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  • Can Arthritic Dogs (and Their Owners) Benefit From Stem Cell Injections?

  • More Doubt Cast on Surgery for Spinal Compression Fractures

  • Ditch the Golf Cart. Your Aging Knees Won't Mind

  • Got Osteoarthritis? Get Moving

  • A Surgery-Free Fix for Bad Knees?

  • Stem Cell Clinics Pitch Pricey, Bogus 'Cures' for Knee Pain

  • 'Bone Cement': A Non-Surgical Option for Painful Joints?

  • This Weight-Loss Strategy May Not Help Your Knees

  • Arthritis No Longer Just a Disease of the Old

  • Arthritis Didn't Afflict Famed Clone Sheep, Experts Say

  • Common Painkillers May Boost Blood Pressure in Arthritis Patients
    Widely used NSAID drugs may not be as safe as previously thought, researchers warn

  • How You Think About Your Arthritis Makes a Difference
    Confidence in your ability to remain active improves day-to-day life, study finds

  • Skeletons Give Clues to Americans' Rising Arthritis Rates
    Study suggests reasons for pained knees go beyond the usual suspects -- obesity and aging

  • Studies Spotlight Diet, Supplements for Knee Pain
    Could fiber or chondroitin ease arthritis?

  • Forget Steroid Shots for Long-Term Relief of Arthritic Knees
    Noticeable cartilage loss detected in patients injected over 2 years, study says

  • New Guidelines Say No to Most 'Keyhole' Knee Surgeries
    Widely used arthroscopy won't help arthritic degeneration, expert panel says

  • Do Your Knees Crackle and Pop?
    It could mean arthritis is coming

  • Can Dropping Some Weight Save Your Knees?
    Loss was tied to less joint degeneration in study, but skeptics remain

  • Knee Replacement Doesn't Always Pay, Researchers Say
    Less pain to begin with, less gain from the procedure, but more benefit seen in those with severe arthritis

  • 1 in 4 U.S. Adults Disabled by Arthritis: CDC
    Agency recommends exercise, not opioids, to control pain, stiffness

  • Young Thyroid Cancer Survivors May Face Long-Term Health Risks
    Easing up on treatment for some may lower lifetime odds for osteoporosis, heart disease, researchers say

  • Joints Achy? Don't Blame Mother Nature
    Study disputes weather's role in knee and back pain

  • Is Running Bad for Your Knees?
    Study suggests it may slow development of osteoarthritis

  • Bonus From Your Blood Pressure Med: Fewer Fractures?
    In study, a certain class of medications was tied to more resilient bones for older patients

  • Celebrex May Not Pose Bigger Heart Risk Than Similar Drugs: Study
    Researchers found more complications, such as bleeding, for the pain relievers ibuprofen and naproxen

  • Nanoparticles Ease Aching Joints in Mice
    Treatment might one day help fight inflammation in human arthritis, scientists suggest

  • Will 'Unloading' Shoes Help Your Arthritic Knees?
    Study puts specially designed footwear to the test

  • New Treatments Helping Kids With Juvenile Arthritis
    Several biologics have been approved by the FDA for use with certain forms of the disease

  • Cartilage Grown in Lab Might One Day Help Younger Arthritis Sufferers
    Made of patients' stem cells and synthetic 'scaffolding,' it may cut need for hip replacement, scientists say

  • New Treatment Shows Promise for Crippling Knee Arthritis
    Small study found single shot of patient's own stem cells improved pain, mobility

  • Long Work Hours May Hurt Your Health
    At the job more than 60 hours a week had most damaging effects on women's well-being, study finds

  • Tai Chi: Rx for Arthritic Knees
    As effective as physical therapy, study suggests, plus it might also improve depression

  • Acetaminophen Won't Help Arthritis Pain, Study Finds
    Prescription diclofenac a more effective choice for short-term pain relief, researchers say

  • Vitamin D a No Go for Arthritic Knees, Study Finds
    Supplements didn't slow disease progression or ease pain, even in patients with low levels of the vitamin

  • Weakened Knees a Big Cause of Falls for Older People: Study
    But treatments to improve strength, balance may guard against injuries, disability, researchers say

  • Michelangelo Likely Had Arthritis, Medical Experts Say
    But his work may have allowed him to keep using his hands until just before his death

  • X-Rays May Miss Hip Arthritis, Study Finds
    In people with hip pain, researchers found bone problem in fewer than one-quarter of images

  • MRI Can Spot Early Signs of Knee Arthritis: Study
    Even when X-rays are normal, the scans can signal need for preventive steps, researchers say

  • Weight Loss May Spare Knee Cartilage, Study Finds
    Losing more than 10 percent of body weight was linked to slower degeneration of cushioning in joints

