk for short-term symptoms of stress disorder

  • More Evidence That Smoking Raises Breast Cancer Risk
    Study found strongest link for women who started smoking early in life

  • Before Deciding on Breast Implants, Consider FDA Precautions
    First, realize that future surgeries are likely, agency says

  • More Younger Women Diagnosed With Advanced Breast Cancer: Study
    Small, but steady, increase over past 30 years warrants further research, experts say

  • Breast Reconstruction Using Women's Own Tissue Appears Safe: Study
    Few short-term complications found with 'autologous' transplants

  • Cancer Rates Vary Widely by State, Race: CDC Report
    Latest data from 2009 cites 1.5 million new cases diagnosed; prostate and breast tumors most common

  • Medical Marijuana: Voodoo or Legitimate Therapeutic Choice?
    Doctors weigh wisdom of prescribing drug in hypothetical case involving woman with advanced breast cancer

  • Alcohol Blamed for 1 in Every 30 Cancer Deaths: Study
    Research suggests that even a little drinking can raise odds for malignancy

  • Breast Cancer Research Needs More Focus on Environment: Report
    Unlike family history, risk factors such as chemical exposure, obesity can be changed, experts say

  • On-the-Job Stress Won't Raise Your Risk for Cancer, Study Finds
    But it could lead to behaviors that increase the chances of disease, one expert says

  • For Older Women, Mammograms Every 2 Years Found as Good as Annual Test
    Study detects no differences in late-stage cancer diagnoses with 2-year interval

  • Cancer Rates Dropping Among Black Americans
    But they're still more likely to die from the disease than whites, study finds

  • Hoping to Ease Shortage, FDA Fast-Tracks Generic Form of Cancer Drug
    Agency says new availability of doxorubicin will help people battling malignancy

  • Breast Cancer Gene May Be Tied to Early Menopause
    Study finds women with this mutation may also have increased infertility risk, but more research needed

  • For Early Cancer, Lumpectomy Beats Mastectomy for Survival: Study
    Findings should reassure women who fear breast-conserving surgery, expert says

  • Higher Fruit, Veggie Intake Tied to Lower Risk of a Tough-to-Treat Breast Cancer
    But study couldn't prove cause and effect, and risks for other forms of cancer weren't altered

  • Blood Test Might Spot High-Risk Breast Cancer Genes
    Further study is needed, but screen may get around more cumbersome, costly methods, researchers say

  • Many Suffer Chronic Pain After Breast Cancer Surgery, Study Finds
    Researchers call for better pain management

  • U.S. Cancer Death Rates Have Dropped 20 Percent Since 1991
    American Cancer Society report credits better screening, treatment for the gains

  • Brief Life Expectancy Should Rule Out Certain Cancer Screenings: Study
    Risks outweigh benefits for those with few years left, researchers say

  • U.S. Cancer Death Rates Continue to Fall: Report
    But, for some hard-to-treat cancers, deaths are increasing

  • Costly Breast Cancer Screenings May Not Help Seniors: Study
    To determine benefit, more older women should be included in clinical trials, expert says

  • Genes Linked to Effectiveness of Tamoxifen for Breast Cancer
    A certain genetic trait limits how well the drug will work, research suggests

  • Cancer-Related Fatigue Often Overlooked, Study Finds
    Doctors should address helpful behaviors, treatments, researchers say

  • U.S. Cancer Screening Rates Dropping: Study
    Confusing guidelines, insurance gaps may discourage people from getting recommended testing

  • Cancer Costs Billions Yearly in U.S. Worker Productivity: Study
    Researchers call for supportive care programs to lessen disability

  • Study Examines Link Between Breast Cancer and Diabetes
    Chemo seems to play a role in early diagnosis of diabetes in postmenopausal patients

  • No Benefit Seen in Extending Herceptin for Breast Cancer
    One year of the drug was as effective as two in study of women with certain type of disease

  • 'Chemo Brain' May Occur Before Treatment Even Starts
    Study suggests mental fog, fatigue tied to chemotherapy may be partly due to stress

  • Avastin Won't Extend Breast Cancer Survival: Study
    Costly drug comes with serious side effects, researchers say

  • Chemo May Extend Survival After Breast Cancer's Return
    Study showed benefit when tumor was confined to in or close to the breast

  • Nutrients in Fruits, Vegetables May Help Prevent Breast Cancer: Study
    Carotenoids are found in carrots, tomatoes, peppers, experts note

  • For Aggressive Breast Cancer, Chemo May Work Better in the Young
    Study supports early intervention, before surgery, for patients under 35

  • Racial Disparities Still Seen in Use of Breast Cancer Treatments
    Black women less likely than whites to undergo less invasive procedures for staging the disease, study finds

  • 10 Years of Tamoxifen Better Than 5: Study
    Taking drug longer further reduced breast cancer recurrence, deaths, researcher says

  • New Drug Regimens May Slow Advanced Breast Cancer
    Survival lengthened in studies of two experimental treatments

  • New DNA-Based Blood Test May Spot Signs of Cancer
    Early finding suggests it might become a routine screen in the future

  • Most Women Who Choose Double Mastectomy Don't Need To, Study Shows
    Worry about recurrence drives decision, experts say, but majority have low risk of cancer in the healthy breast

  • Women With Dense Breasts Open to Additional Cancer Screening: Study
    Routine mammograms can miss tumors in these women, researchers explain

  • Study: Chest CT Scans May Increase Breast Cancer Risk
    Individual risk is small, but make sure test is necessary, expert says

  • More Cancers May Be Missed Under Latest Mammogram Guidelines
    Studies looked at impact of 2009 recommendations from U.S. task force

  • Mammograms Do Not Prevent Advanced Breast Cancer, Study Suggests
    But one expert says it's just too difficult to assess screening's role in breast cancer trends

  • Strong Social Support Seems to Boost Breast Cancer Survival
    Quality, not just quantity, of personal relationships linked to better outcomes, researchers say

  • Herceptin May Carry Higher Heart Risks for Women Than Thought
    Breast cancer drug showed even greater chances of heart failure, cardiomyopathy among older patients

  • Black Women More Likely to Die From Breast Cancer: Report
    They typically have subpar treatment and poorer access to care, CDC says

  • Acupuncture Might Ease Fatigue Linked to Breast Cancer
    Women in study had less physical, mental fatigue and better quality of life

  • Eating Meat May Raise Breast Cancer Risk in Whites: Study
    But no link found among black women; more research needed, researchers say

  • Black Breast Cancer Patients May Have Higher Death Risk in First 3 Years
    Study found biggest gap between black, white women with specific tumor type

  • Quality of Life After Cancer May Depend on Tumor Type
    Certain types leave survivors with worse mental and physical well-being, study finds

  • Breast Cancer Survival Varies by Race, Ethnicity, Study Shows
    Some, but not all, differences persist after taking socioeconomic status into account

  • Body Fat May Affect Death Risk Among Breast Cancer Patients
    Study found that those who were obese or underweight had worst outlook

  • Study: No Long-Term Heart Risks From Breast Radiation
    Findings based on 50 cancer survivors who were followed for 25 years

  • Health Tip: Exercise for People Who Have Had Breast Cancer
    It helps them regain strength

  • Targeted Radiation for Breast Cancer May Cause More Complications
    Study found brachytherapy had higher rates of wound, skin problems than whole-breast treatment in older women

  • Hormone Replacement Therapy: Safe or Not?
    Most recent research suggests short-term use OK for younger menopausal women, but not for older women

  • 3-D Mammograms Might Be Safer, More Accurate, Early Study Shows
    New technique produces better images at lower radiation dose

  • Panel Rules Against HRT for Preventing Chronic Disease
    Updated recommendations don't address relief of menopausal symptoms

  • Breast-Feeding Might Cut Risk for Tough-to-Treat Breast Cancer: Study
    Researchers found association between time spent nursing and risk of hormone-negative tumors

  • Blood Test May Help Define Breast Cancer Risk in Older Women
    Early study suggests levels of certain hormones may add to list of disease risk factors

  • Millions of Healthy Years of Life Lost to Cancer Worldwide
    Study findings illustrate disease's burden 'quite starkly,' author says

  • 'Believing' Propels Cancer Survivors to Exercise, Study Finds
    Experts suggest developing an activity schedule, signing a 'contract' with a supportive friend

  • Service That Speeds Up Breast Cancer Diagnosis Pays Off: Study
    Assistance from so-called 'patient navigators' may improve odds for survival, researchers say

  • Blood Test May Spot Serious Health Risks in Women
    New biomarker reveals odds of heart disease, diabetes and breast cancer, study says

  • Rare Breast Cancer Poses New Set of Challenges
    Experts say standard diagnostic and treatment methods don't work for inflammatory breast cancer

  • Survivor of Aggressive Breast Cancer Stresses Need for Quick Action
    'Listen to your body,' woman urges, to fight off inflammatory breast cancer

  • Study: Digital Beats Film Mammography at Spotting Breast Cancer
    Dutch research finds digital screening better at detecting life-threatening tumors

  • Novel Drug Approach Shows Promise Against Breast Cancer
    3-pronged payload targets cancerous cells, reducing side effects and prolonging life, study says

  • Might Smallpox Virus Help Fight a Lethal Breast Cancer?
    Promising results for triple-negative form of disease seen in tests with mice

  • Breast Cancer Drug Linked to Sexual Problems in Older Women
    Study found those on aromatase inhibitors reported more pain during intercourse

  • Gene Study Yields New Clues to Breast Cancer
    Research involving 348 tumors shows the disease is varied, but also points to treatments

  • Study Links Another Gene Variant to Male Breast Cancer
    Finding offers insight into causes of disease that kills several hundred men in US each year

  • Cancer Portrayed Too Grimly in Movies, Study Suggests
    Many popular films use death as plot device even though survival is much improved, researcher says

  • Least Aggressive Breast Cancer Still Poses Long-Term Risk, Study Finds
    Women with common tumor types might die of disease a decade later, affecting treatment decisions

  • First Ultrasound to Spot Cancer in Dense Breasts Approved
    Mammography will help doctors decide which women should get new screen

  • FDA OKs First Ultrasound Imaging System for Dense Breasts
    Used in tandem with mammography, it should help spot tough-to-see tumors, agency says

  • Cancer Overtakes Heart Disease as Top Cause of Death Among U.S. Hispanics
    But their total death rate for cancer has dropped in past 3 years, report shows

  • Cancer Survivors Prefer to Stay With Cancer Doctors: Study
    Findings highlight need for coordinated care for their unique health needs

  • Mammography's Benefits Outweigh Harms for Older Women: Study
    European review finds that screening every two years worthwhile for those aged 50 to 70

  • New Device May Reduce Repeat Breast Cancer Surgeries
    Tool could help surgeons determine if all cancerous tissue is excised in lumpectomy, study says

  • Some Screens Miss Spread of Breast Cancer: Study
    Bone scans, liver ultrasounds and chest X-rays only caught small number of cases

  • X-Rays May Up Breast Cancer Risk for Women With Certain Genes: Study
    Chest radiation before age 30 might be a risk for those with BRCA1/BRCA2 mutations

  • 'Chemo Brain' After Breast Cancer Backed by Study
    Women's symptoms were typically mild, review found, and strategies exist to manage them

  • Face-Down Position May Be Safer During Radiation for Breast Cancer: Study
    Findings suggest prone position might reduce exposure of heart, lungs

  • Few Doctors Discuss Exercise With Cancer Patients: Study
    Daily activities by themselves are not enough, researcher says

  • Breast Cancer Drug May Harm the Heart More Than Thought
    Analysis finds increased risk of cardiac problems with Herceptin in real-world setting

  • Excess Pounds Raise Risk of Breast Cancer Recurrence, Death: Study
    Link seen only with most common form of disease

  • Daily Aspirin May Help Fight Prostate Cancer, But Not Breast Cancer
    Studies showed 57% reduction in death risk with first, no benefit with second

  • Dense Breasts Not Linked to Cancer Deaths
    Worse breast cancer survival seen with low-density tissue in obese women, study finds

  • Chemo During Pregnancy Doesn't Seem to Harm Newborn
    More research needed on the long-term effects of chemotherapy exposure in the womb, expert says

  • Newer Bone Drug Better for Advanced Breast Cancer Patients: Study
    But expert says it's too soon to say it will replace older drug

  • Study Questions Guidelines on Radiation for Older Breast Cancer Patients
    Current advisory says no to radiation post-lumpectomy, but new data suggest otherwise

  • When Partner Has Breast Cancer, Men Find Their Own Ways to Cope
    Support groups don't meet their emotional needs, study finds

  • Breast Cancer Charity Overstates Value of Mammograms: Researchers
    But, Komen official maintains routine screening gives best chance for improved survival

  • Breast Cancer Drug Duo Wins Out in Study
    Combining two currently used meds improved survival, reduced disease spread

  • Serious Mental Illness Tied to Higher Cancer, Injury Risk: Studies
    Causes may include gaps in screening, preventive care and lifestyle differences, researcher says

  • Afinitor Approved for Advanced Breast Cancer
    Among certain postmenopausal women

  • FDA Gives Nod to New Breast Cancer Drug
    Afinitor can be used by postmenopausal women with specific type of advanced tumor

  • Study Ties Infant Birth Weight to Mothers' Breast Cancer Risk
    Women with largest babies had more than doubled disease risk of those with smallest newborns

  • Mammograms Have 'Limited or No Effect' on Breast Cancer Deaths: Study
    But other experts cite limitations of Swedish study, encourage regular mammograms

  • Obesity Might Hinder Treatment of Some Breast Cancers
    For tumors sensitive to estrogen, extra pounds might keep hormone levels higher, study finds

  • No Dip in Cancer Screening for Rheumatoid Arthritis Patients
    Preventive health care is essential for people with chronic diseases, study authors say

  • Can Fertility Treatments Influence Later Breast Cancer Risk?
    Study suggests results with these drugs might alter the odds, but more research needed

  • Myelodysplastic Syndrome Linked to Abnormal Stem Cells
    Bone marrow cells must be wiped out to improve cure rates, researchers say

  • U.S. Mammography Rates Drop Following Task Force Recommendations
    Guidelines associated with a 6 percent drop in screenings among women in their 40s, study says

  • Even Moderate Exercise Might Cut Breast Cancer Risk: Study
    Researchers found up to 30 percent reduction, as long as women didn't gain weight

  • 18 Million U.S. Cancer Survivors Expected by 2022: Report
    Most survivable cancers are those diagnosed and treated early, experts say

  • Does More Dental Plaque Mean Higher Chances of Dying From Cancer?
    Swedish study that tracked people for 24 years found association between the two

  • Diabetes Drug Metformin May Cut Breast Cancer Risk in Older Women
    But evidence isn't strong enough yet to change clinical practice, experts note

  • Perjeta Approved for Advanced Breast Cancer
    But 'production issues' could affect drug's supply

  • TV Anchor Robin Roberts Has Rare Bone Marrow Disorder
    MDS, which might be tied to Roberts' prior cancer treatment, requires bone marrow transplant

  • No Cancer Risk From Long-Acting Insulin: Studies
    Insulin glargine (Lantus) appears safe, but longer studies needed, researcher says

  • Blood Tests Might Help Guide Breast Cancer Care
    Study of about 300 women found exams helped predict survival in early stages of disease

  • After Chest Radiation, Girls at Greater Risk for Early Breast Cancer: Study
    Even those childhood cancer survivors who got low doses should be screened yearly, researchers say

  • Experimental Drug Shows Promise for Certain Breast Cancers
    HER-2 positive patients survived longer on new med than those getting standard treatment, study says

  • Older Drug for Advanced Breast Cancer Beat Newer, Pricier Meds
    Study found Taxol outperformed Abraxane, Ixempra in terms of survival and side effects

  • Ginseng Capsules Seem to Ease Cancer-Related Fatigue
    Study found herb worked better than sham treatment, but only after about 2 months

  • Worldwide Cancer Incidence Predicted to Rise 75% by 2030
    Infection, lifestyle tied to which cancer types are most common in different countries

  • Competitive Sports May Boost Heart Function After Breast Cancer
    Researchers report that long-term, high-level exercise made a difference

  • Night Shift Might Boost Women's Breast Cancer Risk: Study
    Also, risk differences seen in 'morning' versus 'evening' people

  • HRT Update: Therapy May Reduce Fractures, Boost Some Risks
    Researchers review evidence for forthcoming guidelines by the U.S. Preventive Services Task Force

  • Fitness May Boost Survival for Women With Breast Cancer
    Disease, chemotherapy often result in lingering damage to women's heart and lungs

  • Breast MRI Best at Tracking Response to Chemo: Study
    It was better than clinical exam in determining if treatment was working before breast cancer surgery

  • Dieting May Lower Hormone Levels Tied to Breast Cancer
    Study didn't prove that weight loss lowers risk, but it did cut estrogen, which may help older women

  • Many Primary Care Docs Don't Know Long-Term Effects of Chemo: Survey
    Experts stress that information needs to be passed on after cancer treatment ends

  • Scientists Map Melanoma's Genome
    Findings include genetic link to breast cancer, researchers say

  • Exercise May Boost Survival in Breast, Colon Cancer Patients
    Review looked at six decades of studies on cancer, physical activity

  • Mammograms Beat Thermography for Breast Cancer Detection: Study
    Newer technology missed half of tumors and yielded many false positives, researchers say

  • Men's Breast Cancer Often More Deadly, Study Suggests
    Males typically older at diagnosis, often have larger tumors, experts find

  • Many Breast Cancer Patients in Their 40s Aren't 'High-Risk': Study
    Researchers favor annual mammograms even with no family history

  • U.S. Health Care Spending High, But Quality Lags: Report
    However, breast cancer survival rates were best among 13 industrialized nations

  • Healthy Weight Loss May Also Cut Your Cancer Risk
    New study found decrease in inflammation warning signals

  • Can Blood Test Predict Breast Cancer Risk?
    Preliminary study found women who showed alterations in a specific gene were more likely to develop disease later

  • For Breast Cancer Care, Radiation of Whole Breast May Be Best
    Study finds poorer outcomes with localized, partial-breast approach

  • Here Are the Women Who Need Mammograms in Their 40s: Study
    Regular screening recommended if you have family history of breast cancer, dense breast tissue, experts say

  • Healthy Behaviors Extend Life After Cancer, Experts Say
    Eating well, exercising and maintaining normal weight boost survival, American Cancer Society finds

  • Wife's Breast Cancer Can Hurt Husband's Health Too: Study
    Effect on caregivers can last years, researcher says

  • Can Heavy Metal in Foods, Cosmetics Spur Breast Cancer Spread?
    Preliminary study suggests danger from prolonged exposure to cadmium

  • Healthy Lifestyle Choices Could Cut Cancer Rates: Report
    But researchers say lawmakers, private industry need to do more to encourage change

  • Exercise May Boost Breast Cancer Patients' Quality of Life
    Study found physically active women were less likely to be depressed, fatigued during treatment

  • Breast Cancer Treatment Side Effects May Last for Years
    Study finds lingering pain, swelling, fatigue, mobility problems in many women

  • Teen Drinking May Boost Odds of Precancerous Breast Changes
    The more alcohol consumed, the higher the likelihood, researchers say

  • Follow-Up Procedures Common in Women After Breast-Conserving Surgery
    Reason may rest with concerns about recurrence of disease, study says

  • False-Positive Mammogram Results May Turn Out Not to Be: Study
    Researchers urge women who have false-positive results to get regular follow-ups

  • Depo-Provera Birth Control Might Raise Breast Cancer Risk
    Study finds doubled risk with recent use of the injectable contraceptive for a year

  • You Survived Cancer: Now Pay Attention to Your Overall Health
    Half of cancer survivors die of other conditions, such as heart disease and diabetes

  • Ultrasound, MRI Might Spot Cancer in Dense Breast Tissue
    Study suggests screening methods beyond mammograms may be useful in high-risk patients

  • Veggies Like Broccoli, Cabbage May Help Fight Breast Cancer: Study
    High intake of cruciferous vegetables associated with lower death rate, researchers say

  • Long-Term Estrogen Therapy Does Up Breast Cancer Risk: Study
    Data from government-funded study contradicts earlier findings on menopause treatment

  • Immune-Based Drug Combo Might Extend Cancer Survival
    Preliminary study found that IL-2 plus retinoic acid helped patients with advanced disease

  • Early Study Hints That Breast Cancer Vaccine Might Work
    Treatment aimed at stopping recurrence does trigger immune response, but true significance unknown

  • Personal Gene Mapping Has Limits, Study Says
    Commercial genome scans no substitute for healthy lifestyle, medical check-ups

  • Routine Mammography May Lead to Overdiagnosis: Study
    Up to 25% of mammogram-detected breast cancers may not need treatment, researchers say

  • Drugs Previously Thought to Be Toxic May Stop Spread of Cancer
    Medications target cancer stem cells, which are resistant to most other drugs, study says

  • Even a Little Drinking May Raise Breast Cancer Risk: Study
    Heavy consumption increases risk up to 50 percent, new review finds

  • U.S. Cancer Death Rates Continue to Fall: Report
    But incidence of cancers linked to obesity increasing, researchers find

  • 'Freezing' Secondary Breast Cancer Tumors Shows Promise
    Preliminary study suggests procedure may buy time for those with advanced disease

  • Obese Women at Higher Risk of Breast Cancer Recurrence: Study
    Researchers took weight-based chemotherapy dosage into account

  • Dense Breasts May Be Linked to Cancer Recurrence
    But researchers say it's too soon for these preliminary findings to influence practice

  • Pregnancy Safe for Women With Estrogen-Sensitive Breast Cancer
    Early study finds these women were no more likely than others to have disease recur

  • Two Studies Find Routine Mammography Saves Lives
    Decades-long look at Dutch screening program finds benefit, even as treatments got better

  • Cadmium in Diet May Increase Breast Cancer Risk
    Study found women who consumed the most were 21% more likely to develop disease

  • FDA OKs 3rd Silicone-Gel Breast Implant
    Manufacturer must conduct extensive studies to gauge health risks

  • Estrogen-Only Therapy May Reduce Breast Cancer Risk
    Study looked at women with hysterectomy taking hormones for menopause symptoms

  • 'Chemo Brain' May Linger 20 Years After Breast Cancer Treatment
    Some women who received a once-standard drug regimen still have memory problems, study says

  • Why Cancer Symptoms May Elude M.D.
    Young age, vague complaints, language barriers may delay diagnosis, study says

  • In Tougher Economy, Fewer Americans Get Colonoscopy
    High co-pays lead many to skip life-saving screen, study finds

