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  • Health Tip: Risk Factors for Male Osteoporosis

  • Binge Drinking: A Hazard for Teen Bones?

  • Mammograms Might Encourage Other Screenings

  • Anxious Women May Want to Keep an Eye on Their Bone Health

  • Bone Drug 'Holiday' May Raise Fracture Risk

  • A Bone Drug That Treats Baldness?

  • Calcium Supplements Tied to Higher Odds of Colon Polyps

  • Seniors Don't Need Calcium, Vitamin D Supplements: Review

  • Health Tip: Help Prevent Osteoporosis

  • Smog May Harm Your Bones, Too

  • Exercise, Not Vitamin D, Recommended to Prevent Falls
    Draft recommendations from influential U.S. panel now await public review

  • Fracture Risk Higher for Seniors With Diabetes
    Bone weaknesses seen in those with blood sugar disease

  • It's Never Too Soon to Safeguard Your Bones
    Osteoporosis prevention starts now

  • Even a One-Minute Run Might Help a Woman's Bones
    Study suggests brief bursts of intense physical activity lowered risk for bone loss

  • Could Your Office Job Rob You of Vitamin D?
    Study finds most indoor workers get too little of the 'sunshine vitamin'

  • Excess Alcohol May Speed Muscle Loss in Older Women
    After menopause, frequent drinkers had four times the risk of sarcopenia, study found

  • Osteoporosis Fractures May Be Deadlier for Men
    But women suffer more of these broken bones, researchers say

  • Older Bones Benefit From Dairy Plus Vitamin D
    The supplements boost absorption of calcium, researchers say

  • Testosterone Therapy May Have Benefits, But Risks Too
    While trials show it boosts bone density and lowers anemia risk, heart risks also seen

  • Health Tip: Reduce Your Risk of Hip Fracture
    Here's how to protect yourself

  • Menopause Before 40? Risk of Broken Bones May Be Higher
    And traditional preventive treatments don't erase added danger, new study suggests

  • Marijuana May Blunt Bone Health
    Study finds heavy users have lower bone density than cigarette smokers

  • Calcium Supplements May Not Be Heart Healthy
    Another study shows link to poorer cardiovascular health from the pills, but can't prove cause-and-effect

  • Health Tip: Osteoporosis Affects Men, Too
    Here are common risk factors

  • Calcium Supplements Might Raise Older Women's Dementia Risk
    Finding even more pronounced if blood flow to brain has been affected, study suggests

  • Injected Drug May Help Fight Osteoporosis in Women
    Abaloparatide appears to reduce fractures better than the current drug Forteo, researchers say

  • Health Tip: Osteoporosis Shouldn't Be Ignored
    Here are potential warning signs

  • Men Miss Out on Bone Loss Screening
    Yet, millions are at risk of osteoporosis, researchers say

  • Could ADHD Drugs Lower Kids' Bone Density?
    Study raises questions about bone health of young people taking meds like Ritalin and Adderall

  • High-Impact Exercise Strengthens Men's Bones, Researchers Say
    Long-term jogging or tennis may help males avoid osteoporosis

  • Researchers: Retract Study That Claimed Nitroglycerin Might Boost Bone Density
    Investigation found that lead author fabricated data used to support the finding

  • Serious Illness Affects Bone Health
    Study finds older intensive care patients lose some density in key joints

  • Added Calcium May Not Help Older Bones: Studies
    Researchers find no evidence that boosting intake will prevent fractures

  • Growth Hormone May Lower Odds of Fractures in Older Women
    But researcher says high cost, need to get shots in clinics make it an unlikely osteoporosis treatment

  • Vitamin D Supplements Won't Strengthen Older Women's Bones: Study
    No increases seen in bone density, muscle mass or mobility, no matter the dose

  • Targeted Workouts May Strengthen Men's Bones in Middle Age
    Weight-lifting regimen tied to increased bone mass in the whole body, lumbar spine and hip, study finds

  • For Women, No Link Between Kidney Stones, Osteoporosis
    But one stone increases odds for more, study found

  • Men Should Be Screened for Osteoporosis, Too
    Study found males less likely to have their bone density checked, but suffered worse outcomes

  • Could Weak Bones, Sudden Hearing Loss Be Linked?
    In study, people with osteoporosis were at higher risk for deafness occurring over a few days

  • Health Tip: Live Healthier to Help Prevent Osteoporosis
    Get weight-bearing exercise and increase dietary calcium

  • Stronger Muscles = Healthier Bones in Kids
    Added bone mass may help delay osteoporosis, study suggests

