Alternative » Hypnosis Articles:

  • New Guidelines Issued for Cancer Patients' Post-Treatment Pain
    Specialists urge doctors to offer alternative therapies for this widespread problem

  • What Happens When You're Hypnotized?
    Three distinct changes occur in the brain, scientists find

  • Psych Therapies May Have Long-Term Benefits for Irritable Bowel Patients
    Treatments might help ease gastrointestinal symptoms for at least six months, study finds

  • Hypnosis May Help Improve Deep Sleep
    Study finds that those highly suggestible to hypnosis can have deeper sleep after hypnotic suggestion

  • Hypnosis May Ease Hot Flashes in Postmenopausal Women
    It reduced the frequency of the symptom by nearly three-fourths, study found

  • Science Reveals Secrets of Hypnosis
    MRIs show differences in brains of people who could or couldn't be put into a trance

  • More Proof That Healthy Habits Fight Disease
    New studies look at ways to stop smoking and fight cancer, heart disease and obesity

  • Hypnosis Plus Local Anesthesia Might Work Well for Some Surgeries
    Study found it safe as general anesthesia, but experts say more research needed

  • Can Self-Hypnosis Help Tourette Patients Control Tics?
    Small study finds benefit for young people, but another expert says the research is too preliminary

  • Coping Therapies Unlikely to Ease Kids' Stem Cell Treatment: Study
    Massage, relaxation intervention produced no significant benefits, researchers say

  • Soothing Imagery May Help Rid Some Kids of Stomach Pain
    Audio recordings benefited many children with no underlying disease in study

  • Hypnosis Cuts Hot Flashes for Breast Cancer Survivors
    Patients using the technique saw episodes diminish by 68%, study finds

  • Harnessing the Mind to Manage Irritable Bowel Syndrome
    Cognitive behavioral therapy and hypnosis may help ease symptoms, research shows

  • Hypnosis Eases Pain of Breast Cancer Surgery
    Other benefits: Less anesthesia, faster recovery, less cost, study finds

  • Treating the Mind Eases Irritable Bowel
    Hypnotherapy, antidepressants can all work, experts say

  • Mind-Body Treatments Ease Irritable Bowel
    Even short courses of hypnotherapy, cognitive therapy can work, studies show

  • Self-Hypnosis Calms Kids During Tough Procedures
    Relaxation helps them tolerate pain, researchers say

  • Hypnosis Works Better for Male Smokers Trying to Quit
    Therapy helps 30% of men and only 23% of women, study finds