  • Researchers Spot New Gene Mutation Linked to Breast Cancer
    Study suggests Abraxas gene variant acts in concert with BRCA1 to raise disease risk

  • Mammograms Can Save Lives of Women in Their 40s: Study
    More cancers spotted this way were found at early stages, were easier to treat

  • Psychotherapy May Ease Hot Flashes After Breast Cancer
    'Talk therapy' cut symptoms by 52 percent in small British study

  • Chemo During Pregnancy Doesn't Seem to Harm Baby
    Study suggests treatment of expectant mothers is feasible after first trimester

  • Fasting Plus Chemo May Help in Cancer Fight: Study
    This study was in mice, but researchers are starting to test the strategy in human cancer patients

  • Breast Cancer Drug May Weaken Bones, Study Finds
    Researchers say postmenopausal women taking Aromasin need to be monitored

  • Risk of Death From Certain Breast Cancers May Rise With Age
    Research focused on estrogen-sensitive tumors; undertreatment might play a role, expert says

  • Soy Supplements May Not Shield Against Breast Cancer
    Study suggests no reduction in tumor risk, but one expert says more research may be needed

  • Exercise a Good Pick-Me-Up After Cancer Treatment: Study
    Aerobic, resistance and strength training improved weight and well-being

  • Second Breast Cancer Surgery Sometimes Needed
    After a partial mastectomy, almost one in four women requires re-excision, study finds

  • Too Few Americans Getting Screened for Common Cancers: CDC
    National targets for breast, cervical and colon malignancies still not being met

  • Avastin May Be Helpful Before Breast Cancer Surgery
    However, it's not clear which patients would benefit, studies find

  • New Genetic Clues to Breast Cancer?
    Researchers say they've identified three more genomic regions associated with the disease

  • Many Breast Cancer Patients Uninformed About Options: Study
    Survey of survivors found that only about half were asked their preference for type of surgery

  • Breast Cancer Before 50 Linked to More Distress
    Personalized treatment might improve health-related quality of life in younger patients

  • Study Hints That Statins Might Fight Breast Cancer
    But laboratory finding on tumor suppression hasn't been proven in real-world setting, researcher said

  • Drug Duo May Help Fight Aggressive Form of Breast Cancer
    Response rate increased with two-drug approach, researchers report

  • Does Deodorant Ingredient Affect Breast Cancer Risk?
    Small study finds suspect chemical even in women who never used the product, further muddying the debate

  • Most Parents Tell Kids About Test Results for Breast Cancer Genes
    Children can handle the information, study suggests, except very youngest

  • Cancer Incidence, Death Rates Continue to Drop: Report
    One million lives saved, largely because of improved prevention, detection and treatment

  • Health Care Reform Battle Tops Health News for 2011
    Debates over cellphone safety, cigarette-pack images also grabbed headlines

  • Avastin May Help Some With Ovarian Cancer: Studies
    Survival without disease getting worse rose slightly, but benefit on overall survival remains unclear

  • Breast Cancer Radiation Linked to Raised Heart Risk
    Risk was higher for women with left-sided breast cancers, but overall risk still small, research shows

  • Breast Cancer Patients Face More Imaging Tests Today
    Study finds multiple visits common in pre-op period, urges better coordination

  • 40 Years On, the Triumphs and Challenges of America's 'War on Cancer'
    In many cases, what was a death sentence is now a manageable condition, although roadblocks remain

  • Making Sense of Cancer Screening Updates
    It's important to discuss testing schedule with your doctor

  • Previous Cancer May Up Melanoma Risk
    Findings suggest need to monitor melanoma survivors, researchers say

  • Targeted Radiation for Breast Cancer May Be Overused: Study
    More than third of women were not 'suitable' for treatment under current guidelines

  • After Mastectomy, Breast Reconstruction Is Safe for Older Women
    As population ages, more women over 60 will face the choice, study notes

  • Radiation May Also Lead to 'Chemo Brain'
    Mental fuzziness can last several years after breast cancer treatments, study finds

  • Side Effects Cause Many Older Women to Drop Breast Cancer Drugs
    Problems with recurrence-preventing aromatase inhibitors may be underreported, study suggests

  • Are Too Many Older People Screened for Cancer?
    Debate over testing should weigh health and life expectancy, expert says

  • Starchy Foods May Boost Risk of Breast Cancer Recurrence
    Women who ate more carbs, especially starches, more likely to get repeat cancer, study says

  • British Study Suggests Mammograms Do More Harm Than Good
    But U.S. experts say getting them annually, starting at age 40, saves lives

  • Breast Cancer Gene Puts Survivors at Higher Odds for Recurrence
    Those first diagnosed before 40 even more likely to develop cancer in the other breast, study says

  • Hispanic Women More Likely to Die of Breast Cancer
    Disparity may be explained by biological differences in tumors, researchers say

  • Obesity Linked to Worse Outcomes With Early Breast Cancer
    But tamoxifen showed protective effect for heavy women, researchers say

  • Avastin Boosted Survival for Type of Aggressive Breast Cancer: Study
    Added to chemo treatment, the drug prolonged life an average of nearly 3 months, researchers say

  • Family Tree May Affect Diagnosis Age in Some Breast Cancers
    In study of BRCA cancers, genes from father's side linked to diagnosis earlier in life

  • Two New Drug Combos May Fight Advanced Breast Cancers
    Studies found disease-free survival was lengthened when two new drugs were added to standard regimen

  • Few Women Get Breast Reconstruction After Mastectomy: Study
    Older women, blacks, rural residents less likely to get procedure done immediately

  • New Tests Might Better Predict Breast Cancer's Return
    Information locked in tumor's genes could help guide treatment for some patients, studies find

  • Diabetes, Obesity After 60 May Drive Up Breast Cancer Risk
    Study also finds low blood lipids linked to risk, but can't explain it

  • Targeted Radiation May Not Be Better for Breast Cancer
    Study found brachytherapy had double the risk of mastectomies, compared to radiation of entire breast

  • Expert Panel Pinpoints Environmental Culprits in Breast Cancer
    Unneeded radiation, hormone therapy, alcohol raise risk but hair dye, cellphones appear safe, report says

  • Bone Drugs May Also Battle Breast Cancer, Researchers Say
    Two studies suggest zoledronic acid extends survival, reduces odds of recurrence

  • Targeted Drugs, Lung CT Screening Top Cancer Advances in 2011
    Report from leading oncologists' group finds strides were made against tough-to-treat tumors

  • Lobular Breast Cancer Linked to Paternal Cancer History
    If dad had cancer and daughter has breast cancer, it tends to be in milk-producing lobules, study finds

  • Study Supports Mammograms For Women in Their 40s
    It finds women with no family history as prone to develop breast cancer as higher-risk women

  • New Canadian Guidelines Also Support No Routine Mammograms Until 50
    Advisory mirrors controversial recommendations issued by U.S. panel in 2009

  • Tender Breasts From Combo HRT Linked to Higher Cancer Risk
    Symptom is significant in estrogen-progestin treatment, not estrogen alone

  • FDA Revokes Approval of Avastin for Breast Cancer
    Agency says safety and effectiveness of the drug for this purpose hasn't been proven

  • FDA Revokes Approval of Avastin for Breast Cancer
    Drug isn't safe or effective for women with metastatic disease, agency says

  • Healthy Heart Habits May Also Guard Against Cancer
    Good cholesterol, blood pressure levels and more appear to reduce tumor risk, study finds

  • Side Effects May Spur Men to Drop Tamoxifen for Breast Cancer
    Weight gain, loss of sex drive common complaints, study finds

  • Alcoholics More Likely to Die of Cancer: Study
    Alcohol itself and poor lifestyle choices both increase risks, researchers say

  • Drinking Risky for Women With Family History of Breast Cancer: Study
    Risk of breast disease rose with alcohol consumption

  • Breast Cancer Chemo Tied to Memory Troubles
    Study adds credibility for women who report symptoms of 'chemo brain,' experts say

  • Computer 'Pathologist' Could Help Assess Breast Cancer Survival
    Model under study may someday help, not replace, physicians, researchers say

  • Vaccine to Treat Breast, Ovarian Cancers Shows Promise
    Patients with less advanced disease might benefit even more, small study suggests

  • Advances in Breast Cancer Care May Not Be Reaching Older Women
    Study finds patients 65 and older are not seeing same decline in death rate as younger patients

  • Health Tip: Help Prevent Breast Cancer
    Things you can do

  • Common Breast Cancer Gene Test May Be Flawed, Study Says
    Researchers found high rate of false-negative results for HER2 gene

  • Health Tip: Perform a Breast Self-Exam
    Seek to identify any changes

  • Too Much Sitting Raises Odds for Cancer: Study
    Sedentary hours at workplace as bad as couch-potato lifestyle at home

  • Obese Women Face Higher Complication Risk After Breast Surgery
    Post-op inflammation is 20 times more likely than in non-obese women, study finds

  • As Few As 3 Drinks a Week May Up Breast Cancer Risk
    But exposure is cumulative, and occasional drinkers shouldn't worry, expert says

  • Not All Women at Higher Risk in Families Carrying Breast Cancer Gene
    New research refutes earlier findings, should assure women, experts say

  • Health Tip: Look for Suspicious Changes in the Breasts
    Potential warning signs of breast cancer

  • Breast Reconstruction Boosts Women's Emotional Well-Being: Study
    Surgery using abdominal tissue led to rapid psychological recovery, but had physical side effects

  • Breast Cancer Risk May Rise With High Hormone Levels
    Women with elevated estrogen, testosterone and other hormones likelier to get breast disease, study finds

  • Femara May Beat Tamoxifen at Preventing Breast Cancer's Return
    Estrogen-sensitive cancer responded better to Femara in study funded by drug maker

  • Breast Radiation After Lumpectomy Saves Lives: Study
    Recurrence rate halved compared to those who undergo breast-conserving surgery alone, research shows

  • Factors Identified That May Raise Risk of Early Menopause
    Studies suggest links to inflammatory diseases and breast cancer genes

  • Less Frequent Mammograms May Lower False-Positive Results
    But every-other-year screening may also raise risk for late-stage breast cancer diagnosis, study finds

  • Genetic Profiling Adds New Dimension to Breast Cancer Treatment
    Method allows doctors to determine what will work best for each woman

  • Woman Describes How Breast Cancer Changed Her Life
    Her advice to others: Take time to think about your decisions

  • Health Tip: Understanding Breast Cancer in Men
    Learn about its risk factors

  • Women Say Mammograms Give Them Sense of Control: Survey
    Mammography is currently the best tool available to screen for breast cancer, expert contends

  • Mutant Gene That Ups Risk for Ovarian Cancer May Aid Survival
    Study found patients with BRCA2 had better outcomes than those without it

  • Breast Cancer Appears Less Deadly for Men Than Women
    But study notes male patients more likely to have advanced disease when diagnosed

  • Drug Combo Might Fight Aggressive Breast Cancer More Safely
    Study suggests anthracyclines not needed to treat HER2-positive breast cancer, can pose heart risks

  • Exercise Tips for Breast Cancer Survivors
    Regular physical activity offers survivors a slew of physiological and psychological benefits, experts say

  • Poorer Women More Likely to Die From Breast Cancer
    Less access to cancer screening and treatment is to blame, report says

  • Bone Drug Fails to Prevent Breast Cancer Recurrence: Study
    Routine use of Zometa not warranted, but some postmenopausal cancer patients may benefit

  • Study Suggests Link Between Stress and Aggressive Breast Cancer
    But research with minority women doesn't prove cause-and-effect

  • Foreign-Born U.S. Women Getting Mammograms
    But they're still less likely than U.S.-born women to get breast cancer screening

  • Depression After Cancer Keeps Some From Follow-Up Care
    Depressed Hispanic breast cancer survivors less likely to get checked for ovarian tumors, study finds

  • Too Few Uninsured Women Get Info on Breast Reconstruction
    All women should be informed of post-mastectomy options, researchers say

  • Higher Risk of Second Breast Cancer Seen in Black Women
    Those diagnosed under 45 also at greater risk for more aggressive form of disease, research shows

  • The War on Cancer Continues
    Report finds progress has been made fighting some, but not all, malignancies

  • MRI Can Spot Breast Cancer in High-Risk Women: Study
    Compared with mammograms, scans are better for those at-risk, but cost needs to be lowered

  • FDA OKs Bone Drug to Prevent Fracture in Certain Cancer Patients
    Prolia can be used in some cases of prostate cancer and breast cancer

  • Breast Cancer Rates Jump Worldwide, Study Finds
    More cases being seen in developing countries among younger women

  • More Mammograms Equal More Mastectomies: Study
    But experts urge women to continue to get screened

  • Women With BRCA Mutations Get Cancer Diagnosis Earlier Than Before
    Those at hereditary risk learn of tumors of breast, ovaries, earlier than past generations, study finds

  • States Get Creative in Raising Money for Breast Cancer Programs
    License plates, lotteries and the ability to make a donation on income tax forms generate millions

  • Annual Breast Exams, Mammograms Still Key to Detecting Breast Cancer
    Third of tumors were spotted in a breast exam by a doctor or a self-exam, study finds

  • For Young Breast Cancer Patients, Breast-Conserving Therapy Appears Effective
    Two studies find similar survival for women under 40 with a lumpectomy or a mastectomy

  • Going Straight to Chemo May Be Better for Certain Breast Cancers
    Women with BRCA1 gene mutation respond better than others, study finds

  • FDA: Silicone Breast Implants to Remain on Market
    Agency says it will work with manufacturers to improve monitoring of women who get the devices

  • Smoking Might Raise Sex Hormone Levels After Menopause
    Elevated estrogens and androgens could be risk factors for breast, endometrial cancer, study contends

  • Some Older Breast Cancer Patients Can Skip Hormone Therapy: Study
    Shows risk of death not increased for women over age 60 with small tumors

  • FDA Focuses on Silicone Breast Implant Safety Studies
    Agency asking advisers to devise ways to gather better data on 'real-world' safety and performance

  • Women Who Drink, Smoke Are Less Likely to Stick With Tamoxifen
    Some prescribed the drug to prevent breast cancer may need help with adherence, researchers say

  • Decline in Hormone Therapy Linked to Fewer Mammograms
    As women stopped taking HT, they also stopped getting regular mammograms, researchers report

  • Blacks at Higher Risk for Resistant Breast Cancer: Study
    Having two or more children and not breast-feeding raises odds, researchers say

  • Breast Cancer Drug Raises Risk of Heart Problems in Older Women: Study
    Herceptin especially likely to raise the odds in patients with a history of heart disease or diabetes

  • Counseling May Help Women at Risk for Breast Cancer Gene
    Learning about options might relieve anxiety, improve survival in young women, researchers say

  • Lymph Node Test Doesn't Improve Breast Cancer Care, Study Finds
    Cancer cells found by special staining in first node to which disease typically spreads did not affect survival

  • Tamoxifen Wards Off Breast Cancer's Return for More Than a Decade
    Long-term study found women taking drug had one-third lower risk of dying

  • Drop in Breast Cancer Death Rates May Not Be Linked to Screening Rates
    European study found better care, health systems at play, but experts not sure same is so in U.S.

  • Greater Breast Density May Raise Cancer Risk
    Researchers pinpoint certain traits that play role in tumor aggressiveness

  • Computer-Aided Mammography Doesn't Improve Breast Cancer Detection: Study
    But imaging software makes it more likely women will need more testing, researchers say

  • Many Doctors Ignore Cancer Genetic Testing Guidelines
    Only 41% order testing, counseling for women at high risk of breast or ovarian cancer: study

  • Study Contends Taller People at Heightened Cancer Risk
    Backs up prior research suggesting a link between stature and malignancies

  • Largest Ob/Gyn Group Backs Annual Mammograms in 40s
    Yearly screening important, experts say, because cancers in younger women tend to grow faster, sooner

  • Drug May Prevent Chemo-Linked Menopause in Breast Cancer Patients
    But, experts say treatment may not preserve fertility, has drawbacks

  • Contact Allergies Associated With Lower Rates of Some Cancers
    Sensitivity to chemicals, metals may prime immune system against certain tumors, research suggests, but more study needed

  • Family History of Cancer Needs to Be Updated as You Age
    Study shows it can lead to needed changes in screening

  • U.S. Database of Breast Cancer Treatment May Be Inaccurate
    SEER registry lacked records of radiation after surgery in 1 in 5 cases in two cities studied

  • Mammogram Schedule Should Be Customized, Study Finds
    Timing should take into account a woman's health profile, not just age, researchers say

  • Reconstruction Safe Right After Mastectomy: Study
    Procedure doesn't unduly delay further cancer treatment, research finds

  • Avastin Rejection Supported by Cancer Experts
    Drug's value as metastatic breast cancer treatment still unclear, they say

  • Breast Cancer Plus Other Health Issues Linked to Worse Outcomes
    To improve survival, doctors should monitor co-occurring conditions, researchers say

  • FDA Panel Rejects Avastin for Breast Cancer
    In a unanimous vote, advisors say drug not effective and has dangerous side effects

  • FDA to Hear Appeal on Breast Cancer Drug
    Agency recommended last year against Avastin for disease that has spread to other body parts

  • Longest Trial Ever Confirms Mammograms' Benefits
    They save far more lives than previously thought, researchers say

  • Nearly Half of Older Breast Cancer Patients Don't Get Radiation
    But multiple guidelines recommend it after mastectomy in advanced cases, researchers note

  • Lifestyle Changes Might Alter Breast Cancer Rates
    Study authors recommend drinking less, exercising more and losing weight

  • Older Women With Breast Cancer Probably Won't Die From It: Study
    Heart disease more likely cause of death, researchers find

  • Many Using Free Preventive Screenings Tied to Health Care Reform
    Medicare heads say offering the tests free will save money long term, but critics disagree

  • Nearly 900,000 Fewer Cancer Deaths Since 1990: Report
    Researchers credit trend to better detection, treatment and drop in smoking

  • FDA Approves Test That Spots Aggressive Breast Cancer
    Genetic screen helps doctors find HER2-positive patients who will respond to Herceptin

  • New Test Helps Evaluate Breast Cancer Patients for Herceptin Use
    Screens cells for copies of HER2 gene

  • Is Social Networking Changing the Face of Medicine?
    For women rallying against 2009 mammography proposals, Internet was strategic new tool, expert says

  • Excess Pounds May Lower Odds of Surviving Breast Cancer
    Women with a healthy body weight before and after breast cancer diagnosis more likely to survive, researchers find

  • Aromasin Reduced Breast Cancer Risk in Postmenopausal Women
    But at least one cancer expert says more research is needed

  • Flaxseed Fails as Treatment for Hot Flashes
    Study found no benefit for controlling symptoms of breast cancer therapy, menopause

  • Bone Drug Reduces Odds for Breast Cancer's Return: Study
    Effect seen years after Zometa treatment stopped

  • Widely Used Heart Drugs Linked to Better Breast Cancer Outcomes
    But much more research has to be done to confirm findings, experts say

  • 'Fat Transfer' Gets Early Safety OK in Breast Reconstruction
    Researcher says it's still too early for definitive take on cancer recurrence

  • Smoking Raises Odds for Cancer in Women Already at High Risk
    Lung, colon tumors more likely when habit lasts for years, study finds

  • Could Coffee Lower Men's Risk for Prostate Cancer?
    In study, drinking 6 or more cups per day was linked to reduced odds for aggressive disease, but more research needed

  • Family Medical History Murky for Many
    Efforts needed to improve the accuracy of family cancer history reporting, researchers find

  • Are Coffee Drinkers Less Prone to Aggressive Breast Cancer?
    Study sees lower risk for ER-negative tumors, which don't respond to hormonal therapies

  • Genetic Test Shows Promise in Guiding Breast Cancer Care
    Preliminary study suggests it could predict whether or not a patient will benefit from treatment

  • Women in Their 40s Want Mammograms: Poll
    Harris Interactive/HealthDay survey finds many women disagree with new recommendations that screening should begin at 50

  • Tumors Spotted Between Mammograms Often More Aggressive: Study
    And cancers that didn't show up in regular screenings grew faster than ones radiologists missed

  • Low Vitamin D Levels Linked to More Aggressive Breast Cancers
    Study supports notion that maintaining healthy levels of the nutrient is key to patient outcomes

  • Most Cancer Survivors Would Sacrifice Healthy Breast Again: Study
    20 years after double mastectomy, 97% say they would make same decision

  • Study: Implants Affect Breast Cancer Diagnosis But Not Survival
    It found higher rate of false negatives, cancer that had spread to lymph nodes among women with implants

  • Mammograms Can Save Lives of Women in Their 40s: Studies
    New research, though preliminary, could reignite debate on best time to start routine breast cancer screening

  • Breast Cancer Recurrence Rates Appear Different When Radiation Used
    Early finding shows fewer local recurrences in short term, more invasive recurrences in long run

  • Payment Rates May Affect Breast Cancer Treatment
    Study reports variation in use of expensive therapy by region and Medicare coverage

  • Removing Ovaries During Hysterectomy Won't Raise Other Health Risks: Study
    It lowered chances of ovarian cancer, didn't raise rates of heart disease, osteoporosis, other cancers

  • Pushing Healthy Lifestyle Cuts Risk of Chronic Disease for Blacks: Study
    Healthy behaviors reduced diabetes, heart disease in couples with one HIV-infected partner

  • ACE Inhibitors Seem to Raise Risk of Breast Cancer Recurrence
    But another blood pressure medication has a protective effect, preliminary research suggests

  • Breast Implants, Lymphoma Link Seen
    RAND researchers don't find cause and effect, however

  • Genome Scans May Reveal Life-Saving Alternatives for Cancer Patients
    2 case studies show full scans can rapidly pinpoint origins of disease and steer treatment

  • Estrogen's Role in Breast Cancer Can Fluctuate
    Experts explain how timing is everything, turning hormone into friend or foe of the disease

  • Nervous System Imbalance May Cause Fatigue in Breast Cancer Survivors
    Researchers find high levels of stress hormones, systemic inflammation

  • Overall Health May Be Key to Beating Breast Cancer
    Poorer wellbeing linked to a 65% raised risk of death from any cause in study patients

  • Severe Weight Gain After Breast Cancer May Threaten Health
    Risk of recurrence increased with 10% gain, researchers found

  • Soy Foods OK After Breast Cancer: Study
    Preliminary research finds no increased risk of recurrence

  • Risks of Estrogen Hormone Therapy Seen to Fade After Treatment Ends
    Increased odds of stroke, blood clots dissipate, as do most benefits, researchers find