  • Obesity Won't Affect Joint Surgery Safety, Study Finds
    Heavy patients needed fewer blood transfusions, did not have more complications

  • Tai Chi Might Help People With Long-Term Health Conditions
    Study shows ancient exercise improves physical ability in those with arthritis, heart failure, emphysema and breast cancer

  • 1 in 4 Senior Women in U.S. Has Osteoporosis: CDC
    About 6 percent of men aged 65 or older also have the bone-thinning condition, report finds

  • Better Sleep May Mean Less Chronic Pain
    Disrupted shuteye can lower tolerance for aches in people with osteoarthritis, researchers say

  • Study Questions Value of Arthroscopic Knee Surgery for Older Patients
    Exercise a better way to relieve arthritis discomfort, researchers say

  • Strong Bones After 50? Women May Not Need Next Test Until 65
    Fracture risk was very low for younger postmenopausal women with no osteoporosis, study found

  • Study Shows Arthritis' Toll on Work, Social Life
    Joint disease plus other chronic health conditions may keep up to one-third affected out of workplace

  • Painful Knee Arthritis May Be Linked to Premature Death
    Connection is likely due to limited mobility, researcher says

  • Number of Hip Replacements Has Skyrocketed, U.S. Report Shows
    Procedure becoming more common in younger adults, but hospital stays now a day shorter

  • Knee Pain While Using Stairs May Be First Sign of Arthritis
    Discomfort with walking, standing, lying or sitting comes later, study finds

  • Falls on the Rise Among U.S. Seniors
    Study found more than a third of people over 65 reporting a fall over the past 2 years

  • Knee Arthritis Drugs Beat Placebos, but Study Finds No Clear Winner
    Injections were rated slightly more effective at fighting pain than pills

  • Common Knee Surgery May Boost Arthritis Risk, Study Suggests
    Repairing tears in meniscus cartilage made joint trouble more likely than physical therapy did

  • Exercise, Physical Therapy May Help Ease Pain of Arthritis
    Study showed greater improvements in pain, stiffness and function when added to routine care

  • Running Won't Raise Risk of Knee Arthritis, Study Says
    In fact, it suggests running may even help prevent painful joint condition

  • Early, Small Babies May Be More Prone to Adult Hip Trouble
    They more often underwent hip replacement surgeries decades later, study found

  • Study Questions Value of Certain Knee Surgeries
    For age-related meniscus tears, physical therapy and meds may work as well as arthroscopy

  • Can 6,000 Steps a Day Keep Knee Arthritis at Bay?
    Study links one hour of walking daily with improved mobility

  • Physical Therapy May Not Improve Hip Arthritis, Study Finds
    But, other experts say certain people will see a benefit from physical therapy

  • Poor Fitness in Middle Age Tied to Early Death Risk in Study
    Grip strength, ability to rise from chair and standing balance measured

  • Even Routine Housework May Help Stave Off Disability
    Study finds benefit in light activity such as housecleaning or a slow stroll

  • Drinking Milk May Slow Knee Arthritis in Women, Study Finds
    Same effect was not seen in men, and high cheese intake was tied to poorer knee health

  • Weight-Loss Surgery Might Help Mild Knee Pain
    Small, early study of obese patients found improvement similar to knee replacement

  • Knee Surgery May Put Kids at Higher Risk for Future Arthritis
    Small study followed up on young people who underwent procedure to repair torn ligament

  • Hip Replacement Safe for Patients in Their 90s, Study Finds
    Complication rates similar to patients in their 80s and younger, researchers say

  • New Knees, Hips May Also Help the Heart
    Joint replacement might boost physical activity in arthritis patients, study author says

  • Knee Pain May Not Be Helped by Glucosamine
    Popular supplement did not reduce cartilage damage or improve joint function in study

  • Will You Need Knee Replacement? Maybe Your Hand Can Tell You
    Study suggests a link between length of ring, index fingers and chances of eventual surgery

  • For Many College Athletes, the Payoff Is Lifelong Disabilities: Study
    They were more likely to have physical and emotional problems later in life than non-athletes, researchers found

  • Shoulder Replacement May Help for Severe Rheumatoid Arthritis
    Study found that surgery to relieve pain and stiffness held up for a decade

  • Death Rate After Hip, Knee Replacements Has Dropped Sharply: Study
    Experts credit advances in post-surgical care for lower risk

  • 10 Percent of U.S. Adults Physically Limited by Arthritis: CDC
    Experts say obesity epidemic has widened the pool of disabled

  • Exercise May Make Life Better for Those With Arthritis
    Meeting national physical activity guidelines could add up to 20 days of good health in one year