  • Bone-Building Drug Strengthened Hips, Spines of Frail Women in Study
    But stronger bones did not translate into fewer fractures in this elderly, high-risk population

  • Health Tip: Understanding Osteoporosis in Men
    Here are common risk factors

  • Life Satisfaction Linked to Bone Health in Older Women
    Good spirits may be as important as lifestyle habits, researchers say

  • Health Tip: Get Weight-Bearing Exercise
    For healthier bones

  • Severe Hot Flashes During Menopause May Raise Hip Fracture Risk Later: Study
    Researchers suspect that more marked hormonal changes may explain possible connection

  • Health Tip: Think You're Getting Enough Calcium?
    Factors that influence how much your body keeps

  • Men Less Likely Than Women to Get Bone Test After Fracture
    Experts warn that older men are at risk for osteoporosis, too

  • Osteoporosis Screening Guidelines May Miss Younger Women at Risk
    Current assessment methods were poor at predicting risk for those 50-54 in study

  • Health Tip: Know the Risk Factors for Osteoporosis
    Post-menopausal women at greater risk

  • Osteoporosis Drugs Work, But Review Finds No Clear Winner
    Risk of 'atypical' fractures is rare, researchers say

  • More Evidence Ties Some Bone-Building Drugs to Rare Fractures
    But experts say benefits of bisphosphonates outweigh risks for those with osteoporosis

  • Bone Drugs Don't Lower Breast Cancer Risk After All, Study Finds
    Instead, low estrogen might be the beneficial factor, researcher suggests

  • Osteoporosis Drugs' Long-Term Use Needs More Research: FDA
    Review of bisphosphonates finds they work but optimum time for use remains unclear

  • Asthma Linked to Bone Loss in Study
    Reason for connection isn't clear, experts say

  • Health Tip: Reducing Your Risk of Stress Fractures
    Get lots of vitamin D and calcium

  • Sleep Apnea May Be Linked to Poor Bone Health
    Osteoporosis rates rose among people with breathing disorder, study found

  • New Repair Option for Compression Fractures in Spine
    Implant might provide similar benefits as other treatments with fewer risks, study suggests

  • Exercise in Youth Boosts Bone Strength Later: Study
    And continued activity is even better for your skeletal health

  • Ovary Removal Might Raise Odds for Bone Loss, Heart Disease
    Doctors should assess overall risks in premenopausal women, study suggests

  • Novel Osteoporosis Drug Could Change Treatment: Study
    Early results indicate romosozumab can rebuild bone

  • Health Tip: Get Enough Calcium
    Green, leafy vegetables are great sources

  • Exercise May Help Breast Cancer Survivors Battle Bone Loss
    Aerobics and strength training known to counter bone loss in older women, researchers say

  • Health Tip: Exercise to Help Prevent Osteoporosis
    Strengthen your bones

  • Ladies, Take 5 Steps to Avoid Osteoporosis
    Many women unaware the risk of bone-thinning disease rises after menopause, experts say

  • No Sign That Vitamin D Supplements Help Aging Bones: Study
    Large data review found no effect against osteoporosis at most sites tested in healthy adults

  • Vitamin D Alone Doesn't Boost Bone Health, Study Says
    But calcium supplements appear to reduce risk of osteoporosis

  • Bone Marrow Fat May Raise Osteoporosis Risk, Study Says
    Obesity does not prevent the bone-thinning disease, researchers state

  • Health Tip: Protect Against Osteoporosis
    Eat a well-balanced diet

  • Women on Hormone Therapy May Benefit From Extra Calcium, Vitamin D
    Study found hip fracture rate was 57 percent lower in those also taking supplements

  • Combo Drug Therapy May Work Best to Strengthen Bones: Study
    But osteoporosis experts say fracture resistance must also be assessed

  • Gene Discoveries Give Hope Against 'Brittle Bone' Disease
    Scientists pinpoint mutation that appears to cause severe forms of bone loss

  • Healthy Older Women Advised Against Taking Calcium
    U.S government experts found no evidence that calcium, vitamin D supplements help prevent fractures

  • Calcium Supplements May Raise Odds of Heart Death in Women
    Study also found combined risk from dietary calcium, pills

  • Vitamin D Supplements: Is What You See What You Get?
    Potency of many brands is inconsistent with labels, study finds

  • Health Tip: You May Need a Bone Density Test
    Factors your doctor should consider