  • Study Links Smoking, Breast Cancer in Older Women
    But the cancer risk only showed up in female smokers who were not obese, researchers find

  • Most Breast Tumors Have Unique Genetic 'Fingerprint,' Study Finds
    Helps explain why it's difficult to predict outcomes, find new treatments, researchers say

  • Breast Milk Cells May Someday Help Predict Cancer
    Genetic markers in epithelial cells seem to warn of later disease, researchers say

  • U.S. Cancer Rates Continue to Fall
    Report suggests that better screening, diagnosis and treatments are paying off

  • Benefits of Radiation Therapy Outweigh Risks of a Second Cancer: Study
    Likelihood that radiotherapy will cause another tumor is low, researchers say

  • Some Women Worry More About Cancer Recurrence Than Others
    Identifying traits can lead to better coping and care strategies, expert says

  • Genes' 'On/Off' Switches Yield Clues to Breast Cancer
    'Epigenetics' research suggests ways to predict which tumors will likely spread, study says

  • Tamoxifen May Offer Long-Term Heart, Cancer Protection
    Benefits of five-year treatment seen 15 years out, researchers say

  • Smoke-Free Environments Linked to Less Breast Cancer
    States with more workplace bans, non-smoking homes have fewer cases of the disease: study

  • Breast Cancer Drug Tamoxifen Saves Lives, Medical Costs: Study
    For some high-risk women, medicine's benefits outweigh hazards, researchers say

  • Almost 12 Million Cancer Survivors Living in U.S., Report Shows
    Trend largely driven by an aging population, CDC researchers say

  • Chemo May Raise Risk of Falls in Breast Cancer Survivors
    Changes in system that regulates balance may be to blame, researchers suggest

  • Tissue Analysis May Help Predict Breast Cancer Outcome
    Researchers say changes seen in collagen could signal worse prognosis, but more study needed

  • New Chemo Drug May Benefit Some Breast Cancer Patients
    Eribulin increased median survival by 2.5 months in those with metastatic disease, study finds

  • Study Finds Smoking Linked to Breast Cancer Risk
    Association becoming more apparent as smoking women age, researchers say

  • Obesity May Boost Odds of Aggressive Breast Cancer in Older Women
    Mechanisms besides estrogen appear to play a role, researchers say

  • Drop in Breast Cancer Among White Women May Have Stalled
    Population-wide benefit from patients abandoning hormonal therapies may be ebbing, study finds

  • Higher Vitamin D Intake Could Cut Cancer Risk
    Adults need at least 4,000 IU a day, study suggests

  • Herceptin May Boost Long-Term Survival After Aggressive Breast Cancer
    4-year study finds the drug cuts recurrence in women with specific type of tumor

  • Mammography Expertise May Improve With Practice
    The more doctors review, the better they get at detecting noncancerous lesions, study finds

  • Mammograms May Not Be Fool-Proof at Catching Second Cancers
    Finding points to need for vigilance in watching for symptoms between screenings, expert says

  • Study Finds Too Many Surgical Breast Biopsies Performed
    More U.S. women with abnormal mammograms should be getting less invasive needle biopsies, experts note

  • Sexual Issues Often Unaddressed in Women Who Survive Cancer
    Doctors discuss sex with prostate cancer survivors, but not women who have cancer, researchers say

  • Popular Bone Drugs Linked to Reduced Colon Cancer Risk
    People taking Fosamax, other bisphosphonates had lowered odds compared to non-users, study found

  • FDA Approves First 3D Mammogram Device
    Should 'significantly enhance existing diagnosis and treatment approaches,' agency says

  • First 3-D Mammography Test Cleared
    To help screen for breast cancer

  • Removing Many Lymph Nodes in Early Breast Cancer Not Always Needed: Study
    With lumpectomy and radiation, only taking out one or two did not harm survival

  • Healthier Lifestyles May Prevent 340,000 U.S. Cancers a Year: Study
    Regular exercise, balanced diet, limited alcohol help ward off disease, researchers find

  • Breast Cancer Treatment May Lead to Hip Fracture
    Survivors found to have bone loss and breaks at younger-than-normal age

  • Blacks Still Hit Hardest by Cancer
    Report shows overall death rate has dropped, but still higher than other groups

  • More Evidence Cancer Drug Avastin May Cause Harm
    Increased risk of death seen in review of 16 trials

  • Why a Woman May Avoid a Mammogram
    Pain, embarrassment, lack of time top the list, survey finds

  • With Hormone Therapy, Starting Later May Be Less Risky
    Breast cancer odds do not rise when treatment is delayed, U.K. study finds

  • Study Ties Hot Flashes to Lower Breast Cancer Risk
    Menopausal reduction in estrogen levels may be protective, researchers say

  • FDA Says Breast Implants Linked to Rare Cancer
    Risk to any one patient is small, but women and their doctors should be made aware, agency says

  • Breast Cancer Drug May Also Help Lung Cancer Patients
    Tamoxifen's anti-estrogen properties might thwart tumor progression, small study suggests

  • Heavy Smoking Linked to Small Increase in Breast Cancer Risk
    Association only noted for premenopausal women with no pregnancies, study says

  • Breast Cancer Patients With Diabetes May Fare Worse
    Having both diseases greatly increases the chances of dying, review finds

  • Small Spreads of Breast Cancer May Not Affect Survival
    Second, more invasive testing procedure not always needed, study finds

  • Damage of 'False-Positive' Mammograms Overlooked: Study
    Incorrect results may cause anxiety, undermine quality of life for up to a year, researchers say

  • Breast Cancer Radiation Before 1984 Tied to Heart Disease
    Survivors who had radiotherapy decades ago have raised risk of death from heart disease, study finds

  • Study Finds Racial Disparity in Breast Cancer Outcomes
    Black women had higher death rates, no matter what kind of breast cancer they developed

  • Aging Population Could Send Cancer Costs Soaring
    U.S. report projects $158 billion spent annually on care by 2020

  • Breast Cancer Outcome: Your Doctor Matters
    Study finds treatment variations account for up to 30 percent of disease recurrence

  • Quality of Life Key Measure in Breast Cancer Clinical Trials
    Studies of treatments should include their effect on patients' well-being, researchers say

  • Experimental Drug Helps Fight Aggressive Breast Cancer: Report
    Iniparib shrank tumors and prolonged survival time in women with triple-negative breast cancer

  • Scientists Aim for Test That Spots Single Cancer Cell in Blood Sample
    Such a tool might someday replace conventional biopsy, experts speculate

  • More Evidence Links Avastin to Heart Failure in Breast Cancer Patients
    Small but significant risk found in review of studies, researchers say

  • Keeping Holiday Drinking in Check May Counter Cancer
    Evidence suggests that heavy drinking damages cells and may raise cancer risk

  • FDA Advises Against Avastin as Treatment for Breast Cancer
    But patients won't be affected for now, FDA says

  • Belly Fat May Make Some Breast Cancers More Likely
    Study finds greater risk for ER-negative cancer in premenopausal women

  • Stray Breast Tumor Cells During Early Chemo Could Be Bad Sign
    The more of these cells you have, 'the worse you do,' expert says

  • Rare Genetic Syndrome May Increase Colon Cancer Risk
    People with Cowden syndrome should start colorectal screenings in their 30s, expert says

  • Certain Drug Combinations May Beat Back Aggressive Breast Cancer
    Combined treatments appear more effective than any one drug or chemotherapy alone against HER-2 tumors, researchers report

  • Estrogen-Only Hormone Therapy May Reduce Breast Cancer Risk for Some
    But experts question finding that postmenopausal women with low risk of disease might benefit

  • Weight-Lifting After Breast Cancer Won't Cause Lymphedema, Study Finds
    And it might actually be beneficial, researchers say

  • U.S. Failing to Meet Goals for Women's Health: Report
    Survey gives nation unsatisfactory grade on most measures of well-being

  • Certain Breast Cancer Drugs Linked With Heart Risks in Older Women
    Study finds long-term use of aromatase inhibitors could up the odds slightly

  • Only Half of Women Over 40 Get Annual Mammograms
    This also holds true for those with insurance to pay for the procedure, study finds

  • Bone Drug Zometa Flops Overall as Breast Cancer Treatment
    But effect in breast cancer survivors 5 years past menopause deserves further study, researchers say

  • Radiation After Surgery Lowers Chances of Breast Cancer's Return
    Study also found tamoxifen reduced risk of localized disease recurring

  • Annual Mammograms May Cut Mastectomy Rate for Some
    Study finds added benefit from yearly screenings for women younger than 50

  • Docetaxel May Boost Outcomes for Breast Cancers That Haven't Spread to Lymph
    Study found that using the drug instead of fluorouracil seems to add benefit, although side effects rose

  • Breast Cancer Rates Lower With Less Hormone Therapy: Study
    Drop in invasive breast cancer incidence seen among women over 50 after HRT use declined

  • Women With Breast Cancer History Should Consider MRI: Study
    Although not currently recommended, adding it to mammography can detect new cancers, researchers say

  • Too Many Cancers Still Spotted Too Late: CDC
    Screening rates for breast, cervical and colorectal cancers vary greatly among states, report finds

  • Cough Syrup Might Help With Dosing of Breast Cancer Drug
    Cold medicine's active ingredient is absorbed at similar rate to tamoxifen, study says

  • British Study Supports Mammograms for Some Women Under 50
    Screening spotted cancer earlier, upped chances of survival in women with moderate risk factors

  • Cancer Risk From Radiation of Mammograms Is Slight: Study
    Research finds benefits of expected lives saved outweigh the dangers

  • Halaven Approved for Late-Stage Breast Cancer
    Injected therapy believed to stifle cancer cell growth

  • Long-Term Statin Use Won't Raise Cancer Risk: Study
    In fact, U.S. team finds the cholesterol drugs might even lower odds for a few tumor types

  • Obesity Not Tied to Breast Cancer Risk in Mexican Americans
    Lower risk may be due to a shorter lifetime exposure to estrogen, researchers suggest

  • Silicone Implants Preferred by Mastectomy Patients: Survey
    Saline less satisfactory, according to breast cancer survivors who had reconstructive surgery

  • Smoking May Raise Risk of Death in Women With Breast Cancer
    Likelihood of dying from breast cancer or other causes was significantly higher, study found

  • Soy Chemicals May Lower Risk for Invasive Breast Cancer
    Other studies at cancer meeting look at effect on women of hormone therapy, exercise

  • Researchers Spot New Risk Factors for Breast Cancer
    Dense breasts, no lobular involution increase odds, researchers find

  • Dad's Family History of Breast, Ovarian Cancer Matters, Too
    But study found women with paternal family history 5 times less likely to be referred to counseling

  • Study Finds Green Tea Offers No Protection From Breast Cancer
    But latest finding doesn't answer the question definitively, experts say

  • Women Urged to Reclaim Their Life After Breast Cancer
    Tackling the fear of recurrence is a top priority, expert says

  • Mammogram Visit a Good Time to Arrange Colonoscopy: Study
    More poor, minority women might get colon cancer screening if procedure is set up then, experts say

  • New Finding Suggests Safe Surgical Margins When Removing Breast Cancers
    When 2mm margin of healthy tissue taken, no residual disease found in 98 percent of patients

  • Fatalistic Attitudes May Keep Hispanic Women From Cancer Tests
    Notion that health 'is in God's hands' could help explain low screening rates, study suggests

  • Study Shows HRT Even Riskier Than Thought
    Latest analysis finds combo of estrogen/progestin upped chances of more deadly breast cancer

  • Soy May Reduce Breast Cancer Recurrence: Study
    But benefit was only seen in postmenopausal women and the trial was small

  • Latest Findings Back Mammograms for Women in Their 40s
    Experts say earlier screening still a good idea despite debate about doing them later

  • Insurance, Income Don't Explain 'Race Gap' in Breast Cancer Care
    Study finds black, Hispanic women still get fewer services even after financial factors are considered

  • Three Healthy Habits Cut Breast Cancer Risk, Study Finds
    Exercise, healthy weight, moderate alcohol benefit even women with a family history, experts say

  • Cancer-Fighting Bone Drugs Might Raise Stroke Risk
    But IV bisphosphonates can also benefit patients, researchers note

  • Many With Terminal Cancer Still Getting Routine Screens
    Advanced cancer patients should not be put through futile testing at end of life, experts say

  • Mammogram Guidelines Still Beget Confusion
    A year later, experts disagree about who should be screened and when

  • A Little Pain, a Life Saved
    Maryland woman explains how early detection made critical difference

  • Denser Breasts Raise Odds of Second Breast Cancer, Study Finds
    And risk looks stronger for the opposite breast

  • Cancer May Run in Families of Young Breast Cancer Patients
    Risk higher for close relatives of women who develop disease before age 35, study finds

  • Insurance, Race and Poverty Affect Cancer Care, Researchers Report
    Differences in diagnosis and survival noted in three studies for cancer meeting

  • Most Men Unaware of Breast Cancer Risk in Males: Survey
    None of those deemed at higher risk had been told by their doctor, small study found

  • Mammograms Save Lives for Women in Their 40s, Study Says
    Research in Sweden found lower death rates for those who got screened

  • Scientists Detect Unique Marker for Triple-Negative Breast Cancer
    It may one day offer a more targeted therapy for the aggressive disease, but more study is needed, researchers say

  • Physical Abilities May Affect Survival After Breast Cancer
    Patients who struggle with daily activities more likely to die from other causes, study finds

  • Male Partners of Breast Cancer Patients May Suffer Depression
    These men were more likely than peers to be hospitalized for mood disorders, study finds

  • Mixed Report on Women's Health Research
    Fewer deaths from major killers like breast cancer, but little progress on debilitating diseases like dementia

  • Recent Stress May Reduce Cancer Therapy Effectiveness
    Protein involved in mental, physical exertion cut chemo and radiation benefits in lab study

  • Sexual Problems May Arise After Breast Cancer
    Two years after diagnosis, 70 percent of women report decreased desire, less lovemaking

  • Breast Cancer Cases in Canada Drop With Decrease in HRT Use
    Trend mirrors one seen in U.S., researchers note

  • Mammograms Cut Breast Cancer Death Rates, But Only Modestly: Study
    Norwegian study findings stir renewed debate over the value of routine screening

  • Gene Study Adds to Research of Breast Cancer Risk
    Findings may help scientists develop way to predict individual risk in BRCA1 mutation carriers

  • Scientists ID 5 Gene Variants Linked to Ovarian Cancer
    Findings could help advance prevention, treatment options for those most at risk, expert suggests

  • Breast Reconstruction After Mastectomy: Now or Later?
    More complications in women who get immediate reconstruction but need radiation later, study finds

  • Radiation Exposure Raises Likelihood of Second Cancer
    Japanese who developed a cancer after atomic bomb blast at high risk of developing another, study finds

  • Talks With Plastic Surgeon Urged Before Mastectomy
    Where woman goes for treatment may influence breast reconstruction decision, study suggests

  • Preventive Surgeries May Be Lifesaver for Women at High Cancer Risk
    Study finds removing breast, ovaries greatly lower the odds, but decision can be a difficult one

  • Moderate Drinking May Boost Risk of Breast Cancer's Return
    But it could reduce the risk of dying from other causes, study finds

  • Nicotine Can Fuel Breast Cancer, Study Suggests
    Taiwanese researchers show a molecular connection

  • Inner Workings of Gene Tied to Breast, Ovarian Cancer Revealed
    In 3 studies, scientists isolate & analyze protein produced by BRCA2

  • Alcohol May Raise Risk for Certain Breast Cancers
    Study found drinking associated with increase in hormone receptor-positive cancers

  • Weight a Factor in Breast Cancer Risk After HRT Use
    Thinner women faced higher chance of malignancies, review found

  • A New Marker to Spot Aggressive Breast Cancers?
    Levels of a cellular protein seem to fall as tumor lethality rises, study finds

  • Vaccine Shows Some Promise Against Advanced Cancers
    But only a minority of patients benefited and more work may need to be done, experts say

  • Breast Cancer's DNA Yields More Secrets
    Another study shows that not all tumors are alike, pointing to better treatments

  • Genetic Risk Score Can Predict Odds For Breast Cancer
    Scientists find different variants affect different tumor types

  • Technology May Explain Mammogram's Poorer Performance in Younger Women
    Worse detection rate not due to tumor biology in women under 50, study suggests.

  • Women of African Heritage May Face Greater Aggressive Breast Cancer Risk
    Study found they are more likely to develop triple-negative form of disease

  • FDA Advisers Say Avastin Shouldn't Be Used for Breast Cancer
    The drug failed to live up to preliminary promise, experts contend

  • Experts Issue New Guidelines on Breast Cancer Drugs
    Older women with the leading tumor type can use aromatase inhibitors before or after tamoxifen

  • Fish Oil Supplements Linked to Lower Risk of Breast Cancer: Study
    32 percent reduced odds seen in postmenopausal women, but more study is needed, researchers say

  • U.S. Cancer Death Rate Keeps Falling: Report
    American Cancer Society statistics suggest earlier detection, better treatment paying off

  • Breast Cancer Gene May Raise Men's Risk, Too
    Males with faulty BRCA2 have 1 in 12 chance of the illness by age 80, study finds

  • Breast, Colon Cancer Screening Rates High, But Not High Enough
    CDC says thousands of lives are lost each year because people didn't get the tests

  • Obesity Ups Cancer Death Risk in Asia-Pacific Region
    But the risk conferred by excess weight is no higher than in the West, study finds

  • Many With Early Breast Cancer Don't Complete Therapy
    Researcher says patient compliance is an emerging issue in cancer treatment

  • Bone-Building Pills Appear to Lower Invasive Breast Cancer Risk
    Two new studies show a possible link, although not direct cause-and-effect

  • Poor Breast Cancer Survival in Blacks May Not Be Due to Race
    Many factors, including access to health care, could affect outcome, analysis finds

  • Expert Challenges New Mammogram Guidelines
    Screening should start at age 40, not 50 as U.S. task force recommends, Harvard radiologist says

  • Lymphoma Survivors Often Miss Out on Follow-Up
    Many aren't being screened for later cancers, study finds

  • Gene Mutation Offers Clues to Tamoxifen-Blood Clot Link
    Women who developed embolism during cancer treatment more likely to have variant, study shows

  • Scientists Tease Out Links Between Diabetes, Cancer
    Does the blood sugar disease help cause malignancy, or just share common risk factors?

  • Mastectomy Rates Down Overall, New Study Finds
    While previous studies show opposite trend, latest one reflects entire U.S. population, experts note

  • Stress-Relief Program Helped Those Facing Breast Cancer Twice
    Intervention boosted quality of life, longevity after disease returned, study found

  • Targeted Radiation for Early Breast Cancer a Good Option: Study
    1 session of localized treatment is as effective as whole-breast radiation, researchers found

  • Drug Made From Sea Sponge Fights Advanced Breast Cancer
    Eribulin extended survival after other chemotherapies had failed, study finds

  • Pain Med May Affect Breast Cancer Recurrence
    Women who took ketorolac after mastectomy fared better, researchers say

  • Lifestyle Doesn't Influence Genetic Risks in Breast Cancer
    No evidence that known gene mutations interact with environmental factors, researchers say

  • Longer Drug Regimen Still Best Against Breast Cancer
    Giving meds sequentially, not concurrently, gives survival edge for those with early stage disease, study finds

  • Breast Cancer Vaccine Possible, Scientists Say
    Human trials may begin next year

  • Exercise Boosts Health of Cancer Patients
    Physical activity during and after treatment resulted in less fatigue, greater well-being, researchers say

  • Prenatal Exposure to Chemicals Linked to Breast Cancer Risk
    BPA, DES affected offspring of pregnant mice, researchers found

  • Breast Cancer Study Offers New Hope
    Estrogen-lowering drugs before surgery let even high-risk women opt for lumpectomy

  • Radiation Not Needed in Many Older Breast Cancer Patients
    No added benefit over surgery plus tamoxifen alone in those 70-plus with early stage disease, study finds

  • Yoga Eases Sleep Problems Among Cancer Survivors
    Study found those who practiced it for four weeks after chemo slept better, used fewer sleep aids

  • Health Tip: Getting a Mammogram
    Here's what's involved

  • New Clues to Treating an Aggressive Breast Cancer
    Findings may lead to earlier detection and personalized therapy, researchers say

  • Small Changes in Two Genes May Trigger Breast Cancer
    Testing for genetic variations might reveal women most at risk, researchers say

  • Tumor Cells in Blood Affect Breast Cancer Survival
    In metastatic disease, more circulating cells means higher risk of death, study finds

  • Simple Test May Identify Breast Cancer Subtypes
    These classifications can help explain different outcomes for women with similar-looking tumors, expert says

  • Broccoli May Help Battle Breast Cancer
    Study in mice suggests that component keeps stem cells from generating new tumors

  • Aggressive Action Urged When Evaluating Breast Lesions
    Suspicious growths in high-risk patients should be classified as soon as possible, researchers say

  • Smoking Ups Risk of Second Breast Cancer
    15 years after treatment, smokers more likely to have a new tumor, study finds

  • For Younger Women, Mammograms Not Too Effective: Study
    Before 40 and without symptoms, screening mammography may be inappropriate, researchers say

  • Breakthrough in Predicting Invasive Breast Cancer
    New way to predict spread could avoid overly aggressive treatment, researchers say

  • Selenium Helped Cells 'Reboot' After Exposure to Cancer-Causing Chemicals
    Lab finding may show way to stop breast tumors in their tracks, scientists say

  • Imaging Costs Soar for Medicare Cancer Patients
    Whether more scans are wasteful or improve outcomes isn't known, experts say

  • Breast Cancer Risks Not Same for Hispanic Women
    Far fewer cases stem from established risk factors, study finds

  • Black Women Wait Longer for Breast Cancer Diagnosis, Treatment
    Insurance status didn't make a difference, study finds

  • Remedy Needed for Overdiagnosis of Cancers
    New review finds significant number of mammograms, PSA tests spot tumors that don't need treating

  • Studies Confirm Link Between Breast Density and Cancer
    As density drops over time, so does risk, one study finds

  • Earlier Detection of Breast Cancer May Be Possible
    Blood test could indicate presence of disease long before diagnosis, study says

  • New Guidelines Issued on Hormone Receptor Testing for Breast Cancer
    Up to 20% of current results may be inaccurate, study says

  • Steady Weight Gain Boosts Late-Life Breast Cancer Risk
    Average-sized woman doubles her odds by adding 30 pounds over 30 years, researchers say

  • Vaccine Stops Tumor Spread in Mice
    Treatment may be used one day as part of cancer-fighting arsenal, but more study is needed