  • 10 Percent Weight Loss May Relieve Arthritic Knee Pain
    Biggest improvement seen with diet-exercise combo in 18-month study of older, overweight adults

  • Shoe Inserts Don't Help Arthritic Knee Pain: Study
    Although inexpensive and noninvasive, treatment is ineffective, review concludes

  • Partner's Chronic Pain Can Interfere With Your Sleep
    Study looked at couples in which one member had knee osteoarthritis

  • Glucosamine Supplements Tied to Risk of Eye Condition
    Seniors taking them had side effect that has been linked to glaucoma, small study finds

  • Sugar Injections for Knee Arthritis May Ease Pain: Study
    But at least one expert questions benefits of the alternative treatment

  • 'Mobility Shoes' May Help Those With Arthritic Knees: Study
    The footwear alters gait and reduces load on the joint, researchers say

  • Cartilage Gives Early Warning of Arthritis, Study Finds
    Damage to the tissue that cushions joints occurs even before people feel pain, research shows

  • Therapy as Good as Surgery for Some With Torn Knee Cartilage
    Study looked at osteoarthritis patients in severe pain

  • Gene Therapy Helped Mice Withstand Arthritis: Study
    Injecting a gene responsible for lubrication in joints may one day help humans, researcher says

  • Health Tip: Protect Your Hips From Arthritis Damage
    Slow the progression of hip arthritis

  • Help on Horizon for Cats With Arthritis
    Anti-inflammatory drug meloxicam provided pain relief, but not from petting, in study

  • Chemicals in Cookware, Carpets May Raise Arthritis Risk in Women
    Study looked at PFCs, found in products from nonstick cookware to carpeting

  • Vitamin D Doesn't Improve Knee Arthritis, Study Finds
    No benefit seen in those taking supplements over those given placebo

  • Certain Arthritis Patients Fare Worse After Joint Replacement: Study
    Compared to osteoarthritis, those with rheumatoid disease had higher risk of infection, dislocation

  • Too Much or Too Little Activity Can Spur Knee Problems
    High-impact exercise linked to cartilage deterioration, osteoarthritis, researchers say

  • Keep Moving to Ease Pain of Knee Arthritis: Review
    Researchers found aerobic, water exercise reduced pain, boosted function in patients

  • Obese Children Struggle With Joint Pain: Study
    Experts say vicious cycle of inactivity, poor diet set overweight kids up for arthritis as adults

  • Men May Benefit From Osteoporosis Drug, Too: Study
    At-risk older males who took Reclast saw 67 percent drop in fractures

  • Knee, Hip Replacements Don't Help People Lose Weight: Study
    Evidence is inconclusive and may even point to weight gain, researchers say

  • More Evidence Acupuncture Can Ease Chronic Pain
    Ancient technique outperformed 'sham' acupuncture in large review

  • More Genes Linked to Osteoarthritis Identified
    Europeans with the variants were more likely to have osteoarthritis, researchers report

  • Arthritis Treatment Linked to Liver Problems in Study
    But it's unclear why 'medical food' called Limbrel might make patients sick

  • Knee Injections for Arthritis? Save Your Money, Study Says
    Hyaluronic acid has little effect on pain, none on function, new review states

  • Research With Dogs Points to Early Test for Arthritis
    One drop of blood can predict the joint disease before symptoms appear, scientists say

  • Dinosaurs May Have Suffered From Arthritis
    A crooked jaw on a giant Pliosaurus looks a lot like human arthritis, researchers say

  • Anxiety, Depression Often Go Hand-in-Hand With Arthritis
    Mental health screening, treatment could improve quality of life for these patients, report suggests

  • FDA Panel Recommends Second Chance for New Class of Painkillers
    Trials halted in 2010 after some taking the drugs may have overworked damaged knees, needed surgery

  • Mouse Study Suggests Vitamin E May Weaken Bones
    Still too soon to warn people off supplements, expert stresses

  • Arthritic Hip May Be Tougher to Treat Than Knee
    Researchers surprised to see continual repair process in knee joint

  • Knee Arthritis May Speed Up Process Linked to Cell Aging
    People with osteoarthritis have increased cell deterioration nearest to damaged joint, study finds

  • Herbal Medicines for Arthritis Not Backed by Evidence
    Not only are most ineffective, some can interfere with other medications, review found

  • Diet Might Help Those Immobilized by Knee Osteoarthritis
    Substantial weight loss reduces pain, raises mobility, researchers say

  • Knee Pain Plagues Many Women Over 50
    Overweight, previous injury, arthritis predicted persistent discomfort, researchers found