  • Deep Belly Fat Could Weaken Men's Bones, Study Suggests
    Level of 'visceral fat' seemed to have an effect regardless of man's overall weight

  • Health Issues Add to Risk of Vitamin D Deficiency, Study Says
    Women with conditions including arthritis and cancer should be aware of vitamin D drop during winter

  • Millions May Be Taking Vitamin D Unnecessarily, Analysis Suggests
    Health experts disagree on safe levels needed to prevent illness

  • Panel Rules Against HRT for Preventing Chronic Disease
    Updated recommendations don't address relief of menopausal symptoms

  • Quitting Drinking May Help Alcoholics' Bone Loss
    Improvement begins after eight weeks of recovery, study shows

  • Taking Breaks From Prostate Cancer Hormone Therapy Seems Safe: Study
    Trial found no difference in overall survival

  • Health Tip: Help Keep Your Bones Healthy
    Exercise daily

  • Teen Girls Need Bone Health Advice to Stave Off Osteoporosis
    Experts update guidelines on screening, prevention for women of all ages

  • Ladies, Drink to Your (Bone) Health
    Alcohol may help prevent osteoporosis in postmenopausal women, researchers say

  • Higher Doses of Vitamin D Prevent Fractures in Older Women
    But evidence review found less than 800 IUs a day didn't seem to make a difference

  • Health Tip: Get Enough Calcium
    Sprinkle shredded cheese on soups or salads

  • Older Women Should Not Take Calcium, Vitamin D: Task Force
    Recommendations say evidence doesn't support benefit of low daily doses to prevent fractures

  • Two-Thirds of Osteo Hip Fractures Occur After 80: U.S. Study
    Researchers urge greater push to diagnose, prevent, treat osteoporosis in extreme elderly

  • Health Tip: Exercise Can Help Manage Menopause
    And help prevent heart problems or osteoporosis

  • HRT Update: Therapy May Reduce Fractures, Boost Some Risks
    Researchers review evidence for forthcoming guidelines by the U.S. Preventive Services Task Force

  • More Research Points to Long-Term Ills With Bone Drugs
    Bisphosphonates used for osteoporosis raise risk of rare fractures over time, study says

  • Some Sports May Help Protect Men's Bones
    Basketball, volleyball, soccer helped young men stave off density loss, study suggests

  • Early Menopause Tied to Osteoporosis in 29-Year Study
    Nearly doubled risk seen in women who went through 'change' before age 47

  • Certain Genetic Regions May Be Tied to Osteoporosis
    But it's too early to use data to predict who will or will not develop weaker bones

  • Physician Groups Call for Fewer Medical Tests
    Many patients could safely avoid X-rays, MRIs, heart stress tests and other common procedures, docs say

  • Osteoporosis Drugs May Lead to Eye Trouble: Study
    Researchers say they found risk for anterior uveitis and scleritis, diseases that can cause impairment

  • Generic Boniva Approved for Osteoporosis
    In postmenopausal women

  • Health Tip: Lower Your Risk for Osteoporosis
    Here are factors you can control

  • Exercise Can Build Young Adults' Bones, Study Finds
    Physical activity in your 20s can help prevent osteoporosis later on, researchers say

  • Implanted Microchip Might Be Future of Drug Delivery
    In small study, the remote-controlled chip emitted a bone-strengthening medicine for a year

  • Stopping Bone Drug Cuts Risk of Second Thigh Fracture: Study
    After unusual femur break, patients should not take bisphosphonates, researchers say

  • Female Soccer Players May Face Health Problems: Study
    Intense training, poor nutrition might lead to menstrual abnormalities, stress fractures in young players

  • Heart Failure, Osteoporosis Go 'Hand-in-Hand': Researchers
    Cardiac condition raises the risks of falls and may contribute to bone-density loss

  • Breast Cancer Drug May Weaken Bones, Study Finds
    Researchers say postmenopausal women taking Aromasin need to be monitored

  • Some Women Can Go Longer Between Bone Checks: Study
    Those with normal density may be able to wait more than recommended two years, researcher says

  • Bone Drugs May Also Battle Breast Cancer, Researchers Say
    Two studies suggest zoledronic acid extends survival, reduces odds of recurrence

  • Whole-Body Vibration Doesn't Build Bone After All: Study
    No benefit seen in high-risk postmenopausal women

  • Health Tip: Signs of a Spinal Fracture
    People with osteoporosis may be prone

  • Hip Fracture May Raise a Woman's Risk of Earlier Death
    Breaking hip at age 70 doubles risk of dying within a year, study finds