  • Supplements Might Reduce Breast Cancer Risk
    Study found multivitamins, calcium tablets had protective effect

  • Raloxifene, Tamoxifen Both Guard Against Breast Cancer
    But first drug helps prevent noninvasive disease more and has fewer side effects, study finds

  • 'Love Handles' Can Come in Handy for Breast Reconstruction
    Fat between waist and hip in thin, athletic mastectomy patients works, study suggests

  • Thin Girls May Face Higher Breast Cancer Risk as Adults
    Finding may offer new ways to predict odds for the disease, researchers say

  • Genome Sequencing Reveals How Breast Cancer Spreads
    Findings could lead to development of more targeted treatments, researcher says

  • Teen Drinking May Boost Breast Problems Later
    As alcohol consumption increases, so does risk for non-cancerous breast disease, study finds

  • Many Terminal Cancer Patients May Be Overtreated
    Radiation therapy designed to ease pain can go on too long and be ineffective, study finds

  • Gene Mutations Up Risk for Cancer in Opposite Breast
    Younger women with diagnosis should consider genetic testing, experts say

  • New Clues to Pregnancy-Associated Breast Cancer
    Inflammatory gene activity found in women who've given birth may raise risk, study finds

  • Inactivating Gene May Cut Breast Cancer Risk
    Findings in mice could hold promise for women at increased risk

  • Workplace Chemicals May Boost Breast Cancer Risk
    Working with certain fibers before age 36 raises women's odds of developing cancer, study finds

  • Bone-Strengthening Drug Guards Against Spread of Breast Cancer
    Zoledronic acid protected against chemotherapy-related bone loss, metastasis, study finds

  • More Women Urged to Get Radiation After Mastectomy
    Potentially lifesaving treatment is underused, study finds

  • Simple Forms Help Docs Do Better Breast Exams
    Study found writing it down lead to more careful cancer screening

  • Pregnancy May Protect Breast Cancer Survivors
    Finding important because more women are delaying motherhood, researchers say

  • Protein in Breast Tumors May Predict Chemo Response
    Study suggests identifying substance can lead to more accurate diagnosis

  • Preventive Mastectomy May Not Lower Risks
    Breast cancer recurrence and survival rates don't improve, study finds

  • Long-Term Breast-Feeding Tied to More Aggressive Cancers
    Though nursing is thought to reduce risk, more advanced tumors noted in study

  • Many With Breast Cancer Decide Too Soon to Remove Other Breast
    Small study suggests that women often overestimate the odds that the tumor will spread

  • Beta Blockers May Slow Spread of Breast Cancer
    Small study found they boost survival, but results are preliminary

  • Breast Cancer's Return in Original Tumor Site a Bad Sign
    Such cases are few after time, but death risk is then much higher, researchers say

  • Mammograms May Not Boost Survival, Danish Study Suggests
    But U.S. expert says screening is best way to prevent breast cancer deaths

  • Where Cancer Treatment Takes Place May Influence Outcome
    Death rates same for blacks, whites at specialized cancer centers, research shows

  • Cultural Outreach Boosts Cancer Care in Asian Americans
    Simple measures could reduce high risks in certain populations, reports suggest

  • Newer Genetic Info Adds Little to Predicting Breast Cancer
    Data on lesser known variants didn't improve powers of standard risk model

  • Freezing Tumors Shows Promise Against Prostate, Breast Cancer
    Cryotherapy prevented need for surgery in one group, and thwarted recurrence in the other

  • MRIs May Detect Hidden Tumors in Breast Cancer Patients
    Older women with cancer in one breast should have other one scanned, researchers say

  • Papaya Could Be a Cancer Fighter
    Extract slows growth in lab cultures, researchers say

  • Breast Cancer Patients Often Confused by Genomic Testing
    Doctors should do more to explain test results, researchers find

  • Certain Bone Drugs May Lower Breast Cancer Risk
    Benefit from Fosamax, Boniva, Zometa does not apply to obese women, however

  • Freezing Technique May Stop Breast Cancer
    Rapid cryoablation kept cancer from spreading in mice, researchers say

  • Radiation Most Effective Soon After Breast Cancer Surgery
    Analysis finds greater risk of recurrence in those who delay it

  • Preventive Mastectomy in Opposite Breast Boosts Survival Only Slightly
    Benefit largely for young women with early stage, ER-negative tumors, study finds

  • Mammogram Plus MRI Cost-Effective in High-Risk Women
    Having both procedures annually may improve life expectancy, study finds

  • Access to Mammograms Drops After Guidelines Change
    Survey finds that some states have cut breast cancer screening programs

  • Bitter Melon Extract May Slow, Stop Breast Cancer
    But lab test results must be repeated in animals and humans, experts say

  • Dips in Breast Cancer Rates Seen Most in Affluent Women
    Finding suggests that drops in HRT use explain the trend, researchers say

  • Aspirin May Boost Breast Cancer Survival
    Risk of death, recurrence halved for those who took it, study finds

  • Breast Cancer Stats Differ Racially Despite Similar Mammogram Rates
    Genetic and lifestyle differences likely play a role, researchers say

  • MRI May Not Add Value to Routine Breast Cancer Care
    Repeat procedure rates are unchanged when scans are used, study finds

  • Few Women at High Risk for Breast Cancer Take Tamoxifen
    Study finds less than 1% use it as preventative; experts say drug has gotten 'bad rap'

  • Hormone May Prevent Aggressive Breast Cancer
    Discovery of prolactin's role could improve diagnosis and treatment, researchers say

  • Cognitive Skills May Shrink With Tamoxifen
    Breast cancer drug still has lifesaving qualities, expert stresses

  • For Some Breast Cancer Patients, Shorter Radiation Works Well
    Accelerated treatment yields similar results with less inconvenience, study finds

  • Paxil Blocks Tamoxifen, Lowers Survival Odds Against Breast Cancer
    Patients should avoid taking the two drugs together, researchers say

  • Financial Woes Add Anxiety to Breast Cancer Diagnosis
    Low- and middle-income women might benefit from psychosocial support, researchers say

  • Approval Expanded for Breast Cancer Drug Tykerb
    To include certain postmenopausal women who need hormone therapy

  • Herceptin Again Proves Mettle Against Breast Cancer
    Improved survival seen when used with chemo for HER2 malignancies, researchers report

  • Radiation Dose Lower With Digital Mammography
    Compared to conventional film, new method reduces exposure, research shows

  • Common Breast Cancer Traced to Cell Origins
    Finding may provide new target for treatment, researchers say

  • Therapy May Relieve Breast Cancer Surgery Complication
    Early physical therapy prevented or reduced secondary lymphedema in study patients

  • Pomegranate May Fight Some Breast Cancers
    Phytochemical in fruit could inhibit hormone-driven disease, study finds

  • Start Mammograms by 40, Breast Imaging Experts Say
    New guidelines also call for annual screening by 30 for high-risk women

  • Experimental Drug May Help in Brain, Prostate Cancers
    Study finds that imetelstat targets mechanism that allows cancer cells to divide

  • Health Care Reform, Swine Flu Top Health News for 2009
    Furor over cancer screening changes and lifting of embryonic stem cell ban also grabbed headlines

  • Acupuncture May Cut Hot Flashes, Boost Sex Drive in Breast Cancer Patients
    But the study was small and one expert believes more research is needed

  • Research Reveals How Breast Cancer Rearranges Genome
    Disease plays havoc with DNA sequence, study finds

  • Many High-Risk Women Refuse Breast MRI
    Though it helps ID early breast cancer, 42 percent in study declined free test

  • Needle Biopsy Works Well in Diagnosing Breast Cancer
    It's nearly as accurate a surgical method, with fewer complications, analysis finds

  • After Lumpectomy, Radiation Rates Lower for Black Women
    Racial disparities seen for 'standard-of-care' breast cancer treatment, study finds

  • 'Nanosensors' Spot Early Signs of Cancer
    Blood-based technology could lead to quicker detection and treatment, study says

  • Chemo With Herceptin May Be Best for Some Breast Cancers
    Taking the drug during chemotherapy, rather than after, improves survival, study finds

  • Tweaks to Breast Cancer Treatments Boost Outcomes
    In one study, longer Herceptin use helped beat back the disease

  • Spice Compounds May Stem Tumor Growth
    Lab study suggests possible action against breast cancer

  • Adding Chemo to Tamoxifen Helps Some Breast Cancer Patients
    Combo extended survival for certain women with estrogen-positive tumors, study found

  • New Drugs, New Combinations Fight Breast Cancer
    Targeted therapies could make inroads against metastatic disease, researchers say

  • Too Much Drinking, Eating Tied to Breast Cancer Recurrence
    Prognosis is also worse for overweight women, researchers find

  • Bone Drugs May Beat Back Breast Cancer
    Bisphosphonates seem to prevent recurrence, researchers find

  • Genetic Test May Someday Help Spot Breast Cancer
    Positioning of genes could aid in detecting whether cells are cancerous, experts say

  • Being Alone and Stressed May Increase Breast Cancer Risk
    Social isolation combined with stressful situations raised odds of disease in animal study

  • Breast Cancer Decline Only Partly Due to HRT
    Drop in hormone replacement therapy doesn't fully explain the 7% falloff, researchers say

  • U.S. Cancer Cases, Deaths Continue to Drop
    Report says lifestyle changes, better screening and treatment explain decrease

  • Soy Beneficial for Breast Cancer Survivors: Study
    Surprising finding shows it reduces risk of death, recurrence

  • Breast Cancer's Spread Now Better Understood
    Findings offer hope for future treatments targeting growth factor, researchers say

  • High-Risk Women May Often Avoid Using Tamoxifen
    Armed with knowledge of risks, many hesitate to take breast cancer drug, study finds

  • Smoking Exposure Now Linked to Colon, Breast Cancers
    New studies also find that children exposed to smoke are at risk of lung cancer

  • Ultrasound With Elastography May Cut Down on Biopsies
    Method improves diagnosis of benign versus cancerous lesions, researchers say

  • Mammograms May Boost Cancer Risk in High-Risk Women
    Radiation exposures in younger women may up chances of disease, study finds

  • Taxol Boosts Odds of Chronic Pain
    Breast cancer patients getting the chemo drug may suffer long-term neuropathic discomfort, study finds

  • Recent Cancer Screening Changes Leave Many Confused
    But experts say science is behind reasoning that testing less is OK

  • Sleep Disorders Plague Cancer Patients
    More than three-quarters getting chemo deal with insomnia, study shows

  • Women Should Ignore New Mammogram Guideline, Ex-NIH Chief Says
    Dr. Bernadine Healy, first woman to head the agency, said lives could be at risk

  • Blood Test Could Boost Clarity of Breast MRI Results for Some
    Taking menstrual cycle into account when booking exam may cut need for repeat scans, study suggests

  • No Immediate Changes Expected in Mammogram Coverage
    Health plans say routine screening is an individual decision

  • Task Force Member Defends Mammography Guidelines
    Meanwhile, three doctors weigh in on what women should do about the new recommendations

  • Too Few Older Adults Get Recommended Screenings
    Report looks to improve health of this group with better preventive care

  • Mammography: What to Do Now?
    Three doctors weigh in on what women should do about the new guidelines

  • Guidelines Delay Start of Mammograms to Age 50, Then Every Other Year
    Cancer Society, others voice strong disapproval of federal recommendations

  • Gene Linked to Breast Cancer Might Boost Heart Health
    When BRCA1 is deactivated, it can lead to hardening of the arteries, mouse study suggests

  • Less HRT, Fewer Cases of Possible Breast Cancer Precursor
    As hormone use declined, so did incidence of abnormal cells in milk ducts, study finds

  • Lab Study Slows Breast Cancer Spread to Bone in Mice
    Experimental drug may lead to therapy that inhibits metastasis, research suggests

  • Breast Cancer May Be Gone, But Pain Lingers
    Nearly half of patients have chronic pain, researchers find

  • Breast Cancer Drugs May Fight Cervical Cancer, Too
    Study in mice reports success with drugs that inhibit estrogen

  • Dense Breasts Raise Risk of Cancer Recurrence
    Study didn't answer question of why this is so, however

  • Shorter, More Intense Radiation OK for Some Breast Cancers
    Three-week course comparable to six-week treatment, researchers find

  • Drug Could Help Treat Small HER2-Positive Breast Tumors
    Researcher urges studies to determine benefits of anti-HER2 therapies

  • Meditation May Reduce Stress in Breast Cancer Patients
    Women report improved emotional and mental health in study

  • Mapping the Link Between Alcohol, Cancer
    How it affects tumor cells is becoming less of a mystery, study finds.

  • Breast Abnormality Follow-Up Often Later in Black Women
    Reasons for delay are unclear, researchers say

  • American Cancer Society Stands By Cancer Screening Guidelines
    Group has no plans to rethink testing for breast, prostate tumors, contrary to published report

  • Breast Cancer Gene Tied to Diagnosis at Younger Age
    Researchers concerned that disease may be developing earlier

  • Race Not a Factor if Breast Cancer Chemo Succeeds
    All women have similar outcomes when there's no sign of disease following treatment, study finds

  • Mastectomy Not First Choice for Most Breast Cancer Patients
    Three-fourths opt for breast-conserving treatments instead, study finds

  • With Hormone Therapy, Tender Breasts May Signal Cancer Risk
    Symptom might warrant a reassessment of treatment, experts suggest

  • 'Lab on a Chip' Might Speed Breast Cancer Monitoring
    Device makes measuring estrogen faster and simpler, researchers say

  • Gene Test Might Predict Tamoxifen's Effectiveness
    The breast cancer drug works better depending on particular DNA, study suggests

  • New Test Assesses Individual Breast Cancer Risk
    Number of milk sacs, size of lobules determine findings, study shows

  • Breast Cancer Death Rates Continue to Drop 2% Annually
    But mortality still higher among black women than white women, U.S. report says

  • Social Isolation Adversely Affects Breast Cancer
    In mouse study, those living alone had larger tumors than those in groups

  • More Women Having Other Breast Removed
    But experts say there's no proof that procedure extends survival of cancer patients

  • After-Effects of Chemotherapy May Include Memory Problems
    Lack of concentration, thinking difficulties reported by breast cancer survivors, researchers say

  • Timing, Type of HRT May Determine Breast Cancer Risk
    Starting estrogen-progestagen therapy early may up odds of disease, study shows

  • For Hispanics, a Unique Cancer Profile Emerges
    Report finds they're less likely to die of cancer but more apt to have certain malignancies

  • Medications That Lower Breast Cancer Risk Carry Other Dangers
    Analysis notes tamoxifen, raloxifene can up chances of other cancers, clots

  • Routine Testing Would Improve Herceptin Use in Breast Cancer
    Targeted drug therapy often doesn't reach the right patients, study finds

  • Common Diabetes Drug May Fight Cancer
    Metformin-chemo combination shrinks tumors, delays recurrence in mice: study

  • Scientists Spot Key to Breast Cancer Spread
    Combination of proteins sparks disease growth, research shows

  • Scientists Spot Clue to Cancer's Aggressiveness
    They hope molecular signature shows when disease will respond to cancer drug

  • Family, Friends Influence Breast Cancer Decisions
    Patients' supporters often play role in treatment discussions, study finds

  • Chemotherapy Linked to Sleep-Wake Cycle Disruptions
    Biological clock out of sync in patients being treated for breast cancer, study finds

  • Meat, Dairy Won't Up Odds for Breast Cancer
    Two studies find no clear link; other research supports fiber to ward off the disease

  • Advice Helps Prevent Pain After Breast Cancer Surgery
    Patients benefit from information on how to reduce risk of lymphedema, experts say

  • Protein May Identify Deadlier Breast Cancer
    Findings might help doctors determine prognosis, researchers say

  • Tamoxifen May Up Risk of Second, More Aggressive Breast Cancer
    But survivors shouldn't stop taking the anti-cancer drug, experts say

  • More Women Surviving After Early Breast Cancer
    Still too little is known about these 'in situ' malignancies, experts say

  • Newer Drug Beats Tamoxifen for Older Breast Cancer Patients
    Letrozole boosted survival and should be first-line treatment, experts say

  • Estrogen Plays Surprise Role in Breast Cancer Treatment
    Study finds it may slow disease if anti-estrogen therapies stop working

  • Wine May Shield Breast Cancer Patients From Radiation Side Effects
    Italian study suggests its natural antioxidants protect the skin

  • Cancer Deaths Declining, Especially Among Young
    Advances in treatment, prevention and detection behind progress, study finds

  • MRI May Not Improve Breast Cancer Outcome
    But it does increase likelihood of extensive surgery, researchers say

  • Stray Breast Cancer Cells Yield to Post-Op Chemo
    Women with microscopic disease helped by additional treatment, research shows

  • Weight Lifting Can Ease Arm Swelling in Breast Cancer Survivors
    Finding runs counter to standard advice doctors have given for years

  • Breast-Feeding May Lower Breast Cancer Risk
    Study found women with familial history of disease were protected

  • In U.S., No Comeback Seen for Hormone Therapy
    Experts say risks of long-term use still outweigh possible benefits

  • Many Opt for Surgery to Lower Breast, Ovarian Cancer Risk
    Women with BRCA gene mutations often choose preventive measures, study finds

  • Living in U.S. May Raise Hispanics' Cancer Risk
    Lifestyle changes up the odds for Cubans, Puerto Ricans, Mexicans, study finds

  • Periodic Dieting May Cut Breast Cancer Risk
    In lab studies, intermittent calorie restriction led to dramatic decrease in tumors

  • Breast CT Scanner Could Improve Cancer Screen Comfort
    Researchers study system designed for diagnosis as way to treat disease

  • Breast Cancer Drug May Beat Fungal Infection
    If proven effective, tamoxifen could be new way to fight Candida

  • Culture May Help Raise Breast Cancer Death Rate for American Indians
    Fatalism, stigma barriers to prevention and treatment for this hard-hit group, study finds

  • Elevated Insulin Levels Linked to Breast Cancer
    Study finds strong association in postmenopausal women

  • New Gene May Signal Aggressive Breast Cancer
    Finding provides insight into tumor growth, metastasis, researchers say

  • Spiritual Outlook Can Affect Mental Health in Breast Cancer
    Negative feelings about faith linked to patients' poor emotional status, study suggests

  • Reminders Boost Mammography Appointments
    Prompts for breast exams improve compliance, study finds

  • More Mammograms May Mean More 'Harmless' Cancers
    Experts stress, though, that screenings remain vital

  • Migraines Linked to Reduced Breast Cancer Risk
    Researchers suspect estrogen levels play a part in the connection

  • Cancer Gap Between Whites, Blacks May Be Biological in Part
    Disparity remains when treatment, socioeconomic factors are the same, study finds

  • New Clues to Race Gap in Breast Cancer Outcomes
    Studies shed light on why black women more likely to die, but questions remain

  • Research Reveals Clues to Breast Cancer's Spread
    Interrupting key signals might prevent recurrence, investigators say

  • Metabolic Syndrome May Make Breast Cancer More Likely
    Study finds increased risk for postmenopausal women

  • Breast Cancer Numbers Dip Most in Wealthy, Urban Areas
    Hormone-replacement therapy probably accounts for differences between rich and poor women: study

  • New Cancer Drug Fights Tumors in Those With BRCA Mutations
    Olaparib prevents malignant cells from repairing themselves, researchers say

  • Schizophrenia Linked to Higher Risk of Dying From Cancer
    Study finds lung and breast cancer rates especially elevated

  • Gene Can Dampen Chemo Drug Effectiveness
    Alternatives to current breast cancer therapy needed for some patients, study says

  • Cancer Diagnosis May Tax Physical, Mental Health
    Treatment, too, affects quality of life, studies show

  • Grilled Meats Not Tied to Breast Cancer in Older Women
    Study finds no added risk for eating meat, even when cooked at high temps

  • Pausing Hormone Therapy Doesn't Cut Mammogram Recalls
    Repeat imaging rates similar whether women stopped hormone treatment or not, study finds

  • Research Finds 'New Crop' of Breast Cancer Genes
    Study in mice also suggests possible treatment with blood pressure med

  • Some Antidepressants May Thwart Tamoxifen's Effect on Breast Cancer
    Women should seek alternatives to SSRIs for hot flashes, studies suggest

  • New Insights, Inroads Against Breast, Ovarian Cancers
    Once-promising ovarian cancer test loses luster, but new breast tumor treatments called 'exciting'

  • 'Micro' Spreading of Breast Cancer Needs Treating, Study Urges
    Other research cautions against too much screening for lung cancer

  • U.S. Cancer Death Rates Continue to Fall
    Report finds 19.2% drop among men, 11.4% among women in past 15 years

  • Drug May Extend Life When Breast Cancer Spreads
    Study funded by pharmaceutical company finds benefits in Abraxane

  • New Research Sheds Light on Breast Cancer Prognosis
    Two studies examine protein linked to tumor growth for clues to better treatments

  • Many Black Women Refuse Breast Cancer Treatments
    Poverty, fear play roles in skipping lifesaving therapies, researchers say

  • Stem Cell Study Offers Hope for Targeting Tumors
    In mice, genetically engineered cells killed cancer but spared healthy cells

  • Poor Women Seem to Be Skipping Breast Cancer Drugs
    Theories vary as to why, but experts say consequence can be severe

  • Ginger Eases Nausea From Chemo
    Spice produced 40% reduction in symptoms among breast cancer patients

  • Chemotherapy Superior to New Drug for Early Breast Cancer
    Standard treatment prolonged survival in older women, study finds

  • Healthy Behaviors Slow Functional Decline After Cancer
    Diet, exercise may improve endurance in older, overweight cancer survivors, study shows

  • Where You Live May Affect Your Cancer Diagnosis
    Risk of late-stage cancer greater in city dwellers than in rural residents, study shows

  • Genes Linked to Spread of Breast Cancer
    Study identifies three genetic ties to brain metastasis

  • Young Women's Breast Tissue Offers Clues to Cancer Risk
    Tissue density tied to chances of disease in middle-age and beyond, study suggests

  • Breast Self-Exam Rates Go Up With Counseling
    Instruction and encouragement take the worry away, researcher says

  • Minorities to Bear Brunt of Rise in U.S. Cancer Cases
    Rate among Hispanics, blacks will double over next 20 years, report warns

  • Gene Alteration May Affect Breast Cancer Therapy
    Less toxic regimen could be sufficient for some women, study finds

  • Drug May Help Against Inflammatory Breast Cancer
    Study shows those who respond to lapatinib survive longer