  • Early Ovary Removal May Raise Arthritis, Osteoporosis Risk
    Study showed nearly half of women under 45 who had procedure developed one or the other condition

  • Knee Arthritis Striking at Younger Ages, But Weight Loss May Help
    Studies suggest playing sports longer, extra pounds might explain trend

  • Race Tied to Risk for Arthritis in Large Joints
    Study finds higher rates of knee and spine osteoarthritis together in blacks than in whites

  • Many Arthritis Patients May Not Be Exercising Enough
    More than half of women, 40% of men were deemed 'couch potatoes' by researchers

  • Childhood Depression, Anxiety Tied to Pain in Adulthood
    Kids living with adversity, such as abuse, more likely to have chronic diseases later, study finds

  • Men Who Smoke at Lower Risk of Joint Replacement: Study
    Extra pounds, vigorous exercise linked to severe knee, hip problems, research also indicates

  • Men Seem More Likely Than Women to Develop Hole in Knee Cartilage
    Damage, which tends to occur after ACL injury, raises risk for osteoarthritis, researchers say

  • Military Members Face Raised Risk of Osteoarthritis: Study
    Repetitive joint movements may play a role, researchers suggest

  • Study Highlights Arthritis' Toll on Quality of Life
    People with the painful condition are less active and suffer more 'unhealthy days' each month

  • Exercise Is Key for People With Arthritis: Expert
    Too much sitting around can worsen the condition

  • Depression May Boost Arthritis Pain
    Doctors should assess patient's emotional state when treating knee osteoarthritis, researchers say

  • Doctors Need to Improve Guidance on Arthritis: Study
    Only one of three goals set a decade ago to help patients manage the disease has been met, CDC finds

  • Newer Drug May Help Prevent Fracture in Men With Prostate Cancer
    Slightly fewer patients on denosumab experienced 'skeletal events' than those on Zometa, study found

  • Weight Loss Surgery May Cut Knee Osteoarthritis Pain
    Obese patients who lost 57 pounds in 6 months saw significant improvements, study finds

  • That Squeaking Sound Might Come From Your New Hip
    Noise can arise from ceramic hip replacements, but experts say users shouldn't be alarmed

  • Knee Replacements Still Work 20 Years Later
    Study showed most recipients remained active and pain-free

  • Obesity, Bum Knees Robbing Seniors of Good Years: Study
    Slimming down would spare hundreds of thousands of people chronic pain, surgery

  • Health Tip: Why Do My Joints Hurt?
    Here are possible causes

  • Tai Chi May Provide Arthritis Relief
    Stiffness, fatigue, balance and well-being improved after two months, study finds

  • Painful Knees Often Tied to Pain in Other Joints
    Arthritic discomfort elsewhere may raise intensity of knee woes, researchers say

  • Vitamin D No Magic Bullet for Osteoarthritis
    It didn't reduce pain or delay disease progression, researchers found

  • Almost One-Quarter of U.S. Adults Have Arthritis
    And more than 40% of those folks are limited by it, CDC report shows

  • Gene Variations May Predict Severe Osteoarthritis
    Findings could lead to drug advances, researchers say

  • Study IDs Risk Factors for Blood Clots After Hip Surgery
    Presence of other diseases may play role, but not age or gender, researchers find

  • Expert Panel Links Popular Bone Drugs to Rare Fracture
    FDA should add warning label to meds such as Boniva, Fosamax, panelists say

  • Prior Fractures Could Raise Older Women's Odds for Osteoporosis
    These women may also become more disabled from the bone disease, study finds

  • Sham Acupuncture for Knee Arthritis as Effective as the Real Therapy
    Substantial relief found with both sham, traditional Chinese acupuncture, researchers find

  • Osteoarthritis Risk May Be Higher If Knees Point Outward
    Leg alignment seems to play role in distribution of joint stress, research suggests

  • Early Steps Can Protect Your Knees, Prevent Later Problems
    Lifestyle changes can help stave off arthritis, surgery, doctor says

  • Doing Prescribed Exercises May Help Relieve Arthritis Pain
    Adhering to recommended routine reduced aches, boosted strength, researchers found

  • Scientists Use Stem Cells to Help Rabbits Grow New Joints
    Animals were up and hopping again within weeks, but experts say human trials still far off

  • Study Explores Links Between Obesity and Chronic Pain
    Finding suggests connection to family history and frame of mind

  • Docs May Be Slow to Diagnose Arthritis of Back, Study Suggests
    As first step, radiofrequency denervation would slash costs, researchers say

  • Key-Hole Surgery for Knee Injury Doesn't Lower Arthritis Risk
    Arthroscopic surgery to repair a torn ligament or injured cartilage doesn't prevent joint disease, study shows