  • Bone Drug Fails to Prevent Breast Cancer Recurrence: Study
    Routine use of Zometa not warranted, but some postmenopausal cancer patients may benefit

  • FDA OKs Bone Drug to Prevent Fracture in Certain Cancer Patients
    Prolia can be used in some cases of prostate cancer and breast cancer

  • FDA Advisers Call for Revised Labels for Osteoporosis Drugs
    Research suggests potential health risks associated with long-term use of bisphosphonates

  • Health Tip: Osteoporosis Can Affect Men, Too
    Risk factors for bone-thinning in males

  • Soy Supplements Don't Ease Bone Loss, Menopausal Symptoms: Study
    Women taking high-dose soy isoflavone pills for 2 years even had more hot flashes

  • Health Tip: Some Prone to Losing Bone Mass
    Risk factors for osteopenia

  • Weight-Loss Surgery Linked to Rise in Fracture Risk
    People who've had procedure especially prone to breaks in the hands and feet, study finds

  • Bone Drug Reduces Odds for Breast Cancer's Return: Study
    Effect seen years after Zometa treatment stopped

  • With Calcium, More May Not Be Better
    Getting enough for bone health is crucial, but too much doesn't help, researchers say

  • Heart Failure, Weak Bones Often Go Together, Study Finds
    But the bone-thinning disease is frequently unrecognized, expert says

  • Study Finds Slight Risk of Rare Fractures From Bone Drugs
    Benefits of bisphosphonates in preventing most fractures outweigh risk, experts say

  • Americans May Not Consume Enough Calcium: Study
    Levels were insufficient for daily needs, researchers find

  • Health Tip: Help Strengthen Your Bones
    With weight-bearing exercises

  • Nitroglycerin Ointment Might Strengthen Bones
    Inexpensive heart drug appears to slow bone loss and build new bone, researchers say

  • Health Tip: Learn the Benefits of a Bone-Density Test
    It can help detect osteoporosis

  • Early Puberty Onset Linked to Stronger Bones
    Less bone mass and greater risk for osteoporosis in those who matured later, study suggests

  • New Osteoporosis Screening Recommendations Issued
    U.S. Task Force expands guidelines to include younger women at increased risk of bone fractures

  • Epilepsy Drugs May Raise Fracture Risk in Older Adults
    Chance of bone breaks varies by specific medication taken, study finds

  • Vitamin D Guidelines Edge Upwards, But Most Americans Getting Enough: Report
    Institute of Medicine experts also say most people are taking in enough calcium daily

  • Tummy Fat May Threaten Women's Bones
    In turnaround, researchers link apple shape to lower bone mass

  • Study Sees Link Between Low Salt Levels, Fracture Risk in Older Adults
    Researchers suggest screenings as a possible option

  • Health Tip: Understanding Osteopenia
    And how to help prevent it

  • Study Suggests Osteoporosis Drug Might Treat Loss of Bone in Jaw
    Ironically, disfiguring condition has been tied to heavy use of another osteoporosis drug

  • Fewer Bone Screens May Be OK for Some Older Women
    Those with very good bone density at age 67 can wait 10 years to test again, study suggests

  • Two-Thirds of Spinal Fractures Undiagnosed, Untreated: Report
    Stooped back, loss of height and sudden back pain are all signals, experts warn

  • Bone Drugs Linked to Rare Fractures, FDA Warns
    Agency to change warning label, issue medication guide for all bisphosphonates used to treat osteoporosis

  • Mixed Report on Women's Health Research
    Fewer deaths from major killers like breast cancer, but little progress on debilitating diseases like dementia

  • Long-Term Use of Bone Drugs May Be Linked to Esophageal Cancer
    5 years of meds such as Boniva, Fosamax almost doubles chances, but actual risk still low, researchers say

  • Health Tip: Who Is at Greater Risk for Osteoporosis?
    Here are some risk factors

  • No Significant Esophageal Cancer Risk From Osteoporosis Drug: Study
    Analysis also finds no evidence of substantial gastric cancer risk from oral bisphosphonates

  • Calcium Supplements Linked to Boost in Heart Attack Risk
    People should get needed mineral through their diet, researchers say

  • Health Tip: Preventing Osteoporosis
    Eat a healthy diet and get enough exercise

  • Wrist Fractures May Open Door to Disability in Older Women
    More needs to be done to prevent this common injury, researchers advise

  • Bone-Building Pills Appear to Lower Invasive Breast Cancer Risk
    Two new studies show a possible link, although not direct cause-and-effect