  • No Verdict Yet on Grape Seed Extract vs. Breast Cancer
    Researchers plan more controlled study at different dosages

  • Soy May Not Lead to Denser Breasts
    Study finds no link to condition that can increase cancer risk

  • Walnuts May Help Keep Breast Cancer at Bay
    Study in mice finds fewer, smaller tumors in those that ate the nuts

  • Study Rates Breast Cancer Risks Among Races
    Researchers find white and black women share certain risks; other factors more distinctive

  • Targeted Treatments Show Mettle Against Advanced Cancers
    Progression-free survival longer when treatment aimed at specific tumor traits

  • Dense Breasts Complicate Testing and Treatment
    Risk factor is one women can do little about, experts say

  • Health Tip: Lumps in the Breast
    Often don't signal cancer

  • Harmless Virus May Be Deadly to Breast Cancer
    Reovirus seeks out and destroys tumor cells, researchers say

  • Yale Plans Closer Look at Exercise and Cancer
    Studies will chart recovery of active women with breast or ovarian disease

  • Scientists Identify More Breast Cancer Genes
    Findings should lead to deeper understanding of the disease, experts say

  • Microsurgery May Cut Swelling After Breast Cancer Treatment
    Technique reroutes lymphatic fluid to prevent buildup, experts explain

  • Black Women at Higher Risk for Aggressive Breast Tumors
    Triple negative growths 3 times more likely regardless of age, weight, study finds

  • Soy May Help Shield Asian-American Girls From Breast Cancer
    Early consumption seems most beneficial, but needs further study, experts say

  • When Breast Cancer Recurs, Finding Pre-Symptoms Is Key
    Early stage cancers are usually smaller and more contained, study finds

  • Lymphedema Raises Cost of Breast Cancer Care
    Painful swelling can require treatments for infections and depression

  • Younger Women With Breast Cancer Face Added Peril
    Disease is more aggressive, requiring more radical treatments, study suggests

  • Women With Breast Cancer Gene Favor Preventive Mastectomy
    Most carriers view the procedure as best security against the disease, study finds

  • Wine Color Won't Change Breast Cancer Risk
    Despite red wine's healthy reputation, study finds it won't lower cancer odds

  • New Test May Mean Faster Breast Cancer Treatment
    Genetic analysis method can be used on all women with diagnosis, study says

  • Men With BRCA Gene Mutations Unaware of Cancer Risks
    They need to be more aware of the threats to themselves and relatives, study says

  • Yoga May Bring Calm to Breast Cancer Treatment
    Women reported less stress, more peace after sessions, study finds

  • Waiting Is the Hardest Part in Biopsies
    Study finds stress hormone levels abnormal among women waiting for breast biopsy results

  • Drinking Raises Cancer Risk for Middle-Age Women
    Even one drink a day poses danger, large study finds

  • Technique May Let More Women Use Tamoxifen
    30% of breast cancers currently don't respond to this type of estrogen-linked drug

  • Calcium Helps Ward Off Colon Cancer
    Effect is strongest for women, study finds, doesn't extend to other malignancies

  • Cancer Death Rates Decline Among Blacks, But Disparities Linger
    Diagnosis still comes later than for whites and survival is poorer, new report finds

  • Menopause Drug Tied to Breast Cancer Recurrence
    Dutch study of tibolone, also used for osteoporosis but not available in U.S., was stopped early due to increased risk

  • One in Three Cancer Survivors on Unemployment Line
    Lingering physical effects of cancer a likely cause, finds study

  • Experts Release Guidelines on Use of Breast MRI
    The technology can supplement, but not replace, standard screening, they say

  • Hodgkin's Survivors Prone to Breast Cancer Later
    Study found they were 37 times more likely to develop malignancies after radiation treatments

  • Pregnancy May Not Affect Breast Cancer Survival
    But early diagnosis and treatment before birth are best, study says

  • Minorities Distrust Medical System More
    Study finds levels of skepticism correlate with lower cancer screening rates

  • Two-Thirds of Hispanic Women Discover Breast Cancer Themselves
    But half wait at least a month before seeking help, research shows

  • Statins Don't Cut Cancer Risk
    Animal study found 2 popular cholesterol-lowering drugs had little effect on tumors

  • Drop in Breast Cancer Rates Due to Drop in HRT Use
    Researchers say first two years of combined hormone therapy a 'safe' period

  • 2 Years of Hormone Use May Be 'Safe'
    Cancer risk doesn't rise until third year, study finds

  • Fewer Women Are Having Mammograms
    CDC reports decline in two-thirds of the country

  • Childhood Cancer Survivors Not Getting Recommended Mammograms
    Chest radiation indicates need for earlier screening, study notes

  • Why Cancer in One Breast May Affect the Other
    Researchers identify certain factors that seem to increase risk

  • Database Helps Assess Your Breast Cancer Risk
    Lifestyle factors and environmental hazards are included in the searchable site

  • More Americans Urged to Get Cancer Screenings
    Rates hover around 50 percent, despite proven benefits, report says

  • Ovary Removal Lowers Odds of Cancer in High-Risk Women
    Study confirms women with BRCA mutations are wise to take preventive action

  • Garlic as a Cancer Fighter? Maybe Not
    Evidence that strong-smelling herb prevents cancer is said to be weak

  • Heart Drug May Be a Cancer Fighter
    Digoxin, used to treat heart failure, slowed cell growth, study says

  • Genes Predict Chances of Breast Cancer's Spread
    Finding could help docs tailor treatments even further, researchers say

  • Grape Seed Extract Kills Leukemia Cells in Lab
    Finding might lead to new treatment for blood cancers, researchers say

  • High Insulin May Boost Odds of Breast Cancer
    Finding may clarify the disease's connection to obesity

  • Cancer Medicine Advances on Many Fronts
    New drug approvals, more targeted therapies the highlights of 2008

  • Marital Distress May Affect Breast Cancer Recovery
    Outcome appears to be related to quality of marriage relationship

  • 'Mediterranean'-Style Diet Best for Blood Sugar Control
    Another study finds type 2 diabetes increases cancer death risk

  • Phenols in Quality Olive Oil Suppress Breast Cancer Gene
    But study cautions lab findings were at levels unlikely to be achieved in real life

  • New Genetic Analysis Might Boost Breast Cancer Care
    Scientists say they've found a more accurate cell-based prognostic tool

  • Risk Info for Breast Cancer Patients Too Confusing
    Could lead to bad treatment decisions, study shows

  • Osteoporosis Drug Seems to Shrink Breast Tumors
    Other drugs in pipeline also hold promise against the disease, researchers report

  • HRT Users Who Get Breast Cancer Less Likely to Die
    They tend to get type of tumors that have better prognosis, study finds

  • Progress Made in Predicting Breast Cancer Risk
    Breast density, tumor characteristics help fine-tune treatment, study says

  • Non-Hormonal Therapies Aid Breast Cancer Patients
    This applies to women with metastatic or recurrent inoperable disease, report says

  • Cancer to Surpass Heart Disease as World's Leading Killer
    Biggest rise in cases and deaths coming in developing nations, report says

  • Glowing Substance Lights Up Cancer in Mice
    Fluorescent compound sticks to diseased cells, making them easier to spot, study says

  • Scientists ID Protein Aiding Breast Cancer Spread
    Called Menainv, research suggests it's a promising candidate as marker for metastasis

  • New Statistical Model Could Cut Needless Breast Biopsies
    But further study needed before method can become standard, researchers say

  • More High-Risk Women Preempt Breast Cancer
    Growing number with genetic, familial susceptibilities opt for double mastectomy

  • Latest Breast Imaging Techniques Offer New Views
    Neither will replace mammography for screening yet, experts say

  • Radioactive 'Seed' Rx Helps Women With Implants Fight Breast Cancer
    In these cases, the implant makes it more difficult to treat the malignancy, experts explain

  • Health Tip: Examining Your Breasts
    What you should look for during a self-exam

  • Some Breast Cancers May Regress on Their Own
    Study of women receiving mammography suggests it happens

  • Weight Boosts Older Women's Breast Cancer Risk
    It's the added pounds, not impaired detection, that's to blame, study concludes

  • U.S. Cancer Rate-Death Rate Combo Drops for 1st Time
    But smoking-related cancers continue to rise in some regions of country, report finds

  • Latin Women More Likely to Be Unhappy With Breast Cancer Treatment Decisions
    Spanish-speaking women need more culturally targeted information, study finds

  • Diet, Exercise May Modify Breast Cancer Risks
    Combined, they produce more potent anti-disease effect in postmenopausal women, study says

  • Canola Oil Consumed During Pregnancy Lowers Breast Cancer Risk for Offspring
    Mouse study found it was better than corn oil during gestation and lactation

  • Cancer Drug Ups Risk of Clots in Veins
    Those on Avastin faced 33% increased risk of dangerous side effect

  • Family History Ups Breast Cancer Risk Even Without BRCA Gene
    Unknown mutations may account for increased odds, researchers say

  • Psychological Counseling Boosts Breast Cancer Outcomes
    Interventions cut risk of recurrence, lengthened disease-free survival, study finds

  • Wealthy More Likely to Have Breast Reconstruction
    Black women less likely than white women to have reconstruction after mastectomy

  • Scientists Unravel Mystery of Tamoxifen Resistance
    Some breast tumors produce a protein that defeats the drug

  • Calcium, Vitamin D Won't Prevent Breast Cancer
    But findings apply to postmenopausal women only, counters editorial

  • Free Web Site Lists Breast Cancer Clinical Trials
    Studies are taking place at more than 1,100 facilities across the U.S.

  • Migraine Might Lower Breast Cancer Risk
    Lower estrogen levels among sufferers may be the reason why, researchers say

  • Folic Acid and Other B Vitamins Won't Help Prevent Cancer
    Seven-year study of supplements found no change in disease risk

  • Excess Weight Seems to Boost Breast Cancer Risk
    Exercising 30 to 60 minutes a day may offer needed protection, experts say

  • Vigorous Exercise Can Cut Breast Cancer Risk
    But benefits only apply to normal-weight women, study says

  • Research Reveals Why Tamoxifen Doesn't Always Work
    Receptors on the surface of breast cancer cells may be the key, scientists say

  • Hot Flashes, Night Sweats a Good Sign for Breast Cancer Patients
    Symptoms correlated with lower recurrence rates, study finds

  • Statins Lower Risk of Clots in Cancer Patients
    Study found those who took them were less likely to get venous thromboembolism

  • 3-D Doppler Ultrasound Helps ID Breast Cancers
    Method detects masses with higher blood flow speeds, likely indicating disease, study says

  • Mammograms Remain Best Way to Spot Breast Cancer
    Friday is National Mammography Day

  • Understanding the Benefits and Risks of Chemotherapy
    Besides hair loss and nausea, side effects include fatigue, vomiting, mouth sores and pain

  • Nicotine May Spur Breast Cancer's Spread
    Early study suggests it pushes cells to migrate to distant sites

  • Younger Breast Cancer Survivors Risk Disease in Other Breast
    Study suggests link to radiation therapy, but experts say treatments are safer today

  • Cancer Screenings for Medicaid Patients Miss Targets
    Only about half receive recommended tests for colon, breast, cervical disease, study finds

  • Caffeine Consumption Doesn't Raise Overall Breast Cancer Risk
    Large study did discover link with benign breast disease, or when tumor was larger

  • Tamoxifen Cuts Fracture Risk: Study
    But the benefit disappears when breast cancer drug is stopped

  • NSAIDs Might Lower Breast Cancer Risk
    Analysis of 38 studies found painkillers showed protective effect

  • Tamoxifen Speeds Diagnosis of ER-Negative Breast Cancer
    Study suggests the drug may make tumors easier to spot

  • Urine Samples Could Reveal Breast Cancer Risk
    High levels of two biomarkers might indicate early tumor growth, study suggests

  • Computer-Aided Mammogram Reading Effective
    Detection rates rival those of two radiologist readings, study says

  • Birth Size Linked to Breast Cancer Risk
    Heavier, longer infants more likely to develop disease as adults, study finds

  • Hypnosis Cuts Hot Flashes for Breast Cancer Survivors
    Patients using the technique saw episodes diminish by 68%, study finds

  • Early Breast Cancer No More Likely to Return in Young Women
    Findings debunk theory that DCIS recurrence varies with age

  • Hormone Rx May Protect Women With Breast Cancer Gene
    Patients with BRCA mutations cut their odds for malignancy when taking estrogen, study found

  • Shorter-Course Radiation for Breast Cancer Safe, Effective
    New findings in cancer radiology also support 'seed' therapy for breast cancer, and a proton beam technique

  • Acupuncture Eases Breast Cancer Treatment Side Effects
    Ancient therapy bested antidepressant for relieving hot flashes in study

  • Breast Cancer Survivors Report High Quality of Life After Treatment
    Even 15 years after lumpectomy, radiation, less than 5% complain of pain, survey finds

  • Drug Combo Fights Recurrent Ovarian Cancer Cell Growth
    Researchers say trabectedin showed promise in Phase III trial, hope for FDA approval

  • Lifestyle Changes Boost Enzyme Regulating Cell Aging
    Adjustments to diet, exercise increased telomerase levels 29%, cut 'bad' cholesterol

  • Breast Cancer Vaccine Blasts Some Tumors
    In animal studies, it eliminated aggressive growths

  • Immune System Biomarkers May Predict Early Lung Cancer
    Method could prove effective in identifying other common types of disease, study says

  • MRIs Don't Improve Breast Cancer Care, Outcome
    Study finds getting one delays treatment, raises odds of mastectomy

  • Drug Re-Sensitizes Breast Tumors to Treatment
    Phase II study finds sorafenib helps reverse disease resistance to anti-hormonal therapy

  • New Screening Catches More Breast Cancers
    Finding among new trends in breast cancer diagnosis, treatment, experts say

  • Breast Cancer Drug Not Tied to Cognitive Decline: Study
    Researchers say finding is 'good news' for postmenopausal women taking anastrozole

  • Normal Cells May Predict Cancer Virulence
    Finding suggests that treatment that only aims at malignant cells might fall short

  • Drug Stops Bone Loss From Breast Cancer Chemo
    Zoledronic acid stabilized mineral density in premenopausal women, study finds

  • Imaging System Lets Doctors 'See' Cancer During Surgery
    Fluorescent dyes light up diseased tissue on video monitors, helping spare healthy cells

  • Zoledronic Acid Protects Bones of Women Getting Breast Cancer Treatment
    Drug countered effect of endocrine therapy in premenopausal patients, study finds

  • New Imaging Technique Could Spot Early Cancers
    Lasers heat nanotubes, then docs listen for ultrasound waves released showing tumors

  • HRT Drug Boosts Stroke Risk in Older Women
    Tibolone should not be used by those 60 and older, study says

  • Postmenopausal Women With Breast Cancer Face Joint Issues
    Obesity, previous HRT, chemo also raised chances for those on endocrine treatment, study says

  • Risk of Breast Cancer Relapse Can Linger
    Study shows recurrence after five-year mark, but numbers aren't as high as some might suspect, study says

  • Breaking the News About Breast Cancer
    Women worry about reactions during a time that's already difficult, study finds

  • 2 New Genes Tied to 3 Cancers
    Finding could improve early detection of breast, thyroid and kidney diseases, researchers say

  • Breast CT Scans Could Be Comfortable Alternative to Mammograms
    Newer technique didn't squeeze breasts, still spotted lesions, study finds

  • 2 Breast Cancer Screening Strategies Prove Effective
    But recall rate for abnormal mammograms was lower in Norwegian practice than in U.S.

  • Bone Density Predicts Chances of Breast Cancer
    Researchers found higher levels raised risk of disease

  • Cancer Survival Depends on Where You Live
    U.S. does better than Europe, although American whites do better than blacks, study finds

  • No Evidence Breast Self-Exams Cut Cancer Deaths
    Review of studies says monthly check is 'an option' for women starting in their 20s

  • Recent Genetic Discoveries Don't Improve Prediction of Breast Cancer
    When added to risk assessment tool, SNPs made no difference, study finds

  • Breast-Conserving Surgery Leaves Many Cancer Patients Disappointed
    Poor aesthetic outcome after lumpectomy linked to depression, fear, study finds

  • Gene Activity May Explain Deadlier Breast Cancers Among Younger Women
    Study finds more than 350 common sets of genes in patients under 45

  • Men Often Not Told of Severity of Wife's Cancer
    Study finds almost 40% say docs never said condition was terminal until near death

  • FDA Approves Genetic Test for Breast Cancer
    Kit will help identify which patients are most likely to respond to Herceptin

  • Breast Cancer Test Rates Drug Therapy Candidates
    Helps doctors make better treatment decisions

  • Dietary Supplement May Prevent Breast Cancer
    Resveratrol, found in red wine, grape skins, inhibits abnormal cells, study finds

  • Breast Cancer Vaccines Look Promising
    But research still to really pan out, expert warns

  • Experimental Imaging System Helps Detect Breast Cancer
    It's less expensive and nearly as accurate as MRI, study says

  • Poorer Patients Have Poorer Survival After Cancer Diagnosis
    Less affluent individuals had more advanced disease and were less likely to receive needed treatment

  • New Molecule Discovery Shows Promise Against Tamoxifen-Resistant Breast Cancers
    Potential therapy could be the next generation of treatments, researchers say

  • Primary Tumors Fuel Growth of Cancer Cells
    Finding suggests interception of this signal may thwart metastases, study says

  • Facility Characteristics Influence Mammography Accuracy
    Where screening is performed as important as who interprets results, study finds

  • Raloxifene Cuts Risk of Certain Type of Breast Cancer
    And the benefits weren't limited to high-risk women, study finds

  • Medicare Costs for Cancer Treatment Soar
    Increased expenses for chemotherapy may affect treatment decisions, expert says

  • Researchers Update Risk-of-Death Charts
    Authors hope it will encourage disease/prevention efforts

  • Chemo May Limit Fertility in Breast Cancer Survivors
    They're more likely to have diminished ovarian reserve producing viable eggs, study suggests

  • Bone Drug Lowers Risk of Breast Cancer Recurrence
    Zometa, used to treat osteoporosis, showed no unanticipated side effects, researchers report

  • Avastin Added to Chemo Helps Women With Advanced Breast Cancer
    Anti-angiogenesis drug prolonged progression-free survival, study finds

  • Initiative Links Celebrities to Cancer Research
    Major League Baseball donates $10 million to novel effort

  • Paclitaxel Plus Chemo Improves Outcomes in Early Breast Cancer
    Study finds a trend toward better overall survival

  • Hormone Therapy Safe, Effective for Women Entering Menopause
    Experts stress that the finding applies only to those under 60 years of age

  • Low Levels of Vitamin D Spell Trouble for Breast Cancer Patients
    Study found women with deficiency were more likely to suffer recurrence, die from disease

  • Blood Test Helps Docs Assess Breast Cancer Treatment
    New tool could allow physicians to determine much sooner if therapy is working

  • Mastectomies on the Increase
    Trend coincides with increased use of MRI before surgeries, researchers report

  • Hot Flashes Reduced by Neck Injection
    Treatment could help breast cancer patients and menopausal women, study finds

  • Familial Breast Cancer Risk Lasts a Lifetime for Sisters
    But, exercise helps prevent the disease, two additional studies report

  • Coupled With Mammography, Ultrasound Finds More Breast Cancers
    But, false-positive rate may be too high for some women, study suggests

  • Mood Disorders Put Breast Cancer Patients at Risk for PTSD
    They're twice as likely to have suffered from depression before the diagnosis

  • Breast Cancer Tends to Grow Faster in Younger Women
    Finding could affect how screenings are conducted, analyzed, researchers say

  • BRCA Mutations Don't Spot All High-Risk Women
    Family history and atypical cells also indicate high risk of second cancer, study finds

  • New Targets Found That Stop Tumor Growth
    Blocking blood vessel formation has already worked against breast, colon cancers

  • Daily Aspirin May Reduce Breast Cancer Risk
    But findings are too preliminary for any firm recommendation, researchers say

  • Medicare Costs Soar for Cancer Care
    Expenditures will continue to rise as the population ages, experts say

  • Gene Predicts Breast Cancer Prognosis
    Experiments in mice could lead to better diagnosis and treatment, experts say

  • Mammograms Still a Good Idea for Elderly Women
    Study finds it reduces risk of being diagnosed with late-stage breast cancer

  • Many Cancer Survivors Are Overweight and Sedentary: Study
    This, despite research that says proper diet and exercise can keep disease from recurring

  • Weekly Doses of Taxol Prolonged Lives of Breast Cancer Patients
    Finding should change standard of care, which is 4 doses every 3 weeks, researchers say

  • Chemo May Not Affect Memory in Breast Cancer Patients
    Stress of diagnosis more likely cause of reports of 'chemofog,' 'chemobrain,' study suggests

  • Women's Awareness of Cancer Risk Linked to Race, Ethnicity
    Study finds these factors influence how likely they are to undergo screenings

  • Breast Cancer Unchanged in Black Women, Despite Drop in HRT Use
    More estrogen-receptor negative tumors may be a factor, experts suggest

  • Drinking May Raise Breast Cancer Risk
    Effect was especially strong for estrogen-sensitive tumor types, study found

  • Stem Cell Marker Controls Pair of Key Cancer Pathways
    Work suggests, but does not prove, that stem cells drive breast cancer formation, researcher says

  • Breast Cancer Vaccine Works Against Deadlier Form of Disease
    It reduced mortality among women with HER2 malignancies, study shows

  • Detecting, Diagnosing Breast Cancers
    Studies evaluate importance of imaging devices in prognosis, treatment of disease

  • Doctor-Patient Talks Affect Use of Breast Reconstruction Surgery
    Disparity in practice linked to race, age and socioeconomic status, study finds

  • Breast Cancer Lymph Node Biopsy May Need Closer Look
    Stray 'micrometastases' could be missed, harming long-term survival, study suggests

  • Estrogen Supplements May Raise Odds of Benign Breast Disease
    Women on the hormone more than doubled the risk for this precancerous condition

  • Anemia Triples Risk of Local Recurrence in Breast Cancer Patients
    No differences seen in overall survival, metastasis when chemo triggered low red blood cell count

  • Molecular Cause of Breast Cancer Metastasis Discovered
    Signaling events in tumor pave the way for lung invasion, study shows

  • Genomic Profiling of Breast Cancers a Better Treatment Tool
    Findings point to personalized therapies that help predict disease recurrence

  • Many Women Unclear About Breast Cancer Treatments
    Study finds uncertainty about risks and benefits of mastectomies or lumpectomies.