  • Osteoarthritis Claims Growing Number of Younger Victims
    Intensive sports and exercise at young age may be the cause, experts say

  • Hormone Replacement Might Relieve Arthritis
    Researchers speculate that injections in joint fluid may be beneficial

  • High-Impact Sports Might Not Harm Knee Replacements
    More active patients had better joint function, study found

  • New Knee May Improve Balance
    Replacement joint seems to help prevent falls among elderly, study finds

  • Electromagnetic Pulses May Stem Arthritic Knee Pain
    New device could improve life quality without side effects, expert says

  • Nanofiber Gel May Spur Growth of New Knee Cartilage
    Animal study reveals new way to repair damage with natural tissue

  • Injections May Boost Knee Surgery Success
    Patients with torn meniscus plus arthritis recover better when given sodium hyaluronate, study finds

  • Osteoarthritis Costs U.S. Over $185 Billion a Year
    Improved screening, awareness may help delay progression and reduce expenses, researchers say

  • Lots of Exercise in Midlife May Lead to Osteoarthritis
    Like a pothole that worsens over time, so do knees' internal injuries, study finds

  • Chronic Pain Trips Up Seniors
    Discomfort contributes to the falls that plague older adults, study finds

  • Tai Chi May Help Ward Off Knee Pain in Seniors
    Two hours per week can improve osteoarthritis symptoms in older patients, study finds

  • Glucosamine Fails Osteoarthritis Test
    Popular supplement doesn't prevent loss of cartilage in knee, study finds

  • Coach K: Osteoarthritis Can Be Beaten
    Duke men's basketball coach Mike Krzyzewski overcame potentially crippling foe

  • No Osteoarthritis Seen in Obese Mice Without Leptin
    Hormone linked to appetite may also influence arthritis risk, researchers find

  • Sleep Training Helps Ease Insomnia Tied to Arthritis
    Cognitive behavioral therapy reduced pain and awakenings in study

  • Biomarker Could Predict Severe Osteoarthritis
    Those with highest levels are more apt to have joint replacement, study finds

  • Excess Weight Speeds Up Osteoarthritis
    Rapid loss of knee cartilage directly linked to being overweight in study

  • Knee Replacement Considered a Good Value
    Study finds it appears cost-effective for those with severe arthritis

  • Improved Hip Implants Can Last 20 Years
    Younger, active patients will benefit from cement-less version, researchers say

  • Chlamydia Infection May Play Role in Type of Arthritis
    Study ties bacterial exposure to tender joints in group of inflammatory diseases

  • Once-a-Year Drug Helps Counter Steroid-Linked Bone Loss
    Reclast injection beat daily pill at restoring bone for patients with asthma, rheumatoid arthritis, study found

  • Osteoporosis May Raise Risk for Vertigo
    Impaired calcium metabolism may be the link, researchers say

  • Weight Loss Might Not Curb Knee Arthritis
    Obesity boosts risk, but weight has no overall effect on progression, study says

  • Hip Osteoarthritis Therapy No Better Than Placebo
    FDA-approved injection for knees less effective in deep joint areas, study finds

  • Joint Replacement Soars as Number of Docs Falls
    Low reimbursement rates turning many young doctors off the specialty, researcher says

  • Any Old Cane Won't Do
    Expert offers tips for choosing one carefully after an injury

  • 1 in 10 Ex-NFL Players Used Steroids, Poll Reports
    Finding comes from confidential survey in research that highlights drugs' damage to long-term health

  • Menopause Drug Tied to Breast Cancer Recurrence
    Dutch study of tibolone, also used for osteoporosis but not available in U.S., was stopped early due to increased risk

  • Prescription Chondroitin May Help Knee Osteoarthritis
    European drug is not the same as supplement available in U.S., study says

  • Exercise Key Player in Knee Replacement Recovery
    Workouts counter functional decline, could ward off osteoarthritis, study says

  • Study Shows Exercise Shields Against Osteoporosis
    Women who did weight-bearing sports such as swimming had greater bone density in menopause

  • CT Colonography Screens for Cancer, Osteoporosis
    Abdominal scan checks bone mineral density with no additional radiation, minimal cost

  • Young Gymnasts Facing Broad Range of New Injuries
    MRI scans show knuckle, wrist and bone damage that could develop into early osteoarthritis

  • Women Smokers Lose 14.5 Years Off Life Span
    November is lung cancer awareness month, and doctors urge everyone to kick the habit

  • Sport Supplement May Help Shield Seniors From Falls
    Beta-alanine boosts muscle, balance, study finds