  • Inexperienced Female Athletes Risk Serious Health Problems
    Too much exercise, too little nutrition can lead to osteoporosis, fertility issues, experts warn

  • Prolia Approved for Post-Menopausal Women With Osteoporosis
    Injectable drug given once every 6 months

  • Bone Drugs Not Linked to Rare Fractures
    Small study did not find significant effect with use of bisphosphonates

  • Rhythmic Gymnastics May Help Girls Build Strong Bones
    Long-term benefits unknown, but could reduce future fracture risk, researchers speculate

  • Once-A-Year Vitamin D Megadose Ups Fracture Risk: Study
    Smaller, more frequent doses still considered protective, experts say

  • Scientists Find Way to Heal Broken Bones Faster
    Mouse study suggests Wnt protein might help humans with fractures, too

  • Raloxifene, Tamoxifen Both Guard Against Breast Cancer
    But first drug helps prevent noninvasive disease more and has fewer side effects, study finds

  • Bone-Strengthening Drug Guards Against Spread of Breast Cancer
    Zoledronic acid protected against chemotherapy-related bone loss, metastasis, study finds

  • New Study Refutes Bone Drugs' Link to Fractures
    Benefits of Boniva, Fosamax and Reclast far outweigh any risk, experts say

  • Tequila Plant May Help Fight Bone Loss
    Artichokes, garlic and onions also contain beneficial fructans, researchers say

  • Women's Height Loss May Indicate Spinal Fracture
    For better detection, study suggests, doctors should not use patient estimates

  • Long-Term Use of Osteoporosis Drugs Linked to Fractures
    Drug 'holiday' may be the answer, but more study needed, researchers say

  • Certain Bone Drugs May Lower Breast Cancer Risk
    Benefit from Fosamax, Boniva, Zometa does not apply to obese women, however

  • New Bone Drug May Prevent Fractures But Raise Clot Risk
    It's too soon to say if it outperforms existing drugs, expert says

  • Drug Cures Osteoporosis in Mice
    Experimental agent targets serotonin in the gut, triggering bone formation

  • Beer for the Bones?
    Beneficial silicon content varies from brew to brew, study finds

  • Kidney Function May Be Tied to Bone Loss
    Even moderate impairment appears to increase fracture risk, study finds

  • Health Tip: Getting a Bone Density Test
    Who may need one?

  • More Proof Exercise Leads to Healthier Aging
    Good for the mind and body, series of studies finds

  • The Pill May Decrease Bone Density
    Long-term use of low-dose versions affect women most, study finds

  • Vitamin D Plus Calcium Guards Against Fractures
    But the vitamin alone doesn't offer significant protection, researchers say

  • Fat May Help Build Bone Mass in Girls
    Excessive weight loss in teen years may increase risk of osteoporosis, findings suggest

  • Contraceptive Depo-Provera May Weaken Bones
    Nearly half of women in study lost bone mass within two years

  • Bone Drugs May Beat Back Breast Cancer
    Bisphosphonates seem to prevent recurrence, researchers find

  • Health Tip: Opt for Weight-Bearing Exercises
    They can help build bone health

  • Breast Cancer Drugs May Fight Cervical Cancer, Too
    Study in mice reports success with drugs that inhibit estrogen

  • How Safe Are Popular Reflux Drugs?
    Experts debate evidence linking acid-blockers to possible bone, heart problems

  • Better Drug Emerges for Steroid-Induced Bone Loss
    Teriparatide outperforms alendronate for type of osteoporosis, study finds

  • Short-Term, High-Dose Vitamin D2 May Ease Deficiency
    Expert says treatment could prevent several bone problems

  • Cell Phone May Reduce Bone Density in Hips
    Keep mobile phones as far as possible from body, research suggests

  • Genes May Link Hip Fractures and Heart Disease
    Risks for breaks rise if a brother or sister has heart failure or stroke, study finds

  • Exercise Boosts Bone Density in Breast-Feeding Moms
    Lactation depletes calcium stores, but working out can minimize risks, research shows

  • Anti-Aging Drug Closer to Reality
    Scientists extend lifespan of female mice and thwart diseases of old age in both sexes

  • Preemie Birth Could Mean Weaker Bones as Adults
    Small babies at risk for osteoporosis decades later, study finds

  • Sex Hormone Levels Linked to Fractures in Men
    Testing for estradiol, testosterone and SHBG could predict those at risk, expert says

  • New Bone-Building Drug Promising Against Prostate Cancer
    Monoclonal antibody denosumab counters effects of hormone therapy, study finds