  • Gaps Persist in Use of Less Invasive Breast Cancer Procedure
    Non-white women, aged and the poor less likely to receive sentinel lymph node biopsy, research shows

  • Health Tip: Get Screened for Cancer
    Here are tests you should have

  • HRT Raises Recurrence Risk Among Breast Cancer Survivors
    Trial was halted early after risk of both recurrence and new malignancies surfaced

  • Obese Women Less Likely to Be Tested for Some Cancers
    Study finds they're not getting needed screenings for breast and cervical tumors

  • Family Discussion Plays Role in Breast Cancer Awareness
    Openness has major impact on counseling and genetic testing, study shows

  • Cancer Poses Challenges for Husbands' Frame of Mind
    They take their cues from wives' emotional well-being, study suggests

  • Breast Cancer Radiation Therapy Works in Fewer, But Higher Doses
    The regimen is less challenging for patients but equally effective in preventing relapse, British studies find

  • Environmental Toxins, Radiation May Be Tied to Breast Cancer
    Exposure to plasticizers and other chemicals in childhood may hike adult cancer risks, report says

  • Obesity Linked to Poor Prognosis for Some Breast Cancer Patients
    Study focused on locally advanced breast cancer and inflammatory breast cancer

  • FDA Panel Supports Anemia Drugs for Cancer Patients
    But adds strong caveats on their use for some undergoing chemo

  • Doctors See How Cancer Drug Can Damage Kidneys
    But the finding shouldn't keep physicians from using Avastin, researchers say

  • 'Crime Boss' Gene May Spur Breast Cancer
    Finding might explain why some tumors are aggressive and spread, researchers say

  • Late Use of Aromatase Inhibitor Still Effective Against Breast Cancer
    Letrozole cut women's risk of recurrent or new tumors by more than half, study found

  • Yoga Eases Menopause Symptoms in Breast Cancer Survivors
    Improvement after breathing, stretching program still evident 3 months later, study finds

  • Estrogen Levels in Blood Predict Breast Cancer's Return
    Study found women who had a recurrence had twice as much of the hormone in their system

  • Raised Breast Cancer Risk Persists After Combo HRT Stopped
    Latest data from Women's Health Initiative points to continued need for mammograms

  • Embryonic Stem Cell Protein Inhibits Melanoma
    Finding helps identify cellular pathways involved in cancer metastasis

  • Breast Cancer Drug Might Treat Bipolar Disorder
    Tamoxifen may ease condition's mania phase, but side effects could be a problem, experts say

  • Heart Hormones Beat Back Cancers in Mice
    One hormone cured 80 percent of pancreatic cancers, two-thirds of breast cancers, researcher says

  • Cost of Breast Cancer Can Include Paycheck
    Study found women lost average of 27% of their income after diagnosis

  • HRT Can Lead to Abnormal Mammograms, Biopsies
    That may limit effectiveness of these breast cancer detection methods, study says

  • FDA OKs Avastin for Advanced Breast Cancer
    Drug still carries significant risks, but approval was based on its ability to slow tumors, experts say.

  • Timely Cancer Diagnosis Linked to Insurance Status
    Uninsured, those on Medicaid more likely to be diagnosed with advanced cancers, American Cancer Society reports

  • Chemotherapy After Breast Cancer Surgery Effective for Older Women, Too
    But many patients aren't getting the lifesaving treatment, research reveals

  • Obesity Raises Cancer Risk
    British study details differences between genders, ethnic groups

  • DDT Compound Speeds Breast Cancer Growth
    Insecticide metabolite disrupts hormone-sensitive cells, study finds

  • Ovary Removal Protects Some High-Risk Women
    BRCA2 carriers get twice the reduction in breast cancer risk that BRCA1 carriers do, study finds

  • Precancerous Breast Lesions Cause Unnecessary Worry
    In most cases, ductal carcinoma in situ will not spread, researchers say

  • Most Breast Cancer Web Pages Contain Reliable Information
    But sites devoted to complementary or alternative medicine may not be accurate, study finds

  • Pathology Reports Good for Breast Cancer Studies
    Harvard docs say this way of checking estrogen-receptor status of participants is OK

  • Protein Linked With Poor Prognosis in Early-Stage Breast Cancer
    But expression of Ki-67 didn't predict who'd benefit from additional chemo

  • Personality Traits Don't Affect Breast Cancer Risk
    Authors of 1996 study that concluded differently took second look, found no connection

  • Surgeons' Characteristics Influence Breast Cancer Care
    Gender, race, schooling influence likelihood of giving radiation, study says

  • Next Generation of Parents More Likely to Back Genetic Testing
    Survey found adult children of parents with BRCA mutations would be more willing to test their own kids

  • Implants Double Infection Risk After Breast Reconstruction
    More must be done to help women avoid painful, costly complications, researchers say

  • Biological Link Between BRCA1 and Breast Cancer Detailed
    Finding suggests the gene, when not mutated, helps repair damaged DNA

  • HRT Raises Risk of Lobular Breast Cancer
    Incidence increased with popularity of hormone therapy, study finds

  • Genetic Breast Cancer Test Approved
    Estimates likelihood of recurrence, overall survival

  • Vaccines for Ovarian and Breast Cancer in Early Trials
    Activating body's immune system should fight tumors, researchers say

  • Tiny RNA Molecules Control Breast Cancer's Spread
    Finding could lead to better prognosis, treatments, researchers say

  • BRCA Mutations Don't Raise Breast Cancer Risk Equally
    Study finds wide variation among families with carriers

  • Not All Women Need Digital Mammograms
    Older women do as well with more cost-effective conventional film screenings, study says

  • Localized Breast Cancer Cells Have Potential to Spread
    Finding supports the use of radiation after early-stage disease is removed, researchers say

  • Breast Cancer Gene Might Extend Ovarian Cancer Survival
    The finding is so far limited to women of Ashkenazi Jewish descent, researchers say

  • Class of Chemotherapy Drugs Helps Certain Breast Cancer Patients
    Anthracyclines increase survival for HER2-positive tumors, but not negative ones, analysis finds

  • BRCA1 Mutation Prevalent Among Hispanic, Younger Black Women
    New ethnic findings point out that all women with early breast cancer should be tested for the mutation, experts say

  • Breast Cancer Surgeons Don't Discuss Reconstruction Options
    But these discussions greatly impact women's surgery choices, experts say

  • Low-Income Women's Cancer Screenings Cost Effective: Report
    Total cost about $555, government analysis shows.

  • Hormone Could Ease Painful Lymphedema
    Swelling in arms or legs can come after infection or cancer therapy, researchers note

  • Uninsured More Likely to Die From Cancer Following Diagnosis
    Report finds they're less likely to get screening tests, so have advanced disease

  • Area Around Breast Tumor May Predict Cancer's Spread
    Mutations in tumor-suppressing gene could point to lymph node involvement, study suggests

  • Cancer Care Advances in 2007 Offer Hope
    But cutbacks in research funding jeopardize further breakthroughs: report

  • Even Tiny Breast Tumors May Need Aggressive Treatment
    For a subset of cancer types, treatment needs to be much tougher than is typically done, study finds

  • Cancer Killed Almost 8 Million Worldwide in 2007
    12 million new cases -- many preventable -- were diagnosed this year, American Cancer Society reports

  • Arimidex Beats Tamoxifen in Keeping Breast Cancer at Bay
    After more than 8 years of follow-up, older women taking the newer drug fared better, study finds

  • Breast Cancer Genes Also Raise Men's Risk for Malignancy
    Few men understand the danger from BRCA1/2, researchers say

  • High-Dose Chemo Provides Little Benefit to Breast Cancer Patients
    Review of studies finds regimen popular in 1980s doesn't really lengthen life

  • Diagnostic Mammogram Readings Vary by Radiologist
    Radiologists' experience and affiliation often influenced results, study found

  • Mutated Suppressor Gene Leads to a Type of Breast Cancer
    Finding could lead to new treatments, researchers say

  • Obesity, Diabetes Linked to Cancers
    Studies find effects on breast, prostate and colorectal tumors

  • Black Women Wait Longer for Breast Cancer Surgery
    Older women also face delays, new study finds

  • Common Household Chemical Could Raise Breast Cancer Risk
    Experiments with rats show early exposure causes genetic changes in breast cells

  • Health Tip: Get the Most From Your Mammogram
    Take these precautions

  • Night Shift Work May Heighten Risk for Cancer
    Expert panel to add it to list of 'probable' causes of malignancy

  • FDA Panel Says No to Avastin for Advanced Breast Cancer
    Drug has significant risks, and its benefits are still debated, experts say

  • Diets May Raise Cancer Risk for Poor, Urban Women
    Most get too little of nutrients that cut their odds for malignancy, study finds

  • Fewer Women Getting Mammograms
    And doctors worry that could lead to rise in breast cancer cases

  • Studies Reveal Why Breast Cancer Hits Black Women Harder
    Biology and genetics appear to be key factors, researchers say

  • 3-D Breast Imaging May Improve Cancer Detection
    Stereoscopic digital mammography cut rate of false-positive results, study found

  • Combo PET/CT Scan Helps Spot Breast Cancer's Spread
    Technique helps detect metastases earlier for women with inflammatory breast cancer, study finds

  • Excess Pounds Raise Women's Cancer Risk
    Obesity linked to a range of tumor types, studies find

  • Little Evidence Silicone Breast Implants Harm Health
    Review of data finds no link to most common illnesses

  • Smoking Does Not Worsen Breast Cancer
    But there are lots of other reasons to avoid the habit, experts say

  • Survey Finds Many Women Misinformed About Cancer
    Deaths rates could be cut with more testing and early detection

  • More Women Choosing 'Preventive' Double Mastectomy
    There's no proof cancer will spread to the healthy second breast, researchers say

  • Best Breast-Cancer Care Eludes Older Women
    Research highlights need to individualize treatment

  • Protein Gives Clues to Pancreatic Cancer
    When pp32 is gone, a tumor-spurring gene goes to work, researchers say

  • Ixempra Approved for Breast Cancer
    Targets protein that spurs growth of cancer cells

  • Health Tip: Breast Self-Exams
    Here's what to look for

  • U.S. Cancer Death Rate Continues to Fall
    Report finds a doubling of the rate of decline over past decade

  • Breast Cancer Radiation Won't Hurt Immune Health
    Partial-breast method might leave women less tired, researchers say

  • Drug a New Weapon Against One Form of Breast Cancer
    Adding paclitaxel to standard chemo targets HER2-positive tumors

  • Black Women Get Less Breast Cancer Treatment
    Study finds they're much less likely than whites to get tamoxifen, for example

  • Woman's Hips Might Indicate Daughter's Breast Cancer Risk
    Wider hips mean more estrogen, bringing higher odds for the illness, researchers say

  • Wine, Beer, Spirits Boost Breast Cancer Risk Equally
    Three or more drinks a day raise odds by 30%, study finds

  • 1 in 12 Outpatient Visits Is for Prevention: Study
    They include cholesterol checks, gynecologic care and cancer screening

  • Breast Cancer Death Rates Continue to Fall
    But decline is greater among white women than black women, report finds

  • Experts Offer Tips on Easing Mammogram Discomfort
    Simple steps like avoiding caffeine can help, they say

  • Gene May Influence Breast Cancer-Estrogen Link
    Targeting this DNA might improve treatment, researchers say

  • FDA Approves Osteoporosis Drug to Cut Breast Cancer Risk
    Manufacturer calls Evista a valuable tool, but critics say its heart risks outweigh benefits

  • Osteoporosis Drug Evista Approved to Cut Risk of Breast Cancer
    Among postmenopausal women

  • Education Linked to Cancer Death Rates
    Socioeconomic status and access to health care may explain the connection

  • Tamoxifen Helps Treat Bipolar Disorder
    Discovery may lead to new drug to treat manic phase of the illness, study says

  • Workouts a Boon for Breast Cancer Patients
    Exercise, yoga improve quality of life, even chemotherapy compliance, studies find

  • Studies Shed New Light on Breast Cancer, Treatment
    Symposium reveals racial disparities, troublesome drug side effects

  • Hypnosis Eases Pain of Breast Cancer Surgery
    Other benefits: Less anesthesia, faster recovery, less cost, study finds

  • Health Tip: Breast Self-Exams
    They can help detect cancer early

  • Acrylamide Won't Raise Breast Cancer Risk
    Fried, baked food compound poses no threat, major study finds

  • Many Parents Share Genetic Test Findings With Kids
    But the children may be too young to handle the information, study suggests

  • Healthy Lifestyle Key To Cancer Prevention
    Obesity, tobacco cause half of all cancers, presidential panel says

  • Decline in U.S. Breast Cancers Tied to Drop in Hormone Use
    Mammogram trends played no role in recent lower numbers, study finds

  • Scientists Create Breast Tumor Stem Cells
    Achievement could spur research into cancer's spread, experts say

  • MRIs Spot Breast Cancers in High-Risk Women
    But the technology won't replace mammography, experts stress

  • Taking Cancer Drug With Food May Cut Costs
    Breast cancer patients on Tykerb could save $1,740 per month, experts say

  • Healthiest Diet Made Little Difference to Breast Cancer Survivors
    Regimen exceeding national guidelines didn't protect more from recurrence, study finds

  • New Test Helps Detect Spreading Breast Cancer
    Assists doctors in deciding appropriate therapy

  • No Evidence Tomatoes, Lycopene Cut Cancer: FDA
    The agency lays out details behind its decision to bar health claims

  • Breast Cancer Genes Don't Raise Tumor-Linked Death Risk
    Women with the BRCA mutations also responded equally well to treatment, study found

  • Meats, Sweets May Boost Breast Cancer Risk
    Chinese women who favored Western fare doubled their odds for malignancy, study showed

  • Breast Cancer More Aggressive in Black Women
    Experts are divided over the reasons why

  • Patient's Own Body Fat Used in Breast Remodeling
    Procedure is first being tried on breast cancer survivors, developers say

  • Timing of Breast Cancer Drug Affects Cardiac Risk: Study
    Giving Herceptin alongside -- not after -- standard chemo may be best approach

  • Breast Cancer Survival May Run in Families
    Daughters of women who succumb to the disease have heightened risk of dying if they develop it, Swedish study finds.

  • Ultrasound Can Spare Some Women Invasive Breast Biopsy
    Noninvasive follow-up may be acceptable alternative, study suggests

  • New Cancer Drugs Prove Their Worth
    They may cost more, but they extend lives, improve quality of life, studies find

  • Estrogen May Lower Younger Women's Heart Risk
    Findings differ from prior HRT study involving those over 60

  • Experts Offer Better Means of Gauging Breast Cancer Risk
    Relying on family history keeps too many women from valuable gene tests, they say

  • Hormone Therapy Extends Lives of Ovarian Cancer Patients
    The use of letrozole may also delay need for chemotherapy, study says

  • Private Insurance May Help in Earlier Cancer Detection
    Advanced oral, breast tumors found more often in people with no insurance or public insurance

  • More Proof That Breast Cancer Rates Are Declining
    Drop in HRT use may be one of several factors, study says

  • Drug May Help Combat 'Chemo Brain'
    Small study found modafinil effective for women with breast cancer

  • Hot Flashes May Be Good News for Breast-Cancer Patients
    Could be a sign that drug therapy is working, study says

  • Disparities Persist in Cancer Care
    Studies show racial, socioeconomic gaps continue with breast, childhood cancers

  • Herceptin Heart Danger Stays Same After Five Years
    Breast cancer patients showed no increase in risk, longer-term study finds

  • Herceptin Still Improves Odds Against Breast Cancer
    Latest analysis found benefit stayed the same four years later

  • Healthy Diet, Exercise Might Lower Chances of Cancer's Return
    The former fought colon cancer recurrence, the latter lowered insulin levels in breast cancer survivors

  • Improved Delivery Shortens Breast Cancer Radiation Time
    Highly targeted therapy takes 4 weeks instead of 6 or 7, experts say

  • Hair Relaxers Won't Boost Black Women's Breast Cancer Risk
    Study of 59,000 women shows no link, despite long-time use

  • Vitamin D, Calcium Might Lower Breast Cancer Risk
    But it's too early to recommend supplements, one expert says

  • Breast Cancer Genetics Takes Big Leap Forward
    Scientists have found 4 new mutations that may combine to boost risk

  • Gene Findings Boost Breast Cancer Research
    Scientists find new DNA driving malignancy, and a host of implicated proteins

  • Health Tip: Breast Cysts
    Most are noncancerous

  • MRI May Improve Breast Cancer Surgery
    The scans can point to new regions needing excision, researchers say

  • New Hormone Treatment Fights Certain Breast Cancers
    But LHRH agonists are only effective in women under 40, study finds

  • Severely Obese Women More Likely to Skip Cancer Scans
    Many may feel embarrassed at getting weighed or examined, expert says

  • Breast Tissue Markers Help Predict Cancer's Course
    8 genetic clues were found in cells close to the tumor, researchers explain

  • U.S. Mammography Rates Dropping
    Government study found 4% decline between 2000 and 2005

  • Chemical Compounds Boost Breast Cancer Risk
    Pollutants, food ingredients, solvents may all cause harm, researchers say

  • MRI Detects Breast Cancer Missed by Mammography in High-Risk Women
    False-positive rate remains too high for test to be used as general screening tool, however

  • Health Tip: Risk Factors for Breast Cancer
    Some are associated with lifestyle choices

  • New Study Stresses Mammogram's Importance in Breast Cancer Decline
    Analysis shows effect of screening mammography

  • Tamoxifen Protects Certain Women at High Risk for Breast Cancer
    Those who've undergone ovarian removal are shielded from estrogen-linked disease, study finds

  • Study Outlines Fat Hormone's Role in Breast Cancer
    Leptin may enhance tumor growth, mouse study shows

  • Imaging Technique Could Help Fight Metastatic Cancers
    Docs assessed treatment's success by watching water diffuse through tumors

  • No Link Between Abortion, Miscarriage and Breast Cancer
    Study of more than 100,000 women shows no definite connection

  • Studies Assess Risk of Developing Primary, Secondary Cancers
    Genetics, lifestyle, environment interact to cause disease, researchers say

  • Decline in HRT Use Linked to Drop in Breast Cancer
    Rates of disease fell nearly 9 percent after U.S. study found hormones caused health problems; U.K. study shows HRT use fueled ovarian cancer

  • Cancer Biomarkers Could Help Guide Treatment
    New blood or biopsy tests predict patients' response to therapy, experts say

  • Breast Cancer Vaccine Shows Promise
    It spurred immune system to kill tumors in mice, researchers say

  • Daily Aspirin May Reduce Cancer Risk
    But the high dose needed brings its own dangers, experts warn

  • Early Life Factors May Boost Breast Cancer Risk
    Birth size, smoking, race may all play role in DNA changes that increase odds of disease

  • Fruits and Vegetables Fight Off Cancer
    Three studies suggest that eating well can reduce risk

  • Gene Studies Offer Insights Into Cancer
    One details disease's spread, the other offers potential for better chemotherapy

  • Hispanic Women's Biology May Spur More Aggressive Breast Cancer
    Finding could explain worse prognoses in this group, researchers say

  • Researchers Identify Key Protein for Breast Cancer's Spread
    Finding could lead to new therapies to treat the disease

  • Health Tip: Preparing for a Mammogram
    Do's and don'ts on the day of the test

  • Computer-Aided Detection Doesn't Help Mammography
    It leads to too many false-positive results in breast screenings, study finds

  • Breast Cancer Deaths Dropping Most in Women Under 70
    Overall decline since 1990s attributed to tamoxifen, more screenings, experts say

  • Chemotherapy Plus Tamoxifen Aids Breast Cancer Patients
    Study found higher survival rate for women on the dual therapy

  • New Mammography Guidelines Issued for Women 40-49
    American College of Physicians suggests exam timetable should be based on discussion with doctor

  • Internet Use Can Boost Breast Cancer Patients' Faith in Docs
    Often, high-quality info validates what physicians have already told them, study finds

  • Docs' Referral Practices Limit Breast Reconstruction
    Findings show only 16% of U.S. women who've had mastectomy have plastic surgery

  • Young, Black Women at Higher Risk of Aggressive Breast Cancer
    These tumors lack hormone receptors that make ideal treatment targets, researchers say

  • Cancer's Return Shouldn't Limit Elizabeth Edwards, Doctors Say
    With expert care, she could maintain good quality of life

  • Male Breast Cancer Deadlier for Blacks
    Racial disparity mirrors that of more common female breast tumors, researchers say

  • Researchers Seek More Women for 'Sister Study' of Breast Cancer
    They're recruiting healthy sisters of breast cancer patients to better understand the disease

  • Test Could Determine Which Breast Cancer Patients Need Chemo
    Researchers plan to study the Oncotype DX screen in 10,000 women

  • Tykerb Approved for Advanced Breast Cancer
    When other therapies haven't succeeded

  • FDA OKs New Drug for Advanced Breast Cancer
    Tykerb delayed illness progression in those with advanced HER2 disease

  • Heated 'Nanoprobes' Destroy Breast Cancer Cells
    In animal study, tumor growth was slowed with no toxicity

  • Radiation for Breast Cancer in 1980s Ups Heart Risk
    But the treatment's lifesaving benefits still outweigh the dangers, experts say

  • Long-Term, Strenuous Exercise May Lower Breast Cancer Risk
    Study found moderate activity didn't appear to have an effect, however

  • Rheumatoid Arthritis Boosts Cancer Death Risk: Study
    Researchers urge further investigation into targeted therapies to improve survival rate

  • Industry-Funded Breast Cancer Trials Show More Positive Results
    Study also found lack of comparison group in research backed by drug makers

  • Cancer Drug May Turn Immune System Against Tumors
    It's a new strategy in fighting malignancy, researchers say

  • Tamoxifen May Affect Women's Eye Health
    The breast cancer drug increases optical swelling, study suggests

  • Switching Breast Cancer Drugs May Boost Survival
    Early results suggest aromatase inhibitors might improve on tamoxifen

  • Vitamin D Studies Show Promise for Reducing Cancers
    Certain doses of supplements may prevent half of breast, two-thirds of colorectal cases

  • Newer Drugs Beat Tamoxifen for Breast Cancer Survival
    Aromatase inhibitors may also be safer over the long term, study suggests

  • Gene Variant Lowers Risk of Breast Cancer
    The effect is small -- 10 percent -- but noteworthy, scientists say

  • Aging Population Is Boosting Europe's Cancer Rate: Study
    Antismoking campaigns and other efforts can slow the trend, experts say