  • Successive Births, HRT Use Boost Joint Replacement Risks
    Early puberty also a factor in increased chance of knee, hip surgeries, study finds

  • New Drug May Strengthen Women's Bones
    In study, denosumab outperformed a standard osteoporosis therapy

  • Vitamin K Doesn't Slow Bone Loss
    But high doses may protect against fractures, cancer, study suggests

  • Resistance Training Boosts Mobility in Knee Arthritis Patients
    Using free weights, isometric exercise tied to overall increase in physical activity levels

  • Occupational Therapy Plus Exercise Benefits Osteoarthritis
    Taking more active role in their health helps patients stave off decline, study finds

  • Popular Supplements Don't Work Against Arthritis: Study
    But lead researcher says it's too soon to give up on glucosamine

  • Pain More a Cause of Arthritis Than a Symptom
    Nerve cells may help spur inflammation, study shows

  • Drug Treatment for Osteoporosis Patients Urged
    Bisphosphonates can be first-line therapy, particularly for those with hip fracture risk, physicians' group says

  • Surgery for Knee Osteoarthritis No Better Than Therapy, Meds
    Study found results for both were same 2 years later

  • Almost Half of Adults Will Develop Knee Osteoarthritis by 85
    Study finds risk is greatest for those overweight or obese at age 45

  • Scientists Discover How Osteoarthritis Destroys Cartilage
    For sufferers of joint disease, finding could lead to preventive treatments, study says

  • Modified MRI Spots Early Osteoarthritis
    Known biomarker easier to identify, so permanent joint damage may be avoided, study says

  • Low Vitamin D Raises Women's Hip Fracture Risk
    Too many Americans aren't getting enough of the sun-sourced nutrient, researchers say

  • Frankincense Provides Relief for Osteoarthritis
    Enriched extract of Indian herbal remedy showed improved mobility in 7 days, study says

  • Hip, Knee Replacements Do Ease Symptoms
    People who undergo the surgery are usually happy they did, study finds

  • Lung Infections Cost Hospitals More Than $10B in 2006
    Pneumonia second only to childbirth as most common reason for hospitalizations, analysis finds

  • Hip Replacement Boosts Mobility at Any Age
    Study finds patients twice as likely to care for themselves, saves money in long run

  • Cane Use May Cut Progression of Knee Osteoarthritis
    Gait support translated into 10% average decrease in lateral load on joint, study finds

  • Arthritis Hits More Than Half of Diabetics
    Painful joint condition hinders exercise that helps manage both conditions, experts say

  • Epilepsy Drug Linked to Bone Loss
    Women on Dilantin may want to consider other seizure medications, experts say

  • New Worries Over Blockbuster Meds Avandia, Fosamax
    Diabetes drug Avandia linked to fractures, while bone drug Fosamax is tied to irregular heartbeat

  • Chinese Ants Show Promise in Fighting Arthritis, Other Diseases
    Extract may prove beneficial against hepatitis, bacterial infections, study suggests

  • Fosamax Linked to Unusual Femur Fractures
    Osteoporosis drug also linked to bone pain and irregular heartbeats in past research

  • Genetic Medicine Making Inroads Against Disease
    Advances against PTSD, bone loss and heart woes cited in new research

  • Low Testosterone Could Weaken Older Men's Bones
    Study finds link between hormone, fracture in males over 60

  • Experts Compare Osteoporosis Drugs
    It's unclear that bisphosphonates such as Fosamax, Boniva are more effective than alternatives

  • Bone Density Tests Do Predict Women's Fracture Risk
    Largest, longest study ever supports screening and prevention of osteoporosis

  • Group Seeks Refinement of Knee Arthritis Treatment Guidelines
    Changes should stress education, patient activity management interventions, review finds

  • Diabetes Drug Avandia Could Weaken Bones
    Mouse study suggests it boosts production of bone-eroding cells

  • Study Probes Source of Knee Arthritis Pain
    It's not based on damage to the knees' cushioning elements, study suggests

  • 'High-Trauma' Fractures Tied to Weak Bones
    Bone-strengthening therapies could prevent these accident-linked injuries, research shows

  • Criteria Predict Women's 5-Year Risk for Fracture
    11-point model spots those who may need bone-strengthening therapies, experts say

  • Botox Offers Shot in Arm for Arthritis Sufferers
    Small trial found it eased shoulder pain caused by osteoarthritis

  • Sticking With Meds Lowers Elderly Fracture Risk
    Skipping osteoporosis drugs is top risk factor for injury, study finds

  • Some Female Athletes Risking Weaker Bones
    Swimmers, divers, runners have poorer bone density, research shows