  • With a Broken Hip Comes Higher Risk for Dying
    Expert warns that consequences of osteoporosis go far beyond weak bones

  • Forteo Approved for Drug-Related Osteoporosis
    For people taking glucocorticoid medications

  • Health Tip: Who Gets Osteoporosis?
    Know if you're at risk for brittle bones

  • Discovery Points to Regulation of Calcium Metabolism
    Researchers may be step closer to preventing kidney stones, osteoporosis

  • Bone Therapy May Not Always Need Monitoring
    In older women, annual measurements are unnecessary, study finds

  • Teens, Young Adults Need More Calcium
    Consumption of bone-building dairy products declines in late teens, research shows

  • Health Tip: Build Strong Bones
    And help prevent osteoporosis

  • Health Tip: Smoking and the Musculoskeletal System
    Those puffs affect more than your lungs

  • Osteoporosis Drugs Might Not Raise Cancer Risk
    Two studies suggest bisphosphonates don't increase chances of esophageal tumors

  • Many Americans Fall Short on Their Vitamin D
    Recommended levels in foods need to be increased, experts say

  • A Little Drink May Be Good for Your Bones
    Moderate consumption offers the most protection, study finds

  • Health Tip: Exercise for Bone Health
    It will help keep bones strong

  • Fractures in Older Adults Up Death Risk
    Study finds all breaks, not just hip fractures, tied to increased mortality

  • Study Links Osteoporosis Drugs to Jaw Trouble
    Condition marked by pain, swelling, loose teeth and exposed bone

  • Osteoporosis Drug Prompts Increase in Certain Bone Cells
    Scientists not sure if finding points to potential problems; maker stands by medication

  • Study Shows Exercise Shields Against Osteoporosis
    Women who did weight-bearing sports such as swimming had greater bone density in menopause

  • Fruits and Veggies May Strengthen Bones
    Could join calcium and vitamin D in fight against osteoporosis, study finds

  • 2 Diabetes Drugs Double Fracture Risk in Women
    Both Avandia and Actos lower bone density, new analysis shows

  • New Scan Spots Beginning of Bone Problems in Anorexics
    Structural abnormalities start early, researchers report

  • Calcium, Vitamin D Won't Prevent Breast Cancer
    But findings apply to postmenopausal women only, counters editorial

  • Alcohol Abuse Can Damage Bones
    It interferes with bone metabolism and bone mass maintenance, study finds

  • Osteoporosis Meds Linked to Heart Problem
    Bisphosphonates may up rate of serious atrial fibrillation, review finds

  • Heart Failure Raises Risk of Fractures
    Researchers say finding calls for better osteoporosis screening, treatment in these patients

  • Tamoxifen Cuts Fracture Risk: Study
    But the benefit disappears when breast cancer drug is stopped

  • Vitamin C Protects Some Elderly Men From Bone Loss
    New study doesn't show same result for women, however

  • Bisphosphonates Cause Rare Eye Inflammation
    Finding just latest in list of potential adverse events for bone-saving medications

  • Drug Can Slow Bone Loss in Prostate Cancer Patients
    Hormone-deprivation Rx erodes bone, but meds like Fosamax can help, study shows

  • Most Women With Osteoporosis Unaware of Raised Fracture Risk
    But lifestyle changes can lower risk, researchers note

  • Zoledronic Acid Protects Bones of Women Getting Breast Cancer Treatment
    Drug countered effect of endocrine therapy in premenopausal patients, study finds

  • Powerful Antacid Drugs Raise Fracture Risk
    Proton pump inhibitors taken for more than 7 years quadrupled chance of hip breaks, study finds

  • Bone Density Predicts Chances of Breast Cancer
    Researchers found higher levels raised risk of disease

  • Health Tip: Risk Factors for Osteoporosis
    Signs that you might be at risk

  • Do Antidepressants Make Bones Brittle?
    Studies suggest an increased fracture risk in people who take the medications

  • Health Tip: Stop Smoking, Save Your Bones
    Cigarettes can harm skeletal health

  • Heel Ultrasound Helps Detect Fracture Risk
    But expert says dual-energy X-rays still gold standard for measuring bone strength

  • Raloxifene Cuts Risk of Certain Type of Breast Cancer
    And the benefits weren't limited to high-risk women, study finds

  • Light Alcohol Consumption May Help Bones
    A daily drink cuts hip fracture risk and increases density, study finds