  • New Test Predicts Chances of Breast Cancer Return
    Based on a woman's genetic profile

  • FDA Approves Gene-Based Breast Cancer Test
    But questions remain about the exam's accuracy

  • Cancer Deaths for Blacks Remain High
    Despite overall decline since the 1990s, report says more focus, education is needed

  • Estrogen May Weaken Immune Response to Breast Cancer
    The hormone stimulates production of immune-inhibiting molecule, study finds

  • Black Women Often Miss Out on Mammogram Results
    In many cases, findings don't reach women or are misinterpreted, study finds

  • Dual Drug Therapy Shows Promise Against Breast Cancer
    In some cases, tumors were eradicated in mice, researchers report

  • Men With Breast Cancer at High Risk of Second Tumor
    Study finds more melanoma, stomach cancer in addition to new breast cancers

  • Mammography Rates Dropping, U.S. Report Finds
    Experts worry about whether troubling trend will continue

  • Determined Breast Cancer Patients Seek Better Surgeons
    Those who look for the best care often find it, study suggests

  • Preparing for Your Mammogram
    What to know before you go

  • Many Breast Cancer Patients Quit Tamoxifen Early
    The drug, which can prevent recurrence, is meant to be taken for 5 years

  • Poorer, Less Educated Women Get Less Chemo for Breast Cancer
    Obese women also get reduced drug therapy, a new study suggests

  • Genetic 'Signature' Predicts Breast Cancer Recurrence
    Technique also works for prostate, lung and brain cancer, study says

  • Researchers Unlock Secrets of Anti-Cancer Gene
    Discovery may hold key to future treatments, researchers say

  • Herceptin Cuts Death Rate for Breast Cancer Patients
    British study validates previous findings for those with HER-2 positive disease

  • High-Tech Mammograms Will Change Breast Cancer Care
    Two new technologies offer better results with less discomfort

  • HRT Debate Not Over Yet
    Experts say treatment still has value despite latest finding on link to breast cancer

  • Scientists ID Genes That Lose Expression in Solid Tumors
    Discovery could form the basis for a new, early detection screen, study says

  • Mistletoe Injection Linked to Tumor-Like Growth
    Case report adds to debate over value of the alternative treatment for cancer

  • Breast Cancer Stem Cells Seem to Survive Radiation Therapy
    Discovery may help scientists develop drug therapies to better combat tumors

  • Doctors' Judgment Still Trumps Mammography Advances
    Computer-assisted scans can miss lesions caught by trained eye

  • Low-Fat Diet Helps Prevent Breast Cancer Recurrence
    Researchers say the effect was strongest in tough-to-treat malignancies

  • Gene Tests Predict Breast Cancer Treatment Success
    One looks at results after chemo, another gauges outcomes after tamoxifen therapy

  • New Drug Fights Type of Aggressive Breast Cancer
    Lapatinib reduced tumor size in 80% of women with inflammatory malignancies

  • Breast Cancer Rates Drop in U.S.
    Researchers say decline followed reduction in HRT use

  • Compound Boosts Tamoxifen's Cancer-Fighting Power
    Experimental agent may solve problem of resistance to the breast cancer drug

  • Exercise Cuts Breast Cancer Risk
    Study finds significant benefits for postmenopausal women

  • A Year of Major Advances in Cancer Cited
    But government funding cuts threaten continued research progress, oncologists report

  • Mammogram's Benefit During 40s Still Uncertain
    British study weighed plusses, minuses for nearly 161,000 women tracked over 11 years

  • Biopsy Marker May Predict Breast Cancer's Course
    Women with low p27 protein fared worse with hormone-positive tumors, study found

  • Abortion Pill May Help Prevent Breast Cancer
    Mouse study shows that RU486, or compounds like it, might have promise

  • Mammogram Via Satellite Helps Rural Women
    Technology may end long waits for out-of-the-way patients, experts say

  • Hypnosis Eases Breast Cancer Biopsy Pain
    The technique has no side effects, researchers add

  • Heavier Young Women at Lower Breast Cancer Risk
    But overweight is linked to other health woes, experts warn

  • Breast Cancer Risk Linked to Normal Aging of Breast Tissue
    As milk ducts regress, malignancy risk fades, study finds

  • New Breast Scanner Rivals Mammograms
    And it works without flattening the breast, researchers say

  • New Drug Boosts Breast Cancer Survival
    Arimidex after long-term tamoxifen should be new standard of care, study finds

  • New Links Detailed Between Diet, Cancer Risk
    Benefits seen for soy in women, fish in men, vitamin E-rich foods in male smokers

  • Breast Cancer Diagnosis Brings Serious Distress
    But too often, cancer's emotional toll is undertreated, research shows

  • Red Meat May Boost Breast Cancer Risk
    Growth hormones, natural carcinogens in meat could be to blame, researchers say

  • Tool Predicts Post-Surgery Breast Cancer Recurrence
    Computer method looks specifically at women who've undergone lumpectomy

  • Family History Strong Predictor of Breast Cancer Risk
    Odds remain high even if women do not carry cancer-linked genes, study finds

  • Estrogen Receptor Points to Aggressive Breast Cancer
    Doctors might use this cue to help tailor treatment, researchers say

  • Breast Cancer Responds to Shorter-Course Radiation
    Study suggests treatment can be reduced by three weeks

  • Research Compares Safety of Breast Cancer Radiation Techniques
    One method, called MammoSite, may deliver more radiation to the heart than realized

  • Gene May Help Spur Breast Cancer's Spread
    Discovery could lead to new, targeted treatments, experts say

  • Combo Treatment Helps Fight Early Breast Cancer
    Adding epirubicin to standard chemo 'cocktail' boosts outcomes, British team report

  • Black Women's Genes May Spur Deadlier Breast Cancer
    Race played role in outcome, despite treatment used, study found

  • Breast Cancer Drugs Not One-Size-Fits-All
    Only certain women need aromatase inhibitors to prevent recurrence, study finds

  • Digital Mammography Boosts Chances of Spotting Malignancies
    It's the next big advance in breast cancer detection, doctors say

  • Breast Cancer Experts Urge Funding for Minority Screenings
    More federal dollars would mean more lives saved, American Cancer Society says

  • Could Personality Influence Cancer Risk?
    Rat study finds timid rodents tend to fare worse

  • Older Women Not Getting Proper Breast Cancer Treatment
    Study cites need for better diagnoses and use of therapies

  • Study Suggests Vitamin D May Help Fight Breast Cancer
    Women with advanced disease had lower levels of the nutrient

  • New Breast Cancer Gene Found
    But BRIP1 accounts for only a fraction of familial cases, researchers say

  • 'Chemo Brain' in Cancer Survivors Is Real: Study
    Brain scans show changes in blood flow, metabolism

  • Short-Term Radiation Put to Test for Breast Cancer
    Large-scale study comparing it with traditional six-week regimen

  • Research Spots 5 Potential Breast Cancer Genes
    Pooling data from more than 20 studies helped yield results, scientists say

  • Delaying Chemo After Breast Cancer Surgery Can Be Safe
    However, waiting more than 3 months boosts recurrence risk, researchers warn

  • Hormone Therapy Ups Ovarian-Cancer Risk
    But most women aren't taking the treatment as steadily as they once did, researchers note

  • One in 10 Mammograms Comes Back Abnormal
    Study finds most radiologists evaluating tests well, reducing cancer death rates

  • Biopsy Best for Breast Cancer Detection
    It's superior to other tests, like MRIs, researchers find

  • MRI Detects Breast Cancer's Spread
    It's superior to another radiological method, called MDCT, study finds

  • Protein Screen Predicts Breast Cancer Therapy Success
    The test, called OncoPlan, is already available

  • Ovary Removal Raises Young Women's Death Risk
    The finding sheds new light on estrogen-replacement therapy, experts says

  • Protein Test Spots Risk for Breast, Ovarian Cancer
    FANCD2 illuminates a new kind of genetic danger, experts explain

  • Exercise May Help Breast Cancer Patients Survive
    Activity in year prior to diagnosis improved outlook, study found

  • Scientists Map Genetic Codes for Breast, Colon Cancers
    Step lays groundwork for better, targeted treatments, experts say

  • Home Visits Boost Mammography Rates for Rural Poor
    Almost half of study group went on to get exams, study finds

  • Dense Breasts Raise Cancer Risk
    Two studies found it was as important a predictor as age

  • Cell-Regulating Gene Boosts Breast Cancer Survival
    Up to 50% of patients overexpress the cyclin D1 variant, researchers say

  • Gene Test May Improve Breast Cancer Treatment
    70-gene 'signature' gives more accurate prognosis, study finds

  • Study Reveals Smoking's Link to Breast Cancer
    Carcinogens weaken cells' ability to repair DNA, researchers say

  • Plastics Chemical Might Promote Breast Cancer
    Scientists spot mechanism allowing bisphenol-A to concentrate in tumor cells

  • PET Scans Predict Breast Cancer Spread
    California researchers show the scans aid in diagnosis

  • Bilingual Clinics Boost Cancer Screening for Hispanic Women
    Immigrant patients more comfortable speaking to health staff in Spanish, study confirms

  • Needle Biopsy Gives Insight Into Breast Cancer Genetics
    This information can help guide treatment, researchers say

  • Breast Cancer Treatment Safe During Pregnancy
    Babies born to patients appear to fare well, study finds

  • Breast Cancer Gene Mutations More Common Than Thought
    BRCA1 and 2 almost as prevalent in black women as in white, researchers report

  • Chemo Shows More Side Effects Than Expected
    Breast cancer patients had more hospital visits than anticipated, study finds

  • Breast Cancer Patients Should Monitor Heart Risks
    2 studies find potential side effects from Herceptin, radiation

  • Gene Test Predicts Lung Cancer Outcome
    Revolutionary new screen helps doctors decide whether patients need chemotherapy

  • 'DES Daughters' Face Higher Breast-Cancer Risk
    In utero exposure to the synthetic estrogen is to blame, study says

  • Variation to Gene May Triple Breast-Cancer Risk
    CHEK2 mutation could serve as diagnostic warning sign, study suggests

  • Breast Cancer Study Focuses on Women With Breast Implants
    They may not need to undergo full mastectomy, researchers conclude

  • Actress Diahann Carroll Helps Launch Breast Cancer Web Site
    Education effort aims to dispel common myths about the disease

  • Tamoxifen Doesn't Extend Life for Most Women at High Risk for Breast Cancer
    New analysis looks at death rates from cancer, other problems

  • Estrogen-Plus-Testosterone Therapy Increases Breast Cancer Risk
    And alternatives to HRT rely on a placebo effect, researchers say

  • Mouse Model of Painful Lymphedema Should Aid Research
    The condition, marked by swollen limbs, affects many breast cancer patients

  • New Digital Mammography System Approved
    FDA OKs Fuji's FCRm system

  • Diet, Supplements Do Little for Cancer Patients
    Review of research finds little benefit for vitamins and such, but better studies are needed, experts say

  • Raloxifene Doesn't Raise Heart Disease Risk
    But women with heart disease faced stroke risk when using it as breast cancer preventative

  • Studies Highlight Strategies to Reduce Ovarian, Breast Cancer Risk
    Removal of ovaries, weight loss benefits women susceptible to the diseases

  • Holocaust Survivors at Higher Long-Term Cancer Risk
    The deprivation they faced is probably to blame, researchers say

  • Chest X-Rays May Boost Breast Cancer Risk for Some
    Women with BRCA1/2 gene mutations at risk particularly if they had X-rays when young

  • Breast Cancer Treatment Safe During Pregnancy
    Mothers and infants can both do well, new research suggests

  • Treatment Order Won't Affect Aggressive Breast Cancer Survival
    Women with inflammatory breast cancer fared no better whether surgery or chemo came first, study found

  • Younger Black Women Prone to an Aggressive Breast Cancer
    Finding suggests there are various subtypes of the disease, researchers say

  • Narcolepsy Drug Helps Brain Tumor Patients
    Study found it improved cognitive function and mood

  • Cervical Cancer Vaccine Also Protects Against Vaginal Cancers
    Researchers at ASCO report that Gardasil was almost totally effective against pre-cancerous lesions

  • Raloxifene Equals Tamoxifen in Preventing Breast Cancer
    But each drug produces different side effects, new STAR research reveals

  • Experimental Drug Slows Some Breast Cancers
    Tykerb delayed disease progression in those with advanced HER2 cancer, study finds

  • Lung Cancer Patients Less Likely to See Specialists
    Study found primary-care physicians more likely to send breast cancer patients to oncologists

  • Newer Breast Scan May Spare Unnecessary Biopsies
    MR spectroscopy caught all cancers, new study found

  • Latinas Have New Online Breast Cancer Resource
    Web site includes translated version of a successful English-language program

  • MRI Helps Spot Breast Cancer in High-Risk Women
    The expensive tool is cost-effective for women carrying specific genes, study finds

  • Chemo Combo Fights Aggressive Breast Cancer
    A common regimen works better against HER2-positive tumors, researchers find

  • Study Supports Surgery for Metastatic Breast Cancer
    Right now, most doctors forego surgery after tumors have spread

  • Lumpectomy Fine for Lobular Breast Cancers
    Study finds this breast-conserving method doesn't raise risk for repeat surgeries

  • Long-Term Estrogen Therapy Linked to Breast Cancer
    Finding supports guidelines on hormone therapy for menopause, expert says

  • Vitamin A-like Drug Unsafe for Older Breast-Cancer Survivors
    Fenretinide may still protect younger patients from recurrence, study suggests

  • Biomarker Linked to Post-Breast Cancer Fatigue
    It helps predict who'll be fatigued, and might offer hope for treatment

  • New Light Imaging Scan Could Boost Breast Cancer Care
    'Terahertz' imaging helps surgeons remove complete tumor

  • Breast Cancer Survivors Lax About Mammograms
    Only 33% get them annually for five years after diagnosis, study finds

  • New Breast Cancer Drug Safer Than Tamoxifen
    Raloxifene is already widely used to fight osteoporosis

  • Silicone Implants Don't Raise Risk for Breast Cancer
    Despite controversy, decades-long study finds no link

  • Better Minority Cancer Screening a Phone Call Away
    Reminding women it's time for mammogram or Pap smear works, experts say

  • Fewer Mammograms May Boost Black Women's Breast Cancer Risk
    Finding suggests more needs to be done to increase screening rates

  • 't Cause Breast Cancer: Study
    But treatment isn't risk-free, so women should consult their doctors, experts say

  • Tumor Cell Receptors Key to Breast Cancer Care
    Estrogen-negative cells more vulnerable to chemotherapy, study finds

  • New Findings Challenge Standard Breast Cancer Care
    Women with specific tumor types may need more aggressive treatment

  • Sisters Study Seeks Breast Cancer Answers
    U.S. researchers will look at potential genetic, environmental causes

  • Scientists Seek Cancer's Early Warning Signs
    A number of efforts could yield real rewards

  • Food Antioxidants, Vitamin D Fight Breast Cancer
    These compounds may also lower risk for ovarian tumors, studies find

  • Soy Shows Small Reduction in Breast Cancer Risk
    But association not strong enough to suggest women take supplements, study says

  • Combo Therapy May Fight Aggressive Breast Cancer
    Adding a drug to Herceptin could improve outcomes, researchers say

  • Online Support Eases Breast Cancer Stress
    Talking with others brings understanding, researchers say

  • Scientists Spot Factor in Cancer's Spread
    A key protein lures malignant cells to bone, study finds

  • Ultrasound Spots Breast Cancer in Pregnant Women
    Don't neglect breast exams, symptoms during pregnancy, experts warn

  • Weight Training Benefits Breast-Cancer Survivors
    Besides physical benefits, the women reported better quality of life, study found

  • Black Women More Likely to Die From Breast Cancer
    U.S. study finds a lack of recommended care may be to blame

  • Two-Doctor Care Best for Breast Cancer Survivors
    GP plus specialist helps them stay healthy, study finds

  • Genetic Tests for Cancer Not Perfect
    They missed 12% of mutations among breast-cancer patients, study finds

  • Asymmetrical Breasts May Raise Cancer Risk
    Study finds odds for malignancy rise when breasts are of differing size

  • omen Relief
    Most had no regrets after opting for removal of unaffected breast, study found

  • Could Antiperspirants Raise Breast Cancer Risk?
    It's a question that needs investigating, experts say

  • Mammograms Sometimes Spot Non-Threatening Growths
    But this 'over-diagnosis' is no reason to forego regular screening, an expert says

  • Gingko Biloba May Help Fight Cancer
    Mouse study suggests promise, but researchers remain cautious

  • Benign Breast Findings Can Still Pose Dangers
    New findings suggest removing 'papillary lesions' is best

  • Breast Cancer Drugs Limit Post-Surgery Recurrence
    Promising findings on Taxotere and Herceptin in new trial

  • Westernization Driving Up South Korean Breast Cancer Rate
    Reseachers believe high-fat diets and other factors are behind the trend

  • Gene Mutations May Boost Breast Cancer Risk
    Women with variants of LEP or LEPR genes face higher risks, study suggests

  • HRT Raises Risk for Specific Breast Cancers
    Odds for non-ductal malignancies, especially, rise with hormone use, study finds

  • Younger Women With Hereditary Breast Cancer Risk Tumor in Other Breast
    The chance could be six times higher than normal, study suggests

  • Biopsies Still Best for Detecting Breast Cancer
    They're more accurate than imaging tests like MRIs, study finds

  • Low-Fat Diets Don't Protect Postmenopausal Women
    Trio of studies found no effect on risk of breast and colon cancer, or heart disease

  • New Cancer Treatment Targets Breast Ducts
    The novel approach could be easier on patients, researchers say

  • Chemotherapy Can Help Older Breast Cancer Patients, Too
    If they're healthy, they stand to gain from the treatment, new research finds

  • Variety of Breast Cancer Patients Turn to Web for Support
    Age, income didn't predict who'd use online resources, study found

  • Health Tip: Can Green Tea Prevent Cancer?
    FDA says there's no proof

  • Cancer Screening Rates Remain Unchanged
    Despite effective tests, not enough people are taking advantage of them, report finds

  • Vaginal Dryness Meds May Counteract Breast Cancer Drugs
    Small study raises a 'red flag' for patients, researchers say

  • Post-Mastectomy Breast Reconstruction Rate Remains Low
    Study finds little change despite recent law mandating insurance coverage

  • Timing May Be Key to Hormone Therapy
    Starting HRT near menopause may boost its heart-healthy effects, study suggests

  • Dogs Smell Signs of Cancer
    Small study found they accurately detected presence of disease in human breath samples

  • Soy May Help Prevent Breast Cancer in Older Women
    But monkey study suggests it's only true for postmenopausal women with higher levels of estrogen

  • Elderly Breast Cancer Patients Have Poorer Survival
    Their excess mortality isn't linked to other health woes, researchers note

  • Doctors Test Shorter Radiation Therapies for Breast Cancer
    Targeted techniques could benefit early stage patients, experts say

  • Fatigue Persists for Some Breast Cancer Patients
    More than 33% say they're tired or weak up to a decade after diagnosis, study finds

  • Right Amount of Radiation Improves Odds Against Breast Cancer
    Giving it after mastectomy increased survival rates after 10 years

  • Faulty Breast Stem Cells May Cause Tumors
    Finding could explain why cancer can recur after chemotherapy, study says

  • Drug Approved to Prevent Breast Cancer Recurrence
    Study shows it's more effective than gold-standard preventive

  • Breast Cancer Survivors Bounce Back Quickly
    Only two weeks after treatment ends, most women adjust emotionally, researchers find

  • Letrozole Improves Breast Cancer Survival
    Offers better results than tamoxifen, but side effects may influence choice, experts say

  • Vitamin D May Prevent Some Cancers
    But many blacks, elderly aren't getting enough, study suggests

  • Compressing Digital Mammograms May Improve Detection
    It rids the screen of background "noise," expert explains

  • Complications Common With Post-Mastectomy Breast Implants
    Almost a third of women will encounter problems, a new study finds

  • Gene May Undermine Tamoxifen's Effectiveness
    Ten percent of white breast cancer survivors carry the mutation, researchers say

  • Radiation After Lumpectomy Improves Survival Odds
    International trial found it made a difference 15 years later

  • Study That Discredited HRT Was Flawed, Experts Say
    More research would be needed to overturn those findings, however

  • Breast Cancer Survivors Face Increased Cancer Risk
    But experts stress the absolute odds of a future malignancy are small

  • Frequent, Low-Dose Chemo Fights Advanced Breast Cancer
    Given in combination with Avastin, it delayed progression by 5.5 months

  • Low-Dose Estrogen May Fight Breast Cancer
    It could aid patients whose tumors have become resistant to hormone therapy, reseachers say

  • High-Dose Chemo Effective for Advanced Breast Cancer: Study
    val rates

  • Mammograms Move to the Web
    'Telemammography' could be a boon to rural women, study finds

  • Powerful Breast Cancer Drug Carries High Price
    Herceptin fights malignancy -- but at $40,000 a year, experts say

  • New Technology May Improve On Mammography
    Tomosynthesis cuts down on false-positives, study shows

  • Distance Can Decide Breast Cancer Care
    Rural women often face mastectomy if radiation isn't a near-by option, study finds

  • Long-Term Study Proves Tamoxifen Helps Prevent Breast Cancer
    Final results of 13-year-study confirm drug a preventive for healthy women at high risk

  • Placenta Size May Affect Breast Cancer Risk
    Heavier weight might indicate an increased risk, Swedish researchers report

  • New Drug Might Help Prevent Breast Cancer
    Mouse studies of tamoxifen-like agent look promising

  • Soy Safe for Postmenopausal Women
    Studies suggest it's an effective alternative to HRT in easing menopausal symptoms

  • A Shopping Cart of Cancer Fighters
    Research sheds light on possible tumor-taming properties of vegetables and herbs

  • U.S. Mammography Rates Falling
    As Breast Cancer Awareness Month ends, one expert warns of disturbing trend

  • Study Will Look at Minority Breast Cancer Survival
    Research to focus on why minority patients face a higher death risk

  • Gene Boosts Breast Cancer Risk
    Mutation raises odds in women with strong family history, study finds

  • Gene Discovery Could Broaden Cancer Research
    Rearranged genes may help trigger many malignancies, experts say

  • Iressa Doesn't Improve Odds Against Lung Cancer
    But nonsmokers and Asians saw some survival benefit, researchers note

  • Screening, Therapies Behind Drop in Breast Cancer Death Rates
    Chemotherapy, tamoxifen responsible for more than half the drop, study finds