  • Older Women Gain From Good Post-Fracture Care
    An osteoporosis management program keeps patients, doctors connected, study finds

  • Voltaren Gel Approved for Osteoarthritis
    First topical prescription treatment for the joint disease

  • Tea Helps Toughen Older Women's Hips
    Those who drink it daily lose less bone, study finds

  • Post-Knee Replacement Physio Helps in Short Term
    But gains in flexibility, quality of life don't last, data suggests

  • Once-a-Year Bone Drug Lowers Fracture Risk
    Reclast even caused death rate to fall in older users, study finds

  • Swelling After Knee Injury May Hinder Healing
    Pig study shows blocking 2 proteins could mean less invasive treatment of meniscus damage

  • Daily Calcium Does Protect Bone
    Study finds it reduces fracture rate for those over 50

  • Direct-to-Consumer Drug Ads Booming Despite Criticisms
    Experts suggest a shutdown on such pitches to the public

  • Drug May Help Prevent Women's Osteoarthritis
    Calcitonin is already used to fight age-linked bone loss, researchers say

  • Women Slower to Recover From Knee Surgery
    Osteoarthritis may also impede return to function, research shows

  • Glucosamine Trials Show Little Benefit Against Arthritis
    Results vary widely between trials, suggesting industry bias, experts say

  • Bisphosphonates Linked to Jawbone Disorder
    Medications tied to bone deterioration in about 5% of cancer cases, study finds

  • Anti-Bone Loss Drugs Help Prevent Fractures
    Another study finds women's estrogen levels affect osteoporosis treatment

  • Lung Illness Linked to Heart, Bone Problems
    Chronic obstructive pulmonary disease speeds arterial stiffening and osteoporosis, research suggests

  • 'Healthy Bones' Shot Could Cut Women's Fracture Risk
    Once-a-year injection might replace pills, study suggests

  • Health Tip: Dealing With Osteoarthritis
    In addition to medication, lifestyle changes can help

  • Health Tip: Can You Recognize Osteoarthritis Symptoms?
    Joint pain, stiffness are most prevalent

  • FDA Advisory Panel Rejects Vioxx Successor
    Merck's new painkiller Arcoxia shows cardiac risk, committee says in 20-1 vote.

  • Arthritis Pain Processed in Emotion-Linked Brain Area
    Findings may offer a new target for treatment, study suggests

  • Drug Shields Parkinson's Patients Against Fracture
    Risedronate counters inactivity-linked weakening of bone, study finds

  • Genes Can Predict Hip Replacement Success
    Finding may lead to new treatments and better artificial hips, experts say

  • One Family's Gene Defect May Help Explain Heart Disease
    Finding supports the notion of a 'metabolic syndrome,' scientists say

  • Tweaking a Gene Could Rebuild Bone
    Mouse study shows an increase in bone density

  • Bone Fracture a Real Danger for Older Men
    One fracture triples their odds for a second fracture, new study shows

  • Smoking May Play Role in Knee Osteoarthritis
    Study suggests men, in particular, face cartilage loss, more severe pain

  • Massage Eases Pain of Knee Arthritis
    Osteoarthritis patients reported better flexibility, less pain, study finds

  • Smoking Puts Brakes on Joint Injury Repair
    Cigarette toxins interfere with cartilage cell growth, study finds

  • Study Highlights Older Women's Bone Risk
    Depression, lowered bone density boost odds for fracture

  • Easing Depression May Ease Bone Loss
    In mouse study, antidepressants helped bones bounce back

  • Prozac May Protect Against Osteoporosis
    The depression drug boosted bone mass in animal study

  • Cola Raises Women's Osteoporosis Risk
    Caffeine might be the culprit, experts say

  • Exercise Boosts Recovery for Arthritis Patients
    Fewer go to rehab centers after joint replacement, study finds

  • Kids Don't Benefit From Calcium Supplementation
    Studies show it doesn't help them avoid adult fractures

  • Understanding High-Dose Steroid Link to Osteoporosis
    Study finds cortisone inhibited ability of cells to dismantle old bone in normal mice

  • Citrus Juices Up Bone Health
    Grapefruit, orange juice battled osteoporosis in rat study

  • Experts Predict Hip-Fracture Epidemic
    Better nutrition, treatment now could prevent global crisis, they say

  • Sally Field Brings Osteoporosis to Center Stage
    'Norma Rae' star takes on another fight, this time for bone health

  • Soccer Scores a Goal for Bone Health
    Similar 'high-impact' sports help girls' skeletons grow strong, experts say

  • America's Teen Girls Lack Calcium
    Blacks, especially, are low on the bone-building nutrient, study finds

  • ACL Tears Bring Women Long-Term Bone Loss
    Study found persistent deficits years after surgery