  • Health Tip: What Your Bones Need
    For good health at every stage of life

  • Soccer's a Winner for Building Bone Health in Girls
    All 'impact' sports may help to prevent osteoporosis later in life, research suggests

  • Docs Issue Guideline on Screening for Osteoporosis in Men
    Scanning those over 65 could cut expected 50% increase in cases in next 15 years

  • Genes Linked to Osteoporosis Identified
    Could be potential targets for new treatments, two studies suggest

  • Cola May Be Bad to the Bones
    Research suggests the beverage contributes to osteoporosis

  • Cutting Phosphate May Protect Kidney Patients From Heart Trouble
    High levels are major source of cardiovascular death risk in those with chronic disease

  • Raloxifene Safe for Women With Decreased Kidney Function
    Osteoporosis drug promoted bone density, reduction in fractures, study finds

  • Testosterone Therapy May Reduce Bone Loss in Older Men
    But long-term effects of the hormone treatment aren't known, researchers say

  • Health Tip: Weight-Bearing Exercises Strengthen Bones
    And help prevent osteoporosis

  • Pain Relief for Osteoporosis Patients With Fractures
    Vertebroplasty shows benefit in study of those with spinal afflictions

  • Thyroid Hormone Could One Day Treat Osteoporosis
    Animal experiments show thyroid stimulating hormone prevented bone loss

  • Generic Versions of Fosamax Approved
    A popular drug to treat osteoporosis

  • Genes Linked to Height Also Tied to Osteoarthritis Risk
    Short and tall extremes may put added pressure on joints, study suggests

  • Bone-Strengthening Drugs May Be Overprescribed
    Doctors suggest drug makers exaggerate benefits for women who do not have osteoporosis

  • Calcium Supplements Could Raise Heart Risks in Postmenopausal Women
    Study found those taking tablets had 47% higher risk of cardiovascular trouble

  • Health Tip: Build Healthy Bones
    Start early, benefit later

  • Osteoporosis Drug Evista Approved to Cut Risk of Breast Cancer
    Among postmenopausal women

  • Reclast Approved as Once-Yearly Osteoporosis Drug
    For postmenopausal women

  • Bone Tests Cost-Effective for Elderly Men
    Younger men with prior fracture could also benefit, study finds

  • Antidepressants Linked to Bone Loss
    2 studies turn up similar results in both women and men

  • Health Tip: Living With Osteoporosis
    Prevent more bone loss

  • Health Tip: Getting a Bone Density Test
    Can measure your risks of osteoporosis and bones fractures

  • Experts Offer Free Back Pain Advice Feb. 15
    Hotline focuses on preventing, easing pain in middle age

  • Boning Up on Dietary Calcium
    Here's how to get it and its nutrition 'partner,' vitamin D

  • Gene Found for Form of Brittle Bone Disease
    Findings could lead to test for couples evaluating risk of having more children

  • Women Can Take 'Vacation' From Osteoporosis Drug
    Postmenopausal study participants continued to reap benefits

  • Height Loss in Older Men Tied to Heart, Death Risks
    Shrinking 3 centimeters or more may trigger bone loss that increases chance of illness, study suggests

  • New Formula Predicts Osteoporosis Fracture Risk
    Called the FRISK score, it's accurate 75 percent of the time, study finds

  • Health Tip: The Importance of Calcium
    It's crucial to get enough at a young age

  • Side Effects May Sideline New Osteoporosis Drugs
    Estrens did build bone, but might also raise cancer risks, study finds

  • Actonel Sanctioned for Male Osteoporosis
    Already approved to increase bone mass in post-menopausal women

  • Bone Marrow Lesions May Be Hereditary
    Genetics play key role in severity and occurrence of this painful condition, study finds

  • Raloxifene Equals Tamoxifen in Preventing Breast Cancer
    But each drug produces different side effects, new STAR research reveals

  • Health Tip: Prevent Osteoporosis
    Start taking care of your bones

  • Cancer Drug Gleevec Can Interfere With Bone Growth
    Newly discovered side effect won't prevent use of lifesaving medication, study says

  • Lack of Estrogen Linked to Hip Fractures in Men
    Those with low levels of the hormone face three times the risk, study finds

  • Pituitary Hormone May Be Linked to Osteoporosis
    If confirmed, finding could lead to new treatments to thwart bone loss, study says

  • Health Tip: Prevent Osteoporosis
    Be sure to get plenty of calcium

  • Injectable Osteoporosis Drug Shows Promise
    Study results point to bone density gains in postmenopausal women