  • Longer Tamoxifen Treatment Best for Younger Breast Cancer Patients
    The impact on survival takes years to observe, study finds

  • Statins Don't Affect Breast Cancer Risk
    Large study counters previous research on the cholesterol-lowering drugs

  • Side Effects Trouble Breast Cancer Patients on Hormone Therapy
    If injections could reduce hot flashes, women would opt for shots, study finds

  • Herceptin Proves a Wonder Drug for Breast Cancer
    In clinical trials, it reduced recurrence and prolonged survival

  • Gene Mutations Linked to Breast Cancer in Black Women
    Study findings suggest genetic testing would be worthwhile, experts say

  • One-Week Breast Cancer Radiation Shows Promise
    It may prove a valuable option for treatment of early-stage tumors

  • Marriage Won't Affect Breast Cancer Prognosis
    Outlook is the same, whether single, married, widowed or divorced, study says

  • Breast Cancer Treatment Guide Aimed at Hispanic Women
    The free Spanish-language booklet covers lumpectomy, mastectomy options

  • Added Illnesses May Explain Breast Cancer 'Race Gap'
    Higher rates of heart disease, diabetes could lower survival for black patients, study suggests

  • U.S. Cancer Death Rates Keep Falling
    Decline since 1990s has been steeper among men than women, new report finds

  • Gene Profiling May Improve Breast Cancer Care
    It spots those patients who'll respond best to specific therapies, experts say

  • Questionnaire Helps Determine Breast Cancer Risk
    Survey of family and personal history pinpoints women who may need screening

  • Left-Handedness May Raise Breast Cancer Risk
    Study shows link, but other experts remain skeptical

  • Breast Cancer Deaths Continue to Decline
    Diagnoses rise in women over 50, but not in younger women, report finds

  • Familial Breast Cancer Doesn't Always Boost Ovarian Cancer Risk
    Women without specific mutations face usual odds of ovarian malignancy, study finds

  • Hormone Replacement Therapy Raises Breast Density
    Researchers warn this may impair mammogram accuracy and boost cancer risk

  • Scientists Spot New Breast Cancer Treatment Target
    A genetic pathway may encourage tumor recurrence, researchers report

  • Experts Say No to Widespread Breast Cancer Gene Screening
    Only women with family history need tests for BRCA1 and BRCA2, panel concludes

  • HRT Ups Breast Cancer Risk Equally for All Races
    But hormone replacement therapy put leaner women at higher risk, study found

  • Digital Mammography Better for Many Women
    More accurate than film for younger women with dense breasts, large study finds

  • Breast Cancer Surgery May Play Role in Recurrence
    It might encourage growth of tumor blood vessels, study suggests

  • Mammography Figures May Be Overestimated
    Three-quarters of women say they have them, but state census study reveals much smaller number

  • Stress May Reduce Women's Risk of Breast Cancer
    It might limit production of estrogen, study suggests

  • Researchers Find New Way to Predict Breast Cancer Recurrence
    The technique focuses on immune, rather than tumor, cells

  • New Drug Regimen Fights Breast Cancer Recurrence
    Taking letrozole after tamoxifen cut risk for new malignancy, study found

  • Aromatase Inhibitors Have Downside
    Newest breast cancer drugs can cause joint pain in patients, researcher says

  • Breast Cancer Gene Tied to Non-Breast Tumors in Men
    BRCA2 mutations up risks for other malignancies, study finds

  • Epilepsy Drug Eases Hot Flashes in Breast Cancer Patients
    More testing needed before gabapentin can be approved, expert says

  • FDA Issues Warning on Breast Cancer Drug
    Herceptin linked to potential heart problems

  • Breast Cancer Trial to Focus on Radiation Therapy
    Study will compare partial versus full irradiation of breast

  • Marrow Cells May Predict Breast Cancer Outcome
    Malignancy in bone could be marker to guide treatment, researchers say

  • Less Invasive Biopsy May Work for Large Breast Tumors
    Study could expand use of sentinel node technique beyond smaller cancers

  • Chemo-Hormone Combo Curtails Toxic Side Effects
    Research with mice offers hope for ovarian, breast and prostate tumors

  • Weight Linked to Breast Cancer in Women With Gene Mutation
    Losing 10 pounds cut the risk by 65 percent, study finds

  • Women Prefer Mastectomy, Not Lumpectomy
    Despite equal survival odds, breast cancer patients opting for more drastic surgery, study finds

  • Mammograms Boost Survival Odds
    The screenings often detect slower-growing tumors, study finds

  • Scientists Identify More Breast Cancer Genes
    Switching off one gene stopped estrogen-linked tumors in the lab

  • Report: Dangers of HRT Known for Decades
    But other experts contend doctors had too little info to understand risks.

  • Hispanic Women Have High Rates of Cancer Gene Mutations
    Researchers find 30 percent incidence of hereditary BRCA1 and BRCA2 mutations

  • Breast Cancers Being Caught Earlier
    Smaller size of tumors skewing success rate of treatments, researchers say

  • Breast Cancer Risk with HRT May Be Lower Than Thought
    Risk is lowest with estrogen-only therapy, study suggests

  • More Support for Emerging Breast Cancer Therapy
    Aromatase inhibitor drugs vie with tamoxifen, study finds

  • Study Finds Virtual Colonoscopy Spots More Than Colon Cancer
    But experts disagree over the value of the technology

  • Genes Discovered That May Predict Breast Cancer Spread to Lungs
    Finding could one day help doctors better tailor therapy for patients, study says

  • U.S. Breast Biopsy Rates Unchanged
    More mammograms may mean more false positives requiring tests, experts say

  • Breast Cancer Risk Fine-Tuned
    Study finds which women with benign breast disease face greatest risk down the road

  • Study: Mammos May Not Halt Breast Cancer Deaths
    But findings shouldn't dissuade women from annual screen, experts say

  • Chemical Triggers Breast Cancer in Lab Mice
    But finding is preliminary, experts add, and more research is needed

  • Rare Breast Cancer More Deadly
    IBC more likely to strike at younger age, show different symptoms, study finds

  • Mammography Use Up, But Not Perfect
    Having a personal doctor raises odds of getting screened, study found

  • Malpractice Fears Color Mammogram Readings
    Study finds concerns may contribute to high rates of repeat tests, biopsies

  • Radiation Frequency Questioned for Male Breast Cancer
    Study suggests men, women be treated using same guidelines

  • Fish Oil Compound Plus Anesthetic May Fight Breast Cancer
    In lab, this combo cut tumor cell spread in half

  • Obese Breast Cancer Patients May Be Undertreated
    Adjusting drug dose for weight may leave them more vulnerable

  • Many Breast Cancer Patients Struggle With Arm Swelling
    The cause is build-up of lymphatic fluid, study finds

  • Radiologists' Mammogram Accuracy Varies Widely
    Those at busiest centers better able to detect cancers, study found

  • Lifestyle Can Dictate Course of Breast Cancer
    Exercise, food consumption, even a common spice may have impact, studies find

  • At-Home Breast Cancer Detector Effective
    Hand-held device found over 90 percent of cancers in early trial

  • Available Drug Helps Prevent Breast Cancer Recurrence
    Ontak boosts body's defense against tumor's return

  • Chemotherapy Combo Increases Breast Cancer Survival
    Serious side effects can occur, but experts say benefits outweigh risks

  • Aspirin, Ibuprofen Might Boost Risk of Certain Breast Cancers
    But the researchers add they didn't determine a causal link

  • Shark Cartilage Fails as Cancer Therapy
    In new trial, many patients dropped out early because of side effects

  • Hair Dye Cleared of Cancer Risk
    Spanish researchers find no real connection

  • Exercise Boosts Breast Cancer Survival
    Just three to five hours weekly could cut risk of breast cancer death dramatically

  • Breast Shield Cuts CT Scan Radiation
    Inventors hope to safeguard women from harmful rays

  • Chemotherapy Combo Poses Grave Risks
    Study of breast cancer treatments halted following two deaths from drug toxicity

  • MRI/Mammo Combo Spots Most Breast Tumors
    Dual treatment caught almost all cancers in high-risk women

  • Lifestyle Changes Can Curtail Cancer's Return
    Studies find low-fat diets fight breast cancer; aspirin does same against colon cancer

  • Failed Lung Cancer Drug May Fight Breast Tumors
    Iressa showed promising results in preliminary trial

  • Still Room for Improvement in Cancer Care
    Five-year study shows wide range when it comes to following treatment guidelines

  • Existing Drugs May Protect Against Certain Cancers
    Some show promise in preventing prostate, endometrial and breast cancers

  • Targeted Therapies Hit Breast Cancer Hard
    Herceptin and other drugs look promising, studies show

  • New Breast Cancer Scan Shows Promise
    It's effective at early detection in younger women, study finds

  • Standard Breast Cancer Therapy Saves Lives
    Fifteen-year survival rates prove the effectiveness of chemo and hormone therapy, study finds

  • Pre-Malignant Condition Can Trigger Breast Cancer Decades Later
    But the abnormality is easily spotted on mammogram, and can be removed, study says

  • Electricity May Help Spot Breast Cancer
    Experts testing device that tracks mild current moving through tissue

  • Online Tool Checks Need for Cancer Screening
    Cancer Society's 'Great American Health Check' launched this week

  • Stars Light the Way to Cancer Screening
    Celebrity-driven campaigns spurring rise in colon, breast, prostate exams

  • Japanese Women Show Lower Incidence of Breast Cancer Recurrence
    Hawaiian study finds extraordinary low relapse rates in those of Japanese heritage

  • Heat, Radiation Combo Strikes Strong Blow Against Tumors
    Hyperthermia boosts effectiveness of radiation, study finds

  • Campaign Hopes to End Disparities in Breast Cancer Care
    Foundation seeks more funding for minorities

  • Steady Diet of Soy Cuts Breast Cancer Risk
    Study finds consumption can lower chances of disease by as much as 22%

  • Health Tip: Examining Your Own Breasts
    Here's what to look for

  • Access to Mammography On the Decline
    Study finds lack of radiologists, and problem may worsen

  • Breast Cancer Drug Shows Lifesaving Promise
    Experts hail news that Herceptin trials were halted early due to successful results

  • Genes May Point to Aggressive Breast Cancers
    New tool might someday help doctors tailor therapies to patients

  • Mom's Diet May Reduce Breast Cancer Risk in Daughters
    Mouse experiments show benefit of omega-3 fatty acids

  • Turning Fearsome Viruses Into Cancer Foes
    Scientists are using herpes, measles bugs to destroy malignant cells

  • Spit Tests May Someday Catch Cancer
    Saliva analysis detected nine of 10 oral cancers in study

  • Pregnancy Hormone May Prevent Breast Cancer
    Animal studies suggest hCG can lower a woman's risk

  • in Helps Control Cancer's Spread
    Brain tumor discovery may help fight other malignancies

  • Technique May Safely Preserve Fertility in Breast Cancer Patients
    Combo of hormone plus chemotherapy helps women freeze more eggs

  • Black Women Less Apt to Get Breast Cancer Gene Test
    Reasons for disparity not clear, but study suggests more education, outreach needed

  • Few Women Say They'd Use Tamoxifen Preventively
    Just 17 percent of women at high risk for breast cancer would take the drug

  • New Breast Cancer Drugs Offer Alternative to Tamoxifen
    Studies suggest aromatase inhibitors may be safer, more effective

  • Progestin Dose May Explain HRT's Breast Cancer Link
    New study finds no rise in risk when estrogen used alone

  • Healthy Change, Early Screening Can Cut Cancer Rates
    Cancer Society report finds some successes, many challenges

  • Researchers Launch Breast Cancer Prevention Drug Trial
    Five-year study to assess effectiveness of exemestane

  • HRT Can Cloud Breast Cancer Screens
    MRIs can be misread because hormone therapy makes tissue more dense, study says

  • Tamoxifen Ups Risk of Uterine Sarcoma
    Study finds women on breast cancer drug six times likelier to get the rare cancer

  • Breast Cancer Radiation Carries Little Cardiac Risk
    Better technology means this treatment safer than ever, study finds

  • Mastectomy Does Prevent Breast Cancer for Those at High Risk
    Research confirms preventive approach used a decade ago works

  • Genes May Link Breast Cancer in Africa, America
    Study finds similar disease pattern in black patients from both continents

  • Older Breast Cancer Survivors at Risk for Bone Breaks
    Researchers think drugs used to treat tumors lead to bone loss

  • Developed Countries Still Carry Greatest Cancer Burden
    But study finds developing nations are catching up

  • Many Women Still Don't Get Annual Mammograms
    Only one in 20 follows schedule recommendations, researchers say

  • Practice Improves Mammogram Diagnosis
    Doctors who read the most images are most accurate, study finds

  • Study Confirms Tamoxifen Raises Endometrial Cancer Risk
    Risk heightened by length of time on the drug

  • Older Women With Breast Cancer Missing Out on Chemo
    Many not being offered lifesaving treatment because of their age, researcher says

  • Free Hotline Focuses on Lymphedema
    Therapists will answer questions on cancer treatment-related swelling

  • Genes Predict Breast Cancer Recurrence
    Finding could help determine which women need aggressive treatment

  • Stem Cells Promise Better Plastic Surgery
    Safer, more durable implants made from natural tissue, researchers report

  • Lung, Colon Cancers Major Killers in Europe
    Over 1.7 million Europeans died from cancer in 2004, report finds

  • Tamoxifen Cuts Heart Attack Risk
    But benefit of breast cancer drug no reason to use it for cardiovascular protection

  • New Clue Predicts Breast Cancer Behavior
    Wound-healing activity may identify women at risk for disease spread

  • Rainforest Plant Yields Breast Cancer Fighter
    Amazon plant compound stopped growth of malignant cells in lab

  • Little Benefit Adding Breast Exam to Mammography
    Exam won't significantly lower breast cancer death risk, study finds

  • Birth Weight Linked to Cancer Risk
    Big babies have higher rate of breast cancer, certain others, in adulthood, study suggests

  • Study: Mammograms Painless for Most Women
    Finding challenges common assumptions about breast exam

  • Breast Cancer Prevention From The Sea
    Seaweed may reduce estrogen and help prevent some forms of the disease

  • Breast Cancer Chemo Timing Doesn't Affect Outcome
    But it does help after surgery, study finds

  • Faulty DNA Repair Linked to Breast Cancer Risk
    Points to increased susceptibility in those with family history of disease

  • Radiation Therapy Boosts High-Risk Breast Cancer Survival
    Study with 20-year follow-up confirms earlier research

  • New Scans Spot More Small Breast Tumors
    Molecular breast imaging method improves detection of malignancies

  • Fruits, Vegetables Don't Protect Against Breast Cancer
    But experts say the finding shouldn't dissuade people from eating the foods

  • Olive Oil May Protect Against Breast Cancer
    Lab study finds main ingredient suppresses important cancer gene

  • Mammography's Early Catches Have Silver Lining
    Lead to less toxic breast cancer treatments, study says

  • Role Seen for Vitamin A to Prevent Breast Cancer
    Experts stress that lab research is preliminary

  • Breast Implants Don't Hurt Survival of Mastectomy Patients
    Study finds they may actually improve long-term outlook

  • How Blood Platelets Speed Cancer's Spread
    Study describes two ways they help tumors travel to bone

  • Biennial Mammograms OK for Some Women
    No higher risk of late-stage cancer found in those aged 50 and older

  • Tamoxifen's Side Effects Scare Away Some
    Women hesitant to take it as a preventive measure against breast cancer

  • Possible Link Between Folic Acid and Breast Cancer Found
    But even researchers say connection is probably a fluke

  • Genetic Test Helps Predict Breast Cancer Recurrence
    But at least one expert says it's not ready for widespread use

  • Celebrex Could Help Fight Breast Cancer
    Arthritis drug appears to regulate cell's use of estrogen, small study finds

  • Breast MRIs Won't Obviate Need for Biopsy
    Cancer screens sensitive, but they don't catch everything

  • New Breast Cancer Drug Bests Tamoxifen
    Anastrozole reduces the chances of tumors recurring and spreading, study finds

  • Hand-held Breast Scanner May Help Women Spot Potential Problems
    Device meant as a pre-screening tool, to encourage self-examination

  • Some Breast Cancer Screens Better Than Others
    Study says MRI catches tumors missed by mammography in high-risk women

  • Osteo Drug May Prevent Breast Cancer
    Study finds decrease in tumors in women with bone loss

  • Nonsurgical Biopsy Identifies Breast Cancer
    Procedure finds malignant lymph nodes without more operations

  • Risks Outlined for Women With Breast Cancer Gene
    Recurrence unlikely in affected breast after lumpectomy, study finds

  • Discovery Could Produce Tamoxifen Alternative
    Fast-acting pathway may have fewer side effects

  • Aromatase Inhibitors Recommended for Breast Cancer
    These drugs offer alternative for postmenopausal women, new guidelines say

  • Breast Cancer Genes Tied to Other Malignancies
    But risk of pancreatic, prostate, stomach cancer still low, study finds

  • Stopping Breast Cancer in its Tracks
    Chemical attraction behind spread of malignancies could be drug target

  • Supplement May Melt Belly Fat in Seniors
    Early study finds DHEA spurs weight loss, improves insulin activity

  • Decline in Number of Breast Imaging Centers Worries Doctors
    Women in poor or rural areas are at increasing risk, experts say

  • Key Protein in Breast, Ovarian Cancer Found
    Discovery could lead to better prognosis, treatment

  • Mammography Escapes Poor, Rural Women
    Study finds problem more acute among blacks, Native Americans

  • Cancer Deaths Drop Among Asian Americans in California
    But rate of breast cancer greater than any other group in state

  • Tamoxifen Doesn't Increase Stroke Risk
    But chemotherapy does in breast cancer patients, study finds

  • Minimally Invasive Breast Screening Has Limits
    But experts say ductal lavage still has a role in finding cancer

  • Breast Cancer Drug May Do Double Duty
    Toremifene shows promise against prostate cancer, researchers report

  • Childhood Cancer Survivors Face Higher Breast Cancer Risk
    Study finds relative rate higher in radiation patients

  • HRT Raises Risk of Abnormal Mammograms
    Treatment increases odds that screen will be hard to interpret

  • New Hope in the Fight Against Breast Cancer
    Early diagnosis, better treatments boost chances of survival

  • Fertility Concerns Impact Breast Cancer Therapy
    Researchers say doctor-patient communication would help

  • Breast Cancer Risk Tied to Early Growth Patterns
    Even birth weight determines odds, study finds

  • Support Groups Help With Breast Cancer Fears
    Women with genetic mutations find solace in sharing fears with others

  • Botox Eases Pain of Breast Reconstruction
    Injecting wrinkle treatment into pectoral muscles reduces discomfort, study finds

  • Tamoxifen Might Cause Slight Increase in Stroke Risk
    Researchers stress finding should not panic breast cancer patients

  • Obesity Raises Death Risk From Breast Cancer
    Study finds connection in patients with early-stage disease

  • MRIs Catch Missed Breast Malignancies
    Study finds them more effective than mammography

  • Quick Questionnaire Can ID Tamoxifen Candidates
    Study finds women who can benefit from cancer-preventing drug

  • Group Therapy Won't Help Breast Cancer Survival
    Study finds no benefit in those with early-state disease

  • Genes Boost Fish Oils' Effect Against Breast Cancer
    Women whose bodies do poor job of eliminating oils get most health benefit

  • Chemo Can Start Right After Breast Surgery
    Study says reconstruction needn't delay procedure

  • Vegetables Help Fight Breast Cancer
    Compound in broccoli and other greens stops malignant cell growth

  • Exercise May Beat Breast Cancer in the Long Run
    Walking, running: any exercise lowers recurrence risk, experts say

  • MRI Top Breast-Screening Test for High-Risk Women
    Finds more tumors in those genetically prone, study finds

  • Most Women Start Annual Mammograms by Age 40
    But many who are poor, lack insurance or don't speak English don't

  • Light at Night Might Be a Cancer Risk
    It could disrupt the body's normal hormone production, some researchers suggest

  • Health Tip: Should You Have a Mammogram?
    Experts say it's best way to catch disease early

  • Radiation Not Always Needed for Breast Cancer
    Some women 70 and up may forgo it, but it helps younger patients

  • Mammograms Point to Better Outcomes for Breast Cancer Patients
    Women who get them less likely to suffer recurrence of disease, study says

  • Age, Tumor Stage Affect Breast Cancer Death
    Odds fall as women age, unless disease is advanced

  • HRT Can Affect Mammography Results

  • Imaging Technique May Guide Breast Cancer Surgery
    New MRI techonology gives surgeons 'road map'

  • Reconstruction After Mastectomy Less Likely for Blacks
    Rates vary by ethnicity for breast cancer patients

  • Test Predicts Patient Benefit From Breast Cancer Drug
    It spots those with resistance to Herceptin

  • Risk of False-Positive Mammo Reading Lower Than Thought
    The tests are still the best tool for detecting breast cancer, study says

  • Blood Test Gauges Breast Cancer Treatment
    Levels of cancer cells show whether patient is responding to therapy

  • Shortage of Seasoned Breast Cancer Surgeons Seen
    Study: Medicare patients not getting experienced specialists

  • Gene Mutation May Explain Racial Differences in Breast Cancer Outlook
    Black women four times more likely to have alteration in tumor suppressor gene

  • Breast Reconstruction After Mastectomy Is a Hit
    Study finds majority of women were pleased with the results

  • Breast Cancer Treatment Guidelines Could Save Your Life
    Study finds they increase chances of survival

  • MRI Spots Breast Tumors in High-Risk Women
    It beats mammography, but isn't advised for women at normal risk

  • Statins: The Next Miracle Drugs?
    Besides cutting cholesterol, they may fight breast cancer, even arthritis

  • Helping Breast Cancer Patients Make Tough Choices
    Computer programs, charts can help, but they're no substitute for counseling

  • Radiology Advances Fight Breast Cancer
    Improvements help both detection and treatment

  • Breast Cancer Cells Have Unlikely Allies
    Researchers find surrounding cells spur growth of drug-resistant tumor cells

  • Heavy Drinking Raises Breast Cancer Risk
    But a drink or two per day seems safe, study finds

  • Stress May Raise Endometrial Cancer Risk
    Animal study suggests that it doubles odds of disease

  • Study Suggests Viral Link to Breast Cancer
    Bug similar to one found in mice also in some human tumors

  • Soy Safe When It Comes to Breast Cancer
    Plant estrogens don't raise risk for women, study finds

  • Health Tip: Mastitis
    Lactating women most likely to get breast inflammation