  • Arthritic Knees May Begin With Cartilage Loss
    Damaged meniscus seems to be key, study finds

  • Many Elderly Women Going Without Bone Density Tests
    Study finds low rates of screening despite their high risk of fracture

  • Asthma Boosts Odds for Other Chronic Health Woes
    But it's not clear the respiratory disorder is the cause of these illnesses, experts say

  • Give Kids Dairy 3 Times a Day, Experts Advise
    Milk products strengthen bones for a lifetime

  • Blood Thinner Boosts Elderly Fracture Risk
    Long-term warfarin use increased the odds by 25 percent,study found

  • Muscle Stem Cells Transformed Into Cartilage
    Could be potential treatment for joint damage caused by arthritis, study suggests

  • Spine-Repair Technique Comes With Risks
    Cementing vertebrae raises odds for fracture in adjacent areas, study finds

  • Radiation Therapy Raises Hip Fracture Risk
    Women receiving the treatment for pelvic cancers need monitoring, experts say

  • Moderate Exercise Helps With Knee Osteoarthritis
    MRI scans found those who did showed improvements in joints

  • Elderly Diabetics at Double the Risk of Falling
    Diabetes a prime risk factor for these debilitating events, study finds

  • Once-a-Month Osteoporosis Drug Launched in U.K.
    Bonviva may help those at bone risk better adhere to therapy

  • Genes Play Key Role in Elderly Fracture Risk
    Heredity especially important to first fracture in 60s, 70s, study finds

  • Soy May Strengthen Women's Bones
    In study, high intake cut postmenopausal fracture rate by 37 percent

  • Knee Pain Can Point to Other Pain
    And pain in more than one joint ups risk of depression, researchers say

  • Weight Loss Takes Load Off Knees
    Dieting might slow osteoarthritis of the joint, researchers say

  • Vitamin D May Not Help Black Women's Bones
    Differences in absorption and metabolism argue against supplements, study finds

  • Antibiotic Slows Joint Damage in Knees
    But it did not relieve pain of osteoarthritis, study found

  • Acupuncture Offers Short-term Osteoarthritis Relief
    But some experts aren't ready to accept it as a recommended treatment

  • Exercise Won't Harm Aging Bones
    In fact, vigorous workouts may strengthen them, study finds

  • Experts Say No to Estrogen After Hysterectomy
    Its risks outweigh any benefit for older women, task force finds

  • Vegetarians on Raw-Foods Diets Have Low Bone Mass
    But other measures of bone health are normal, study finds

  • Lidocaine Patch Found Effective for Knee Pain
    Researchers say it may provide a useful alternative to Celebrex

  • Milk Study Leaves a Sour Taste
    Dairy industry challenges study questioning bone benefits

  • Shallow Socket Ups Hip Arthritis Risk
    It increases the chance of osteoarthritis more than four-fold

  • Ligament Tears Raise Knee Arthritis Risk
    ACL injury can cause trouble decades later, study suggests

  • Ankle Sprains Can Lead to Arthritis
    Patients with recurrent sprains need intense rehabilitation, study says

  • Collagen Defect May Trigger Osteoarthritis
    In mice, joints lacking a specific type got arthritis five times faster

  • Possible Marker for Osteoarthritis Found
    High levels of hyaluronic acid pointed to joint trouble

  • Misaligned Knees May Speed Up Osteoarthritis
    Being moderately bowlegged, knock-kneed exacerbates effect of weight gain, study finds

  • Debate Over Popular Arthritis Supplement Heating Up
    New research finds glucosamine doesn't help, others argue it works, and all await results of U.S. trial

  • Acupuncture Helps Treat Knee Pain
    Coupled with anti-inflammatory, it eases stiffness of osteoarthritis

  • Osteoporosis Drugs Do Double Duty
    Medications also slow progression of knee osteoarthritis

  • Anti-inflammatory Creams Ease Arthritis in Knee
    Safer alternative when pills cause side effects, study finds

  • Sports Injury Can Lead to Later Trouble
    Knee ligament tear linked to early osteoarthritis in women

  • Arthritis Drug Vioxx Pulled From Market
    New study shows long-term use raises heart attack, stroke risk

  • New Painkiller Produces Fewer Side Effects
    But some doctors don't see it as a breakthrough

  • Osteoarthritis Runs in Families
    Siblings of those with joint condition in knees more likely to have same trouble

  • Thermal Scanner Spots Early Arthritis in Hands
    First used to find defects in computer circuit boards, it detects inflammation

  • Being Double-Jointed May Protect Your Joints
    Less likely to suffer osteoarthritis in fingers