  • Estrogen Therapy of No Value to Heart Health
    But it may offer some protection to younger postmenopausal women, study finds

  • Corticosteroids Can Contribute to Osteoporosis
    Patients taking the drugs need treatment to prevent the bone-thinning disease, study says

  • Vitamin D Levels During Pregnancy Predict Kids' Bone Health
    Moms who take extra supplements may protect offspring from osteoporosis, study suggests

  • Women, It's Never Too Early to Protect Your Heart
    Stress, fluctuating hormone levels can cause problems long before menopause, study suggests

  • Vitamin D Intake Vital for Bone Health
    Calcium consumption is secondary, a new study finds

  • Cholesterol-Lowering Drugs May Prevent Fracture Risk
    But randomized trials are needed to settle this controversial issue, researchers add

  • Drug Therapies Combat Advanced Osteoporosis
    But doctors stress the need for preventive steps to avoid severe disease

  • Keeping Ovaries After Hysterectomy Boosts Survival
    Study says preservation protects against heart disease, osteoporosis

  • Brittle Bones Can Affect Older Men As Well
    Fractures less common but more lethal for men than for women, experts say

  • Exercises Could Help Prevent Hip Fractures: Study
    British researchers link breaks to thinning bones in elderly

  • Vitamin D Does Prevent Fractures in Elderly
    Latest study contradicts two recent trial reports

  • Older Black Women Less Likely to Break Bones
    But bone mineral density a predictor of fracture in women of both races, study says

  • Vitamin D, Calcium Supplements Don't Cut Fracture Risk for Elderly
    Two large U.K. studies seem to reverse conventional wisdom

  • Health Tip: Men Who Have Osteoporosis
    Some preventive steps you can take

  • Chest X-Rays May Catch Osteoporosis
    Screening for other problems can find undetected fractures in vertebrae

  • Vegetarians on Raw-Foods Diets Have Low Bone Mass
    But other measures of bone health are normal, study finds

  • Monthly Drug for Osteoporosis Approved
    For postmenopausal women

  • Health Tip: Building Your Bones
    It's never too early to start

  • Older Breast Cancer Survivors at Risk for Bone Breaks
    Researchers think drugs used to treat tumors lead to bone loss

  • Osteoporosis Linked to Celiac Disease
    Special diet reversed bone loss, study finds

  • B Vitamins May Cut Fracture Risk After Stroke
    Folate and vitamin B12 caused five-fold drop in breaks, study finds

  • Simple Steps to Fall-Free Homes
    Domestic tips can keep elderly or disabled safe

  • Gene Variant Ups Osteoporosis Risk
    One in five may carry the estrogen-linked mutation

  • Depo-Provera Bone Loss Reversible
    Teens who stopped using injectable contraceptive regained density

  • Health Tip: Build Strong Bones
    Weight-bearing exercises can keep them fit

  • Hormone Therapy Has Drawbacks for Men as Well
    Prostate cancer patients on androgen-deprivation therapy had increased risk of bone breaks

  • Osteoporosis a Risk in Prostate Cancer Therapy
    Often overlooked in men receiving hormone therapy

  • Simple Steps in Youth Boost Bones in Old Age
    Diet, exercise and a little sunlight can keep canes, walkers at bay

  • Osteo Drug May Prevent Breast Cancer
    Study finds decrease in tumors in women with bone loss

  • Osteoporosis Drugs Do Double Duty
    Medications also slow progression of knee osteoarthritis

  • Genes Determine Severity of Osteoporosis
    Mutations leave some less prone to fractures, study finds

  • Experimental Drug Could Prevent Bone Loss
    Drugmaker study shows success in postmenopausal women

  • Surgeon General Warns of Bone Break Epidemic
    Half of those over 50 to be at osteoporosis risk if nothing's done

  • Soy May Strengthen Bones of Premenopausal Women
    It might also benefit their hearts, researchers say

  • Health Tip: Prevent Osteoporosis
    Calcium, exercise help keep bones strong

  • Heart Drugs May Also Strengthen Bone
    Beta blockers associated with lower fracture risk

  • Appetite Hormone Key to Women's Health
    Low leptin levels tied to several problems, but can be treated

  • Longer Rehab Improves Hip Fracture Outcomes
    Supervised exercise, weight training keeps elderly patients mobile, independent

  • Statins: The Next Miracle Drugs?
    Besides cutting cholesterol, they may fight breast cancer, even arthritis

  • Radical Shift Seen in Osteoporosis Therapy
    Sharp surge in doctor visits, prescriptions for new drugs